Never Better (2022) Movie Script

I was looking for you.
She's on.
Quarantine has gotten
a lot more unbearable
since I graduated college.
I was excited to have
the place to myself
after my roommates left.
But a lot of free time
and a lot of free space
has just given me more places
to do absolutely
fucking nothing in.
Well, except talk to myself.
If only overthinking things
was my only
pre-existing condition.
That was nice.
I needed that.
December 31st
I grabbed a beer
Threw it up, said,
"2020 is my year, bitches"
Three, two, one,
Happy New Year!
And I honestly
Thought that that was true
Until I gave
This motherfucker
Like a month or two
This is getting
Kind of ridiculous
At this point
Yo, my cat died
And a global pandemic
Took over my life
And I put out some music
That nobody liked
So I got really sad and bored
At the same time
And that's why I'm like
Low-key fuck 2020
Still sad, still ain't
Got no money
I ain't got a watch
Up on my wrist
I just got some shit
I gotta fix, yeah
Low-key fuck 2020
I don't know
About everybody else
But I think that
I am kinda done
Can we just get
To 2021, please
Low-key fuck 2020
Oh, yeah
I know this has been said,
but it's really rude
when they do that.
They should definitely disable
that for quarantine.
Why can't you just be...
I didn't burn this one,
I swear it.
I promise.
So, um, you gonna take these
decorations down any time soon?
I was gonna wait
until you cave and do it.
Oh, okay, yeah,
that sounds about right.
I like it.
Christmas in January.
- Thank you.
- It's cute.
- Okay, yeah.
- I'm just saying.
- Mm-hmm.
I asked if anybody wanted any.
I just wanted a little.
Don't be so defensive.
Um, there's just not
really room.
Oh, okay.
Do you mind?
Oh, what, is this
not comfortable?
- How about this?
- Oh, okay, sure.
- It's your funeral.
- Oh!
- Stop!
- There are feet on me...
- No, I can't... you know I can't.
- Mm-hmm.
That belong to Amanda.
Do you think you're
gonna survive?
- Um, no.
- Yeah?
- Yeah?
- No.
- It's not super fun?
- Stop it, stop, it, stop it.
You have reached
the Greystone Center
for Cystic Fibrosis
and Advanced Lung Disease.
Please leave us
your name, number,
and the best time of day
to contact you,
and someone from our office
will get back to you
same day
or our next business day.
Additionally, if this is
a medical emergency,
please hang up and dial...
Thank you!
I don't get why
I need to hear that
every single time I call.
If I were having an actual
medical emergency,
I would be dead by the time
they reached that part.
- Hi, this is Terese Jackson.
I was just calling to get
a refill on my Creon.
Um, you can reach me back
at 513-555-6322.
Thank you!
I've had a lung disease
my entire life.
I think I know when to call 911.
I mean, when do you think
classes will be back?
I don't know, everyone's saying,
like, two, three weeks.
- Yeah, okay.
How are we gonna protect you?
I don't know.
Hey, hey, it's okay.
We're here for you.
I just... I don't wanna do this.
I know.
We can do this.
No one here is getting COVID.
I simply won't allow it.
Yeah, it's all about
the mindset, right?
Just have to manifest it.
I mean, we're in LA.
I think I could maybe
survive COVID.
I think we
can do better than maybe.
I hate being high-risk
in the pandemic.
Makes it a lot harder
to pretend to be
a normal person.
Hey, honey.
Are you busy right now?
I haven't been busy in months.
You know there's a way
to fix that.
Oh, my God.
You found a cure
for Coronavirus.
Mom, have you notified The Post?
But you know I would if I could,
anything to keep you safe.
But I meant finding a job?
Something to fill your time.
Wow, that took her all
of one minute to bring up.
New record.
Yeah, I know.
It's just that jobs
aren't exactly
flying off the shelves
right now, so...
What are you gonna do
with your life?
I don't know.
It's just... it's the end
of the world right now.
The world is literally ending,
and no one is really
thinking long-term so...
The world's not ending.
It's on pause.
And so is your ambition,
How's your health?
I know you've been staying safe,
which is great.
I'm already anxious enough
thinking of what
CF is doing to your lungs
without COVID in the mix.
But are you feeling all right?
I'm fine.
Have you been doing
your treatments?
Do they still have you
on the inhaled albuterol?
Because I remember
your doctor saying that
that really helps to get
all the mucus up
when you do it with the vest.
Gotta imagine that's
more important than ever
since you're so inactive
With so much free time, honey,
your health really should be
your top priority.
I know it's, like, weird times
right now and everything...
Sometimes, I feel
like I'm patient first
and daughter second.
Her nagging just makes me
wanna do my treatments less.
Even when she's a four-hour
plane ride away.
