Net I Die (2017) Movie Script

Hi everyone it's me Munkaw!
Welcome to the land of virtuous boobies.
Want know what I'm live steaming today?
This flashlight. I'm reviewing
is the first of its kind.
It's unlike any other.
This size fits perfectly in your hands,
and you can even - here...
I'll show you.
You don't need to hold it.
You can just put it in your mouth.
If you want it,
type it here,
comment below, I'll reply.
Let's see the comments.
Is anyone interested?
"Boobs or babies heads?"
Why are the comments about boobs?
I'm selling flashlights, pay attention.
"This makes me horny."
Munkaw the online prostitute.
How do you know I'm a prostitute?
Usually I don't charge,
I even give them money for the taxi home.
If anyone is rude again,
I'm gonna block them,
and you won't get to see anymore boobs.
This is a warning.
"Online prostitute?"
"Monica: If you block me you'll die."
Who the heck?
You think I'm scared?
I'll slap you with my boobs.
Funny. Hilarious.
You rude comments on school break?
Let's see your name so I can block you.
If you're gonna mess around.
At least have some respect,
don't use a dead person's name.
Don't be so funny.
"Unable to block Monica."
"Monica: I am behind you."
"Unable to block Monica."
Top Seller. Isn't that quite a hard sell?
we're a business.
"True beauty comes from within, cream ICON NIC"
Okay, let's move on to the next stage,
we've already prepared the other vegetables,
and I'll slice the carrots
to add some color to the dish.
Now, we're in the carrot preparation stage,
to... add a bit of color.
Okay. Done.
While waiting for the water to boil,
let's read some comments.
How are you Sa? Are you well?
I'm good.
What facial cream do you use? It's so bright.
Oh, thank you.
Of course I use ICON NIC!
The cream that Net Idols trust.
Gotta advertise a bit.
"Monica tagged Malisa."
Ah... Okay.
The water is boiling,
now I can put the prepared
ingredients into the pot.
"On This Day - One Year Ago"
"Som, Ay, Munkaw, Dewii, Bansai,
Lod Chong, Tawan, Malisa"
Gives me goosebumps.
Who uses a dead person's account
to play a practical joke?
I'm not overthinking,
I just... feel strange.
Just hurry home, yeah?
"Monica has Checked-in at ICON NIC Shop"
"Calling emergency 191"
What happened, Sa?
What's wrong?
What's wrong, Sa?
Who's Monica?
Just a Net Idol,
who I hired to review the cream.
It was still a Malisza brand back then.
Oh... She must've been very daring,
live streaming her suicide.
She was probably very stressed.
She broke up with her boyfriend.
People don't like her. A lot of them hate her.
I think someone must have
hacked into her account to mess with you.
If you're worried,
just block her.
OK, I've got to go.
I'm late.
"Monica tagged you in her video."
"Connecting to Som."
Monica tagged you in a video.
You missed a call from Monica.
You have received a voice message from Monica.
Hello Som,
this is Monica.
My face is ruined.
Hello Som,
this is Monica.
My face is ruined.
Hello Som,
this is Monica.
My face is ruined.
My face is ruined.
My face is ruined.
My face is ruined.
"Connecting to Som."
"R.I.P. Monica"
"Anti Monica"
Hi everyone, today we're live with Monica,
and... Ay Ay!
Ay, come on.
"More hardcore"
More hardcore?
Of course, I'll try.
Can you moan my name?
Can someone remove the mummy in the back?
Ay, they want you to leave.
So cute.
Thank you!
Hey! Where are you going mummy?
Come back, dance with me first.
Come here.
If you want the mummy to come back,
click "Like".
But if you want to see me, click "Love".
You sure this place is good?
Yeah man, you'll see.
You don't believe me?
You always say this.
Enjoy your meal.
Can I take a photo with you?
One... two..three.
One more.
Don't forget to check-in when you post it.
I'll check-in right away.
Enjoy your meal.
Oh. Sa.
Thank you,
please come again.
Yes ma'am.
When I saw the tags in that post,
I was surprised too.
I wonder who would do something so shitty.
Oh yeah, they checked-in
at your house too right?
Do you...
know anyone who knows Monica's password?
I don't know.
Even I was her friend and I don't know.
If you really wanna know,
why don't you go look in her apartment?
You can take me in?
Yeah... I guess,
Just wait here one second.
