Never Let Go (2015) Movie Script

Is he all right?
Yeah, he was out like a light.
So, where to first?
Well, they've got a zoo.
It's got a little zebra train,
or something,
goes right around the whole thing.
Yeah, we can save
on a bit of buggy pushing.
Jake would love it.
Yeah, okay, I'd love it.
So, let's do lunch in
the Monkey Munch Cafe.
The "Monkey Munch Cafe".
And we...
Why don't we go to the Old Town
in the afternoon?
I thought we could do some shopping.
I knew you were gonna say that.
Well, I thought I would get
your mom a little something.
She's been amazing recently.
I thought maybe I could get her
a couple of sarongs, or something.
You think she'd like that?
You are so sweet.
What's wrong?
I know this is a big change for you.
It was for me.
But this is just
a temporary arrangement.
Six months down the line,
you could get a job,
do a few days' work a week.
Something different.
"Normal", you mean.
We all have to deal with
what comes at us, Lisa.
Your father would be so proud.
A granddaddy.
Mr. Anderson, do you have a few words?
Mr. Anderson, do you have
any words for our KCM viewers?
A vote for Clarke is a vote for America.
Thank you very much.
Why don't you use that allowance,
or whatever you wanna call it,
take a vacation somewhere?
He's right.
It would do you and Sophie so much good.
Go somewhere you've always wanted to go.
I would've loved to have had
that kind of time with you.
You need to find a way
to forgive yourself, Lisa.
Your father is looking down
at you from heaven,
and his beautiful grandchild.
And all he wants is for you to be happy.
He always wanted to travel more...
So, you are here for vacation, Miss?
Something like that.
Ah, yes, that's great.
I like your baby, it's beautiful.
Is not too much noisy, you know?
I like that.
It's a girl, or a boy?
A girl.
Oh, yes, that's fantastic.
I like girls.
One day, I gonna have a lot of kids,
but I need this, you know?
So, your husband is not with you?
Uh... I'm meeting
my husband at the hotel.
Hey, is this the way?
Yes, yes, sure is,
but I have to say just hi to my friend,
and coming back.
Just two minutes, okay?
No. No, actually it's not okay.
Just take it easy.
This will take only two minutes.
Can we get going?
My husband will be getting kind
of worried if I'm much longer.
Your husband is lucky man, Miss.
Be careful, your purse in the market.
Pickpockets, you know?
Oh, yes, he's my best friend.
Soon, we gonna have
a big business together,
selling everything on the Internet.
Your room is not ready.
Probably by 2:00 p.m.
Maybe a little before.
But you can leave a bag, and
there are a lot of cafes and shops.
Right. Okay.
Thank you for this.
I hope it's not too much of a drain
on those campaign funds.
Lisa, I'm trying to
manage this the best I can.
It's not an easy situation.
Well, you've got a while
till the "Where's-Daddy" conversation.
I wouldn't stress about it yet.
Yeah. Yeah, I'm sorry
I can't be there with you.
Sure. How are those voters behaving?
Oh, you know, slowly,
but we'll get there.
How are you holding up?
I worry about you, both of you.
Oh, you know, slowly.
We'll get there.
Wherever "there" is.
We're gonna work this out.
I know how strong you are.
And I'm gonna keep your job for you
whether you like it, or not.
These newbies just don't have any edge.
Look, let your hair down.
Just try and relax.
Take as long as you want.
Hey, darling, are you joining us
for dinner any time soon?
Be right there.
Have you told her yet?
I'm trying to figure out how.
With everything that's going on,
the campaign...
I gotta go.
I'll call you.
And give Sophie a big kiss for me.
Good morning, you.
Hello, Miss.
I'm Farrid, and you are?
Lisa. Hi.
I'm not really in need
of anything, thank you.
Oh, you are American, yes?
I love America people.
I'm sure you do.
I think this one
would look just perfect.
Complementing your eyes.
Not that they need much more
complementing, I must say.