I know they're important,
or whatever,
but it's not like I'm gonna die
if I don't do them
for a few days.
It's hard to be proactive
when it doesn't feel like
there's any future to plan for.
Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit.
Holy fuck.
Are you waving at me?
What am I doing?
What am I doing?
Why am I doing that?
Why am I waving like that?
Oh, my God, hi!
Oh, my gosh!
- I've missed your face.
- Aww.
I miss you.
I miss everyone.
I miss everything.
I mean, I even miss Tyler.
- Don't kill me, okay?
- Okay.
We might be getting
back together.
Get it where you can, sis.
I can't even hate on you.
The last time...
I can't even recall
the last time I've been touched,
even non-sexually,
by another person.
You're being that strict?
What are you doing?
- I mean, nothing crazy.
- Mm-hmm.
Julia and Miguel come
over a lot.
Sometimes, I hang out
with Steph and Trish.
Oh, and Jackson.
And, of course, Tyler.
Look... I... I wanna do my part
to, like, stop
the spreading stuff,
but I feel like we're young;
we can afford a few more risks.
Yeah, pfft.
We... I mean, yeah.
Like, we're young.
My friend's mom, she has cancer,
so imagine what she
has to go through.
- I mean, she can't see
absolutely anybody...
- She has to...
Uh, yeah.
I guess we need
some house rules.
What are you thinkin'?
Uh, well, everything they're
recommending to the public
but to the extreme.
Like, I don't wanna
take any risks.
What does that mean?
Don't go anywhere,
don't see anyone,
increased hygiene...
We can't leave?
Unless it's absolutely,
completely necessary.
Well, what counts as necessary?
Where are you trying to go?
Everything is either cancelled
or closed.
Well, how long
is this gonna last?
How should I know?
Have you thought
about going home?
I'd go crazy with my mom.
I am...
Going home.
My mom doesn't want me
staying in the city.
I know, dude.
My mom was texting me, like,
25 times today.
Wait, so we're just on lockdown?
Like, I can't even go see
my boyfriend?
I mean, we can factor
Zack in as well.
But I don't think anyone
should be going in or out.
So what, I'm like a prisoner
in this house,
and I can't even see
my boyfriend?
I'm just saying for now.
Until we know more.
Well, how long?
I don't know.
I don't know, and I wish I did.
I do.
But I don't.
Well, if you're gonna
be like that,
then I obviously
can't stay here.
Um, maybe I can go stay
with Zack.
This is not about
how I'm gonna be.
This is what I have to do.
This pandemic means way
different things for me
than it does for you.
Well, the world doesn't revolve
around you, Terese.
I don't want it to.
Oh, God.
- Hey!
- Hey!
What are you doing here?
Um, I live here.
Except you haven't lived here
for, like, a while now.
Well, I still pay rent.
Uh, how are you and Zack doing?
Uh, it's been better.
We just...
needed a little break,
close quarters and all.
Yeah, I'm sorry to hear that.
Oh, it's no big deal.
We'll get through it.
So why didn't you tell me
you were coming?
Sorry, I didn't know
I needed to ask permission.
You've really nested here.
Yeah, well, a little heads up
would have been nice.
- I would have cleaned.
- Mm-hmm.
This should be interesting.
I mean, how can she
just come back?
Like things are
any different now.
I guess I have
to give her a chance.
It's not like I can
just kick her out,
but I don't know
where she's been.
She could have been
playing beer die
with Zack's bros,
for all I know.
Although beer die is probably
the easiest drinking game
to social distance during.
But... still,
I don't like this.
I just love Julianne Moore.
She was so pretty.
I mean, she's still beautiful.
Yeah, but not like this.
That's kind of fucked up.
That's like the ageist bullshit
Hollywood always spins.
Ope, she's gonna die.
I have never seen this movie
before in my life.
All I'm saying is when
a character coughs in a movie,
it's foreshadowing that
they're gonna, like,
die of cancer, or AIDS,
or something.
As if the first sign of cancer
or AIDS is a cough...
Shh... I'm trying to watch.
It's a pretty foolproof system.
If a character coughs, they die.
Maybe that's why people
are always so concerned
when I causally cough.
It's been subconsciously
ingrained into them
that it means I'm gonna, like,
die or something.
And I am, but not, like, soon...
I think.
Don't you think
that's kind of creepy?
Jesus, Amanda!
Just saying.
You're drooling.
You should shoot your shot.
Oh, my God.
It's a pandemic.
I can't just go around
dating random dudes.
You could do it from a distance.
Oh, my God, it would be
like Five Feet Apart.
Okay, that's really insensitive.
And also, no it wouldn't
because he doesn't have CF.
How do you know?
Because it would just be
way too ironic.
Where are you going?
Just getting a coffee.
Do you have a mask?
