Never Open the Door (2014) Movie Script

(eerie instrumental music)
(eerie instrumental music)
(wind blowing)
(slow eerie music)
(dramatic tense music)
(dramatic tense music)
(footsteps crunching)
(tense dramatic music)
(footsteps crunching)
(slow eerie music)
- I'd like to see the food I'm eating.
- Can I have a little bit?
- Mm-hmm.
-Just like,
two pieces.
- Maria this is a beautiful spread.
- [Man Serving] Yeah.
-Thank you.
- As per usual.
- [Woman] It's really good.
-Thank you.
-This bird is phenomenal.
Thank you.
-Well, thank you.
- I'm just glad
we get to enjoy it together.
- Mm-Hmm.
- Can someone pass the,
uh, cranberry sauce?
- Cranberry sauce.
- Oh, thank you.
- But you still have some
on your plate.
- Here you go!
-This guy,
this guy-
-This guy-
- With the cranberry sauce.
- Always.
(dramatic eerie music)
- I like cranberry, I
like cranberry sauce.
I already got some.
- You spilled a little.
- And I spilled some, okay.
- You know what I'm getting you
for Christmas?
- You still have some
on your plate.
- Cranberry sauce.
- [Man In Christmas Sweater]
I know, but I want a lot,
before you.
- So when's the lovely
couple getting married?
- Soon, I'm so excited.
- [Group] Soonish.
-We're planning everything right now.
- Are you really?
- Yes.
- I don't know if that's gonna,
are we still doin' that?
- Honey, don't joke.
- [Man In Glasses] Looks
like we have the whole,
the whole deal, I guess.
- [Woman] Yeah.
Unbeknownst to me.
Is my new favorite joke.
- No, we've been planning it.
We got, um, flowers picked out.
- [Man In Christmas
Sweater] Congratulations.
- Some of us have been planning it,
and the official answer is soonish.
-Which I feel like
goes for the next, like,
even, like, into two years.
- What?
- [Man In Glasses] Yeah.
-Well, I'm kind of planning.
- So when are you
- Oh, that's so exciting.
Getting married?
- That's great.
- [Man In Glasses] We don't
have a date yet, but, uh.
- Congratulations.
- So, we're still,
it's a little awkward, we're still,
we're a little on the
fence about a couple of you
for invitations, but
mostly we've made
- No!
- Our decisions.
- Do you think you guys
are gonna be happier
from getting married?
(dramatic eerie music)
(footsteps crunching)
- Of course.
- Look at 'em.
- What does that mean?
- [Maria] Of course.
- I'm asking.
- [Fiancee] Well, look at you guys.
You guys are so happy.
- What kind of a thing to say is that?
-Well, I mean, I'm saying them, not us.
- Are you unhappy, Luke?
- No, we're very happy.
- Luke?
- No, we're very happy-
- We're very happy, aren't we, baby?
Come here.
- We're very HAPPY-
- [Luke] Very happy-
- Almost had us right there.
-Thank you.
-Very happy.
- And we have been married
for almost five years now, and, yes,
I think that we're both happy.
- We're very happy.
- See, honey?
- And we work together well
as a unit.
- Like the military.
- So, Tess,
how's the, uh,
how's business of makin' julienne salad,
or them dog balls?
- I'm a veterinarian.
- [Man In glasses] Are
you referring? (laughs)
-That's what I said, isn't it?
- Really,
that's what you find funny?
- Did I?
- [Man In Glasses] That's what I heard.
- She does.
- I'm a veterinarian.
- Yeah.
-That is sick.
- Dog balls are your
bread and butter, sweetie.
(dramatic eerie music)
Chop 'em!
You chop 'em up and you know it.
- No, I do not.
- It's all you do.
- What are you implying?
What are you talking about?
- No, she takes care
of animals.
- Wow.
- You guys, why does it always
go back to the same thing
- Done a lot of times.
- About balls?
- Takes care of their scrot.
- It's like.
-They love balls.
- But what did you do
yesterday, work yesterday, what'd you do?
- She neuters all her mates.
- Oh, come on.
- [Tess] I saw a couple clients.
I did a couple spay and neuters, I gave
some vaccines.
-There it is.
- Spay and neuter.
- Whatever, that's all,
you know.
I already know.
- Why are you giving them
what they want?
- Just, ch-ch-ch-ch-ch.
- Just throw something,
that's all.
- I'm a professional.
- Choppin' 'em.
-This is what I do.
- So childish.
- What?
- Oh!
- [Man In Glasses] Well
it tasted like dog balls.
-That is so rude.
- [Maria] They always have to go to that.
- [Fiancee] I know, right?
- Yeah.
- We respect your career
as a veterinarian.
-Thank you.
- Yes.
- [Luke] On this side of the table.
-Thank you.
- I don't.
- [Maria] We do.
- Every time I'm talkin' to this girl,
she's talking about.
- She's just,
- [Maria] I guess it's a
very common thing they do.
I don't know.
- Is that all you do as a vet?
You just, there's just a
conveyor belt of testicles
and just.
- No.
That is disgusting.
- We do other things.
- [Luke] Do you have, is
there one of those paper?
- Okay, boys, calm down.
- Whatever.
- What do you use vets for?
You get spayed and neutered
- Yeah.
- [Man In Glasses] And when
they get sick, you put 'em down.
