Nevada Smith (1966) Movie Script

- Morning, son.
- Morning.
We're off course.
Know the old mine around here?
- There's a lot of them here.
- It's worked by a man named Sand.
- Samuel Sand.
- He's my father.
You don't say, boy.
Your pa hunted buffalo
with me in the army.
We thought it only decent
to stop by and say howdy.
Three miles on, second canyon,
head west. You'll see.
- You have a first name?
- Max.
Much obliged, Max.
You keep out of this, squaw.
- Now, where is the gold? Tell me.
- Take it easy.
Come on, Sam.
Sam, ain't no use holding out.
There's no gold, Jesse.
When will you get it?
Now, look,
you're working a so-called dead mine.
- You found something.
- Would I be living like this?
- We don't want it all, just half.
- Of nothing.
You've been sprinkling gold dust
like snow.
- $1 a day's worth.
- You paid the store with a gold nugget.
It's been two years, one nugget. $38.
Wouldn't even pay for the shovels.
We didn't ride this far to argue.
You're going to tell us where it is,
if you tell us with your dying breath.
Whoa, boy, easy.
Ain't that handsome beadwork?
You fashion them yourself, squaw?
It's 15 years since I skinned an Indian,
Squaw Man,
but I ain't forgot the way.
Leave her be! Please, leave her be.
I tell you, there ain't any gold.
I swear it, none.
I'm not afraid.
They're both dead.
There's nothing you can do now. Max!
Max, stay outta there.
God, please stay out.
Come into town with me.
They don't even look like people.
Their suffering's over.
I don't want anybody to see them
looking like that. Ever.
Go away. Leave me alone. Please.
My God.
Max, you poor child.
- You come live with us. I mean it.
- I can't.
We've got acres of land
and plenty of work.
- I've got to find those men.
- And if you do?
- Revenge isn't God's way.
- Save your preaching.
You're only a boy, they're vicious men.
Get them, Max. You go get them.
If he doesn't, who will?
- The law.
- What law?
Max, at least wait a day. Rest up.
Maybe I can get them
before they sell that horse.
Here...Here, Max.
Mrs. McCanles, I got a rifle,
a horse and $8. It'll hold.
Well, then, good luck.
Don't forget the way back.
I'll remember you both
for your kindness.
Who the hell are you?
My name is Max. Max Sand.
- Just a kid.
- Indian.
- Half-breed.
- You alone?
Spit it out.
I'm after three men
who killed my parents.
- I thought you were the ones.
- Are we?
- How long have you been tracking them?
- Three, four days.
- When did you eat last?
- A couple of days ago.
Pick up the horses, then join us.
Hey, kid, why don't you go home?
While you still have a chance.
I don't have a home.
How can you guys be so friendly...
after what I tried to do?
Everybody in this world's foolish
in his own way.
Besides, we were all kids once
ourselves, weren't we, now?
Don't move, mister.
Now, turn around, with your hands up.
All I want is some food and a horse.
- I haven't seen a gun like that in years.
- Keep away.
- It won't work, you know.
- I said stay back.
The barrel's rusted, the hammer's broke
and they don't make ammunition for it.
You want to trade?
I could use something to eat.
You've eaten about 25 pounds of food in
three days. Think you'll ever get filled up?
Sorry, I didn't think.
I know it's a long way to haul food.
- Well, finish it up, if you can.
- I can.
I didn't expect you to be so generous.
- Think I'd throw you to the coyotes?
- You had every right.
I meant to kill you if I had to.
You an old hand at killing?
I killed my share of deer and rabbits.
- Ever hold a gun on a man?
- No.
You mean to kill three of them, huh?
Bang, bang, bang.
You'll make it 'cause you're in the right?
- It helps.
- They bury a sheriff a week out here.
I figure it's a matter
of me killing them before they kill me.
You want to show me
this fancy gun work?
Turn around and face the sun.
Hit that.
Go on home, boy. Take the short cut.
The sun was in my eyes
and I wasn't ready.
Think a man will hold still and give you
warning so you can shoot at him?