All I'm saying is if you're
so starved for a relationship,
you have the perfect
potential man gardening
on the other side
of this duplex.
- Whatever!
And also, I'm not starved
for a relationship.
I just want some dick!
God, I really hope
he didn't hear that.
Then again...
- Hey.
- Hey!
So, um, I think just maybe
we should be, um, limiting
how much we're going out.
I mean, I just got a coffee,
For the third time this week.
Terese, don't worry.
I'm being careful.
Okay, can you just wash
your hands please?
Yeah, I was going to.
I just got home.
Just give me the chance to.
She barely even told me
she was coming back,
and the reason she left
hasn't changed at all.
And I feel like
I'm gonna get COVID,
and it's gonna be all her fault.
Ooh, okay.
That's a little extreme.
Yeah, I can't help but
feel she's being irresponsible
and she's going outside though.
But you can't know
how she's acting.
That's my issue.
I feel like I've lost
all control with her back.
Well, I know how you like
your control.
Have you tried talking
to her about it?
No, I mean actually talking
to her about it.
Like setting ground rules,
making your standards
explicitly clear.
I guess you're right.
I just, like... my anxiety's
running my life.
And it can be...
Overwhelming when...
you let your anxiety consume
the people around you as well.
Wait, is that how you felt?
Is that why you, like, you
left earlier than...
No, no, no, no.
My mom made me come home.
But yeah.
Like, I did feel that way
a little bit.
I... I didn't mind it
too much though
because I know how important
this is for you.
Amanda knows you have CF.
But I don't think she
understands what that means.
But she's just a sub-leaser.
A sub-leaser who's gonna be here
for the next year.
Just tell her.
It'll make your life easier.
- Hey.
- Hey!
So I just... uh, I just wanted
to talk to you.
Um, I guess you should know
about me.
Well, since we're gonna be
living together,
I just...
Um, I thought
you should know that, um...
I have Cystic Fibrosis.
Yeah, no, yeah.
It's not...
It's not a big deal or anything.
It's just, like, you might see
some, like, equipment,
uh, laying around
or, like, just...
Uh, yeah.
Now that you know,
that is a cool fun fact
that you know about me.
I'll talk to you later.
That's a really good juice,
See ya later.
It's just like it's so much
easier being alone.
You sure?
But you're not alone anymore.
- Hey.
- Mm.
What's up?
Looks like we have
the same idea.
Since when are you
a big drinker?
Quarantine has a tendency
to change things.
Can you just, um,
wipe that down though please?
Uh, okay.
Yeah, can you just
maybe thorough...
Terese, look... I'm not
irresponsible or anything.
Can you stop watching me
like a hawk?
Okay, I'm sorry.
I don't mean to be, like,
backseat cleaning,
but I just... I realized
we haven't had
a proper conversation
about COVID safety procedures
since you've been back, and I...
I really just do need
a little bit more from you.
What, do you want me
to get tested more?
Sure, I mean, getting tested
more would be great,
but by the time
you tested positive,
you would have
already exposed me.
And I'm just trying
to think of ways
we can both avoid exposure
in general.
For me, best practice is
to kind of overreact,
and with CF, it...
Like, I just... I have to be
at a higher alert
for this kind of stuff, so...
It just makes me really anxious.
I can tell.
I realize I should have said
this right when you got back,
but I just need you to be
at the same level
of precaution as me or it...
It's just kind of all
for nothing then.
So what are the rules?
Okay, well everything that comes
into the house
has to be wiped down.
I mean, sanitized completely.
Sanitize your hands.
Wash your hands right after.
Leave all the bags in the trash.
Make sure that you always have
gloves on
whenever you're outside.
Sanitize the gloves
when you have the chance.
Keep your mask on.
I know it...
That was definitely expired.
Maybe I shouldn't have
finished it.
Oh, my God.
Amanda said...
to shoot my shot.
I mean, I guess
it couldn't hurt.
What do I say...?
Uh, how are you?
All alone in this apartment.
Respecting quarantine
to the highest level.
I could really use someone
to keep me company.
Do you know anyone
who's available?
Anyone at all?
I said, "Did you hear
about the protests?"
They're happening down
the street.
Oh, that is what...
Yeah, that's...
That is definitely
what you said.
Um, yes!
Are you going to that?
Are you?
No, 'cause I...
Just 'cause I'm, like, so busy,
and like, my schedule is packed!
This girl's got emails.
Yeah, no, that sounds
really cool though.
Uh, and I hope you have
a lot of fun.
You're plants look
really good... right now.
And your hair.
You left.
Why did I say fun?
Protests aren't fun.
They are important
and necessary,
-but they aren't fun.
Although I guess I wouldn't know
because my fear
of catching COVID and dying
has kept me from attending,
but God...
Now he probably thinks
I am this terrible person
with my packed
fucking schedule, like,
"Sorry, no time to fight
for justice.
