Never Back Down: Revolt (2021) Movie Script

[suspenseful music playing]
[woman's panicked breathing]
[doorknob rattles]
[man] I fucking own you now.
[woman shrieks]
[woman] Let me go!
[mellow electronic music playing]
Hello, Charlie.
Hungry? Hmm?
Are you hungry?
Bye, Charlie.
[woman over headphones]
The neurovascular bundle
is a complex structure
that controls the sphincter muscles
and the ability to have an erection.
The dorsal venous plexus
drains the blood flow
from the surrounding structures.
During surgery, the neurovascular bundle
must be protected.
bladder and erectile function is lost.
[woman over earbuds] Chapter Seven,
Lesson Two: Venous Thrombosis.
The great saphenous vein
is the longest in the body,
running the length of the lower...
Chapter Seven, Lesson Three: Venous...
Lesson Four...
Chapter Seven, Lesson Five.
The carotid arteries are located
on each side of the neck.
They are easily located
by placing your fingers gently
on either side of your windpipe.
- What's this?
- Music. A guy at school gave it to me.
- What guy?
- He's a DJ.
- Sounds good?
- Haven't listened yet.
He asked me to come to his show.
He'll let us in for free?
He didn't ask you. Anyway, I'm not going.
- Why not?
- I have no time.
Well, make time. You should get a life.
You get a life.
How can I, with no money?
I can't even buy Mars bar without you.
Then you'd better win the fight tonight.
[suspenseful music playing]
[crowd clamoring]
Fight back, Aslan! What are you doing?
Do something. He's getting hurt.
Aslan, cover up.
[bell dings]
[Davy] Sit.
Hey, he's killing you out there.
What are you doing?
I've seen you beat guys twice his size.
You're not even trying.
Say something.
You got two rounds left.
You go down next round.
When he gets you on the mat,
slide low and protect your head. Okay?
[bell dings]
You got this!
[speaking indistinctly]
Aslan, you're a fighter.
Come on. You got this!
[crowd cheering]
Get him out of here. Now.
Hide him in the van
until I come and get you. Go.
[Anya] What were you thinking?
[Aslan] I needed the money.
- [Anya] When did this happen?
- Davy tell me an hour before the fight.
[Anya] So you were supposed
to lose the fight, and then you didn't?
What they expect?
I'm a fighter. I get shot, I take it.
- But why would Davy want you to lose?
- Make other guy look good.
Davy said that?
Some posh guy he owe money.
Thousand pounds, he say he pay me.
- Shit.
- Not now.
- Why didn't you tell me?
- Davy say no one, not even you.
Scoot here.
Look up.
- [Aslan groans]
- Shut up.
All right.
So a lot of fucking people lost
a lot of fucking money in there tonight.
The wrong fucking people.
Why did you ask him to do it?
Your brother's been pestering me
for weeks.
- "Get me fight. Any fight."
- How we fix?
I don't know how to.
Unless one of you two's got a magic stash
of cash that I don't know about. Hmm?
No, didn't think so.
What could happen?
Nothing good, I can tell you that.
That posh bloke, I speak to him.
You've taken too many hits
in your head, son.
People like that eat punters
like me and you for breakfast.
Why he have fighter he pay me not to beat?
It is not about the fighter, Aslan.
It's about the book.
Demo Boy was coming off
a string of losses.
It was a golden opportunity.
Loads of people bet on him to lose again.
Look, maybe you should stay away
from the gym for a few days.
Just do what I fucking tell you, for once.
- [Anya] Strange.
- [Aslan] Weird.
- [Anya] Fragile.
- Break.
- Um... Avenge.
- To get even.
- Good.
- [Aslan chuckles]
- You learn faster than I.
- Than me.
And only some things.
But you like these English
with their stupid words.
I see only cheaters.
At least back home,
we know when someone want to hurt us.
Because everybody does.
Why we left. Here we are free.
How you free
when they make you clean toilet?
They don't even let you inside classroom.
They will when I pass my entrance exam.
