Never Fear (1950) Movie Script

One and two and one...
Timeout, honey.
I've got birds in my stomach.
I wish nine o'clock would get here.
Relax. And take five.
One... two... three... four...
five... six... seven... eight.
And one. And two.
And one. And two.
That's enough for now, honey.
Guy, I wish you hadn't changed
that step at last minute.
I'm going to fall flat my face with it.
Oh, forget it and relax a little.
Have a pickle.
Ah, I love you.
You're no good, see.
Baby, you shouldn't talk like that.
Come on.
How did you wrangle them this time?
Well, this wasn't like
the orchid job I pulled in Phoenix.
That one had a certain finesse.
I was at the bottom. But I was broke.
And suddenly 3000 gardenias
passed in front of my eyes.
And I went out like a light.
And when I came to, I was clutching
a couple of them in my hot little hands.
And I love you.
Wouldn't it be wonderful if Russell
could get us a spot at the Wilshire?
What a showcase, huh?
Oh, I hope they like us.
Like us?
I can see us a couple of years
from now, baby.
We're in the South of France.
Everybody's crazy about us.
We're up to our ears in dough.
And turning down offers
like down like mad.
Our next stop's London.
We're a sensation, of course.
Then we take vacation.
Then, nothing but gondolas
for us far as you can see.
Back to New York.
Take in all the shows.
And open at the Copa.
Oh, yes.
Suppose we lay an egg tonight.
How can you say those things?
Well, look at how long
we've been working. Where's it got us?
Look. We weren't good enough.
We needed this time.
And every minute of it.
Now I think we're ready.
I got a feeling this is going to be it.
Really it.
Oh, what a man!
Come on, man. Back to the grind.
How do you expect me to count?
All right. Let's take it
from where the foils hit the ground now.
Oh, no. Honey, no.
I know it.
I just can't seem to get what you want.
Yes you can! And don't go to pieces.
All I want you to do is cut down
on the step when you travel towards me.
They'll make it so broad.
It looks ugly.
You're the one I'm trying to sell.
Well, don't snap at me.
Baby, I don't mean to.
It's just that it's our closing number.
And I want you to look great.
Will you do it, please?
All right.
That's it!
That's it!
How was it?
Now will you try it again?
All right.
It's me, honey.
Come in.
For you, baby.
Oh, Guy.
I bought them. So help me, come here.
We made it! We made it!
Made what?
Bresla, the booking agent
from the Wilshire.
He went out and came back
to my room big as life.
And we're in the Wilshire for two weeks.
Count them, baby. Two weeks.
Tonight, we celebrate.
Go on now. You got a date!
Wait a minute.
Give me something to keep me going.
Don't overdo it, will you?
All right. Go on.
I've got my own costume to take care of.
Oh, sure, honey.
Come on. Hurry up.
Water's getting cold.
Wasn't that refreshing?
Here's a towel.
Hey I got some food for you.
Thank you.
Sit down and make yourself comfortable.
Good enough?
Put a little silk
behind your ears for good luck.
My folks used to spit about it
before was too late.
They used to say the great fun.
Looking at you. For years and years.
For years.
You know you got the darndest mouth.
In all crooks up at the corner.
It can drive a man crazy.
Not for now. That your quota.
Now listen to me.
I'm listening.
Okay. What's the verdict?
Guy, it's the most beautiful thing
I've ever seen!
- You paid for it?
- Mmm-hmm.
Well. You know what I mean.
Don't worry, honey.
You won't have to wait for me
while I do a stretch.
I paid cash.
And when I get back to LA,
I'm gonna pay cash for the license too.
Of course, there's the matter
of getting your father's consent.
And proof that I can earn
a couple of bucks
in case you get tired of hoofing.
I thought you'd never ask me.
What took you so long?
I always knew
you really had talent as a dancer.
I just wanted to be sure that
I could keep up with you, that's all.
Is that what it was?
Who has all the ideas for the routines?
Who designs my costumes?
Who sees that I eat enough?
Get enough sleep? You do.
Well, don't get sore.
What would I do without you?
How do I know
you're gonna put me in shows?
You're gonna be one of the most
important men in our business.
You wanna be my agent?
I'm so happy I don't know what to say.
Then why don't you be different
from other women in shut up, huh?
You know something?
This number will work
with our swing waltz routine.
Remember the arrangement
that Lucille made of it the other night?
Well, I wanna pinch the idea.
Sound good to you, baby?
Now I know what I want.
What is it, honey? What's the matter?
Oh, Guy, I feel so sick.
What do you mean? What's wrong?
I don't know. I just...
I hurt all over. And my head hurts.
You're burning up.
Come on.
I'm going to take you to a doctor.
Stand up, will you?
Come on.
Now, my dear.
All right.
The neck is very stiff, isn't it?
All right, now.
Where are her parents?
