Never Been Chris'd (2023) Movie Script

Santa, Santa won't
you bring me love
Santa, only what
I'm dreaming of
Santa, candy-cane
and mistletoe
Santa won't you
bring me love
-Ooh! What do we think
of him?
-Of NoelLover12?
-I think his choice
of profile name
suggests questionable
decision-making skills.
-Maybe he just really
loves Christmas?
-My point exactly.
Let's see.
-Mister Lover loves laughing.
That's vague.
Going out and staying in,
also vague.
Excessive use of emojis
and would like to settle down
some day.
-How old is he?
Point taken.
What are you doing over there?
-Going over our talking points
for the pitch tomorrow.
-Ooh! Okay.
What have you got?
We need money.
So give us money.
-Wow. Perfect.
-I know, I'm really putting
my business minor to good use.
-Hey, Liz. Don't worry.
We've got this, just chill.
Deep breaths.
Just relax.
Look! Oh, your favorite
movie's on.
-You know what I
never understood?
-Instead of asking to have
never been born,
why didn't George Bailey
just ask for a redo on life?
So he could live the life
he always wanted.
-Because that's the whole point,
he had the life he wanted
the entire time.
-I guess.
But it's still fun
to think about.
If you could do it
all over again,
what would you do differently?
-Ooh, tough one.
I don't know.
What would you do?
-I don't know.
It's like, let me quickly
catalogue all of my regrets.
Well, I think if I could do it
all over again,
I wouldn't change a thing.
Okay, I should go.
I have to pack for
our trip tomorrow.
I will not feel bad for making
you go home for the holidays.
I bet you'll enjoy it
once you're there.
-The epitaph to my life.
-Text me when you get home.
-I love you.
-Love you.
Best Pal is the premiere app for
finding meaningful friendships,
but we're looking to pivot.
-We're looking to expand
our brand.
-Expand our app to include
events, meet-ups,
affinity groups.
-Even dating.
Because shouldn't your partner
be your best friend?
-So, we are looking
for Series B funding
and we would love to partner
with your firm.
-We love the Best Pal's
origin story.
Two lifelong friends,
one working for the other,
to help her find...
-That's a common misconception.
Naomi and I are co-founders.
-Okay, anyways.
We love your story, love
your mission, love your app...
but times are tough
and this is a risky pivot.
Let's circle back
in the new year.
-For sure.
-Thank you.
-Well, that was a hard no.
-Maybe not.
Ooh, our car is three
minutes away.
Hey, stay positive.
Don't even think about it.
We're officially on vacation.
-Oh, do you consider going home
for the holidays vacation?
Why can't we take your mom
to Hawaii this Christmas
like we always do?
-Because she asked for
Christmas in Weston this year.
-There's this crazy new concept
called saying no.
-I know, but we both know
I cannot say no to my mom.
I mean, ever since my dad passed
it's just the two of us
and I want her to be happy.
-I know, and you have
the biggest heart,
but your dad passed
17 years ago
and while grief isn't linear
I think it's time to set
some boundaries.
-I know.
You're right!
You're right.
Setting boundaries with my mom
is my number one new
year's resolution.
-Well, why wait?
Call her and say aloha.
-Okay, I think
it's a little late for that.
But you're right.
If I don't start now,
I'll probably just keep
skirting it.
So... this Christmas
and forever more,
I will set boundaries
with my mother.
-And I support you
in doing them.
-You could set some boundaries
of your own.
-Such as?
-Not fighting with your mom.
Every visit it's the same
with you two.
- I know.
I love her, I miss her.
I imagine our time as our long
awaited Gilmore Girls moment
but every time it's just...
So this Hanukkah you will
not fight with your mother.
-Okay. I will not fight
with my mother.
-Our car's here.
-We're home. Yay!
-Alright, so we'll stop
by my mom's. Yeah?
-I'm gonna need some serious
caffeination before we do that.
So do you think we'll
bump into anyone we know
while we're home?
-I don't know.
Anyone in particular
you wanna bump into?
Chris Silver maybe?
-Chris Silver!
You know, I haven't thought
about him in years.
-I'm sure.
Maybe this trip will have
a silver lining.
-You know what though?
I heard he lives in Chicago now,
so chances of running
into him are zero.
-Naomi Long.
Liz Waitt.
-From high school.
-I thought that was you.
-Took me a second.
-That's alright.
- Chris Silver.
It's good to see you guys.
-Mm-hmm. Yeah.
-That looks good.
Did you get that here?
-Yeah. Last one, sorry.
-Merry Christmas.
-You got a little...
do you mind?
There. I didn't think, uh...
big celebrities like yourself
came home for the holidays.
I'll get the usual.
Thank you.
-Celebrities? Us?
-Yeah, of course.
Come on, you guys are Weston's
big success story.
-Local girls made good.
You guys just home
for the holidays?
-Just... popping by.
-Oh. Well if you guys,
uh, got some time,
maybe we can get together.
-Yeah, we should!
-Oh, no.
-No, we're busy.
-No, but after we're busy,
then we're not busy.
-Shall we exchange numbers?
-Yes, that would be great.
-No, no, no.
-We'll just see you around town.
-Oh, okay.
-Let's go.
-Yeah. Bye.
-What? Why didn't you wanna get
his number?
-What, and just hang out
with Chris Silver?
-Yeah. Why not?
-It is not fair that he didn't
peak in high school.
-Definitely did not peak
in high school.
-What's that?
Go, go.
-Go, go, go, go.
-Maybe she got it out
of her system
-Who's ready for Christmas?
-Linda, this looks beautiful.
-Oh, it's a labor of love.
I haven't been home for six
years for Christmas
and so I brought all
the decorations out.
-Yeah, we can see that.
-And I have big plans
for our week together.
Crafting, baking, caroling,
Christmas movies.
I recorded 40 of them.
And I Google'd where we can buy
all the scarves.
We can do that tonight!
-Actually, Naomi was gonna
come to my mom's with me.
It's the first night
of Hanukkah.
-You just got here and
I made you a yule log.
I've got a special surprise!
-Would you mind Hanukkah
without me.
-What happened to boundaries?
-I know, but it's my first
night home
she made me a yule log,
it's my favorite.
Oh my...
-Look! Now we're twinsies.
-Liz, I got you one too.
-Yay! Triplets!
-Aww, triplets.
-Happy Hanukkah.
-Hi Mom.
-You finally made it.
Where's Naomi?
-She's at home with Linda
but she wants to see you soon.
-Oh, how nice that Naomi
stayed home with her mom.
I wish that you would stay home
with your mom and family.
You should be sleeping here.
-I would've if you hadn't turned
my room into your office.
-Hello, hello!
-Hey Travis.
-Hey kiddo, happy you're home.
And congrats on The Wall Street
Journal write-up last week.
-Oh, it's not a write-up.
It's barely a blurb.
We're just trying
to stay relevant
as we lock down
Series B funding.
-Whatever it was,
we're very proud.
-Ah! There's my Jojo.
How are you, how's it going?
Have you heard from Stanford?
-I heard from them on Monday
and, and I, uh... I got in.
That's amazing.
Although I'm not surprised.
-Thanks. I couldn't have done it
without you.
You taught me how to code,
you helped me with my essay.
-Isn't this exciting?