I have to pretend
to respond to emails."
I've been on
Like a TracFone
I ain't going back home
Say what I do, trick, yeah,
I think I'm Taxstone
Go where I live, uh,
You gon' need a chaperone
No, I'm lying, gentrifying
Got the Black gone
They put the pills up in your
City 'cause the crack gone
And your ass still
Ain't got no backbone
I've been on
Like a TracFone
I ain't going back home
Say what I do, trick, yeah,
I think I'm Taxstone
Go where I live, oh,
You gon' need a chaperone
Go where I live, oh,
You gon' need a chaperone
Jesus, I didn't know
you were there.
Were you gonna wipe those down
like we talked about?
Yeah, I just...
I got in, and I just...
I forgot.
I'm sorry.
It's just so much to remember.
It's a lot sometimes, I know.
Then why do you do it?
Because I have to.
But you said it yourself;
you're kind of overreacting.
I mean, wiping my fruit down
just doesn't seem
like it should be
that big of a deal.
Well, it is.
The small things matter.
It's just like she makes me feel
like I'm being the selfish one.
It's not fun for me, you know?
Do you think she got it?
Like, when you explained CF
and the COVID dangers
and all that a little bit more?
Maybe I should just go home.
Why, is it a bad idea?
You were just always
so against it.
Yeah, but if there's anyone
who won't flack me
for my control issues,
it's my mom.
Learned from the best.
What the fuck?
I saw your story.
Did you go to a restuarant?
Oh, yeah.
Didn't it look so good?
Why would you do that?
Well, I went to go get take-out
but decided I wanted it hot.
It doesn't matter.
It's not safe.
Well, if it weren't safe,
why would they be open?
Because the American government
is incompetent?
Because the economy has been
deemed more important
than people's health?
Well, you don't even care
about your health.
What are you talking about?
You smoke every single day.
I slack on my treatments,
and I might not take
my meds every day,
but that's kind of none
of your business.
Well, I just think
it's a little hypocritical
that you yell at me
for going out
when you don't even take care
of yourself.
My slacking on a long-term
treatment plan
is nowhere near the same thing
as not wanting to die of COVID.
But I remember you saying
you thought you
could survive COVID.
I was probably being hopeful.
And it's not just
about surviving it.
You know, I could probably live
but my lungs
would never recover.
I... I didn't think that...
You didn't.
Amanda, you should probably
go back to Zack's
and just make both
of our lives easier if you can...
Okay, I'm sorry.
I didn't...
I don't mean to kick you out.
It's just, like, if you can't
take this seriously, then...
I can't go back to Zack's.
The break is kind of indefinite.
We got in a big fight and...
I thought it was just a break,
but he hasn't called or texted
or anything.
So maybe you should call him.
I'm not ready for that.
Um, 'cause...
what if he answers
and confirms that it's over?
Yeah, yeah.
Take your time,
do what you need to do
to get over him.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
And, Amanda,
stick to take-out... please.
Hey, it's me.
Hi, honey!
What a nice surprise.
Is everything all right?
Yes, I'm fine.
I was just...
calling, um,
'cause I was wondering
what it would, like, be like
if I were to come home.
Well, I would love to have you,
of course.
But why?
What's going on?
Um... nothing, I'm fine.
I was just thinking it'd be nice
to have a change of pace.
Okay, sure.
Well, that's exciting.
I could use the company.
Makes me wish
I'd had another kid.
Now, hun, you'll have
to pay for an extra bag
to bring your vest in.
Are you stocked up
on all your meds?
We could just re-order things
once you get here.
So you don't have
to lug 'em all over.
Are you still on Trikafta?
Because that's...
Yeah, I was just
thinking, like, hypothetically.
Um, I don't think
I would wanna leave LA yet.
You know you're always
welcome here, sweetheart.
Yeah, I know, Mom.
Sure he looks like
the perfect man,
but he could be, like,
a serial killer
or worse... a scorpio.
Only one way to find out though.
I'd love it if my bangs could
just not look like barcodes.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- Oh, whoa, sorry, six feet.
- Oh, right, six feet.
How are you?
I'm good, ya know?
I just...
Making like a plant
and photosynthesizing.
Aren't we all?
We're all plants.
So glad to see
that you're a plant guy
'cause I'm a plant girl.
- Really?
- Yes!
Wow, what's your favorite?
Oh, um...
Just so many, I can't even
remember the names.
- It's, like, crazy.
- I know.
The names are hard.
I just like the shapes.
- The shapes are cool.
- Yeah, yeah.
- I love your plants.
- Thanks!
They're super sick.
How long have you
been doing this?
Oh, just from the start
of quarantine.
No way, I would've thought
this was, like,
a many years endeavor.
- No, no, just started.