- Yeah.
- What is wrong with that?
There's nothing wrong with that.
- Point made.
- Why even give them
the answer they want?
- I don't know.
- Make something else up.
- Yeah.
(dramatic eerie music)
-When do I get my
chance to make you happy?
- What are you talking about?
-Talkin' about a little
bumpin' and grindin'.
- Oh God.
- Oh, just give it a break.
- Not at the table.
- I think you need to.
Just get it down with, so we can.
- [Man With Beard] I'll take it.
-You're like my freakin' brother.
- I'm like your brother from the South.
- Pass.
- You guys could be
really cute.
- Don't throw your food.
- Remember that, uh, whisky
night we had back in college?
(dramatic eerie music)
- Oh my God.
- One whisky night?
- You're gonna be in trouble.
- Wasn't that, wasn't that with me?
- Yes.
- [Man With Beard] That
was with everybody.
- What?
- No, no,no, no.
- [Tess] I'm kidding.
- It didn't get there.
- [Tess] No, no, sweetie.
- Okay, just checking.
- But it almost did.
- Honey, quit joking.
- Stop playing with her.
- It almost did.
-While I have your attention, uh,
I would like to make an announcement.
I'm pregnant.
- Oh my God!
- What?
- Oh my Gosh!
- Hooray!
- That's so exciting!
Oh my gosh!
- Congratulations, finally!
- I'm not sure you're ready.
-That is.
- Oh my God!
- I know one kids who's
gonna be a square thing!
-That's why you look
so good, you're glowing.
- [Luke] Oh, she is.
- Honey, we're next!
- We're, we're in line.
I don't know if we're next.
- Come on.
- Wow.
- Congrats.
- Wow.
- So is it a boy or a girl?
- Girl would be
It's a boy.
- It's,
it's a boy.
- Maybe a girl.
we actually don't know.
So, it's.
- It's a boy.
- Oh, it's one of those.
- It's a boy.
- We don't know yet.
-We get it.
- But, uh.
I think maybe we could be surprised.
I think it could be fun
if we, you know,
wait to find out.
-You know, like, you know, that's fun.
We will talk about it more, but, um, yeah.
- How far along are you guys?
- Um, I just found out this week,
and I believe I'm on my six week.
- But, guys, I have another
important announcement to make.
- [Man With Beard] Oh?
- I have decided to run for city council.
- Honey, honey, wow.
- Really?
-Thanks for the, uh,
vote of confidence.
-That's wasn't, I think I'm pretty,
I think that was a mini stroke.
-That's too bad, uh, you
didn't make it to the big times,
but, uh, don't be
jealous of those who did.
- Listen, let's have a toast.
- Just 'cause you never
got it.
- Let's have toast.
- Toast to a wonderful couple.
-Thank you.
- Okay, a toast.
-To a wonderful couple.
- And to having everyone here together.
- [Luke] Yes.
- Yes.
- To my son
and my political career.
- Or a daughter.
- And my beautiful wife.
- To the baby.
- [Man In Glasses] And our life.
- [Maria] Everyone enjoy the food.
(silverware clinks)
- Tess, you, uh.
- Are you still dating the same guy?
- [Tess] Oh.
-That older guy?
- Oh, yeah.
- He's not a grandpa, babe.
- Are you talking about that
old guy Fredericks, still?
- Frederick.
- Grandpa.
- He's not a grandpa.
He's 55.
- His name's Thaddeus?
- Older.
- He fought in the Civil War.
-This poor guy.
- Will you stop, no.
He's a nice guy, I'm
just not that into him.
- But, I mean, he's still
gettin' in there though.
- Stop.
- Don't talk about that
at the dinner table.
- We see each other.
- At the dinner table.
- We see each other sometimes,
but it's not very serious.
- But, I mean, he sleeps over.
- That's sweet.
- I think.
- He's ready to commit.
- [Man With Beard] She's
just not into dudes.
- What are you saying?
- I think.
- Right.
- I didn't follow that.
-You could be right.
- I think, maybe it's 'cause, uh,
gramps doesn't have the, uh,
proper equipment
for, uh.
- What are you implying?
' Me?
I think there's a reason that, uh,
you haven't settled down with grandpa yet.
- [Fiancee] Oh my God.
- [Tess] What are you implying?
- [Fiancee] Please.
- [Man In Glasses] We all
know what he's implying.
- [Fiancee] So childish.
- I'm, look, I'm implying,
I'm implying that maybe,
it's just been awhile.
- What are you doing?
- Since she's.
- Got it on.
- Seen a real man.
- Oh, God.
- You see where this is going?
-Terrence, please,
- No, no, no.
- Every time.
-Terrence, I've seen this so many.
(excited chattering)
- [Luke] Stop, dude!
- What, really?
- Why are you looking?
- Is there really a dick
in my face right now?
- [Man In Glasses]
Terrence, will ya stop it?
Come on, hey,
- Hey, hey, who found this place anyway?
- Terrence.
- Luke.
- Hmm?
- Luke, you got the place?
- What?
- Okay, saved by the bell.
- [Fiancee] Who's that?
- Did,
did you invite anyone else?
- Who's that?
- I didn't get, what
are you talking about?
- I didn't invite anybody, did you?
Fine, really, ignore it.
Ignore it, just eat.
- It may be a surprise.
- [Terrence] Let's just eat.
