Neuk-dae-so-nyeon (2012) Movie Script

What the monster is this?
Why do you watch TV during a meal?
It's so loud.
I am just listening
Did Eun-Joo call?
She called yesterday. "Is everyone fine?"...
"I miss Grandma." and such.
Why she didn't she speak to me directly?
When you call from Korea, it is night here.
And she has become strange recently.
Maybe she's got a boyfriend.
In Korea?
She needs some discipline, really.
Oh my, how can you say such things?
Oh my, how can you say such things?
She's nineteen, so it's absolutely normal
Well, even fourteen-year olds are kissing
and hugging on the street.
Well, even fourteen-year olds are kissing
and hugging on the street.
[Hello, Oh, excuse me?]
[Is it Mrs. Kim Soon Eee's house?]
[Can I speak with her...]
Sure. Hold on.
Mom, there is a phone call from Korea.
It must be Eun-Gee!
Hi, Eun-Joo~
[Eeh, are you Mrs. Kim Soon Eee?]
Yes, I am.
(TV off)
Ok. I understand.
Who is it?
What happened?
I must go to Korea.
So I get a C on the midterm exam.
I thought he would teach well.
You know, professors speak difficult honorifics that it doesn't feel like Korean.
you try once and twice until you get used, that's how you learn.
you try once and twice until you get used, that's how you learn.
Oh, Mommy?
[Did you meet her?]
I am on the way with granny right now
[Where are you?]
Kang-Won-Do's Hwa-Chun-Gun's
[Where is that?]
[Let me talk to grandma.]
Do, Gae..
Ok. Hold on
Yeah. It's me
Yeah, everything is fine,
I had a meal and took my medicine all right.
[Why have you gone there instead of sending Eun-Joo alone?]
I said, everything is ok
[Mom, he wants you to come back soon.]
Is it here where you used to live?
Uh huh
For a while
This place is so scary
It seems like a monster would appear
Monster, you say?
At that time, it seemed exactly the same
It felt like a monster would come out
How old were you then?
When I was like you.
When I was beautiful like you.
At that time...
47 years before
Oh, I'm so sorry.
We are causing you so much trouble
Ohoho! I am fine.
Thank you very much!
Ah, ok ok~
Really thank you!
Kim-Soon-Eee! Step aside
Oh, so you are the younger sister?
Soon-Eee! Put it down! Take a rest.
I'm okay
Huh, Ok but don't do any more.
Oh my Gosh! Oh my Gosh! Granny, that's so heavy!
Helping a new come neighbor is natural!
Together, everything becomes easy
Hey! Dong-Seok! You will fall! It breaks!
Don't run, Dong-Mi!
Hey~ This house is so nice!
Hey! Hey!
Please, somebody hold it
I'll do it. Just leave him
So? Air is nice, isn't it?
The house is quite good
There is my father's summer house in the vicinity
But, the wall was so high and it looked gloomy
Therefore I tore it down
Oh, Thanks
I am so thankful to Jee-Tae.
Just don't say it
Just leave it, what's wrong?
It's a pig bladder
Had it not been for your help,
we would have carried baggage all day
It's a pleasure
Help yourself
Okay, Okay
Thank you very much
Soon-Eee, Soon-Ja, have you said your thanks?
Thank you very much
Thank you very much
Dong-Seok, Dong-Mi,
have you said your "Thanks for the food"?
-Thanks for the food!
-Thanks for the food!
Oh Grandma, they have been eating already
By the way, where is your husband?
He died last year
Now I'm correcting manuscripts at home and raising my children.
By the way, I'd like to introduce myself to villagers during a meal.
This is all
Its' only Our family and Dong Seok's grandma
There's also Jeong-Sook who is renting our house,
But I haven't seen her for a while
By the way, I have lived more than 5 years in this village,
But it's my first time to come in here
How many rooms are there?
Oh my, there is even a telephone
Did somebody live here before?
My goodness!!
Of course, there was someone
I still don't know his profession,
He never went out,
I couldn't speak to him properly.
Ah! Hey!
One more soup please
Then he died due to a heart attack...
Even before then, I hadn't seen him for a long time
He used to keep wolves, next to that barn
He used to keep wolves, next to that barn
Huh! Why did he...
For food?
No! He was studying something.
Walked up and down with big books
Oh, by the way, the children are so pretty!
But the school is quite far from here
So you are...uhm, an elementary school student,
And older sister is hmm..
You must be attending High School, right?
Soon-Eee doesn't attend school
Oh my gosh!!
We hope you've enjoyed the food we've prepared
How does it taste?
There is plenty of food, so eat more
Mom, I forgot something out on the yard.
It's cold, so come back quickly!
To tell you the truth, we..
Actually we cannot afford such a big house,
but we moved in because of Soon-Eee's illness
Doctor said she needs home treatment.
Where is she ill?
