Never Gone (2016) Movie Script

"July 2015"
ls there a special someone in your heart?
After he left,
life has to carry on.
Signs of his existence,
are wiped away gradually by the quiet life.
Those distant and fine moments of youth,
have turned into fading memories
withering slowly.
In the lapse of time,
we run around in circles.
Will that person
be waiting for you in that original place?
"September 2007"
This year,
my father has become very sick.
Our family finance deficiency has been worsen.
Like all parents who want their child
to have a promising future,
to allow me to get admission in
the best university,
they have exhausted all
their relationships and savings
to transfer me from an outskirt
to the top high school in town.
Cheng Zheng,
an affluent 2nd generation
of prominent position,
is the prince charming in the dream
of all the girls in school.
Every single cell of him is demonstrating...
a sense of superiority!
What's your problem?
Did you learn how to ride?
Wanna kill yourself!?
Be careful next time!
not every schoolmate is the same,
- Hi!
Mo Yuhua,
your classmate.
Mo Yuhua, similar family background with me.
She is, in this school, my first
and the only friend.
You must feel uneasy being a newcomer, right?
Ask me if you have any question in the future.
That one is also from our class.
Meng Xue,
childhood sweetheart of Cheng Zheng.
This proud little princess,
for some reasons,
for a long period of time thereafter,
has treated me like her implacable foe.
Song Ming,
Despite of being obedient to Meng Xue,
he is a meek guy and very friendly to me.
Zhou Ziyi.
Is a dandy simply fooling around,
always making scene wherever he goes.
What you brat is doing here?
What a throw to hit me!
So accurate!
It's swollen!
You have to buy me drink!
At that moment,
it's completely beyond my thought
that he
would make my high school life,
and my subsequent years
an earthshaking beginning because of him.
Come on in.
Teacher Sun has asked you to sit there.
The last one on the 4th row.
Head teacher is coming!
Tan Zhenghao,
Lu Xiao, 84...
Song Ming, 95...
Zhou Ziyi, 48...
Su Yunjin.
Mo Yuhua,
Su Yunjin.
I didn't expect we are comrades...
you are merely 4 marks more than me.
Just 52!
I'll have higher marks than you next time.
Don't you feel ashamed, Zhou Ziyi.
It's none of your business!
Cheng Zheng,
Do it gently! You're not dead.
I thought it's something very serious,
so it's only about the test.
None of your business!
Alright, class dismissed.
Should ask me when you didn't know
how to do it.
Why didn't you ask me?
My results are better than you,
I can teach you.
Don't you worry!
Don't worry!
Give it back to me.
You like to play like this?
What? What is it?
What a Band-Aid?
Shut up!
I have a dream,
everyone should have a dream.
What if it really comes true?
In these 3 years of high school,
all of you will work hard
through trials and hardships.
Your aim is
to get into a good university
to make your dreams come true.
However every great dream has to
be built on solid ground.
Other than working hard and seriously,
there is no other way a dream will come true,
definitely no way.
That's it for today's class.
Read a book.
"Ask me if you don't understand."
So let Dad have a good rest.
How's it?
Is your father getting better?
His condition is not so optimistic.
But his particular condition
has not been disclosed to me by my Mom.
He'll get better.
Zhou Ziyi.
What are you pretending about?
Come out!
A debt has its debtor
and an evil has its demon,
we need to settle this matter.
- Sorry!
- Sorry means a shit!
He can't walk.
So what do you want?
Carry him on your back to the canteen.
Hold me with hands if you can't carry.
If you can't hold him,
pay for the compensation!
Compensate with yourself,
or compensate with money!
What's the money for?
Money is certainly required.
Like hospital registration fee
-and medical expenses...
- All my money is in the card.
I'll make up next month if it's not enough.
Are you nuts?
You can't continue to eat like this!
Let's eat together.
Thank you.
I'm going to get your card back.
Don't g0!
I have caused him injured,
so I should be responsible.
