Never Not Love You (2018) Movie Script

This is my stop.
Excuse me, who's Gio?
Please wait a bit.
- How long will it still take?
- Wait.
Your chick is waiting for you.
The Gio who had a deadline
for stickers yesterday
but couldn't deliver?
You loser! Man up! What now?
Six, seven, eight, nine, ten.
Plus one free pack for being a hassle.
That's 2,800 for everything.
2,800? Steep!
A pack of stickers goes for P280?
- Good art ain't cheap.
- It's good art, but it's late.
Can we try P1,500?
- Someone met his match.
- What's this?
But check out the stickers, they're good.
Aren't they worth the wait?
What's the grass for if the horse
is already dead?
- What?
- Nothing.
Hot but deaf.
- Bye.
- Wait.
I heard that. I heard that.
- Don't believe him. He's a playboy.
- You messed it up.
Give it a rest, Gio. Not here. I'm busy.
Lay off.
See? He's going to follow her.
Hey! You okay?
I'm good.
Do you want a tattoo?
I know these people.
I can get you a 30 percent discount.
I don't like tattoos.
Fifty percent off.
And one more free sticker pack.
Free of charge.
- Is that how you do it?
- Do what?
Do you always give a discount
and free stickers
to every girl who comes here?
Is that how you do it?
I'm not like that.
Me neither.
I look like a country girl
but you cannot fool me.
I am from Zambales
but I'm not like that.
So don't try that on me,
like you do with the other girls. Okay?
Keep in line.
Excuse me, can I borrow your lighter?
Oh, yeah.
Do you work at the Squid Ink?
I'm friends with Jason, the owner.
I might come back next week,
will you be there?
- Maybe.
- Maybe you can help me get a discount?
Oh, sure, 10 percent. Is that okay?
- Sounds good.
- It's 10 percent.
- Yes, Ms. Bing.
- Are you doing anything tonight?
- No, Ms. Bing, I just...
- Maybe next time.
- I told the others to pick up the slack.
- I'm with her.
I'm on my way home. Yes, ma'am.
Ten minutes, best effort.
Yes, Ms. Bing. I'm sorry.
Okay, ma'am. I'm going back.
Do taxis come by here?
But I can give you a ride.
I can't do it in 10 minutes,
but we can try 15.
Up to you.
Your boss sounds like a bitch.
Okay, fine, fine.
- Wait here.
- Ten minutes. Okay, 15, 15 minutes.
Yes, Ms. Bing. Yes, ma'am.
We're riding that?
With just one helmet? Is that legal?
Trust me. Let's go.
If only there were taxis, I wouldn't dare.
Drive slowly.
Hey, slow down a bit. Slow down!
Drop me off now, please!
I think we made it in 10 minutes.
Don't I get a kiss for that?
- Thank you.
- Just thank you?
You're welcome.
Will wait for you!
Suit yourself.
Ms. Bing?
Should I take you?
- You okay?
- Yeah, I'm okay!
So, what did your boss say?
You know, you deserve
a promotion for that!
Demand a promotion!
Demand a promotion just like that?
That was just part of the job!
It was normal!
No, that ain't right!
If I were you, I won't go back
to the office!
If the job is from 9:00 to 5:00, by 5:01,
I'm out, bitch.
I get my peace and quiet.
There's no such thing as peace and quiet
for bottom feeders, sir!
- Just drop me off here.
- You sure?
- Yes.
- Where exactly do you live?
Over there. I can make it myself.
Thank you.
I can take you to your house, you know.
I know. But I'm playing it safe
because you might turn out
to be a stalker.
I'm stalker material?
I know you're used to dropping off
your chicks at their doorstep.
But I'm not one of your chicks, okay?
Hey, hey, hey.
I don't take them home.
They can do their thing after.
So this, this is not normal for me.
Consider yourself lucky.
Wow, so I'm the lucky one.
To be fair, you make a clean job of it.
But that won't work on me.
- So better luck next time.
- Really now?
My charms don't work on you.
You must've charmed yourself too much.
I mean, you're good-looking
but don't make a fuss.
I'll give your stickers to Mischa later.
Don't turn them in late next time.
It would be a waste for you
to lose clients.
