Nesting Dolls (2019) Movie Script

[ominous music building up]
Behonkus, booty. Erica, get
your booty over here.
Yeah, this is a couch
of love, a love seat.
God dammit. No.
[patting the sofa]
-What's happening?
I'll have you know, you have
to memorize every single line
to this cinematic masterpiece
before you graduate.
We don't know what any of it
means, but Tori's communist
grandpa owns it for some reason.
All right, yeah.
He's probably, definitely
a communist but on an equally
important note,
we would like to
officially welcome you
to your first river house trip
-A.K.A. "Baby Shower Break."
-Baby Shower Break?
Yeah! You know because this is
like our last hoorah together
before you bring your new
freshman into our little Delta
family with rush.
My little baby
Erica's all grown up.
I'm gonna be a grandma.
So, enjoy some pregnancy wine
before you push that little
bastard out,
though I'm sure that little
bastard will be great.
You'll make a good choice,
just like Britt did with you.
-Uh, are we playing a game?
-Shut up.
Of course, we are!
Why else would I be wearing
my Christmas socks?
I'm sorry, what socks
were those again?
They're my competition socks.
You wore those to like every
single house dinner last year.
-Yeah, for purposes
of competition.
-Okay, Brittany.
So anyway, we
will be playing several games,
while at the same time paying
close attention to this landmark
in film history.
So, whose team
do you want to be on?
-I'll be with Britt.
-[Tori] Bitch! You're a bitch.
Kidding. I love you all.
So, let's start, bitches.
And I'll have you know, this is
my week off, so, I'm drinking
you dip-shits into the ground.
What are the rules?
I don't know.
He hit a woman. Wine chug.
[muted laughs]
[Erica] Good morning.
[Britt] Morning, little one.
[Britt] I'd watch out.
[Britt] There might
be jellyfish in there.
[Britt] You see any?
I don't see anything.
Tori will probably know.
You ever been stung by one?
[Britt] No. And I don't plan
on it. Have you?
There aren't that
many in Detroit.
[Britt] I smell sass.
This part right here is
called the "Heel Stomp" and it's
the deepest part of the cove,
but, more importantly, it's
where I learned to swim.
Anyone care for a throwback?
Let's swim, people!
Are there jellyfish in there?
I don't know.
Yeah, I'm out.
Would a tube work better
for you, princess?
I mean if they're in
there they can still...
You're fine in a tube.
They're not known for jumping
unless those bastards
at SeaWorld force them to.
So, who's going first?
You've got this, Little.
Be the crash test dummy.
Yeah, like shit. You just
nominated yourself.
-I'll go.
-[Britt] Yeah, go Little.
No. No. Man up, Brittany.
Okay, fine. I'll go if you
stop calling me that.
No deal.
Take pictures for my parents!
[Tori] Watch for her signals.
[Erica] Yes, Captain.
She says, "faster."
[Erica] Woo! Go, Britt!
Roger Dodger!
She says, "faster."
All right, I can do faster.
She says, "slow down."
I can't hear you,
it's too windy.
[Erica] Oh, shit.
Tori, she fell.
Oh my God! She's fine.
[Erica] Come on.
It's a joke. Relax.
[Britt] Okay, now we're even.
[Britt] Man, you looked like you
were going to shit your pants
out there,
but you held on longer
than I would have, though...
[girls chattering]
Hey. Team Britt
is winning tonight.
I've got the socks for it.
Okay, Britt. She's
so unique. Wow.
Oh, yeah.
It's awesome, Brittany.
Hey, could you actually
stop calling me that?
Mm! Kid smoking.
[thunder roaring]
All right, let's play this game.
We need more cards.
More cards? What is this game?
-How dare you question the game!
-Shut up, shut up. I'm focusing.
Oh wait! Before we start, you
should go upstairs and change
into your pajamas.
Uh, actually yeah,
but choose a team first.
I'll be on yours.
-[knocking on door]
-[knocking on door]
Oh God!
[Britt] No.
No. She's okay.
She's okay, right?
She's okay, right?
She's okay.
She's fine.
She's fine.
[Britt] What are you doing?
[Britt] Tori?
[Britt] No. We can't do this,
we have to call somebody!
We can't call anyone.
No! I think we can, we can
just explain to them...
What can we explain?
That we killed her?
We killed her.
Something bad happened.
She's gone,
but we need to save
our lives now.