I don't want to owe him.
I'm Master Zhou and I'm pleased today
to offer you free Deluxe ice-cream!
There you have too.
Don't rush!
Take 'n,
Can't believe this Su Yunjin
is really broke.
Only these Deluxe ice-cream purchases
have fully drawn her card.
Do YOU people know?
That's Su Yunjin's living expenses
for one month!
That's not our business!
It's your problem if you don't eat.
Fatty, have one more.
Cheng Zheng,
90 on!
Cheng Zheng!
My card did not have so much money.
I give it to you, you can keep it.
How come you talk so much!
Thank you!
But don't do this again.
She doesn't even accept your kindness.
I don't need anyone's charity.
What are you doing?
Let me help you with Math tuition.
Why should I?
Because I have full marks,
you only have 52 marks.
Don't misunderstand me.
I just cannot accept
someone stupid sitting in front of me.
That's your problem!
It has nothing to do with me.
Who is affected
bY VOW poor marks?
Su Yunjin
Your father is still seriously sick in the bed,
and your family is in difficult situation.
For you to be able to study here,
do you know how difficult is it?
My advice...
you'd better pay more attention.
"Tutorial class will start after school."
So you're really here.
It's undeniable...
Cheng Zheng has simple and effective Way
to solve the questions.
8 out of 10 are wrong, right?
"Don't be lazy! Keep on after school!"
Although the method is simple and rude,
we have developed a little secret tacitly.
it is a little open secret.
"See you on the roof."
Su Yunjin
This person seems to be
getting less disgusting.
Your results have been
improved quite a lot recently.
It's good to have someone helping.
Yes, sort of.
I didn't know you like to watch baseball.
I'm actually watching Zhou Ziyi.
So are you not watching Cheng Zheng?
Su Yunjin.
Teacher Sun is looking for you.
You should go there at once!
Mo Yuhua, where's Su Yunjin?
Something's happened in Yunjin's family.
She has gone home.
"115 days from college entrance examination."
Why are you sitting here?
Yunjin has asked me to switch
the seat with her.
She has not even come back.
Stop your nonsense!
She's back already.
Su Yunjin, open the door.
I know you're inside.
Su Yunjin, open the door!
I'll break the door if you don't open!
Open up!
Why do you change the seat suddenly?
Do you wanna stay away from me?
Did I do anything wrong?
Do you know how upset I am?
Go back.
I'm not leaving,
unless you answer me.
I don't have the mood to talk about this now.
After the college entrance examination, okay?
I promise I won't bother you before that.
Is it okay?
After that,
I have put all my efforts studying
for the examination.
Cheng Zheng has actually
kept his promise and has not
come to find me again.
Before I realize it,
college entrance examination has come
and gone in haste.
It's a year we once feared it,
and looked forward to it,
It's a year we once loved and hated.
The 3rd year of high school,
just like that,
has found its way in the hot summar days
to an end.
What are you looking at?
Have some water.
Is there anything you wanted to do,
yet you don't have the courage to do?
Zhou Ziyi.
Care for a dance?
Afraid to dance?
It's just a dance,
I'm not afraid of anyone!
Have you realized...
this evening, Cheng Zheng...
is really not in shape.
In so many years of our acquaintance,
I have not see him like this before.
Affection is such a powerful force.
There is no seniority,
there is no reason.
I have known him for 18 years
and liked him for 18 years.
But these 18 years
can't even compare with months
of your existence.
Su Yunjin.
I don't like you!
Cheng Zheng is a prince charming.
But you,
you're not the Cinderella.
After university graduation,
he'll going to the U.S. to carry on
the family business.
And you?
I really have not thought about this.
Are you qualified to think?
You are not suitable to each other!
He's nice to you,
just for the sake of sympathy.
Youth is boundless!
Fellow graduates, you're about
to start a new life!
I wish everyone eternal youth
and a dream always young!
Su Yunjin.
Dance with me?
I can't dance.