- Wow.
I think they're
looking pretty good.
I gotta cut a couple
in the back but...
I wish it weren't a pandemic
so I could just ask him out.
I guess that's not stopping
some people,
but I'm not just some people.
Yo, why would anyone
ever use a bowl?
This is so efficient,
and it doesn't dirty any dishes.
Bowl, bowl.
Should I smoke another bowl?
Spoons are like small shovels.
I never thought about that.
Where are you going?
What would you have
to look that nice for?
What if she's going
to see someone?
I'm way too high to talk
about this right now.
I don't want any smoke tonight.
- Except the weed kind.
She's been gone a while.
Yeah, she's, like,
really strict, so...
Who the fuck is that?
I'm Sean.
Shut up.
And get the fuck
out of my house.
- Terese.
- No, keep the mask on!
Why are you still here?
Get out of my house!
Now, please.
What the... who was that?
Um... Sean.
Sean who?
I don't know.
I met him...
You did not go on a Tinder date
in a fucking pandemic.
You told me to do what I had
to do to get over Zack.
Oh, my God.
I meant, like, drink
a bottle of vodka and cry,
like egg his house,
harass him online,
not bring some fucker named Sean
into my house!
Our house.
You're right.
I am so sorry.
We both live here.
You just put us both at risk!
For what, stilted conversation
and a quick fuck?
Amanda, in what world
was this okay?
We've only talked about, like,
wiping things down
- and sticking to takeout...
- Oh, my God.
I thought the "not mingling
with strangers" was implicit.
He tested negative last week.
He tested negative last week?
Anything could've happened
within that last week,
especially if he's going out
on random dates
during a pandemic!
Well, we weren't, like,
coughing on each other.
Are you a fucking idiot?
Are you a fucking idiot?!
I know you're from Arizona,
but I thought you understood,
like, simple science.
You're acting like I want
to give you COVID or something.
You're not trying very hard
to prevent it.
You can go out and be reckless
and irresponsible
and probably get away with it
but if you bring COVID
into this house,
I could die.
A ventilator may have always
been part of my future,
but if you're going
to live here with me,
I need you to make sure
it doesn't become
part of my present.
CF is a lung disease.
If I get COVID,
I could be done for.
This is so serious.
I'm sorry.
This must be so hard for you.
I can't imagine.
Well try to.
And we need to both quarantine
in our rooms
until you can get tested.
As if I weren't confined enough.
Don't worry.
Um, I just wanted
to let you know
that my test came back negative.
That's lucky.
And for what it's worth,
Sean also tested negative.
He sent me a screenshot
when he asked me out again.
Well, have fun with that.
I'm not gonna go out
with him again.
You were right.
It was a stupid thing to do.
I was just so upset over Zack.
But I finally called him,
and we had a really good talk.
Uh, we're back together.
Or still together.
But I think I'm gonna start
staying there again.
Oh, that is so good!
I... that... that's so good
for you guys.
Like, I'm so happy for you guys.
- Wow.
- Yeah.
Um, I think it's for the best.
I'm sorry I made you feel
so unsafe.
I don't wanna
stress you out anymore.
Plus I miss him so much.
It is so hard being lonely
in these times.
Don't I know it.
Uh, I'm gonna go pack.
Yes, yeah.
Go pack.
Go... go pack, girl.
- I'm gonna head out.
- Okay, cool.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Call me Kevin
'cause this bitch
is home alone again.
- Yes!
Check, whoo!
8-3-1, get the money
Gentrify my city,
I think not, graa
What you know about the berry
City let me get it for you
They ain't heard an anthem
For the ville
- So let me spit
- Whoo!
Watsonville been on it
And I call it like I see it
You can get it if you whit it
Baby, 831 the shit
Yeah, yeah,
Hit the highway one
Now we headed
For the boardwalk
Are you home?
I am.
Playing, I'ma have to tat
Ville on my lip
- What you know about the...
- Whoo!
- We headed for the slough...
- Go, girl.
Sippin on that
Pink lemonade Martinelli
Hit me with the sponsor,
know I'm reppin' where I live
Get it for me one time,
Get it for me two times
- Drink it, do it, you can do it.
- I already did!
You can do it, you can do it.
Do it!
Hey! Hey! Hey!
8-3-1, get the money
Gentrify my city,
I think not, graa
See we come get to runnin'
Mobbin' in the ville,
Not the bay
- Whoo!
- Okay.
Sorry, Jeff.
You know what?
I'm not really mad anymore,
More kind of wondering how I...
What's up?
How are you?
There's nothing to watch.
Oh, so it's, like, really
the end of the world then,
isn't it?
Yeah, no, what do I watch?
Maybe you shouldn't keep
binging into eternity, hm?
What else is there to do?
Uh, you could pick up a hobby.