- I can hit a rabbit at 80 yards.
- It don't shoot.
- Think you can use your rifle in a bar?
- I've never been in a bar.
Just to find them,
you'll have to comb out every saloon,
gambling hall and whorehouse
between here and Mexico.
Do you think you're after
three preachers?
You going to gun them down
coming out of a church social?
They steal 'cause they're too lazy to work
and kill 'cause they love to.
They hide out like rats in the garbage.
So if you're going to get them, you'll have to
wallow in that garbage right with them.
I'll do what I have to.
It ain't that easy. Finding themes
one thing, killing themes another.
I'll figure out ways.
I've been selling guns
to men like that for 15 years.
They've got more ways to cripple
and kill than you can dream of.
They'll shoot you in the back,
ambush you, kill you in your sleep.
All you've got
is some blind Indian revenge.
- I'm half white.
- You're all helpless.
You get so you can do that
with either hand,
when you're half-drunk, half-awake,
in a dark room or on a running horse,
you might stand a chance.
A small chance.
- Would you teach me?
- I sell guns. I don't teach killing.
- Then I'll learn myself.
- You won't live that long.
Thanks for the food and advice, Mr. Cord.
- I guess I'll be on my way.
- Where to? How?
Even if I did teach you,
that's only half of it.
While you're looking for them,
you got to eat.
You need clothes, food, horses, guns,
ammunition. How you going to get that?
You'll wind up stealing and killing like
the ones you're tracking, can't you see?
I don't see nothing except
my father lying on a blood-covered floor,
all burnt and cut
with his head blown to pieces.
And my mother, split up the middle,
and every inch of her skin ripped off.
God help us.
Pick up that brass. Cartridges cost
a cent-and-a-half apiece.
Sit down.
A little poker suit you?
Well, not too much.
- You know how to play cards, don't you?
- No.
I guess I can teach you.
Have a drink.
Well, I...
- You don't drink either?
- No.
Where you're going, you'd best learn.
The lowest hand you can get is a pair,
two of a kind.
Then two pair, then three of a kind,
then a straight.
Three of what kind?
Three anything.
Three nines, three tens, three jacks.
- Which ones are the tens?
- Don't you know how to read?
I never went to school.
- Can you write?
- If I could write I could read.
- Anything you can do?
- Reach.
That's a waste of good whiskey.
Where you were going,
you wouldn't need whiskey.
A ten has gotten spots on it,
you can count that far on your toes.
Take it easy. It's a quiet town.
I know people, I do business with them.
All right, but, Mr. Cord,
if you happen to see...
I know, if I see anything like a horse
with an "SS" brand, I'll come and get you.
Here's a buck. Buy yourself some candy.
Yes, sir. Can I help you today?
A can of peaches. A big can, please.
Best eastern peaches in the West.
Would you open it for me?
No charge.
You got a book
that teaches reading and writing?
McGuffey's Primer.
Right under the stairs.
Of course, you can't pick one out
until you can read!
It's this one here.
25 cents for the peaches
and 10 cents for the book.
Ideas don't weigh much but peaches do
and freight is charged by weight.
Most people are hungrier
in their stomachs than in their minds.
Well, here's your first decision.
The top sign says Silver City.
That's in Colorado.
The second one, the one over there,
that's Donner, California.
The one on the bottom,
that says Sonora.
That's down south in Old Mexico.
I sure can't tell you which way to go,
but if you want to catch them,
go where the money is.
They'll head for where they can
spend it or steal it.
Mr. Cord, I don't know how
I can ever pay you back for all this.
No need to.
If you get tired of chasing them,
look me up and we'll talk about it.
Well, no use drawing this out.
Good luck, Max.
Bang, bang.
Very nicely done.
Handling one of these is only half of it.
The rest is learning human nature.
That takes a lifetime,
so you'd better not trust anyone.
You want to plan your moves,
pick your place to fight,
don't make any threats,
and don't you ever walk away from one.
Goodbye, Max.
Goodbye, Mr. Cord.
Don't even trust a friend.
Come on, Struther,
you've washed your pink body enough.