Let's just eat.
- What do you mean, ignore it?
- Maybe it's.
(violent banging)
That was.
- Who could it be?
- Don't get it.
Don't answer it.
- No, no, no,
we're sitting at the dinner
table, okay, come on.
- It's a.
- Honey, go.
- Maybe it's the landlord
trying to, like, greet us, or something.
(blood splatters)
(dramatic music)
- [Terrence] What the hell?
(dramatic music)
' oh my God!
[Terrence] Hey, oh my God,
what the fuck?
- Oh my God!
- [Terrence] Tess!
No] no!
Never open the door!
(slow tense music)
- Is he, is he breathing?
- No, get away from him!
- Is he, hang,
just hang on a second.
(slow tense music)
- [Luke] Call 9-1-1.
- [Man With Glasses] He's not breathing.
- [Maria] What I don't understand is,
is why was he pointing at you, Terrence?
- [Luke] Terrence, is this
a business deal gone bad,
or something, you bring
this into the house?
- [Terrence] No.
- [Luke] Are you okay, Tess?
- [Terrence] Yeah.
(slow tense music)
- He looked like
- He did!
- Like he knew you.
- Like he was saying it
to you.
-Why did he point at me?
- Why did he point at you?
- I don't know.
I've never seen this guy
- If you know him
- Before in my life.
-This is the time.
It doesn't make sense.
- Tess are you okay?
- And why did he say
never open the door?
-Tess, are you all right?
- Like there's somebody
standing out there?
- She's not okay, obviously.
- God.
- Jesus, Tess.
- Stop looking at here,
You guys.
- [Man In Glasses] She doesn't look good.
- Guys, she's probably
infected with something now.
- Stop it!
- I was thinkin'
the same thing.
- She's gonna be fine.
She's gonna just wash
off, and she'll be fine.
- Oh my God.
Check his wallet.
- Uh, call 9-1-1.
Maria, where's my phone?
- [Maria] I thought you had it.
- [Luke] I, I put it in the bag.
Did we take the bag upstairs?
- Does he have a wallet?
Check for a wallet.
- Oh my God.
-This doesn't make sense.
- Is someone calling 9-1-1?
- I thought you called.
- No, I don't have my.
- [Maria] I don't know, Luke and I were--
- I called 9-1-1,
take it easy.
-Thank you.
- He doesn't have any ID.
- You okay?
It'll be okay.
Here, this is all I have, but,
you just get cleaned up,
and, and it'll be fine.
Look, look at me.
It'll be okay.
I'll, I'll be right out here, all right?
(dramatic music)
(eerie dramatic music)
(breathing heavily)
(phone rings)
Why are you calling me?
(phone rings)
- What?
- [Woman In White] Why are you calling me?
- It says I'm calling 9-1, oh, try,
well you try calling.
-Yeah, this is insane.
-This phone.
- Oh my God.
- Back up from him, get away from him.
- All right.
(ringtone rings)
-What, you're calling me now.
- Oh my God, come on, this is ridiculous!
- Maria, where's my phone?
- I'm calling, I'm calling.
- I'm dialing 9-1-1.
- Okay?
- I'm gonna dial 9-1-1.
- God.
- She was.
(water sprinkles)
(phone buzzes)
- No.
- I think someone may be messing with us.
- Luke, try somebody else.
- [Maria] What?
- Uh, all right, let me
call, let me call Ron.
- There's no line, we don't
have a phone in this house
Maybe it's 9-1-1.
- [Man In Glasses] Councilman Luke Davies
found with a dead man in his living room
this holiday season.
- Did anyone bring a
computer or something?
- [Fiancee] Stop.
- It's just ringing and ringing.
(water sprinkles)
(dramatic music)
(eerie music)
(muffled screams)
(eerie music)
(dramatic eerie music)
(dramatic music)
(water sprinkles)
(dramatic eerie music)
(muffled chanting)
(eerie dramatic music)
(muffled chanting)
(slow tense music)
No voice mail, no nothing.
Call your father.
- Oh, good idea, good idea, okay.
Nothing, nothing.
There's no, it's not even a,
it's not even a voice mail.
- Ah!
- Nothing.
- All right, a-a-a-all right,
our phones are out.
- [Maria] Oh my God.
- No, no, no, no, no, no, fuck this.
Fuck this guy,
fuck this house,
fuck this meal, I am out.
I'm gone!
- [Maria] What do you?
- Hey, Terrence.
- Fuck this guy.
- Hang on, man, hey.
- Don't go near there!
(violent banging)
- Oh, shit!
(slow eerie music)
There's something still out there.
- Oh my God.
- Exactly,
so back up.
- Oh my God.
- [Female Voice] Hello?
- [Maria] What a minute,
did you hear that?
- It sounded like a kid.
- Yes, that's what I heard, yes.
- Maria.
- No, no, no, no.
- It's not.
- No, no.
- It was, it was a kid.
- It could be,
maybe he had a daughter.
- You didn't hear?
- [Luke] Well what are we gonna do?
- We're gonna get involved in this?
- And maybe they got lost
in the woods together,
we can't.
- I don't care, we can't open
the door.
it's a little girl!
- We have a dead guy!
We have a dead guy right here!
- I'm gonna answer the door.
- Let's just wait, okay?
- I'm gonna answer the door!
- [Woman On Left] No,
you're pregnant, don't!