Now you two will live close
and Travis and I will come visit
all the time.
-That'll be great.
What's this?
-Oh... it's our holiday card.
I decided to make it
a new tradition.
-But I'm not in it.
-Oh honey, I wanted a photo
of the four of us
but I don't have any recent
ones because you never visit.
-Well, you could visit me
like you will all the time
when Jojo's there.
-Hey! There's brisket!
-Yes, honey. You made it.
-Good try, Travis.
How's Hanukkah?
-Oh, you know.
An entire year of family
dysfunction consolidated
into one fun-filled night.
-Eight fun-filled nights.
-Thank you for the reminder.
And you'll be happy to know
that I held the line
and didn't fight with my mom.
-I am happy. Mazel tov.
-How about you?
How was the start of a lifetime
of boundaries with Linda?
And because I know you so well
and I'm the best friend ever...
You are the best friend ever!
Ooh, now I hope we don't run
into anyone we know.
-Oh, because we're
wearing these?
We absolutely will.
Merry Christmas!
-See? No one we know.
-Oh... hi.
-Hi. Twice in one day.
That's a good day.
-What are the chances?
-It's the only bar in town,
so... hi.
It's perfect timing.
Everybody just got here.
Come say hi.
-No. That's okay.
-You sure?
-Everybody will be really
excited to see you.
-See? Everyone will be
excited to see us.
Come on, lets...
-No, they won't.
-Let's not be rude.
-Is that a yes?
-Okay, come on.
-Okay. Stop being-
-That is not playing it cool.
-Come on.
-Hey, look everybody.
Look who I found.
-You remember Karly?
-The lovely Mindy.
-Party Marty.
-Marty, you want a beer?
-In 18 minutes.
Intermittent fasting.
-I'll have his.
-Oh, man.
-So, do you all still live
in Weston?
-I never left.
-I just moved back
a few years ago.
-I'm in Chicago.
-I'm a Florida man now.
-And I'm still here.
-Take a seat.
Let me take your jackets.
Keep 'em on.
Can I get you a drink maybe?
-No, thank you.
-We're actually heading out.
-Are we?
-Aren't we?
-Whatever you'd like to do,
we'd love to have you.
-Yes, we are going
to grab a drink
and we'll be right back. Right?
Come on.
-Alright guys, we'll be here.
-Well that went well.
-Hi. Two eggnogs, please.
-Are we really staying?
We're gonna sit at
the cool kids' table.
-Yeah, why not?
-Because we were invisible
to them in high school.
-Yeah, but we're
celebrities now.
-I don't feel like a celebrity.
I actually feel like I've been
transported back
to my insecure 16-year-old self.
Like I can feel the blackheads
-Well then it's a great
to lay insecure Liz to rest
because we are
the cool kids now.
-Make mine a double.
-We are at three points down.
Ten seconds on the clock.
I absolutely send it.
Wooooop! Skadoosh.
It is right in the arms
of the Silver Bullet,
the golden god on the field,
at the buzzer.
God! Beautiful!
Uh, and that brings us to
the end of the first quarter.
-Ry, Ry, Ry, Ry, Ry, Ry...
thank you for the trip
down memory lane.
Let's leave some room for
our friends here, please.
-No. That was...
that was interesting.
-Thank you.
-But no, no, no.
You tell us about you.
Um... what have you been up to
since high school?
-Um... after high school
I joined the Marines.
-My dad was a Marine so it
was kind of expected of me.
But, um, I was deployed
three times
and then I came back
to the States.
Studied English at, uh...
-Interesting. Why?
-I know, Liz. I really wasn't
the brightest, was I?
-Do you guys remember
Miss Jess?
-10th grade Lit.
-Yeah, she really inspired me.
Bless a good teacher,
you know.
And don't tell these guys
but, um...
I've always had delusions
of writing
the great American novel.
-I still have that delusion
and I can barely write an email.
-Something tells me
that's not true, Liz.
It's pretty hot in here,
you guys want to take your
coats off?
- No.
-So, um... what else?
How did you end up back here?
-Well, I stayed in Chicago a few
years and then I moved here
and now I teach,
uh... English.
-At Columbia.
-No way! You teach
at our old high school?
That's amazing!
-I mean, I'm the head of
the English department.
- Wow.
-I finally got to see the inside
of a teacher's lounge,
so that's... not very exciting.
No, it is.
-You guys are very exciting.
I mean, congratulations
on all the success. Wow.
How'd it all get going?
-Well, we went to Iowa State.
-Where we roomed together.
I majored in marketing,
minored in Spanish.
-I majored in computer science,
minored in business
and existential angst.
And then, um, after we graduated
we moved to the Bay.
Worked at a few tech start-ups,
got our feet wet.
-Literally got our feet wet.
Literally! That place.
-What's the joke?
-Oh, it's a long story with a
bad landlord and a bursted pipe.
-You had to be there.
Anyway, five years later
we got some seed money
and started Best Pal.
-It's incredible that you guys
have stayed working together
all these years.
-You're better than me.
I can't imagine having
my best friend as my boss.
-Um... I'm not her boss,
we're co-founders.
-We built it together.
-Oh, it's... it's fine.
It's a common misconception.
-Well why don't we, uh,
celebrate your success
with a round of shots.
On Chris, of course.
-Sure, why not.
-I second that.
- Argh!
Ah, sorry. No, I gotta go.
Teething baby won't sleep, so...
Babies have no boundaries.
-And I should call it too.
Another busy day at
the store tomorrow.
-Uh, Chris. Are you still down
to split that ride share?
-Oh yeah, sure. Okay.
Look, it was really good
seeing you guys.
-We'll do it again.
-Some, uh, of our class
gets in tomorrow night
and I'm having a bit
of a holiday party.
Wine, appetizers.
-All vegan so arrive
having eaten.
-Chris is a very vocal vegan.
-Is there any other kind?
-Vegan pride aside,
I would love to see
you guys tomorrow.
-Yes, we will come by.
-Maybe we'll come by.
-Probably yes though.
-Probably yes to a maybe.
-Most likely yes.
-That's very confusing.
But I'm going to leave you guys
my number.
I'll airdrop you.
-Yeah. Great.
-You guys can decide tomorrow.
-Got it.
-Got it?
-Got it.
-I got the check.
You guys get home safe.
-Thank you.
-What just happened?
-It's the season of miracles.
-Also, I'm sweating...
-Ah, same.
-In this jacket.
-Good morning.
-Sorry. Did I wake you?
-My bad.
How'd you sleep?
-Always great, don't be jealous.
Hey, any word from the VC firm?
-No, of course not.
But dev ops sent me an email
of concerning length.
-We're on vacation, remember?
-No, I keep forgetting
this is a vacation.
Oh! I forgot to tell you.
Jojo got into Stanford.
-Oh, that's incredible.
-Yeah, I know.
I'm so proud of her.
-They should've accepted you.
-No, it was for the best.
If I'd have gone to Stanford we
wouldn't have roomed together,
moved to the Bay together,
started Best Pal.
I mean... who knows
where we'd be.
-Well, chances are I'd still be
at home living with my mom.
So thanks for the rejection,
-Oh, you're up!
Grab some coffee and then
come help me over here.
-So... how was girls'
night out?
-Oh, it wasn't a thing.
It was just a quick drink.
