Nethra (2019) Movie Script

Karaikudi Shri Arunachalam
Chettiar's son's daughter...
...and Shanmuganathan Chettiar and
Ponazhagi family's daughter Nethra...
and Devakottai Sri
Meiyappa Chettiar...
and Kokilla family's son
Muttaiah known as Arun...
are getting married by the
concent of both the families.
Welcome Vikram,
what a shocking surprise visit
Hey Vikram, why are you so late?
You know that he is coming?
I know brother, I only invited him
He only asked me to
keep his visit a surprise
Yes... How was the surprise
Vikram is my close friend's son
From childhood,
he and Nethra studied together
Now he has a big pharmaceutical
company in Canada
Ravi, where is Nethra's uncle
Hey...Who are you?
- Sir, don't want sir...
- Nothing, just an itch in my head
(Singing a Tamil rock song)
Baldy, want to listen to another song?
Even if I say no are you
going to leave me..
I'll say half of the proverb,
rest you should say
If you feed someone's child...
You wife will get suspecious of you
Sir...sir, don't hit me sir
Oh God!
First month is January,
second is February
Tenth month is...?
Delivery sir
Should do it for you
Useless fellow,
look at the answer you are giving.
Now do you understand whether it is
difficult to give answer or being a don
Rajendran... I am waiting sir.
What Rajendran?
How is it possible?
Like Pokkiri Vijay, I changed my getup
and was amongst the rowdies
In one act itself you'll get claps.
Now double act...
(Tamil Film)
There is no boundary
to your inspector dream?
What to do?
When I went for police selection they
said that body should be heavy
I also went and stood with a heavy body
Later only I found out that
they expected a heavy purse
Everyone are waiting for you.
Get ready soon and come.
(Saint is announcing the marriage date)
Boss, you should have been the groom
Another guy is sitting there.
Aren't you ashamed
Leave it.
Getting shamed is casual for me
Who is that guy looking
like a Mumbai pan wala?
He is Nethra's friend.
Has come from foreign
- Foreign means which country?
- Abroad
No later.
Tell now itself
States means which district?
Chennai or Trichy or Dindugal or Trinelveli
or Madurai or Nagercoil or Kanyakumari?
Now I understand why they haven't
got you married to Nethra
Exchange the marriage plate
Hey who is this.
People who come here get unstable.
Someone has come in Audi itself
Who is the black sheep
Sir, you are from Canada,
wearing coat, suit and come in an Audi car
How come you are here?
If the girl you love gets
engaged with another person
What shall we do brother
Oh love matter?
Then, the engaged girl,
should have asked you to run away with her
Yes, that is the confusion
The girl herself is ready,
what's stopping you from running away?
If her family searches and finds her,
won't it become a problem.
What brother,
if you are in India only they'll find out
Better take her to Canada
So that's what you say
Yes brother
Then come with me
From morning,
I am giving the same advice to him
But he is not listening
Who is this
He is my friend Velu
He is only in love with that girl
Then you are not the one loving her?
For his love problem only
I have come from Canada
Nearby at Pattukottai our
classmate Ravi is there.
I have asked job in his medical shop
Planning to take Nethra there
She only hastily called you
You know about their family na.
Within India where ever
you go, they'll find out.
Then one day they'll
come and take her
Listen to me,
if you come to Canada, its safe.
Brother, he is telling that he'll help
you na, get into the play
What are you saying brother
You should never think
too much in love
Then ok
Vikram, I am ready
Thanks a lot.
Brother lets shake our hands.
For just helping your friend's
love itself I got tired
Then for you,
your pants should have got torn?
"Hey brother"
"What happened"
"My pants got torn"
"Hey brother, what happened.
Pant got torn."
"For friend's love, by holding light,
our knees went off"
"Keep loving friend, you are energetic"
"By helping for your love,
I got bent like a vessel"
"Broker, broker, broker,
you are not friend, you are broker"
"Yes, yes, yes, I am a descent broker"
"When we are in a flight,
we want to stand in foot board"
"When we are riding a cycle,
we want to fly"
"Feel like catching a train and
stopping it using the little finger"
"Feel like keeping the head
on the tracks and sleeping"
"Some mistake has happened"
"Mind has changed"
"Have become mental."
"Its a great group"
"Very local speech"
"Even if you become a
loafer, breath is tight"
"Top... top... top... you are only top"
"Friend, friend friend,
you did nice backstabbing"
"Its written in the liquor bottle
that drinking is injurious to health"
"House and country will get destroyed."
"This is said by everyone"
"No one has ever told
that drinking will spoil friendship"
"That's why friends have
not stopped drinking"
"Drunkards are all innocent kids"
"He will speak baby's
language and crawl."
"Drunkard people are all Harichandran"
"If they drink, they'll
only talk the truth"
"God... God... God...
you are not friend, you are God"
"You go, you go, you are irritating"
"Hey brother, what happened.
Pant got torn."
"For friend's love, by holding light,
our knees went off"
"Keep loving friend, you are energetic"
"By helping for your love,
I got bent like a vessel"
"Broker, broker, broker,
you are not friend, you are broker"
"Yes friend, I am a descent broker"
I am applying visa through
Global Travels, Madurai.
It'll come soon.
Dont worry.
When will we get visa?
It will come anytime but it'll
come before your marriage date.
Hey can't you say the exact date?
Exact date?
Why? Urgent?
If you want to do anything romantic
come to Canada and do.
Here no way
Don't talk silly
Visa will come soon.
Get ready to fly.
'After 40 days'
When did she write letter and leave?
I gave silk saree, jewels and asked
her to get ready for the marriage
I went to ask Ravi whether the car
has been sent to the groom's house
In that gap she is missing
Stop it
What girl have you given birth to.
There is only 2 hours for the marriage
What will I tell if anyone asks me
'Where is the bride'
I called Nethra.
She has switched off her phone.
Father, shall I call Karaikudi
S.P. and ask for help
Not only your daughter.