- [Luke] Maria, get away from the door!
- What if he had a daughter?
- Please!
- And she was with him
and she's stuck out there!
- Maria, this guy got stabbed in the,
- Yeah, thank you, Luke,
- In the gut.
- [Maria] For clearing that up!
We're all aware!
- Don't open it!
- Not now!
- I'm answering the door!
- Don't do this!
- [Maria] So stand there and get hurt!
- [Fiancee] I know, but just wait until
we can help her.
- We cannot get involved
in this, Maria!
-Tell her, please!
- We're just gonna leave
her outside by herself?
- Yes!
- Maybe he had a little girl.
(slow tense music)
We can't just leave her outside.
- [Luke] Yeah, but we can't
get involved in this, Maria.
- Oh, please!
- Not now!
- [Maria] Leave her outside by herself?
- Yes.
- Maybe there's guys following
- We can't get mixed up in
this, Maria.
- We have to wait for help!
We'll wait for help.
- It did, it sounded like.
- You guys are crazy.
I'm gonna answer the door, okay?
- [Terrence] Just.
- [Demonic Voice] Let me in motherfucker!
(violent banging)
- [Terrence] Oh my God, guys.
- Do something, Luke.
It sounded like a little
girl with someone.
- Guys, there is someone out there,
and it is definitely not a little girl.
- All right, I think this could just be
the locals, the people from the town
playing a joke on us.
- What?
- All right?
So I think that we should just
take the body,
- Are you kidding me?
- And drag it out and finish
our dinner, all right?
- You got a dead guy, wait.
- What?
- [Man In Glasses] Don't
touch him, come on, man!
- [Maria] You're going crazy!
- That is a dead, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Take it easy!
- Oh my God, he's losing his, he's crazy!
-You could still finish
dinner after this?
- Oh my god, Tess.
- What's wrong with you?
- Are you okay?
- Whoa!
- [Woman On Right] Oh,
Tess, Tess, are you okay?
Honey, do you need anything?
- Rm fine.
- You look like death.
- [Maria] Luke!
- Oh my God.
-What the hell?
- What?
- Are you okay?
I can't see.
- Now the power's out?
- [Terrence] What is
this, is this a fun house?
- Honey, where are you?
- Calm down.
- Baby, come here, I got ya.
- I can't see anything.
- [Maria] Luke, where are you?
- Isaac, come here.
- I'm right here.
Terrence get away from me.
- Does anyone?
- Baby, come here.
- [Luke] Everyone stay calm.
Does someone know where
the light switch is?
- [Isaac] Baby, come here.
- [Luke] Try another
light please, someone.
Son of a bitch.
- Oh my God.
Oh my God what was that?
-What the hell happened here?
Oh my God.
Where did Tess go?
- What?
- Oh my God.
- Tess!
- Where did she go?
(slow eerie music)
(footsteps thud)
(slow eerie music)
- She was right here.
- She didn't go upstairs.
- She was just right here.
- She was right here.
(slow eerie music)
Tess, will ya come out?
Come on!
- She was just right here.
She was right here.
- She was literally right here.
- That's true.
- Here, I just heard.
- She was just standing right
here in front of me.
(eerie music)
- Tess!
(slow eerie music)
- Why would she go upstairs?
- No, she's not upstairs.
She was right here.
- Maybe she went to go
look for a power box.
Maybe that's why.
- But she was right here.
- Oh, she just scurried up
the stairs, she flipped on the light,
and she scurried up the stairs?
- Listen, I'm just trying
to figure this out, okay?
- [Fiancee] No, we would've heard her.
(slow tense music)
- I'm starting to think
that maybe we should
get out of here.
- Tess!
- [Terrence] Let's do it.
- What, you guys are just
gonna bail on some nonsense?
- Honey.
- Nonsense, we got a,
are you kidding me with this?
- Honey, no, we can't leave Tess here.
We have to find her first.
- [Terrence] We can't?
- No, we can't.
- All right, we can't leave
without her.
(phone rings)
- It's Tess.
- [Isaac] What?
(phone rings)
Are you kidding me?
- Don' answer it.
Do not answer the phone.
- No, get the phone.
- Answer it.
- Let's think about it.
- Answer it.
- No, I gotta get it, okay?
- [Tess] Maria, it's Tess.
Sorry I'm running late.
You guys start without me?
I'll be there in a minute.
- Tess is this really you?
(eerie dramatic music)
- [Tess] Hello?
- Hello, Tess?
- [Tess] My phone's cutting out.
Listen, I'm pulling up right now, okay?
I'll be there in a minute.
- [Fiancee] What's she saying?
- She says she's about to pull in.
- [Terrence] What?
Pull in?
- [Terrence] What?
-Tess's car just pulled in the driveway.
- What?
- No.
- [Luke] What?
- [Maria] No, this is not possible.
- She is, look.
(slow eerie music)
(door thuds)
She's gonna knock on the door.
- Oh, this is so weird.
This is so strange.
- Of course.
- I just don't understand.
- [Tess] Hey, guys, the
door's locked, let me in!
- Not a chance, pod!
- [Tess] Thanks, Terrence.
Now let me in, you prick.
- What the fuck?
- What?
- [Terrence] That doesn't make any sense.
- Okay.
(phones buzzes)
(tense eerie music)
- [Terrence] Tess!