-But we actually ran into some
people from high school.
-We actually ran into someone
twice yesterday.
Do you remember Chris Silver?
How could I forget?
You two had the biggest crush
on him.
-What was that phrase
you used to say?
-Oh, I forgot.
Never been Chris'd!
-Um, what did that mean again?
-It's what we used to call
Chris's girlfriends, Chris'd.
-Because he'd date a girl
and then suddenly she'd be
the most popular girl in school.
-Everyone would know who she
is and wanna be her best friend,
so we'd say she'd been Chris'd.
-And that we had never
been Chris'd.
-Well, one of you should've
been Chris'd.
- No. No.
He was way out of our league.
-No, he wasn't.
And even if he was then,
he sure isn't anymore.
I have some exciting news
I've been waiting to share.
The reason why I wanted to have
Christmas here this year
is because this'll be our
last Christmas in this house.
'Cause I'm selling it
and moving...
-Wow Mom,
that's so exciting!
-But, I haven't even told you...
-That's so exciting and I really
wanna hear more about it.
But we actually have to go
do that thing.
Remember that thing we have,
that meeting?
-Oh no! Oh yeah,
we are so late.
-It's a really
important meeting.
-So nice talking to you.
What was that?
You don't wanna hear
where she's going?
-No. Whatever that woman has
to say I don't wanna hear it.
-So you're just gonna run
outta the room
every time she tries
to tell you.
That's your game plan?
-Yes. Just kick
the can indefinitely.
-Aren't you curious
what's in the can?
-No, I'm not.
You know those jack in the box
toys that you wind and you wind
and you try to prepare yourself
for it
and it always terrifies you?!
This will be like that.
-Got it.
Speaking of terrifying...
are we really going to
Chris's party tonight?
-Yeah. We'll make
an appearance.
-Just popping by.
-We might as well be polite.
-Play it cool.
-Play it so cool, I feel like
it'd be so rude not to come.
-Yeah, so chill.
-Just, like, chill in there.
Just, like, cruise.
-You know?
-But it's, like, not a big deal.
-No, not a big deal at all.
-Like, it's not a big deal.
So what are you gonna wear?
Christmas time is here again
-Excuse me?
No, come on.
Full of winter cheer
You're fine. Smile.
-I don't wanna smile.
All the people
are gathered round
as Christmas Day grows near.
- Are we
-No, they're underdressed.
- I just realized this is our
first high school party ever.
-First high school party
over 35.
Doesn't that mean
we're kind of lame?
-No, it means we're cooler
than ever.
Okay, you hang the coats.
I'll pour the wine.
-Don't leave me here.
... I want to dance with
Father Christmas
I want to dance with
Father Christmas
I want to dance with
Father Christmas...
-I wrote my master's
thesis on that.
-On The Great Gatsby?
I always wanted to say that
out loud to somebody.
So thank you, Liz,
for that opportunity.
Did I sound cool?
-Good. Good, good.
It really is one of
my favorites.
-Just his theme that, uh...
you can't repeat the past.
No matter how badly
you want a redo.
-It's one of my favorites too.
-Is that right?
-Even though it is absolutely
The idea of undeniable magnetism
despite one's circumstances.
Columbia, class of 2006.
In honor of our unofficial
class reunion,
how about a little immature
high school fun?
-Yes please!
-Let's play "Never Have I Ever"
Christmas cookie edition.
So, simple rules.
If you've done the thing,
eat the cookie. Okay?
-This is a great idea.
-This sounds awful.
-You have to come.
Join me.
-So, living room, five minutes.
Be there or be square.
-How I got the nickname
Party Marty
was I woke up in
this cornfield...
-Here we go,
here we go.
-I'll tell you later.
-Oh, you're gonna...
-You're gonna, you're gonna...
Hey! Isn't this Christmas cozy,
Alright! Let me get
this party started.
-Okay. Uh... never have
I ever...
gone to the principal's office.
-Okay, that's a little...
-Marty, that's for you!
-Alright. Okay.
Fine, fine, fine.
You too, Chris.
-Yeah, yeah.
Never have I ever... toilet
papered someone's house.
-That was my house!
-I know.
-My parents are still
teed-off about that.
-More like TP'd off!
- Oh!
Huh! Huh!
-It was Ryan's idea.
-I hate you.
So annoying.
- That was fun.
-My turn.
Never have I ever...
cheated to win
Jingle Bell Queen.
You're outing me?
-Yeah. Karly.
-I knew it!
-You called it.
-Okay, I admit it.
I might've voted for myself
more than once.
Eleven times.
-Okay fine, it's my turn.
Never have I ever...
had a high school crush
on a friend.
Wait, no, let me be
more specific.
Never have I ever had
a high school crush...
on Chris Silver.
There's a cookie waiting.
-I hate all of you.
-Take the cookie, Liz.
Take the cookie.
It's a game.
-I'm not taking a cookie.
- I'll eat to that,
- Mm-hmm.
- That is a very
empty tray.
- Uh-huh.
-So, you had a crush on me.
-Don't pretend to be surprised.
Clearly everyone had
a crush on you.
You didn't even know
who I was.
-No, that's not true.
I knew.
-Oh. Hmm.
-I remember a lot about you.
-Oh really?
-Like what?
-Like how you were
always blushing.
It seems like every time
I saw you...
you were flushed.
No. I wasn't.
It was just when I saw you.
But you know, silly high school
crushes, you know?
-What are you guys
talking about?
-High school reminiscing.
I should get back to hosting.
How long are you guys
in town for?
-Through the holidays.
-Great. Can we do this again?
-Like, hang out.
Somewhere where we could
actually hear each other speak.
-There's a bakery on Main
that's doing a, um...
cocktail gingerbread decorating
thing tomorrow night.
You guys free?
-That could work.
I'll text you.
-So... he's cute.
-He's definitely cute.
And so sweet and vulnerable.
-You should go for him.
-No, you should go for him.
-Well, if he's gonna like either
one of us, it's gonna be you.
Everybody likes you.
-That is not true.
Everyone just sees me as
your employee and your sidekick.
-Wait. Do you really think that?
I don't know. Sometimes.
But this Chris thing,
it's romantic. Right?
I mean, falling for your
high school crush again.
It's like star-crossed lovers
together at last.
-Yeah, it's a little
too romantic for me.
But I like the logic of it.
Shared past, shared community.
-Anyway, let's curb
the Chris talk.
We are failing
the Bechtel test.
-Yeah. We don't need
to be Chris'd.
-Yeah, and neither of us
live here
so it's not like we can
date him anyway.
-Yeah, right.
- I'm home!
-Wanna quickly run out
of the room?
-Do you think I have time?
- I did the Christmas
dinner shop.
-I feel like I've barely
seen you since yesterday.
It's like every time I enter
a room, you disappear.
-I know. I'm sorry, Mom.
It's just been kinda crazy.
-Well, now that
we're all together...
I can finish telling you
my big news.
-I'm selling the house...
and moving to...
drum roll please!
Yeah, I'm moving to Palo Alto
to be close to you.
What is it, you're not happy?
You don't want me to live close?
-No, I'm happy! Yay!
-It's just, Mom... Palo Alto,
is... it's very expensive
and there's lots of
dangerous things there.
I mean, like...
-Like, like, snakes...