You only look for bad,
so that's what you see.
I just look for good.
I can earn money, study, have our flat.
- Shithole.
- Yes, it is, but it's our shithole.
You wait and see.
When I MMA champion,
we have posh flat up glass tower.
[cell phone ringing]
[Davy] We've been summoned.
Julian wants to see you.
Some posh gentlemen's club
in Knightsbridge, tomorrow night.
- I'm coming.
- No way.
Yes, way.
I said, forget it.
[Anya] Then I'll just follow you.
[suspenseful music playing]
Watch your mouth in here.
Don't say anything stupid,
or you'll get us all killed. Get in.
Aslan, is it?
Parents big Narnia fans, then.
So tell me this, then, Aslan.
Are you an imbecile? Soft in the head?
What is he?
You talk to me.
You agreed to make my man look good
in exchange for 1000.
Either you're a sandwich short of a picnic
or you can't keep your word. Which is it?
How you stop shit from stinking?
My sister could beat your guy.
You gonna pay every fighter he fights?
Who's imbecile?
[Anya grunting]
- Enough! Enough!
- Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Anya, Anya!
[woman clapping]
Let's get him up.
Entertaining as this is,
you've just got blood on my new Tan Pao.
Where did you learn to fight like that?
She have formal training?
I just work with the brother.
[Mariah] You're raw,
but your skills are impressive.
I'd like to see you fight.
Me, fight? Why?
Is this some kinky sex thing?
Not in the slightest.
You do want to help your brother,
don't you?
I fight, he leaves Aslan alone?
That little runt just cost me 30,000.
One fight won't fix that.
But 5000 would make a dent.
Well, I suppose.
Not like he's worth anything dead.
Why would you pay 5000 to see me fight?
Very few women know how to fight.
None of them look like you.
Could you facilitate something like that?
I could shut the gym down late.
Saturday? Midnight?
What an exciting turn of events.
[pensive music playing]
Everyone worries about the head,
but the skull's hard.
Protects your brain, doesn't it?
These, you gotta worry about.
Hit someone wrong,
you can hurt yourself more.
Fighter breaks his hands, it's all over.
Good work. Good work. Anya! Anya! Anya!
You gotta keep your guard up, right?
Up. Up! Up!
And breathe. Go.
Chin down. Chin down. Chin down!
[uptempo electronic music playing]
Good work.
Good. Hands up. Keep your hands up.
Good, strong! Very strong. Good.
When you jab, come back. Back.
Keep going. Keep going. Nice.
What if this girl is a black belt?
Like jiu-jitsu or karate?
So what? You kicked the shit
out of everyone in orphan house.
She got black belt in that?
[suspenseful music playing]
What is this?
What does it look like?
We not agree to this.
I don't recall agreeing
to anything with you.
Come on, let's go. We're not doing this.
What is it with you Chechen?
Do you ever keep your word?
Your business is with me.
They gonna film this
like some girl-fight porn.
We don't know what assholes he show.
We know he lie.
Her too, I'm sure of it.
I resent that.
And if I were you, I'd be on your knees
thanking your sister for bailing you out.
I pay my own debt.
- I fight.
- [Julian scoffs]
No one's interested in you.
Are we doing it or what?
Put this on.
I have my own gear.
I'm paying enough. Indulge me.
You won't be needing that, by the way.
Why not?
I need a clear view of your face.
People pay a lot of money
to see women fight because of this...
and this.
And yours is exquisite.
[suspenseful music playing]
Think you can go a few rounds in there
with this girl?
I hope so.
Let's go.
- And fight!
- [bell dinging]
Slide, Anya.
That's good! Twist out, Anya.
[bell dinging]
Just getting exciting.
You did well.
We're done?
I have all I need.
Aslan, that was your down payment.
Only another 25 grand to go.
What the fuck?
[pensive music playing]
Hello, Charlie.
Wanna get some sun?
That's better, huh?
[woman over earbuds] The spleen is
the largest organ in the lymphatic system.