I'll teach you,
Shall we dance?
Who did it?
Turn on the lights!
Turn the lights on!
Su Yunjin.
Come to Beijing with me.
We apply for Tsinghua together,
it's my goal.
Su Yunjin.
Stay with me, okay?
But I won't be eligible for a good university.
Your current level will definitely
get you into a regular university in Beijing.
Su Yunjin.
Be my girlfriend!
Su Yunjin, go to Beijing with me!
Su Yunjin, be with me together!
the whole world is aware of my thoughts,
you can't say no.
I understand your thoughts.
So we...
Good night! Cheng Zheng.
Goodbye! Goodbye!
I'll remember that night forever.
Just like when Cheng Zheng first appeared,
his eyes were full of gleaming glory.
But if he had ever known,
the kiss
was my last gift for leaving him,
he would not have stood there like an idiot.
Cheng Zheng.
One season follows another,
"September 2008"
the freshman year comes and goes quietly.
"September 2009"
The obscure ignorance and dim inferiority
I had in high school,
follow the passing of the first year
and the loss of contact of Cheng Zheng,
and have gradually faded out of my world.
This is your staff pass.
Our library here
has over 100 years of history.
Our workloads are high,
but the salary isn't.
Mentor, please don't worry.
I'll try my best to complete the work properly.
These are index contents.
Remember to put the books in
their correct positions.
Oh, yes...
this is your senior,Shen Juan.
He's been working here for two years now.
In case you have anything you don't understand,
you can ask him.
You've come too late,
there is no more lunch.
Did you miss the lunch time again?
Let me do it.
There's work two days later,
are you interested?
You are here.
What is your ideal?
I haven't thought about that.
Be able to live safely and healthily,
is more important than anything.
is far away beyond our reach.
If I can carry on my peaceful and quiet life,
I'll be very happy-
Peaceful and quet life?
Welcome to try our bottled water!
Thanks! Thanks!
Complete your information and get the water!
Welcome to try our bottled water!
Our bottled water, thanks!
Free water for trial.
Welcome to try!
Our bottled water,
Let's go! Lunch, my treat!
Shen Juan.
I think he's not just caring
for a younger school sister,
should be something else.
He likes you!
Don't talk nonsense!
He's so outstanding,
there are a lots of girls who like im.
How about you?
Do you like him?
Every time I see him,
some words will come to my mind,
"Bright moon and fine breeze".
Bright moon and fine breeze?
how about Cheng Zheng?
Su Yunjin.
Su Yunjin...
What are you looking at?
Are you surprised to see me?
How come you are here?
Am I not allowed to come?
Why come to me?
Who says I come for you?
So you can leave.
Why should I listen to you?
Are you somebody to me?
I'll leave.
We are old classmates anyway.
Why are you here?
Didn't we say...
we'd go out together?
You have friends?
I'm Shen Juan,
Yunjin's boyfriend.
- I'm too.
- Cheng Zheng,
this is my high school classmate.
He's studying university in Beijing.
Good college!
It's a common one.
You two are...
Thinking of...
going to the countryside.
My sister drove me here.
Maybe we can go together.
I have disturbed you guys.
No problem.
Let's gm!
I'm Zhang Yue,
Cheng Zheng's sister.
Shen Juan.
"Live a peaceful life."
Handsome guy,
come with me to buy some water.
What you like
is someone like him?
What do you talk about this for?
I thought about forgetting you,
but I just cannot.
At least,
please tell me,which part of me
was not good enough.
- Please let go.
- Answer me first.
You let go.
This is a temple,
Buddha is watching us.
Does the Buddha know,
how much I have suffered inside my heart?
Come, Su Yunjin,
drink it.
I can't drink.
But this is the first wine I offer to you...
She can't drink.
Let me drink it.
This is between me and her,
you can't do it for her.
Are you satisfied now?
I'm not!
I also want to know,
why in that evening,
after you kissed me...
you did not contact me anymore!
Why did you kick me?