Her lung has a problem
So she is preparing for the qualification exam at home
I haven't seen my daughter's smile for a long time
My sister has no friend at all
I feel so sorry
Her face is white as a sheet
What's the big deal about school
I didn't even come close to school, too!
Wait a minute, who is that man with greased hair?
He is the son of my husband's business partner
So, he is not living here?
I see.
He looked like a spoiled man
He was sticking his hands in his pockets while the elders were working
Why is he here?
He bought this house
There is only two families in the entire village
But villagers seems so nice
Maybe we should open the windows
Weather is cold, but it will be warmer as the boiler is stoked
Did you take your medicine?
I just took it
What about the smell?
It's strange
Is there a lot of dust?
I will clean here tomorrow, so don't worry.
Everything will be ok.
Go to sleep
Yeah, I guess so. Ouch, I'm so tired.
"Moonlight, Sorrow"
"Dark shadows inside me.
My existence is meaningless.
Rot and decay."
Die, my soul!!!"
Hey Soon-Ja, wake up!
There is something outside the house! Wake up!
Wake up, I say!
Mommy! Sister is bullying me!
Oh my, Soon-Eee!
Soon-Eee, what's wrong?
What sound is this? Huh?
Where is your sister?
Mom! Is it here?
Oh my, what is happening here?
You should've woken me up.
What, why are you here?
Oh my gosh
Why are you alone? Are you hurt?
Where? Here?
That was close. You should've called me.
So there was one wolf remaining.
Are you all right, Soon-Eee?
Her lip is a little skinned.
Wait, try this. It was cooked today morning.
You are so kind.
Thank you.
Well, it will never come again.
Please come inside.
What are you doing?
Go back to your room and keep studying.
High school diploma will be useful even in America
Mom, wait.
Look there.
What is that?
Oh! Ms. Jeong!
Wait, stand still.
Is that what you saw last night?
Maybe, or Maybe not.
Get out
Go away! ! Go away!
Come here
Yes, come here
It's a man!
Who are you?
You want this? This?
Ok, here
Oh, the smell!!
Oh, you want more? This?
This? This?
Mom, what are you doing? Stop it just let it go.
Wait a second, wait a second.
Why is he still here?
He can't speak, right?
It seems he understands words
What are you looking at?
This is just a beggar.
Just drive it away.
Name is unknown
Age's unidentified.
Damn, it's broken.
Ma'am, is there some knife?
Wait, what? What are you going to do!
actually, there's nothing we can do to help you.
According to the newspaper there's 60,000 children who were abandoned during the war.
It seems the child is eighteen years old, isn't it?
Orphanages will not accept such a grown-up child.
Stay still.
Oh! There is a scar on his face.
Oh my!
Oh my!
What's wrong with him
Has been abused, maybe
You must take him to the station and investigate
Isn't it the duty of a policeman?
You're right, but then, I will be punished by the chief.
Just kick it out, really!
O...Okay, I will investigate this further, so keep him for a while.
Wait, why me?
Oh my, I have said already,
60,000 children were abandoned during the war.
One copy of application form, three copies of resident registration,
Two copies of an abstract of the register, One copy of income certificate,
Wait, can you please speak a little slower
Tax Certification
Learning Difficulties Certification, Employment Certification,
Survey of Child Protection Situation
Child Protection?
I, I am not the Guardian
I found him in front of the house this morning
Then you should go to a police station.
But the police recommended me to come here
Just consider yourself his guardian,
and send him to an orphanage on grounds of difficulty in childcare.
How can we send him to an orphanage when he's got a guardian?
Ah! Ma'am, you're so clueless.
There is another easy way.
What is it?
So, how much did you get?
5,000 won.
Goodness, 5,000 won!
Those Bastards!
First of all, we should wash him.
Hey, Soon-Ja.
Bring any of daddy's clothes.
You, come here
What the hell! What are you doing drinking water instead of washing!
What sound are you making? Take off your clothes!
Come here, take off!
Oh, what a smell!!
Take off, take off!
Why does such a feeble woman have to wash a grown man like you?
But it seems you know what is embarrassment
From the way you are grabbing your pants.
I will just wash your back
You do the rest.
Are you sleeping?
What are you doing? Come here.
Come here, take a meal
take a meal
Take a meal, here.
Meal, ok?
Oh my gosh
What a pity..
Seems he was so hungry
What are we going to do with him?
you see,...
I've reported everything to the county office, so there will be a call soon
What will you do until then?
Uh, well...
He told me he knew a lot of people working in such fields.
Let's just keep him until the problem is solved.
Just a few days~
Listen, I don't know how long it may last.
Hey, Soon-Eee
I will keep my promise
Sleep quietly and comfortably.
Without making noises, ok?
You! Stop making strange noises!
You must be quiet at night!
Come down!
I'm so tired unpacking the luggage.
When will it be finished?
Why aren't you eating?