Go take a look for yourself.
Does anyone else have a key card?
I don't know.
Probably not.
Come eat here sometime when you're free.
Sa, why have you brought me here?
I didn't want to come alone.
Is every Net Idol's room this messy?
Were you like this?
Let's hurry.
I don't want to stay long.
I'll go look in the computer.
"Monica's birthday, 18th August 1997."
Mo... Ni... ca...
- Jak
- Yeah?
Try typing Malika.
Her real name.
Ma... li... ka...
"Wrong password."
Ignore it.
Let's find her phone?
I found it.
Can you turn it on?
It won't turn on?
Need to charge.
I think we should leave.
What's wrong Sa?
It's me, Sa.
What's wrong baby?
It's okay.
You should stay off social media for a bit.
What are you going to do with Monica's phone?
Well there's a password on it.
I'll have my friend hack it tomorrow.
So we can find out...
Who's been messing with you.
So you won't have to stress.
But what if it's not someone messing with me.
You're overthinking.
I'm gonna go check on the factory first,
I'll hurry home.
"Net Idol's gruesome death."
Yes mom.
Ah, yes.
I'm sorry mom.
I'm taking good care of her.
I'll tell you if anything comes up.
Yes, okay.
Yes mom.
Bye mom.
How are you?
Right this way, Mr. Jak.
You have a shoot today?
Yes sir, a cute and sexy one.
But recently Sa hasn't been hiring me at all.
All my models are fit and attractive,
and most importantly,
they have lots of followers.
If you're interested in anyone, just tell me.
I'll arrange it for you.
Deweii, today,
let's just cut to the chase.
I came to talk about Monica.
I never believed in ghosts,
but this whole thing has gotten out of hand.
Som, Sa's old staff,
also died after getting tagged in the video.
Most recently was Monica's friend.
Suddenly she started hallucinating,
before getting hit by a car.
You were tagged in that video as well.
Don't you think it's strange?
I want to know what happened
before Monica died.
You were her manager.
You should know best.
I'm not psychic.
But if you're asking why she killed herself,
then I know just as much as you.
Why don't you ask Sun, her ex-boyfriend.
He was also tagged in the post.
And he was much closer to Monica than I was.
Try asking him.
Is he the guy called...
Tawan Biker?
Oh, yes. Go ask him,
I have to go take care of the models on set.
You didn't do anything bad to Monica right?
Are you crazy, Mr Jak?
Monica was my golden child!
Why would I do anything?
Anyways, I have to excuse myself,
Hi! Hello everyone,
It's me, Lod Chong.
I'm here to film a commercial today.
Look, I've come with a pretty girl too.
I'm gonna show you around okay?
Can you start working?
Or are you waiting for me to bitch first?
After work, you can go "Like"
while you pee and shit.
Hi everyone!
Make sure you check out our work!
Huh. This bitch.
Hi everyone!
I have to excuse these girls
so they can go work.
They can continue live streaming
once they're done.
Take it.
Nooo, now they're all gonna unfollow me.
Let them know, there is time for work,
then time for play.
Oh yeah, where did Munkaw go?
Shh! Why are you so loud?
She got hired to review a flashlight,
and it pays well.
So I let her go do that first.
How come we don't get jobs like that too?
If you wreck this one
will there be another one?
Go work.
Go work!
Okay everyone!
The girls are ready.
Okay, can we get some strong poses.
Don't move.
Show some confidence.
Great girls!
Very pretty.
This photo's good.
More confidence Lod Chong. More confidence.
Oh no. Watch your arms! This photo's
almost good. Watch your arms.
Beautiful. Good.
A bit more cheerful please.
Your eyes are perfect, just open them more.
Okay, let's swap the positions around.
This is great.
Good job. Good job.
- Okay. We got it?
- Yes.
OK everyone, that's a wrap.
We can pack up!
Thank you very much. Thanks everyone.
See you on the next job.
Are you girls not doing home?
You can pack up now.
See you later!
My whole body hurts.
Do you wanna go out?
No thanks.
I'm tired, wanna go home.
To be honest,
Munkaw is like Deweii's favourite right?
He gives her all the good jobs.
Weren't all three of us
supposed to get the flashlight job?
She took it all herself.
Oh, come on.
Maybe the client only wanted her.
If Mo hadn't died first,
don't even dream,
that Munkaw would've gotten this job.