- With your talent...
- Yes, ma'am. Thanks, ma'am.
- Joanne.
- Bye.
Bye. Thank you!
And this isn't my game.
You're not my chick.
(Good play! Haha!)
(Good night too!)
(I have work tom, you know?)
(You know what work means, right?)
(You can give it a try.)
Joanne, go to sleep already.
(He's still going for the play,
everyone! Haha.)
(7:30. Why?)
- A little too early, Joanne.
- I'm actually running late.
Taxi! Taxi, sir!
You said 7:30. You're running late.
I didn't tell you to fetch me!
- You didn't?
- I didn't.
It's 7:35. You're super late. Let's go.
I can make it.
Give it a go.
I borrowed this one for you.
Rush hour. Traffic.
How else are you going to get promoted?
Come on, let's go!
That was quick, right?
Ms. Bing?
Yes, ma'am, on my way up!
Yes, ma'am.
In a bit. Yes, ma'am.
Thank you!
Yes, ma'am. Coming. Okay, okay.
Competitive landscape work for company is,
we should know our product competitors,
their strengths and their weaknesses,
of course.
- Our position and stand--
- Wait.
Do I have a hard copy of this one?
- Of course, ma'am.
- Well, where is it?
We'll print it out for you.
Joanne, print it out.
You take care of the market study
Ms. Bing wants.
But show it to me first
before emailing it to her.
Don't be such a show-off.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Do you have mustard?
- What's that?
- No?
You okay?
Whatever that is, you'll pull through.
Fine, fine.
I thought you liked it here.
Well, that's true.
I like painting but tattoos are really
my thing.
Sometimes, I get them when I'm happy.
Sometimes, when I'm sad.
Sometimes, it's just bullshit.
Like, I'll dream about a design.
I wake up, an hour later, it's on my skin.
How about you? What's your thing?
- Don't know. Maybe my family.
- What?
That's not a thing.
You don't have a thing?
Everyone needs a thing.
A thing is like...
A thing is what makes you you.
Like you can do anything else
and nothing makes you feel...
as alive...
as important...
while you're doing your thing.
So maybe I have no thing.
- I have to look for one.
- You should.
How much is mine?
- No need! My treat!
- No, take this.
- My treat. No need.
- Take it.
- Go, take it.
- I don't want it.
- Take it.
- Fine, fine.
Okay, my treat next time.
- Be ready?
- Game.
Feast your eyes.
But if I were the client,
I'd put a shadow on the title
to highlight it.
Maybe you should put a shadow.
Shadow is overrated.
They don't go with my design.
Am I the client here or you?
You, but I am the artist.
But I'm paying.
But I'm the brains and I execute.
- I'm the money.
- Without my design,
you don't have a poster.
Then I'll go look for another artist.
- It's a good thing you're cute.
- Of course.
- What's that?
- PowerPoint.
Marketing strategy for the office.
Can I see?
- That's really bad design.
- What a description.
May I?
Let's give it a wee bit of art.
I got a "very good" from Ms. Bing!
Thank you!
Hey, my client loved the gig posters too.
Thanks to you!
For you.
- What's this?
- Duh, your own helmet.
Silly. I know this is a helmet! But why?
What do you mean "why"?
Why did you buy me a helmet?
Just because.
Just because...?
Because maybe I don't want you
wearing other guys' helmets?
You don't want to ride with me anymore?
Is anyone else dropping you off
and picking you up?
Hey, hey, hey. Stop it. No one.
- How much is this? Will just pay for it.
- You can't!
It's my gift! You don't pay for gifts!
I'd feel ashamed accepting.
Come on, how much?
Get used to it.
Okay, thanks.
Are you making moves on me?
Ma, Pa?
- Joanne!
- Joanne! How are you?
- Joanne.
- Hello, Ma.
My daughter.
You didn't tell us you were coming home!
We haven't cooked anything.
Sorry, Ma. Moments decision.
Oh, you're back at once?
You've been gone only a few months,
and you come home?
It's a good thing she was able
to come home while up to her neck in work.
- Mama, Papa, this is Gio. My friend.
- Hello!
- Good afternoon!
- Come in.
- Come in.
- It's only morning.