I am not eating with him any more.
I will go to the post office to send the documents.
But, my dear daughter
When are you going to start to study?
Can't you see me looking for my books now.
Where is my luggage?
Go..Go away!
I said, go away!
Step back!!
Go away!!
I said go away!! Hey!!
Mom-!!! Mom-!!
Eat this..
Nobody here?
Are you still unpacking luggage?
It's so bad there is no man in the house.
Let me see, huh?
Damn it!
Three women in the house, and nobody have finished arrangement?
The boy is still here?
What is he doing there?
I must study.
Qualification Exam?
What's the use of it?
Just live together with me and make me delicious stew.
Let me go!
Hey, come here~
I am going to Seoul, okay?
Since we will not able to meet each other for several days,
So let's say goodbye properly
You won't get away with this.
Hey, Mom! I can't lift a spoon.
Try eating while dodging him, huh?
That's too much.
Oh no, my meal..
Please, boy, be quiet.
"Pet Dog Training Encyclopedia"
Mom, where is he?
Who, Cheol-Soo?
I decided to call him Cheol-Soo.
Back in the day, your father wanted a son with the name of Cheol-Soo.
But then Soon-Ja was born, and I felt so awkward even it wasn't my fault.
Cheol-Soo, where is he?
Soon-Ja took him outside.
She's so audacious.
Little time has passed, and she is already wandering with other kids.
You are plain noob.
In most cases, I play very well!
I'll tell Granny you're playing alone!
Me once again and then Dong-Mi can play, ok?
No! Double!
Next is Dong-Mi
And then Cheol-Soo..
Where is he?
Wow! He runs really fast.
Cheol-Soo!! Throw the ball!
Throw it!
Throw hard!
Hey! This is unfair!
Cheol-Soo, idiot!
Hey! You!
Why do you not answer?
Ah, I'm tired.
Are you listening?
What's in the pocket?
if I say wait,
then don't eat it and wait.
Okay, wai..
What is she doing?
Hey, let's go see a goat
A goat?
Yep, it eats even notes.
If I say wait, then do not eat, ok?
Don't eat!
Wait, you idiot!
Now what?
Ah! Hey-!!
Hey! Hey!!
Hey! Wait! No!
Wait! Hey!!
Wait! Yelp!
Hey!! Hey~!!
You!! My hand is scratched all over!
But you did well! At last you've learned to wait.
Now, If I say 'eat', then eat this.
If I say eat
Then eat
Okay, wait!
Not yet, Not yet
Okay, Not yet
You're doing well
Now, it'll be soon
If I say eat, then eat like this?
Stay still
It says, to do like this
Aha, Our Cheol-Sool's doing so well
I'm not doing this because you're pretty, ok?
But because I hate to take a meal with you
One more time
Who threw this behind the wardrobe?
I don't know
What happened to you? If Cheol-Soo comes...
I'm fine. Call him.
Dong-Mi, Dong-Seok
Cover it!
Eat, bit by bit
Aww, you're awsome
Our Cheol-Soo~
What? Keep eating!
"I lost faith,
And falling into abyss
Death and Despair"
"Pet Dog Training Encyclopedia"
Wait! Bastard! Tsk!
Hey, Stop it
Well done, Cheol-Soo
If you done, spit it. Like this, ptooey
Cover it.
Put it here.
Well done, Cheol-Soo.
Well done.
Even Soon-Ja cannot do this.
You're so smart
Hey, when did you cut your hair?
Are you sleeping?
What are you doing? We're going to the market.
Quickly take everything you need.
I have not finished yet.
That's enough. Go into your room and prepare.
Cheol-Soo, we'll come back soon so stay in the house.
If you want to eat, there are chestnuts.
No! Wait!
Can't Cheol-Soo come with us?
Do as you please.
Soon-Ja, why do you wear slippers?
Let's go.
Soon-Ja, why do you wear slippers?
Why do you act as if you were a boy?
Go back and wear sneakers, quickly!
I'm going! Come quickly!
Hey, Cheol-Soo!!
Mom, can I try this?
No, it'll make your teeth rot completely.
Mom I want this.
Cover your eyes and look forward, no.
No, No
Mom, will you buy sneakers?
You've got sneakers already, Cheol-Soo's.
Oh, this is fine, this.
Mom, are you going to buy this?
-Hey, Cheol-Soo
-It looks like for uncles'
Cheol-Soo, look at this.
Wow, that's gorgeous.
Where is he?
He was following us a moment ago, what happened?
Cheol-Soo! Kim Cheol-Soo!
There he is
Maybe I will give one to that beauty
Hey, you!
What the hell is this?
Don't you know you must pay for it, bastard!
Why are you shouting at my kid?
So he's your son, haha
Mommy, me too.
Two more, please.
Thanks, yes yes yes yes
Eat eat eat
Your children look so clever.