Struther, please hurry up.
Hey, the dames are coming!
The dames are coming!
Struther, you'd better hurry up
and get outta there.
Cat got your tongue? Come on!
- Gee, you're cute.
- Walter? How are you?
- Hey, look at me!
- Shut up.
Hello, cowboy. Welcome to town.
- Try the next room.
- White women more popular.
They saved me for you.
- Navajo?
- Kiowa.
I am Kiowa, too.
Yes or no?
...for some questions.
I'm looking for three men.
One is named Jesse,
got a scar on his neck, carries a knife.
He may be riding a grey horse.
Ever see anyone like that?
Lots of men with scars come here.
Buy yourself some moccasins.
Why do you ask for them?
They tortured and killed a woman.
Kiowa, like you.
One man...
...has a scar here.
He works downstairs
dealing cards in the bar.
- But he might not be the same man.
- Where does he keep his horse?
In the stable across the street.
But please don't tell anyone I told you.
- Hey, mister?
- Yeah?
That grey for sale?
Belongs to Jack Langely at the
Palace Bar. I don't think he'll sell him.
- Any cards, boys?
- You, dealing cards.
- Jesse who?
- Jesse coward, Jesse murderer.
- Woman killer.
- My name is Jack Langely.
When you killed my parents,
it was Jesse.
I'm Jack Langely.
When did this killing take place?
- Hey, Hudson, what's my name?
- Jack Langely.
- How long have I worked here?
- A year, year and a half.
- Anything else?
- Stand up.
I'm not armed.
My father wasn't armed when
you tied him up and blew his head off.
- Kid...
- I know what I'm doing.
- He's riding my father's horse.
- It's mine.
With an "SS" brand?
I have a bill of sale for it.
Fair enough, let's see it.
Now, look, son...
If Langely did what you said,
I'll let you kill him.
But if he's got a bill of sale,
you could have the wrong man.
Let's look.
Come on, both of you.
You fight like your mother, boy.
Should've taken you to a sail maker
to get stitched up.
That McGuffey Reader in your shirt
kept that knife from your stomach.
The minute he's done, you move on.
How can he ride a horse
with all them stitches in him?
That's up to him.
You killed a man,
as you tell it, for good reason.
You did what you had to, so am I.
If we don't drive you out,
there'll be more killing. Got any friends?
An Indian girl was asking about you.
Maybe she can help.
Where? How did you get?
You come back to us in trouble
and in pain. You are welcome.
- How long?
- Many days.
You talk in fever
of the death of your father and Tabinaka,
my brother's daughter.
You stay here with your own people.
Neesa, she became shame of Kiowa,
but she bring you home.
That's good. Maybe both of you
make each other well.
You stay here.
Oh, no. You get back in there.
It's hot water and it's good for you.
"See... See the frog...
...on a log.
"Rab sees the frog...
Three weeks you sit here.
You never laugh or smile.
"Can the frog see Rab?"
You learn to read not to make you wise
but to help you find men to kill.
"The frog can see the dog.
Rab ran at...
Do you think that I became
a dance-hall girl because I was bad?
It was because I was full of hatred
and foolish.
"See the lamp. It...
If there was a medicine that would
change the way I was, I would take it.
- Do you know of one?
- Neesa, it's got nothing to do with you.
Honestly, nothing.
If I could find a medicine,
I'd take it myself.
- Really?
- For true.
See the lamp?
It is out.
- It ain't going to work, Neesa.
- Why?
I'm going to have to go soon.
- When?
- One morning I'll be gone.
Make yourself at home.
You looking for anything in particular?
- Names, that's all. I'm no thief.
- Yeah...
- What kind of names?
- Friends of Jesse Coe's.
Are you a friend of Jesse Coe's?
I'm the one that killed him.
My name is Angie.
Mrs. Coe.
You might call me "The Widow Coe".
- I don't know what to say.
- I do.
Thank you.
Tell me about the men he rode with.
You know, you look young.
But any man that could take
Jesse Coe with a knife...
...had to be some man.
Do you know where they are?
Do you know their names?
