Never Rarely Sometimes Always (2020) Movie Script

(crowd murmuring quietly)
(crowd cheering)
(crowd shushing, quieting)
("Pididdle" by Buzz Clifford
(male singers vocalizing)
I want a rhythm with a beat,
bring me to the door
I want a rhythm with a rock
to lead me to the floor
I want a rhythm with a roll,
goes down to my feet
I want to hear them play that
rock and roll beat, yeah...
'Cause there's nothing left
for me to do
- Or say
- Sha-la-la
Though I always hoped
That you'd be mine
He makes me do things
I don't want to do
He makes me say things
I don't want to say
And though I try
to break away
I know I can't stop
saying I adore him
Can't stop
doing things for him
He's got the power of
Power of love over me
(strumming softly)
(resumes playing song)
And he makes me stay
When I don't want to stay
He makes me say things
I don't want to say
And though I try
to break away
No, I can't stop
saying I adore him
Can't stop
doing things for him
He's got the power of
Power of love over me
He's got the power
The power of love over me.
(rock music playing faintly)
- (lively chatter)
- (dishes clinking)
Are you okay?
You're not eating anything.
I told you
I wasn't feeling well.
Tell her how great she was.
It's kind of hard
to compliment someone
who's always in a foul mood.
It's a phase.
Keep telling yourself that.
You were really good.
- Mm.
- Tell her.
Your mother wants me
to tell you
how great you are.
Eat shit.
(chatter continues)
(others exclaiming, laughing)
(chatter nearby)
(dog panting)
(dog whining)
(birds chirping)
- (footsteps descending stairs)
- Can I have one?
(TV playing quietly)
What do you want today?
- GIRL: Braid.
- MOTHER: Braid?
You got it.
Let's get your shirt on.
Up, up.
(dog barking in distance)
Are you feeling any better?
Not really.
Do you want me to call Dr. Pat?
It's in her head.
She needs to get
her head checked.
All right, come on.
Jacket on.
- Let's go, let's go.
- Where's my arm?
(vehicles passing)
(bell jingling)
- (chuckles): Well, good morning.
- (sighs)
- Morning.
- How can I help you?
Um, I wanted to know if I could
possibly take a test.
That's what we do.
That's what we're here for.
Uh, why don't you sign in,
take off your coat,
and have a seat.
- (phone rings in other room)
- (sniffs)
- WOMAN: Hello?
- Hi.
Uh, we've got a girl
out here for a test.
- Okay.
- (hangs up phone)
You ready?
Come on in
and make yourself at home.
You can just sit here, and...
and, uh, we'll talk for a bit.
What brings you here today?
I just haven't been feeling
that well lately.
I'm sorry to hear that.
How long has that
been going on?
A while.
And when was your last period?
I don't know exactly.
I'm kind of irregular.
How old are you?
Um, 17.
Does mom know you're here?
Uh, no. She's working.
Oh, I understand.
Uh, well, today,
we're going to be doing
a self-administered test.
But I want to let you
know something.
Even if it's negative,
it could still be positive.
What does that mean exactly?
Well, I mean, if it's negative,
you might want to redo the test
in a few weeks
if you're still concerned.
(urine trickling)
(door closes)
So, just dip it in here.
Is that a test
from the supermarket?
I told you it was
a self-administered test.
That looks like a positive.
Um, if it's positive,
is there any way
it could be negative?
A positive is always
a positive.
(birds chirping)
(dog barking in distance)
(sets card down)
(igniter clicking)
(blowing softly)
(drops ice cube)
(grunts softly)
(inhales sharply)
(exhales slowly)
- (indistinct chatter)
- (scanners beeping)
Have a great day.
Hi. How are you?
(indistinct announcement
over P.A.)
- Just these? Card?
- MAN: Yeah.
- Hello.
- MAN: Hey.
- How are you doing today?
- Okay.
It looks suspiciously like
you are throwing a party.
Um, hey, you inviting yourself?
(Skylar chuckles)
No, no, no,
just an observation.
- What, don't you like to party?
- Uh, no.
Sorry. That's not what I meant.
MAN: Well, what time
do you get off work?
MAN: How about if
I give you the address
if you change your mind?
Ten, 20, 30...
- SKYLAR: 40, 50, 60...
- Wait, not at the same time.
- You'll mess me up.
- Sorry.
(coins clatter)
(indistinct announcement
over P.A.)
