Never Heard (2018) Movie Script

[Demetrius] I've made some
bad decisions in my life.
My name is Demetrius,
but my friends call me Diggy.
If you would have asked
me yesterday, when will I die?
This is for my niece.
- [Diggy] No!
- [gunshot]
[Diggy] I would have said I'm
going to live forever, and a day.
[Diggy] So much to do,
so many places to see.
[Diggy] Go!
[police sirens]
[Jalen] Diggy! Come on, man.
[Diggy] I never got to
tell my brother,
"Don't follow in my footsteps."
I couldn't save you, Momma.
I never even
made love before, man.
Out of everything
I wanted to do in my life,
I never heard my father speak.
- How y'all?
- Chilling.
- All right, y'all.
- Be good.
- Good?
- Yeah, man.
- [Diggy] She dropped it off last night.
- [Jalen] That's crazy.
- Are you allergic to bees, man?
- Yeah, man you know that.
Nine o'clock bees,
Nine o'clock bees, dude.
They are right there
on you, dude, watch out!
Dude, watch...
You stupid man. Y'all!
Everything we deal with
on the street,
you still afraid of bees, man?
Bees can kill you, man.
My face swelled up.
Why are you laughing, man?
Since seven
years old, never fail.
- Calvin is home, man. I'm leaving.
- Good.
- Good seeing you, man.
- Alright, bro.
Don't go to
Britney's house, man.
I'm gonna go by Jessica.
Cal! You're home, man?
Ma, where's Calvin?
I don't know, sweetie, probably
at practice or something.
He didn't call or nothing?
Ma, I told you, you've got
to watch him when I'm not here.
Did you get some more stuff?
Dig, did you
get some more stuff?
Boy, you know you
hear me talking to you.
Yeah, ma.
I got you a little something.
Here, Ma.
Always know how to take good
care of your mama, don't you?
[Inhales deeply]
[phone buzzing]
Hey, Granny?
Oh, Jalen, my handsome.
What are you doing out here?
Oh, I just left from...
with Diggy.
Yeah, I saw that.
Now, I've told you before
just like I told your father,
everything has a seed
and if you plant trouble,
trouble is what
you're going to get back.
- No, I just...
- Jalen, do you want to end up like your father?
You have to do right.
Baby, you are one
thought away from changing
your life for the good
or for the bad.
- That's why I love you.
- Oh, boy.
You always stand on top of me,
and you always preaching to me.
I love you.
I love you too.
Now baby, if you do right, then I
won't be doing all this preaching.
You mean everything to me.
Well, listen baby I got
to going over to the church.
- You want me to walk with you?
- No, I'm alright.
You be good. I'm watching you.
[phone ringing]
[AVRS] I have a collect call
from: - Aaron Davis.
An inmate at San Bernardino
county detention facility,
if you would
like to accept this call...
- Yes, yes!
- [AVRS] If you would like...
Yes, yes, yes!
I will... Yes, yes!
[AVRS] If you would
like to accept this call...
Yes, I'll accept.
This call will be recorded
and monitored.
What do you want, Aaron?
Can't I just be calling
to see how you're all doing?
Whenever you call it's because
you want something, Aaron.
- I mean I'm trying.
- Do I...
- How can...
- Just stop.
Come on. Shala you know I...
Why are you calling me?
What do you want me to do?
You don't have to
do anything for me,
but I'm telling you, you've got
to get your son off the streets
before he's...
Before he's dead or locked up.
But I'm in jail,
I can't do anything in here.
These streets
are getting worse by the day.
And he doesn't
know that I know, but...
Aaron he's selling drugs,
just like his father used to.
If I can get out,
I can change things.
[Aaron] I promise,
but nobody is listening.
If I get out,
will I have a place to come to?
No, no, no,
he might need you, but I don't.
[buzzer rings]
Well, tell my man
I said what's up, then.
Hey, Ma.
- Are you OK?
- Yeah.
- How long have you been standing there?
- Long enough.
It's okay to cry, alright?
Young woman, come into my office,
come on, come talk to me.
[phone buzzing]
[door rattling]
- What's going on, man?
- What's up? I've missed you in and out these past few days.
- I was just playing ball.
- You better be, boy.
Hey, go check your room,
I got you something.
- You got my uniform!
- You know it, man.
- Thanks, Diggy.
- Of course, man. Hey!
- Go do your homework now, man.
- I will.
Hey, stop staying up so late.
- I will.
- Go!
[Davis] God, Lord,
I know you see Jalen,
and I need you to intervene.
I need you, Lord to intervene.
Do whatever you
have to do, Lord,
to get him out of those
streets, do it, Lord.
I trust in you, Lord.
And, Devil I serve you notice.
Let him loose!
He's the Lord's vessel...
In Jesus name, amen.
[Jalen] I love you, okay?
I've got you.
You know grandma,
I saw her on the way in.
Yeah, she's trying to get
me to read the Bible and stuff.
Jalen, you're her only
grandchild, what do you expect?
Swear that lady is a detective.
Can I ask you a question?
How come you
never say you love me?
Jalen, You...
You know I love you even though
I might not always
say it, so stop that.
- Stop, what?
- Stop, stop, stop with all of the mushy stuff.
[Preacher] Forgiveness
is not about anybody else.
Forgiveness is a gift
that you give yourself.
You've got to let go of it,
because if you don't let go
of whatever the offense is,
you will always
be your limitation.
You are too strong
to be suffering.
Only weak people
hold on to unforgiveness.
God has a plan for your life,
if you don't let go of it,
you'll never reach that plan.