Well, I think one of themes name is...
...Bowdre, Bill Bowdre.
He wanted Jesse to go on a bank job
with him, down in Louisiana.
And it's really too bad he didn't go.
- Why?
- 'Cause they got caught. Put in prison.
There was one other one.
I don't know his name.
That's all I can tell you.
"Western gang...
...Bank of...
...New Orleans.
Hey, Cap... What's that word?
The word is "apprehended".
What does it mean?
Well, it means... caught.
Say anything
about where they were taken?
No, but a fella robs a bank down here,
they throw him in the state prison camp.
Much obliged.
- Corbin? How do you want yours?
- Just money!
- Sand, how do you want it?
- I want all of it, in that bag.
- Max...
- Shut up.
- The big money's in the vault.
- Get back.
Stay there.
There's only one this time, Warden.
Two years. He robbed a bank.
"Two years hard labor".
That's the only kind we got here.
Starting with me, everything here
is mean and miserable.
The heat, the mosquitoes,
the food, the life.
There's nothing to do all day but work,
nothing to do at night but sleep.
We don't have any walls or fences.
The swamp is our wall.
Miles and miles of it,
filled with dirty water, quicksand,
moccasins and malaria.
- Any questions?
- No.
"No, sir".
No, sir.
Just one more thing.
Don't ever make me mad.
- Big Foot!
- Yes, sir, Warden.
- Put him in Miller's bunk.
- Yes, sir, Warden. Let's go.
Right over there.
Don't be looking at this gun.
They want you to go for it.
I'm a prisoner just like yourself.
I'm a trusty.
In there.
You don't get to keep anything,
just a blanket and clothes.
Shave once a week,
one razor for the whole barracks.
This is your bunk. Belonged to Miller.
- He died.
- The only way out, is it?
They try it through the swamps.
The dogs are after two of them now.
They tried to rob a bank in New Orleans.
- Bowdre...
- Him and Strayhorn. Friends of yours?
No, I read it in the paper.
Did they make it?
Nobody's made it since I've been here.
Go to the blacksmith,
put these leg irons on you.
Something bothering you, boy?
- Yeah.
- Let's go.
Big Foot!
Get them all out here
so they can watch this.
Let's go.
Big Foot!
Now, you listen to this.
Strayhorn died in the swamp.
Bowdre here's going to wish he did, too.
When he serves his time,
he'll serve every day of Strayhorn's.
You think about that... hard.
- A man lies where he falls here.
- He'll drown.
The warden's watching you, boy.
Back to the mess hall. Let's move!
Get back in there
and keep the fires going till morning.
- When do I sleep?
- Just don't let the fires go out.
- He's really giving it to me, ain't he?
- You made yourself a lot of enemies.
For what it's worth to you... made yourself a lot of friends, too.
Thanks for what you did.
- You'd have done the same.
- I don't know.
Maybe I can do something
for you some day.
Maybe you can, some day.
- Haven't I seen you before?
- You! Back to work. No more talking.
I don't know. Maybe.
- You ever been in Santa Fe, Max?
- No.
What went wrong out there?
We got lost.
- Maybe it was Juarez.
- Juarez? No, I don't think so.
- Didn't you have a plan or nothing'?
- Sure, to move fast and not get caught.
- What was it like out there?
- In the swamp?
It was just like the warden said,
miles and miles of swamp, quicksand,
razorbacks, poison snakes,
mosquitoes, everything that kills.
No food, water you couldn't drink.
We went in circles.
- I've had all the swamp I want.
- Yeah? I'm going.
- How?
- I don't know yet.
- What if I find a way?
- I've had it. You count me out.
I can't.
You're the only man here I'd risk it with.
- Nice evening.
- For people with guns.
- Take it easy, fella. I just do my job.
- And how you love it.
I love living, same as you.
Trouble with this place,
you can't pick your friends.
This is new. Where are we going?
- Didn't they tell you?
- Tell me what?
We're clearing this
for new rice paddies.
That's why everyone's so happy.
- Is that good?
- Good? They got women there, pal.