It is located under the rib cage
and above the stomach,
- [vehicle approaching]
- in the left upper quadrant
of the abdomen.
It serves multiple functions,
but the most important is to...
Get in. I booked us a massage.
You deserve a treat
for all your good work.
Just get Julian off Aslan's back,
that's the only treat I need.
I might have just the idea for that.
Come on, you must be hurting
from that beating she gave you.
It'll give us time to get
to know each other, away from the men.
Come on.
You're quite the enigma.
Anyone ever tell you that?
I know almost nothing about you,
and I bet you wouldn't tell if I asked.
You're from Chechnya?
Born during the civil war?
Did you see a lot of bombings and such?
Our father was a town doctor
and my mother, his nurse,
so they were very busy.
You must have some real horror stories.
They're dead.
I'm so sorry. What happened?
[dramatic music playing]
There was a raid, a big one.
Our father hid us under the floor.
Made us swear not to come out
until he came to get us.
He never came back. Or my mother.
Poor thing.
Who took care of you?
Orphan homes, mostly.
So different from your life, right?
You know, I think
I can get Julian off your brother's back.
I'll book you a fight.
Aslan owes Julian a lot of money.
How am I going to pay that back
from one fight?
The right fight.
Elite audience. Invitation only.
These people pay a fortune.
But not in London.
Where, then?
Dubai, maybe Rome.
Whoever bids the highest.
That's okay. I'm sure
Aslan and Julian will work it out.
I can't go. My visa's dead.
I leave, I don't get back in.
I told you to enroll in school,
but did you? No.
What would I study?
It doesn't matter,
as long as you get the visa.
You cause all of your problems.
If you would just think, make a plan...
If I not with you, how I protect you?
Maybe just use your head for once.
And I'll be a lot safer.
This has 100.
I don't know how many calls that buys,
but if it runs out,
you have to top up, okay?
Don't let your phone run out of minutes.
What about yours?
I put in a lot of credit,
but I'll DM every time I'm near Wi-Fi.
- There will be Wi-Fi, right?
- It's Rome, not the moon, darling.
[in Chechen]
I have a bad feeling about this.
- Show him your passport.
- What?
So he has a photo ID.
[Mariah] You're kidding.
You want me to get in or not?
[camera shutter clicks]
Take one of her too and the license plate.
You don't hear from me,
you take this to the police. Okay?
I'll be fine.
Here. Put in your number and take mine.
Can't have Interpol chasing me
every time Anya misses a call.
[suspenseful music playing]
[car door closes]
[engine starts]
[woman speaking Italian on PA]
[Mariah] There's our driver.
I can't get signal.
- Who are you trying to call?
- Aslan. Tell him we landed.
You two sure are joined at the hip.
[Mariah and Marco speaking in Italian]
[in English] Let me get your bags.
And you must be Anya.
Pleasure to meet you.
This way, please, ladies.
[suspenseful music playing]
[Anya] Where are you taking me?
I thought I was going to see Rome.
You're not on holiday, sweetheart.
You're here to work.
You can see Rome after the fight.
Welcome, signora.
If this is such a big-money fight,
why are you putting us up here?
It's not exactly legal, now, is it?
Look, you do your thing tomorrow night
and we can check you
into the Four Seasons if you want.
Until then, we need to keep a low profile.
It's the nature of the beast, darling.
They can't host something like this
at the Colosseum.
Now, you coming or what?
'Cause I'm demolished.
This way, please.
- We're here for tomorrow's event.
- Glad you could make it.
No, please. I got it. Down the hall.
You know,
it's rude not to ask permission.
Sorry. I'll delete it.
It's all right. You got my best side.
[Anya] This used to be
some kind of hospital?
Yeah, long time ago.
Mariah, this is you.
Thank you.
What's the Wi-Fi password?
Marco knows it.
He'll be back in the morning.
But I need it now.
He's not here, is he?
- I'm taking something to sleep. Want one?
- No.
Are you sure?