-Poisonous snakes
and it's really hot.
-So hot!
-Hot. Drought.
-Drought! The drought.
You love the snow.
And mosquitoes!
-Big mosquitoes.
And I just feel like...
we should probably discuss
this further.
-Of course.
-There's so much to discuss!
-Those boundaries are going
really well.
-What'd you say?
-What am I supposed to do?
-Okay, hear me out.
Crazy idea.
-Just tell her no.
-And say what, I don't wanna
take care of her in her old age?
I do wanna take care of her.
-And that's very sweet of you
but she doesn't need
taking care of.
She went rock climbing
last week.
-Yeah, but she wants to be
close to me.
I mean, I can't just say no.
-Then I guess living close will
give you a great opportunity
to set boundaries.
-You don't get it
That's the thing.
There will be no boundaries.
This will not end here. Okay?
This is like if you give a mouse
a cookie situation
but the... the mouse is my mom
and the cookie is, like,
an unraveling of
co-dependent behavior.
-Don't mice eat cheese?
-That's not the...
Chris is coming!
-Do you think he saw us?
-No, I don't think that was him.
-That sounds like the door.
-Could be somebody else.
-Yeah, there was a man
walking behind him.
-Definitely somebody else.
-Sounds like maybe...
-Just a little game we like
to play.
-That's good.
-What are you doing here?
-Well, I'm just helping out
with some electrical stuff.
I do a bit of handy work
on the side.
-Christmas shopping?
-Yeah. Just trying to fix
an entire year
of complex family dynamics
with the perfect holiday gift.
-That sounds doable.
That's probably better
than my gifts.
I do a bit of woodworking
so I handmade everybody
tea boxes this year.
I love tea boxes.
-I also love tea boxes.
-Okay, maybe it's a good gift
after all.
-Yeah. Definitely.
-The best.
-Well, I'd better get to work.
See you guys tonight?
-Yeah, absolutely.
-Can't wait.
-He does a little woodworking.
-I know.
It's like AI algorithm
of the perfect man.
-I wish I handmade my mom
a tea box.
-Oh, I would love
to watch you try that.
By the way, how is it going
with your mom?
-It's okay.
Two days, no fighting.
-Six to go, but I am
trying to let go
of some of my old
grievances, so...
-Which one says I am totally not
resentful of your new family?
-The houndstooth.
Naomi! I've missed you.
-Me too.
I am sorry it took me a minute
to get over here.
-Did Liz tell you?
Jojo got into Stanford.
-Oh yeah, she told me
and I'm so proud of her.
And did Liz tell you
how she's helping us raise
Series B funding?
-It's a huge accomplishment.
-Mmhmm, yeah.
-Oh... but no bites yet, right?
-No, no bites. Anyway...
Happy third night
of Hanukkah.
I actually got you
a little something.
-Thank you.
Ah... a scarf.
-My mom always says you can
never have too many scarves.
-I wanna see your mom.
You two should come for
the sixth night of Hanukkah,
we're gonna have
the whole mishpachah.
-Yeah, I'm sure she'd love to.
-So, are you, um...
are you seeing anyone?
-No, not right now.
-What? Why not?
You're such a catch.
-You can be single
and still be a catch.
-Oh, hey Jojo!
Congrats on your news.
-Oh, thank you.
Now I can hang out with you
and Liz all the time.
-Ah... well it'll be you,
me, Liz and my mom.
She's moving to Palo Alto.
-Linda's moving to be closer
to Naomi.
Isn't that nice?
- Okay.
Here we are.
There he is.
-What are we doing?
This isn't a date.
-No. Totally just a group hang.
-Oops, sorry.
Fun fact, everything here
is vegan.
Well, maybe that's not
a fun fact.
-No, it's very fun.
I... wouldn't have been able
to tell the difference.
-You're lying but
I appreciate that.
You guys ever do this
in high school?
We had a mocktail night.
Oh, sadly we didn't.
-We didn't get out much.
We played a lot of Everquest.
-No, Liz played a lot
of Everquest, not me.
-Oh, I loved Everquest.
-You okay?
Um... yup.
I'm just gonna clean that up.
-No, no, no.
I got it.
-And grab us some more...
No, no, no. Sit down, sit down.
-It's fine, it's fine.
-Please. I got it.
-You sure?
-Yup. Very sure. Yup.
-You know, I keep meaning
to tell you.
I actually downloaded,
uh... Best Pals once.
-Best Pal. Singular.
-Best Pal.
-You did? How was it?
-It was intriguing.
You know, it's... kinda
like online dating.
Meet a lot of people,
most of them are terrifying.
-But you do hit it off
with a few, it's nice.
-Yeah, if you're lucky.
-I don't know, online dating
has never worked out for me.
I don't know.
I just want that in-person zing,
that love at first sight
across the room.
-Yeah, it does sound nice.
You ever had it?
-Versions of it.
My parents had it.
They were high
school sweethearts.
-Wow, that's really rare.
-They still together?
-They would've been
but he passed,
senior year of high school.
-I'm so sorry. I don't know
how I missed that.
-It's okay. Thanks.
-No, I just...
I wish I could've been there
for you in high school.
-What are you talking about?
-Talking about being
a romantic.
-Oh, Liz is not a romantic.
-And Naomi might be
too much of one.
-I wouldn't say that.
I mean, do I have a tendency
to fall for the fantasy
instead of who the person
actually is?
-But that's normal, right?
-They got a name for it,
it's called the honeymoon phase.
I'm very guilty of it, Naomi.
-Sorry. That's my mom
I should get that.
Hi Mom.
-Quit hogging all the gummy
bears. Okay?
-So, not a romantic, huh Liz?
-Not in the traditional sense.
I don't get why believing
there's only one person
out there for you is
considered romantic.
But I am no expert.
-What do you mean?
-Well, just that romantic love
is not my most successful arena.
-Why do you think that is?
-Um... I don't know.
Because of me?
Because I have a hard time
fitting in,
I'm a bit of a niche market.
Maybe I'm just hard to love.
-Liz, I know we don't know
each other that well...
but I can assure you there's
no way that's true.
-Okay. We're out of,
uh... almond milk eggnog.
I'm gonna fill us back up.
Don't be too excited.
It's almond milk.
-So, what is going on here?
There are obviously vibes
between you two.
-There's obviously vibes
between you two.
But that's weird, right?
Weird that he's vibing
with both of us.
-Well maybe he's not vibing
with either of us.
Maybe he's just friendly.
-What, he's just a genuinely
nice guy.
-Exactly. So...
this isn't weird.
-No, it's not weird.
-Did I miss anything?
-Here you go.
-Cheers, Naomi.
-Thank you.
To us.
To us.
- Hey, Chris!
-Frank! How's it going?
This is weird.
-What's all this?
-Well, my mom is starting to
clear out the house for the move
and wants to know
what I'm keeping.
But look at this.
-Aww. Time machine back
to BFF BC.
Your dried flower crowns.
Our friendship bracelets.
-Our best friends forever
photo book.
-Oh... I think I have mine
at my mom's.
Actually, I have a whole box
of stuff.
-Get it immediately.
-I don't know.
Every visit pushes us a little
bit closer to fighting.
-Stay strong, you can do this.
-Says the one helping her mom
pack for her move.
-Point taken.