If we have to save our family pride
We have to search without
going to the police
You stand in the immigration queue,
I'll go to the rest room and come.
You collect the luggage.
I'll see where the out gate is and come.
The people who came
along with us are leaving
Vikram who is supposed
to come is missing
What's this?
If I dial a number,
call is not going through
Hey stupid, this is India's sim.
Here you need international sim right.
It's so cold here.
What shall we do now?
We'll go inside and wait.
Shall we borrow someone's
phone and try Vikram's number
- Sir.
- Yes.
- I want to make a phone call.
- Yeah, please.
It's currently swiched off
His phone is switched off.
Why does he have to switch off his phone.
He said that he'll come.
Will Vikram's phone be
switched off for such a long time?
Just having Vikram's number, without
getting his address is a big blunder.
I saw you guys waiting here for a while.
I am airport police.
you guys need any help?
Sir, we are from Karaikudi
There is nothing to worry.
Give your friend's number
Before you finish your coffee,
I'll trace your friend's address and come
I have found his office address
I'll drop you on my way back home.
Sir, what happened?
Isn't Vikram there?
Yesterday only he had left to
Australia in a hurry.
What? Australia!!
Cool. Your friend got an
urgent call from Australia
Before 12 hours
Jessie, in Australia, hundred children who
ate our company medicines have fainted
So I have to go to Australia now
Not able to inform Nethra and
Velu because they'll be on flight
The security doesn't know the
numbers of any office staff
After one week when the office
opens only you can get the details.
What shall we do sir?
You don't have any sense
Some lovers, who ran away from India
Immediately you'll bring
them here and give shelter
Is this a hotel or a lodge,
for me to cook for who ever comes here
Talk softly Mrithula.
They might hear us.
Who are you both?
Are you our guest?
My mom doesn't like visitors.
She'll be complaining all night.
What's your name?
What's your name?
- What's that uncle's name?
- Velu
Swetha, why are you simply talking there,
go and sleep.
Oh oh. My mom started her broadcast.
Good night.
This is their story of coming to Canada
Can you give a job to any one of them
Ask what that table no.5 people want.
Brother, one guy is torturing
without giving the order
Hey, never blame the customer.
You wouldn't have taken the order properly.
You yourself go and take it
Greetings sir, what do you want to eat?
One idly and two vada?
One vada and two idly?
Brother is it two burgers?
Can see his decayed tooth but can't
understand what he is trying to say.
Can you spit what's in your mouth
and give the order
Altast he has vomitted
Sir order
Now take it
What order are you taking?
- Who me?
- Yes
You gave order and
I didn't take it?
Sir you are talking clearly
during the gaps
Only when you give the order,
can't stand your game
- Ok. I'll tell clearly.
- Tell.
Write it down
Atleast now tell it clearly
Hey you son of a blockage
What man?
You are not able to take one order,
what hotel are you running.
Stupid fellow.
- Greeting
- Greeting
His name is Velu.
Join him temporarily as a server.
Okay. Come.
Shakila, they have
come from India.
For the guy alone give uniform and
send him to the restaurant.
You go.
Hello. Welcome to Canada
I am the chief chef in this hotel
Hey what is this?
Daisy, they have
come from India
Brother Kasi has sent them.
Need a room to stay.
You sign the register,
I'll fill the other details.
Brother, that driver has
gone nearby it seems.
Let him come. My enquiry will be
worse than Vettri Maran's enquiry.
How did you find out that Nethra and her
lover went in taxi while running away?
Hey, on the day before the marriage, when
Nethra left the house it was mid night.
At that time there is no
bus or train in our town.
Then how would he have gone?
Taxi right?
Hey, he is taking out his gun.
Hey, wait guys, I didn't take out a gun,
I scratched my leg.
Where is Mani?
Time is 7:45
I didn't ask time.
Where is Royapuram Mani?
Hey I am here.
Ragavan has come to get free bun.
Gosh. Every morning at 7.00 am,
It has become a habit for him to eat
at our bakery without paying
What sir?
What Mani?
Did you ask for my eyes?
You asked for bun
If I ask you for bun
will you ask my eye?
Oh no.
I haven't said anything like that.
This Ragavan problem is too much,
everyday morning at 7.00am
he is coming to the bakery...
and torturing saying he
needs bun, bread, etc.
Today we shall finish his
chapter and take off his eye
A bakery master know to us
said that you told this.
I didn't tell
like that sir.
Brother close the gate.
Hey close the gate.
Tomorrow onwards you are
just Mani, not Bun Mani
Between us there will be
maximum 10 years of problem.
Today we'll finish it.
You asked my eye na.
Tilt your head nicely
Oh oh see how much infection is there.
Boys bring eye drops.
Hey, this is such an
important scene in the movie,
in one second you spoilt
it by asking for eye drops
Don't change the topic Ragavan.
Boy, close the gate.
Ok brother
I've got into it deeply.
Knowing it's deep,
why did you get into it.
Its been 10 years.
Hereafter I can't give
you bun without cash.
Boys, cut him into pieces.
Brother, why did you throw me?
Sorry brother,
leader movie na, thats why I got
deeply involved in the dream.
Looks like just for me, they'll make
people and send them to Canada.
Why are you looking at me like that?
Brother, you got angry on him na.
It was like seeing Sivaji.
Hey, what did you do to my son
who came for work you scoundrels
You did something to my son.
You are running a hotel, you murderers.
Isn't there anyone to question them.
You sinners
Tell me whether my son is alive or not?
Leave me, he is my only son.
Did you murder him?
She is the mother of an
employee of this hotel.
Four months back, after he left from work,
never reached his house.
She suspects that our hotel
owner only did something.
Our hotel owner?
If some rich guy has a
problem with any organ,
whatever they want,
heart, kidney, lungs,
for everything, they'll book
in advance with our owner.
He and his people will select
different youthful guys,
make a video and send it.
If the doctor says yes,
they'll plan and take him
and send his organs.
Just for name sake this
hotel business is there.