I also have two daughters and a son.
Gosh, boy, eat slowly
Why do you always eat even without chewing?
Here, Mister.
Hey, next time tell me where you are going
Hey, tell me where you are going
-One more please.
Are you listening?
Tell us where you are going~
Guys Guys Gusy..
Maybe he needs to go to a hospital.
Well, some scratches, reddening
Phew, maybe there will be bruises~
Doctor, is this the only hospital around here?
I think we need to go to a real hospital
Um, you know,
Such a big lump of metal fell here
Get out
Gosh, Doctor, Um, this is not...
Gosh, Doctor, Um, this is not...
-Get out
This, this is not...
No, I know you of course,
Oh no, I made a tongueslip...
Sit down!
A real hospital?
Yes, I am a quack.
But I can do everything necessary!
As you see, I have worked here for 30 years...
As you see, I have worked here for 30 years... the condition really bad?
Next time...
Try a larger hospital next time, okay?
This is called caramel.
There is more, but mommy said to eat tomorrow.
If come tomorrow, will there be more?
There is even dried persimmon in our house.
What is dried persimmon?
Don't you know?
What is it?
Dried persimmon is...
Dried persimmon
Let's go together!
Stop bothering me
Where are we going?
To see a goat!
It looks so scary!
How fast can you run?
20 sec.
I am 11 sec.
Take this
It's a bean. With watering, it will grow.
Hey, I am faster than you.
Don't be silly
Hey, if you treat the note like that, mom will punish you!
Don't worry. It's used up.
What! That's mine!
You don't say it like that, like this.
Right? Sister
Try doing it.
Do what?
Do it
Hmm, well...
Um, for me it sounds like...
Look! There he comes
I said, don't give it notes!
Hey! Here comes the ball!
Here it is!
Brother, stay there!
Well done!
Brother, don't take it by hands but feet, like this.
Go and pick it up quickly!
HeyHeyHey! Wait!
That's it!
Sister, that's unfair!
What are you doing!?
Get off!
Let go off!
It's mine!
You, follow me and talk for a moment.
Wow~ This rice steamed well.
It looks good!
It's meal time!!
It's meal time!!
It's meal time!!
It's meal time!!
Buy me a baseball ball
Brother lost it the last time.
It begins again, huh
Cheoul-Soo threw the ball, and it flew to where the goat was.
Cheoul-Soo seems athletic.
Maybe his proper job is an athlete?
By the way, mom
Until when is Cheol-Soo staying at our home?
I'm trying, so he will be in a better place.
There is a friend in my class who lives in an orphanage, and he doesn't even bring a lunch box
And wears the same clothes every day.
Actually, it's not such a good place.
If somebody belittles me, I will pay him back 10 times.
I have more money than all of you combined!
Hey, what are you mumbling alone?
What do you know?
Are you looking down on me? Huh!?
I will crush everyone who comes at me.
I will crush everyone who comes at me.
By the way, Are we really going to your mansion and having one more drink?
Shall we!
You are a hard drinker, aren't you?
Eat me, please
Not drink but something else...
Why do you speak to me!
It's all your fault!
What a moron
What shall we do?
Calm down, he can't speak
What's that? Huh?
Hey, you...
You wake up when sun rises, don't you?
Come here
Hey, you
Let's talk.
Repeat me
Say this, Dee-Gut
Hey, try and say it
Move your tongue like this.
Ehh, Dee Gut
Stop staring at me
Write next one
Is it difficult!? Just write it!
Draw a line, like this
Just draw
If you don't know, sketch. Ree-Eul
Wow... your hand is so warm..
Try one time, two times, and everything will become familiar.
You will catch on quickly.
What are you doing?
See Mi-um, write on the paper.
I haven't played it for a long time, so I am not sure I can play it smoothly.
But let's try
It's a song I made long time ago, so don't laugh.
I am waiting all night long
Until sun rises outside of the window
Because when morning comes
I can meet him
Thank you, for holding my hands
Thank you, for looking at my eyes
Thank you, my dear prince
For appearing in front of me
There is...even a second verse.
[Hello? Is it Yoo Ok-Hee's house?]
[This is a section chief Joe, from the county office]
What's the matter?
[I have inquired about some places...Orphanages might be a bit difficult,]
[But I found one facility which is reliable.]
[Let's try taking him there tomorrow.]
[Excuse me?]
There is no such kid.
Hey! What are you searching for?
Did you hide food again?
Don't give me.
I won't eat...
Hey! How long have you been wearing this?
Mom keeps saying she'll buy you more clothes
If it was me, I would bought it on my way back from the post office.
Are you...finished?
Wow! This is by far the best among the clothes you have taken
Look, Look
Hey you are so funny!
Hey, look at me, look at me
You and I look so funny!
Hey, look, look
Look at you
It's mommy~
Hi Hi Hi, hide quickly!
I'm so tired...