(indistinct announcement
over P.A.)
I saw you weren't
at school today.
I went to the doctor.
Are you okay?
Yeah, I'm fine.
What's wrong?
Girl problems.
Bad cramps?
I get those, too.
Pretty much burn through
a bottle of painkillers,
like, every month.
Yeah, same.
Don't you ever just wish
you were a dude?
All the time.
I like that thing.
Oh, thanks.
(yelling, indistinct chatter
over TV)
(smacks lips) Hey.
(Ted whispering indistinctly)
(sets bottle down)
Hey. Hi.
At least someone
in this house loves me.
Hey, hey, hey.
That's a girl.
Who's a good girl, hmm?
Yeah, you like that.
You little slut.
- Who's a little slut?
- Stop.
- What? She likes it.
- (dog whining)
That's a girl.
(Ted chuckles)
Look how easy she is.
(grabs bottle from shelf)
(opens bottle)
(sets bottle on counter)
(closes bottle)
This is your beautiful baby.
You are about ten weeks along.
Hard to say precisely, but...
everything looks pretty normal.
And this...
is the most magical sound
you will ever hear.
(buttons click, machine beeps)
(fetal heartbeat pulsing)
(fetal heartbeat continues)
Are you okay?
Yeah, I'm fine.
I know this is a lot
to take in,
but I'm sure once you have that
beautiful baby in your arms,
you'll forget
you ever had any doubts.
I know these things.
I'm a mother.
I just can't imagine that
for myself.
Well... (sighs)
there are many wonderful people
who want children
and can't have them.
We can connect you
to an adoption agency.
I just don't know
what I want to do right now.
Are you abortion-minded?
Is that a possibility?
Do you have a minute?
Could I show you something?
(device clicking)
(dramatic music plays on video)
The video you are about to see
unmasks the terrible truth
that abortion
is an act of violence
which kills a baby.
Some of the children
we'll show you
represent typical
nine- and ten-week abortions.
Because abortions
are never committed
prior to the sixth week
of pregnancy,
every child abortion kills
is already so fully formed
that her heart's beating
and her brain's producing
brain wave activity.
Many of the babies you'll see,
however, range in age
through the second and third
trimesters of pregnancy...
(tapping keys)
(taps key)
(turns faucet off)
(exhales sharply)
(spits tablet in sink)
(exhales sharply)
(burps softly)
- (thump)
- (sniffs)
(repeated thumping)
(whimpers softly)
- (music playing over speakers)
- (scanners beeping)
I'll put this in the bag
for you, if that's okay.
(noises growing louder)
- (music continues playing)
- (scanners beeping)
(indistinct chatter)
(indistinct announcement
over P.A.)
(chatter growing louder)
(shopping carts rolling)
(scanners beeping)
(loud, indistinct chatter)
(door opens)
Hey. Are you okay?
- (retches, coughs)
- (splashing)
Should I call your mom?
(toilet flushes)
No, I'm okay now.
Are you sure?
What did the doctor say?
They couldn't really help me.
Why not?
I took a test.
Wh-What test?
- (retches, spits)
- (splashing)
(Autumn coughs, spits)
(doorbell buzzes)
(door buzzes)
- SKYLAR: Excuse me.
- MANAGER: What is it?
Uh, my cousin isn't
feeling well.
What's wrong with her?
She has a stomach bug.
I think I need
to take her home.
Well, she's on the schedule
for two more hours.
Can't she wait?
She can't.
It's really just
a few more hours.
I'd get lonely if you left.
I'll be fine.
There you go.
(music playing faintly
over speakers)
(phone ringing faintly)
- (music continues playing)
- (scanners beeping)
(zips bag)
(tapping keys)
(zips bag)
(Skylar sighs)
(door creaking)
(air brakes hissing)
(cell phone ringing)
(over phone):
Hi. It's Beth calling
from Ellensboro Women's Clinic.
Uh, hi.
Uh, I'd love to sit
with you more and talk.
I'm wondering if you can
come back in later today.
Um, no, I'm really busy.
Of course.
Well, how about tomorrow?
Can I call you back?
- Now's not a really good time.
- Uh, no problem.
Or I-I could try you again
in a little while.
- Either way.
- Yeah, yeah, okay. Bye.
I think we have to switch here.
I don't know why. We just do.
(engines idling)
(engine humming)
Hey, excuse me.
Do you know what time
this bus gets in?