I didn't say anything wrong.
When I'm together with Yunjin,
I have never asked why.
Su Yunjin.
You really have something.
How is it?
Let me take you back first.
Did you want to drink for her?
It's no longer necessary.
Cheng Zheng.
Cheng Zheng!
What's happened?
In case I'm willing to live
the peaceful and quiet life with you,
will you accept?
When we are faced with such
a lure of materialism,
it'd be hard to remain unaffected.
How can you see me like that.
Am I not correct?
Can you dare to say,
you feel nothing about Cheng Zheng?
That's Why...
the so called peaceful and quiet life
only exists in the talk.
We've seen each other yesterday,
now you miss me again!
Cheng Zheng you bastard!
What did you ask Zhang Yue to tell Juan?
What...tell what?
Stop pretending!
Are you and your sister
collaborating to trap me!
I haven't pretended.
I don't know what you are talking about!
Why do you keep disturbing my life?
When can you leave me alone?
I understand.
Are you and the Shen...
Su Yunjin.
I don't know...
what's happened to you and the Shen,
but I tell you...
I have absolutely nothing
to do with this matter!
Nothing to do with you?
Before you appeared,
everything's fine with my life.
Is it?
For such a long time,
haven't you ever wanted to see me again?
So when I came to see you,
why did you look happy?
I didn't!
After you have drunk,
why did you call my name?
If you don't believe,
we can ask Shen Juan.
Cheng Zheng,
you're just like that.
Just came to school to find me
without any heads up,
So impulsive!
You're always overbearing.
You have been forcing me with your affections,
since the time you gave me tuition
in the high school!
It's because I like you.
You like me?
Then I should respond to you?
If you didn't like me,
why did you kiss me?
Why did you give me hope?
If you didn't like me,
why didn't you refuse me,
so I could completely give up the hope!
Cheng Zheng,
I don't like you!
I hate you!
Cheng Zheng,
I don't like you!
I hate you!
There's nothing
that would disappoint him
other than what I said!
I've forgotten Cheng Zheng's reaction
at that moment.
But I know,
he did not stand there sillily
like the other night,
After that day,
he has finally learnt to
slowly move that girl that he once loved,
who caused him disappointment in return
away from his heart.
He really
has not come again.
Soon...Shen Juan has also graduated.
I heard he has started
working in a large company.
After that,
we have not contacted each other anymore.
My college life...
seems to be peaceful again finally.
During your practices,
the most important significance is
to combine the theories
you have learned in classes
with the practical situations.
Bed 62,
was sent in yesterday from a car accident.
Zhou Ziyi!
Traumatic brain injury...
with cerebrospinal fluid leak,
scalp hematoma,
facial laceration,
multiple skin abrasions on the body,
and soft tissues contusion,
small area of lung contusion,
small amount of hemothorax,
In age 20,
getting the most beloved doll.
In age 40.
Affording to buy a pretty dress.
In age 60,
reuniting with the first love.
Do all these make sense?
There is no innocent lover in the world.
No time has been spent in vain.
The most correct thing she has ever done
is to experience love willfully while
she is able to love!
"2 months later"
This year,
"March 2011"
my mother has urged me several times,
so I have to turn down
the holiday part-time job
and go back to home town in advance.
Uncle Wu, he...
is an accountant in a garment factory in town.
His wife has passed away,
with no children staying with him.
Our family affairs, be it big or small,
have been helped by Uncle Wu in may occasions.
Drink the tea.
In case you don't agree,
I'll refuse him tomorrow.
I think if Dad were still here,
he would want you to be happy.
What are you doing here?
The No.2 electronic factory near your home,
has been purchased by my Mom.
I'm helping her
to deliver some materials.
Don't you make any trouble!
Look at you, it doesn't look nice.
Maybe you should quit doing it.
You won't understand,
these can make money.
how much can this thing make?
Each one...
8.5 Yuan.
Five can be done in one night,
total of 42.5 Yuan.