Who the hell messaged the group?
Yes ma'am.
Of course!
Thank you so much, you're so sweet.
Always hiring our girls.
It will be the price we already agreed on.
No problem.
And on the day,
we'll take care of hair and makeup for you.
Yes ma'am.
Yes. So you can confirm the...?
Let's go.
Why the...
Excuse me!
Is there anyone there?
Is there anyone there?
We can't open the door.
Please open it.
What the fuck. I can't open it.
Is anyone outside?
Where are you?
I can't see!
Where are you? Answer me!
Bunsai! Where are you?
Where are you?
Bunsai are you there?
Open! Open the door please!
Anyone please open the door!
Open the door please!
Open the door!
Open the door! Open it please!
Open the door! Open the door!
People are watching.
What people?
You're crazy. Go be with Kont.
She gets shy?
Excuse me.
Sun. Someone's here to see you.
Well, I'm gonna go inside first.
What's up?
I want to speak to you about Monica.
What about Monica?
You know the post that Monica tagged you in?
My girlfriend was also tagged in that.
Sorry but who is your girlfriend?
She once hired Monica
to review her cream, Malisza's cream.
So I want to find out,
if these two were ever conflicted in any way.
Don't even call it conflict.
Because isn't Monica's death,
your girlfriend's fault?
You listen to me.
This is my girlfriend's house.
I don't have any reason,
to be discussing the past with you,
and I don't want to.
I think you should go home
and ask your girlfriend,
because that bitch knows best.
Excuse me.
I think you should leave now.
Why did Monica kill herself?
Why are you asking me?
Why are you hiding things from me?
I'm trying to help you.
Chug! Chug! Chug! More! More! More!
Hey! Welcome to my house party!
Today I'm bringing you along to see,
how wild the party is!
Hey guys, say hello!
Tell everyone who's not here to come quick!
Tell them to hurry up!
Hey! Look, boom, boom, boom, are not here yet.
Look at how wild everyone is.
I'll drink for you.
I'm telling you now,
we party without limits here.
We got everything, lights, color, music.
Well it's my house so it's gotta be fun. Right?
Keep going, keep going! Make everyone jealous!
Sun, what's wrong? You look bored.
I'm not bored.
Is my party not fun?
It's fun.
- Really?
- Really.
What were you doing?
Must be feeling good now!
Sun, what's wrong with you?
Sun. Sun!
It's me!
Sun! It's me, Koi!
Sun what's wrong?
Don't come closer!
Don't come closer! I said don't come closer!
Don't fucking come closer!
This is koi!
I told you...
Sun stop that! What are you doing?
Sun, stop!
Stop acting crazy Sun!
Sun Stop!
You went to Monica's room?
You should return her things.
Monica has been through enough already.
Let's get to the point.
Why are you here?
I want to know the same thing you want to know.
And I think your girlfriend,
can give us the answers.
the five people tagged in that post,
have died. You know that right?
Aren't you scared you could be next?
Last year...
when I first started Malisza brand,
I contacted a Net Idol
to review my products
I'm very proud to present this girl, Ms. Sa.
Gets good jobs, lots of followers.
I guarantee, she will not disappoint.
Hello, today I'm going to
review the face cream by Malisza.
It's this one.
This is the box,
and the container it comes,
looks like this.
So it comes in a white and silver package,
and the logo is pink.
Let's take a look inside.
The cream itself is white,
umm... there's no smell,
it's probably fragrance free,
but it doesn't smell bad.
And here's a test on the back of my hand.
You can see that it's pretty easy to apply.
It's not too white,
so it doesn't jump out on your skin.
I'll try it on my face, so we can see
how it is when applied,
whether it's different from
our natural skin without cream.
Hmm... I think I like it,
because it's quite soft,
and light and easy to apply.
So here... let's compare.
This is with,
This is without.
You can see that the color is barely different.
It really sinks into your skin.
This makes it easy for people who wear makeup.
Anyways, don't forget to stay tuned,
to my 20 day challenge, using Malisza's cream.
Bye bye!
So, it's been a week,
where I've been using Malisza's cream.
The package looks like this,
for anyone who hasn't seen it.
"let me see your face clearly"
First of all I have to say,
I've tried using Malisza's cream,
and I feel it makes my face much softer,
brightens it up,
and makes makeup stays on a lot longer.