A big network is operating.
Velu...Velu, open the door.
Velu, open the door soon.
What happened?
Nothing much.
You got afraid?
You seem to be in a different mood.
Come, let's romance.
Just once. Please...
No, I have to work.
I want to romance.
Not at all possible.
Ok, I'll leave for work.
Ok, don't want romance,
kiss will do, ok?
"Without telling, you are telling."
"You are killing me with your eyes."
"Without speaking, you are speaking."
"You are putting tattoo
in my chest and going."
"Moulded jaggery, raw rice"
"You are also making me boil"
"Inside eyes, inside my eyes"
"You are igniting fire and going."
"Without telling, you are telling."
"You are killing me with your eyes."
"Without speaking, you are speaking."
"You are putting tattoo in
my chest and going."
"Moulded jaggery, raw rice"
"You are also making me boil"
"Inside eyes, inside my eyes"
"You are igniting fire and going."
"Like a chicken inside my small chest"
"I am going to protect you."
"Like a drawstring bag,
you are jumping and going"
"You are embedded in my dreams."
"Oh my heart, oh my heart"
"You are living in my heart."
"Seeing eyes, by seeing your eyes"
"I am also getting spoilt."
"Listen to me, put the garland"
"For all my seven lives am with you."
After Vikram comes, we should ask him
to get us a house in this area.
Yes, its nice na.
This guy sells alcohol in black
He sells illegal vcd
That blue shirt was simply
starring near Udhayam theatre bus stop.
I asked him where are you from.
He said Karaikudi.
I asked him to show the ticket.
He is saying that he lost it.
Sir, I got down from the bus
and went to have tea.
I threw away the ticket as it is
not necessary for having tea.
Why did you have tea in the tea shop.
Its not like that sir,
first I went to put petrol in the tea shop.
Then they were selling tea, so I had tea.
Look at his sarcasm sir.
I'll leave him right now sir.
- Here who is Baskar?
- Its me sir
- You can leave.
- Thank you sir.
Who was on the phone sir?
That MLA Ekambaram.
He might come to the station itself.
In this station if I had been the
DSP and if that Ekambaram comes...
Alex, without knowing
who our group admin is, you are talking.
Who is your group admin?
Ekambaram at senthamarai group
Who is that Ekambaram.
Is he a big shot
like google Sundaram Pitchai?
I didn't say like that
You are like a small boy.
Who are you?
You are the first person to ask who I am.
Ok, you are who?
You are the first person to change
who are you and ask you are who.
Hey tell me
If you tell this Ekambaram's name,
the kids who are using whatsapp...
will disable the wifi and start to sms
To the same kid, try telling this
DSP Alex Pandian's name,
Without internet, they will
upload and download it.
I am next to you only.
Why are you shouting?
You have come to learn
tution in the wrong place.
In tution,
the teacher corrects the note book.
But in facebook, this Alex will
woo the teacher herself.
How come?
That is Alex. Inspector
Alex, I'll put message in this
Ekambaram's group and shame you.
I'll delete your total group.
Hey, who is throwing this and playing?
Sorry sir, its me
I got rejected in police selection
I'll dream like a police officer often.
In that dream only I threw it.
Forgive me sir.
Ok, why did you come
to Chennai from Karaikudi?
Why are you asking that story sir
Look at this sir
The girl in this photo is
my sister's daughter
She ran away from her house.
I have come in search of her.
Sir, I know that girl
You know her?
Where did you see that girl sir?
Sir, that day you said that the
central minister is coming na,
Hello! Oh, we are starting immediately
Constables, come on,
there is a riot in Saidapet, be quick.
Sir, tell me where did you see her?
Hey... leave me
Don't know when will they come.
Where will I stay?
Don't worry, we are there.
As though are Vasan
eye care owner.
By the by, I am Anju
Then this guy?
My brother Kunju(slang)
Look, how this Velu has put it open
Can't even keep his dress neatly
I have prayed to Pillaiyar Patti Vinayagar
that we have to get married soon.
Just after marriage, we'll go together
and drop it at the offerings.
It's getting late and Velu hasn't come.
The number your try to reach
it's currently switch off
Switched off?
One person named Velu is working there.
Can you give the phone to him?
Velu? Nobody Velu is working here.
Velu is not there! Just now before
one week he joined the job.
Can you give the phone to
Velu who is working there.
Velu? No one like that is working here.
Keep the phone.
One minute, there is one brother Kasi
Brother is on leave for
two days from yesterday.
Brother, there is a guy
Velu working here right?
Velu! There is no one
like that working here.
Is it this hotel?
I know for sure that
he is working here only.
Why are you disturbing me?
Madam, that day you gave me
Pillaiyar(God) Dollar na.
That day there was a guy
named Velu with me.
Now if I ask, they are saying that no
one like him is working here.
Velu! Who is this?
What happened?
Sir, as per the recomendation of the
inspector, you only gave Velu a job here.
Here 14 people are working
and there is no one named Velu.
You only appointed him temporarily sir.
If anyone has to work in my hotel,
work permit is required.
Don't lie.
My Velu should come here.
I won't leave unless he comes.
Why are you all silent?
Has your owner threatened you?
Hey, you are talking too much.
Throw her out.
Call you back later.
What happened?
Why are you panicking?
There was a guy,
Velu staying with me right,
they are saying that there is no one
like that, nor did he work in th at hotel.
Who is that Velu?
He was staying with me right?
Here you are only staying na
See the entry register, that day while
taking the room also you only signed.
See here. Even in the ledger
it is mentioned as single.
No, you are lying.
Both of us only came.
No one came with you.
You came alone.
You sign the register,
I'll fill up the rest.
Velu's luggage is missing.
Only your passport is there.
Where is that Velu's passport?
Hey, Velu's passport was
also inside my hand bag only.
Where is his dress and luggage.
First you take your hands off me.
This is foreign country.
Here if you behave like that,
police will come.
Sir, sir, I have come from India.