I don't know, like 2:00 p.m.
That's what I thought,
You going to New York?
Freaking love New York.
It's kind of my favorite city.
Yeah, us, too.
Philly's cool and all...
you know, it's definitely
got history...
but New York, like,
I think because of the way
the city's s-set up
and everything,
you're forced to interact
with people
who are just nothing like you.
Kind of like this bus.
That's funny.
What are you doing there?
Seeing family and stuff.
JASPER: Well, I mean, I know
you'll be pretty busy and all,
but, um...
by any chance,
do you girls like live music?
Uh, we're probably
gonna be, um, pretty busy.
Yeah, I get it.
Well, if you give me your
number, I'll text you the info.
Maybe you'll change your mind.
Here you go.
Just texted you.
Oh, got it.
You girls know
where you're going?
- What?
- Do you know where you're going?
Oh, yeah, yeah.
- You sure?
- Yeah.
I'll text you.
Uh, hi. Excuse me.
Hey, how you doing?
Can you tell me how to get
to 44 Court Street?
Yeah, take the A or C downtown.
Get off at Jay.
Uh, how do you get...
how do you get
to the subway from here?
Just go directly that way.
Go downstairs.
Have a nice day.
(busy chatter)
(indistinct announcement
over P.A.)
(drums playing in distance)
(drums growing louder)
(train screeching and clacking)
(train clacking in distance)
(rain falling)
(distant chatter)
(vehicle beeping)
I.D.s, please, ladies.
(unzips bag)
(indistinct chatter over radio)
(indistinct announcement
over P.A.)
(phones ringing in distance)
- Hi.
So, we're gonna get you
all signed in.
Um, you're gonna
sign your name over here.
All right,
and then your date of birth.
And then today's date.
- And then your signature.
- Okay.
Let me know if you have
any questions,
- and we'll call you when we're ready.
- Yeah.
(phone ringing in distance)
I just want to review
some information,
and then we'll get you
all set up.
Uh, can you start by verifying
your name
and date of birth, please?
Um, Autumn Callahan.
August 19, 2002.
And in addition to
the pregnancy test
and the sonogram, we also like
to have you tested for STDs.
Is that okay?
Yeah, that's fine, um,
but I did already take
a pregnancy test,
and I did a sonogram.
Okay. All right, I understand.
Um, but we always have to go
by the one that we get today
here in our office,
with our technician
and on our equipment.
Is that still okay?
- Okay.
- Okay.
(clock ticking)
(ticking continues)
Are you okay?
Yeah, I'm fine. Just tired.
Well, the sonogram is showing
that you are about 18 weeks.
Does that sound about
as far along as you thought?
Uh, no, um...
the place I went to before
said that I was ten weeks.
Well, there can be
some margin of error,
but it's usually in
the three-to four-day range.
Which is why it's always
important for us
to do them again.
Um, no, the-the sonogram
I did before,
they definitely said
I was ten weeks.
Where was that?
Back in my town.
I have a feeling
that that was inaccurate.
At this specific facility,
in-clinic abortions are offered
up to 12 weeks
after the start date
of your last menstrual period.
Then what am I supposed to do?
I'm going to send you
to our Manhattan facility,
and they should be able to
take you first thing tomorrow.
Uh, can't you call and see
if they'll take me now?
(sighs) By the time you get
there, they're gonna be closed.
I really can't wait until then.
I just don't think
it's gonna be possible.
But they are going to be able
to give you
the care that you need
It's gonna be okay.
- (horns honking)
- (traffic rumbling)
(train screeching and clacking)
(indistinct announcement
over P.A.)
Look at this.
Who's that?
You know.
It's that guy.
Don't encourage him.
I'm not.
He seriously texted me
three times.
- Look.
- Did you write back?
Well, then delete,
delete, delete.
This area's closed.
You cannot sleep here.
This area's closed
between the hours
of 1:00 a.m. and 5:30 a.m.
- (electronic chiming)
- (doors open)
(doors close)
(train clacking)
(indistinct chatter)
(electronic chiming)
(train clacking and screeching)
Come on. Skylar.