The Bible say that only
the pure in heart will see God.
So whatever it takes you've
got flush all of it out of you.
You've got to do it for
yourself and your future,
for your children and
your children's children.
Loose it and let it go today.
[prison buzzer]
Hey, baby.
How are you?
I'm keeping it together.
How are you?
They won't look into my case,
I did not do those things
that they say I did. I didn't.
That may be,
but, I believe that God is going
to work this thing out.
You can say that
for somebody else.
Now, Aaron...
you were raised in the church,
you know what to do.
You have to repent
for the things you've done
and you've got to
turn your life over to him.
I am sorry for all the things
I've put you through, I am.
I should be out there.
You are right where you
need to be, to hear from God.
See out there was a distraction
keeping you from your purpose,
from being a father to your son.
If you ask anything
when you pray,
it will be done
if you have faith.
- [buzzer]
- [guard 1] On your way back to the cell.
- [guard 2] Time's up, All inmates let's go.
- Now I got to go.
All inmates let's go.
I love you.
I love you. You got to go.
- [anchors crosstalk] A federal Judge in California has denied...
- Aaron Davis's appeal for his
- double homicide conviction in November...
- 2005.
- The gang leader...
- The gang leader formally known as A-train.
Continues to maintain
his innocence.
Despite what the prosecutors
say is insurmountable
- evidence against him.
- Davis was arrested
near the bloody crime scene
just minutes...
after the murders.
Davis was arrested
and was later
given a life sentence.
Frequent violence in the prison
has kept Davis
in constant isolation.
For weeks,
or even months at a time.
[inmate] Hello, Davis?
Your woman ain't
waiting on you, bro.
[Shala] You always get upset,
but so do I because it always
feels like I keep
telling you the same thing
- I know, mom.
- Over and over.
All you want to do is
run the street, chase girls.
That's what you do.
That's not what life is about?
You think I want to spend
my time lecturing you?
I don't, but I'm
trying to tell you what's right.
Here, just...
It will only take me a minute.
- Just get in there.
- I will be right over there, okay?
- Hi, how can I help you, ma'am.
- Hi, I'm here to see Ms. Davis.
- May I ask your name?
- Shala Davis.
Hi, Shala Davis
is here to see you.
Great, she'll be right with you.
Thank you.
[singing and playing guitar]
Come on, you got this, just...
Over here.
God is love
God is love
I can feel him all around us
Breathe, breathe, breathe.
Just relax, okay.
I can play it for you.
Were you
listening this whole time?
May I?
I'm not really a singer, but I can
do what you do, okay? Let me see.
Let me see if I got this.
Alright, so...
You repeat that first line,
you were saying
God is love, right.
Just repeat it,
and maybe speed it up a little.
God is love
God is love
God is love - God is love
God is love
I can feel him all around us
[laughs] You got some talent.
- Thank you.
- You're a beast.
You wrote a verse
for the chorus yet?
I have, yeah.
- It's going to be a beautiful song.
- Thank you.
I'm not really into
the whole gospel thing,
but I appreciate it
when I hear it.
- I'm Jalen by the way.
- Paris.
- Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
And gospel is
the best music in the world.
You clearly don't
listen to rap, okay?
Yeah, not really.
Are you a rapper?
You don't sound like a rapper.
Actually, I am not.
I just like listening to it.
That's cool.
I'm here almost every day, and
I've never seen you here before.
My grandma works here.
My mom's car won't start,
so we have to use hers.
That's why I'm here. A little
bit too much information.
- That's good.
- It looks like I may have a good reason
to come back
a little bit more often.
- Who is your grandma?
- Camilla Davis.
- Oh, that's my music teacher.
- No way?
- Yeah. She is the best.
- She's is amazing, right?
Can I have
my guitar back, please?
Oh, sorry.
Thank you.
My dad is a counselor here too.
So whenever he's
teaching a class,
I go to her after-school
music program,
or I hang here
until my dad is done.
Why don't you just go home?
My mom died when I was 12,
so there is no one
to really go home to.
Sorry to hear that.
- Are you okay?
- I'm fine.
I don't know why people
always get so weirded out,
and feels sorry for me
when I tell them my mom died.
Well, maybe because they should.
That's moms, I couldn't imagine.
Moms are everything, you know?
She was pretty awesome,
and I miss her,
but, you know,
dads are important too.
I wouldn't really know.
I don't know my father.
- Uh, you know what? I'm gonna have to run.
- Sorry about that.
- I'll see you guys tomorrow at three, right?
- Yeah.
- Bye.
- Thanks, Mr. Monty.
Speaking of fathers...
- Hi, Dad.
- Who is this?
- Hi, Daddy, how are you?
- Hey.
Listen, I'm sorry, baby.
The meeting ran over, you know.
Daddy, you say that every day.
How was school?
It was good. Same old, same old.
Aced that math test, though.
- What's up. [Laughs]
- Oh, I'm so sorry.
How rude of me. Uhm,
Daddy, this is my friend.
How are you doing?
I'm Jalen, man.
Yeah. You can call me Mr. Monty.
Looks like you have
a bit of a wardrobe
malfunction there, son,
with your pants.
- No, I'm good.
- No, no, no in the back.
- This.
- Hey, man!
- Exposure.
- Chill!
Take your hands off my son!
Come on, Jalen. Let's go.
Come on, let's go.
What did I tell you about hanging
out with those knuckleheads?
Seriously, Daddy?
- What's up, Diggy?
- Tony.
I've been calling
your phone all day.