Her father lives in Los Angeles.
And her mother passed away
a couple of years ago.
The young lady's been working
very hard, hasn't she?
Yeah, we've been putting in long hours.
Doing two shows a night.
And rehearsing in the day.
Yes. And probably not
getting enough sleep.
She's getting chilled
after rehearsals, huh?
Yeah, I guess so.
Now. How long did you say
you had that sore throat?
A couple of days.
Headaches. So many.
I just want to sleep all the time.
Yes, I see.
I'll be right back.
All right, doc.
Oh, Guy.
Don't worry, honey. Don't worry.
I love you.
I love you!
Long distance.
I want the General Hospital
in Los Angeles. And hurry!
General Hospital?
Admissions office, please.
This is Dr. Hugh Taylor
in Balboa speaking.
I'm sending a patient right in.
Her name is Miss Carol Williams.
That's correct.
Oh, she'll be there
in about an hour and a half.
Suspected polio.
You know you should be
bringing me flowers.
They had me quarantined for 14 days.
During which time, I found out
he stock market was down three points.
Our division chief is getting married.
And Paris has stood
for two inches shorter.
By the way, my folks
send their love from Buffalo.
Hey, they lined up a television show.
That sounds wonderful, Guy.
Well, the rest has done you good.
Always said this man
worked you too hard.
Aw, she's a goldbrick.
Breakfast in bed type, you know.
You just like to be pale
and interesting and lengthy.
Well, got some things to clear up
downstairs in the records office.
I'll leave you two alone for a while.
Oh, dad, you don't have to do that
I'm allowed. lll be right back.
Talk of little sense into her, Guy.
What did he mean, talk a little sense?
Will you shut up?
I just want to look at you.
You know, they're gonna love you
at the Wilshire.
Guy, the Wilshire's out.
The doctor didn't have to tell me that.
But, Carol, I...
Please, Guy. Let's not fairytale this.
I can take it.
Be kind of nice,
staying my own bed at home.
No rehearsals.
No costumes.
Nice life.
Look, Carol. You're not going home.
Your dad and I talked to the doctor too.
He gave us the name of a couple places
that'll put you right back
on your feet again.
Honey, this is just the beginning.
We even got you a private room.
Sure. It's the greatest place
you ever saw.
And, baby. When they're through
with you, you'll walk out of there.
I'll never walk or dance again.
I'm no good to anyone anymore.
You've gone
to a lot of trouble for nothing.
Can't you understand?
I just want to be left alone.
Yes, darling.
That's the way you feel now.
But I know my girl.
You're not the kind that gives up.
Are you?
Going up?
Front of the car, please.
How's the fleas today, Len.
The flies don't like them.
And fleas won't have
anything to do with them.
It's pretty tough.
Floor, please?
Five, please.
See you later, Gus.
Oh, Kurt. How's the boy?
- Okay, Len.
- Good.
Which way is 506?
Just tag along and follow me.
Did you hear what I heard?
- What's a fleas?
- You got me.
Hello, Bert.
How are those lessons coming along?
Fine, Carl.
- Miss Williams?
- Mmm-hmm.
Here we are. End of the line.
This is nice, isn't it, honey?
Very nice.
You got a private room,
just as we told you.
I'll be fine. Thanks, Kurt.
Yeah, this will work out too.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
They can stay a while, Miss Williams.
Would you mind
giving me a few days to get settled?
I think I'd like
a little time to myself.
Sure, honey.
You bet, Carol.
Now you will try, won't you?
You see, you're the only woman I have.
I need you.
I just want to be left alone.
I am.
Quite alone.
License please.
Now, all right.
Thank you, Miss Freda.
Now, first thing
after breakfast tomorrow morning,
you'll you meet Eliza March.
She'll be your physical therapist.
I'll outline to her a whole program
of muscle re-education for you.
And if you respond
the way I think you will,
later on, you'll have some work
in the gym with Red Dawson.
He's our corrective therapist.
Some of us in this room
used to make a big mistake.
A mistake?
More of a human error
that a medical one.
We didn't tell the patients
the whole truth.
We let false hopes grow.
And that was dangerous.
Go ahead and say it, doctor.
I know it already.
I don't think you do.
You're going to walk.
Walk again?
Walk again?
You heard me say that here.
You have quite a long pull ahead of you.
And you'll have help. Lots of it.
Now just don't try to go too fast.
Don't get ahead of yourself.
You'll just build up disappointment.
I see.
Thanks for telling me the truth.
I haven't told you everything, my dear.
Not yet.
Doctors don't make miracles, Carol.
We're learning more all the time
about the human body.
But all of our knowledge
doesn't mean a thing
unless the mind and the heart
are healthy.
There must be a will to walk.
I'll try. But I don't really believe.
It sounds odd I know for a doctor
to talk of his own troubles.
I wanted to be a surgeon once.