Good morning.
Did they just release him
from the city jail?
How many times has he gone in
that he has this many tattoos?
He just likes tattoos, Pa.
I said you like tattoos.
What's his job?
He's a graphic artist.
He creates posters
and logos for businesses.
Oh, a moonlighter.
Probably why he can't afford
decent clothes.
No, Pa. He's good.
Really good.
When you told us
your dreams were in Manila,
that Iba is too small a town for you,
I couldn't stop you.
To think you're the eldest.
Remember when I said tattoos are my thing?
I think I found my other thing.
I still haven't found my thing.
Just you, maybe.
Let's go for a dip?
- You go ahead.
- Take a dip with me.
- You go ahead.
- Let's go.
- Careful, Gio.
- Let's go.
Wait up.
I just want Papa to be proud of me.
I want to be assistant brand manager
in two years.
Then, in five years,
I want to be brand manager
at Nestle or Unilever.
I'll be coming home in a nice black car.
Then I'll buy Papa his own jeep.
Wow, you have very specific dreams.
That's how it's supposed to be done.
I should work hard.
I'm not even a graduate of UP,
La Salle, or Ateneo.
I didn't graduate with honours.
Sometimes companies go for those, right?
- But I can do this.
- You got this.
- How about you?
- Me?
What are your dreams?
What do you want to accomplish?
I just want to be happy. That's it.
That's it?
That's hard, to be happy.
Choose to be happy...
it's that easy.
Are you happy?
See, it's that easy.
Can't stop my hands from trembling
Can't keep my calm heart
I want to be by your side
Though another's got your arm
This will be an unforgettable night
As we slowly lock sights
Like your cap.
It's as if the night is ours
And no one else is around us
So we dance
- Like we won't let go
- Let's buy some.
I think I'm ready.
Still doing well?
- Are we there yet? Can't take it anymore.
- Almost there.
Ink bleeding off.
Shut up, dude.
Last leg.
(you and me)
- See? Not so bad.
- Gauze it with petroleum.
Well, isn't it nice.
Yeah, fine, you rock.
I have an idea.
Come live with me.
(you and me)
My house is nearer your office...
and you don't have to pay any rent.
- Let's go.
- It's not our floor yet.
Look, you can save
so much more every month.
You sleep over all the time anyway.
You'll be the last person I see
before I sleep,
and the first person I see when I wake up.
It will be like our own little world.
Teenagers these days.
I love you.
I love you too.
We've been working
with Beaute Philippines,
L'ocanne and Redwood for the longest time.
And you can check out our proposal
to see our growing partnership
with those big brands.
- It's a done deal then.
- All right. Thank you, sir.
We'll prepare the contract by Friday.
Thank you, sir.
Ms. Bing, Tantoco is in the bag.
Thank you, Ms. Bing.
Thank you. Bye.
Hey, Dad! What's up?
And what did you say?
What the heck?
Dad, that's not fair.
So, what if I'm 25?
I'm still your damn son.
You know, if Mom were still alive,
she won't let this happen!
Love, what happened?
Let's go.
His wife is having their third kid.
And she's telling my Dad
to stop supporting me.
What the heck?
That selfish bitch!
Damn her. I'm still her husband's son.
What do I do now?
Dad is paying for my condo.
That's 25,000 peso rent a month!
How will I pay for that?
Love, let's pay it monthly.
Easy for you to say
because you're a regular employee,
not a freelancer.
I told you we'll split it.
You put down 12,500,
12,500 for me, too.
I don't have clients all the time.
Then we look for clients.
I'm not begging for work. Okay?
If they want my work,
they have to come to me.
That's not necessarily begging
for work, love.
You're just going to look
for a more regular client
so you'll have a monthly project.
I'm not doing that.
I'm not selling out.
So how will you scrap up rent?
That's not even selling out.
I've been doing things since I was 16.
Don't tell me to how to do my job.
Hey, hey. Joanne just wants to help.
See if you can still go after
what your client offered last month.
If it still stands.
- That's not an option.
- What?
What was that?
The client liked his work so she offered--
Damn it, I just said that's not an option!
Damn it, why are you taking
that tone with me!
Break it up. Damn, you two!