It's too little!
Make it this way...
I give you 50 Yuan,
you stop doing it and talk with me, okay?
Cheng Zheng,
you have money.
Earning 30 to 40 Yuan in a night,
for you
it means nothing at all.
But for me and my Mom,
it means our living expenses for 2 days.
It's the reason why we have
nothing to talk about.
So you wake up.
Have you seen rabbits?
How many ears a rabbit has?
So there is no rabbit with only one ear?
And this is the one rabbit
which doesn't want a tail.
It was actually short the tail.
Show me your hand.
What are you doing?
Reading my palm?
Have you read my mind?
Thank you!
Promise me,
go to Beijing after you graduate
and stay with me, okay?
This time,
you cannot run away again.
As graduation is approaching,
everyone is running around trying to seek for
the next stop of their life.
In order to be with Cheng Zheng,
I have started sending resume to companies
in Beijing like crazy.
my heartful of passion
has gone down the drain
with no response at all.
About your sending resume
to companies in Beijing,
is there any news?
If I knew it,
I'd have followed you
to apply for the medical university.
Then I could still stay in school
for few more years.
Come, resumes are put here!
It's alright!
There are so many graduates,
not only you have difficulty finding a job.
"I wanna see you."
I'll get some water back there.
Look at the rain.
Your phone.
Su Yunjin.
Have you found a job?
I have an interview opportunity here,
do you want to try?
What kind of company?
It happens to match
with our specialty of study.
it's someone I know who introduced me to it.
But as I'm going to study aboard,
a vacancy is available.
Then I give it to you.
In Beijing?
Oh...come on!
It's already a serious situation now,
you'll be lucky if you could find a job!
Forget about whether
it's in Beijing or Shanghai.
For you,
It's the contact information.
Have a try!
Cheng Zheng...
Su Yunjin.
Where are you?
Your number has been unavailable,
you didn't even reply my messages.
I have a good news for you.
I have found you a job in Beijing,
Although it's not your specialty,
as long as your performance is good,
-you'll have good chance to carry on.
- Cheng Zheng,
I...l have found a job.
Which company in Beijing is it?
It's in Shanghai.
Did I ask you to look for companies in Beijing?
I have tried...
but no company in Beijing is
willing to take me.
As long as I'm willing to take you...
Who told you to sign the Shanghai offer?
Cheng Zheng, listen to me.
If I miss it, my graduation will come.
You don't even know how difficult it is
to find a job now.
have to find a place to register
my residence at least.
How can you be so selfish!
You'd never consider another person.
Cheng Zheng...
Please give me an immediate ticket to Beijing.
Where are you?
Are you angry with me?
I'm on my way to Beijing.
Are you not mad with me?
I want to see you.
Piggy, I'm on my Way to Shanghai.
Ah what?
You're not going to Beijing,
I'm not coming to Shanghai.
Do we end up separation?
Where are you now?
About to arrive Tai An, I think.
So you get off there,
and I'll come to find you.
Have you arrived?
Where are you?
look at the opposite side.
Cheng Zheng!
Cheng Zheng!
Don't play anymore!
Su Yunjin!
I told you
Even if you go to the remotest
corners of the globe
I won't let you go
Cheng Zheng!
You move back to sleep, okay?
I feel cold.
What are you doing?
I'll leave my hand there, no more movement.
Don't your hand move!
L...l...l just warm my hand...
- You, this...
- Don't pull!
You'll break it.
- How come it cannot be untied...
- What are you doing?
Don't pull! You'll break it.
I'm hot!
What are you doing?
Cheng Zheng, put your pants back on!
I'm hot!
So I'm going to...get my pants.
You liar!
"August 2012"
You just said this big one is in the front,
or it is the small one?
The big one.
Cheng Zheng, you're really something.
You gave up the big apartment
in Zhang Yue's home,
and chose to squeeze in
this little mezzanine unit.
Keep it down!
I spent so much efforts to convince
Yunjin to move in here,
-don't talk the nonsense!