-Oh. Hi.
This is a fun surprise.
Did you just come by
to say hello?
-I actually came to just grab
a box from the attic.
-Oh. Okay.
-But I can hang out for a bit.
-Well great.
You can help me address
the holiday cards.
-Are you serious?
I'm not even in
the holiday cards.
-Because I don't have a recent
photo of the four of us.
-Well, you could've
photoshopped me in.
- Liz, who do
you think I am?
Some kind of computer wizard?
-No. I just want you to
apologize for leaving me out.
I don't leave you out.
You leave yourself out.
You refuse to be a part
of this family.
-I'm gonna grab that box.
-My half of the friendship
All the letters
my dad sent me.
-Hey, why did you save
your Stanford rejection letter?
-Hmm, I don't know.
-Our yearbook.
Jingle Ball royalty.
-Except it turns out
Karly cheated.
-She probably
would've won anyway.
-I know.
She was Jingle Ball queen,
Prom queen, Homecoming queen.
-And Chris was
hockey team captain
and student body president.
I mean, I think there's, like...
a single photo of us
in this entire book.
-Should we have done
high school differently?
-Differently how?
-I don't know.
Joined a club, played a sport,
gone to a dance.
-I wanted to go to all the
dances but you didn't wanna go.
-Well why didn't you go
without me?
-I didn't want you
to feel left out.
And it wouldn't have been fun
without you anyway. So...
-Just loves a group hang.
-Sure does.
-You okay?
Why don't you guys,
uh, go without me.
-No. We'll stick together.
-No, really.
I mean, skate a few laps
'cause I think these skates...
yeah, they're broken, and
I'm just gonna tighten them.
-Are you sure?
-Okay, alright.
-All good! All good!
-You need a hand,
let me help you up.
-You heard her, she's fine.
-I'm good. Okay.
-You're positive.
-Have fun!
-Okay, we'll be close by
if you need us.
Liz, wait.
You can skate.
-You can too.
-I mean...
-Did that come
from playing hockey?
I was looking at our senior
yearbook today.
I was reminded that you were
hockey team captain.
-And student body president.
And Jingle Ball king.
On the endless teenage quest
for validation.
-Yeah, well you were
Chris Silver.
-That was what I was.
But now I'm just Chris,
living in Weston.
Teaching at our old high school.
-And that's not enough for you?
-Uh... yeah. I mean,
it is.
I love teaching, I do. I just...
sometimes feel like...
maybe I could've done more
with my life.
-Why do you feel that?
-You wanna know?
-My dad was a decorated
Marine and a self-made man.
He always taught me
to be the best.
He said... unless
you're a lead dog,
the scenery never changes.
-I get that.
My parents divorced
when I was younger,
my dad remarried,
moved away.
-Oh, man.
-As a child I told myself
that if I was good enough
or successful enough or...
something enough...
he'd come back.
Luckily as an adult
I have absolutely no need
for validation.
-Of course.
Me too.
-You okay?
-Yeah. Do you wanna go get a...
-Liz! No, no, no...
-You alright?
-Please, it's okay.
I'm fine, really.
-Give me a second.
-It hurts, doesn't it? Okay.
Look, there is a bit
of swelling.
It might be a light sprain.
-It's better than that time
you jumped into that cake.
-Jumped into a cake?
-Yeah, you had to be there.
-I feel like you guys have a
lot of "you had to be there's".
Don't you?
-Look, I'm gonna leave
this here.
-This is gonna keep
your foot warm.
-I know you're okay...
and I am gonna get you some ice.
Elevate your gloved foot,
if you don't mind.
-Thank you.
-I'll be right back.
-You sure you're okay?
-Nothing bruised but my ego.
-Well, were you having fun
with Chris before that?
-It was fine. Whatever.
Naomi, I'm not into him.
-Yeah, really.
He's cute in a high school
throwback kinda way,
but that's it.
-Hm. Okay.
-Alright, alright.
Let's get your gloved foot
outta here.
Come on.
-You know what?
You guys skate.
-No, no, no.
Come on, let's get you home.
-We're not gonna leave you.
-Go have fun.
-Okay. You sure?
-You heard her.
-We will only be a moment.
Alright. Easy.
-Bye, love you!
- I gotcha.
- It's been a while.
-Yeah, just don't look down.
Look at me.
You gotta distract yourself.
-Uh huh.
-You understand?
Don't think about
your skates.
Think about that high school
crush you had.
-You're still talking about
that, it was nothing.
-Why are you blushing,
cheek Pinocchio?
-Okay, okay.
Alright, alright.
Just... let's get back
to the crush.
That seemed to work.
Keep yourself distracted.
-What's there to say?
I mean it was just
teenage daydreams.
You'd pass me a note in the
hallway, stop by my locker.
-We'd go for ice cream
or to the movies.
It was more about you
finally seeing me.
You know?
You picking me and me
feeling special.
-'Cause I was Chris Silver.
-Yeah. We should get...
-You okay?
-You've been Chris'd.
-I'm sorry.
-Why are you apologizing?
I'm happy for you.
You're into him and I already
told you that I'm not.
Plus it was obvious you two
would have a thing.
-No, it wasn't a thing.
It was just a heat of the moment
mistletoe kiss.
-Ooh! Mistletoe Chris.
-But really, you have
my blessing.
Was it everything we ever
dreamed of?
-No. It was nothing.
-Oh. Okay.
Come on.
Snow outside
Christmas lights
Singing on the radio
All the songs we know.
I can't wait to be...
-Hey Liz.
Doing some last-minute
-Actually, this is my store.
This and the gift shop on Elm.
-Oh, I love that place.
Here too.
I mean, I want everything
in here.
-Of course, it makes sense.
-What do you mean?
-Just that you've always had
stellar style.
Even in 2004, you pulled off
Juicy Velour tracksuits
and trucker hats.
-Well, uh, thank you.
But I am very, very glad
those days are behind us.
-Me too.
-You know, I'm sorry.
I'm understaffed today.
I should get back
to the floor.
Oh! But the crew's doing
Christmas karaoke tonight.
Brews Brothers around 7:00?
-Yeah, I'll see if Naomi's free.
-But even if she's not,
come hang.
-Yeah. Totally.
-Good. It'll be fun.
I'll see you there.
-Sounds good.
-Wrapping my present?
-My mom's wrapping
all the presents
so she can pack
the wrapping paper.
-So Liz, how was shopping?
-Good. Main Street is poppin'.
Oh, and you know
that boutique we love?
Karly owns it.
-Yes, that makes sense.
-So, what's the plan for today?
and then we're debating either
a Christmas movie or baking,
and then... I actually have
plans later.
-I actually have plans too.
-Oh! Cool.
-Yeah. Cool.
-It's a lot of chocolate.
-So much chocolate.
-Thank you.
-You're welcome.
-I know your first thought
when you have chocolate is...
I would love some cheese.
I mean, I love anything
with cheese.
But it's not vegan so should...
-Come here.
-It's vegan.
Whole place is vegan.
Yeah, they just don't advertise
it so that people don't hate it.
Secret vegans?
That's right.
-That's amazing.
-I know.
-So, how long have
you been vegan?
-Since leaving the forces.
-Wow. What inspired that?
-It just, um...
it felt like the right thing
to do.