What was it anyway, Jason?
The client offered a position
in her company.
He starts at 100,000 to 150,000 pesos
a month.
They're looking for Asian talent.
Well, look at that.
You want to know why it's not an option?
Because it's in London.
I'm sorry, love.
I just don't know what to do.
I just know that...
I don't want to be away from you.
That's all.
Do you want me to go for it, too?
I'll go with you.
They might have an opening
for marketing or sales.
I love you.
I love you too.
- I'm currently working at...
- Design job...
- Well, I'm very versatile.
- Skincare...
What else?
- Yes, I am. Willing to learn?
- I'm willing to learn.
- I'm willing to adjust.
- Willing to adjust.
You know, I'm a team player.
I will, as soon as possible.
Super excited.
Hello? Yes, this is Gio.
Oh, yes, in five days.
Thank you very much.
Jay, get us something to drink!
Holy shit!
I'm going to London!
All right!
I'm so proud of you.
Last round! Gio, congrats!
Love, what's up?
I got the job!
We're going to London!
We're going to London!
I did it! Oh, my God.
Congratulations! You're going to London!
We are.
Why? Aren't you happy?
- I am.
- What's wrong?
They didn't call you.
- Love...
- Damn!
Love. Love, hold on.
But I have good news.
Ms. Bing said I'm up for promotion.
To assistant brand manager.
According to her, promotion usually
takes two years.
But it only took me 16 months.
If you're not going, I'm not going.
- Love...
- No. We stay together.
New life together, right?
- It'll be wasted opportunity.
- I don't care!
- I'm fine here.
- Let's be realistic.
- I just need you. Then I'm fine.
- You're fine at the moment.
We're fine at the moment.
What will happen to us? To our future?
We'll figure that shit out
once we get there.
- That's how I've always been!
- London?
You're going to trade London
for your freelance life here?
Look, if this is too good to pass up...
then come with me to London.
Come with me to London.
And what about my promotion?
There's no reasoning with you!
Look, either we stay here
or we go to London.
I don't care where.
But we fucking stay together!
Gio, hey.
Damn, Gio. You're 25,
but you act like you're 16!
Joanne's fending for her family,
for herself.
Damn you. Don't make her
take care of you, too!
Damn, dude.
Are you on my side about this?
London's too far, man.
Asshole, that's a no-nonsense company
in London.
Don't give it a "it's too far!"
People kill to be hired there
and you're just a signature away!
Amboy's much too in love.
Are you 100 percent sure
about this, Joanne?
- Yes, Ms. Bing.
- No, you're not.
- What are your plans?
- I'm going to London, Ms. Bing.
- You have a job in London?
- Not yet.
This is not the answer that I am expecting
from you, Joanne.
Ms. Bing, when we get there,
I will start looking right away.
- We?
- Yes, my boyfriend was--
So there you have it.
He was offered a job.
There's a job offer,
but for your boyfriend.
And you?
You have any offers?
Have you thought about all
the opportunities you're wasting here?
What if he leaves you?
You'll be back to zero
while your colleagues
will have become managers.
I've seen you work so hard
to be in this position.
I was rooting for you.
I gave you a hard time
because I know your potential.
You'd be a fool to pass this one up, too.
I have good news.
I'm taking the job in London.
This is for me, for you, for your family,
I'm doing this for us.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
You don't have to come with me, okay?
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I love you.
I love you too.
I will never not love you.
Marry me.
I don't have a ring but please marry me.
I just resigned today.
So, you're coming with me?
Go ahead.
I'll finish it.
Look at these two!
Here's for your trip to London.
- Guys, group hug.
- Group hug!
I'm sorry.
What for?
I'm sorry that it didn't work out
the way you planned.
So, why are you saying sorry, love?
Plans could change along the way.
So, what's your plan now?
Maybe I'll copy your plans.
I just want to be happy.
Are you afraid?
Don't be afraid.
As long as we're together,
you don't have to be afraid.
Do you want a hot cup of tea, my love?
Do we have whisky?
Don't tell me the Gio Smith of Makati
is dealing with nerves!
It's my first time working
for a real company, love.
So, what are you nervous about?
They should watch out for you.
Make me proud.
I will.
Do I look okay?