Lo and behold. Lo and behold!
Pick one for yourself.
Give her a big smile.
- For what?
- Don't you know?
The warden rents us out to the planters.
He keeps the money,
but we get the women.
Yeah? How?
One Saturday night a month
while we're here,
he lets them come into the barracks.
They let the women
come to the barracks?
I didn't believe it at first.
- And we can talk to them?
- Talk to them?
Stop dreaming of women.
Think about a boat.
All I can see,
feel or think about is woman.
With a boat there's no struggling
in the swamps, no snakes...
- You still have to know which way to go.
- I thought about that.
And the water, the food and a gun,
but let's start with a boat.
All right, let's go. Get to work.
- Work. Let's go.
- Come with me.
Let's go.
Hurry up, don't take all day.
- What's taking so long?
- Maybe the warden changed his mind.
I'll kill him with my bare hands.
How you doing, Max?
They are coming, ain't they?
Let's douse the lights down there.
They'll come now the candles are out.
- Are you young or old?
- I'm young.
So am I.
- What's your name?
- Max.
Mine's Pilar.
- What'd you do to wind up in here?
- Nothing' much.
- Did you kill somebody?
- No.
I'm glad I didn't get one that kills.
No, I just tried to steal some money.
- For a woman?
- No.
You talk different.
You're not from here, are you?
No, I'm from the West.
It's dry there. And clean.
You were born here, huh?
Born here, knee-deep in water all my life
and I'll likely die here.
I was thinking,
you're a prisoner here same as me.
Yeah, but one day they'll let you go.
Well, if you hate it so much,
why don't you do something about it?
- Do something? What?
- Get out. Escape.
- Escape? How?
- In a boat.
With me.
You interested, Pilar?
I think she's going to help us.
She's showing me a boat.
- I don't see any boat.
- Right over there, by those bushes.
- What does she want for it?
- To go with us.
No. I like women,
but not when I'm running.
Oh, yeah. You got lost, didn't you?
She was born here, she knows
these swamps. We got to have her.
Yeah... How are you going to
arrange everything?
- And we need a gun.
- I know.
You boys better get your talking done.
You won't have much more time for it.
They're sending 20 men out
to another camp next week.
You're on the list, Max.
- Here they come.
- Hey, here they come!
Listen, Pilar, I have to talk to you.
Let's go outside.
They're taking me out of here next week,
to a new place.
Maybe it'll be easier to get out of.
It'll have stone walls,
we won't see each other again.
We have to get out before that.
Getting a boat by myself won't be easy.
It's the only way,
if we're going to be together.
- What happens to me then?
- I'll take care of you, Pilar.
You bring me the boat,
show me the way, I'll make you free.
And I'll start you off in life real good.
Just treat me nice, Max,
that's all I want.
- You'll be there? Certain?
- I'll try.
Trying ain't good enough,
you've got to be there.
Two hours after sunset,
meet me at the edge of the swamp.
Bring the boat by that stand of cypress.
- Let's go back inside, Max, I'm scared.
- Pilar...
If you're not there and they catch me,
you know what they'll do to me.
I'll be there.
Max... you'll treat me nice, won't you?
...six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven...
...thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen,
seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty.
- Are you sure this is the place?
- Yeah.
That dirty, filthy, lying Cajun...
- There ain't no boats anywhere around.
- Shut up!
When Big Foot comes to they'll
be after us. We should killed him.
Get in.
Something hit me.
Let's go.
If we don't get him back,
you'll serve out his time.
If he kills one of my men with your gun,
I'll hang you.
Yes, sir, Warden. I'll get him.
Pilar, which way?
Go right.
I got to look at it.
- Hold that.
- Bread?
Good poultice.
Could use swamp water for that.
- How do you feel?
- I don't know.
I'm so sleepy.
You've got a fever, that's all.
Max... we're not going
to get out of here, are we?
We're going to get out of here.
You just tell me if we're heading right.
- I'm not sure.
- Take a guess.
Best one you can.
Keep that way.
- What's wrong with her?
- Snake bite.