- [Maria] We can't just
leave her out there.
- Yes, we can.
- Tess!
- [Fiancee] Tess!
(slow tense music)
- I think maybe she walked away.
(tense eerie music)
- Oh my God!
(excited shouting)
- What is wrong with you guys?
- [Maria] No!
- What are you doing?
Hello, why aren't you eating?
(slow tense music)
Isaac, tie her up!
Wait, ow, ow, ow!
Let me go, ow!
- We're not gonna tie her up, Luke!
- What the hell are you talking about?
Oh my God, what the hell did you do?
- Go get some, some rope,
and something to tie her up with.
- W-W-W-W-What if it's the real Tess?
- Maria, do as I'm telling you to do, go!
Angel, go help her.
We need something to
tie her up with, go, go!
(slow tense music)
- [Tess] Let me go!
(tense music)
(fleshy thud)
- Hey,
listen we're not gonna hurt you,
but we've gotta figure this out, okay?
Now, chill out!
- [Tess] Why are you doing this to me?
- Give me your arms.
Now, listen, we're not gonna hurt you.
We just gotta figure this out, okay?
Give me your arms.
- What's with the water?
- She's still our friend!
- Get the hell outta here with that.
(slow tense music)
- [Maria] Oh my God!
(dramatic tense music)
- Is it you?
- Luke, this is weird, man.
[Luke] Shut up!
- [Isaac] Look at me.
- [Angel] Is it the baby?
- I don't know, I don't know.
- Just breathe, okay?
- Just breathe.
- Guys, we're just not
gonna take any chances, all right?
If this is the real
Tess, we'll let her go.
- Is it you?
Is it really you?
- What are you talking about?
- We brought you here today.
- Shut up.
- We picked you up.
You said your car was broken down.
Is it really you?
- Man, shut up.
- We picked you up today.
You said your car broke down.
- No.
- You've been here for,
like, three hours, Tess.
- No.
- Who is that?
- It was you.
- What are you talking about,
what are you talking about?
(footsteps thudding)
(eerie music)
Is he dead?
- Yes, he is.
All right, everyone, just, just calm down.
Terrence, you stay here
with Tess number two.
- [Terrence] Got it.
- What, I can't even be Tess number one?
- Stay here with Tess number one,
and everyone else, we gotta go upstairs.
(tense eerie music)
- What are you doing?
(eerie tense music)
Angel, please!
- I swear, Tess, we didn't
kill him, I promise.
I swear.
- What's going on?
What's going on?
(footsteps tap)
- Ssh, baby.
Luke and I are gonna
go in and check it out.
- [Angel] Here.
- [Luke] Here.
- Tess?
- Wait, Luke!
- Isaac!
- Oh my God, it's the Prince of Darkness
(speaks foreign language)
- Hello?
Answer us!
- We're all right
- We're okay, girls.
- [Angel] You're okay?
-Well, unlock the door, it's locked.
(door handle jiggles)
- [Angel] What was that?
- I don't know.
(eerie music)
Maybe it was the wind or something.
- I don't think we should
go over there without them.
(eerie music)
- It doesn't look like
there's anything in there.
- [Angel] It doesn't?
Are you sure?
(slow eerie music)
- Come on, Terrence,
please, just let me go.
- I can't.
You might not be real.
- Please.
- Listen,
I'll show you my tits.
- Well now I know you're a fake.
- Should we try to get that open?
(phone buzzes)
What was that?
- [Luke] Nothing.
- [Isaac] Tess?
(slow tense music)
(eerie tense music)
This is dark.
(dramatic music)
(slow eerie music)
- Will you grow up, Terrence?
Can't you see I'm not a fake?
- How the hell am I supposed to know?
But there are two of you in this house.
- I'll believe that when I see it.
-Yeah, I guess I will, too.
- Don't you see how stupid this is?
- No, Tess,
it just means you're fucking
with us for some reason.
And it's really not cool havin'
a dead body in the house.
- But I didn't have
anything to do with that.
I guess that remains to be seen.
(slow eerie music)
- Yeah, I think it's just a window.
(slow eerie music)
Oh my God, there's someone out there!
(dramatic eerie music)
Oh my God, did you see that?
- Yes, they're looking right at us.
-They're looking straight at us.
Do you think they can see us?
- [Angel] I don't know.
(eerie music)
(eerie music)
(slow eerie music)
(blood splatters)
- I'm feeling a lot better now.
(eerie music)
- Oh, Tess.
Oh my God, they're gone!
- What?
- Where do you think they went?
- I don't know.
Oh, shit, she's, she's.
- All right,
what was my nickname in third grade?
-Turtle Head.
- Look, can't we just
wait until Luke gets back?
- Come on, Terrence.
I answered all your stupid questions.
I knew your nickname.
I'm not a fake!
Will you let me go?
You know this is kidnapping?
- Oh, Christ, Tess.
- What, are you gonna kill me?
- [Terrence] Nobody's
killing anybody here.
Oh, really?
Well, what about that guy over there?
- [Terrence] God, I'd love
to know where he came from.
-There was something, but
what would they be doing there?
- Do you think we left the front door?
- Oh my God, (speaks foreign language)!
- Don't do that.
(slow eerie music)
(speaks foreign language)
- Oh my God.
(slow eerie music)
- Oh my God, Luke, are you okay?