But I interned
in a polio ward back east.
A surgeon needs
the full use of his right hand.
I thought of giving up altogether.
But I wouldn't trade
what I'm doing now for anything.
Now you'll be fine.
You may want one of these later.
You want the door open or closed?
Leave it open.
I may as well see what's going on.
Hey, what's going on here?
Go away!
Got a cigarette, please?
Shut the door, please.
If you're gonna cry all the time
and make a pest of yourself,
why don't you keep the door closed?
Get out!
Oh, brother!
Go on! Get out!
I'm going. I'm going!
Now let's go.
You know, Carol.
In a few weeks, we'll teach
those muscles to work all over again.
Now again, pull up.
But don't be so impatient.
It takes time.
You can't force them
before they're ready.
Now hold.
Hold it.
Hold it.
Now let go.
You probably won't believe
this now either. But
in a few days, this won't hurt anymore.
I'll take your word for it.
Okay now. Up again.
I don't care what Mr. Church told you.
He's not running this organization.
No. That deadbeat? I wouldn't give
him a dime for a cup of coffee.
I would give him the right time.
Oh, no!
Nobody's gonna make it
jump out of B.S. Brownlee.
Why, he's eight payments
behind right this minute!
He doesn't even cut his grass.
What kind of a Happy Home is that?
Oh, no.
Can I help you?
I don't know.
My name is Richards. Guy Richards.
I had an appointment with Mr. Brownlee.
No, I'm telling you
that Friday is E Day.
E is for eviction
No, he's got to go!
Out in the street! That's right!
Furniture and everything!
That's my final word.
No thanks.
No, that's my final word, I said.
Look just a minute.
At midtown, the Central ready yet?
Oh, yes, Mr. Brownlee.
Now I don't want
to discuss this any further.
It's safe now.
- NO!
- Good luck.
No, I tell you!
No, well, he's got
to meet his payment back...
No, goodbye!
Oh, Mr. Richards?
I'm very glad to know you.
Have a chair.
Well, I suppose you want one
of our Happy Homes, huh?
Ah, yes-siree.
They're little dandies, all right.
Oh, yes, I would like one. But...
Well, that's fine.
You know, you're very wise man.
You're making a very smart move.
A Happy Home is one of the wisest
investments a man can make.
Oh, I know what you're worried about.
The payments.
Now if you're a veteran,
we can make things very easy for you.
We mustn't forget what those boys
did for us over there, must we?
What you don't know...
Unfortunately I didn't get
into the trouble myself.
I was a 4F.
- Punctured eardrum, you know.
- Yes, but...
Bud c'est la guerre.
Oh, have a cigar!
Mr. Brownlee, but you don't
seem to understand is...
I'm a veteran who wants to help you
SELL those Happy Homes.
Help me sell them?
Well... I can sell
Happy Homes like hotcakes.
Yeah? What makes you so sure?
You been in this business very long?
I've never been in it.
That's why I'm fresh.
Full of energy. I get ideas!
Have you got a license?
A license? What kind of license?
What kind of a license?
Oh, you're fresh all right.
You're so fresh, you're green.
Don't you know you've
got to have a license in this business?
Otherwise it would be full of chiselers.
I'll get one.
No wait a minute. Not so fast.
I haven't hired you yet.
What line of business
have you been in up to now?
- Show business.
- Show business?
What did you do in show business?
- I was a dancer.
- A dancer?
Well, look, kid.
Why don't you go back to your dancing
and leave this business to me, huh?
Mr. Brownlee,
if you let me walk out that door,
you're going to miss out
on a big hunk of man power.
You got to keep an open mind this world.
Well, if you told me you were
a dancer, I'd give you a try.
You would, huh?
Sure. You might be
another Astaire, who knows?
Take me.
I might make history for Happy Homes.
And you'd never know it.
All right. I'll never know it.
Look, Brownlee. Just percentage.
Pardon me for interrupting.
But I forgot to tell you.
Mr. Judd will be in today.
No. Why not?
Well, it's kind of a long story.
And the same one.
Well don't tell it to me.
I don't want to hear it.
I'll show him.
You're hired.
I don't know why I'm doing this.
But I had my head examined.
You start tomorrow.
Oh, thanks, Mr. Brownlee.
I'll help you pick it up.
Well, you certainly got off
to a great start.
All right. All right. I'll do it.
Go along, will you?
I'll see you tomorrow morning.
- Thanks. Thanks a lot.
- Yeah.
Stretch. Stretch it.
That's all for today, kids.
We'll try again tomorrow.
All right, Carol.
I'll get your chair for you.
Now easy does it.
There we go.
There we are.
Now, Carol.
I'd like you to meet an old pal of mine.
Cute girl you got there.
I was going to introduce you to her.
But maybe I'm a little late.
Oh, I get around.
You know, we might have a date sometime.