Please, just wait
for a second! We can...
Britt! Focus.
She's not coming back,
and we can cry later,
but we need to do this now.
It was just an accident, Tori.
Let's just call...
We are fucked if we call
anyone! Do you understand?
She's dead.
Ruining our lives
isn't going to stop her
from being fucking dead.
Something bad happened,
and it happened,
but we need to protect us now.
It's what she would have wanted.
Look, Erica!
Get pillows. One for her head
and two for her feet,
to keep them elevated.
Look at me. Look at me!
Everything is fine. She's okay.
Stop! She's fine.
She's soaking wet.
We're soaking wet.
I'll think of something.
Mom I... [mumbling]
Erica. It's me, Tori.
[Erica moaning] My head.
Ugh! My neck! Oh, my neck!
Britt, can you get her ice?
[breathing rapidly]
Erica, do you know
where you are?
My head hurts.
My head-- my head hurts.
Focus. Erica, focus. Do you
know where you are?
at my friend's house--
my friend's house.
Good. Good.
-What happened?
-Do you remember your name?
I was on a boat.
Do you know your name?
-Come on.
Do you remember who you are?
I'm Erica.
It hurts really bad,
Tori! It hurts!
Britt, come on!
Erica, do you remember
what happened?
-What happened?
-You had an accident.
We just need you
to lay still, okay?
I'm wet. I'm wet.
[Tori] We're going to take you
up to Britt's room.
We'll explain
everything in the morning.
We just need to get you dry
and rested.
[Erica moaning]
You don't think I should go to
the hospital, just to be safe?
No. It's storming too hard out.
We're going to keep you here.
Can you change
into those yourself?
I'm okay.
All right.
Well, we'll be back up
so just change into them
and then don't fall asleep.
[Britt and Tori arguing]
Stop. She's fine.
-No, she's really--
-She's not that...
[Tori] Erica?
[Erica] Everything.
What the fuck?
You were burying me.
[Tori] Where are you going?
I think I have to go.
[Erica] Please.
-I have to go.
I need to go home.
-Erica, stop. You're upset.
Why? Why would you do that?
Give me my phone.
I need my phone.
We were just pulling a prank.
We didn't mean
for anything to happen.
I just-- I need my phone.
[Tori] Erica, if you tell
anyone, our lives are ruined.
I want my phone!
Britt, hold her down!
[struggling noises]
-Wait, let me go.
-Tori, what are we doing?
I don't know.
-Wait, let me go.
-[Britt] Tori.
We can't let her go.
We have to now.
Just wait a second.
Just talk to me.
Oh my God! Oh my God!
Hey, I'm right here, okay?
I'm right here.
I can fix this.
I just need time.
What do you mean, fix this?
I'm right here. Please, I'm
right here. I'm right here!
I don't know. I don't know yet.
[Tori] You need to get up.
Come on. Come on.
Anyone want breakfast?
Britt. I'm gonna need
you in here for this.
things got a bit dramatic
last night,
but I just wanna say that I'm so
happy that you're okay.
-Tori, please untie me.
-Just don't interrupt me.
We're going to keep you
in the chair for now,
but we need you to help us.
You're not serious.
Guys, this hurts.
This really fucking hurts.
-No, I have to go to a hospital.
-Stop yelling.
You're in a chair,
you're not on fire.
I'm sorry
that this happened to you,
but I can't let you go,
you understand?
-I need to know that you're
not going to tell anyone.
-I'm not going to tell anyone.
I know.
I believe you,
but I just need to find
a way to be sure.
So, help us and then we
can get back to having fun.
You know,
believe it or not, Erica,
we're in this together.
What if I have to go
to the bathroom?
Well, just yell.
I have to go to the bathroom.
Watch her.
I guess now we know.
[music playing in earphones]
Lead me astray
Go tell
My baby sister
What the fuck? He didn't say
anything about workers.
[Britt] They must be here
because of the storm.
[Tori] Fuck. Do you think
that they saw her?
I mean, they would be
doing something, right?
[knocking on door]
[Tori] Well, shit.
Good afternoon, my name's
Calvin and you must be Tori.
-Well, it's so nice to finally
meet you, may I step in?
[trying to scream]
[Calvin] Funny thing is,
last time we met, you were
about up to my ankles.
-[music playing]
-[Calvin] Anyhow, I should
probably tell you why I'm here.
We've got some...