Other than this I have to say,
like I've said in earlier clips,
Malisza's cream is fragrance free,
so it is suitable for sensitive skin,
"Cutie, kinda weird".
"Liar, She has so much
foundation on, I knew it."
Anyway, let's wait to find out,
after I complete the challenge,
how much whiter, brighter, better,
and more...
interesting my skin
will be after this 20 day challenge,
by Malisza cream.
Hello Som,
Something's happened to my face.
Can you please speak to Malisa?
Tell her to pay me please,
so I can get my face fixed.
Hey, so we're back with me, Mo.
So today is the last day,
of the 20 day challenge by Malisza's brand.
So, I've been using this cream for 20 days.
"Not fun today. Go die ghost face."
I have to say, it's really fantastic.
It's so good it's fucked up my face.
Here, I'll review it for you all to see,
one more time.
Let's see how we apply this cream.
You have to put it on like this.
It makes your face so soft,
and extremely hydrated.
No more break outs and poor skin.
No allergic reactions.
Nothing can give you an allergic reaction.
It's suitable for very sensitive skin.
"Hurry up and die
so you don't become a burden to your kids."
It works so well.
Don't forget to go buy it.
Malisza's brand.
Buy lots and lots!
Because using this cream
will fuck your face up!
"I'm going to cancel the job for now"
"We don't want you anymore"
"We're no longer hiring you"
Thank you for watching!
"Big shock today, Exciting!"
"What the fuck possessed you?"
"ls no one calling the police?"
You might think that I'm cruel,
but what evidence do you have,
that shows my cream ruined her face?
What about everyone else
who was tagged in the post?
What do they have to do with it?
There has to be a reason, Sa.
Why Monica hurt them all as well.
What can I do?
What can I do to make Monica stop harassing us?
Should I die?
I don't know about the others who were tagged,
but if I were you,
I think Monica's convinced,
that your cream is the cause,
of all the bad things that happened.
And I agree.
So what? You want me to apologize?
Sorry! I'm sorry!
If saying sorry will end this,
no matter how I say it, they're already dead.
Monica died,
because she was attacked by people online,
and your cream was the reason.
If I were Monica,
I would want justice as well,
for the things that have happened.
So what?
You want me to announce "live",
that my cream is shit?
That it ruined her face,
until she committed suicide?
I'll do it. If it will end this.
But how can you be sure,
that after I do it, Monica will stop?
What are you thinking?
I'm not sure about this.
I don't know what will happen,
if we tell everyone about this.
Sa, you should worry about yourself right now.
Even if you don't sell the cream
I can take care of you
How about this. Let's go end this,
and we can start over afterwards.
Very good.
I don't wanna go up.
Then you wait down here.
I'll return Monica's phone to her room.
...and the money for reviewing Malisza's cream,
when will I get it?
What are you gonna get? Your face is so ruined,
You didn't complete the campaign
as stated in the contract.
They didn't sue us,
you should be bowing down to them.
But I can't continue the review,
because of her cream.
Using it has ruined my face!
Can't you see?
Som, you know right?
That I've been reviewing Malisza's cream.
My face is ruined.
Yes, I understand.
Calm down first.
Could you please,
connect me to Malisa?
Sorry but, Ms. Sa can't talk right now,
she's busy.
How can you be sure, that before this,
you weren't using another brand
at the same time?
Som, since I accepted the job,
I haven't been using any other cream.
What evidence do you have to accuse us?
Please help me. I'm begging you, Som.
Please. Please, Som.
Don't forget to go buy it.
Malisza brand.
It's so good it fucks up your face!
"Malisa: ls $3,000 enough?"
"Sun: Can I have another $1,500?"
"Malisa: Promise me this will end"
"Sun: Don't forget our deal!"
Isn't this great? We gotta "share" it.
Where are you hurrying off to, Sa?
Sa, how are you?
Stay strong, Sa.
I know the whole story now.
I know everything now, Sa.
How could you have done something so cruel?
You ruined a person's life!
And you lied to me about it!
Why did you lie to me?
The reason I hate myself right now,
is because I forgive you even after all this.
I love you, Sa.
I love you too, Jak.
"Six months later."
Wait here for a second, Ms.Sa.
Your mother is coming to get you.
Please wait here.
Don't worry, Sa,
I'll be here, watching your life fall apart.
English Translation by Nina Molloy