My bad, man. My ringer
was off. You know how it is.
I was at school,
we can't have them on.
Why do you got
the phone at school then?
Safety, man.
Look, man, where is my money?
I don't have it, you see.
Where is Tara at?
You're keeping her nice?
My mom has got
nothing to do with this, man.
- What did you say?
- I got it, though.
I got it, bro.
It's just not on me.
See, tomorrow, man.
I promise, man.
I will get it for y'all.
Come here, Diggy.
Come here, man!
I like you, alright?
I really do.
Now, if you don't have
that money by tomorrow...
- Pow.
- Understand?
Yeah, man.
I'll see you tomorrow, alright?
Let's roll, Dread.
Make sure you answer your phone.
[car starting]
[Ms. Davis] Dear, Lord.
Help him.
Bring him out.
Free him from all captivity
mental and
spiritual and physical.
I pray in faith
that you will uncover every
hidden thing that
the enemy has tried to cover.
[Darren] Hello, Davis.
You're in here for life, man.
Don't forget that.
[Shala] You failed him
because he is now living just
like you without his father.
What did you say? What did you tell me?
I got you, baby, I got you.
You got me stuck.
- [Diggy] Jalen! Go!
- [gunshot]
[Diggy] Go, man, go!
[Davis] You were
raised in the Church.
You know what to do.
- You embarrassed me, Dad.
- What?
Look, I just came up
to see how you're doing.
I had been waiting for you
all day, and all of a sudden,
when I started talking to Jalen,
oh, now I have your attention?
Look, baby.
You know I get busy sometimes.
Listen, sweetie, you know...
You know you are my world.
- My world, and there is nothing without you.
- What is wrong?
Baby, what's going on, huh?
Paris, are you missing your mom?
I'll tell you what. I will start
picking you up after school, alright?
Now, I have to work on my schedule
and it might be a bit of a stretch
- but I'll make it happen.
- Never mind, Dad.
- Baby, what do you want?
- I want my dad!
- You have me!
- For what?
The one hour
in the morning before school?
The 30-minute car ride home?
Your weekends are
consumed with your stupid
weekend conferences
and your book signings.
Okay, cool. Saturday we eat at grandma's
house, but by the time Sunday
comes around, you're too busy
with football and basketball.
And here comes Monday and
the cycle starts all over again.
I'm tired
of sharing you with everybody.
You have me, baby.
I promise, alright?
Just let daddy take care of
a few things.
That's what you said last
time and the time before that.
[gospel song]
- [phone ringing]
- [Paris] Hey, daddy.
Listen, now's not a good time.
[prison guard] Let's go!
- [Monty] Daddy is getting ready to start a session.
- [Paris] Again?
Yes. I know, sweetheart.
- [Paris] Seriously?
- [Monty] I know, I know.
- [Paris] I'm just gonna go.
- [Monty] What?
- [Paris] I'll find a ride.
- A ride in the middle...
- [Paris] Whatever.
- Hello.
[laughs] She hung up on me.
Uh, first of all,
I'd like to thank you all for
agreeing to be part of
this program for inmates.
I commend you for taking that
first step
to being better fathers.
Now, I'm gonna give you
the information
to be better fathers
to your kids.
Now I spoke to the warden
and he gave me clearance
for your children and, or your children's
mothers to be part of the program.
I already know my baby
and momma ain't coming.
She's the reason I'm in here.
Can we throw in
some conjugal visits?
When you leave this class,
you're gonna be happy that
you came and overall better men.
This class is offered in order for
you to get honest with yourselves.
And how about you?
Can you take
an honest look at yourself?
And you must be
Aaron Davis, right?
Yeah, that's my name.
Just didn't answer
the question, though.
Can you be real?
Well, you see, Aaron, uhm.
This isn't about me.
You see, I'm not
the one sitting in your seat.
Yeah, but you want
to know our stories.
Each and every one of you
should look at your neighbor
and speak the truth.
For we are
members one of another.
- What did that dude say?
- Thank you. Thank you, brother.
- What's up with you, bro?
- Wo, wo. Let's bring it in.
- [Monty] Bring it in, fellows.
- My name is Randy.
I speak what's given to me.
So you know a few scriptures,
so what?
Ain't nothing special about you.
Oh, so you know scriptures?
You answer my questions,
and I'll answer yours.
Alright, Aaron. I can do that.
I can be honest.
Guess class can start, guys.
[everybody] Yeah.
Well, thank you, Aaron.
Ah, let's try this again.
My name is Monty
and I'm from Chicago.
Shut up, hey!
Hey! Hey!
Put your hand down, fool,
before I break some.
Uh-uh, uh-uh. Not here.
Now that will be the first
and last warning, gentlemen.
Okay, so I moved here in 1992,
to teach at the university.
I taught psychology for 10 years, and
I still do it from time to time.
Hey, man, when do you
find time for your own daughter?
Well, that's, uh, it's really
none of your business.
For your information, I have
plenty of time for my daughter.
So When was the last time you took
your little princess for ice cream?
Bet you never considered the fact
that I might be innocent, huh?
That punk cracked him.
Running around
like he is innocent.
The police know too. They know.
They ain't going
to do nothing about it.
And neither will he.
Sitting behind this
little podium, judging us.
Trying to show us
how to be fathers.
Ain't no difference
between me and you, partner.
These people always
come here and lie to us.
We're tired of being lied to.
We won't walk out of here,
until you could start
being honest with us.
[agreeing sounds]
I haven't been a very good
father to my daughter.
I don't spend time
with her like I should.