- Yunjin! Yunjin!
Give me another screw...
The signal is bad in your shabby unit here.
Don't your parents push you to
go to the States anymore?
Who said they're not pushing?
Their business is quite busy and good now,
they have been asking me to help them.
So have you planned when to go there?
I haven't decided.
I'll procrastinate at the moment.
If you go there,
what about Su Yunjin?
I'll pack her with me.
What is to be packed with you?
Want to drink green beans soup?
I want it...l want it...l want it...
This is it.
Have some green beans soup.
I have something to do suddenly.
I got to go now.
Not bad, it tastes good.
am going to get married
with Chen Jiejie next week.
Sometimes, I think...
it would be good if we are family...
you keep it.
Zhou Ziyi gave it to me.
He's getting married.
Actually, I don't have intention
to hide up my relationship with Zhou Ziyi,
I myself did not know how to say it.
After all,
he has never admitted
I was his girlfriend.
He's a bastard!
He had nothing wrong,
but he didn't love me.
Do you regret?
I'm leaving here.
I have accepted the overseas
study proposal of the department.
Trinity College in Dublin.
That's the furthest place
I could choose.
It's cold and snowy in the winter.
You have to take good care of yourself!
How's it? Do you like it?
This is Zheng Yue's home?
Let's go.
Cheng Zheng.
Sis, stop.
You ungrateful little brat,
you have not come to seen me
since you have moved out.
I'm busy.
If I knew how ungrateful you are,
I should have listened to Mom and
dispatched you to the States earlier.
At least I'm here today.
What's Wrong?
It's my big day today,
have a dance with me!
Are you so reluctant?
You could choose anybody,
Why him?
It's not your business.
I like to.
So you think,
you are the one he likes
or your money is?
So you tell me,
are you the one Su Yunjin likes
or your money is?
Yunjin is not the same with him!
Are you...
very surprised?
Zhang Yue is very good.
Thank you!
Even if she's not good,
it really doesn't matter.
I'm marrying to...
a woman named Zhang Yue.
Her family name
and her father
are good enough.
The rest are not important to me.
But I think you shouldn't hurt her.
Nobody should be hurt,
but she and I are from two different worlds.
The things she wants
can be obtained anytime.
The things I want,
she's very clear about them.
Why do you tell me these?
I treat you as my friend,
because I think you and I have
many things alike.
We are not alike!
I have bought the umbrella.
Let's go.
Such a pity to have these shoes
soaked in the rain water.
Come, I carry you on my back.
Hold it.
Let's go.
You really turn into a piggy,
I can't carry you anymore.
Cheng Zheng,
why didn't you give up on me?
I was afraid if I went away,
nobody would bear your bad temper.
So will you marry me?
Are we going to get married?
I swear,
I'll never leave you in my lifetime!
I'm carrying my wife back home!
"April 2013"
- Uncle!
- Yunjin.
You have come.
Your mother...
has been diagnosed with cervical cancer,
but you don't need to worry.
Her condition is under control.
At that moment, an urgent operation was needed
that required a large sum of money,
180 thousands Yuan.
How could I get that amount?
So I embezzled it...
from the company.
Were you not laid off already?
Yes the garment factory was closed,
but Cheng Zheng's family
has purchased a factory near our home
and in their factory,
he has found me a job.
He didn't allow me to tell you.
So you're saying
the money you took
belonged to Cheng Zheng's family.
Xiaoqi, I'll pay back as soon as possible.
It doesn't matter.
Thank you! I'll find another way.
Wu Dan, thank you!
Few thousand Yuan is also
very important to me...
It's okay.
Thank you, Yilin.
I'll pay you back as soon as possible.
I'll pay you back as soon as possible.
I'll find another way.
Your room-mate Bao Xiaoqi has called you.
She said something has happened in her family,
the money to be lent to you
is unavailable now.
I have called Uncle Wu.
At first,
he refused to say anything.