(doors open)
(rain falling)
(muffled music playing)
(electronic music playing)
(video game sound effects)
Groove with that
We givin' 'em hype,
so let's move that
Let's cruise with that,
come on
Philly, L.A.,
New York, the "A"
Vegas, Chi-Town,
D.C., Miami
Shorty wanna party all night,
well, all right then
Fans shining like city lights
when we hype them
We hype them, we rock
from London to T Dot
Rings in the air,
let me show 'em what we got
This right here goes there,
well, all right
Let's hype them, hype them,
givin' 'em hype, and then
Philly, L.A.,
New York, the "A"
Vegas, Chi-Town,
D.C., Miami
Shorty wanna party all night,
well, all right then
Fans shining like city lights
when we hype them
We hype them, we rock
from London to T Dot
Rings in the air, let me
show 'em what we got...
(chicken clucking)
(electronic chiming)
(rooster crows)
(electronic sound effects)
(chicken squawks)
(chicken squawks)
(chicken squawks)
(chicken clucking)
(chicken squawks)
(chicken squawking)
- (presses screen)
- (chicken squawks)
- (electronic chiming)
- (chicken squawks)
- (electronic chiming)
- (chicken squawks, laughs)
(sad trombone
sound effect plays)
(Skylar spits)
(water running)
(water stops)
(water runs briefly)
(Autumn chuckles softly)
- SKYLAR: And then...
- What are you doing?
It's called
a French whore bath.
- Oh.
- (Skylar laughs)
(paper towel dispenser
(towel rips)
(towel rustling)
Oh, pass. Pass.
I'm good.
(Skylar laughing)
(indistinct chatter)
- Hi.
Can I get one of those?
Um, can I get one of these?
Can I get one of those, too?
Here you go.
(train screeching and clacking)
(indistinct announcement
over P.A.)
- (car horns honking)
- (busy chatter)
CROWD (chanting):
Holy Mary, Mother of God,
pray for us sinners,
now and at the hour
of our death. Amen.
Holy Mary, Mother of God,
pray for us sinners,
now and at the hour
of our death. Amen.
Holy Mary, Mother of God,
pray for us sinners,
now and at the hour
of our death. Amen.
Holy Mary, Mother of God,
pray for us sinners...
(indistinct chatter)
Jesus, remember me
When you come
into your kingdom
Jesus, remember me
When you come
into your kingdom...
Put your bags up.
(crowd continues chanting
indistinctly in distance)
Holy Mary, Mother of God...
- (phone ringing in distance)
- (newscast playing quietly)
(door buzzes, clicks)
Hi. Come on in.
So, I'm your
financial counselor.
I'll be helping you sort out
the payment for today.
Are you currently insured?
- Yes.
- Great.
Can I see your insurance card?
(unzips bag)
- Great.
- (slides card across desk)
Oh, wait.
Um, if I do this,
would my parents get
some kind of bill?
They'd get a statement.
That's correct.
Um, is there anything else
I can do?
Um, well, why don't we just
figure out what you can pay,
and then the rest, we can...
figure out a way to supplement
with private funds.
- All right?
- Okay.
Oh. Go ahead,
and just hold on to that.
That'll be for downstairs
for payment.
All I need you to do
is fill out this form,
right here,
and we'll get you started.
- Okay?
- Okay.
Hi, Autumn. I'm Kelly.
I'm your counselor.
- How are you doing?
- Okay.
So, you had a sonogram at the
Planned Parenthood in Brooklyn,
and the sonogram is showing
that you're 18 weeks pregnant.
Is that about what you thought?
Um, no.
Okay, how many weeks
did you think you were?
I thought I was ten weeks.
Ten weeks?
Okay, that happens sometimes.
Because you're 18 weeks,
you're in the second trimester,
this is gonna be
a two-day procedure, okay?
Is there any way
you can do it all in one day?
it has to be done
over the course of two days.
We have to put dilators
in the cervix
so that the cervix
can open up slowly overnight.
That way, the procedure
can be done safely tomorrow.
Will you be able
to come back tomorrow?
I also need to know
that you're absolutely sure
of your decision
to terminate this pregnancy.
Are you sure of your decision?
- Yeah.
- Okay.
'Cause if you, for any reason,
change your mind,
there could be serious
medical considerations
if you don't complete the
second part of the procedure.
- Okay.
- Okay?
Do you have a place
to stay tonight?
I know you came from far away.
Yeah. Yeah.
Where are you gonna stay?
I don't know. I was just gonna
go to a hotel or something.
Hotels are pretty expensive.
Do you have the money for that?
I'll figure it out.
We work with volunteers
that can help you
with a place to stay.
I can reach out to them
if you want me to.