And I know that's what she wants,
but I can't give it to her.
I can see the hurt in her eyes,
yet I choose to ignore it.
You see,
when I look at my daughter,
she reminds me
of my late wife, Erica,
and how much I miss her.
She died when
my daughter was 12.
The older she gets, the
more she looks like her mother.
Her smiles, her laugh, her eyes.
She is a constant reminder
that my Erica is gone forever.
The truth is...
I have... I haven't gotten
over the death of my wife,
but there it is.
Thank you.
Thank you, guys.
What you doing out here?
Oh, hey.
I'm just taking
some time to myself.
It's my favorite place
to come relax and read.
It's getting dark. You should probably
be getting back to the church.
Let me walk you.
On one condition.
What's that?
Come sit and talk
with me for a bit.
I can't resist that,
so I'm going to sit right there.
So, how was your day?
No one ever really asks me that.
- Feels nice.
- Really?
Well, I promise to ask you how your
day goes every time I see you.
Really, does that mean you're
going to be seeing me a lot?
It depends.
Depends on what?
If we could meet here
sometimes after school,
I'll tell you about my day
and you tell me about yours.
I like that, I'm cool with that.
You're different from the other
chicks I've been messing with.
- Excuse me?
- No, that came...
Chicks lay eggs, Jalen.
You couldn't find a different
word to describe a female?
That's how you see me, a chick?
And who says that we're
messing with each other?
I didn't mean
to say it like that.
- Is that all you want?
- Eh, eh...
- Eh, eh.
- Eh...
- Got you!
- Oh, man!
I had a mini-heart attack
right there.
- I could tell.
- Oh, my goodness, you're funny.
I like it, though.
Rivers run deep with you.
Come on, we should be
getting back to the church.
Just so you know,
you're not alone.
I've felt that type of way about my
father not being there for me either.
Really? Thought your father
is in your life.
[chuckles] My dad lives with me,
he provides for me,
but he isn't there for me.
There's a difference.
You know
I always took your father
to be the type to take you
on long walks on the beach,
daddy-daughter dates,
mani-pedis together.
[chuckles] No, I wish.
I couldn't tell you the last time
we've done anything like that.
Do you ever try
to just talk to him?
No, you know,
I would feel guilty
taking him away
from people who need him.
At least you've got access
to your pops,
I never had that privilege.
You know, my mom has tried to
hook me up with some of my uncles
and some of her
close guy friends,
that never really worked out.
Why not?
So, my moms...
None of her attempts
ever really worked out,
most of the dudes was trying
to hook up with her anyways,
except this one,
his motives was all wrong.
What happened?
If you don't want to talk about
it, Jalen you don't have to.
No, it's cool.
So... this one cat
says he wants to take me hiking.
He told my mom
he'll be like my big bro.
Took me to this lake
in the middle of nowhere.
Jalen, it's okay
you can talk to me,
you're safe with me.
So he takes me to this lake
in the middle of nowhere,
starts taking off his clothes
and he told me to get in.
I had bad vibes,
but he assured me that
everything was fine, you know.
Back then I couldn't swim.
He said he would
teach me how to swim.
So I'm like,
"Cool, you're like my big bro."
As soon as I get in the water,
he's all up on me.
Didn't feel right,
so I got out ASAP.
Got all my clothes on
soaking wet
then he starts screaming at me,
"Get back in the lake
or I'm gonna leave you here."
I didn't know what to do, so...
I just ran into the woods.
And I just walked
and walked and walked
till it was dark.
Back then I watched
a lot of scary movies.
You know what happens to
people like us in the woods.
[laughs] I was scared,
but luckily...
Just like a miracle,
I heard these girls camping out.
They took me home.
Wow, Jalen, I'm so sorry
you had to go through that.
You had to be really brave.
How old were you?
I was eight years old.
You know,
I can't help but think,
if my father was in my life, that
things would be different, you know.
I never told anybody that story.
You the first
and the last, alright?
I hope you know
you're safe with me.
I know, Paris.
You know how they say
God has a plan for all of us?
Something is telling me
God has a plan for you and I.
He is bringing us together,
to help us understand
our fathers,
and to forgive them.
You really think so?
[Paris] My guitar, my guitar.
Oh, shoot.
Child, what are
you still doing here?
I'm sorry,
I'm still waiting for my dad.
- Hey, Paris.
- Hey, girls.
What's up?
Wondering around
at night isn't safe, you know?
I know, but I wasn't by myself.
Well, who were you with?
And does Mr. Monty know him?
Yes, he's actually
already met him.
But does he know that you're
gallivanting around at nights
- with him, though?
- It's not like that, Ms. Davis,
- He's actually your grandson.
- Who?
- Jalen.
- Oh, Lord Jesus.
I got to pray about this.
- What, Ms... You guys.
- Tell her.
- You didn't tell us you had a new boyfriend.
- Help me out, please.
And what is she
supposed to help you out with?
I don't know anything,
Ms. Davis. Nothing.
Sorry, Miss Davis,
I didn't know either.
You guys are the worst.
I just came for my guitar, jeez.
I'll tell you.
Let's go over this song again.
We've got
about 10 minutes, and Paris,
- why don't you practice with us?
- Okay.
[Ms. Davis] Okay, here we go.
One, two three.
Amazing grace
How sweet the sound
That saved a wretch
Like me
Our Father who art in heaven.
Hollowed be Thy name.
- Thy kingdom come...
- [Preacher] You must understand
that when God created you,
he created you to be great.
Greatness is in your DNA.
Yes, there may have been things
that happened in your past,
and some things
that were beyond your control.