For such a big issue,
you should have told me earlier.
This is 300 thousand Yuan.
Give it to Uncle Wu,
let him repay the embezzlement.
Cheng Zheng,
I have already borrowed the money.
Who lent you the money?
Which friend of you could lent you
such a large amount?
You should tell me.
Shen Juan.
With such a big issue like this,
you didn't come to ask me.
For me, your boyfriend,
am I a big failure?
Cheng Zheng!
Cheng Zheng, listen to me.
Uncle got his job only because of you.
Now the books have a problem,
I can't use your money
to make up the gap anymore.
But why could you borrow from Shen Juan?
I went to him to borrow money,
because he and me are the same,
as we understand how terrible poverty is!
Don't explain anymore.
Shen Juan!
Shen Juan!
From now on,
stay away from Su Yunjin!
Using the money from a woman
to act like Casanova
is nothing but you!
I've been hearing that
the Cheng's family is doing big business.
Today I have finally witnessed it.
Repayment with double the money.
But the surplus amount,
would you please take it back.
As Yunjin was the person I helped.
My woman doesn't need your help!
But see, at the moment she needed help,
she came to me,
not you!
Su Yunjin!
Do you wanna come?
Cheng Zheng is here.
Where are you guys?
Come, Fatty!
Have a drink!
You have drunk a lot and should stop!
Drink next time.
Let's drink together next time, okay?
Fatty, stop him at once!
Don't drink with him, Fatty!
I drink...
Meng Xue,
- Have a drink!
- Cheng Zheng!
It's very late,
go back with me.
You don't need me to take care of your matters!
My matters
are none of your business too!
Don't act like this!
Anything can be discussed when we go back.
I don't go back.
Afterwards, please help to
take him home earlier.
Cheng Zheng!
What do you mean by that!
What do you mean by that,
we were once classmates!
You can choose not to like her,
but you cannot disrespect her like that!
Do you understand?
Not your business!
What do you mean?
Both of you stop!
Both of you stop!
LGI go!
Cheng Zheng,
I have just realized tonight,
you are actually a poor guy.
When a girl
finds the one she loves has turned pitiful,
isn't it an indication that
she doesn't love him anymore?
I owe you 300 thousand Yuan.
This is the IOU.
Su Yunjin! How do you
repay me for what you owe me here?
Talk to me!
Do you know I hated most
when you mute like a stone!
Since year 2007,
the first time I met you,
until today,
six whole years!
After all, you still don't love me.
Forget it,
let's separate.
Hello, is it Su Yunjin?
It's me, Song Ming.
Where are you now?
Cheng Zheng is flying to
the States at 4 o'clock!
You'll still see him if you hurry up!
Mr. Cheng,
passenger cabin and the crew are ready.
May I know whether we can set off now?
Just wait a moment.
No problem.
"First part of the repayment has been
remitted to your bank account"
"I will remit every month on a timely basis
in the next two years."
"Have a safe trip to the U.S."
Let's go.
"September 2013"
"Transfer succeed"
"November 2014"
really is something fearful.
It can heal everything
No matter they're good
or bad memories,
it will shave them away.
Leaving to us blurry scars.
A long period of time after the separation,
His figure
exists everywhere.
He seemed to be standing in
every street corner,
Every time I turn around,
I faintly see his familiar figure there.
For 24 full months
has turned into the only way of
connection between he and me.
Other than that,
I have less and less thinking about
anything of him.
I have thought of forgetting you,
but I cannot do it.
At least,
please tell me which part of me
was not good enough.
Does the Buddha know how much
I have suffered inside my heart?
"Su Yunjin - Cheng Zheng"
"July 2015"
ls there a special someone in your heart?
After he left,
life has to carry on.
Signs of his existence,
are wiped away gradually by the quiet life.
Those distant and fine moments of youth,
have turned into fading memories
withering slowly.
In the lapse of time,
we run around in circles.
Will that person
Will he be in that original place
waiting for you?