Lisa, for you, I would
give this for nothing,
but my mother worked her
whole life in the tannery.
Such hard work to make leather.
The ammonia they use to
strip hides make her sick,
so, I am son, father, doctor.
Oh, go on.
What do you want for it?
You just make me the offer.
No, just tell me the price.
Hey! Hey, that guy! My baby!
That guy's got my...
Someone help! Please!
Where's Paul?
Just go!
That way, quickly!
I can't lose that car! Go!
No, you pay, or no drive.
My money is at the beach.
I will pay you double, 10 times, please!
- You pay, no drive.
- No, no! Look, I got money!
Not with me!
Just... I need you to go!
- No, you can no...
- I tell you... No, look, my baby...
- Please understand me.
- No. No.
- My baby is in a car!
- No, no.
Enfant, do you understand?
- She's in that car! That way, please!
- Out.
- For God's sake, do you understand?
- No.
- My baby's in that car!
- You cannot ride. No!
I need you to go after that car!
Damn it!
Come on!
Oh, God!
Yeah. Agent Burrows.
- Jeanette?
- Lisa?
How are you?
I haven't seen you in months.
Please, just listen.
I need you to put
a location trace on my cell.
Do not call me back.
I'll call you at the Bureau.
It's on its last bar of power, so, I
don't know how long you'll get a signal.
Whoa. Are you all right?
Just please...
Just take this down.
- Yeah.
- Bravo, zero, four, four,
zebra, mother, delta.
- Got it?
- Yeah. Got it.
I'm hanging up now, Jeanette, okay?
Lisa, whatever it is, just take...
No! No!
- Down! Get down!
- No! No, no, no! No, I have to call...
- Down, or I shoot!
- No! My baby, my...
No, please!
They have my...
They have my baby in that car!
Please, please!
Miss, you need to come with us.
I'm not going anywhere
except after my baby.
There's been an abduction.
If a crime has been committed, we will
investigate it. You give us the details.
My daughter is in a bag in that car!
That's all the details you need!
Please, we have to follow that car!
Please! Please!
Hey, look, I am unarmed!
If you prevent me from finding out
where that car's gone,
you could be killing my child.
You understand me?
Please! Please!
Hey! Hey!
Listen to me.
I need that chopper,
a weapon, a translator...
Lady, you are not going anywhere
until we can establish...
I'm damn well going everywhere
until I get my baby back.
We've got less than three hours
of the first window.
Nine times out of 10, that is
the only window, and you know it.
Who are you?
Show me your papers, your passport...
I don't have it.
I don't have anything.
My name is Lisa Brennan.
I have some training,
which is meant to make me an asset
in this type of situation.
At least for other people.
My passport, my bag,
it's all at the beach
where they took her.
Who are "they"?
I don't know, but I
don't think they're local.
At least not up the chain.
Maybe Eastern Europe, but I'll find out.
If this happened here,
it is our job to find out.
Please, come with us now to the station,
we can get all this information
in a proper way.
I'm sorry, but I'm not going anywhere
except after my baby.
You do what you can do,
and I'll do what I do,
but please just help me find her.
Lady, there is a dead man on our street.
Many witnesses saw you attack him.
You cannot do this and just walk away.
You come with us now,
you fill in all the forms,
give us descriptions, everything.
If your daughter is missing,
we find her.
No, I'm not filling in
any fucking forms!
I'm not going to sit somewhere
and watch our only chances
disappear in paperwork!
You either work with me
on this right now,
or you move against me!
Lady, you cannot make this threat.
She is a blonde-haired, blue-eyed baby.
Get her description
out into the media now
before there is time for them
to make it across any borders.
We will once you and we are in a
safe place, and get all the facts right.
No, wait, wait.
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
The guy who was
my daughter has a tattoo.
Like this.
It's not a picture, it's not art.
It's like a symbol. Like a...
Like a gang, maybe.
You need to get this image and
description out into the media now.
We need more than this.
Please, come with us now. We can
take all this information properly.
- Follicles. Oh, God.
- What?