- Yes, I'm okay.
- Where's Isaac?
- He's in the room.
- [Angel] What, what's
he still doing in there?
- Listen, it's, I don't
know what happened in there.
Somebody pushed me, it
might've been Isaac.
- Bullshit, move!
- That doesn't make sense.
- What, he just pushed you?
Look out.
I'm not leaving here without him!
- Stop it,
you're acting really strange.
- What is up with you?
-Fake lsaac.
-Look out!
What' she doing?
- It doesn't make sense.
- What are you doing?
You're so weird.
- Why are you acting
so strange?
- Move, what are you doing?
You're acting so weird.
- What are you doing?
- Go to hell!
- What are you doing?
- I'm not leaving here without him!
- [Maria] What are you doing?
Stop, you're so weird, oh my!
- What are you doing?
- [Angel] Isaac!
- Uh, Maria.
- Move!
[Luke] Let's go.
- Isaac!
- It's dangerous up here, Angel.
We gotta go downstairs!
- Stop, go to hell!
I'm not leaving without him.
- He's obviously not coming out.
- What are you talking about?
I'm not gonna leave Angel
up here alone!
- Isaac!
-Well, at least take
the knife or something.
- God.
- Give her the knife.
- I don't need a knife!
I don't need a fuckin' knife.
- Maria, let's go!
- | - | forgot to tell you.
We saw Tess inside of the room, and,
and she looked really weird.
And, and there was these guys,
and they were standing outside,
and they were wearing these suits, and,
and they were looking straight at us.
I mean, like, straight at us.
And, and I don't know, maybe
they were like the mafia,
or something, and, and,
and maybe they're looking
for the dead body.
- Babe.
- So now the mafia's after us,
(Angel cries)
- I don't know!
- Can you hear me?
- Right.
- [Angel] Babe!
- But you do believe me, right, Luke?
- Isaac, please.
(door clicks)
(eerie soft music)
(soft eerie music)
(slow eerie music)
I can't see.
(tense eerie music)
(eerie music)
(slow eerie music)
(crying and gasping)
(Isaac groans)
Isaac, oh my God, honey!
Are you okay?
Are you, are you okay?
What happened?
I was so worried.
- Angel.
- [Angel] What is that?
- [Angel] Are you bleeding?
Oh my God.
" My Angel.
- You're bleeding.
Honey, I was so worried about you.
Didn't you hear me?
- Ah, I heard you.
-Tess, Tess is in here.
She's in here.
She was just here.
Oh my God,
what happened to you?
- Must've gotten out some how.
- I don't know.
- Luke, Luke hit me over the head.
- What?
No, honey, it was probably Tess.
- No, it wasn't Tess.
Luke, it.
- Come on, we gotta go.
- It had to be Luke.
- Let's get outta here.
- Oh, that's a lot of blood.
[Angel] I know.
- [Isaac] We gotta get outta here.
- [Angel] It'll be okay.
(Isaac groans)
Come on.
- Oh my God, what do you think happened?
What the hell?
Oh my God,
what happened here?
- Terrence!
- Where do you think they went?
- How should I know?
They're probably fucking each other.
- What's the matter with you?
-Tess's car's gone.
- Maybe they went to go get help.
Oh my God, are you okay?
- I saw Tess again.
- Have a seat.
- Okay-
(fleshy thud)
[Luke] Shit, shit!
- Oh my God, what are you doing?
- Why don't you ask your husband?
He's completely lost it!
- [Maria] What is he talking about, Luke?
- He, he punched him upstairs.
- [Luke] Why don't you
try that again right,
ah, God!
(fleshy thud)
Damn it!
- Stop!
Will you please stop it?
- Son of a bitch!
- Stop, step back!
Calm down, Luke, okay?
We have to find out,
we have to find out what
these men want from us.
-What men?
-These men, Angel and I, we
saw them standing outside.
-They were in suits, just,
just staring at us.
- Are you serious?
- [Maria] Yes!
- Look, honey, I don't
know what's going on.
I just wanna get the hell outta here.
- All right, Angel, you're
gonna have to toughen up,
if we're gonna get
through this, all right?
- What the hell's wrong
with this guy, huh?
- Oh my God, okay?
- We're gonna get outta here.
- Okay, okay,
Okay! Okay
' Guys!..
- You know what, Luke?
I don't know what happened to you,
no, but, but, what we
have to do right now,
we have to look for Terrence,
and we have to figure out
what happened with Tess.
do you think it was these
men that jammed our phones?
- Oh, the mafia guys, right?
- No, no, they were real.
No, they were real.
I saw them, too.
- I know.
- What if they took them?
- Oh, God, don't even say
it, don't even say it.
-Well, you know, we need
to make a decision now
about what we're gonna do.
And I'm prepared to leave
all three of you behind.
Oh really?
- [Angel] Are you okay?
- My head hurts.
- Honey,
I'll go get you something.
(phone buzzes)
- [Isaac] Oh, I'm fine.
(phone buzzes)
I'm fine.
- I'm so embarrassed by him.
(slow eerie music)
Here, I'll take some of
the pressure off, okay?
- Please do.
- Honey, this might sting,
- [Isaac] Real tight.
- Okay-
(slow tense music)
How does this feel?
- Tighter.
- Tighter?
- Squeeze real tight.
- Okay-
(slow tense music)
- Can I have a word with my wife, please?