If I can learn
how to get on a bus first.
How are you doing?
Oh, I'm having the time of my life.
Well, uh. I'll leave you two
to talk things over.
Now bend your knees, Carol.
Come on, pull.
Pull it apart.
And hold it.
Hold it.
Hold. And let go.
All right. Pull it up again.
Come on. Pull hard.
Pull hard.
There. You did that!
You mean I did it all by myself?
Yes, you did.
I didn't help you at all.
Nice work, Carol.
I'll take you off wheels.
And put you on crutches.
Out, you come.
Listen, honey.
This isn't the English Channel.
Now don't be too eager and overdo it.
Out, you come.
You want to be all pooped out
for the picnic this afternoon?
And that goes for you too, Josie.
Yes, sir.
Women! They can drive you crazy, honey.
You won't give me any trouble
after we're married, will you?
That's my girl.
Whenever I went to take a siesta,
there's only one place I wanna go.
A little place down below the border.
To Guana Juato, Mexico.
But if I mention Guana Juato.
You say "Oh, no no no no no. "
I say "Caramba!"
Don't say we've going
To where you always wanna go.
Oh, why must we always go to Guaymas?
When I wanna go to Guana Juato.
Why must you always win?
Oh, why must I give in?
Why must we always go to Guaymas?
Why must you always play at Guaymas?
When I like to play at Guana Juato?
Why must you play and play?
Why must I stay and stay?
Oh, why must we always go to Guaymas?
Where is Guaymas?
- Mexico.
- Oh.
Guana Juato is the place I wanna go.
Guana Juato. Guana Juato.
In the land of gay old Mexico.
Why must we always go to Guaymas?
When I wanna go to Guana Juato?
Why must you always win?
Why must I gave in?
Oh, why must we always go to Guaymas?
Guana Juato.
Guana Juato.
Guana Juato is the place I wanna go.
Guana Juato.
Guana Juato.
In the land of gay old Mexico.
Why must we always go to Guaymas?
Tell me what's in it.
It's nothing.
Just a little something I picked up.
Can I open it now?
No. Open it later. You won't like it.
I won't like it?
You know everything that I had in mind.
A lot of stuff on it. Pieces of lace.
Stuff and lace?
I don't do well in stores.
I just want a little present
to celebrate.
Hold tight, honey.
I finally got a job.
With a real estate outfit.
Happy Homes, Inc. Not bad, huh?
Guy, you can't do that.
You've got a career ahead of you.
You work too hard to give it up.
Don't be silly. This is
just a fill-in until you get well.
I will get well, darling.
I know I will.
Why, Dr. Middleton said
I can start on crutches anytime now.
Oh, what did I tell you?
Keep that ring polished up.
It's going to a wedding.
Are you sure
you're not doing this just for me?
You will take any offers
you get, won't you?
Of course not. I don't want
to stick out my neck without you.
Anyway, I'm a big man
in the real estate game.
You wouldn't fool me, would you?
You talk too much.
Cut it out, will you?
You heard what the man said.
Say you wouldn't happen to know who won
the eighth at Santa Anita, would you?
Oh, well. Better to live in ignorance.
I wish we were alone.
I'd like to really hold you close.
Oh, me too.
Oh, darling.
I feel almost beautiful.
I wish you could see
how beautiful I feel.
I'm going to work hard.
I'm going to do it my way.
For you, darling.
I want to be perfect when I'm with you.
I want you to look at me.
And see me as complete.
And whole as you are.
That's what I want.
I'll show you.
I'll walk now.
I won't wait.
I won't!
Now this picture, Pete.
The fleap packs his bag
in the dead of night.
See? And leaves Fleaville.
"I'll show 'em," he says to himself.
"I'm gonna go out and look for gold.
In the desert. "
I'm going to come back to Fleaville.
The richest fleap in the world.
Does he?
Not so fast.
It doesn't come till tomorrow.
Now don't you tell the other kids that
I told you this bedtime story before
they get a chance to hear it.
I promise.
All right.
Now you just watch me
put the finishing touches on it here.
Then you got to scram.
Brown's probably looking
for you right now.
Go on. Scram.
Oh, hello.
No, thanks.
What'd you have in mind?
Nothing at all.
That's what I thought.
What on earth would that be?
I'd like you to meet the fleap.
A cross between a flea and a fly.
It sprang out of here.
The kids are responsible.
I told them a bedtime story at night.
And once I get stuck for an idea.
So that's how the fleap was born.
You see, he's a flea nora fly.
And it drives him bats to be nothing.
So he sets out to prove to the world
that someday he'll be something.
Get it?
Oh, sure. Sure.
You know you're really
quite a character.
Am I?
It's none of my business. But they're
worried about you around here.
Dr. Middleton. Red.
Pretty nearly everyone.
See, you started out so well.
Really trying.
Then you just gave up.
Now don't snap my head off.