We have to train early tomorrow.
I'll be up.
Suit yourself.
Wait. Um, can I have your phone?
If Aslan doesn't hear from me,
he'll call you all night.
You're not kidding. Eight missed calls.
[line ringing]
Hey. Hey, uh... Yes.
No, no, no,
we're in this, uh, hospital place.
No, I'm not in hospital.
It's not used for that anymore.
Anyway, um, I can't get on the Wi-Fi
until the morning, so...
Yes, as soon as I can. I know, I know.
Just please stop worrying.
Okay, bye-bye.
Get some rest. You're gonna need it.
[door closes]
And this is your room.
- I didn't catch your name.
- No, you didn't.
What's your name?
Have a good night.
[suspenseful music playing]
[door slams]
[woman shouts]
[banging noises]
[woman screams]
[men speaking indistinctly]
[man 1] Mariah's fucking pissed, man.
[man 2] It's not my fucking fault.
If that bitch didn't try to escape,
I wouldn't have snapped her hand in two.
[man 1] She's so fucked.
[man 2] That's okay.
Mariah will sell her to the Albanians.
She'll be fucked there too!
[men laughing]
Everyone is happy.
[dramatic music playing]
I fucking own you now.
The sooner you get that through
to that pretty little head of yours,
the less pain you're gonna feel.
You understand?
[Anya shrieks]
Let me go!
[suspenseful music playing]
Put those on and get some rest.
You fight tonight.
Or what? You'll shoot me?
I don't need a weapon to hurt you.
[recording] Please leave your message
after the tone.
[in English] Tell Anya to call me.
[pop music playing over speakers]
[indistinct chatter]
[speaking in Italian]
[in English] She's everything
I promised and more.
You won't be disappointed.
[door opens]
- I thought I told you to get dressed.
- You better do what he says.
So you look good for your first time.
Is that what this is, sex trafficking?
It's only fighting here, nothing else.
[Anya] Then why keep me locked up?
I already agreed to fight.
"Cause we own you now.
You're a gladiator.
You can't cry.
You're gonna smear your makeup.
You get that one for free.
But only once.
[suspenseful music playing]
Gentlemen, ladies,
appearing on the fight stage
for the very first time,
may I present Miss Anya.
[scattered applause]
Challenging our champion, Miss Jaya!
- Fight!
- [gong rings]
It will be worse if you don't fight.
Get up. Come on.
[all cheering]
Have Anton send a kill switch
to the Chechen brother.
I want a full wipe.
Data, chip, SIM, everything.
Nothing broken. She'll live.
What the fuck?
That Mariah bitch just killed my phone.
She sent some Trojan or virus. It's dead!
Why'd she do that?
I had her ID on my phone.
A photo of her passport,
her license plate.
She destroy so I don't find her.
[Davy] Sorry, mate.
So you've not spoken to Anya
since she left?
We talk when she arrive.
- How'd she sound?
- Okay.
But she says she call when she get Wi-Fi.
Forty-eight hours now, we not speak.
That's only two days, innit?
Maybe she's having fun for a change.
She never do this.
Something wrong. I know it.
Look, you said yourself,
she's got a crappy phone.
- Maybe it doesn't work on international.
- Anya have trouble. I know it!
That bitch send virus,
so I have nothing for police!
Steady on, son.
What do you know about this Mariah woman?
Never saw her before
until that night we met with Julian.
Where he live?
Don't know.
I've got his number, though.
- What shall I say, then?
- I do it.
You sure? It's not your strong suit.
[cell phone buzzing]
Davy. This had better be good.
Where my sister?
Who the fuck is this?
You know who this is.
Get my shot for me, will you, honey?
Tell me where Anya is,
or I will rip your fucking throat out!
Don't you threaten me, you little fuck.
Tell that twat coach of yours,
the next time I see him,
I'm gonna shove his tiny little balls
so far up his arse,
he'll be shitting spunk for a week!
[suspenseful music playing]
Get up! Got a surprise for you.
- My brother will come for me.