Looks good.
- Goodluck!
- Thanks, love.
Okay. Go.
Is this Project--?
It certainly is, come in.
Everyone, this is Gio Smith from Manila.
I'm glad to see you.
Oh, yeah.
Hey, buddy. Glad we have on board.
- Thank you. Hi.
- Hi.
Joanne Candelaria.
You seem very reliable
but we're really looking for someone
with more experience for this job.
Actually, sir, I worked
in the marketing department
of a big company back in Manila.
- So I'm very confident that I have the--
- Sorry, sorry.
What I'm trying to say is we don't have
any vacancy at the moment.
So thank you for coming today.
Okay, sir.
If, in case, there's a vacancy,
just please let me know.
My number is already there.
Yes, I think I've got that.
Okay, thank you, sir.
Yeah, you know, I'm really sorry
at the moment.
I've got a lot more people
who are better qualified
to do this job, to be honest.
Well, okay.
Sir, just please keep my portfolio
and if ever there's opening,
please just let me know.
- Yup. I'll keep you on file. No problem.
- Thank you, sir.
- Thank you, bye.
- Thank you.
Beautiful high quality prints.
And take it home, buddy,
have a little look.
- Really?
- Yes.
I think it might be helpful
for the project.
Yeah, yeah.
(Now hiring: Full-time Store Assistant)
(Ma, sorry I forgot about
Mark's tuition fee for next month.)
(Don't fret.)
(I'll try to send some money next week.)
(I'm really sorry.)
(We're just doing fine here,
just take care of yourself.)
(How's London?)
(It's great.)
(But cold.)
Excuse me, miss.
I love you.
I love you, too.
No. I really love you.
What's the problem?
- There is.
- There's none.
Tell me.
Love, you can tell me anything.
I haven't sent anything to Mama
for a month now.
I feel guilty.
I'll be getting my first paycheque next
We'll send over some to your mom.
Love, I'm earning 2,000 pounds a month.
I know, but I don't want
to be another expense.
Love, we're not here for me.
We're here for us, remember?
That includes your family.
Come on.
We can do this.
Thank you.
For what?
For pushing me.
I love it here.
Thank you.
Hi! Here's your salmon and cheese.
- You want me to refill your water?
- Yes, please.
All right. Enjoy your meal.
- Thank you.
- No problem.
- Thank you, come back soon.
- Thank you.
May I take your order, please?
Yeah. How about chicken wrap,
fries no salt.
Fries on the side.
How about a cold drink, sir?
No, no, no.
Oh, green salad. Yeah, green salad
What the--! Stop wasting my time!
Sorry, sir.
Do you know what you're doing?
Just call the manager.
My apologies, sir. She's just currently
in training right now.
How can I help you?
I just need the meal quickly so...
What would you like?
(calling LOVE)
Love, please reply.
- Are you okay?
- Yeah.
I'm Harry, by the way.
Thank you for helping me out
back there, Harry.
No problem.
You know, three months ago,
I was just like you.
It's your accent,
your colour.
Even I, who was born here,
still have to prove myself every day.
You'll get the hang of it after a while.
You seem like the kind of girl
who doesn't give up so easily.
- Hey, you two, back to work!
- Sorry, sir.
Sorry, sir
(Was in a meeting.)
(Are you okay?)
What if London is not for me?
What do you mean?
What I mean is what if...
this is all there is for me?
Look, love.
You just need to try harder.
I'm rooting for you.
What if I'm no longer happy?
So David said he wants
to tour us around Dublin.
I told him we're game.
It's about three months from now.
My visa will expire next month.
No problem, we'll just extend.
Love, I kind of don't feel
like extending.
Please tell me you're kidding.
What the hell, Joanne.
Love, I tried, right?
Love, don't be like that.
I love being with you.
I'm happy when I see you,
but when you're not around,
I keep going back to how unhappy I am.
I'm sorry.
Can you hear how selfish
you sound right now?
Do you remember why we moved here?
Let me refresh your memory.
Because you told me to!
Because that's what you want.
Not what I want, what you want, remember?
Damn it, I'm the selfish one?
Are you sure?
Because if I recall correctly,
I was about to be promoted before we left!