Felt like who I wanted to be,
you know?
I spent my whole life trying
to be other people
and worrying about what
other people thought of me.
And this just felt like
something, um... just for me.
-I get that.
I'm impressed.
I mean, it's hard to go
against the tide
and it's even harder to know
who you wanna be.
-Yeah. You're right.
Thank you, that means
a lot actually.
-What about you?
Did you always wanna be
a visionary entrepreneur?
-It's that what I am?
-Um... no. Actually, I never
knew what I wanted to be.
-I don't know, all my dreams
were kid dreams.
-Open up the flower shop,
own the bakery.
It's silly.
-No, these are great dreams.
What are you talking about?
How'd you get to,
uh, Best Pal though?
She always has these great,
big ideas and...
so I hitched my wagon
to hers and...
let her drag me along.
-Something tells me nobody
drags you along, Naomi.
I have no doubt
that she needed you
just as much as
you needed her.
-Just my thought.
-So no senior trip?
-A football game?
-No, none of it.
I didn't go to a single thing.
-Alright. Who's ready
for some merry-a-oke?
-Yes please! I'm in.
-We're gonna start
with Jingle Bells.
Ready? Here we go.
-So... why? Was it because
you were too cool?
-Me? Too cool?
Those two words have never
been uttered in sequence.
-Really? You always seemed
too cool.
Honestly, I was jealous of you.
-You were jealous of me?
You just always seemed
to have such a clear sense
of who you were.
You seemed so self-assured.
-I must've faked it really well
because I was a flailing
ball of insecurity.
I felt like I didn't
belong anywhere.
-Honestly, I was jealous
of you.
-Jealous of me?
I cheated to be
Jingle Ball queen.
-It wasn't about being
Jingle Ball queen.
I was jealous because you
hosted Jingle Ball.
It was the social event of
the year and you gave that
to everyone, helped by
your friends,
and I... I wanted that.
I... wanted to be able
to feel like
I had something
to give back.
-Well... you have it now,
so do it.
-Yeah, do it.
-Do what?
-Throw us a Jingle Ball!
We always have an unofficial
class reunion
the night before Christmas Eve.
You could host Jingle Ball!
-No. No, no, no, no, no.
-Why not?
-I'm sure Chris could get us
the high school gym.
-He definitely can.
-Oh, come on!
Jingle Ball!
Jingle Ball!
Jingle Ball!
Jingle Ball!
Jingle Ball!
Jingle Ball!
-Hey. What's going on
over here?
-I'm hosting Jingle Ball!
- Ensure
your log is clean and dry.
If needed, brush off any dirt
or debris with a towel.
-How are we failing
at this so hard?
This looks nothing
like a Menorah.
-It's because we haven't put
on the shelf mushrooms yet.
-Maybe we should just quit this
and watch a DIY on throwing
a dance.
-Yeah, you could definitely use
some pointers.
No. I just...
I mean 'cause you've never been
to a dance.
I mean, you've never even wanted
to go to a dance.
-Actually, I wanted to go
to all of them.
Well why didn't we?
-I don't know.
I knew that if we went,
you'd constantly be asked
to dance
while I'd be left standing
there alone.
-Why don't you invite him
to Hanukkah?
-No. Really?
-The more the merrier.
-So? What's the deal
with you two?
-I don't know.
He's... amazing.
He's so empathetic
and kind and sweet and...
I kind of wonder
if he's the one.
-The one?
You've been on one date.
-Well, yeah.
But I've known him
for, like, 20 years.
-From a distance.
In reality, you barely
know this man.
-So, Jingle Ball.
What's the deal?
What can I help with?
-Oh, it's fine.
Karly's helping me.
-Oh! I have so many
memories here.
My first dance.
My first kiss.
My first break up.
Oh, and I remember
the Jingle Ball.
And Mr. Fray announcing
I had won
and being so afraid people
would know I cheated.
-Why did you cheat?
-I guess I felt like I had
to be queen.
Like, who would I be without it?
-Yeah, I feel that.
I mean, I feel that way about
my company.
My success.
Like... who am I without it?
Anyway. So... DJ
on the stage.
-Bar over here next
to a table of nibbles.
-Oh, and Ryan's
wife's a caterer.
-Oh! Perfect.
Oh! We should do
a photo-booth.
Dina Frank is a photographer
so that's covered.
-I can see it all.
What about a theme?
-Jingle Ball is always
-How about early 2000's.
-Frosted lip gloss, lace-up
jeans, bedazzled everything.
-Stop it. Oh, it's gonna be
so good.
So how do you feel about a
Jingle Ball queen and king?
-Yeah, I don't know.
I think that we're honestly
really past that at this point.
But... you know what?
Actually now that I think about
it, it's a really good idea.
-Oh, yay!
-It's so lovely to see you,
thank you for coming.
-One second.
-Oh, I see your mom.
-I love your earrings.
-You like? Karly lent them
to me.
-Oh. That was sweet of her.
-Thank you for having me.
I don't know if that's
a normal thing to do.
This is my very first Hanukkah.
-Yeah. Thank you.
It's my pleasure.
-Of course.
This is just a little something
to say that I've been, uh...
thinking about you.
-Thank you.
-It's my pleasure.
-I'm gonna go put these
in water.
-Oh, can you take mine too?
-Thank you.
Is it weird that I, uh...
I missed you?
-Hmm... no.
I kind of missed you too.
-Only kinda, huh?
-Just a little bit.
- Latkes are ready!
-You got something here,
let me get it.
-I do? What?
-I got it.
-I'll get us some latkes.
-I thought you were vegan.
-I am.
-Well I hate to be
the bearer of bad news,
but lox isn't a vegetable.
Maybe you're a pescatarian.
-No. I'm definitely a vegan.
Then why do you reek
like fish?
-I saw Chris eating lox.
-So it means he's not a vegan.
-Maybe he's a vegan who
eats fish occasionally.
-Yeah. A pescatarian.
But he says he's not
so he's lying.
-Why would anyone
lie about that?
-Liz, you always do this.
-Do what? Out people
as pescatarians?
-No. Have me not go
to the dance
so that you don't have
to stand there alone.
-Okay. All I'm saying is that
you don't really know Chris-
Oh, Christmas tree.
-How... happy...
-Is this normal for Hanukkah?
-Just being inclusive.
-So, uh, Karly asked me about
using the Christmas decorations
for the Jingle Ball.
And I was thinking, if you'd
like, I could, uh...
head up the decorating
I did do our senior year.
-Oh, that's so sweet.
-I could help you if you want.
-I mean, Liz already said
she doesn't need my help.
-To latkes.
-This looks good.
-Oh. Thank you for
whatever this is.
-It's a handmade birch Menorah
that took me several hours
to make.
-I actually have a little
Hanukkah gift for you.
-I fixed our holiday card.
-You're in it now.
-Yeah, in the corner
like an afterthought.
And my eyes are closed.
-Believe me, it was the best one
in the bunch.
You know, nothing I do is
good enough for you. Is it?
-Why do you always say that?
-It's so nice to have an evening
where everybody gets along.
Isn't it?
It's a party after all.
Maybe it's, uh, time to light
the candles, don't you think?
Everybody, we're gonna light
the candles now!
And then we're gonna have a
dreidel contest for the ages.
So come on over
to the table.