- Let him come.
Come on.
Say hello to your new cellmate.
I had to do that. You'll see how it is.
[dramatic music playing]
Hi. I'm Mali.
Is she okay?
[Lori] Mariah got you, huh?
I hate that motherfucking bitch.
Where'd she take you from?
Outside of London.
Were you with your family?
- Just me and my brother.
- [Mali] Does he know where you are?
Gotta hand it to her,
that bitch never misses.
I have a sister.
She doesn't even know what country I'm in.
Mariah trapped all of you?
Not on her own.
My trainer, he tricked me.
Of course he did. Fucker sold you out,
just like Jaya's trainer did.
How did she get you?
I was doing pub fights, men and women.
Didn't matter to me.
I just needed the cash.
Someone posted a video of me
beating the shit
out of this fat, hairy fuck.
Mariah turns up at the pub one day,
offering me money and a fancy trip.
I'd only ever been to Blackpool.
Sounded like a right rave-up to me.
Welcome to fucking paradise.
- Did you say your name already?
- I'm Anya.
This is Valentina.
- But they just make us fight, right?
- [Lori] Until we can't anymore.
Then they sell us to the Albanians.
But you won't let them take me...
will you, Jaya?
Excuse me, sir. May I help you?
Where is Julian?
Julian who, sir?
Julian Fuckface, whatever he's called.
He was in that chair week ago.
Even assuming I did know
the gentleman you're speaking of,
I could not disturb him at this hour.
If I could persuade you
to leave me your contact details.
I come here for his address,
not give you mine.
That you will not get
under any circumstance, I'm afraid.
But if you give me your information,
you have my word
I will forward it
to the gentleman in question.
Your word.
[suspenseful music playing]
- Jeez.
- Sorry. Can you help me up?
- There's nothing up there.
- I need to see.
Even if you break it,
you can't fit through the bars.
There is only one way out,
and that's the front door we came in.
This place is huge.
There has to be other exits.
[Mali] I saw one in a hallway
behind the showers.
How did you see that?
I passed it
when I was with Vanko one night.
Vanko? What were you doing with Vanko?
Can you remember how to get there again?
Can you draw it for us?
We go up this stairway on fight night.
- Then straight down the corridor.
- To the fight room?
No, we go to the showers first.
That's where we get ready.
Yes. And after, we go out the other side
through a passageway.
Instead of turning left to the fight room,
you go right...
the big door is down around the corner.
If one of us could just sneak out
of the bathroom, maybe...
Sneak out?
I want to sneak out.
Can I go with you, please?
- [Anya] Valentina...
- [Jaya] Look what you started.
She doesn't understand this is just talk.
And you kept everyone up.
What if there's a fight tonight?
We will be exhausted.
All of you, get to sleep.
[Valentina wailing]
Knock it off back there!
[speaks in Portuguese]
For God's sake.
Stop prowling like a panther.
It's hard enough to sleep as it is.
[in English] Fucking bitch
has been wailing all night.
I'll give her something
to fucking wail about.
Fucking... [speaks in Portuguese]
You touch those girls,
Mariah's gonna cut your balls off.
Keep your fucking hands to yourself.
It's okay. You're safe. I'm here.
Yes, I'm...
I'm Anya.
- Did you have a bad dream?
- No such thing as dreams.
Only the nightmare.
What did it smell like...
when you were outside?
I think sometimes I smell lilies.
Like in my abuela's garden.
She used to sing us a lullaby
when we were sad.
She used to sing.
[singing in Spanish]
[singing continues]
[tender music playing]
[suspenseful music playing]
You. Up.
Me? Why?
She's not going.
- Shut the fuck up.
- [Jaya] Take me.
- She can't help it. It's my fault.
- [Valentina] No.
Here I am. [grunts]
Stay the fuck out of my way.
- This bitch is done.
- No. No! No! Jaya!
No, Jaya! Jaya! Please!
- Help me, please!
- Come on!
Jaya! Help me! No! No!