But you're wasting their time.
Yours too.
I've got plenty of time.
Maybe you have.
But you're keeping
a lot of other people out of here.
People who really have
some fight in them.
I'm sorry.
That was a little rough.
Forgive me?
There's nothing to forgive.
I deserved it.
Come on now. Make me feel better.
Give out with just one little smile?
It won't hurt you.
All right.
What's so funny?
Take it easy.
I was just thinking
how I loused up a good railroad once.
You see when it hit me.
The fever, I mean.
I kept right on working.
I was an assistant freight dispatcher.
You know you route the cars
to their proper destination.
Oh, brother, I certainly had a fever.
A carload of oranges going to Chicago
wound up in Seattle
I sent 75 autos back to Detroit
where they started.
How's that?
You think you'll ever get the job back?
Oh, sure. They were nice about it.
They're kind of fond of me too.
You'll be surprised what you'll do when
you've made up your mind to live again.
Hey, I've got an idea.
I'm going to take you to dance.
- A dance?
- Sure.
I'm going to take you
to our square dance Saturday night.
Ever done any square dancing?
And I don't think you're very funny.
But I'm serious.
We have them all the time.
Come on. How about it?
I have to go now.
See you Saturday night.
I wouldn't count on it.
Right on in to a right ring bend.
With the bridegrooms left
all around the ring.
Hand over hand with a dear little thing.
Keep on going around the square.
Go all around the ladies fair.
Now keep on going
till you meet your mate.
Wheel right around and promenade.
Stick to the right.
Go around the world.
Go all around
with the sweet little girl.
Take a little right around the ring.
Go all around the cute little thing.
Bring your pretty back to the bar.
Guess who's walking the farmer's dog.
And the bride and the king
and the fool and the frog.
Back to the left. And don't get lost.
Pass your partner. Pick up the pace.
With a wild ride,
it's a full time race.
Round and around and around you go.
Ladies and gentlemen,
the right turn's on.
Back to the right. But not too far.
Just keep on going
right where you are
I can't do it.
Len, get me out of here.
You can do it. Come on.
Round you go. Good old stuff.
Come on.
Promenade around the town.
Promenade to the center of the whole.
Beats the hand you can't control.
Ladies go right. And the gents go left.
Wouldn't want to have
to steal their heft.
From A-Z, it's an additional bar.
Through the woods to see Grandpa.
Keep on going on down the valley.
Allemande left. You're doing fine.
Ladies go around. Pick your partner.
Gonna have a place
with their own backyard.
Face your gal across the steps.
Front your partners on the left.
Everybody face the middle.
And let some kid play big bass fiddle.
Everybody forward and back.
Keep the time with a Wickity Wack.
Hey, just go right and round.
Keep on going on inside out.
Outside couple right and back.
I'll get back on the same old track.
Here we go on the old man's ride.
I will go on the aqua track.
Inside couple, left and round.
Keep on going to Eastern town.
Outside couple, left and back.
Yes, I go on the same old track.
Steer to the right.
And hope for the best.
Now weather-vane around.
And keep her hep.
Now spread that weather-vane
way out wide.
The wind's a-blowing
from the other side.
Ladies go under and turn right around.
And everyone rides
on the merry-go-round.
Half came back to the land you know.
The boys go around with a do-si-do.
Ladies go free in a do-si-do.
With a Eenie Meenie Minie Moe.
And all one more doe and on you go.
One for the Hamburg around you go.
Now don't you step on my big toe.
Now please her, Levi. Grab her, Joe.
Grab her legs and let her go.
Now move her legs. Now don't give way.
Now meet the partner with the lace.
Now grab your honey and promenade.
One to the right. And one to the left.
Have some eggs. She'll do her best.
Give some extra down the line.
Allemande left. You're doing fine.
Allemande right around the side.
Swing her high and swing her wide.
Go right into a right turn slow.
Now back on the left. But not too far.
With a right and over.
The ladies in the back.
Boys to the left. And hold it in.
Now jump right along
like Eastern kin.
You can't put her down.
She's a pretty little thing.
Hello, baby.
Hello, Guy.
Hey, you look terrific.
For you.
You know Len, don't you?
Sure. How are you, Len?
Thanks a lot for the use of your girl.
Don't say that too often.
Please don't go, Len!
Now, look.
I'll see you in a little while.
I never saw anyone as cute as you
getting bottled up there.
Yes. It must've been a million laughs.
I guess I shouldn't have barged in.
But I had to see you.
I want to talk to you.
I'd rather stay here.
You better pass me a safety belt.
We're going places.
Maybe they'll go away soon.
Not really.
Looks like they're
dug in for the summer.
Things are slow
getting started at first. But...
All the houses
are starting to sell like hot cakes.
Then the commissions will roll in.
And who knows?
It looks like we may own
a string of Happy Homes.
