Never Talk to Strangers (1995) Movie Script

I think sex is overrated, Dr. Taylor.
Don't you?
No, I guess not.
You'd be out of a job, wouldn't you?
I love that little scar on your mouth.
My mother told me about sex.
She said always try
to make it an act of love...
and never force yourself on anyone.
And I never have.
The police do have an eyewitness
to the last killing.
They say you were positively identified.
Yeah, by a little teenage crack whore who
needed a fix and a new pair of glasses
- to pick me in the lineup.
- How does that make you feel?
I don't know why they're doing it.
I don't know why they're trying to frame me.
How often would you say
you suffer from bouts of amnesia?
I don't remember.
Just kidding.
I am here at the request of the court.
My job is to evaluate whether or not
you are competent to stand trial.
Tell me about these voices
that you hear.
Do the voices come from
inside of your head...
or do they come from
outside of your head?
Sometimes I hear voices
coming from the TV...
telling me to do things...
all kinds of weird shit.
- Interesting.
- Why?
- Does it make a difference?
- A difference to what?
If I have MPD...
Multiple Personality Disorder.
That's part of it...
But I'm really the one that's supposed
to be asking the questions, Max.
You're a very attractive woman
for a shrink.
Thank you.
- We're out of time today.
- We're out of time?
No, you're out of fuckin' time.
I'm not out of time.
I got all the fuckin' time in the world.
I don't think you realize the severity
of the charges they've got against me.
They think I'm a monster and want to
strap me in that fucking electric chair.
Good-bye, Max.
You don't have to like it.
You just have to be impacted by it.
- Uh-huh.
- Yeah.
I spent all afternoon with a guy
who does this kind of shit for real.
You should see the pictures
of his handiwork.
He has pictures?
You should get him to sign 'em.
He could make a fortune.
You're probably right.
It's a sick world.
You know, you really light up
when you're morbid.
Come on. Here's the last pieces.
See anything for over the hearth?
It's just everything's entertainment.
That's the only value we recognize.
- Isn't it?
- That's the truth.
Bartender, another NyQuil
for my friend here.
- You smell incredible.
- I'm not wearing anything.
I wish. You know,
that's all there is to it, Sarah.
- It all comes down to the smell.
- Speak for yourself.
When you think about it,
that's really all we are.
We're just animals with beepers.
- Maybe it does all come down to smell.
- Yeah?
And you smell like a friend,
who lives upstairs.
Oh, yeah? I didn't smell like a friend
when you first moved into the building.
That was one night, and I was drunk.
Meaning that there is an easily achieved
state of reduced consciousness...
that makes me devastatingly
attractive to you.
Am I right?
You just don't give up, do you?
I'm Sisyphus with a hard-on.
I mean, come on. It's been over a year
since that guy dumped you.
Eleven months. And Benny didn't dump me.
You have got to get over it now.
No, I don't.
The fact that I don't want a romantic
involvement now is not pathological.
- It's my choice.
- Who said anything about involvement?
I just wanna fuck.
Good night, Cliff.
- Hi, Maura.
- Morning, Dr. Taylor.
Give me five minutes
before you put any calls through.
The defendant is an only child.
A cousin had
a psychiatric hospitalization.
The defendant has no former
prior psychiatric history.
However, he does exhibit signs
of Multiple Personality Disorder.
He describes finding himself places
and having no idea how he got there.
Mr. Wabash is on his way to see you.
Yes. Max Cheski's attorney.
Oh, right. Did he have an appointment?
Yes. You spoke with him yesterday.
Have a seat, Mr. Wabash.
What can I do for you?
My client thinks you don't like him.
He's worried he's not
gonna get a fair shake.
You can tell Mr. Cheski I'm gonna be
as fair as he has every right to expect.
So what is going on here?
- I'm entitled to disclosure.
- I haven't finished my evaluation.
What's to evaluate? This guy's a total
schizo. We're talkin' Jekyll and Hyde.
I think you're confusing schizophrenia
with Multiple Personality Disorder.
- What are you saying?
- He could be a schizophrenic...
or he could be suffering from MPD...
but unless he's making psychiatric
history, he can't be both.
What you're saying is that he's faking
this in order to beat the rap.
Isn't that what you're really saying?
I'm suspending judgment
pending further evaluation.
Dr. Taylor, let me be
absolutely frank with you.
I think that as a woman,
you may be prejudiced against my client.
I think you may have certain
personal issues regarding rape.