(dramatic music)
(muffled chaotic chattering)
- Oh, this guy.
- Can't he see you're hurt?
Guys, I'll be, we'll
be right back, okay?
- Okay-
(slow tense music)
- [Maria] What?
What is your problem?
Okay, Luke, I get the point.
(slow eerie music)
What the hell?
- So, uh, how's Isaac's
head, is he gonna make it?
- Listen, Luke, please.
I don't care if you don't
believe me about Isaac
or the guys outside or whatever,
but I just want to find
everybody and get out of here.
(slow eerie music)
-That sounds like a good idea,
so should we take both Tesses with us?
(door clicks)
(slow dramatic music)
- There's only a little bit of blood.
- I know, you're doin' good.
- Feeling a little better?
- You take good care of me, yeah.
- Okay, look,
I saw Tess in the room, she
was in there, she was with us.
- I know, I didn't
really get a look at her.
- She came up, and she looked so weird.
She looked so different.
She came up, she licked my face.
- What do you mean she licked your face?
- She licked my face, I don't know.
- Like, like aggressive?
Like, uh,
like violent?
- Oh my God!
What if I'm infected?
- She got blood on you.
- [Angel] What if I start
acting crazy like them?
- You're not gonna.
- What if I start losing it?
- You're not start
acting crazy.
Wait, did you wipe the blood off?
- [Angel] Oh my God, I'm.
- Look.
- What if I start acting crazy like Luke?
I mean.
- Look, I don't see
any blood on you, you're fine, look at me.
- He's walking around
with a knife.
- Stop it, look at me, you're fine.
- So would you tell me if
I started acting like him?
- Of course I would.
You're okay?
Yeah, we gotta get outta here.
- It might just have
to be you and I though.
You understand that?
We might just have to go.
- I just wanna go home.
- Luke, listen, please, please.
I just need you to be strong, okay?
-You have no idea how strong I can,
you have no idea how
goddamn strong I can be,
you fuckin' cunt!
- Oh my God, Luke, what are you doing?
Oh, Luke, you're scaring me.
- Let me ask you something.
- [Maria] (screams) Oh my God.
Luke, what is wrong with you?
- Is that baby even mine, Maria?
- Oh my God, are you serious?
Luke, you're scaring me, please.
What are you talking
about, are you serious?
Luke, I thought you loved me!
- Maybe too much.
- What?
(tense music)
Put that down.
Put it down, Luke.
- Maria.
- No.
- Maria, calm down.
- [Maria] No, Luke, please.
You're gonna hurt the baby.
You're gonna hurt the baby.
- It's not my baby,
is it, Maria?
- It is your baby.
Please, Luke.
Oh my God, oh my God!
Help, help!
(tense music)
- Maria!
Maria, calm down!
I just have to cut that bastard
child out of your stomach.
And then, and then we can all go home.
(slow tense music)
(eerie tense music)
(eerie tense music)
- All right, relax, girlie.
We're gonna go home.
We're gonna lay in bed for two weeks
and I'm gonna make you magic eggs.
And we're gonna get married.
- I can't wait.
- [Isaac] And we're gonna
forget all this, all right?
[Angel] Promise?
- I promise.
(slow tense music)
You still smell good.
I love you.
- I love you, too.
(slow tense music)
I just wanna--
- We can't leave without Maria.
- What?
- Before we go, we gotta go and get Maria.
We can't just leave her up there with him.
It's just not.
- Yeah, but you said we could go.
You said we were gonna leave right now.
- We're gonna go.
I didn't say we were
gonna leave right now.
We are gonna leave, and
we're gonna get out, okay?
And, listen, if worse comes
to worse, we're gonna go, but.
- What was that?
- What was that?
- What was that?
- All right.
Let's do it.
Come on.
- Okay-
Will you grab the flashlight?
- Okay-
- All right.
(slow eerie music)
(groaning and gasping)
- Maria!
I know all about you and Isaac.
Don't worry.
(crying and gasping)
- I love you, I love you!
Oh, please, no!
(knife clangs)
(dramatic music)
(squishy thud)
(dramatic music)
Oh my God!
(squishy thud)
(dramatic music)
Oh my God!
(knife clangs)
- I'm gonna kill you now, Maria.
(gasping and yelling)
(dramatic music)
My son.
(dramatic tense music)
(dramatic tense music)
(dramatic tense music)
(dramatic tense music)
(water sprinkles)
(slow tense music)
[Isaac] Shit!
- [Angel] Oh my God!
Oh, shit, shit, shit.
Oh my God, oh my God.
- Shit, Terrence.
- Are you okay?
- Terrence?
- Your hands.
- Terrence, Terrence?
Take it off, take it.
- [Terrence] Where am I?
- Terrence?
- [Terrence] Where's Tess?
- Take it easy.
- [Angel] Sorry.
-Wake up, wake up.
- Where, where?
- Shh, shh, shh, shh.
-Where, where am I?
- Be quiet, man, all right?
(tape scritches)
Take it easy, take it easy.
Take it easy.
- Where am I?
-That's all right, that's
all right, shh, shh, shh.
- Where's Tess?
- Shh,
you gotta be quiet though, okay?
Be quiet, man, all right?
Just look, be cool.
- [Terrence] How'd you get here, man?
Where's Tess?
- It's okay, it's okay.