Yeah, I... I got it.
(chuckles softly)
- It's fine.
- Okay.
Who came with you today?
My cousin.
Have they been supportive?
- Yeah.
- Okay.
Can you tell me
what led to your decision
to terminate the pregnancy?
I... I'm just not ready
to be a mom.
That's totally fine.
Whatever your decision is
is totally fine
as long as it's yours.
Is there anyone
who's pressuring you
to be here today
to terminate this pregnancy?
I'm gonna ask you
some questions
about your medical history.
There's lots of questions.
Just answer as best you can.
Do you take any medication
or use any drugs
on a regular basis?
- No.
- Have you taken any medication
or used any drugs
of any kind today?
Have you ever had
any medical problems before,
like anemia, asthma,
high blood pressure,
anything like that?
I don't know. Don't think so.
Are you allergic
to any medication?
- No.
- No?
You have any allergies
to latex or shellfish?
Have you ever
had surgery before?
- No.
- No?
Ever been in the hospital
for anything?
Have you ever
had anesthesia before?
- No.
- No? Okay.
Anyone in your family
have any major illness,
like cancer, diabetes,
high blood pressure?
- Parents, grandparents?
- Uh...
- No, not that I know of.
- Okay.
And do you have a healthy diet?
I think so.
Kind of?
Do you exercise regularly?
- Not really.
- Okay.
- Do you use seat belts?
- Yeah.
Okay, good.
Any recent life changes
or stresses?
Um, no.
Any health hazards at home?
Not really.
When was the last time
you went to the doctor?
Uh, like a year ago.
And at what age
did you first have sex?
- Uh, 14.
- Okay.
And what types of
sexual activity have you had?
Vaginal, anal, oral?
- All of them.
- Okay.
And how many sexual partners
do you currently have?
- Uh, one.
- Okay.
And could your partner have
any other partners
that you're aware of?
- Probably.
- Okay.
And how many sexual partners
have you had
in the last 12 months?
Uh, two.
How about in your lifetime?
- Six.
- Okay.
Do you use any condoms
or any other barriers
to protect yourself against HIV
or other infections?
- Mm-hmm.
- Yeah?
Okay, good.
(paper slides)
I want to spend a few minutes
talking with you
about your relationships, okay?
Because they can affect
your health.
Did you know that?
No? All right.
So I'm gonna ask you
some questions.
They can be really personal.
And all you have to do
is answer either
"never," "rarely,"
"sometimes" or "always."
It's kind of like
multiple choice,
but it's not a test.
- Okay.
- Okay?
In the past year, your partner
has refused to wear a condom.
Never, rarely,
sometimes, always.
Um, sometimes.
And your partner messes
with your birth control
or tries to get you pregnant
when you don't want to be.
- Uh... (clears throat)
- Never, rarely,
sometimes, always.
Uh, never.
Your partner has threatened
or frightened you.
Never, rarely,
sometimes, always.
Why are you asking me this?
I want to make sure
that you're safe.
Your partner's threatened
or frightened you.
Never, rarely,
sometimes, always.
Um, rarely.
Your partner has hit you,
slapped you
or physically hurt you.
Never, rarely,
sometimes, always.
Has your partner ever hit you,
slapped you
or physically hurt you?
Is someone hurting you?
It's okay.
It's just a couple more
questions, all right?
Your partner
has made you have sex
when you didn't want to.
Never, rarely,
sometimes, always.
(shuddering breaths)
It's okay.
I want to make sure
you're safe,
and I want to help you
if I can.
I have just one more question
for you, okay, Autumn?
Has anyone forced you
into a sexual act
ever in your lifetime?
Yes or no?
Uh, yeah. (sniffles)
Do you want to tell me
about it?
- No, not...
- It's okay.
I'm gonna give you my number,
and you can call me.
We don't have to talk
about it today,
but you can call me
if you need to talk
or if you need some help, okay?
Do you have
any questions for me?
Um, is it...
the procedure...
is it gonna be painful?
It's gonna be
a little uncomfortable.
Have you ever had
a GYN exam before?
- No.
- Okay.
It's gonna be
in an operating room.
There's gonna be a doctor.
There's gonna be a nurse.
There's gonna be
a medical assistant.
I can be there with you
if you want me to be.
Would you like me
to go with you?
- Sure.
- Okay.
Okay, so it's kind of like
having a GYN exam today.
They're gonna put
a speculum in the vagina.