You can't go by her,
she's out of her mind. We're lost.
We're all right. We ain't lost.
We're heading west.
- How do you know?
- I can tell. The sun.
The sun?
What do you think you are,
a lousy Indian or something?
That's right, I'm half lousy Indian,
and my mother was an Indian.
Max Sand.
I swear I didn't kill them.
I had nothing to do with it.
I was outside minding the horses.
It was that crazy Jesse Coe.
- But he paid for it. Somebody got him.
- Me.
- Who else was with Coe?
- Fitch. Tom Fitch.
Two guys I just fell in with.
I didn't know what they were like.
- Where's Fitch?
- California gold fields, last I heard.
Look, I didn't want to do it. I couldn't
help it. They made me do it with them.
- You scared?
- Yes!
- Like my mother was?
- Give me a chance.
- Don't shoot!
- That's all I ask.
- Like you blew my father's head off?
- You're crazy!
That's why you wanted to escape,
so you could kill him.
What do you plan for me?
- What were they shooting?
- I don't know, but they used five bullets.
If we can't travel in this,
they can't either.
They've got a boat, man,
don't you realize that?
There's nothing I can do to help you,
unless we get out of this swamp
as quick as we can.
I don't know where we are.
Cool air from dry land makes fog.
- You could be out by morning.
- I'll find a doctor or somebody.
You can't stop, you'll get caught.
- Leave me.
- I couldn't do that, Pilar.
I want you to.
You're a dirty, low animal.
You lied to me. You used me to kill.
You're worse than the man you killed.
You don't care about me or anybody.
- You'd kill me, too, if you had to.
- No.
No? You have!
You're not going to die, Pilar, I promise.
- You'd promise anything.
- I won't let you.
What do you think you are, God?
Go away.
Go away! I don't want to die in sin
looking at your face!
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
You been asking' around
for a man by the name of Tom Fitch?
- He's my brother.
- I heard of him.
You did, huh?
A couple of months ago he rode through
here, up to no good. Headed north.
How'd he look?
Mean as you.
The kind somebody's always looking for.
- I hope you keep on looking.
- You do, huh?
Yeah, because then you'll be moving on
as soon as your horse gets shod.
- You will, won't you?
- Most likely.
Most definitely.
- Three kings.
- Tom Fitch...
Heard about a Joe Fitch, worked in
the mine, 300 feet down. He's still there.
Then there was a Carrot Fitch, red hair.
But that was back in Fort Wayne.
No, Tom Fitch doesn't ring a bell.
Any reason why you're tracking him?
He's my brother.
Got a message from home.
- You'll run into him one of these days.
- I hope so.
I'll put the horses in the corral.
- You got some coffee?
- Yeah.
Why are you staring at that?
You've seen it.
- Pretty fancy.
- Made from the dress of an Indian.
- Named Sand?
- Yeah. Yeah!
Well, who would thought a wet-nosed
kid would made a big thing out of it?
It's the Indian in him.
One of the best knife-men I knew was
Jesse Coe. He killed him with a knife.
Then he tracks Bowdre to Louisiana,
gets himself thrown in prison
just to gun him down, then he escaped.
You got a bad case of the shakes, Fitch.
The shakes!
The kid's creepy, he ain't human.
He doesn't kill people, he executes them.
Yeah, he executes them.
Hard job, ain't it, killing time?
I'm working. You just can't see it.
Give me a drink.
- Hell of a way to begin a day, ain't it?
- I ain't crying about it, why should you?
If ever you could, it'd add 20 years
to your life... and maybe somebody else's.
- Morning, Buck.
- Morning.
I thought I told you to get out of town.
I didn't know there was any hurry.
Mr. Fitch, this here
is a hair-trigger. 45 I'm holding.
The slightest jar and it goes off... by
itself. Makes a hole as big as a cannonball.
Now, turn around
and put your hands on the bar.
Put the cuffs on him.
Our job is to keep our ears open
and our mouths shut.
- How are we going to find Fitch?
- He'll find us.
He was spreading bills all over town.
I was first to notice something wrong.
The sheriff nailed him here.