-Thank you so much
for joining us tonight.
We are so happy
to be together.
-Would you like
to say something?
-Okay. Um...
I know a lot of you don't know
what Hanukkah is about
but it's the festival of lights.
The season of miracles.
It's a celebration
of the spirit's ability
to find light in darkness.
It's a time of connection,
dedication, rededication,
which is the meaning
of Hanukkah.
Ba-ruch A-tah Ado-nai
E-lo-hei-nu Me-lech ha-olam
A-sher ki-de-sha-nu
Ve-tzi-va-nu le-had-lik
ner Cha-nu-kah.
-So close, one more.
No, two more.
-Hi. What's up?
-We have considered your offer
and would like to counter...
-Okay. Sure.
-What's wrong?
-That was the VC firm,
they're not giving us funding.
-Instead they wanna
buy Best Pal.
I don't wanna sell Best Pal.
It's not just my work,
it's my life,
my entire sense of identity.
-Well then maybe
our identities change.
-To what?
-I don't know.
I mean, you start a new company.
You're always thinking
of new ideas,
you're jotting them down.
-I don't get it.
Since when are you so eager
to leave Best Pal?
-I'm not!
I just think that maybe
we could both benefit
from something new.
-But something new together?
-Hey Mom.
-Good morning.
You can help me
with the stuffing.
I'm prepping Christmas dinner.
You told me I'd need
the pans.
-Sometimes I'm right.
-So honey, I wanted
to talk to you.
I gave our conversation
more thought
and I realized your concerns
are valid.
California is expensive,
amongst other things.
So you're not moving then?
-No, of course I'm moving.
But I had an even better idea.
I could move in with you.
Now I know it's not conventional
but it makes so much sense.
Why pay for two places
when we can split one?
So I'll sell the house,
you sell your condo,
and we'll pool our resources
to buy a house together.
-Both of us. One roof.
-What, you don't wanna live
with me?
-I mean, did you wanna live
with your mother?
-Yeah, but she's my mom,
and I'm me.
It's totally different.
-What's different is you're
the daughter in that situation
and I'm the daughter
in this situation.
-So you don't wanna live
with me?
I love you but we are not
moving in together.
-How's the salmon?
-It's so good.
-Oh, no. No, no.
This pasta is, uh... incredible.
-Yeah, it's really good.
I wanna talk to you
about something.
-I know you head home
in a few days but, uh...
cards on the table, I don't
want this to end.
-This feels like it could be
something real.
No, I... I feel that too.
But I mean,
hopeless romanticism aside,
how does this work?
-I think, um... we could do
long distance.
-For a while.
-And if, uh... that works...
one of us could move
potentially, I suppose.
-Yeah. Okay.
Okay, so... in this
potential situation...
-Would you think about
moving to California?
in this potential, totally
hypothetical situation
it would probably make more
sense for you to move back here.
-Move back to Weston?
Why not?
-Okay. Okay.
Well, what is the reality
of that?
I mean, what would I...
what would I do?
Where would I work?
-Well if you sell the company,
you could take the, uh...
the seed money and start
something new.
-You could open the bakery.
Start the flower shop.
-Well, those are just my kid
dreams. I mean, I...
-So... you know,
10-year-old Naomi didn't need
health insurance.
-Neither does 35-year-old Naomi,
I don't think.
But, uh... look, we don't have
to do this, um...
we were just romantic
fantasizing. Okay?
-Yes. Yeah, absolutely.
It's just all happening so fast.
I mean, I didn't expect you.
And we've been
on three dates and...
It's a little warm in here,
I'll be right back. Okay?
-Sure. Yeah.
-Pick up, pick up, pick up!
- Hi it's Liz,
leave a message if you have to.
-Liz! Where are you?
Look, Chris just dropped
a bomb on me
and I don't know what to do.
And I know that you're right
and I know that I don't know him
all that well.
But also I've known him
for 20 years
and he's kinda the man
of my dreams.
And I just... I don't know.
What if this is it?
You know,
what if he's the one?
And... and I lose it
because I doubted it.
Just call me back.
-Well, the letter
of intent is solid.
Our employees get to keep
their jobs, we cash out,
have enough runway to figure
out what we wanna do next.
-Naomi, what else would I do?
-Maybe you go back to school,
get your masters.
Go to Stanford.
I mean, you always wanted to go
but you didn't get in. Right?
-I don't understand this.
All of a sudden
you're so interested
in doing something else.
-It's not all of a sudden,
I've been feeling this way
for a long time.
-Then why didn't
you say anything?
-I did say something and you
told me to pivot Best Pal,
to expand, and that
brought us here.
So... maybe this is
meant to be.
-Well whatever it is, we'll
figure it out together. Right?
-Oh, can we pop in
for a second?
Our Jingle Ball dresses
are here.
-You got us dresses?
-Thank you so much.
I really appreciate it.
-Ooh come on, the dresses
are in the back.
-This feels weird.
-It is weird.
You know, I wanna be with you,
you don't wanna be with me.
-That's not what I said.
-Eh, it's the short version
of what you said.
-Can we just talk this through?
I mean...
-No, I think we're good.
-Yeah, we're good.
- Do you wanna
try them on?
-Or maybe just...
just try them on at home.
-No, stay. Have fun.
-So, what was up
with you and Chris?
-Nothing's up with us,
we're just not really
seeing each other anymore.
-I guess I realize I don't know
him as well as I thought I did.
-Oh. Something smell
a little fishy?
It's just a realization I've
been having a lot of lately.
-So you just broke it off?
When was that?
-Last night.
-And you didn't tell me?
-I tried!
I left you a voicemail,
you didn't call me back.
-What is this, 2012?
Who uses their voicemail?
-You didn't think it was
a good idea anyway, so...
-Oh, Liz! Come here.
Guess what my mom just found?
It's my Jingle Ball crown.
-Oh wow.
-And I was thinking, if Chris
could find his...
we could be queen
and king again.
-Yeah, whatever you want,
I'm good.
-Or would it be childish?
Or self-actualized?
-Is there a difference?
I wanna apologize for earlier,
I wasn't my best.
I, uh... I was acting
like a teenager.
-No, it's okay.
-I do hope we can
be friends though.
Stay in touch.
DM each other some random
cat videos now and again.
-I'll take what I can get.
-Yeah, of course.
-Happy last night of Hanukkah.
Do you need a hand?
-Nope. I've got it.
Jojo and Travis
will be home soon
and we can light the candles.
I, um... I baked you chocolate
crinkles for Jingle Ball.
-And, um, I was thinking I could
be a parent chaperone.
I did it for Jojo's Jingle Ball.
-Except for most of the people
coming are parents.
-I'm just trying
to be supportive.
-And I appreciate that
but you never baked cookies
or parent chaperoned
my Jingle Ball.
-Because you didn't go
to your Jingle Ball.
Why would I go
if you didn't?
I know I made mistakes,
that I wasn't the mom
you wanted or needed.
But I'm trying.
-Hi Mom.
-Oh good, you're home.
Come sit.
-It's the one where the secret
prince turns out to be
Santa's long lost son
come back in time.
-I saw the sequel.
-Also, guess what?
-I found us a real estate agent
in Palo Alto.
-I figured we should just
look at houses,
see what's out there.
-But I... I said no.