There are shoes, but where is Soon-Eee?
Oh my gosh, maybe I've been holding too much. I must go to restroom.
Hey Cheol-Soo.
Stay there until I tell you to come out
Stay there until I tell you to come out
-I'm back!
Not here?
What? I'm in the restroom!
Hey, Kim Soon-Ja
Huh? Where did you come from?
I have called you repeatedly~
Why did you not take it?
Where is Soon-Eee?
Maybe she went with Cheoul-Soo to play.
She used to stay at home all day, and now she's always wondering around
What if she faints like last time...
I'm feeling ill, I want to rest
Go there and eat sweet potato, don't bother me.
What's uncle Jeong gonna do now? All goats ran away.
Mom, where does it come from?
You see, you should be more careful instead of pestering
I did, but it wasn't here yesterday.
Do you think I'll believe you?
You always just skim around and say it's not there.
Every day you ask me, where is this, where is that
Mom, where is my long underware?
What do you think you are wearing now? Huh?
Go in to the room, pack your schoolbag and sleep
What are you doing so late in the night?
I said, speak in high forms? Didn't I!?
This little girl is so ungrateful~
Let's go together.
I'll buy you something yummy.
Come here! Let's talk!
Don't disappoint me
Cheol-Soo, stay there.
So you've been there, huh?
You, come here.
You, come here
How come it makes such a sound?
It's not even a puppy
If you continue to behave badly...
What's that?
Don't come here!
Don't come here!
Don't come here! I was wrong!
Won't do it! Won't do it!
Soon-Eee, you saw that too, right?
I don't know
Whatever, uh...
This girl said you had broken in the house and attempted to assault,
So let's go together
Broke in?
This is my house
You even don't know who is the attacker and who is the victim!
Hey, do you know who pays your hospital bills?
Do you know who give you the house, bitch!!
My father!
My father found the business and your family joined afterward
Ha! After my father's death you stole the corporation asset and you're living well,
I know what the truth is
Even if you mutter about pension and medical bill,
It will not help you a little so shut up!
Oh my, darling!
Gosh, what are you saying?
Stop, stop
You are just a crazy bitch
I have nothing to say,
If you don't kick out that thing
Your family will be outside.
Your family will be outside.
Alright, done!
This is exactly what I was gonna say.
Let's go together to the office.
Have you seen the knife and club he used?
Let's go there and examine them properly!
Since it has come to this, why not call your father, huh!?
I have so many questions to ask your father, so that's great!
If you can't
Our family
Leave us along and quit silently.
Oh, you are going too far...
That bitch!!
Officer, stop him please!
Do you know who is my father!!?
What was that a while ago?
So, you...
Drank alcohol, right?
Did you drank "makgeolli"?
Well, uhm...just a little, what?
A little
Drank Venus a little. Venus.
Ah~ Venus, Ah, liquor
Wow ~ I've heard if someone drinks much liquor, he can't recognize his own parents.
You don't believe me!?
I mean,
We were doing absolutely nothing,
Then he appeared and! Threw everything!
And, killed everyone else!
You must jail that monster!!
Nobody's killed. It's just slight wounds.
Hey, you!!
Why can't you live quietly, causing trouble at night.
Uhh, well I...
What the...!?
They are the ones who have frequently visit here.
Now I see the situation is not so good.
Vandalism, trespassing, inciting violence.
And, of course this is not what I should worry about, property...blah blah...
What is that about?
Cheoul-Soo, please stay calm.
Okay! Then let's call it a day
Villagers should not sue each other.
We want both families to reach compromise through conversation.
Office, unlock it please.
Oh my...What a smell
Oh my, I can't even breath.
Soon-Eee, are you smelling this?
Smell? What smell?
Oh shit, what the...
Why is it there?
That's all Cheol-Soo's.
By the way...
Have you called my father?
Yeah...of course.
I don't want a quarrel, so I'll overlook this.
Well, why should we fight each other?
She will marry me anyway.
So let's get along well, okay?
Don't know from where did you bring such a monster.
This bastard
Must not be allowed to get out from this room.
It's a dangerous creature.
What...what is this?
Ex-owner's stuff found during the arrangement.
I thought they had been discarded, but seems some were left.
Park Jeong-Doo?
Are you Prof. Kang Tae-Shik?
What? You didn't even knock.
Do you know Prof. Park Jeong Doo?
I have seen something amazing
Maybe you know something.
Sit down.
Sit down, your leg will hurt.
Sit down!
The smell hasn't vanished even after cleaning.
It's cold, what are you doing there?
Go into the house.
I feel stuffy in the room.
By the way, why do you study so hard lately?
I'm going to the post office to send documents.
I got in because of cold.
That's enough.
Is it me?
This is no more.
Instead, I brought another stuff to give you.
This is a book my father bought for me.
I haven't read it even once.
Still, I won't read it.