That isn't all.
I've got something that's been burning
a hole in my pocket all week long.
I asked you to marry me?
Your wedding ring.
How about it?
How about nothing, Guy?
I'm not for you.
It can't work.
What's wrong, baby?
What happened to you, Carol?
Last week, you were...
That was last week...
when I was kidding myself.
Kidding yourself?
Thinking I could walk.
Maybe even dance again.
Now I found out.
I don't understand.
I'm sorry, Guy.
I... I couldn't live up to them.
And stop kidding yourself like I did.
It's no good.
I mean selling houses isn't for you.
Find yourself a new partner. And...
And forget everything else.
This is the first time
I ever saw that ham come out of you.
There's more to living then
twirling around a dance floor, you know.
We could make a go of this.
We could both try and make a go of it.
I'm pretty sure there
wouldn't be anything left for us.
Just two people, putting up a front.
I don't know what's happened to you.
But whatever it is.
I thought you had more guts.
Stop it, Guy. Stop it.
I don't want you to carry me up and
down stairs for the rest of your life.
I don't want you to turn into
a nursemaid because I'm helpless.
And I'm glad you came tonight.
You got a look into the future.
You saw me... being clumsy.
Haven't you seen enough?
Don't try to make up my mind for me.
I know what I want.
To do my own thing.
Maybe someday you'll learn that
when two people love each other,
they don't stop loving each other
when things go wrong.
Leave me alone, Guy!
I just want to be left alone.
Carol, are you crazy?
What's the matter with you?
I am a cripple, Guy.
That's what's the matter with me!
I'm not going to let you do this.
I'm not" do you hear?
I said goodbye.
Listen to me!
Please go.
Just remember though,
they'll always fit.
So long, baby.
I'm so sorry.
Now I'm sorry for you.
You know you really are mixed up.
Tomorrow night, you'll see
the fleap rescue a stagecoach.
Say good night to them now.
Good night, Fleap.
Good night, Len.
Good night.
Well. Hello.
I haven't missed a night in a long time.
I've been so wrong, Len.
Gee, Lonnie, that's wonderful.
You're certainly improving.
Carol Williams.
Carol Williams,
please report to Dr. Middleton's office.
I wonder what that is?
I'll be right back.
All right, Bill.
Here's your pass for the weekend.
Now behave yourself.
- I will, doctor.
- So long.
Now if all my patients were like that
Gotta pass through.
Hello, Carol. Come in.
I want to talk to you.
Please come in.
Hello, Carol.
I have a little prescription for you,
Mr. Richards has asked
if he can take you for a drive.
Please, honey.
I've got the top down.
It's just like spring outside.
No. Thanks all the same.
After all, I'm here, Doc.
Run along while the sun's still warm.
But, Dr. Middleton...
Come on. Let's go.
Thanks, Doc.
Not at all.
You look wonderful.
Do I?
You getting along all right?
Yeah. Yeah, fine.
How about you?
How's the job going?
Great. Great.
Don't be silly.
You think hearing that bothers me?
Turn it up.
Let's cut this out.
You don't know how
I've wanted to be near you.
Day after day,
I wanted to hold you like this.
And you know you felt that way too.
Haven't you?
- Let me go.
- No!
I don't care what you want any more.
Carol, be a woman for me.
You don't know how I needed you.
I can't be a woman for you.
Not the kind I want to be.
I told you we were through.
And I meant it.
Why can't you leave me alone?
Why did you have to come back to me?
You're a tough little girl,
aren't you, Carol?
I didn't realize
how tough you were until just now.
I pity the next guy you walk over.
Because you will, baby!
Take me back!
I wasn't the cause
of what happened to you.
I have cut off my arm if it did
happen to me, but it didn't.
It was just a rotten break. That's all.
But it happens to people
every day of the week.
They've just got to have
guts enough to face it.
Take me back!
Sure. I'll take you back
with the greatest of pleasure.
Right back to those four stinking
little walls you built around yourself!
Woo that's smart.
Maybe it's just sick or it's selfish.
Not that people
will sit around and hope and wait.
How dare you say things like that to me!
How dare you!
Yeah, that's right, baby.
Who am I to open up my big mouth?
Forget it
Back you go!
You know you could get me fired.
I knew where he kept it all the time.
- Have one?
- Nuh-uh.
Got a match?
I wish I could say
I'm sorry about what happened today.
Think nothing of it.
I'm not the type for this business.
Come on. Have one.
You could drop me at
the bus stop though.
My car is on the blink.
It's a pleasure.
I left some old paper clips
and last year's calendar
in my old desk for the new man.
You look very pretty tonight.
How about some dinner?
Aren't you going to see someone tonight?
No. Not tonight or any other night.
I haven't seen someone for a long time.
Let's go.
All right.
Make yourself at home.
I'll fix the coffee.
Don't you think
you should have a sandwich?