Don't allow your past
to defeat you.
In spite of your weakness, you owe it to
yourself to choose victory over defeat.
In spite of what
you've been through,
you owe it to yourself to win,
and say, "I can make it."
I will win. I am a champion."
I know the Devil told you you will
never make it. The Devil is a liar.
When people say, "You can't"
you say, "I can".
When the Devil says
you can't, you say I can.
I can! A struggle
can't hold me! I can!
Now, if you choose victory, clap your
hands, and give God some praise.
[inmates] Thy kingdom come.
- Thy will be done, on earth...
- [phone ringing]
[answering machine] You've reached
attorney Jacksons Office,
please leave a message. [bleep]
[Monty] Listen, Manuel,
you're going to think I'm crazy,
but I had
this vision last night.
God has a calling for me.
It... Just meet me at
the jail house later.
This case is political, Monty.
A child and an elderly woman
were shot dead.
People want to see
someone pay for this.
Are you certain
that he's innocent?
Yeah, I'm sure.
I mean,
this man may be a lot of things,
but I'm telling you
he's not a liar.
You should see the way
these men look up to him.
[Manuel] He's a gang leader,
Monty, I looked in his file.
Yet, what if that same power,
that same leadership quality
can be used for something good?
I think it's worth a shot.
You better be right
about this, Monty.
What is this about? Who is he?
Manuel Jackson.
I'm a defense attorney
and a good friend of Monty's.
He gave me a file.
I must admit,
I see some major discrepancies
that went overlooked.
I'm listening, go ahead.
What he's saying is
he's going
to look into your case
present new evidence
and maybe
get the charges dropped.
I'm not one hundred percent certain
I can get you out of here,
but I do believe there's
a good chance that I can.
Don't play with me.
I just need to
ask you one question.
Did you rob
that convenience store
and kill that little girl
and that cashier?
I did not rob the store,
or kill any of those people.
So you're 100% innocent?
I'm 100% innocent, sir.
I do not like to be
made a fool of in court.
I got a reputation to uphold,
so if I find out
you're lying to me...
You think this is hell?
I will turn up the heat.
Understood, sir.
Well, then.
Sir, you've got yourself
a defense attorney.
I don't have any money
to pay for this.
Brother, I did not
ask you for any money.
Thank you.
Thank you, both.
Game points?
I won, baby, let's go.
Yo! Yo, J?
What's good? What's up with you?
What happened
to you last night, bro?
Oh, man, Aaron called the crib,
told my moms
he may be getting out.
Just been thinking.
Thinking? Thinking of what, man?
Bro, why are you always so extra
when I bring up Aaron's name?
Cos he's a liar, bro.
They're all the same, man.
Talking about they gonna
do better when they get out.
I remember when my
sperm donor got out.
Yo, I've never even
heard my father speak.
It's a cold world, man.
Man, let's hoop, man.
- Hey, sorry I'm late.
- Thanks for meeting me.
I think this is the piece
of evidence we've needed.
What am I not understanding, the police already
matched the same tread to Aaron shoes.
They matched the same tread,
yes, but not the size.
Whoever was there
that night, look closer.
They wore a size nine,
Aaron wears a size 11.
- Look at this.
- Who is Craig Matheson?
Craig Matheson was picked up four
days after Aaron for burglary.
The fun fact, they were both
wearing the same brand of shoes
but guess what size he wears?
I think you were
right about Aaron.
Let's go and get
him out of there.
Waited at that bus station
for four hours, man.
Punk never showed up.
So I just do my pops.
I still don't know
where that cat is.
- Yo, man. Can I get that?
- Maybe it's our ball.
- Who're these cats, man?
- I don't know, they're some old heads, man.
I heard a little bit of the conversation
you was having with your man.
Oh, is that right?
I was just like you, man.
Man, you don't know me.
Mad at my pops for leaving
my moms, hated that dude.
Hated him,
till one day,
this dude on his dying bed in
the hospital, he calls me.
It took everything in me, man, not
to just let him die and rot in hell.
I had questions,
long story short,
you know what he told me?
He said, He didn't know how to be
something that he never had for himself.
That mindset, man, that mindset.
So, I made a decision
right then and there,
I said I was going to release
that generational curse.
I'm a dad, man.
Four kids, man.
And it gives me every bit of joy
to watch those little babies grow
up right before my eyes, man.
I don't know you,
but you going to have to
forgive your pops, yo.
Cause some days
you gonna be a father.
It starts with you, yo.
People always
trying to school somebody, man.
That was deep, though. You need
to start listening, man.
I'm not listening to that dude.
You know, I'll end up just
like my pops anyway, J.
He sold drugs, now I sell drugs.
Nothing like him, man.
He's a big-time drug dealer.
All we do is sell a little weed.
No, moms ain't
working right now, man.
I had to make some extra cash,
I mean, I got a little counter.
Come on, Diggy, we said we wasn't going
to get trapped in that world, remember?
- That's real-time, man.
- I know, man.
Gave me your word, though.
Bro, look it's only temporary
until I get moms
back on her feet.
Few more weeks, bro,
I'm done. I promise you, J.
[Cindy] Today, we have coverage on the
highly publicized trial of Aaron Davis.
It was just announced that all murder
charges against Davis have been dropped.
- [Cindy] As of right now, he is not a suspect.
- [Reporter] Thanks, Cindy.
Aaron Davis, the former gang leader
indicted for the murder of sibling.
Shanna Garfield has been exonerated
after years of incarceration.