We've got another guy out front,
taking care of one that's
blocking the driveway
so you're going to hear
a little noise, but...
[stifled moans]
[Calvin] Another fella
out front, working on one that's
blocking the driveway.
We get some
pretty bad storms here,
but nothing like that one.
Yeah. Yeah, I bet. Yeah.
Uh thank you, it was really
nice meeting you.
My pleasure, little lady. So
where are you going to school?
[turning up the music]
-It was really nice to meet you.
-Everything good here?
You weren't expecting
us, were you?
Oh heck, I won't tell
your granddaddy.
I just want to make sure you
know these boys and they're not
up to something stupid.
It's my boyfriend and his
friends. They're from school.
Please don't tell my grandpa.
Oh, don't you worry about it.
A hundred years ago,
I was a boy, myself.
[game buzzing]
[inhaling and coughing]
-Let me go.
-[Tori] What happened in there?
[Tori] Did they just fall?
Work with us!
It's not like you're doing
anything else!
Hi. Yes, this is
his granddaughter.
No, absolutely wonderful.
I just talked to Grandpa Craig
and he said that since more
storms are coming,
we're just going to hold off on
the yard service until the end.
Ah-ha. Hm-hm.
You too. Okay, buh-bye!
Did you take my phone?
Did you take everything?
Do you even have a plan,
or have you just gone
completely insane?
Got someone you need to call?
We can't do this to her.
It's Erica.
This has to stop!
Can we skip this fucking part?
Can we skip this whole bit
where you think you're
innocent in this?
I'm a fucking monster
and you're just a bystander?
How about the part
where we go to fucking jail
over an accident?
The constant fucking work
that I've done my entire life
is just ruined?
We have three days, Britt,
to figure this shit out
so wake the fuck up!
It doesn't end here.
It can't.
So, what do you think
is going to happen?
Is she just going to start
loving us again and forget
about this whole thing?
Are we just waiting it out?
Please just tell me
what the end game is.
We have the endgame, Britt.
I just would really
rather change it.
[water sizzling]
I learned this from Elmo's
World . I'm very classy.
So, I heard you're going
to Prague next year.
You'll have to learn proper
spaghetti eating before you go.
I don't know if spaghetti is
actually a thing there.
I don't know anything
about Prague.
But it'll be great
to hear about.
I mean, that'll be fun.
That'll be a really
good experience for you.
[Erica] Please.
Please. Tori.
Tori, come on,
I need food or something.
Tori can I please
have some more?
can I have some
more water?
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
I didn't want any
of this to happen to you.
Please forgive me.
I thought you were my friend.
-We had to. Things just
got out of hand.
-You're a coward.
Do you think you would have
done any differently?
I never would have done
this to anyone.
I don't believe you.
Bad shit happens
and that just as easily
could have been me.
I know you
and I've watched you.
Oh, yeah? What do you
know about me?
Go ahead.
I know that you definitely
wouldn't have done
anything for me.
Not if it meant going
against your idol.
You know what?
You're the lucky
one in that chair.
This whole thing is out
of your hands, so you just get
to sit there and relax.
Not me.
So, why don't you make
yourself useful
and think about what you would
do if you were me?
What you would actually do,
because I know what I'd be
doing if I were you.
I never would have
done this to you.
But I would now.
[buzzing and thumping]
[Tori] Come on!
Get in the fucking car.
[Tori] There she is.
[Tori] Son of a bitch.
[Tori yelling] Where ya going?
There's nobody that way!
Aw, atta girl!
Come on bitch, run!
You're doing great!
Run, bitch, run!
Run, bitch, run!
Run, bitch, run!
Run, bitch, run!
Run, bitch, run!
Oh, my fucking hero!
Okay, Britt, get out.
Britt, get out!
Erica, please, just get
in the car. Please? Come on.
[Tori] Britt, just grab her!
What the fuck are you doing?
[Tori] Move! Move!
[car running and stopping]
[Tori] Fuck!
It's stuck. Go get the ATV!
Get up! Keep running!
[firing a shot]
I'm not fucking around!
Keep going.
You like to run? Run.
[knocking on door]
[knocking on door]
When this is over,
whatever happens,
we're never going
to see each other again.
Yeah. Okay.
I don't care.
I need to know if we have
a plan. A real plan.
I'm working on it.
That's not good enough.
I think Calvin knows.
What do you mean? Is that him?
Is that him?