Me and my lover Velu
were staying in this Motel
Now Velu is missing.
Here everyone are saying that
no one like that has come with me.
No sir, here this girl
was staying alone only.
Did you call Velu?
I tried, but his phone
is switched off.
Do you have any proof
that Velu came with you?
I have the pictures which
we took here in Canada.
They have deleted all the photos sir.
Only if Velu had come,
you could have taken photos.
That day when we were
stranded in the airport,
your department inspector
only helped us.
What's his name?
Mr. Yogarasa, do you
know this girl?
I know. She came to see one...
Vikram only right?
Then I took her to
Vikram's office.
They said that he had
gone to Australia.
A guy came with her.
Do you know him?
With her?
Sir, she came alone only.
Why are you saying like this sir.
I can remember well.
She came alone only., Velu came with me.
Please be calm.
You tell me.
Yes sir, he brought only this girl.
I also fought with him for
bringing a girl alone at night.
Sir, everyone are lying.
Some big plan is happening.
Swetha, Swetha. Sir, please ask her.
Children don't lie.
Swetha, I am in trouble.
Save me.
Tell me aunty.
Your name is Nethra only right?
Swetha, that day an uncle came with me.
Do you remember?
Velu uncle.
No. That day you came alone.
Sir, they have also
changed that girl's mind.
Ok. What is the name of the supervisor
in the hotel where Velu worked in.
- Good morning sir.
- Good morning.
Have you informed Kasi?
Yes sir, vehicle has been sent.
He is on the way.
- You have Vikram's number?
- Yes sir.
Call him.
Put the phone in loud speaker.
Hello Vikram here.
We are Toronto police here.
Tell me sir
Hmmm Vikram, where are you now?
I am in front of
Victoria Memorial hospital.
Victoria hospital?
So you are back to Canada?
Its been 2 hours since
I have arrived to Canada from Australia.
Do you know Velu and Nethra?
I know them sir.
I only asked them to come to Canada.
I have no idea where they are now.
I am on my way to the High
Comission office to enquire about them.
What's the matter sir?
What happened?
Where is Velu?
Why are you in the police station?
Velu is missing.
Velu is missing?
She came alone only
You came alone only right?
No sir.
Velu should have come along.
Velu is missing somewhere.
Why didn't you go to the
airport to recieve Velu and Nethra?
Sir, there was a problem in
my Australian pharmaceutical company.
My company was sealed.
All of a sudden, I had to go there.
I tried to communicate
to them but they were on flight.
Ok. You could have informed
them after you had reached Australia.
Sir, unfortunately, I missed my phone in
the airport when I went to Australia.
Through the airline pilot I tried
to contact Canadian airport
but couldn't find it.
Then I couldn't communicate to them.
Today after coming back,
I got a new connection in the same number.
You could have sent someone from
you side to recieve them in the airport.
I gave their details to my manager
Victor and asked him to receive them.
But unfortunately, while
going to the airport,
he met with an accident
and went to coma stage.
I knew all this only 2 hours
ago after landing to Canada.
In fact, I got your call just
after I met my manager
Mr.Victor who is receiving
treatment in Victoria hospital.
Sir, Kasi arrived.
- Hello sir.
- Hello sir.
Do you know them?
I know her very well.
I only made them stay in the hotel room.
Did you see only her or
was there anyone else with her?
There was a guy who she was
going to marry. His name is Velu.
So you have seen Velu?
Yes I have seen him.
Who are you?
He is the Vikram whome we came to meet.
Oh you are Vikram.
Sir, you asked whether
you have seen Velu come here.
Here is the eye wittness.
Hey Kasi.
I brought only that girl
to your hotel right.
Why are you lying to the officer?
Am I lying?
Sir, you are doing some mistake.
Sir, this guy is a fraud.
Whome are you saying as fraud.
You are fraud.
Hey are you playing?
Be calm.
Sir, What is happening here?
Inspector is confusing the witness Kasi.
Sir, inspector is telling
his side of the story.
Sir, first we need a concrete proof more
than a witness that Velu came with her.
Here is the list what you are asking.
For three persons arrived
at the same date.
Vel Raj, Vel Mani and Vel Murugan.
Sir, the guy who came
with me is Vel Murugan.
Do one thing. I want the passport
details of this Vel Murugan.
Date? February 16th
What time? Evening 4 to 5.
See sir, that girl is
taking the luggage alone.
That Velu who she is claiming to have
come with her is going alone somewhere.
Why didn't they come together sir?
I was taking the luggage while
Velu went to see where the outgate is.
In imigration, she is standing separately
and Velu is staing 5 to 6 people behind.
If Velu had come with her, why isn't there
a footage of them being together?
When I was standing for immigration,
Velu had gone to the restroom and
joined later in the line.
These are all
just coincidences.
Be calm.
- Call that Kasi.
- Yes sir.
Hello sir.
Kasi, is this the Velu
who you saw with Nethra?
Replay please.
The guy who came with Nethra...
No no, thats not him.
Who are you?
Hey, who are you?
Why have you locked me up? Speak up.
Hey, what do you guys want.
Why have you locked me up.
What mistake did I do?
Yeah. You need human skin for grafting?
Sure I can arrange.
Oh sorry.
Irish is very rare.
Indian, Mongolian,
Jew or any other race is available.
But Irish, we can't
What happened?
Did he eat?
He'll eat.
His health is very important.
Take care.
Thank you.
What did they say
in the station?
The only clue was
constable Soola Karuppan.
Even he has taken leave
and went to his native.
When will he come,
when shall I find out my sister's daughter
in this Chennai city.
Kill, kill, that's what even I want
A powerful blow is equivalent to
1.5 tonnes of weight. Want to see?
Surya's voice won't come.
Let me put my voice itself.
You didn't expect me right?
You never expected me to come
and stand like Singam Surya right?
You also didn't expect that I
would be in Prakash Raj's get up right?
What dude?