- Hey, can we have three whiskeys?
- Yes, sir.
He wasn't a bad guy, though.
A little hard, but interesting.
What was his name?
Fitch. Tom or Joe Fitch,
something like that, I don't remember.
There you are. Six bits.
Hey, Fitch.
Hey, Fitch, it's Beckwith.
Are you in there?
- I'm here.
- Get ready, we're getting you out.
Hey, that's not Fitch!
- Who the hell are you?
- Tom Fitch.
Try again.
- Now who are you?
- Tom Fitch.
Give him some more.
What is going on here?
Answer me, what's going on here?
- Are you trying to kill this man?
- Let go of that rope.
Not before I find out
what this is all about.
Nobody pulls a gun on a priest.
- Who says so?
- Me, Cipriano say so.
- By the Blessed Virgin, I mean it.
- I believe you. Let's get outta here.
You've never been
in a church before, hmm?
And what do you think of it?
I don't know. It's kind of strange.
Did you ever see Him before?
Yeah, once.
He was on the end of a little silver chain.
He is the Son of God,
who came to earth
to teach men love by example.
He must have missed somebody.
That looks worse than hanging.
- You didn't come to supper.
- I didn't work this afternoon.
You know, Padre, this room
is worse than some jails I've been in.
In a way, we're both prisoners here.
Myself by choice, you by circumstance.
- Son, you...
- Will you quit calling me "son"?
- My father's dead.
- I know, Max.
You'll be here for some weeks.
Use them profitably.
- Arguing with you?
- You might read.
I brought you a book, the Bible.
Men have been reading it
for many centuries.
- What's it about?
- Everything important.
There's only one thing important to me.
Finding and killing a man, eh?
Primitive, hopeless revenge.
- I'll settle for that.
- Why?
There is another half of you
waiting to be discovered.
You also inherited a tradition
of philosophy and conscience.
I don't understand them words.
The difference between right and wrong
and knowing when not to do wrong.
If the civilized half of you
ever wakes up, Max,
with God's help, you could become
a whole man some day.
With God's help my leg will heal before
you can say "amen" and I'll be gone.
- Padre.
- Come in, come in, Max.
I'm leaving now
and I want to bring back your Bible.
You've had it a long time.
Why don't you keep it?
Well, I remember the things
that matter to me... eye for an eye.
- Which way are you heading?
- I'm going north.
You look well. Healthy, rested, alive!
Quite different
from when I first found you.
Padre, I want to thank you
for what you did for me.
Maybe someday I can pay you back.
Max, please, sit down a moment.
I would like to show you something.
Take a look at that.
Surely a picture can't hurt you.
That beautiful couple,
that young man and woman,
came all the way
from an ancient European civilization
to find a new and promising life
in the American West.
On the way, a band of Indians
raided their wagons.
They killed and scalped both of them,
after indulging in
coarse Indian pleasures.
Two of the children
were swung by the heels
and had their heads crushed.
The third child was saved
and grew up alone,
wanting only vengeance.
Believe me, Max,
it took more courage to refrain from
the obvious temptation than to give in.
- We're different men, Padre.
- No.
That was my family, Max.
I'm the only one who survived.
Don't do any more.
Stop while you can. Save yourself, Max.
Don't say what you will or won't do.
Just remember,
when you ride out of here,
God goes with you.
I'll keep it in mind.
Wait a minute.
That's who was using your name.
- You told me he was dead.
- We left him for dead.
Hey, you. Tough guy.
- I could use somebody like you.
- Doing what?
- Do you care?
- Yeah, I do.
- Who are you?
- Smith. Nevada Smith.
- You look broke.
- I am.
Suit yourself,
but if you're interested
in making a lot of money fast, follow me.
Here, put your horse in the corral.
Take mine, too, then come in.
No, wait.
You, shotgun upstairs. Cipriano, behind
the door. The rest of you find your spots.
We'll soon find out who he is.
You go in there. Take that room.
Come on in, come on.
Here, sit down. Sit down here.
Say... Smith...
Tell me...
- Why did you use my name?