Like you might have, say,
personal issues regarding castration?
- Oh.
- Oh, I'm sorry.
No, I'm sorry.
- Go ahead.
- After you.
- No.
- Excuse me?
Bad choice.
They don't make a good Cabernet.
- They make a good Pinot Noir.
- A good domestic Pinot Noir?
No. That's a contradiction in terms.
- Ever had Calera?
- Ever had La Tache?
Would you like to?
Thank you.
- You don't know what you're missing.
- I don't know you.
My name is Tony. Tony Ramirez.
Mr. Ramirez, we're strangers...
and I was raised
to never talk to strangers.
You never talk to strangers,
you'll never make any friends.
You live in the neighborhood?
Is this a coincidence or what?
Remember me?
We met in the wine section. Tony.
- Tony Ramirez.
- The burgundy snob. How could I forget?
I don't usually do this.
But I just moved here,
and I don't know a soul.
- From where?
- From Puerto Rico.
I guess I am a little overanxious
to make some friends.
Oh, really? Well,
you see that woman over there?
Why don't you make friends with her?
Because... Okay. I admit it.
I find you incredibly attractive.
But if you think I am bothering you...
if you think I am totally out of line...
you just tell me, and I am gone.
This is it... your last chance...
before we run into each other
in the parking lot.
What year?
Well, I was kind of hoping
for this year.
- Maybe even tonight.
- I was talking about the La Tache.
Oh. '61.
Do I look like someone
who can be bought with a good vintage?
You look like someone who has to be won.
Hi, lady.
What do you say? Say yes.
Say, "Yes!"
Here's my number. Call me.
You wanna go now, lady?
I think so.
Jesus Christ.
You almost gave me a heart attack.
I'm sorry. I've been callin' all day.
Kept gettin' the damn machine.
Aren't you gonna give your father a hug?
You okay?
Yeah. I just gotta clean this mess up
before the neighbors complain.
So, how long have you been in town?
I just came in this afternoon.
I'm only gonna stay one night.
Got a few customers to see tomorrow.
Then I'm gone.
I'm sorry. It's not a very good time.
I've gotta go out,
and I've gotta get ready.
Aren't you gonna even offer me a drink?
I don't have any liquor in the house.
Had I known you were coming...
You were such a sweet little girl.
So pretty.
I was hopin' to stay on the couch tonight.
Every dollar counts right now.
I'm sorry, Henry. This isn't convenient.
Not convenient? This is some family.
Why not try calling me "Dad"?
I don't think you're being very reasonable.
You show up out of the blue.
I haven't seen you
in I don't know how long.
What am I supposed to do?
Just drop everything?
You don't seem pleased to see me.
I'm a sick man, angel.
And I'm not gonna be around forever.
I am pleased to see you.
Do you have plans for Christmas?
Maybe I could do it here...
cook a turkey.
Don't put yourself out.
At least I can pay for your motel.
You don't have to do that.
Call me. We'll make a plan.
Bye, angel.
- I need some vodka.
- I don't have any.
- Sure you do. Come on.
- No, I don't.
- I saw some in the...
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Are you coming, Cliff?
- I'll be right there.
- I don't have any vodka.
- I hate vodka.
- Well, she loves vodka.
Good. Is she even old enough to drink?
- What do you guys talk about?
- Who said we talk about anything?
There are other ways
for a man and a woman to relate.
Right. You can just smell each other.
Somebody must have given it to me.
Who would that be, like, Yeltsin?
Anyway, thank you for not having it.
You saved my life.
Hello. Oh, hi.
Of course I remember. La Tache, '61...
a memorable year.
That would be nice.
Tony? Who's Tony?
What do you mean,
don't let the elevator scare me?
Okay. Top floor, 63.
Great. Okay.
I'll see you tomorrow night. Bye.
Now what is that? You have a date?
I have a wine-tasting.
- Well, how many people?
- Two.
La Tache, '61.
- You're a bad influence.
- How bad?
Well, here I am,
getting drunk with a stranger.
- A stranger, huh?
- You know what I mean.
You need more wine.
And you never heard from him again?
Not a word. One minute
I was engaged to be married to Benny...
and the next, he was gone.
You mean he split? He ran out on you?
He didn't leave a note. Nothing.
What a shit, huh?
So what exactly does
a surveillance consultant do?
- Kind of what it sounds like.
- A bodyguard?
Yeah. That's how I started.