You hardly touched your dinner.
No. I'm fine. Thanks.
Where'd you get the Jap sword?
That's a memento of my marriage.
Your marriage?
My marriage that was.
He was in the Army and brought it home.
What happened to him?
Nothing in the war.
You separated?
They used to call them
hasty wartime marriages.
We justweren't for each other.
Young like you.
Stop sounding
like the voice of experience.
Maybe you were for each other.
Wouldn't that be something?
Yeah. That would be something.
Sorry. I must have dozed off.
I thought we were
gonna have some coffee.
That was two hours ago.
I think the sleep's done you more good.
What's wrong?
About everything.
I'm sorry.
Are you?
Well, your not gonna start asking
a lot of questions, are you?
That's good.
You know, I don't get you.
It's simple.
I like you, Guy.
But I'm not a very good part-time girl.
I don't like three on a date.
What are you talking about?
Carol was with us tonight.
Just now you thought
you could forget her.
Well, it won't work.
For you or for me.
Why don't you see it through?
She doesn't want
to let me see it through.
She won't even answer my calls.
She's cut me loose.
She sent me on my way.
You didn't believe her, did you?
I played a big scene like that once.
We both got tricked by words.
Deep down, it was the opposite.
What are you gonna do?
I have no idea.
You know something?
Your heart isn't gonna be in any job.
Except the one you're good at.
Why don't you go back to being a hoofer?
Maybe I will. Maybe I will.
Oh, don't go anywhere.
You're nice.
Real nice.
Well. You're all set.
I borrowed Lola's comb and brush.
And blue ribbon.
How am I going to look pretty
when you check out of here?
Oh, I'll be around for a while.
Max said you made me
look like a new woman.
That something coming from a hospice.
- Josie?
- Yeah?
You don't have
to tell me if you don't want to.
What do you want, honey?
Has it always been the same
between you and Max.
After you became sick, I mean.
The same.
Max and I were married after it hit me.
You don't think
it was wrong of me, do you?
No, I guess not.
Not if you were sure. Both of you.
It was Max' idea.
Said it would keep us
on the straight and narrow.
Give him something to work for.
You know something.
It's given me so much to work for too.
Nothing can come between us.
Now that we're going through
this together.
Nothing can ever come between us.
Now that we're going through
this together.
You'll be surprised at what you do.
When you've made up your mind
to get better.
Something happens
to people every day of the week.
They've got to have guts enough
to face it.
Mighty sorry for you.
You really are mixed up.
When people love each other, they don't
stop loving when things go wrong.
Now when you feel you have your
take your hands off the rail.
The first step is the hardest.
After that, it's easy.
I'll try. But I don't think I can.
Yes you can, Carol.
Come on.
I'll fall. I know I will.
Carol, be a woman for me.
You don't know how I need you.
Be a good girl, Carol.
Come on now. You'll be surprised.
That's it!
Lift your leg.
Bend your knees.
That's fine.
You're doing beautifully.
But were not through yet.
When you turn around,
watch yourself in the mirror.
It'll help you
remember the form of walking.
And Carol.
Forget the rails.
You won't fall.
I need you.
Darling, I need you.
It's all coming back to you.
That's it!
I made it!
Did you see? I made it!
He's a jolly good fellow.
For he's a jolly good fellow.
For he's a jolly good fellow.
Which nobody can deny.
Better blow them all out now, Carol.
Otherwise it means
more than one marriage.
Did you make a wish?
Who wants the first piece?
- Me!
- No, me!
Give it to Dr. Middleton.
He runs the place.
You gotta be nice to him.
Many happy returns of the day.
And good luck on coming of age.
Now you can vote.
Say, Carol.
When you walk out of here,
there will be a lot of people...
who love you... watching you go.
Wishing you
all the happiness that's possible.
I just want to thank you for one of
the nicest birthdays I've ever had.
You've all taught me a lesson.
One I hope I never forget.
You made me ashamed of myself
for being so full of self-pity.
Believe me.
If that old feeling
ever comes back, I'll...
I'll be the first
to kick myself in the shin.
Happy birthday, Carol.
Hello, Guy.
You all know Guy, don't you?
Hello, Guy. I'm so glad you're here.
Thank you very much.
We'll be back in a little while.
I'm awfully sorry
to have marched in like this.
I won't keep her long.
Now. Guy.
Do me a favor.
Keep her as long as you like.
I'll do that. Thanks.
How to I look?
Oh. I figure
you're an awfully pretty 21.
And I like that dress.
It was Dad's present to me.
He picked it out himself.
You should have seen him
when he brought it down this afternoon.
He was just like a kid.
You think we could sit for a while?
Come on.
That's it.
I'll take these for you.
You know I couldn't buy you a dress.
But, well.
Here's my present.
What a lovely Guy.
I'm glad you asked me to your party.