I was holding my breath
for that promotion!
In another two years,
I would have been brand manager!
But I shrug it off because I want to make
you happy.
- Because I love you and I'm not selfish.
- Great! It's my fault then.
Poor little Joanne,
you're in London, you have work,
I have work,
we're living the good life
that only people can dream of!
What more do you want?
It's not as simple as that, Gio!
Does being together make everything okay?
Is that how it works?
Sorry, it's my fault for having ambition!
Damn this, do you even wonder
if I'm happy at work?
Cafe assistant. Brand manager.
Cafe assistant. Brand manager.
Consider the huge leap between the two.
Don't be so ungrateful.
Not everyone gets what they want.
So, I should feel guilty
for not being happy?
So let's just fool ourselves.
I'll just not dream, period.
Because sometimes I don't know...
if you're not thinking or your head
is just in the clouds.
You should feel guilty that I'm happy here
and you can't be happy for me!
I've been a bum my whole life!
I've never had this security!
This is the only time I feel valuable,
I'm finally working with people
that give a shit about what I care about.
You're only feeling that now?
And I did not believe in you?
Aren't we here because I believed in you
so much?
I really am happy for you.
I've never felt this much happiness...
and you can only think of yourself?
- Damn, Joanne.
- Why?
Can't we both be happy,
without forgoing opportunities?
Can't we both do what we want to do?
And what happened to dreaming together?
What happened to our new life together?
Did you forget about that?
I thought you said we choose to be happy?
- Were you kidding about that?
- You know what, damn it!
If you want to go home, go!
Don't blame me for your sad life.
(LOVE calling)
(Love, answer the phone, please.)
I don't get it.
Things are finally going my way. I--
I mean, our way.
I have a job I'm good at.
She doesn't have to do anything.
I make enough for the both of us.
This right here,
we're living the dream right now.
Us, together in London.
You sound like a selfish little prick,
man, you know that?
I'm sorry, bro, but you do.
You can ask yourself, Gio,
is this what she wants?
She gave up her life for you, right?
For you.
So how about give her a chance to,
you know, to grow on her own.
Quick, man. Set her free and--
And, yeah, sure, she might leave here...
but you'll always have her here.
You know what I mean?
That's what love is. Yeah?
That's what love is.
Hey, Jo, good job dealing with
that stroppy customer a while ago.
Thank you, sir.
- Sweet!
- Thank you.
Thank you.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, love.
For calling you selfish.
But I realised I was selfish too.
I just want you to be happy.
Make me proud in Manila, okay?
If it makes you happy then...
then it makes me happy.
If it will make us stronger then...
then I'm up for it.
don't forget me, okay?
How will I ever forget you?
Thank you, love.
Thank you.
I love you.
We'll call each other every day.
Even if we're tired,
we haven't slept...
if we have meetings.
We won't let a day pass without talking.
No secrets.
No one goes offline.
Or ends the call angry
without resolving anything.
No girls.
I told you that's not me.
Of course, no boys.
We'll be apart.
Our last memory of each other...
should be happy...
not sad.
Two years is not that long.
You'll take me to the airport.
When we go off our own ways...
no one looks back.
Don't look back.
Hi, love.
Sorry, I just arrived.
Sorry, sorry.
I miss you.
I miss you.
- Hi, love.
- Love, I'm nervous.
- Like an idiot.
- What?
I might get new workmates,
and I won't be friends with anyone.
You know I don't like feeling left out.
Listen. There's nothing to worry about.
They should watch out for you.
Show them who's boss.
Joanne! Can you reassess this?
Sure. Where's Ms. Bing?
Ms. Bing! Ms. Bing!
Yes, do I know you?
Oh, I'm sorry.
- You're Pinoy.
- Yeah.
- Oh, cool. Can I make a request?
- Sure.
It's actually my girlfriend's
favourite song.
- Prom by Sugarfree, right?
- Yes.
- Okay. Yeah. I know this song.
- Thanks.
Hold on. Hold on.
I miss you!
Can't stop my hands from trembling
This is for you.
Can't keep a calm heart
I want to be by your side
Though another's got your arm
- This will be an unforgettable night
- The view's so nice, right?