The kidnapper's DNA will be
on these hair follicles.
What's this?
It's, uh, medicine.
No. No, no, no.
It's got nothing to do
with what happened here.
I'm off those now.
No. They're gonna want her alive,
but she's gonna be crying
for food, for her mother.
They can conceal her, yes, but not
so much that she can't breathe.
Oh, God.
So, she can be heard.
Please, if somebody is close
enough, she can be heard!
Calm down, Miss!
You need to come with us now.
Do not make any more trouble!
You could help me.
You could choose to help me.
Stop me, or stand in my way,
and things will end badly for her,
and for you.
This is a threat on me?
I'm just giving you fair warning.
It cannot be!
Hassan! Hassan! Hassan!
Hassan! Hassan! Hassan!
Hey. You thief.
You thief, come to police.
No. No, no, no.
No, I had no choice.
No... I will pay you...
You lie, you lie!
You come with me!
No, no!
Please, please! Don't...
Come on!
Lisa! Lisa!
She's gone! Our baby, she's gone!
Do you have any water?
To drink?
- To drink, please.
- Drink?
Yeah, please.
Thank you.
You bring this shit into my place.
This could give everything away.
Starting with you.
It was off.
I heard the battery go.
Where? How far exactly?
Many miles from here.
Before the village?
You sure?
I brought it to show you,
to be honest with you.
This is a risk.
And Paul, they have
his face, everything.
One little woman gives you such trouble.
She... She was not normal.
You know what?
If I feel too much risk,
I will take that canister,
pour gas over this place,
with you and every little thing in here!
We have a good, clean buyer,
ready to exchange
when the things are calm.
Now, get away from my face,
and find someone
to make that thing quiet
before I improvise.
I need my key! Fourteen!
What happened?
Let me call someone!
No! Don't call anyone!
- Please don't hurt me.
- No, listen.
My daughter, my baby,
you remember, yeah?
You checked us in.
You remember her, yes?
You saw her, didn't you?
I saw the pram, the buggy.
I... I didn't look.
Look at me!
There was a lady here
when I checked in.
She saw Sophie!
She touched her hand!
I don't know. I don't know!
Fuck! Sorry.
Please, just...
Just stay here.
Four rounds.
Yeah, just make sure that
we get those people.
I gotta get this.
Clarke? It's me.
Hey. Are you okay?
No. No, I'm not okay.
Sophie's been kidnapped!
What? When?
This morning. Listen, I need...
Why didn't you call me sooner?
I was at the beach, she was grabbed.
They drove off with her.
I've been doing everything I can.
What, you saw them?
I didn't see exactly.
She was just gone.
Someone distracted me.
Weren't you watching her?
Well, I'm going to get her back,
but something's going on.
My room here,
everything of Sophie's is gone.
It's like...
Like she was never here!
Someone's taken all of her things!
Are you with the police?
Let me speak to whoever's in charge.
No, no, I'm not.
Please, just listen to me...
Then what the hell are you doing?
I need Jeanette's number.
Jeanette from the Agency?
- She was trying to trace...
- You spoke to her?
You told her about Sophie?
No, no, no.
Well, what the hell's
she got to do with this?
No, please, just...
Just give me the number!
Okay, hang on.
Got it. She might be able to
trace the direction she headed,
but we have to act fast
before they have time
to make it across some border.
What assets do you have in this region?
Lisa, I don't have
any resources down there.
I can put pressure on the police.
They're looking for me, Clarke!
The situation is complicated.
A child is missing.
They should drop
everything they're doing
to get her back.
I took down a couple of men.
The ones who took Sophie?
They were involved, I know they were,
but nobody saw the...
There's no proof of anything.
That's why the police are after me.
Are you armed?
I have a standard police issue Walther.
But only four rounds.
Jesus Christ, Lisa.
Turn yourself in.
I'll talk to their ambassador.
No! By the time they're done talking,
Sophie could be anywhere!
You must know someone
in a neighboring country!
This is your child, Clarke!