You think he knows? Why
do you think he knows?
A truck's been coming by.
So what if he knows?
What do we do about it?
We need to figure this out.
That's what I'm doing.
I don't think I trust
you, to be honest.
Yeah. Okay.
You know that place
where I learned to swim,
in the middle of the cove?
Well, Grandpa tried
to teach me at shore.
So, he'd hold his arms out,
and I'd paddle towards him,
and he'd back away slowly.
And I'd panic of course,
but my brothers were always
there to jump in after me
even though
Grandpa yelled at them for it.
And you know what?
I didn't learn to fucking swim.
So, he took me out on the boat,
out to where I took you.
He gave me a big hug
for the first time
in I don't know when.
And then he picked me up,
he threw me over the side,
and then he drove away so fast
that my brothers didn't even
have time to jump in after me.
And he left me there
in the deepest part.
And he didn't come back
for a few minutes.
Sure, as hell, I learned to swim
in under thirty seconds.
You're nearing
the deep end, Brittany.
Start paddling.
You wanna see the plan?
Come with me.
All right. I think I'm funny.
I wonder how you...
No. No. Sorry, not sorry.
We're not doing this tonight.
Jesus, like I get it, but it
kinda just is what it is
at this point.
Is that just from a few days?
Jeez, you drew
a genetic short straw.
I feel for you girl, but
I am not shaving them.
I will, however,
fix your gasoline breath
because you're stinking
up the place.
Think that one SpongeBob episode
where SpongeBob--
well, you know
what I'm talking about.
Really? That's it?
It's not looking good,
is it? This.
Well, let's make
the most of it then.
We came here
to have a week off.
That'll do, pig.
Yeah, that's something.
Your turn.
Oh, for fuck's sake.
[music playing]
But I'm a different man
When I think about
The way she broke my heart
Until the day she left
I'm the part that loves her
And wants her for my own
I'm the part that hates her
'Cause she's gone...
I win!
Fuck, yeah.
I just keep winning.
What ya got? What ya got?
Ten of diamonds?
You give the worst clues.
Absolutely horrible.
Do better.
God, I'm exhausted.
Are you exhausted?
I'm exhausted.
but you don't give up though.
I'm sorry that this had
to happen to you.
I actually really like you.
I've just been
working my whole life.
It was all starting to come
together and then this.
None of this needed to happen.
But this part
doesn't come yet.
You've got a fire in you
and you need to let it out.
What are you doing?
I might miss.
It's me.
Get up. Get the fuck up.
Jesus! What, Brittany?
Did you do something to her?
Did you do something to her?
She got her monthly visit.
I don't even know
if I can believe you.
What, do you think
I fucking raped her?
You are crazy. I don't
know what to believe.
Hey. Watch yourself, Brittany.
Call me that again.
Calm down.
Is this your master plan?
Is that what this shit is--
your plan?
I needed to test her.
Test her? You're not testing
her, you are torturing her.
How's your plan coming
along, St. Brittany?
Don't you dare put shit
on me. You did this.
I'm sorry. Is that what you
actually think?
It was your trap.
I just covered your stupid ass.
No, you were the one who
dragged her downstairs...
We did, we dragged her.
You're seriously going to try
that selective memory shit
this late in the game?
I am trying to save us.
I'm trying to save her life.
From what? It's just you.
You have done nothing
but cover your own tracks,
so if you're not going to help
me just let me fucking do it
because I can't fucking take
this. I can't take this.
So, what? Am I
supposed to trust you?
How am I supposed to trust you?
How do I know you're not
going to go to the police and
just tell them everything?
Why would I do that?
Because you're a coward.
Okay, Tori. So, what are
you going to do?
Are you going to shoot me
in the fucking head?
Is that part of your plan too?
Read it yourself, Brittany.
You're fucking insane.
Watch yourself, Brittany.
Or what, Tori?
-You're going to lose
your goddamn teeth.
-Excuse me?
Big, brave girl.
You are such a fucking cunt.
[Erica, faintly] Britt.
You have to do something.
She's going to kill me.
Then she's going to kill you.
She's not right.
You just have to forget.
What are you doing?
[Erica moaning]
Stop! Please! This won't work.
[Erica screaming]
[Tori screaming in pain]
Kill her, Britt!
[Tori] Britt, what the fuck
are you doing?
I fucking want to.
Ruin it for me.
Come on, ruin it.
He's coming back early
because of the storms.