No! Jaya!
[ominous music playing]
Oh, she reeks.
They all do.
- We're gonna have to clean her up first.
- Clean me up?
[Mariah] I warned you
about late-night howling.
The guards have forced my hands.
They want you gone.
You're sending me home?
Sure, if by "home,"
you mean an Albanian whorehouse.
I'm leaving anyway.
Oh, really?
And pray tell, where are you going?
Anya. She's taking me with her.
Yes, she said that.
She promised me.
Why don't we run you a nice bath,
so you and I can have a little chat? Hmm?
Make sure you get nice and clean.
[man] Hello, mate.
You said you wanted to have a word
with Julian, right?
Well, get in.
Just put my bike in the back.
[dramatic music playing]
[both grunting]
[footsteps approaching]
- Are you okay?
- [Valentina] Yes.
Yes, look at me. They let me take a bath.
With hot water.
Huh? And... And look.
Look what Mariah gave me. Huh?
Isn't it pretty?
When are we sneaking out?
I... I don't know yet.
I need to go now.
We need to go now.
I need to go now.
I need to go now.
We need to go now.
[suspenseful music playing]
[Jaya] You need to sleep, Baabu.
No, I don't want to sleep.
That's when the nightmare comes.
[Anya] Let's talk about the guards.
So everyone has Tasers,
but those were the only guards
I saw with real guns.
- Are there more?
- think just Ivan and Vanko.
So when we're out there fighting,
where's everybody else?
Anyone not fighting stays here.
Everyone else is in the makeup room.
- With a guard?
- Usually with Marco.
He runs fighters back and forth
to the floor from here to there.
So he has to leave
some of you alone to do that?
For a few minutes, yeah.
Enough for me to get
from here to the door?
- But you won't be there.
- Why not?
You and Jaya fought last.
We fight one on, one off.
You're gonna get us all killed.
We can't just give up.
We have to try something.
Don't you talk to me about giving up.
You think we haven't tried
to escape before? Look at her.
You think she was always like this?
Nine months ago, I planned an escape.
Marco caught us,
beat her head against the wall
SO many times,
she couldn't talk for a month.
I'm really sorry that happened.
But that's exactly why we need
to get out of here.
Good luck.
Okay, so I count six guards.
What's his name?
- Paulo.
- Paulo.
- The guy upstairs counting the money.
- That's Anton.
- Plus two more on the fight stage.
- Ivan and Vanko.
There are at least two more
on the fight nights.
Guarding Mariah.
And the front door and maybe outside too.
And then there's Janek.
Okay, well,
that's still only eight, maybe nine.
We're enough women down here.
We're fucking fighters.
All of you, let's go.
I don't have to fight anymore,
Mariah said.
- I'll go instead of her.
- I'll go.
Well, you're all going anyway.
Request of the boss lady.
Especially you.
No. No, no, Jaya. Mariah said...
You want me to drag you
by your fucking neck again?
- It's okay.
- Let's go.
It's okay. We're coming.
[Janek] These two as well.
Hey. Does Paulo always stay down here
during fights?
She told me
I didn't have to fight anymore.
- I'll ask Marco to match us.
- No. I don't want to fight anymore.
[both speak in Spanish]
[in English] Let's go, please. Let's.
[suspenseful music playing]
[Marco] Move.
Let's go.
[speaks in Italian]
[in English] Wash and get dressed
and make each other pretty.
I can help you undress if you want.
No one wants your help. Fuck off.
Where's Anya?
Come here.
I hear you've been getting
everybody's hopes up.
Will it be fabulously heroic, I wonder,
this great revolt you're planning?
As a reward for your treachery,
I've decided to add a little spice
to tonight's entertainment.
And I've invited the Albanians,
the loser will leave with them.
If you think going
a few rounds on-stage is hard,
just wait till you see
what these savages have in store for you.
Jaya. You get to fight
your smelly little girlfriend.
You told me
I didn't have to fight anymore.
No! No, Jaya.