As we slowly lock sights
It's as if the night is ours
And no one else is around us
So we dance
Like we won't let go
Let go
Why are you sad?
- Getting drunk on your eyes
- I miss you.
- Not knowing how to act
- Don't cry, this is our song.
- As the night deepens
- Hey, it's our song.
- Our lips approaching
- Happy three years and two months, love.
- Happy three years and two months, love.
- Cheers!
- Strolling in our own time
- I love you.
- It's as if the night is ours
- I love you too.
- Is as if no one's around
- Could you just teleport here?
- And let's dance
- Where's the teleport button?
- Like we won't let go
- You're corny.
So, when are you moving in
to your new place?
- Is it near your office?
- Soon. Hopefully.
Miss you. Love you.
My God, Joanne. You've changed so much
yet still managed to stay the same.
Not exactly, Ms. Bing.
But much wiser I hope.
Yes, ma'am.
So as you know, a lot has happened
since you left.
- I'm in Blue Rose now. I am now a VP.
- Wow!
Anyway, the reason I called you is
I am still assembling my team
and I still need
an assistant brand manager.
It's the same position
that I had offered you before you left.
You might be interested, think about it.
But I hope you accept.
- Yes! Yes!
- I'm so glad!
Thank you, Ms. Bing, thank you!
Thank you.
Love, pick up please.
Pick up.
(calling MANANG)
Ma, remember what I told you
when we last saw each other?
That I will be assistant brand manager?
it took some time, but I got it!
I got it, Ma!
Ma, please tell Pa.
I love you.
I love you, Ma!
All right. Bye, I love you.
Another double shot for her.
You're gonna get me drunk again.
Hello, love!
I'm in a bar.
Oh, my God!
Love, where are you?
Could you switch to video call please?
Just switch to video call please.
Okay, wait.
Give us another round of shots.
Girl, save that for later. Drink up.
- Love?
- Oh, who's this?
Who's that jerk with his arm around you?
- Love!
- I'll just step out a bit.
Deal with that later.
Hey, why did you leave?
Worried he'll find out
you have a boyfriend?
Love, come on,
where's all this coming from?
Why don't you just answer the question?
- He's Gab, my officemate.
- Officemate, yeah.
You'd rather indulge your jealousy
than be happy for me?
So that's why you wanted to leave!
So you can go around with other guys!
Gio, what's your problem?
I'm working my ass off here in London
and you're getting it on
with other guys there!
- Holy shit, Gio, could you not start!
- Well done! That's just fucking great!
Are you the only one working?
I'm working, too!
- Is that work?
- Why?
And you're the only one allowed
to have a great time with officemates?
Just because you're in London
you're the only one who has it tough?
- Think I'm coasting here?
- I didn't say that.
Why are you acting so guilty?
You know what...
I am celebrating.
If you're just going to annoy me,
let's talk tomorrow.
- Wow. Still standing?
- Awake and upright.
All right, continue. Please.
A quick word please.
(hi love!)
Once I come to a decision
on our "Project Dazed"
and I want you to be a concept leader.
- Me?
- You.
I love your work. You're currently
doing well with your colleagues.
I think you'll be a great team leader.
- You sure?
- Absolutely.
- Congratulations. Yeah.
- All right.
- I am very impressed by your work.
- Thank you, Ms. Bing.
- Thank you so much for your help.
- Thank you!
- You've come such a long way.
- Thank you, Ms. Bing.
Okay, so for...
So, why did you move to London
and choose to continue
your career over here?
I guess it's luck.
You know, actually, I had a client.
She liked my designs.
So she told me she knew someone in London
and got me the interview.
Okay, so how would you describe--
(Hi love, I miss you)
Here's to you being a legend, Gio!
- I had some help.
- Not mine.
Well done, buddy.
Where's Joanne, by the way?
She's in Manila.
- All right.
- Yeah.
When is she coming back?
I don't know.
We haven't really talked about it
You two, you still okay? You good?
Yeah, of course. Yeah, we're great.
We're good.
You've heard of an app
called Tinder, right?
Piss off.
- I'm here.
- Sister.
what are you doing here?
When did you arrive?
A while ago, Pa.
You have a new car?
Your car's so nice!