He'll be here in the morning.
We have tonight.
For all this we have tonight.
Shit, right?
Why does that change anything?
What do you think
is going to happen?
Explain it to everyone and then
they'll be cool with it?
Or are you just going to try
to cover my blood and guts
in a night
and hope that Erica
plays along?
Because as far
as she's concerned,
as far as anyone's concerned,
she's innocent
and somebody
has to take the blame.
I get it.
I'm crazy,
but I have to be on your side
and you have to be on mine.
We both need the same thing.
Fuck you. Fuck you both!
[Tori] What's the password?
Come on.
What are you going to do?
See if there's anything
to blackmail you with.
Do you have anything?
Were those from my mom?
What did she say?
Tell me what she said, please.
Please tell me what she said.
-She loves you.
-So, help.
This happens now, either way.
I want you to know what
we're fucking capable of.
Are you still going to tell
people what happened here?
I won't.
That's what I was afraid of.
Don't move.
Just know
that I'm only going to hurt you
because I have to.
And take this moment to think
about the process
and how you can help
speed it along because
we're out of time.
You ready?
Make me believe you.
I don't believe you.
-I won't tell anyone.
-I don't fucking believe you.
Don't make me do this.
-I won't tell anyone, I swear!
What do you want? I'll take
naked pictures.
What, are we in sixth grade?
No, no, no, I think
we're done with that
so why don't you just make me
smell it on your breath?
Do you know what will happen
if you tell anyone?
Are you going to tell anyone?
No. I fucking swear!
Fuck that.
You watch the news?
You should.
It's got some interesting stuff.
Pour it.
Are you going to tell anyone?
Just say the safe word.
Are you going to tell anyone?
I won't. I won't.
[Tori] Fill it back up.
Relax. Relax.
Your turn.
[Erica] I don't care anymore.
Do it.
Are you going to tell anyone?
Are you going to tell anyone?
Yes. I'll tell everyone.
I'll tell everyone.
[Tori] I don't believe you.
How many shots
do you think that was?
You haven't eaten in a while.
A few more, you'll be drunk.
A few more, you pass out.
Then after that, you're just
a cautionary tale for people
on prom night.
I'm done fucking with you.
Shut the fuck up.
It's over.
It's fucking over.
You're just getting off on this
shit so just do it already.
I don't even care. Just do it.
I want you to live,
even if you don't.
I don't believe you.
Maybe another drink would help.
You know, you've got an awful
lot of vodka on you.
It'd be a shame if someone...
[voice from fire alarm]
Fire. Please vacate
the premises. Fire.
- Fire. Please, vacate
the premises. Fire.
-Get the alarm.
Fire. Please, vacate
the premises. Fire.
Fire. Please, vacate
the premises. Fire.
Fire. Please, vacate
the premises. Fire.
- Fire. Please, vacate
the premises. Fire.
Cancel. Cancel.
Fire. Please, vacate
the premises. Fire.
Are they coming?
I don't know.
Get the keys to the boat.
Bring the vodka.
The gun.
[man] You smell that?
[man] It's like
something's burning.
[man] Shouldn't we be kind
of concerned about that?
[man] What in the hell?
What do we do?
Is there anyone else
in the house?
You just missed them.
Calvin, she saw our faces.
I know! Go start on the safe.
-Jesus Christ!
What happened
to you, sweetheart?
You're not going to call
the cops, are you?
I thought the place
was empty. No car.
No lights.
Who did this?
-Where's Tori and her friend?
-Just shoot me.
What happened to you?
Just shoot me.
What's your name?
How old are you?
-When God spoke to Abraham...
-Don't make a fucking speech.
Just shoot me.
I'm tired.
I'm tired
and so if you're going to do it,
please just shoot me.
Come on.
Come on,
you coward. Come on.
Shoot me!
I'm right here.
I'm right here!
I'm right here.
It's okay. It's okay.
You're okay.
Nobody's going
to hurt you, okay?
You're okay.
You're okay, darling.
[firing a shot]
Thank you.
[Tori on the phone]
Hello? We need police
or an ambulance.
Two men broke
into the house we're staying in
and attacked us.
No. We were able
to protect ourselves.
I think they're dead,
but please send help quick.
Thank you. I'm really scared.
[Erica] Yeah, everything's fine.
I promise. Just tired.
Hey, I have to go.
It's starting.
I love you too.
[no sound]