A special appeal was filed by Manuel
Jackson within the state attorney's office
and after key evidence
was re-examined by the judge,
he immediately placed
a motion for Davis' release.
The next question
authorities are asking is,
"How did this happen,
and how much will Davis settle
with the state for
the wrongful conviction?"
- Hey.
- Hey.
Welcome home.
- Momma, I'm hungry.
- [laughs]
I've cooked all your favorites,
you know I did.
Come on, baby. Grab it. [Laughs]
Oh, sweetie.
The food was awesome.
And you know that
there's plenty more
where that comes from.
Oh, I have been
holding something for you.
What am I
supposed to do with this?
I'm sure you'll
think of something.
- Keep that.
- M-hm.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
- If you still got faith, sing.
- [choir] I believe
The storm will soon be over
I believe...
The rain will go away
Come on, Shawn, Sing.
I believe
The family will get better
And I believe
God will provide
I believe
The promised land
I believe
- Don't make me shoot you, boy!
- No, man.
Let me guess,
you ain't got my money, do you?
- I was on my way to get it, man.
- You was going to get it?
- Yeah.
- Then why you running?
- I'm not, man.
- Don't lie to me.
I'm not lying, man.
- Not lying, huh?
- No.
- Get on your knees, man.
- What?
Get on your knees.
Get on your knees!
You ain't got to do this, man.
Look, I'm going to ask you
one more time, boy.
Where is my money?
Alright, man. Alright.
Please, man.
I don't got it, and my
mom stole it man, she's sick.
I didn't know what else to do, man, but
I'll tell you, I'll work it off, man.
I need a little more time, man.
A little more time.
I'll work it off.
I'm gonna get it for you, bro.
I promise, man.
- What are you going to do, hu?
- Anything,
anything you ask, man. I'll do.
So this is what you're gonna do.
Is this dude that's just
got off for serving a few years
for killing my niece.
I want you
to kill his son for us.
Who's that?
Aaron Davis.
Got a son named J.
What man? J? I mean, that's
my best friend, I can't...
Look I don't care if
that's your friend!
You either kill him
or you don't!
Cause if you don't,
that little
dope head mama of his...
that little brother of yours,
they're gonna
catch these bullets.
Get my money
and you better kill that boy.
Let's go, Dread.
I'm not playing with you, boy.
[knocking on door]
[Jalen] I got it, ma'.
You're all grown up now,
you're a man.
How are you and your moms doing?
We good, everybody's good.
That's good to hear.
You want to come in?
Is it okay?
Yeah, come on.
[soft piano music]
Just sit.
Uh, Jalen,
I heard you go down
to the community center a lot.
And, uh, I don't know if you
know this, but I work there now.
- That's what's up?
- It's not much,
but at least I can work my way
up from the bottom, you know.
And hopefully
see you every now and then.
You want something to drink?
No, I'm... I'm good.
Listen, Jalen
your mom's home and you're
out here
playing in these streets.
Yeah. What she say?
Alright, bro, you come from me.
I don't want you to make
the same mistakes that I made
and I definitely
made a lot of them.
We're from the same hood,
so we have tendencies of
wanting to make sure
that we hold everybody down.
No, I've been cut that off.
That's good.
I'm proud of you, son.
It's one less thing
I have to worry about.
Ma, are we good?
What are you doing
in my house, Aaron?
Ma, it's okay.
You have to
leave my house, Aaron.
Look, I... I'm not here to stay.
I really came here
to let you guys know
that I'm in a special program
down at the community center.
And I was hoping you and Jalen
can come by before I graduate.
It's called a
better father programming.
Probably not.
I'll just leave it here.
But I'm not gonna give up.
[Jalen] Wait, wait!
Why did you do that, ma?
Jalen, you're too young
to understand what's going on.
You've been
saying that same line
my entire life,
but he's still my father!
Yeah, I can't
handle this right now.
You can't handle what?
Why did you kick him out, ma?
Answer me, ma?
Why did you do that?
Who do you think
you're talking to?
Who do you think raised you?
He's gonna walk through the door and
you're going to turn on me now?
That's no problem at all.
Oh, Mr. Davis,
I was beginning to think
we weren't going to see you.
- [Aaron] You lied to me!
- [Monty] What's going on?
Man, I did everything
you told me to do
- and it blew up in my face.
- Alright. Wait, wait.
Let's talk about it, alright?
Everybody, sit down.
Sit down, please!
[Aaron] I made myself
available to my son.
- Well, that's good, Aaron.
- But she did exactly what I thought she would do.
Trying to act like I
don't deserve to see my son.
- Wait a minute.
- You don't. You gotta earn that, bro.
You probably lied to her,
probably lied to your boy.
What do you know about earning, fool?
You know nothing about me
and you don't know nothing
about my situation, partner!
Matter of fact,
you know who I am, huh?
Well, I just got out, but I
don't mind going back for you.
Let's go. Come on, let's go!
- Come on now.
- You ain't got to hold me, bro.
- I ain't... I'm here.
- Sit down, please.
You're Lucky, - Have a seat.
Now, Aaron,
what happened to change, man?
Man, you may not like
what this brother had to say,
but he's telling the truth.
Now change may be the hardest thing
you have to do in your life.
Man, do you want a relationship
with Jalen or not?
I do, man.
I really do.
No matter how many times
you've got to go back go back.
Do whatever it takes
to see your son.
But my problem is
my son don't respect me
because I'm trying to be
honest and do what's right.
What do I do about that?
Well, all you could do is be
a father to your son. You know.
Teach him to own, not to borrow.