No, we have to do this diplomatically.
Fuck your diplomacy!
I need the authorities to know
I was here with a child!
You have to tell them the truth!
Whose child exactly?
- Ours.
- No.
No. I can't do that.
That would be political suicide.
What about Sophie?
Lisa, not long ago,
you didn't even want this child!
How dare you!
I'm sorry.
Just tell me what you need me to do.
Find out if Intelligence
knows anything about
who's trading in child trafficking
in this region.
I wanna know everything they know.
Past, present, trends, whatever.
- I have to move.
- All right.
I'll call you again.
They are a common form
of antidepressant.
Not unusual for a mother
who is postnatally depressed.
Given the date and the quantity left,
she was still taking them
until yesterday.
So, what happens if someone is
on these and they simply just stop?
Agitation, heightened stress, angry.
Great. Find out who this angry woman is.
Also, find out if she came into
this country with a child,
or just a packet of tablets.
Sir, the airline just confirmed,
she didn't travel with a child.
Why would she be so agitated
if it wasn't true?
You saw how she was.
Was she agitated, or just insane?
If I lost Alia, I would be insane.
They say, the mother whose child
is under the wheels of the bus,
will find the strength to lift the bus.
She's just a mother lifting the bus.
- Are you okay?
- Uh... Hi.
Sure. I...
I need to make an emergency call
to this number.
- Of course. Yes.
- Oh, thank you.
And I need
to scan and e-mail this image.
300 dirhams for call, 200 for scanning.
I have no money.
Not possible. Sorry.
The life of my baby daughter
depends on me, this call.
Everything I do...
Then I telephone police.
No, no, no, no, no.
No. Sorry.
Look, I have very little time.
- You have a daughter, yes?
- Yes.
I have a daughter, a baby...
A baby girl.
Someone has taken her from me,
and I need to call this number...
- Papa.
- ...someone who can help me.
Let me make this one call.
- Okay.
- Thank you.
Thank you.
Three, zero, four, eight, six, nine.
Come on.
- Lisa?
- Yes! Did you manage to trace it?
For a while, yeah, but I lost signal.
Which direction?
Give me whatever you've got.
I tracked the vehicle for 3.4 miles
northeast from its original location.
Then it took El Jadida Road
heading northwest.
The mountain road?
Afraid so, yeah. I lost signal
about a mile down there.
Lisa, that road is over 200 miles long.
It's passing at least
40 desert settlements,
and linking several borders
via dirt roads.
That kind of radius, without
an army of backup, I would forget it.
- It's unworkable.
- No!
Lisa, every village off that road
is a rabbit warren of streets,
many of them without even names.
The chances of you finding a vehicle
without clear satellite imaging...
No, I have to try.
Tell me what's happened.
I've lost...
What? What have you lost?
I wanna help you.
Something I didn't even know
I wanted this much.
Okay, look, for what it's worth,
I have e-mailed you
a screen grab of the map.
Look, if you give me your exact
location, I'll jump on the next flight.
I could be there, if not tonight,
tomorrow morning.
I could be at the airport
in less than two hours.
Oh, no.
Lisa? Are you there?
I think I'm in a lot of trouble.
Tell me how to help you!
Call Clarke.
Clarke? Clarke Anderson?
Are you still working with him?
Not exactly.
Tell him...
Tell him Sophie...
Sophie what? Is that code?
Oh! Just show him...
Lisa, what the hell is going on there?
What is your position?
I just need my daughter back,
do you understand?
Come here. Come on.
Come on.
Just put pressure on it.
Nick, I need a trace on my line one now.
Call me back with what you got.
Come in. Come in.
No one is going to hurt you, okay?
Sir, there's been
several sightings of her.
She just shot the owner
of an Internet cafe.
Get a chopper up there.
If she resists arrest, take her down.
Come on.
Thank you.
Hey, I need a favor.
Can you get me on a flight?
You believe her?
She want her baby.
I know.
I'll try to help her.
Something extra for you tonight.