-Yeah, but maybe you were
just being rash.
-No Mom, you're being rash.
I'm sorry but you're being
illogical and disrespectful.
I said no.
No, we're not moving in together
and we are not moving you
to Palo Alto.
-Um... cookies?
-Hey. What's going on,
are you okay?
-No, I'm not.
I mean, I feel like a doormat.
My mom doesn't listen to me.
You don't listen to me.
-When do I not listen to you?
-Maybe when you bought me
a dress that I don't want?
-You don't want it?
-No, I don't want
an ugly satin dress.
I don't wanna go
to Jingle Ball.
I don't want a time machine
to the past.
I don't need it. I don't need
a redo on my life.
-I don't either.
-Then why are you always
talking about it?
What if you had a redo.
Why do you want it?
I mean, is it because you regret
not going to Stanford?
Yeah. I know you got in,
so why didn't you go?
-Your dad had just passed.
I didn't want you to be alone.
-So you...
you stayed for me?
No, you didn't.
You didn't do that for me.
-Why not? I did everything
else for you.
-Like what?
-Like gave you a job,
a direction in life,
a success story.
I mean, I gave you half
of my company.
-Our company!
-But was it, really?
I mean, I carried you.
-Well, if you carried me,
it's only because you couldn't
walk alone.
Because I was your only friend.
-What are you doing?
Where are you...
where are you going?
-I don't know.
My mom's?
You know, I always thought
that our friendship
was the greatest gift
I'd ever received.
But... maybe we're just holding
each other back.
-Yeah, maybe.
-So we should probably take
some space from everything.
So buy me out.
-No. Let's sell.
I'm done with Best Pal.
Oh, hi.
-Hey Mom.
-Are you staying here tonight?
-Do you want me to make up
the bed in the office?
-No, that's okay.
I'll sleep on the couch.
-Is this about Naomi?
It's ironic because I've spent
my whole life
trying to avoid heartbreak
only to realize
that nobody can break your heart
like a friend.
-Try being a mom.
I have an early Hanukkah present
for you.
-Well, you're late.
Hanukkah's over.
-Early for next year.
-My eyes are closed.
-Oh, are they? Hmm.
-Mom. I'm sorry.
-No, I'm sorry.
You were right. I was being
irrational and rash.
I was asking you
to take care of me.
-And I do wanna take care
of you.
You just don't need
taking care of yet.
-I know. Help me unpack?
So, have you talked to Liz yet?
-No. And I don't know
what we'd say.
I mean, you know I love her
with all of me
but I don't wanna be
her sidekick.
And I don't wanna be mistaken
as her employee.
-Yeah, but... Liz never
asked you to be that.
Maybe you were hiding
behind her.
And just because you both
need to grow,
doesn't mean you have
to grow apart.
So what are you wearing
to Jingle Ball?
-I'm not going.
-What? You have to go.
You've waited a lifetime
to go to a dance.
Even if you go alone, go.
And despite what's going on
between you and Liz,
this is important to her.
-It actually is kinda cute.
-Ryan got hung up
with the baby
so he sent me here
with the food.
-Thank you.
-This looks fantastic.
-Blast from the past.
It should come with
a trigger warning.
-You okay?
-Yeah. No, I'm fine.
-What's going on?
-Naomi and I got into a fight.
-A big one.
-Well you guys have been
friends forever, you know.
You don't achieve that
without being able to make it
through anything.
-Yeah. It's not just
a fight though.
Things have been changing
for a while.
I think sometimes things
need to change.
Can't keep living our lives
clinging to what we used to be.
-Yeah. That's true.
I worry though.
What if Naomi doesn't need me?
I mean, she's my best friend
but she's also the only person
who's ever made me feel seen,
made me feel like I belong.
Made me feel like...
-Like what?
-Like I'd been Chris'd.
-Sorry, you had to be there.
-Sounds like I was there.
You're a good guy, Chris.
Thank you.
To be honest...
I sometimes am a pescatarian.
I knew it.
-I know you knew.
-Nice try though.
-Thank you.
We'll figure it out.
-Yeah. You're right.
...would know
my Christmas list is
Someone who could
give me hugs and kisses
Oh, oh, oh.
Santa, you know, oh, oh.
-You want a shot with us?
-Say merry!
-You look amazing.
-Thank you.
So do you.
-I couldn't have done it
without you.
-Well I was happy to help.
Oh. So I talked to Chris
about the whole queen
and king thing and...
we decided it'll be fun.
Well, I'll make a little speech
and then coronate you.
-Okay. Awesome!
Outside the snow
is falling down
...I'm just wishing
you were here now.
Dreaming that I could have
true love this year
That's what I want
for Christmas
Listen, I just wanted
to say that...
that night at the restaurant,
when you brought up our future
and long distance, it sounded
terrifying and illogical.
And also like something
I would do.
Something I would
wanna do.
And I just got scared.
Because sometimes
I can romanticize...
and I just didn't wanna
get hurt.
-I'm glad you told me that
'cause honestly at the time
it felt like you were just
straight rejecting me.
Which I think we've learned
that I am deeply insecure
and that I'm not the best
with rejection.
-Especially coming from you.
'Cause with you I felt like
Chris Silver again.
-Chris, you've always
been Chris Silver.
And you always will be.
Especially to me.
So... do you think we can try
to figure this out?
... my world like
a snow globe
Suddenly everything
is so cold
Got me head over heels
while in love
can't even tell
which way is up
So close
Everything shimmers
in your globe
Baby do it again and never
let go
Keep shaking my world
like a snow globe
-Only if occasionally I can have
a bit of fish.
-Hi. Hello.
Can I get everybody's attention?
Merry Christmas!
-Thank you for letting me
host this dance
and thank you so much to
everybody who helped me out.
Believe it or not,
in high school
I dreamt of hosting this dance
and 17 years later... I did it.
Anyway, without further ado,
it is my great pleasure
to announce
this year's Jingle Ball king...
-Come here, come here.
-Sorry, just give me
one moment.
What is it?
-I've changed my mind.
I mean, I know it's not
a big deal or anything,
but the truth is I don't care
about any of it at all.
Because I realized...
I don't need a redo.
-I don't either.
Sorry about that.
There has been a slight change
of plans.
We're no longer doing
Jingle Ball king and queen.
We're gonna reschedule it
to next year.
Anyway, so... who wants
to party?
-You wore the dress.
-Of course.
-You wore yours.
-Of course.
-Wow, for the first time
I don't actually know
what to say to you.
I mean, I think you're right.
We should sell Best Pal.
-You can buy me out.
-No. I need to do something
different too.
Not crypto, I promise.
Well I hope that even
if we need space
we can somehow
do it together.
-But can we?
I mean, I want you to have
everything you want in life
and I don't wanna get
in the way.
-No, that's just it, Liz.
Everything I want in life
involves you being there
to share it with me.
Because when I think of my past,
and my present, my future...
you had to be there.
You have to be there.
-You know that I think
the statistical probability
of soulmates is limiting.
-But... I think they come
in many different forms.
Even if I had the chance to redo
my life over a thousand times
I wouldn't because I wouldn't
change anything
to be your friend.
-Wow, we are really good
at this.
-I know, we should fight
more often.
So... friends?
-I love you.
-Let's get a picture.
Let's get a picture.