Yes. You would have seen the
elephant in the forest or road,
in the cage, in the circus,
in the tv, in Devar film's movie.
You might have sat on
top of it and seen too.
- Have you seen it sit?
- No dude, no.
If it sits and exerts,
it is 1.5 tonne weight.
Want to see?
Want to see? Want to see? See.
Having spoken till you lost
your breath to the bald guy,
Why did you hit me,
who was simply standing.
Hey!!! What are you guys doing?
In the same room... in the same cot...
For company atleast you give one
Hey, get down.
Are you those kind of people?
How have you dessed?
First time when I saw you,
you were shining like Palazzo theatre.
Now you are open like
Parangimalai Jyothi theatre.
Hey, why are there big monstrous
bananas everywhere in the room?
Other fruits are missing.
Shall we allow to splash?
Shall I give two in your cheeks.
If I hadn't been careful they
would have miked me. Thank God.
Who wanted to see me?
Hello Madam.
I can understand your anger.
The reason why I said like that
in the airport cctv room is.
Open your whatsapp,
there is a message for you.
If they call you inside and ask you, tell
them that this is not the Velu who I saw.
Otherwise you can't see your child alive.
The reason why I told like
that was to save my child's life.
Somehow find out what
happened to that Velu.
Lawyer sir, if we don't get any
response from that officer today,
we have to file a case against them.
Sir, you wanted to talk something.
You have met Vikram and Nethra
alone and told them everything.
You met them at Johnshed Crunch Park.
You met them at 4.45
By mistake I told them sir.
Please forgive me this one time.
Hereafter, I should not see you in Canada.
If you leave me alive,
I would leave Canada without
telling anyone sir.
- Jessie, documents ready?
- Ready.
What perfume Jessie?
Elizabeth Adam
Hmm nice fragrance.
Shall we go Nethra
What the hell?
Why are you shouting sir?
I'll shout.
The guy missing is my friend.
Even after I said that I have
doubt on that hotel owner,
you are saying that
you didn't get any clue.
Shall I complain against
both of you through
Indian Embassy to
Canadian Consolate?
Nethra, sign these papers,
we'll see in court.
Nethra, put your signature.
Get up
We got order to shift you from here.
Leave me
Keep quiet I say.
Where are you taking me?
Just shut up.
You'll know bugger.
Hey where are you taking me?
Don't talk.
Bloody hell, who are you?
Don't shout.
Do you really want to
know where we are taking you?
What happened?
Why here?
We found Velu
But not alive, as a corpse.
My Velu..
Almost enquiry over.
This is city outskirts in highway 7
He would have crossed the road.
Container lorry travelling at
high speed must have hit him.
This is the wallet and cell phone
found in the pant of the body.
We have to finish the post mortem.
If she can come identify
the body and sign...
Vikram, don't send
Velu's body back to India.
He has no one.
I'll get it and burn the body.
Don't burn the body Vikram.
Ask them to burry the body.
I don't have the guts to
see his body closely.
If you bury him, then I can go
to his grave alteast and feel better.
Sir, she needs, four hours of sleep.
Otherwise she'll be mentally affected.
Shall I give her a sedative?
Instead of giving me injection
for sleeping, give me poison.
I'll die.
She'll be alright if
she sleeps for four days.
Do continue this injection and
contact us if something is required.
Ok doctor, thank you.
Nethra, I have separated you from Velu
Whatever we want to forget
will come again in our life it seems.
You have come like that.
You'll know as time goes on,
That I am a bad friend.
My play is only after this.
Came in search of my sister's daughter,
Got into trouble with unwanted people,
Enough is enough.
Ennai Arinthaal
(Tamil movie)
Our Ajith
(Yennai arindhaal
Tamil movie song)
I kidnapped her...
Shilpa Jatty (underwear)
Shilpa Jatty
- Jatty
- Yeah
Jatty, everything is ok?
Yeah, everything is ok
- All is fine
- Ok fine
Did you go, did you check,
did you search?
Stupid, she is there.
Is she there?
Then whome did I kidnap?
The neighbours house maid.
Oh God!
Okay, will talk in person itself.
Why did you come here.
Whatever it is
go to your frame and tell me.
Because the scene is
like that in the movie.
Oh, I might forget my dialogue.
Hurry up.
See how this guy is stamping
my leg and going
He has escaped and running.
Constable Soolakarupan,
the Soolakarupan I was searching for
Hey where are you going. Stop,
I won't leave you constable sir.
Hey you, stop
Soolakaruppa when did you come back.
I won't leave you.
Sir, ir, sir. Get into the vehicle,
we'll catch him.
Get in soon.
Has he stolen your purse?
Police is chasing him.
Don't talk without knowing.
The guy we have to catch is the police.
What man, you missed him.
What did I miss.
He is chasing the police.
Now where will I search for him.
Why are you chasing the police
At my native, my sister's
daughter ran away with a guy.
This constable knows her.
That's why I chased him.
Oh, then chase him.
Brother you are an
auto driver in Chennai right.
I'll show you her photo,
you let me know if you see her anywhere.
Hello, already by trying to help a girl
in Canada, I've become a share auto driver,
Now one more girl?
You should not say like that. Wait
I'll say like that only.
You send the photo in whatsapp,
people will share in group and find out.
Went off?
How long it's been since injection.
One hour.
Deep sleep, she'll wake up
sharp at morning 5 o clock.
Get the camera.
Okay sir
- Are you ready?
- Ready sir.
- Good night sir.
- Good night.
From the time you came to Canada,
secretly, without your knowledge
I had kept cameras everywhere.
You should not admire her
You should not love her
I won't leave you
Hey, you died in accident
yesterday but today you are alive.
Don't you understand.
Here in the highways a
lot of accidents happen,
in that I set prosthetic
makeup on an orphan body,
and made Nethra believe
that you have died.
After coming to Canada, the people you met,
from inspector Yogaraj
to the police officer,
everyone are people bought by me.
Nethra... I am here, I am alive.