Like crocheting or knitting,
like some retiree?
Binge-watching things
is my hobby.
No, it's not.
It's an avoidance
of productivity.
How profound of you.
I didn't know our therapy
session was today.
- It's not even Tuesday!
- It is Tuesday.
You're right.
This is why you
are my therapist.
Why aren't you rising?
Maybe I should have asked Sydney
before I painted her table.
It looks sick as fuck now.
She's gonna love it.
I have been coughing
more lately.
Makes it kind of hard to deny
that I really need
to do my treatments.
It only takes 30 minutes.
I mean, just, you know, do it.
Just pick it up and...
Bagel Bites.
Bagel Bites.
Oh, my God.
That is amazing.
I know he lost,
but he's just so cute.
And you said
you couldn't find a hobby.
Yeah, well this one is getting
dangerous though
because I'm painting, like,
anything I can get my hands on:
mugs, almost did the wall
the other day...
Oh, my God, furniture.
Uh, your furniture?
Okay, so I have a gift for you.
Yeah, Terese if that shit
doesn't look like it came
straight out of a Pier 1
Imports catalogue,
your ass is off the lease, so...
I'm off the lease.
Whoa, are you...
Are you all right?
Yeah, no, I'm good.
I just cough when I laugh.
Well, that's not normal, is it?
I don't know, maybe I'm just,
like, coming down
with a cold or something.
But you don't think
that it's...?
Um, I hadn't thought about that.
CF Center, this is Angela.
This is Terese Jackson.
Hey, Terese.
What can I do for you?
Are you feeling all right?
Uh, yeah, I'm fine.
Well, I... I do have, like,
a bit of an increased cough
as of recently.
Oh, okay.
Have you had any fever
or headaches
associated with it?
Um, maybe a few headaches,
but no fever.
That I know of.
Have you lost your
sense of taste or smell at all?
Any diarrhea?
Okay, then
it's likely not COVID,
but you should probably
get tested just to be safe.
And definitely let us know
if you start having
any fevers or trouble breathing.
Try to increase
your airway clearance...
What if I do have COVID?
and definitely make
sure you're staying hydrated.
I do have a few
of these symptoms.
But I don't have it.
I'm just being anxious.
I've barely been anywhere
except the grocery store.
I mean, it doesn't hurt
to get tested.
Better safe than sorry, I guess.
I did not expect them
to touch my brain like that.
Oh, I'm fucking exhausted.
I guess that's what happens
when you stay up
till-00 a.m. every night.
Maybe if I just...
close my eyes for a second.
What time is it?
I need to start remembering
to wear deodorant
more in quarantine.
Kind of hard when there's no
one around to smell you.
Why am I so sweaty?
That's... That's what happens
when you break a fever.
No fever, no corona.
I'm just being paranoid.
Dear God.
I don't believe in you,
but please
don't let me have corona.
I just... that would
really suck.
For me.
And for you, and for everyone,
really, um...
Thank you.
Oh, shit.
I mean, um...
And I hope that you're
having a good day.
I'm gonna fucking die.
CF Center, this is Jenny.
Ugh, not her.
She's the worst.
This is Terese.
Um, I was just calling
for Angela
or anybody else
that I can talk to.
Oh, everybody's
already out for the day.
I'm the only one in-clinic.
What's going on?
Are you feeling all right?
Yeah, I just...
I think I have COVID.
Oh, no.
Well, um, have you
gotten tested?
Yesterday actually.
Good, good.
When are you supposed
to hear back?
Two to five days?
Well, definitely let us know
when you get that result back.
Have you been having
any symptoms?
Yeah, I had a cough.
Um, it was a normal cough.
Well, it was a sick cough.
Today, I had a fever.
Yeah, you don't sound good.
You sound really stuffy.
That's 'cause I...
was just crying a little bit.
Oh, honey.
I'm sorry to hear that.
This must be a lot to deal with.
You know, the anxiety alone,
I'm sure.
We've been exposed to COVID
in the hospital,
and it's just such
a terrible disease.
And of course,
having a chronic lung disease
makes it that much more scary,
This must be really tough.
Thanks for reminding me.
So helpful, as always.
Are you still there?
Desperate times call
for desperate measures, I guess.
Damn, I haven't refilled these
in a minute.
Haven't needed to.
Is there any purpose
in wiping these down
if I already have COVID?
Whatever, I'll just give it
the Amanda treatment.
Watch it be useless
anyway though.
My shopper had to have known
I was not doing well
with this order.
What are you wearing?
Looks like a life vest.
Oh, this is my vest.
No, this would not help me
very much in the water.
- Your vest?
Yeah, like for my treatments.
Like my airway clearance.
Or whatever.
Oh, right, right.
I feel like I've never
seen you wear that before.
Yeah, probably
'cause I wear it in my room
when I actually do treatments.