Teach him how to
respect his woman.
Now you stay on that course and
you're gonna get the respect again
and leave the rest to God.
I can feel that.
I'm sorry about earlier.
Man, you know how we do
where we from, bro.
We're good, bro.
You know, we all make mistakes.
I guess that's why
we are all here, huh?
You are a good dude, man.
Thank you.
Man, that ain't nothing but God.
That reminds me if any of you would
like to attend church with me tonight,
well, you're more than welcome.
Count me in, man.
I just hope God help me take
care of some of these bills
cause I haven't
been hustling in a while.
Let's hope the church
don't burn down first.
Count me in too. I'll be there.
[Pastor] Anytime the Devil
tells me I'm not something,
I always say, I am that.
Anytime the Devil
tells me I am something,
I always say I'm not that.
You can do all things through
Christ who strengthens you.
You can make the choice today.
I don't care how deep you are
in it, you are coming out of it.
I declare in Jesus name, that
today is your day of freedom.
I hope you know today
that you've been chosen by God.
Chosen to make it. Chosen to
outlast it and outlive it.
Lord Jesus,
His call is upon your life.
You might have to
come out of the clique.
You might have to
come out of the game.
You might
have come out of the club.
- Yes.
- Make no mistake about it.
You are marked by God.
You are a marked man.
You are a marked woman.
Transitions are not fun
and they are not easy,
but let me tell you
something about transition.
Whenever God chooses you,
He'll twist and
turn and He'll change this.
He'll order your steps and have you
at the right place at the right time.
Yes! Amen.
Are you okay?
What's wrong?
Talk to me.
Yo, where you've been, man?
I've been looking for you.
Needed some alone time, man.
Yo, what is wrong with you, J?
God has touched your life.
He pulled you out of darkness
into His marvelous light.
I don't know who
He's talking to today
but I want you
to identify yourself
by getting up out of your seat
and come down to this alter
and tell God, "God,
I want you to change my life."
"You hold the keys to my
destiny." That's it, come on.
I dare you to tell your feet,
"Get to the nearest aisle
and take me to Jesus."
God is about to change you.
I said God is
about to change you.
He's about to take everything
that was working against you
and work it together for you,
who are you today?
I declare that
it changes forever.
My life changes today. That's it, baby,
lift your hands and allow God to touch you.
Let his spirit rest upon you.
He has marked you for a purpose.
Thank you, God for your purpose.
It's the purpose of God
that shall prevail.
I thank you God that nothing
that we've been through
has the ability
to disqualify us.
I thank you, God
that hell has never created
a sin that the blood
could not wash away.
Excuse me,
we're talking right now.
Man, get your girl
out of my face.
Look, you're overstepping
your boundaries, dawg.
What, you are choosing
a female over me now, bro?
What's up with you, dawg?
Yo, man we got company.
He wants me to smoke you, dawg?
- Paris, You need to go to the church.
- Jalen, what is going on?
- You need to go right now!
- I don't want to go!
Go. Run!
Praise you for His power.
Praise Him because every yoke
is destroyed in your praise.
You ought to let the Devil
hear you're praising God!
Let drugs hear you praising God!
Let failure hear
you praising God!
We break the spirit of failure off of
your life today in the name of Jesus.
Do it, Jesus.
If you don't fix it,
it won't be fixed.
- [preacher in the background]
- I'm so sorry.
I know that I've
put you through so much.
You've been such a blessing
to me, please forgive me.
I pray to God that
you forgive me, please.
[Diggy] Go, man! Go!
Go, man, go!
Go, go, go.
[Diggy] Come on!
Come on, bro. Come on.
Digg, this way. This way, Digg.
What you doing, man?
Are you serious right now, man?
You crazy?
I'm sorry, J.
What's taking so long?
Daddy, daddy. Jalen is in trouble,
we have to go, we have to go.
Go and get Mr. Aaron.
We have to go.
- [indistinct] We gotta go.
- [Paris] Please, hurry.
All you got to do is
cock it back...
and pull the trigger.
Mr. Aaron... Something is going
on with Jalen and Diggy,
- they're in trouble. These guys...
- [Aaron] Where are they?
- Where are they?
- They said they were going to kill Jalen,
I don't know, they're outside.
Go, go, I'll call the police.
911, emergency operator 929.
- Okay.
- This is my boy, man.
[Tony] Your boy?
Your boy?
Man, J didn't do it.
He didn't do it?
Who did it then, Diggy?
Just give me a sign.
Please help me,
I don't know where he is.
[car horn]
I'm waiting on you.
You are ready to die, huh?
[Aaron] Jalen!
What's going on?
He's going to kill my moms,
and my little bro, man
if I don't do this.
Look, I've hurt a lot of people
and I was wrong for it.
Put the gun down.
Don't ruin
the rest of your life, please.
Please. Please.
Look, I don't even know
what's going on
but whatever it is,
we can fix it.
If they owe you money, I can pay it.
Just don't hurt my son.
He doesn't want the money, man.
Got the money?
I can find the money.
You all hear this man.
He can find the money.
[laughs] We should be chasing
him all day then, right?
This man.
Hey, look.
Hey, this for my niece.
Pops, no!
[police sirens]
The cops are here, man.
[Dread] Come on, man.
Let's roll out.
Let's move.
[Jalen] Diggy.
Diggy, come on, man.
Put your head up, put your
head up, come on, breathe.
Breath. Alright, bro?
You good. You're good.
- I'm scared, J.
- You good, man. Relax, alright? We need help!
- I'm scared, J. I'm scared.