Nethra Nethra, I am alive Nethra. (blabers)
Shout nicely
No matter how loud you shout,
nothing will be heard outside
I have sound proofed the whole room
if we talk there, you can hear here
If you see through this glass
you can see everything.
But if we see from there, only
a plain mirror will be seen.
You would have seen me smell
Nethra from here. How was it?
Then, I have taken secret video
of her having bath in the motel room.
You cheat.
This room was specially
set by me for you.
If you put key, the door will open,
then it'll get locked automatically.
No one other than me
knows about this room.
Not even fly, crow, mosquito,
even dengu mosquito doesn't know.
(sings tamil movie song)
I forgot all that friendship
You are a psycho dude
Not psycho. Big boss
Your life, I'll be watching.
You can't run nor hide
Day 1, midnight 12 am
Shall I leave?
"Just for holding hands, is it
love, you don't be disheartened."
"The whole life for you,
I'll come as you companion."
"Just like wind in your eyes,
I'll touch you"
"Like a piece of land, I'll
carry you in my heart."
"With both my eyes"
"I'll win your heart."
"My other life, is
what I see you as."
The girl in this photo is
my sister's daughter,
she ran away from home,
did you see her anywhere?
Haven't seen.
Nethra (tamil meaning yesterday)
Didn't see her yesterday.
Girl's name is Nethra
The amount you are giving is 10 Rupees.
Why are you staring, give soon.
Our constable Soolakarupan
Don't give it openly.
Not at all coming to the station,
wait I am coming.
How is this guy squeezing,
not even seeing who is giving,
just wants the money.
Oh, government has started
printing 35 Rupee notes.
When govt. started printing
new notes, they printed 35 also.
Who are you?
Don't you remember me,
in R7 police station,
I showed a photo of my sister's
daughter as was missing
and you said that you had seen her.
Sister's daughter?
You forget everything because
of trying to get money from everyone.
Here see the photo.
Take take take
Hey you don't keep your hands on vada.
You are shouting as though
I kept my hands on your thigh.
Where this guy go all of a sudden?
Who are you, where are you taking me?
We are Kabali gang.
You are one of 43 gang right?
What, hey why 43 people for me.
I am a single person.
Hey, he is talking too much,
spray that spray.
Operation success
- Jessie.
- Sir
Bite here.
I am telling na, bite.
Bite harder
Your teeth should should
get impessed nicely.
Nethra, are you okay?
Ya okay
Ok come, we'll eat.
Vikram, what is this?
Nothing, just a small accident, come.
It's not an accident. Its the
wound of your bite on his hand.
What! I bit him?
Yes, yesterday night
I am sorry sir.
Nethra should know her condition.
Yesterday night, you were attempting
suicide by trying to jump off the terrace.
Sir tried to stop you.
You were struggling to somehow jump,
as sir stopped you,
you got raged and bit his hand
This is that wound
Did I bite him?
No Nethra.
I am unable to believe this.
Vikram show
Leave it
I want to see it please.
It's nothing, please.
Oh oh
Sorry Vikram, I don't know
why I behaved like that.
It's ok. I'll bear it for Velu.
I'll give even my life for him.
What to do, he has left us.
Sorry Vikram
You have so much trouble because of me.
Nethra don't cry.
Nethra don't
If something happens to me
You'll be alright, don't worry.
I really don't know what's
happening and why am I doing like this.
Sorry Vikram
Hereafter it won't happen
like this Vikram.
Come, lets eat.
Hey, you kidnapped me, thats fine,
Why did you kidnap him?
Hey, he is our boss
Hey why did you kidnap me?
Of late, you are coming in
my dreams and disturbing me.
What? I came in your dream?
You are only coming in my dreams
in various get ups and torturing me.
See here
In my dream, where ever I go,
you are coming and begging me.
To give you, I have
changed my money into coins.
In my dream I imagined you as
Senthamarai, Arun Vijay and Prakash Raj.
I have no clue as to why you
came as a beggar in my dream.
I think because you came
as Naan Kadavul Rajendran.
Damn it.
Old man, listen to me.
Why did you kidnap me?
I saw you, the guy who came
in my dreams, on the road.
You are also an orphan like me.
In order to join you in my gang,
I asked them to bring you.
Then like Kabali, I'll give you
training and send you to Singapore.
Hereafter you are Kabali 2's hero
I'll be Baagubali 3's hero. How will it be?
If any one of this happens then
the world will end, is it fine?
Great insult, get out.
Thanks dude.
- Hey fat kid.
- What?
I don't want to send you empty handed.
As you are caring, I'll wear
a getup and tell bye to you.
Really both are mentals.
In this they are doing
visual action without dialogues.
If I have this injection, I am unaware
of what is happening around me,
but like an alarm,
I wake up exactly at 5.00 am.
Ofcourse, this is a sedation injection.
This injection is for you to be
relaxed without stressing your mind.
You are trying to escape.
Are you stupid?
See, blood is coming.
Why are you keeping me alive
and torturing me.
Do you want to know why?
You, me and Nethra studied together.
You remember those days?
At Karaikudi, my house and Nethra's
house were opposite to each other.
My mother was no more. My father
only grew up me and my sister Abhi.
Me, my sister Abhi and Nethra
will go together to school.
One day Abhi got hurt
because a dog chased her.
You saved her and
brought her home.
That day only you got introduced to me.
You were an orphan in
Saraswathy Ashramam,
I recomended to my father and
made him join you in my school.
Three became four, we played together, went
to school together and were always united.
My father had to leave to Canada
as he got a business link there,
so he asked Nethra's father
to take care of us.
With the help of a servant maid,
we continued our studeis in Karaikudi,
dad was struggling hard in
stabilising his business.
As years rolled by, we became teenagers.
We were in 12th and my
sister was doing her 10th.
Our friendship was going great.
Dad had told that he'll take
both of us to Canada after 12th.
That time that demon came in.
The demon named love.
It was Abhi's birthday.
I went to her room to wish her.