Are you okay?
I just, like, um...
I feel like, just, like,
I may have COVID.
Oh, my God.
Uh, why do you think that?
I don't know, well,
I had that cough,
and then I... I spiked a fever,
and, um...
I've just been feeling
really shitty.
And, like, I have
some other symptoms, so...
But you haven't tested positive.
Not yet.
I took a test two days ago.
Uh-huh, and how long till they,
um... you get that back?
Two to five days.
But you can't know it's COVID
until you get the results back,
Yeah, I just... I don't know what
else it would be though.
- You know?
- Right.
Well, um, I'm so sorry
that you're feeling so shitty
and that you're alone.
That's so scary.
Do you want me to come
and take care of you?
It's only a three-hour drive.
It's really...
No, it's fine.
I wouldn't wanna expose you.
Have you told your mom?
I just... I don't
wanna worry her,
and, like, have her
calling me like...
Terese, you're gonna be fine.
Right about now
would be a great time
for my test results
to come back.
Well, at least I don't
have it that bad.
Maybe I got away
with a mild case.
I've managed to not have
a mental breakdown today.
I'd like to keep that streak up.
There is nothing more infurating
than watching young,
dumb people flaunt
parties and bars on social media
in the middle
of a fucking plague.
I barely go out,
and I don't see anyone,
but I still somehow got COVID
from, like,
running errands or something.
And these idiots probably
won't even get infected
because karma is a bitch.
And not in the way
I want it to be.
It's been six days.
Where the fuck are
those fucking test results?
Hello, LA County testing site.
- This is Terrence.
- Yeah, hi.
Um, I got tested on Thursday,
and I still haven't gotten
my results.
Okay, yeah,
so we're pretty overwhelmed
at the moment.
I can't look
into anything for you
unless it's been seven days.
Yeah, I just feel really awful,
and I really need to know
if I have COVID.
Yeah, well,
if your symptoms worsen,
you should seek
professional help
and go to an ER if you start...
Having trouble breathing.
Yeah, thanks, Terrence.
Really fucking helpful.
I probably should have said
that last part in my head.
Poor baby.
Are you drunk?
- Gas station sushi.
Can I help you?
Or do you need... I don't know...
Do you need more soy sauce,
I'm not gonna die.
I'm not gonna die.
I'm not gonna die.
I'm not gonna die.
I thought if I just lived
my life how I wanted to,
it would be worth it in the end.
I'm not ready for it
to be the end.
Okay, I was only out
for two minutes.
That's not too bad.
Or is it?
Oh, fuck.
What difference does it make?
This is Dr. Samuels.
I'm on call tonight.
What seems to be the issue?
Hello, uh, yeah,
I think I have COVID.
Have you been tested?
Uh, yeah, about a week ago.
It hasn't come back yet.
Um, but I've had a fever
and symptoms all week.
Um, and I have a really tight
pressure on my chest.
Um, and my hands are tingly.
And I think I just passed out.
You think?
I did.
I did.
And you're a CF patient, right?
- Yes
- Okay.
I think we should bring you in
to check you out
and see if you need
to be admitted.
We'll be able to test you
again for COVID
as well as a fall flu panel.
But you just passed out,
so I wouldn't recommend
for you to operate
a vehicle right now.
Do you have anyone who could
bring you to the hospital?
Why didn't you tell me?
That you were sick?
I didn't tell anyone.
Well, except Syd.
It must be so scary for you.
It is.
That's partially why
I didn't tell anyone
because everyone telling me
how scary it is
doesn't make it any less scary.
It's okay.
Why didn't you tell me
about Zack
right when you got back?
I thought that
if I made a big deal out of it,
then it would have been real.
And also...
We don't talk.
We could.
Could we?
I know I didn't know you
that well
before I moved in,
but you never tried very hard
to change that.
And then things got so tense
when I came back from Zack's.
You just... didn't understand.
You're right.
I didn't un...
I don't understand.
You've always acted like CF
was no big deal.
You never actually told me
what it was.
I'm not good at, like,
explaining the science of it.
And you're not even
from Arizona.
Sorry about that.
I guess I just...
I envy how little you have
to care about all of this.
I know.
I wish I could go out
and see my friends.
Go to restaurants and just...
feel invincible like
everybody else I know.
But I'm not.
I've never been invincible.
Especially now.
Thanks again.
Your oxygen and EKG look good,
and your chest x-ray
is actually better
than the last time you had one.
So I feel fine to send you home.
You probably passed out
from dehydration.
Just keep drinking plenty
of fluids.
We should have
your results tomorrow.
Someone from the clinic
will call you,
and we will go from there.
Thank you.
Hey, Terese.
It's Angela from the CF Clinic.
How are you doing?
Um, I'm all right.
I'm tired.