Thank you.
Go faster!
Joanne, you're so good.
Thank you, Ma.
What are you doing here?
I missed you.
I missed you too.
Nice car.
My dream car.
I thought your dream car was black.
I got copper.
Black suits you better.
So, how's your dad?
I heard he was sick.
You didn't tell me.
You didn't even ask, love.
What? Do I need to ask about everything?
Sorry, love.
Sorry, love, hold on.
Hello? Gab.
Hey, Joanne! Where are you?
I have a thing tonight. Next time.
Let's drink! There's a new bar
in Poblacion!
Next time. Next time. Next time, okay?
Come on! I'm friends with the owner.
We can freeload until 3:00 am.
Next time, Gab. Promise. Okay, bye?
Will you be going
to the Ad Summit in Subic?
I'm not sure. I'll see. Will text.
You have to go! I'll be there!
All right, all right. Bye!
See you there, take care. Bye!
Who was that?
Oh, it's Gab, my friend.
The guy from the bar?
It's obvious he's flirting with you.
I mean, it's obvious
he's trying to hit on you.
I'm a guy, I can tell.
He's a friend, Gio.
Friends can still hit on each other,
you know that.
Could you? You just got here.
Are we going to fight right away?
Can't we wait until we are in the condo
to fight?
For now, just pleasantries.
Hi, hello, what's up. Small talks.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry too.
I love you.
I love you too.
Love, why don't you extend
your London contract?
It's two years.
I know.
You've gone so far.
You can go further.
It'll be a shame to stop now.
And you?
What about me?
What are you going to do?
Just going to stay here?
I'm finally getting somewhere.
And I still have a lot to fulfil.
I want to do more for my family.
Do you still love me?
I do.
Do you still love me?
I do.
I still do.
I'm just...
About what?
I am in love with this Joanne...
in my head...
and in my heart.
The Joanne I've always loved.
The only way I know how to love.
The Joanne I've loved since I was 23.
But when I look at you now, I don't know.
It's different.
I guess...
I never wanted you to change.
I miss the old Joanne.
The one who needed me,
the one who's clingy,
whose world revolved around me.
But, you're not that Joanne anymore.
And I can't stop that.
You've become the Joanne
you're supposed to be...
but without me.
And it just hurts like hell to admit that.
I love you.
Even if it's not the same kind
of love as before,
as long as it's there,
it still works, right?
I love you.
Don't give up on me yet.
We can still fix this.
I love you too.
I'll never not love you.
I'll miss you.
I'll miss you too.
I love you.
I love you too.
Text me when you get there.
Have a safe trip.
I'll be back soon. I promise.
Really soon.
- Love!
- Hi, love!
- Hi!
- How are you?
- I miss you.
- I miss you too.
Where are you?
On my way to work, driving.
- Do you have a minute? I really miss you.
- What's up?
What's up? I miss you too.
Guess what?
What, love?
No, you have to guess.
- What is it love, just say it.
- Okay, okay fine.
We're doing an all-Asian cast
animated film
and I was thinking one of the characters,
it could be from Manila.
You know, with alibata tattoos and all.
- Really? That's nice, love.
- Yup.
But I turned it down.
I want to come home.
- Are you sure, love?
- Yes, love.
Look, I weighed in the pros and cons.
And they told me they want
to raise my pay.
But I said, no. I've made up my mind.
I want to be with you.
Oh, my God, when are you coming home?
They want me to stay for another couple
of months, but I'm negotiating one.
I can't wait to go home.
- Okay, I'm so excited!
- See the love of my life again!
- Can't wait to see you too!
- Okay.
- Okay, I'll let you go. See you soon.
- See you soon, love.
- I love you!
- I love you too.
- Bye, love! Bye-bye.
- Bye. I love you. See you soon.
- Hello, Ms. Bing?
- Hello, Joanne?
Ms. Bing? I won't make it to the meeting.
I'm sorry I have an important thing
to attend to.
Really? Are you sure?
Yes. I'm sorry. Ms. Bing, just this once.
- Okay. Okay.
- Thank you, Ms. Bing. Thank you!
I can't believe it.
We're finally together again.
There, it's touched up.
Finger tattoos really fade quickly.