Now I sell security devices...
alarm systems, car alarms,
motion sensors.
I suppose my job's about
making people feel safe.
- You're good at it.
- You think?
I have a feeling nothing bad
can happen when you're around.
I like that. Thank you.
- Is New York your hometown?
- No. I'm from Albany.
That was way back.
My mother was killed when I was five,
and we moved away.
Yeah. A car crash.
I'm sorry.
I don't really remember
anything about it.
I was raised by my aunt in New York.
What about your father?
He was always away.
He's a traveling salesman.
- He was always on the road.
- Must have been lonely.
I guess.
Never knew any different.
The only memory I have of my mother...
is of her reading to me at night.
She used to climb
right into bed with me.
I remember her.
I really miss her.
I'm sorry. I'm being ridiculous.
- It suits you.
- Being ridiculous?
Being not so in control.
You look different today.
What is it? Your sex life pick up?
Good morning, Max.
I didn't think I'd see you again.
I thought you'd made up
your mind about me.
- Why did you think that?
- Because you're very judgmental...
for a psychologist.
Is that why your attorney
came to see me?
He's a fucking idiot.
- I told him it wouldn't work.
- Wouldn't work?
I told him you weren't the kind
of person to be intimidated.
- You were right.
- Good.
You've got principles. I like that.
If we had more like you,
this world would be a better place.
Max, I wanna ask you
a little bit more...
about these voices
that you say you hear.
That I say I hear. See? You're being
judgmental, and you don't even know it.
And that's not good, Sarah.
It's not fair!
You're absolutely right. I'm sorry.
- Let me rephrase the question.
- You do that.
But I'm still gonna know
that you're not on my side.
- I'm not on anybody's side.
- Oh, no, Sarah.
If you're not for me, you're against me.
Hi, Sarah. Just thought I'd call, so...
I can't wait to see you tonight...
so I'll pick you up at 7:00, okay?
Oh, it's Tony, by the way. Bye.
Son of a bitch.
I'm impressed.
- You get your pick.
- What do you want?
- I don't care.
- She'll take the tiger.
No, not that. The giraffe.
- Here you are.
- Thank you.
- So cute.
- I really figured you for the tiger.
Good thing I am not a shrink.
One on the nose! Win a stuffed animal!
- Where'd you learn to shoot?
- Three shots for a buck!
What about you, buddy?
I was a cop.
- What?
- I was a cop.
- Three shots for a buck!
- In Puerto Rico.
Really? That's surprising.
- Who's next? Try your luck?
- Why did you quit?
Three shots for a buck. On the nose.
The hours.
- How about another try?
- What about you shoot the rest?
- Oh, no.
- Oh, yes.
No. I hate guns.
It's just a try. Come on.
Just try. For fun.
- Go for it. Come on.
- It's not really fun.
Yeah. It is. Come on.
All right. No, it's okay. Do it again.
You need to get both sights lined up.
This goes here.
Now kill the clown.
Go for it. Come on.
Come on, Sarah. Yeah!
It's all right. What's wrong?
Do you want a doctor?
- Can you stand up?
- I don't know.
All right. Come here.
It's all right.
I'm going to let you here.
- Okay.
- All right. Yeah.
Just a second.
Okay. It's all right. Let's go.
Hey. I made you some camomile tea.
- A cop who makes camomile tea.
- That's me.
Tony, did you send me flowers?
No. Was I supposed to?
Wish I had.
Must be another admirer.
I think I should go now.
Sarah, is this a nice way of dumping me?
- I just think we should slow down.
- You mean stop?
I mean it...
It's hard for me to trust people.
Me too.
- So I'm gonna go.
- Wanna go?
Go. Be my guest.
But I don't understand
what the fuck is going on.
- Don't talk to me like that.
- I can't make you out.
One minute, you're all over me.
The next, you're pushing me out.
- I was never all over you!
- Well, it seemed that way to me!
- Oh, fuck you!
- No, fuck you!
Hey! Wait!
You forgot something.
What else?
That's how I like my men.
- Yeah?
- Wet...
and naked.
Come here.
Come on, Sandy.
- Maura?
- Yes, Dr. Taylor.
Do you know anything
about this hand-delivered note?
It was in with all your other mail.
Winter storms blanketed
parts of the Northeast yesterday...
resulting in highway closures
in several states...
along the eastern seaboard.
Road crews worked through the night
in many parts of the region...
Come on, Sarina.
That's right.
- There you go.