Abhi. Velu, I love you da...
Abhi, where are you?
Advance happy birthday
Tomorrow for your birthday celebration,
I have booked a hotel hall.
We'll have a grand party with our friends.
Okay, for this birthday
what gift do you want.
Tomorrow, I'll ask you at the party.
At night 9, dad can't be
without talking to you.
Hello dad
She hid something when she saw me...
Oh, so this is it?
- Hai Abhi, happy birthday.
- Thank you.
Then Abhi, I want to discuss
an important thing on your birthday,
it's very secret.
You are feeling shy, who is he?
I love our Velu.
Have you told him?
Not yet. Am tensed.
What if he says just friendship?
You should only convince him.
I thought so. When you were so
close with Velu itself I doubted.
He is my Velu, my lover.
And I should convince him to love you?
I can't leave him for you.
You know what Abhi,
I sent that message to Velu.
What did he reply?
Reply hasn't come yet.
Reply won't come.
Definitely it won't come.
Hey Abhi,
I want to talk something important.
Don't leave for the party till I come.
Ok Velu, shall I keep the phone.
What did he say?
Velu is coming.
He wants to discuss
something important it seems.
I think mostly it might be
your matter only.
Don't tell him that I am here.
I want to hide and enjoy seeing
his feelings for me. Okay.
Hey Abhi, happy birthday dear.
Thank you.
You wanted to say something.
That is...
Since I know from childhood,
it was difficult for me to say,
but one day have to tell it right?
I am in love with you.
Me too.
How was my proposal, was it good?
Not bad right?
Just now Nethra said
I love you in a message,
without even replying her
I came to tell I love you
to Nethra in person.
That's why I saw rehersal with you.
How was my performance? Okay?
Hey Nethra... you...
Whatever I spoke to Abhi...
Hey Vikram, when did you come?
Congrats for your love.
Thanks. All the best.
Bye Abhi. Abhi bye.
As a brother, I could not
fulfill your desire.
I am feeling shy to see you.
Brother see me for one last time.
My dear brother, forgive me.
For a long time I had severe stomach pain,
Without your knowledge,
I took treatment but it didn't get alright.
I don't want to be a trouble for anyone.
That's why I am leaving this world.
Without being able to take
the shock of the loss of my sister,
my father passed away the
next week in a heart attack.
Left with no other choice,
I came to Canada.
I took care of his business.
But I could not sleep in peace.
You did not even let me
fulfill my own sister's dream.
You stood stubornly that love
is stronger than faithfullness.
I got into this because my
care is more than your love.
After being a good friend to you,
I waited for your love which
killed my Abhi to grow and then kill it.
Without knowing this, Nethra called me
and said that I am getting engaged,
and asked me to get
both of you together.
As she asked me that over the phone,
I started my game on that day.
I am going to convince her
little by little and marry her.
Then in that same cot,
as you see us, I'll...
Are you getting angry?
Its not enough for me.
When I saw my sister dead,
I got an extreme pain,
like that when I make
love with Nethra,
You'll get a pain.
It should come.
Get ready for the live show.
Nethra, How many days
will you be like this.
Why don't you think of another life?
Another life? uff...
Nothing. Certain things can't be made
to understand without saying it.
I know, okay, I'll get something to eat.
Can you take my order please.
Swetha, how are you?
I am good aunty.
That day in front of the police officer,
why did you say that only I came?
That is...
Hello, why are you disturbing
the child, leave.
Aunty, your daughter is also a girl right,
tomorrow if she has a problem,
will you behave like this?
Tell me aunty, why did you
lie like that? Please aunty.
Yes child, I lied that day.
It was not just my husband
who asked me to lie.
When you and Velu left our house.
Excuse me sir, if you don't mind,
shall I take it?
- It's ok, no problem.
- All right.
I won't tell anything.
My daughter's life is important to me.
Please don't ask anything to me.
Why does she have to run
away after seeing him?
What Vikram?
Nothing, it's cold,
you were sleeping without covering
yourself, came to cover you...
Cover yourself
Okay, good night.
Good night.
Did you give injection to Nethra?
Sorry sir, I forgot.
Even if you do wrong,
it should be done correctly.
Hereafter be more alert.
Okay sir.
Tell me Kani,
should sir's passport be renewed now?
there's a lot of time for tha.
Wait, I'll check.
No Kani, there is still 6 months
for sir's passport renewal.
You could have asked this to our
company manager Kalirajan itself.
He's our company manager for the
past 5 years. You can trust him.
That day Vikram said a different name.
Sir, I had sent my manager Victor
to receive them.
Nethra, 10 mins,
I'll get refreshed and come.
Australia imigration seal is not there.
That means Vikram has
lied that he went to Australia.
Where will I find him in this crowd.
Brother search.
Brother, where is Soolakarupan?
Here is over there.
How is it?
Hey, what is this? Soolakaruppan
has pierced his cheeks?
When he'll open his mouth,
when he'll tell the details of
my sister's daughter,
Hey, when is the trident?
He is going to hang to death it seems.
What he doing?
Oh, song and dance is there it seems.
"(children's play slang for not giving)"
"tickle, tickle, tickle fruit,"
"If you ome close
it is papaya fruit,"
"If you smell, it is cashew fruit,"
"If you close it, it is fruit"
"You want the one with the seed"
"or do you want
the seedless one?"
"You want the one with the seed
or do you want the seedless one?"
"Shirt with boxes, shirt
with folded hands,"
"Shirt with boxes, shirt
with folded hands,"
"the shirt which shows the navel,"
"the loose jibba shirt,"
"You want the one with button or
you want the one without button"
"You want the one
with button or"
"You want the one
without button"
"He likes jin,"
"He likes rum"
"He has come dude,"
"He likes jin,"
"He likes rum,"
"I like whiskey,"
"You like brandy."
"You want it mixed with water,"
"or do you want it raw?"
"You want it mixed with water,"
"or do you want it raw?"