They're gonna put laminaria
into the cervix,
and that's what's gonna help
the cervix open overnight.
All right, so it's gonna
feel uncomfortable...
kind of like pressure,
kind of like you have to pee...
but it shouldn't hurt.
- Okay. (sniffles)
- Okay.
If you have any really bad pain
tonight, you have to call us.
- Okay.
- Okay?
Then, when you come back
for the second part
of the procedure,
for that part,
you're gonna be asleep.
Okay, and I can be
with you then, too.
I'm gonna, like, go under?
- Mm-hmm.
- Okay.
Just for about ten minutes.
It's pretty quick, all right?
- Okay.
- And then,
when you wake up,
you'll be in the recovery room.
You're gonna be all done.
- Then you can go home.
- Okay.
All right.
Are you ready?
- Think so. (sniffles)
- Okay.
(sniffles softly)
(quiet electrical buzzing)
(inhales sharply, exhales)
(taking deep breaths)
(traffic rumbling)
(horn honks in distance)
(train clacking)
(train screeching)
Where's the rest of the money?
I had to use it all
for the appointment.
(train clacking)
Why couldn't they
do it all today?
You can go home if you want.
(train approaching)
(quiet chatter)
How can I help you?
Um, I'm sorry.
We lost our tickets,
and we were wondering...
is there any way that you
could reprint them for us?
Do you have a receipt?
SKYLAR: No, we lost that,
too, unfortunately.
I can't reissue the tickets
without proof of purchase.
Um, how much
for two tickets, then,
to Ellensboro, Pennsylvania?
$66.50 each.
Thank you.
(music playing faintly
over speakers)
Do you want me to call my mom?
Do you want me
to call your mom?
Then what do you want me to do?
Fuck off.
(electronic chiming over P.A.)
WOMAN (over P.A.):
Your attention, please.
(announcement continues
(music continues over speakers)
(electronic chiming over P.A.)
(indistinct announcement
over P.A.)
(music continues over speakers)
(music playing in distance)
(grunts softly)
Look at me.
- (indistinct chatter)
- (traffic rumbling)
(horns honking)
- Hey.
- Hey.
How was, uh, your family thing?
It was okay.
I wasn't sure if I was
gonna hear from you.
We were pretty busy.
Want to come with me
to this thing downtown?
Um, we actually kind of need
to hang around here,
if that's okay.
Uh, well, let's get a drink.
Oh, I'm-I'm not 21 yet.
How old are you?
Okay, well, no one really cards
in New York, so...
Um... if we can just
grab a bite to eat in here,
if that's okay.
- EMPLOYEE: 492!
- (busy chatter)
(music playing over speakers)
Sure you don't want anything?
- We're good.
- Okay.
It's always so embarrassing
to eat in front of people
you don't really know.
It's even worse when you're
the only one eating. (chuckles)
We just ate, but thanks.
So, the show was,
like, super fun.
It was more like an event
than a show.
It was in, um,
an abandoned subway station.
Sure you don't want
to come check it out?
Another time.
I mean, this city has
a lot of secrets.
Subterranean levels.
Go ahead, just take some.
As many as you want.
Where you from exactly?
Northumberland County.
Sounds exciting.
What do you like to do there?
Normal things.
School, work.
Sounds like
a fascinating place.
Yeah, it's-it's nice.
Sure you don't want to come
with me downtown?
W-We really can't.
(pop music playing
over speakers)
(bowling pins crashing)
Are there any lanes open?
- We can squeeze you in. Yeah.
- Perfect.
- Uh, how many players today?
- Three.
EMPLOYEE: It's $90.47,
including tax and shoes.
- I got it.
- Thanks.
(pop music continues)
(Jasper whistles)
- (ball thumps on floor)
- JASPER: Oh! Jesus Christ.
(Skylar and Jasper laughing)
(whistles) Wow.
You're starting out killing it.
You hustling me?
You good?
Should I order
a pitcher of beer?
Just water will be fine.
Will you drink with me?
(bowling pins crashing)
(music continues in distance)
(grunts softly)
(groans softly)
(inhales deeply)
(exhales slowly)
(line ringing)
Are you okay?
(shuddering exhale)
Where are you?
Are you there?
(taking deep breaths)
(A Flock of Seagulls'
"Wishing" playing)
It's not the things you say
It's not the things you do
It must be something more
And if I feel this way
for so long
Tell me,
is it all for nothing?