- Following one of our top stories...
accused serial killer Max Cheski
remains incarcerated awaiting trial...
whole the defense maintains
he is not guilty by reason of insanity.
And yesterday, the prosecution's
only witness OD'd on crack cocaine.
After the break, we'll learn
about what one group of schoolchildren...
Such good practice for you, darling.
What do you know about this, Wabash?
I will not tolerate harassment.
- Harassment?
- I've had dead flowers at my doorstep...
my own obituary placed in the newspaper.
So it's my client?
The last time I saw Cheski, he said,
"If you're not for me, you're against me."
He's in jail, okay?
Maximum security, for Christ's sake.
Tell me he doesn't have
any friends on the outside.
I talk to this guy every day. If he was
trying to pull a stunt like this...
How would he even know?
If he really is suffering
from Multiple Personality Disorder...
one personality has no idea
what the others are even doing.
Are you really suggesting that Max is
doing things he doesn't even know about?
- That's ridiculous.
- Ridiculous?
It's the whole basis
for you defense, isn't it?
This is supposed to be blackened shrimp.
I don't know, Sarina.
What do you think, little kitty?
Yeah, little kitty.
You should do something about the heater
in the bathroom. You got a screwdriver?
I take it! Oh, boy.
Being with you, creating a meal...
- Burning down an apartment.
- All of it.
There's no place I'd rather be.
Maybe we should just get takeout.
Why don't we just go out?
- Oh, hi, Henry.
- Jesus.
Tony, it's stuck.
You just have to push it.
I don't feel comfortable
calling you "Dad." I told you that.
I just gotta get this.
Christmas? I haven't
really thought about it.
No. I'm not changing my mind. Look,
this just isn't a really good time.
Can I... Can I call you back?
Got company. Yeah. A friend.
Why don't you just call me
closer to Christmas?
I'll talk to you soon. Bye, Henry.
- Why don't I help you out?
- What?
With the dinner. Christmas.
That's sweet of you, Tony,
but you don't want to do that.
- I'd love to meet your father.
- No, you wouldn't. He's a fuckin' pig.
I'm sorry. I didn't mean that.
He just...
He just suddenly wants a part of me
after all this time.
He wasn't there for years
when I was growing up.
Your boyfriend? The shit?
Yeah, that's Benny.
I don't know why I still have that up.
Nice car.
- Why do you think...
- What?
Why did you keep the photo?
Jesus, Tony, would you just
let it drop, please?
- Why do you have to push so hard?
- Do I?
It's like you want to know
everything about me.
- And what do I know about you?
- Nothing.
Hey, stop. Say hi to us here, huh?
How do you feel about the person...
who killed and mutilated these women?
Must be sick... very, very sick.
Somebody that can't tell the difference
between right and wrong.
- Can you tell the difference?
- Can I?
Half the world can't.
It's a western concept.
The Buddhists have a saying:
If you meet your master
on the road, kill him.
What does that mean?
It means I don't have any fucking
masters. That's what it means.
- Good-bye, Max.
- Bye.
- Oh, hi, Doris.
- Hang on a sec. I got a parcel for ya.
- It was outside the front door.
- Did you see who left it?
No. I got home from work,
and it was just sittin' there.
Oh, my God!
You should consider hirin'
a private detective.
This is exactly the kind of case
where they can often do more.
- But like what?
- It's usually someone you know...
a friend, a co-worker,
maybe even a boyfriend.
And often, all it takes
is a strong warning to back 'em off.
Excuse me. Why don't you wanna help me?
Look. Take my advice
and hire a private detective.
I'm gonna give you a name. Go home,
get some rest and think it over.
I'm afraid to go home.
Do you know what that's like?
- I'm sure it's terrible.
- No, you don't.
- Yes. Detective Spatz.
- You don't have a fucking clue!
Excuse me!
It's me.
Tony, it's really a bad time right now.
- Can I call you later?
- No. I'm coming up.
- What's going on?
- You don't know?
- Know what?
- Somebody killed my cat.
- I'm sorry. I'm so...
- Don't.
- What?
- Don't touch me.
What is it? Hey.
Where were you last night? I needed you.
I was out of town.
I went to Boston. You know that.
- No, I don't. Why?
- Yeah, I told you I was going.
- No, you didn't.
- What's goin' on?
- Who's he?
- He's Cliff.
- Oh, you're Cliff.
- Yeah, I'm "Clafe."
She said it's a bad time, pal.