"Do you have Apple phone,
do you have Samsung phone,"
"Do you have Apple phone,
do you have Samsung phone,"
"Do you have China made, or
do you have Korean set."
"Do you want one
with a single sim,"
"or do you want the
one with dual sim"
"Do you want one
with a single sim,"
"or do you want the
one with dual sim"
"(children's play slang for not giving)"
Oh this girl?
I had duty in the airport
as minister is coming.
At that time this girl came
and asked how to go to gate no.3.
Gate no.3?
That is the way to catch Canada flight.
- Canada!!!
- Canada!!!
God, it's time for the ritual, come.
Hey come here.
I was shocked hearing Canada,
why were you shocked?
Come on show me that girl.
- This girl?
- Why? Do you know her?
Do I know her? Because of
her only I have come back to India.
What are you saying?
This girl is in some trouble,
I will get your passport and visa ready.
You leave to Canada.
In the highways, he met with an accident
on the 16th and got admitted here.
In the date you said,
in the name of Victor, no
coma patient got admitted.
Nethra, where did you go and come?
That is...
To hospital
What Nethra, wondering how I know?
The nurse called me from Victoria hospital
that you have come there.
She is known to me.
Nothing Vikram,
I don't like to take injection and sleep,
that's why I went to the
doctor, to check up...
...and see whether I am normal.
Can you go alone?
I myself am not able to
handle the loss of Velu.
If something happens to you,
I can't take it.
Vikram, where is my passport?
Safely in the computer room. Why?
That... they asked in the hospital
for id proof. That's why I asked.
If you go alone,
they'll ask for id and all.
Okay, you take rest, go.
If she goes out without my knowledge,
you'll die.
In the last 15 days,
not only in Toronto city,
even in hounds gate,
no accident has happened.
He would have crossed the road,
a speeding container
lorry should have hit him.
I don't have the guts to
go near and see his body.
Velu, nothing would have happened to you.
This Vikram,
with the support of the police,
is creating some drama.
That is what my conscience is saying.
He is not a good person.
Nethra, I am alive only.
I am promising on this divine spear...
This is the dollar you gave me.
This is the dollar I gave Velu.
Maybe Velu is there?
Is this a door?
That is a door only.
Does this glass door have a room?
Yes Nethra one room is there. Nethra.
Can you hear me? Hello.
Nethra you need a key for that.
Someone say something.
You can't hear me.
Where is this one's key hole.
So, there is a room that side?
Nethra... Nethra...
Open the door.
Sir is calling you.
Where is he?
Milk, mixed fruit, orange.
What Nethra, have you come?
You went 2 steps back right,
with that sound only
I knew that you had come.
Even if I close my eyes and walk,
I know every nook and
corner of this house.
Are you surprised?
sight, hearing, tasting,
realising, touching,
if we give practice to these
five things and keep it in our secretariat,
then we are the CM of our body.
Okay, shall we go out somewhere?
Shall we go to Velu's grave?
Why do you want to go there?
Suddenly I feel like going there.
Okay, but you should
not get emotional there.
You get ready and wait in
the car, I'll come.
Sir, in Nethra's room,
the things in the shelf are disturbed.
Would she have found
out that secret room is there?
Doesn't look like that
but she has smelt something.
After I come back from
the grave, will finish off Velu.
I'll take care of her.
You need not be here.
Nethra... um...
Nethra, what is this?
I want to break that grave
I want to see whether
Velu's body is inside that.
You never went to Australia
Manager Victor was a lie.
You found it out?
You found everything out?
After going back I was
planning to kill only Velu. Now...
Leave it
See this dog.
Super sentiment scene.
Feelings of love... Nonsense
Nethra, Abhi didn't
die out of stomach pain,
she committed suicide because
she got angry that I loved you.
Make the correction lover, she
was pushed to commit suicide.
For a hasty decision taken by Abhi,
why are you thinking
of separating us.
I can't think about right,
wrong, logic or magic.
See here, hero has risen and stood up.
So only action from now on?
I am not in the mood.
Nethra, take the key
Take it
Open it
Don't want dude, You are the one who
should be making our love join together.
To unite lovers,
I am not Poonthotta Kavalkaran Vijaykanth.
Villain Raguvaran
I said, sit down.
Don't want Vikram. Please.
You should be seated.
Velu, lets go.
Come Nethra.
Hey, you can't go out
of this house alive.
Velu Passport
Nethra, he has taken videos of you
having bath and him misbehaving with you.
We have to erase all that.
You go and search for the passport.
Nethra everything got deleted.
You go and search there.
Nethra, I am coming.
Velu, got it.
Hey, I won't let both of you
get out of my house.
Elizabeth Ardon
What perfume Jessie?
Elizabeth Ardon
Jessie. Why the hell did you come here?
Now, I'll switch on the light.
You see how I'll also kill you
and carry you and go.
(singing a tamil movie song)
Velu... Velu...
You freak.
Bring her inside guys.
Where are you trying to escape?
Hey come
Who? Who is that?
Bring her inside guys.
Hey come
Velu... gun
Don't want Velu
Hey you die
Nethra... Nethra
Nethra... Nethra get up
Nethra (coughs)
Till I am alive,
both of you
can't go out of this country
Hey, I won't kill you.
I'll give this key to you and go.
If possible, you escape from
here and take revenge on us.
'After one year'
(Singing happy birthday)
I saw Vikram
Vikram? Don't blabber
No velu, I saw Vikram standing
in the balcony and clapping.
Clapping hands...
By now he would have
died and disintergrated.
Even if you would have seen him,
it would have been his soul.
Francis, don't know where the guy Vikram
who was staying in this house went off.
The day he went missing, his lady
secretary and three guys were found dead.
The police haven't got any clue yet,
nor the where abouts of Vikram.
Since Vikram had taken
a loan from the bank,
the bank has confestigated
this house.
I bought it in the auction.
I called father and did prayer meeting
and occupied this house Francis.
Philomeena, are you still
combing your hair? Come to eat.
Coming mom...