So walk out the door
If I had
a photograph of you
Or something to remind me
I wouldn't spend my life
just wishing.
It's your turn.
(Jasper chuckling)
Ooh, Springsteen.
That's cool.
(music fades)
(chuckles softly)
I really don't do karaoke
unless I'm really drunk.
JASPER: Oh, okay. Should I,
uh, order more drinks?
("Don't Let the Sun
(Catch You Crying)" playing)
Don't let the sun
Catch you crying
Tonight's the time
For all your tears
Your heart may be
broken tonight
But tomorrow
in the morning light
Don't let the sun
Catch you crying
The nighttime shadows
And with them go
All your tears
The sunshine
will bring you joy
For every girl and boy
Don't let the sun...
(song fades)
What, um...
What time is your bus?
I'm sorry, this is
really awkward, but, um,
can we ask you something?
- Yeah, sure.
- (sighs)
We lost our bus tickets,
and it got super late,
and we don't have
anyone to call.
Could we...
borrow a few bucks?
- Sorry.
- JASPER: Sure.
No, no problem.
I mean, yeah. Sure.
Thank you.
Just, uh...
just come with me downtown,
and we can stop
at an ATM on the way.
I w-wish we could.
Sounds great, but...
we're really just cutting it
too close with our bus.
(chuckles): I mean,
everything's closed, so...
(clears throat) I guess
we can find one outside.
Okay. Yeah.
And you're probably tired
of lugging that thing around.
- SKYLAR: It's fine.
- We'll just... we'll run out
and be right back.
We'll be quick.
- SKYLAR: It's-it's...
- Um...
- Okay.
- JASPER: Come.
- (distant chatter)
- (door closes nearby)
(escalator clanking)
(indistinct chatter)
- (traffic rumbling)
- (horns honking)
(distant siren wailing)
(horn honks)
(busy chatter)
- (traffic rumbling)
- (horns honking)
- Here you go.
- Thank you.
Um, we'll get you back.
No worries. (sniffs)
I'll, uh...
- I'll text you.
- Yeah.
(train clacking and screeching)
(newscast playing quietly)
Want to see a trick?
Look at this, okay?
(chuckles softly)
How are you doing?
I'm okay.
Any pain, cramping,
bleeding overnight?
Nothing too bad.
Okay, good.
And anything to eat or drink
since midnight?
You must be hungry, right?
- Yeah.
- Okay.
You can eat
as soon as you're done.
- Great.
- Okay.
I also want to make a
follow-up appointment for you.
Oh, um, do I have to come back?
No, you don't have to
come back here.
I know you live far away.
But I would like to help you
make an appointment
somewhere closer to home.
Yeah, sure.
You ready?
I think so. Yeah.
- Okay. Okay.
- Yeah.
(monitor beeping steadily)
DOCTOR: Can you tell me
your name, birth date
and what procedure
you're having?
Um, my name is Autumn Callahan.
August 19, 2002.
And what did you just ask me?
What procedure are you having?
Uh, I'm having an abortion.
Do you have any questions
before we start?
Are you ready to go to sleep?
(tools clinking)
(steady beeping continues)
(steady beeping continues)
(beeping fades)
- Hi.
- You okay?
- Yeah.
So, should we go?
(traffic rumbling)
- (quiet chatter)
- (dishes clinking)
So, how was it?
What do you mean?
Like, what was it like?
It was kind of whatever.
Were they nice?
Nice enough.
Did it hurt?
Just uncomfortable.
How do you feel now?
Want to try this?
It's like a bug.
- Yeah, roly-poly.
- Yeah.
A delicious one.
And probably bad
for your health.
Oh, yeah,
so it's good for the soul.
It's kind of all that grease,
you know.
All that grease.
(both chuckling)
(indistinct chatter)
("Staring at a Mountain"
by Sharon Van Etten playing)
It hasn't rained for days
Staring at a mountain
Out of range
Hear a bird calling
Someone's here to reach
Inside my pain
The leaves are turning
In my mind
They haven't fallen
And I can't feel time
The wind is capturing me
Hair is falling
Covering my eyes
The wind is turning
into movement
And I'm falling out of time
I held so tight
I fell right through
I looked into a darkness
No one knew
I'm falling further
into something
That I cannot understand
But you understand
You understand
You understand
You understand
You understand
You understand
You understand
You understand.
(song ends)