And remember who's to blame next time
this troublemaker starts talking escape.
[in Hindi] Psychotic bitch.
[suspenseful music playing]
Wait here.
[in English] Listen to me. Listen,
we need to make it happen so that I lose.
I didn't say anything,
but I knew this was coming.
What do you mean?
That's what I dream every night.
That's my nightmare.
I'm not going with them.
Kill me.
- Kill me, please.
- No!
So they don't take me. Please.
- Valentina, stop it! Stop it.
- Please, please.
You can't talk like this.
It is the only way.
Let's go.
[crowd speaking indistinctly]
Ladies and gentlemen,
first up this evening,
we have Miss Valentina vs. Miss Jaya.
Now fight!
[dramatic music playing]
- [woman] Come on!
- Come on!
Make them fight.
Valentina, fight back.
Come on. Fight back, Valentina.
You fucker!
Please. Please, kill me.
Kill me. Please.
[all chanting in Albanian]
[shouts in Albanian]
I love you.
[neck snaps]
[somber music playing]
What the fuck is going on?
Get them off the stage now!
You stupid bitch! We give you one rule.
One fucking rule. You never Kill.
The Albanians were death for her.
Her family would have
never taken her back.
Are you all nuts?
No one's taking you anywhere.
None of you are going home, ever.
I fucking am.
What is wrong with you?
Why do you do this to us?
I like hurting girls.
[in Hindi] Bastard. Rot in hell!
Fuck off.
[in English] She's dead.
I killed her.
Whatever ideas you have,
whatever plan, I'm in.
I don't care what happens to me now.
[heavy breathing]
You've gotta be fucking kidding me.
Get up. Get the fuck up!
Where is she?
Don't be fucking idiot.
My sister, Anya. Where is she?
- How the hell would I know?
- You set her up.
It's Mariah's racket,
it's nothing to do with me.
- Is it sex trafficking?
- This conversation is getting tiresome.
Oh, fuck!
She hosts fights for ridiculous fees.
That's all I know.
You call her right now.
Tell her let Anya go, or I shoot you.
Hurry the fuck up!
[suspenseful music playing]
If she puts me back up here,
beat me as badly as you can, okay?
You're fucking dead, you fucking bitch!
You're dead! You're dead. You hear me?
Get her out of here! Demolish her.
[crowd clamoring]
[shouting in Albanian]
Come on. Come on.
[groans] You fucking slag!
Are you done yet? Maybe one more?
[pensive music playing]
- She alive?
- Barely.
But she'll live?
[Moretti] Stop breathing down my neck
and let me do my job.
[Mariah] Don't let her fucking die.
[recording] Please leave your message
after the tone.
She must be still hosting.
That's enough. I called six fucking times.
You're not gonna shoot me, you twat.
So get the fuck out of my house.
What...? [screams]
Oh, fuck!
- We call again in few minutes.
- You cunt!
[Moretti gasps]
What are you doing?
The neurovascular bundle...
One slip and you bleed out, right?
The veins that go in and out
of your prostate,
you know what happens if I cut them?
- I lose bladder function.
- What else?
That's a real surgical scalpel, you know.
Then we understand each other.
Take your phone out. Your fucking phone!
You're gonna call England,
Put it on speaker.
- [cell phone buzzing]
- [Julian groaning]
Anya, is that you?
Listen, there's no time.
Use this number to track me.
I'll share you my GPS, okay?
Call Interpol or Scotland Yard
or whoever you can.
Tell them women are being trafficked
in the basement of this location.
Oh, God.
Can you escape?
I'm going to try.
- Text back when you have the location.
- Wait...
Hey, Aslan, I...
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry I didn't listen to you.
- I love you, okay? I love you.
- Anya.
Fuck them up.
Share the location.
Open it!
- [scalpel slashes]
- [screams]
[dramatic music playing]
Let's go.
[shouting in Albanian]
[indistinct shouting]
[women clamoring]
[suspenseful music playing]
- [Lori] What the fuck?