It would've seemed funny not being here.
I spent so many birthdays with you.
Thank you for coming.
I wondered if you would.
It's been so long, hasn't it?
It's different from the last time
we were together, isn't it?
People who've meant something
to each other should never be bitter.
Should they?
Oh, no, Guy.
I wondered if you'd
answer my letter because
we did say so many bitter things.
I was so wrong, wasn't I?
We were both wrong, Carol.
But that's over and forgotten now.
Could we go for a drive, Guy?
I wish we could. But...
Well, I'm leaving
for Las Vegas in an hour.
You see, I took your advice after all.
You're leaving?
You were right.
The real estate business wasn't for me.
I got fired.
I tried a couple things after that.
Then decided
to go back to hoofing again.
I got a couple of hotel bookings.
Chicago. Kansas City.
I finally found myself another partner.
That's wonderful.
Is she good?
She's not bad.
She's no Carol Williams. But...
Then who is?
I wish you both
all the luck in the world, Guy.
I'm sure you'll have it.
You never looked better.
Whatever you're doing,
keep it up, won't you?
Oh, sure.
I'm doing beautifully.
There's no stopping me now.
Got a cigarette for me?
Well, I guess I better be going.
I'd like to say goodbye to your dad.
Will you walk back with me?
No, I'll...
I'll just sit here for a while.
Being 21 sort of takes it out of you.
You go on your way.
Goodbye to you.
You know I...
I'll think of you.
Your dad's a little bit
worried about you.
Don't you think
you ought to come back in?
I was just coming back.
Because Guy said goodbye.
He's leaving for Las Vegas.
Saw him for a second on the way out.
It's so funny.
It's taken me all this time
to feel like a woman.
The flattest feeling I've had enough.
How's that for a laugh?
Oh, Len!
Tell me I'm a woman.
Tell me I'm not a failure.
Hold on to me tight.
I feel like I'm breaking up inside.
I don't know what I am.
Or where I'm going.
Please love me.
We can... we can always be together.
We belong together.
What a life!
I'd make you happy.
I swear I would!
You're very much in love
with him, aren't you?
You're too young to settle for comfort.
Loving and being in love
are two different things.
You know. I don't have to tell you.
The bells must ring for you.
And that isn't the way it is with us.
Oh, Len. I'm so sorry.
Please forgive me.
These bells you talk about?
They don't ring for you
as far as I'm concerned, is that it?
I wouldn't let them.
For anything in the world.
What's she like?
Oh, she's... she has red hair.
She's a cute little one.
Only comes up to my shoulders.
Proofs like nobody's business.
You never told me about her.
Is she nice?
Where does she live?
I don't know. Somewhere I guess.
I haven't met her yet.
But I will.
Well, of course you will.
Bring him back, Carol.
He has a life of his own.
He has things to do.
Things he should have been
doing all along.
All right.
We won't talk about it any more.
Come on.
Give out with just one little smile.
It won't hurt you.
That's it.
When you're through with it,
bring it back and we'll all
carve our initials on it.
Sure, I'll do that, Josie.
All ashore that's going ashore.
All ashore that's going ashore.
Dr. Middleton wants to see you, honey.
I don't know
why I spoil women like this.
Except that it's graduation day.
Well, so long, soldiers.
Good luck.
Your purse, honey.
- Bye, Betty.
- Bye, Carol.
I'll meet you
in the therapy room at four o'clock.
Now remember to be patient
with yourself, Carol.
There's still a few adjustments
to be made
before you can go back
to a full independent life.
For those adjustments,
you'll have to your own physician.
I know.
However, I want you to come back
and see me in 90 days
for a final check up.
Until that time, you're going
to be pretty much on your own.
May I ask you something?
Of course.
How is Len...
Len Randall really doing.?
What are his chances?
May I?
Of course.
He has a life full ahead of him, Carol.
His case is different from yours.
But he'll be fine.
Is there anything...
No, don't worry about Len.
He's the healthiest man I've ever known.
He has peace of mind, my dear.
That's a very precious thing.
It gives hima sort of power.
You've noticed it.
I think I've felt it all along.
I thought so.
Now good luck, Carol.
Thanks for more than I can ever say.
Keep your hands off the rails, Carol.
You won't fall.
All right, Buck.
Sorry I kept you waiting.
It's okay, doctor.
Goodbye, Johnny.
So long, Carol.
You know, you look very pretty.
Red, I...
Well, you're all set.
Off you go, honey.
And... and take it easy.
Remember Rome wasn't built in a day.
I'm pretty sharp, aren't I?
All the latest sayings.
So long.
Your dad's waiting for you.
Two cases of solid unity.
What's the matter?
I'll be fine now.
Well, I'm going now, Len.
On my own.
Sure you are.
Goodbye, Carol.
Go on.
Come on, darling.
Come on.
Come on.
You can make it.