- I heard of you around.
When they caught me,
I said the first name I thought of.
Under my own name, I'm wanted.
But I didn't know you were in these parts.
You're wanted? You?
What are you wanted for?
Trying to make a living the easy way,
same as you.
- Did you ever see me before?
- Not as I recall.
Any family living?
- Why do you want to know?
- Don't get hot under the collar, Smith.
Sometimes when you're running,
a family can help.
Last time I remember, I had a mother,
a father, two sisters and one's married.
- What kind of set-up you got?
- We'll get to that.
Tell me... have you ever heard
of a Max Sand?
Sand... Yeah, I seen
some wanted posters on him.
Never met him. Why?
I killed his mother and father.
- So?
- So he's out to get me.
Part-Indian. If there's anything
I can't stomach, it's a half-breed.
Of course, I can understand
how it happens.
There's nothing like an Indian squaw.
You agree?
- One of my best kinds of fun.
- Me, too.
Hold it. Here why don't you use
some good tobacco?
What do you think of that pouch?
- Unusual. Where'd you get it?
- Gift... Sort of a gift.
Fitch, let's get down to it.
You said you could use
a man like me. For what?
We're knocking off a gold shipment.
I'll give you the details tomorrow.
Until then, relax. Get to know the boys.
Use one of the rooms upstairs.
See you around.
Nothing, I was just talking to the...
They take $250,000 worth of gold
a month out of there.
It's too big to hit and too well guarded.
They're digging up our future right now.
Once a month,
a gold wagon goes to the railroad,
two men on the wagon, twelve guards.
We'll have a dozen waiting.
You won't go very fast
with a wagon full of gold.
We don't. We put it in our saddlebags
and head out in 12 different directions.
- Equal split?
- No. All you can grab.
There won't be much time but we'll
load up enough to last you a few years.
A few of us are liable to get killed.
Scare you?
No. I don't plan to be one of them,
and there'll be more for the rest of us.
Hey, I like you.
I like him, he's got a sense of humor.
Black widow, jack of hearts,
queen of hearts,
deuce of hearts, another black queen...
Give me that bottle!
Now, we're not running
any Sunday school...
...but nobody takes another drink
from now until we're finished.
I don't want jumpy riders
and nervous triggers.
This won't be a cowhand Saturday night
spree, shooting up the town.
We're going to move in fast,
hit hard and run.
Every man for himself.
- Shoot to kill?
- Is there any other way?
They move the shipment out at 8.
We'll be up at 5. Any questions?
- Goodnight.
- Goodnight.
- What are you thinking about?
- How I'm going to spend that gold.
- Shoot straight.
- I intend to.
Hey, Max!
They'll come down here
heading for that pocket.
Here's the road.
Rudabough, take three men on this side.
Keep your horses outta sight.
You take three
and set up a roadblock.
Nothing gets by. That means the wagon.
Cipriano, you and two men on this side.
I'll go up the road so they can't turn back.
- Alone?
- Yes!
- You don't have to get...
- I'm giving the orders!
Shoot fast, aim to kill.
Get the drivers first.
We have to do this quick,
before help can come.
With the first shot, we all close in.
Now, any questions?
Don't make any mistakes, Max Sand.
If they don't get you, I will.
Look at this, man!
Max! Max Sand!
- That's me.
- Max...
- Max, I'm out of ammunition.
- Then get out of there.
All right.
All right.
I'm coming.
I'm coming.
I'm coming, Max.
Why my hand, why not me?
- Huh?
- 'Cause I want to see you beg.
Beg, you... Beg!
- Beg for what?
- Beg, like my mother and father begged.
Your mother?
Here, maybe you want this, huh?
Come on...
Come on, get it over with.
Get it over with.
For God's sake, get it over with.
You waited years for this,
so get it over with.
Come on.
Finish me. Finish...
Finish me!
You haven't got the guts.
You're yellow!
Finish me!
You're just not worth killing.
Finish me. Finish me!
You're yellow!
You haven't got the guts!
You're yellow!
You haven't got the guts!
You're yellow!