I heard you had a late night
at ATC.
That's why I'm calling.
Your test results came back!
And let me just
pull them up here...
Let's see.
I think it's in here...
And you are...
negative for COVID!
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God, so what do I have?
What's wrong with me?
You did test positive
for rhinovirus.
You had a cold?
I just had a fucking cold!
Just a fucking cold.
Worst cold of my life,
but, like, it wasn't COVID.
Wait, don't say that!
- Please.
Yeah, I know.
I was already taking
very few risks,
but this has convinced me
to be just a complete hermit
and never go outside ever again
in my life.
Ah, good.
I'm glad to hear it.
'Cause you can't die before me.
Should I tell her
I probably will anyway?
No need to sour the mood.
I'll be very kind to her
in my will.
It's so funny though.
The irony in getting
another viral illness
during a padnemic,
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Syd, I coughed,
and I didn't die though.
I broke the trope.
Never mind.
I'll tell you sometime.
Dude, where did
rhinovirus even come from?
Some guy probably
got freaky at the zoo.
Back to normal now.
Well, as normal as normal is
when there's a global pandemic,
America isn't containing it,
and you're stuck
in your house all alone.
But it's not a grave.
So I'll take it.
I got the flow now
Okay with being
All alone now
I feel the plasma
In my bones now
No, wet!
Trust in myself,
Don't need no commentary
Most people dead...
-Don't mean a cemetery
Rice Krispies
In the morning
Can't stop this party
I ain't got nothing to lose
So you know I gotta win
Do it for the fam
Do it for the friends
-Do it for the kids
I'm guess I'm just
Taking advantage
I'm guess I'm just going
Through changes
I got the flow now
Okay with being
All alone now
Oh, shit.
I feel the plasma
In my bones now
Trust in myself,
Don't need no commentary
Most people dead
Don't mean a cemetery
Rise Krispies
In the morning
Can't stop this party
Who the fuck am I kidding?
Hey, honey.
Happy almost birthday!
Oh, my gosh.
You are so right.
That is so soon.
Did you forget
your own birthday?
Of course not.
Well, do you have any plans?
It's a pandemic, Mom.
Where am I about to go?
Glad to hear
you're not going out,
but you should do something!
You can order
a nice Postmates on me.
Something you'd consider...
You say bougie in LA, you don't
know what you're in for, Mom.
- But thank you.
Anything new, sweetheart?
Uh... no.
Well, I did have a bit
of a cold actually.
You don't think it's COVID,
do you?
Made sure of that.
I got tested.
It came back negative.
And I've been feeling
a lot better
as of recently too, so...
Oh, that's a relief!
Tell me about it.
You know, but I've been
really good actually.
Applying for a job
I might actually like.
I'm getting it through a friend,
so we'll see.
Oh, my gosh.
Guess what I did.
I tried to make bread.
I found this recipe online...
Happy birthday to you
- Yeah!
- Happy birthday, Terese!
- Nice.
- Thank you!
I'm just 23.
It's not that exciting.
Hey, it's your Jordan birthday!
- That's right!
- Wow.
If only I cared about sports.
Still, this is kind of, like,
Uh, how much
is that edible again?
50 milligrams?
100 maybe?
Oh, I should know that.
Oh, my God.
- I should know that.
- Ugh.
You could've just said "Fuck it"
and gone to some outdoor bar
or something.
What a privilege.
I wish!
I'm good though.
Well, you already
survived COVID once.
None of us would want you
to take that chance again.
Yeah, I don't think any of us
should be taking those kind
of chances.
That was definitely
enough excitement to last me
the rest of quarantine.
And enough fear for the rest
of my life, so...
Wait, I thought you
didn't end up having COVID.
She didn't.
She's just hella dramatic.
- No, I thought I had it!
Which means I don't wanna
actually get it
and go through that again.
Hey, that will not happen.
Because I refuse to believe
the world can be that cruel.
Here's hoping.
- Cheers!
- Happy freakin' birthday!
- To the birthday girl!
- Whoo!
I love you guys.
- Let's get it.
- But seriously...
Check how many
milligrams that was.
- Um, it's too late.
I ate all of it.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
She's gone.
My body will count 'em
and let me know...
It's too late to stop it though.
But, like, don't get in a car.
Where would I go?
Get in a car?
Where would I go?
Sanding it off
Taking it down
Playing dead
Cried and I coughed
Won't say anything
I'm letting it go
Can't see what's coming
I'm half-awake from here
Like a bird on a window
As blood drips down my ear
Do you see
How it goes
When you break
When I'm wrong
Catch myself
All alone
Talking shit
To my self
Can't see what's coming
I'm half-awake from here
Like a bird on a window
Its blood drips down my ear
We all need something
Now it's a bit more clear
I'm always face-down
It's over, over again