I'm gonna get, I'm gonna
get, okay, it's okay, okay.
Are you all right, man?
- I think.
- Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh, shh.
Be quiet, be quiet, be quiet.
- [Terrence] Where am I?
- Under the steps, take it easy, buddy.
Did Tess put you here?
- Did she?
- We were, I,
I just, I was talkin' to her and then.
- [Tess's Voiceover] Will
you grow up, Terrence?
Can't you see I'm not a fake?
- [Terrence's Voiceover] How
the hell am I supposed to know?
But there are two of you in this house.
- [Tess's Voiceover] I'll
believe that when I see it.
- [Terrence's Voiceover]
Yeah, I guess I will, too.
- [Tess's Voiceover] Don't
you see how stupid this is?
- [Terrence's Voiceover] No,
it just means you're fucking
with us for some reason.
And it's really not cool having
a dead body in the house.
- [Tess's Voiceover] But I
don't have anything to do
with that.
I guess that remains to be seen.
(dramatic eerie music)
Then it just went black, I,
I guess she, yeah, I
guess she put me here.
- All right, relax, relax.
there may or may not be two Tesses,
and one may be a monster, all right?
What Angel saw is.
- Yeah, she looked really sick.
- [Isaac] She was mutating or something.
- Not like.
-There's something
mixed in with the blood.
- Let me just say that
she looks really bad.
- Listen, we gotta get
outta here tonight.
- She looks sick.
- And we gotta get Maria
before we go, okay?
- What about Luke?
- [Angel] No, no, Luke's gone crazy.
- Luke lost it.
- [Angel] Yeah, screw Luke.
- We gotta get Maria and go tonight.
Yeah, we gotta get outta here.
- [Terrence] Tonight?
- Yeah.
We gotta get outta here.
Guys, what,
shouldn't we wait til the morning?
It'll be light out.
- No, hell no!
- We're in the middle of nowhere.
- We'll be able to see
a whole lot better.
- Terrence, Terrence,
you were tied up here.
How much longer did you think
you were gonna stay alive here, huh?
- You got a point.
- Luke took Maria upstairs,
we've gotta get her.
All right?
- All right.
- Look, stay with us.
- All right, let's go.
- Okay.
(eerie tense music)
- [Isaac] Come on, girl.
(eerie tense music)
- [Terrence] Guys, what's
up with the lights?
(eerie music)
- [Terrence] Shit!
(eerie music)
(eerie tense music)
(water sprinkles)
(eerie music)
- [Angel] Honey, Isaac!
Isaac, stop!
Don't do this to me!
- Do what?
- Let's go!
- Just stop, stop, what, stop what?
- Don't do this to me!
- Stop it, stop it.
Don't do what?
- I just wanna go!
- Shh, shh, shh.
Baby, will you stop it,
will you just stop it?
- I just wanna go home!
- Baby'
if there's one thing I'm sure of,
we're gonna make it outta here alive.
(eerie dramatic music)
(blood splatters)
(eerie dramatic music)
(eerie dramatic music)
(eerie tense music)
(water sprinkles)
- [Maria] What are you doing?
- [Luke] I just have to
cut that bastard child
out of your stomach!
- Luke, you're scaring me!
No, no!
(dramatic tense music)
(knife clatters)
(dramatic music)
(knife crunches)
(dramatic music)
- I'm gonna kill you now, Maria.
(dramatic music)
(Luke yells)
(eerie tense music)
(eerie music)
(dramatic music)
(eerie tense music)
' No!
(eerie tense music)
(eerie tense music)
(eerie tense music)
(soft growling)
(eerie tense music)
(dramatic music)
(footsteps thud)
(dramatic tense music)
- [Terrence] You've gotta be kidding me!
(dramatic eerie music)
- Maria, it's Tess.
Sorry I'm running late.
Did you guys start without me?
Hey, my phone's cutting out.
Listen, I'm pulling up right now, okay?
I'll be there in a minute.
I'm just pulling in, okay?
I'll be there in a minute.
(dramatic eerie music)
- [Ghostly Voice] Terrence, Terrence.
(dramatic eerie music)
(violent banging)
(eerie tense music)
(coughing and groaning)
(eerie music)
(violent banging)
(eerie tense music)
(footsteps tapping)
(blood splatters)
- [Isaac] What the, what the hell?
- [Tess] Oh my God!
- He)
- Oh my God, what?
(dramatic eerie music)
- No.
Never open the door!
(eerie music)
- [Luke] Call 9-1 -1,Terrence.
- [Isaac] He's not breathing.
- [Maria] What I don't understand is,
is why was he pointing at you, Terrence?
- [Luke] Terrence, is this
a business deal gone bad,
or something, you bring
this into the house?
- [Maria] It doesn't make sense.
- Tess are you okay?
- And why did he say
never open the door
-Tess are you all right?
- [Maria] Like there's
somebody standing out there?
- [Angel] She's not okay, obviously!
- [Angel] Stop looking at her, you guys!
- [Terrence] Yeah, she's probably infected
with something now.
- [Maria] Stop it, she's gonna be fine!
(slow eerie music)
(eerie instrumental music)
(door creaks)
(eerie music)
(wind blows)
(bell rings)
(wind blows)
(bell rings)
(eerie music)
(wind blows)
(bell rings)
(wind blows)
(dramatic music)