You know, this pretty mouth
should not need to stay hungry.
Where is the mother?
Another unwanted.
So sad.
A mother so cold
as to abandon her child.
Don't you think?
I should go.
Can you imagine your father or
your mother gone just like that?
My mother died a few years ago.
Then you should know how important it is
to find a good home for our children.
I'm sure your father will agree.
See that she gets home
you'd like to stay.
Are you okay?
Where are you calling from?
I don't know exactly.
Did you find out anything
from Intelligence?
Yeah. I did.
It doesn't make great reading.
Just tell me.
There's a growing market
in the sale of children
of a specific ethnic background.
Blond haired, blue-eyed.
The younger, the better,
in terms of market value.
Who's buying?
Very wealthy individuals.
Dubai, the Middle East, anywhere.
Like cars, they're stolen to order.
I should've known this.
It is not your fault.
What else?
A child is usually taken from
a European holiday destination,
and then off to a waiting buyer
in a neighboring country.
What normally happens to the child?
My intelligence suggests
that these are very private,
powerful individuals
who can afford to do this.
They might have several spouses,
and the child...
Go on.
The child would effectively be kept
a prisoner in the family home.
An exotic novelty to keep
the females entertained. Lisa...
How long does it take for
the child to reach the buyers?
Once the child is obtained,
there's, uh, usually
a negotiation period.
A couple of days.
Images are exchanged
to achieve the best possible price.
For these buyers,
several million dollars
is not an issue,
so the kidnappers do everything
they can to assure there's no comeback.
Lisa, what you are doing
is very dangerous.
They are going to throw you
in jail and toss away the key.
I can get you out of there,
but you are going to
have to turn yourself in
to start that process.
No. If they're negotiating price,
they could be getting ready
to ship her out.
I know the direction they headed.
I just need an address.
Just get yourself to an embassy.
I will get you out.
- No.
- Look, Lisa,
if your moves cause these kidnappers
to feel exposed, they...
They may eliminate the evidence.
Do you understand?
Lisa! Do you understand?
The only thing that'll
stop me from looking for her,
is if I'm dead.
Goddamn it!
Do you have a needle and thread?
Hey, is everything okay, Clarke?
It's, um, fine.
If something's wrong, honey,
you just have to tell me.
No, everything's fine.
Not long now.
You still want us to be a family, right?
Of course.
I've been thinking.
We should get out in front
of the cameras, you know?
The three of us.
A family united.
You could win a lot of support that way.
Don't let it go now, Clarke.
You are so close to the line.
No, you're right.
I'll call Vanessa.
She can set up a photo op.
- See you upstairs, okay? Night-night.
- Night-night.
What if we are killing a child
by stopping what she's doing?
The airline already confirmed that
she traveled alone, without a child.
The airline records
could have been manipulated.
By whom? And why?
We already know she's on
medication for some problems.
Did you see her arms?
Those scars?
Self-harm, many of them.
We need to know her past.
Yeah, exactly, we don't know.
Do you really want this unknown
woman to be traveling around,
playing her vigilante game
with one of our weapons?
With my gun?
- This could be a big embarrassment.
- Yeah, you're right.
This could be a big embarrassment,
especially if we're wrong.
Also, I need clearance
on a Glock 9mm semi-auto.
Yeah, it's flight number,
Lima November 261.
Yeah, it leaves in one hour, 54.
Yeah, sure, I can hold.
What's going on here?
We're doing a police control.
Have you seen this woman?
No, I've not seen her.
- Are you sure?
- Why would I lie to you?
What happened to your face?
What, this? Dogs.
They're looking for her,
not us, not anyone else.
How do you suppose they know
to be looking for her in this road?
Maybe they're looking everywhere.
You did this.
She did this.
Come in.
We've searched for nearly
three months now.
We're out of money for food and rent.
We couldn't even afford
to fly home if we wanted to.
What happened to you?
The police have been following me.
They got the wrong idea
about what went down.
May I?
Have you had much contact
with the police?