Don't you listen?
- What is this clown doing here?
- He's taking care of me.
- He's being a friend.
- Yeah?
- A real close friend.
- Yeah. I am.
Let's get somethin' straight, okay?
Ever since you came
into Sarah's life, you...
- Don't do that.
- Don't do what? Don't touch you?
- Yeah. Don't touch me.
- Ever since you came into her life...
a lot of bad things have been happening.
Are you out of your mind?
- Just get out of my house.
- The guy was out of line.
- He was out of line?
- I know you're upset...
- Yes! Somebody's killed my cat!
- I'm sorry!
Don't yell at me!
You think it's me, don't you?
You think I killed your cat.
- No, I don't.
- Yes, you do.
I feel awful.
So do I.
I'm sorry.
I wish I could...
I wish you could trust me.
This guy Tony...
How long have you been dating him?
About a month, but I'm telling you
I do not think it's him.
I'm not saying it is, but we should
begin by eliminating him from the list.
- This is just so crazy.
- Well, suspicion is an ugly thing.
But then, so is what's happening to you.
Dating in the '90s.
Glad I'm out of it.
I'll need $2,000.
As a retainer.
I think I'm falling in love
with somebody...
but meanwhile I gotta check first
to make sure he's not a psychopath.
- Well, you're a natural.
- What? What did you say?
I said you're a natural.
I'm glad you're on my side...
if you still are.
I don't know what to say
about the other night.
- You don't have to say anything.
- I'm sorry.
Let's do one more.
I thought you were terrified of guns.
I got over it.
So, you are the doctor. Tell me.
How do we learn to trust?
How do we learn to trust?
That's a good question.
There was this group exercise
we used to have...
Where patients took turns
falling backwards, catching each other.
- Let's do it.
- No. I don't wanna do it.
- I'm gonna fall. You catch me!
- Tony, you're too big.
Come on. You're stronger than you think.
I'm falling?
I caught you!
I can't believe I caught you!
- Your turn.
- You trusted me!
- No.
- I'm right here.
- I don't want to.
- Yes, you do.
I'm scared.
Me too.
But that's not gonna stop me.
Do you really
have to go to Boston tomorrow?
I do, but I don't like leaving you
even for a day.
Tony, is that true?
I love you, Sarah.
I love you, Tony.
Your father on line two.
- Tell him I'm in a meeting.
- It's the third time he's called.
Just tell him I'm in a meeting.
Excuse me. Excuse me. Excuse me.
- Excuse me, sir.
- Watch it?
Dr. Taylor? Did Tony say
anything about taking a trip?
Yeah, he's going to Boston
to do some business.
He may have a drinking problem.
His MasterCard shows that he dropped
700 bucks at a liquor store in one shot.
Listen, I gotta go.
I gotta check in. Bye.
Flight 47 to Boston
now boarding at gate A.
Flight 33 to Albany
now boarding at gate B.
Passengers for flight 33 to Albany,
please report to gate B.
What the hell?
I found it.
- Hey!
- Hold on. We got a straggler.
We've been here all day. He's searched
the library, local newspaper...
state records office...
that kind of thing.
No, I'm in Albany.
Yes, I'm in Albany.
He didn't get on the flight to Boston.
- Why didn't he tell me?
- Why? Is something wrong?
- I'm from Albany.
- No kidding.
Now he's gettin'
on the flight to New York.
Listen, I gotta go. It's boarding.
Welcome to New York's La Guardia.
All passengers, flight 286,
arriving from Albany and Buffalo...
please proceed to the baggage area.
Brace yourself, Sarah.
It seems that he has a wife and child.
There's a little girl here about five.
Hi, Sarah. It's me. Tony.
Where are you?
I tried you at the office.
I just got back from Boston.
I'm at the airport.
Listen, let's meet at my place.
I can hardly wait to see you.
I really missed you.
Just a second.
- Why did you bar the door?
- I was scared.
- What took you so long?
- I was calling my service.
I was paged.
- I can't stay.
- What?
I have to go. It's an emergency.
- No?
- I won't let you.
I'm just kidding.
It was attempted homicide, Dr. Taylor...
and I'm not just talkin'
about your friend, Mr. Raddison.
We examined your heater.
Those screws were tampered with.
I think you better talk with...
with Tony Ramirez.
- Take care, Dr. Taylor.
- Thanks.
I was worried about you.
That gives you the right
to break into my home?
I don't think so.
- What are you doing?