- [Jaya] You stop it.
[Lori] What the hell you doing?
- [Janek] Break it up!
- [Lori] What the fuck?
I told you!
I fucking told you!
Keep your fucking hands to yourself!
Fucking bitch!
[Lori] No!
Fuck, it's walled up!
What do we do now?
I told you,
it's the front door or nothing.
I'd rather die trying
than stay here another second.
Me too.
- We can't leave Sasha and Jasmine behind.
- Then let's go get them.
- Then waste these motherfuckers.
- Yeah.
They came to see a fight,
let's give them a fucking fight.
Go. Let's go.
Let's get these fuckers.
[dramatic music playing]
[crowd clamoring]
Janek, where the fuck are you?
Marco. Come in.
[over radio] Marco! Marco! Where are you?
[electricity crackling]
Jaya. Get the girls out. Now!
Come on! Let's go!
I guess you got to see me fight.
[inaudible dialogue]
[sirens wailing]
[woman speaking indistinctly over PA]
I thought I lost you.
Me too.
[emotional music playing]
You okay? You hurt?
No. I mean, I'm here. I'm alive.
Anya, I'm so sorry.
Come on, let's go home.
[hopeful music playing]
- Hey.
- Ah. Where you been?
- Went for a coffee with Garrett.
- [laughs] The DJ guy. How cute is that?
There's nothing cute about it.
It's okay. You live your life.
You deserve it.
- Going to the gym.
- Okay. Take care.
[tender music playing]
Bye, Charlie.
["I Gotta Rise Up" playing]
I want it now
And I ain't never gonna back down
I want it now
And I ain't never gonna back down
I want it now
And I ain't never gonna back down
I want it now
And I ain't never gonna back down
- I am no regular citizen
- Nope
Do you understand what you witnessin'?
You cannot tell
What the difference is
I want it all and I'm winnin' it
I do not care about opinions
- Time to make a few decisions
- Do it
So I can take up resistin'
I'm gonna go get it
I'm punchin' and kickin'
I keep on movin', they laugh at me
Just do it and they target me
I'm not expressin' no modesty
I can't see nobody stoppin' me
If there's a problem I gotta solve it
Straight to the top
I can't see myself fallin'
I gotta grab it
There's no time for stallin'
Number-one stunner
Don't have other options
Now I'm fired up
I'm sorry, brother, your time's up
I see the top and I climb up
I came from the ashes, I rise up
Rise up, rise up
- I want it now, I gotta
- Rise up, rise up
- I want it now, I gotta
- Rise up, rise up
- I want it now, I gotta
- Rise up, rise up
I want it now, I gotta
I want it now
And I ain't never gonna back down
I want it now
And I ain't never gonna back down
I gotta go for the gold
I need to switch up the mode
I'm gonna win on my own
I'm in a whole 'nother zone
I reached the pinnacle
I don't have time, this is critical
It's time to finish you
I don't care who I just did it to
I gotta go for the gold
I need to switch up the mode
I'm gonna win on my own
I'm in a whole 'nother zone
I reached the pinnacle
I don't have time, this is critical
It's time to finish you
I don't care who I just did it to
- I want it now, I gotta
- Rise up, rise up
- I want it now, I gotta
- Rise up, rise up
- I want it now, I gotta
- Rise up, rise up
- I want it now, I gotta
- Rise up, rise up
- I want it now, I gotta
- Rise up, rise up
- I want it now, I gotta
- Rise up, rise up
- I want it now, I gotta
- Rise up, rise up
I want it now, I gotta
I want it now
And I ain't never gonna back down
I want it now
And I ain't never gonna back down
Said I'm fired up
I'm sorry, your time's up
I see the top and I climb up
Came from the ashes, I rise up
Rise up, rise up
- I want it now, I gotta
- Rise up, rise up
- I want it now, I gotta
- Rise up, rise up
- I want it now, I gotta
- Rise up, rise up
- I want it now, I gotta
- Rise up, rise up
["Il Lupo" playing]