- Don't be scared, man, you good, alright?
You're gonna get past this, man.
- You good.
- Tell my brother I love him, man.
- I love you, Dawg. Alright.
- I'm sorry.
- I go to church, okay?
- I'm sorry.
I'm going to church every day,
I'm reading the Bible, man.
Okay? I mean...
I love you, man.
Come on we need help, right now!
Stay with me, Diggy.
Stay with me. Stay with me!
Come on, man. Come on, Diggy!
Diggy, wake up, man.
Diggy, wake up, man!
[police sirens]
[knocking on the door]
[Radio] Pursuit,
Los Angeles. Suspect is a male.
Unknown, wearing a red shirt.
Excuse me, ma'am
is your son Demetrius Smith?
[mother crying]
Where is Diggy?
Ma, it's killing you.
It's killing us.
Ma, I can get you some help.
Calvin and I still need you, ma.
I just miss
the way things used to be.
I miss my friend Diggy.
I just hope he's okay.
I just want to
thank you for bringing my pops
back into my life...
and for my girlfriend.
I think she's
my girlfriend, yeah.
I ask that you continue
to make me a better man.
I think that's when I found God
for the first time.
- [Aaron] That's an amazing story.
- I feel the same way, bro.
Hey, you missed a spot.
Get the hell out, man.
Is this you?
I was just
about to tell you, kiss my ass.
Yes, how's everything
going with your new positions?
I ain't gonna lie, man.
It's different.
Earning a honest
living is hard work.
Yeah, this is
for the birds, man.
But, it gives us time to think.
As a matter of fact,
me and J got an idea. We're gonna
open up our own janitorial service.
- Getting other people to work for us.
- Right.
- We rent.
- See, that's what I'm talking about.
That's how you do it.
When you have your own
you don't have to answer
to nobody but God.
My grandfather taught me that.
Except that he forgot
to leave out the part
where you have to
answer to your wife, you know.
So, you're ready for later?
I have a feeling that your life's
about to change for the better.
I don't know, man.
About as ready
as I ever be, I guess.
Oh, man, you going to
be just fine, my brother.
You're an amazing man
and I mean that.
Thank you. Me and J
we'll collect this dollars,
open up this business
and get this money.
Legit paper.
- Save me some.
- We might let you work for us.
Ain't going to happen.
Ain't going to happen.
How are you?
I'm okay,
I miss Diggy a lot, though.
It feels weird not
being able to see him every day.
Yeah. I'm so sorry
about Diggy, Jalen.
How are things with your dad?
Me and Pops, we're good.
Yeah, that's good.
So, you're gonna
come to his graduation?
It's today.
Yeah, I was planning on it.
What's wrong?
This last session
can get really crazy.
A lot of old feelings
can resurface
and... I just want to
make sure you can handle it all.
[soft piano music]
- [Shala] Hey.
- [Monty] Hey.
Hi, Aaron.
- Pops.
- Hey, son.
Hey, Jalen. How's it going?
Good, Mr. Monty.
That's good to hear, son.
That's good to hear.
So, you guys ready
for the meeting?
[Monty] So, uh...
Listen. First, I'd like to say,
it's been a pleasure
meeting all of you.
This is the first time
that all participants
- have been reunited with their children.
- Wow.
And that does...
That doesn't usually happen.
And you had a lot
to do with that, man.
Aaron, you have grown so much as
an individual and as a father.
He, uh... He really wants
this thing to work.
And by thing
I mean the three of you.
Jalen, we're
going to start with you.
Is there anything you
want to say to your pops?
They say it's not how you start
but how you finish, right?
[Monty] Yeah.
So I just want my pops
to know I'm proud of him.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Don't tell me. Tell him.
I just want you to know
I'm proud of you, Pops.
And I'm happy to have you back
in my life, and I love you.
I love you too.
Are we good?
We're great. We're Gucci.
Shala, what do
you want from Aaron?
Well, uhm.
Well I... I forgave Aaron
at the altar, but...
I just want to say...
I mean, maybe... Maybe there's
not going to be an us.
I just want to say...
like if there is
the slightest chance
that you are not
going to be there
as a father in Jalen's life
then please,
please just end it now.
I know it was hard on you
and you held it down
when I was locked up,
but I need you and Jalen both.
I just want to make this right.
I know that this
didn't work the first time.
But, Shala...
I love you with all of my heart
and I'd love you
to marry me again.
[woman visitor] Yeah, I know.
Hey, Calvin, I'm your father.
- You want to help?
- Are you going to help? Will you get out of here?
You're in trouble.
[Davis] Hey, hey, hey, hey.
Put that ball down.
- [Davis] What is wrong with you?
- [Aaron] Go and get that ball.
Like a party to me.
What's up, girl?
How are you doing, baby?
- Hey.
- Getting the ball in the house.
What's wrong with you all.
[Davis] Crazy. All crazy.
- Let's go all...
- Let's eat!
I had to preach and teach to y'all
and tell you all what to do.
Y'all grown men. Well, what
I'll really say is, you know,
it's time to go home
and do the right thing.
Cause none of us really
want to be in here,
you know what I mean? I mean y'all talk
every day about what we need to do.
First of all, I'd like to say that it
feels so good to see all of us together.
- [Monty] Yes, indeed.
- Bow your heads.
Lord, we humbly come to you once
again asking for forgiveness
and thanking you for this
wonderful, wonderful food.
- Yes, Lord.
- In Jesus name.
- Amen.
- [everybody] Amen!
I didn't want to be too long.
I'm hungry.