- Calling the police.
Give me the phone.
Don't do that.
Not yet.
We have to talk.
Why are you doing this to me?
It's over, Sarah.
It's over.
Please. Please don't kill me.
- Please.
- Hey, hey, no.
Get away from your purse. Don't touch
the gun. Don't fucking move!
I've seen the file, Tony.
I know you've been stalking me
right from the beginning.
You knew it wasn't me.
If it wasn't you,
why can't I call the police?
Go ahead. Be my guest.
Call the police. Come on.
- Why did you do that?
- Why did you go to New York?
- Who was that woman?
- You want to know the truth?
That woman in New York is my cousin.
She's also Benny's sister.
- Benny Martin.
- What does Benny have to do with this?
Well, the family
wants to know where he is.
- I was sent here to investigate you.
- You're telling me all this time...
We want to know what happened to him.
That's why I came here.
When you were talking about trust?
When I was falling in love with you?
- I am in love with you, goddamn it!
- I don't believe you!
You've got to believe me!
- You want to see something?
- No.
- Huh?
- No, I don't!
I put a surveillance
camera in your hallway...
just to find out who it was.
Come here.
It's you, Sarah.
- You've been stalking yourself.
- That's a lie.
- You need help.
- It's a lie.
This is a fucking lie!
You're not going to leave.
I won't let you.
You'll never,
ever touch that child again!
Don't do this, Alison.
Don't make me angry!
Sweet Jesus. What are
they going to do to me?
Mama's been bad
and gotten Daddy in trouble.
You have to help Daddy pull the trigger.
Do as you're told.
One, two, three.
All right. All right.
Daddy'll help you.
My mommy is dead.
She's all gone.
It was an accident.
Yes, it was an accident.
It was just one
of those terrible things.
She was just a child.
That's why we never talked about it.
It wasn't an accident, was it?
You put the gun in my hand.
- What're you saying?
- She doesn't know what she's saying.
You think I don't remember
what happened...
what you did to me every night?
You think I don't remember
the sound of your shoes...
Coming into my bedroom every night?
Why they took me away from you?
Why my aunt would never let me see you?
You fooled everybody.
You never fooled me.
Sarah, give me the gun.
Here's my gun. I'm gonna take it.
I'm gonna put it down, all right?
And I want you to do the same thing.
You don't wanna shoot me, right?
You gonna kill me?
Give me the gun.
- Trust me.
- Trust me.
Now you know what happened to Benny.
You were so fuckin' interested.
He was a worthless
piece of shit, like you.
Like all men. Like all men!
It's all right, Sarah.
We can deal with this.
Fuck! Now look what
you've gone and done!
And I'm gonna have to
fuckin' cover for you again!
Goddamn it! I'm sick of it!
Oh. I'm sorry.
I'm sorry. Help, please.
It wasn't your fault.
We'll tell 'em it wasn't your fault.
You're right.
It was never my fault.
Oh, please.
Please, I know what I did.
I know what I did to you.
- Do you believe in justice?
- No.
It never happened.
Never happened like that.
Never happened.
I'm not gonna remember any of this.
All right, Sarah.
It's gonna be all right.
It was self-defense.
"Ramirez shot my father several times,
and then he turned his gun towards me.
I fired once.
The next thing I remember...
I was standing over Tony Ramirez's
body with a gun in my hand.
Detective Spatz came into the room.
I'm not sure how much time had gone by...
but I can't believe it could have
been more than a few minutes."
Okay, Sarah.
Would you mind signing the bottom
of your statement, please?
Can you imagine seeing your father
blown away right in front of ya?
- Will she have to stand trial?
- I can't imagine.
Multiple Personality Disorder
cannot easily be faked.
Witness the case of recently
convicted serial killer Max Cheski...
who tried to use it
as the basis of his defense.
The creation
of multiple personalities...
can always be traced
back to childhood trauma...
often involving violent sexual abuse.
Subconsciously, the child creates other
personalities that share the burden...
the literally unbearable
burden of shame...
underlying the repressed memory
of the childhood events.
These personalities often
turn against their creator...
sometimes inflicting actual bodily harm.
I wasn't expecting you so early.
- What time does the movie start?
- 8:00.
Let's go.
- So, how's your lecture coming?
- Good.
- You gonna be okay?
- I think so.
It's a very, very interesting disorder.
I've never addressed
one of these big conventions.
Come on. They're gonna love you.
So good to have you
back to your old self.