Because you will read it to me.
When you've learned all the letters and words,
Read it to me.
Then, I will stroke your head a hundred times.
This is an order, you know?
By the way, do you know what is snowman?
Have you seen snow before?
You should roll a snowball and make a human figure.
We will make it when snow comes.
Do you remember the hill where we played with Soon-Ja?
If we make such a biiiiig snowman there,
It will be so exciting, right?
Do like this.
What are you doing?
Go and study
Oh my, it's so stuffy.
What did you do until now?
Why didn't you learn language?
But I envy your strength.
I have no special skills,
Bad grades...
You are a good man, right?
You won't beat people anymore, will you?
Will you?
You must learn from me a lot.
Are you going to live at our house with me?
Say Yes, Yes
Do you see the pile of stone, below there?
If one of us reaches the pile first, then the other one must grant his wish.
Without any conditions, okay?
I'll say 'one, two, three, go!' as a signal.
There's nobody in my house.
Brother went to school.
Soon-Eee! Cheol-Soo!
Soon-Eee! Cheol-Soo!
Kim Soon-Eee!
Phew! Where are they?
There, maybe?
I believe she is playing with brother somewhere.
Ah, don't cry.
I knew this would happen, huh?
Something told me that a serious matter would happen.
I knew there would be trouble!
How did they unlock the door?
Kim Soon-Eee!
Wait, who are they?
Uh..I don't know
We found it!!
Wh...where? Where is it?
What, what are you doing?
Who are you!?
Kid, relax. It's just a tranquilizer.
Why do you aim this at my brother!
Kid, it's dangerous
Hey, kid, kid!
Brother, let's go home
What are you doing he...
Soon-Eee! Oh my God, Son-Eee!
Soon-Eee... Soon-Eee, are you alright?
Wake up, Soon-Eee!
She should not be outdoors so long.
Wolves have several features.
They can live in packs unlike other Korean predatory animals,
Also it can continuously chase after prey with an incredible tenacity...
Furthermore, it can endure the long period of starvation.
It's the only species that loves only one female during his entire life...
What are you talking about?
Eeh, is it do difficult?
It means,
Park Jeong-Doo wanted to create a better soldier for infiltration.
Park Jeong-Doo wanted to create a better soldier for infiltration.
Oh my...where should I begin...
So, He is not a human but an animal?
Is it what you want to say, huh?
Park Jeong-Doo used to study the same field with me,
And since he was my close friend, he sent me mails several times,
They were about...
Let's not speak unnecessary words.
Let's not speak unnecessary words.
Is there anything to drink?
Oh, okay...
Since the object of research is human, it has serious ethical problem.
So, if this is known to the general public,
A lot of criticism will be prompted.
If foreign press discovers about it...
Officials who ordered the research at Park Jeong Doo...
Oh my...
There is no evidence of government intervention!
I didn't say such thing.
I conducted research out of sight, on my own!
What the mess...
Don't try to learn more.
Well, I haven't even tried...
In any case, we must take Cheol-Soo and...
Find out more about this.
Hey, that's different from yesterday's decision.
The kid must not be known to the public.
We can't take him outside.
If you conduct research on your own,
Why are you so careful?
Damn! If a superior gave such order it must be followed.
Why are you quibbling!?
To tell the truth, I don't know it either
To tell the truth, I don't know it either
If he is a dangerous man, then
We have to...kill him.
Kill him?
If it is known to the public..
No...taking him outside is dangerous
Eh, Um, you...Uh...
I can't understand a thing of what you are talking about.
Maybe, there is some misunderstanding.
Cheol-Soo is a good boy!
He can't just speak fluently.
Can't you understand?
If we had arrived a bit later,
Would have been eaten by him
He shouldn't have been here from the start
Don't worry, Soon-Eee. Let's go
I depend on your cooperation.
Tell them and give it quickly.
Sis, come back soon.
I'll give it to him.
I'll be back soon, so write letter 10 times until then.
Eat well, and don't shout at night.
He's escaping!!
Soon-Eee, are you alright?
I said it's dangerous!
If this happens one more time,
We will then shoot...
Don't you dare touch Cheoul-Soo when I'm not here!
Don't you dare touch Cheoul-Soo when I'm not here!
Mister, Let's go
What are you doing alone?
Learning letters.
Ga Na Da Ra
Because he doesn't know them, that's why.
As you see, there is no abnormal activity.
He's just looking at the door
and learning letters.
Why does he eat his meal?
Because, there my sister's not here.
Ouch, it's so cold
If he shows abnormal or violent reaction,
He will be immediately shot.
Nothing can fool my eyes.
I can tell.
Whether dangerous or not.
Blood type cannot be identified.
Sight, hearing, smell
Everything is excellent
Even too much.
Body temperature is also high...
How much?
46 degrees Celsius
I think it's not fever but just natural.