The Spanish, yeah.
When Jake was taken from
our apartment, they tried.
But soon, the focus was on us.
Like we were suspects,
can you believe that?
Yes, I can.
I mean, I'm living proof.
The police here don't even
think I have a child.
At first, when the guy called from here,
we thought we might be getting somewhere.
Wait, what guy?
You didn't read in the papers?
That's why we took the boat over.
He said that we could get Jake back,
but he needed money.
He said that he could
prove he was alive,
but we had to hand over 50,000.
He called again, every time
on a different number.
And if we told the police anything,
we wouldn't hear from him again.
Did he have an accent?
Eastern European, wouldn't you say?
Slovakian, maybe, from the way
that scumbag looked.
You met him.
I handed the guy 50,000 in cash.
It was our parents' life savings.
None of the numbers he called on worked.
But the next day,
this came through the door.
It was Jake's.
He was wearing it the night...
He called again asking for another
50,000, but we couldn't do it.
- When?
- Two weeks ago.
We drove out to meet him
on the road out of town.
What? Tell me everything
you remember about him.
Bald head, goatee.
He had dark eyes.
He was stocky.
Any tattoos?
I don't know. Maybe.
There was a younger guy, the driver.
He had something on his neck.
That was it.
That was definitely it.
What else? Think.
Please give me any little detail.
Nothing. Sorry.
Apart from the smell.
The smell?
Like a chemical. Paint?
He smelled of ammonia.
But my mother worked
her whole life in the tannery.
The ammonia they use
to strip hides make her sick...
You said you had a car?
Don't deviate from what I told you.
It's almost empty, and we haven't
got enough money for fuel.
This is it.
It's like a couple of dollars.
Just get as far as you can go.
I'll walk if I have to.
Please just trust me.
Where you going?
We're just on holiday,
touring around a bit, you know?
- Have you seen this woman?
- No. No, we haven't seen her.
What's she done?
She is murderer.
What was that about a murder?
The police said...
What would you do to get Jake back?
Anything it takes.
I can't outrun them.
I'm gonna have to ditch.
- Wait! What should we tell them?
- Anything it takes.
Hi, sweetie, it's Mama. Um...
I called you about a dozen times and
I just am beginning to worry about you.
Would you please call me
and tell me you're okay?
All right, bye for now.
When's the baby due?
The baby's due in
about four weeks' time.
Four weeks' time?
Oh, my God!
And how did you keep your expecting wife
such a secret from our viewers?
Uh, we decided it was best,
but the most important thing,
the warm wishes
from everybody is fantastic.
We saw you on the television.
They said you have killed.
Is this true?
One of those men.
Maybe two.
I'm sorry for what they did to you.
They will pay for this.
Your baby is so beautiful.
Like an angel.
This is not what we agreed.
The price just went up double.
If you can't do this in one hour,
consider it aborted.
Can I help you?
Someone fucking try me!
This man here sells children!
He has my baby in there,
and I'm taking her back!
Go on, call the police!
They might be in time
to watch me kill him. Move!
I said move!
- Open the door!
- Listen, I'm just a middleman.
When there's demand, there is a supply.
It's like animal skin here.
No one cares if there's one animal less.
All they care is a leather bag.
It's a painful world...
Shut up and open the door.
I don't kill my product.
They're lucky to be wanted, to have
a mother who does give a shit.
You destroy lives.
Ironically, from someone
who killed her own father.
You think I don't know you, huh?
Problem child, problem woman.
You're so buried in your own guilt
that you don't see
what's going on around you.
Must be my buyer.
Or should I say, Sophie's buyer.
You wanna talk to them?
Hold on.
Okay, they agreed to double,
but they want her tomorrow.
It's over.
- I'm so sorry.
- What's over?
See? It's just a delayed abortion.
Open the door.
I won't ask again.
Go on, open it!
Mr. Anderson, accused of conspiracy
to commit a murder of a Federal Agent,
has also been accused of illegally
sourcing campaign funds
from illicit child...
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