By the way, It needs to be studied further but
Bone density and muscular strength are similar to an elephant.
If somebody asks, say everything is normal.
Yes sir.
If we don't take him
He will die right here.
Let's play top-spinning game.
It has just rained, so how do you want to play a game?
I have to stay at home
Cheol-Soo cannot play, too
He just....can't.
Let's play next time.
It was a temporary shock.
Don't worry.
It seems the home treatment is effective beyond my expectations.
Thank you, Doctor
I was so worried.
Let's go back.
By the way, this kid
Everything is normal
And mild than expected.
He lost his parents and...just ill-bred kid. That's all
I saw a lot of similar kids.
Of course it is.
And, Cheol-Soo is neater than me.
Sometimes, I don't wash my teeth at night,
But he does even after lunch!
Mister Colonel! What...are you talking about? Huh?
You can see it a mile off!
Didn't I tell you?
How he...becomes a monster.
He's different from us
Of course!
He can't speak and is freakishly strong!
He is..
He is a demon, that's what he is?
What...a demon?
But to be honest with you, I'm not such a free person,
So I don't have much time to spare here.
That's enough.
Come here
In my opinion,
He lacks sociality because he was raised among animals,
But he has the ability and will to learn.
Although it should be observed further,
Presently, exterminating the kid is meaningless
Um, he has never shown violent behavior.
Then, report as nothing happened and go back?
Our brother looks so handsome.
Cheol-Soo...resembles my nephew.
That bastard
That bastard has eaten goats.
Two weeks...ago?
At that night..
With him... at night?
S, So what?
I was driving a car when he...
Was eating mister Jeong's goats.
Eat them?
He was gnawing them like a wolfling.
Why do you only say it now?
I was afraid he would attack me...
You were also there, right?
Why didn't you tell me?
Well, I'm doing now.
Do you know?
It's written all over your face that you're lying.
If you want to lie, please do it properly, okay?
Your childish trick makes me even more angry!
It's you who are pretending like you didn't see anything.
You know that.
Cheol-Soo didn't do this!
Did you see it?
How he was gnawing goats?
I didn't see it...but...
I saw Cheol-Soo at the farm that night.
I saw Cheol-Soo at the farm that night.
Is the dead goat still there?
Is the dead goat still there?
It didn't seem like the deed of a beast.
You're wrong! I saw everything!
Stop lying!
You cursed bitch!
Mind your language.
Do you know who I am? Huh!?
Don't you know how to behave!?
Everyone is crazy.
So we are fighting because of that little monster, huh?
Anyway, let's visit the farm tomorrow,
But that's enough for today.
I have something to tell you.
So what? Why!?
If it was Cheol-Soo, he would leap the fence over.
If it was Cheol-Soo, he would have leapt over the fence.
There was no need to tear it down.
But as you see, A big part of the fence was completely demolished.
And the dead goat
It has broken ribs but no wounds.
Visit my farm tomorrow.
I have something to show you.
I've put a straw mat on there to preserve a wheel track.
I'll show it to them.
What are you going to do?
What are you going to do?
If you confess it is a lie,
I'll say nothing, too.
Don't persecute innocent people and just go back to Seoul.
That's all I want to say.
Hey, Jeong.
Who is that?
It's a journalist.
About uncle Jeong.
Did you really do that?
I'll go in.
These bumpkins!
Hey, go out and look.
Yes, sir.
What the hell?
What are you doing?
Madam! It's completely broken!
What? What's Broken?
Dou you have a screwdriver?
I just want to talk with you.
I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry.
It's difficult to stay here, isn't it.
Do you know where the guitar is?
Yes, the guitar. The one you play music with.
Soon-Eee feels so bad.
The guitar is gone.
She cannot sing and it makes her worse.
She can even die.
By the way, I discovered that
Mr Jeong had stolen it.
That uncle who raises goats.
What a bastard would do this?
By the way, it's a secret
Doesn't like you.
She hates you.
Find the guitar
Maybe Soon-Eee will love you.
Go out and find it.
Oh, it's working.
-Phew, that's it.
-There's light again.
Where is he?
He is raging now!
He is raging now!
Huh? What?
How did he escape?
Where is he? Where!
I'll search for him.
He went to Mister Jeong's farm
Maybe he wanted a meat.
What does it mean...
How do you know about that?
I saw it on my way.
Where is that?
Lead the way!
Maybe you will need a real gun.
Gosh! What is this sound!
What? Who is there!
Hey Cheol-Soo, what are you doing?
Oh! Why is he acting like this?
Oh my, what's he doing!
Oh my!
Oh my God!
What, what's happening?
Hey, go and bring him.
Um, Mr. Jeong.
are you alright?
What are you doing!
Hey!! Hey! You thief!
Kim Cheol-Soo!
Kim Cheol-Soo!
Raise your hand and come out!
Don't just stand there, go out!
Oh my! Darling!
-Gosh! What the hell!
-Mr. Jeong
Who is it?
Hey you!
Hey, where are you going?
Don't go there!
Just come and stay here.
Come and stay here.
I will speak to him!
Soon-EeeThere! Off with your gun!
What are you doing!? Shoot him!
Shut your mouth, please!
Are you going to shoot a child?
If she gets hurt, will you take the blame?
It's not here
Come here.
I'll shoot if you move!!
Get away!
Put the gun down.
Get away, I said
Stop it, please.
Let's talk.
There's no need
Just get out of the way
You! Hwang-Jee-Tae!
Put the gun down and step back!
Listen to me, bastard!
I'll count to three
If you don't come out, you'll die too.
Cheol-Soo, wait
Knock it off
Knock it off
Knock it off!!
Cheol-Soo, wait!
Hey! Stop!
What is that?
I was so tender to you!
I loved you very much
Calm down...and come over here
Pursue and
shoot him
Are you really a monster?
What is real?
What is...
Your true nature?
But I don't care.
I'm OK even if...
I'm OK even are a monster.
Hide yourself.
People are coming.
I'll go to them
And say you have run away, so don't follow me.
Go, you idiot.
If you get caught, you are dead
I can't be with you now.
Get off!
I hate you so get off!!
Let me go!
Go! Go you idiot!
I'm sorry Cheol-Soo...
It is all for your sake
Don't come!
Don't come! I'll go!
I'll go so don't come here!!
Don't go...
Don't come! I'll go!
Go! And don't come!
Don't come!
Here she is, Colonel!
She was coming on foot, alone.
Are you ok?
Where have you been all night?
Where is he?
I don't know
Gosh, she knocked around whole night, and you...
Are you lying!?
I don't know
He ran off.
You went along with him, how come you...
-Hey! If you were together, then how...!
-Stop saying it's a lie!
You ran together, how come you don't know!
Stop it!!
Calm down.
If something happened to the child, then you...!
Hey, we need to talk.
What should we do next?
If the operation gets bigger, it'll be in the air.
But our initial purpose was to keep it secret, wasn't it?
Today...there will be a reporter...
If we keep our mouth shut, everything will be fine.
Well, if not,
Try to do it right, one more time.
Let's go.
We won't abandon here forever.
If he appears again,
Call me first.
Are going to move out from here.
Mom, what to do with this?
I wanted to buy him some new clothes...
And I couldn't
Sis! Come here!
Therefore, when Dong-An Corp. went bankrupt,
The house was turned over to Yoo-Ok-Hee.
And when she died, she bequeathed you the house.
There will be a pension complex in the vicinity, so I recommend you to sell it.
It'll be sold at good price.
Could we sleep one night here?
There are no rats, I suppose?
By the way Granny, why did you chose this place?
I don't know
You always don't.
Granny, look at this.
Wow~ Who is this handsome child?
Looking good, right?
Does he have some money?
Not so much, I think?
Then don't mix with him.
Pooh, but he is so kind.
Treat him well.
All men like compliments.
If you grow up, you can see what wasn't seen before.
Knowing more sounds great,
But it makes you a coward.
There is only one chance in our life.
That time...
Never comes back
Oh, hello?
It's completely out-of-the-way village.
Granny is strong, you know.
I'll call you later.
Uh, nothing.
Good Night.
What is this?
It's a stun gun.
Which papa bought last time.
Somebody may break in.
Did you wait for me?
Come here.
Stop waiting now
Cheoul-Soo, I am sorry
Why? Why did you wait for?
I'm sorry.
I've done everything.
Eat what I want, wear what I want,
Married another man
Raised children
I lived like this.
I am an old lady now.
My hairs...
Turned white.
It's the same
You're still beautiful.
So much..
I missed you, so much
The Snowman...
was moved by the dog's words...
And suddenly,
His heart
Became warmer.
And as black as charcoal
his torso started to turn into brass
Putting the wood in its mouth,
It started to burn strongly, spitting flames.
Are you going now?
Did you leave something behind?
Let's go
I saw a strange person yesterday.
He looked at me for long time when I was making a call
Usually, it must be scary, right?
But it didn't.
Why it didn't?
[Hi, it's section chief Kim from county office.]
Yeah, wait a minute.
Granma, It's the public officer.
I won't sell it.
[What? Wait, you said...]
Thank you, for holding my hands
Thank you, for looking at my eyes
Thank you, my dear prince
For appearing in front of me
All day, I wait for the moon to rise in the sky
Because when night comes, I can talk to you
Don't forget our promise
Don't forget our secrets
Don't forget how my heart raced when you talked to me
I guess all that comes to people who wait is love
I was so exhausted, I couldn't even fathom what to do
Why can't I let you go?
I keep chiding myself and blaming myself
But I still can't erase you
You're the first person that I've ever wanted to give everything to
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