Never Too Late to Celebrate (2023) Movie Script

The big finish...
Shake it, shake it!
Shake it, shake it! Shake it!
Oh, yes!
You guys are good.
Last one...
- Camila.
- Hi, Mom.
Come on in.
Your future
is right around the corner
and it is as bright
as a gleaming smile.
And who knows, maybe one of you
will become a dentist
just like me.
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Everybody thank Dr. Lopez
for helping us
kick off the school year
with proper oral hygiene. Yes?
Thank you, Dr. Lopez!
No, thank you guys
for having me.
And brush your teeth!
I take it you can't
stick around for a bit.
Oh, Mom, I wish I could, but
we're lucky Dr. Be no it
let me slip out for an hour.
Now that he is semi-retired,
I'm the one left
picking up all his slack.
Sweetie, you are working
yourself too hard.
Mom, I'm the daughter
of an immigrant.
We work hard.
Okay, love you.
Oh, we're on for
dinner tonight, right?
- See you then.
- Yes!
Thank you, darling.
Quack, quack, quack!
Alright, guys, here we go.
And the big finish,
the big finish!
Spin, spin!
- Boom!
- Woo-hoo!
The mom got
all of her ducks back.
- Good!
- Can I see that?
Y Colorn Colorado,
este cuento se ha term in a do!
Should we go back inside
and play some more games?
- Yeah!
- Yeah?
Yeah, let's go!
Grab all your stuff, guys.
My lovely assistant!
- Hi!
- Take that right inside.
Hi, uh, sorry to bother you.
No, no, no, not a bother. Hi!
The story that you
were singing to the kids.
The end, with my singing,
it was probably a little pitchy?
I'm working on it!
No, your singing was very sweet.
They loved it.
No, at the end,
you say this phrase,
"Colorn something."
"Y Colorn Colorado,
este cuento se ha term in a do."
"Se ha term in a do."
- That one?
- Yes!
Yes, that... Ah...
I haven't heard that in so long.
My dad used to
read me bedtime stories
and he would end with that,
but I...
I never knew what it meant.
It's a Spanish folk saying.
It roughly translates to
"That's the end of the story."
Kind of like our "And they
lived happily ever after."
It's very beautiful.
Yes, it is.
Thank you.
Yeah, of course.
Um, I should get
back to the kids.
Of course, yeah.
Oh, uh, how come
you never asked your dad
to just translate it for you?
Well, it just wasn't something
that I ever thought to ask him.
- Oh, I'm so sorry.
- I'm so sorry.
I don't even know
why I'm crying right now.
I think I'm just, like,
really exhausted
from work or something.
Hey, I'm sorry, uh,
how about you come inside,
I'll get you a tissue, and...
- Okay!
- Yeah, come on.
Oh, that looks great!
Thank you.
I lost my dad
a couple years ago.
He was from Mexico,
and I'm just now realizing
how much I don't know
about where he comes from.
Or where I come from.
I'm sorry for your loss.
Thank you.
Well, for what it's worth, uh,
I don't think it's ever too late
to learn a little Spanish.
I substitute teach here
during the day.
When I'm not singing
about duckies,
I actually teach an adult
beginner's Spanish class.
That sounds amazing.
But my work days
are really full right now
and I'm usually in bed by nine.
Sure, uh...
In case you change your mind.
Of course it's work.
Don't let me keep you.
- Thank you again.
- Of course.
Between you and my work,
my phone has been
blowing up all morning!
I know you're busy,
but it's important.
I had a flashback photo
on my phone this morning
and I had a major epiphany.
Do you know what today is?
Okay, I haven't had
a day off in weeks.
I don't even know
what year it is.
It is exactly one month
until your birthday,
and not just any birthday,
your 30th!
- My 30th...
- Yes!
Oh, we have to party
for your big 3-0.
Whoa, whoa, whoa,
can it be a small 3-0,
like a spa day or something?
Don't you worry.
I got this.
Absolutely not, Barbara,
we just whitened
your teeth three months ago.
But I want them
the colour of snow!
They are day-glowing!
I'm gonna leave these with you.
Good seeing you, ladies.
Oh, Mom,
it has been a crazy day at work.
It's really nice
being out of the office.
No, that's not me, that's you.
- Oh, thank you.
- Oh, it's just Maren.
"Thinking surprise party
for Cam's b-day."
"Don't tell... Cam."
I told her I did not want
this to be a big deal at all.
Just ignore her!
- Crazy lady.
- Ignore?
Whatever you do, do not
tell her that you're retiring
in December,
because she will throw a party.
Well, about that,
I've decided to postpone
a bit longer and just, uh,
finish out the school year.
Well, what about
the person who's replacing you
after the holidays?
Well, with the budget cuts,
there's been a hiring freeze
and, yeah,
I don't want to leave
Principal Lee in the lurch.
Mom, what about
your travel plans?
Well, what fun
would it be on my own?
I'd rather wait till you
had a moment to come along,
and just like Dad planned to do.
Did talk ever talk about
going back to Mexico again?
How do you mean?
Well, I mean, he grew up there,
but isn't it kind of weird that
he never instilled, you know,
the culture or traditions?
Becoming an American citizen
meant the world
to your father.
He fully embraced his life here,
and assimilating for him meant
leaving certain parts behind.
I can't believe
it's been three years.
Good morning!
Why are you so glum?
Apartment hunting
in this market is bleak!
So little space
for so much money.
Ooh, forced coziness!
Oh, I think that would actually
be really good for you and Evan.
This apartment is perfect.
Affordable, so many memories...
Like, yeah, girl!
We got this place
right out of college.
We'd never be able
to afford it now.
Do I have to move out?
I mean, if it were up to me,
you would stay here forever,
but I really don't
think that your BF
wants to live with your BFF.
Look at us,
slumming it with
our basic coffee makers.
Hey, I know a way
to get us a free upgrade.
I'm just saying,
we deserve
to be celebrated, too,
which is exactly
why I am insisting
on an epic 30th birthday bash.
Do not use the word "epic"
or I will burst into tears.
Which, surprisingly,
is not the first time
that that has happened
this week.
Oh, no?
Did a patient bite you again?
I cried in front of
a total stranger.
Was he cute?
Wait, that is where
your brain goes?
He was cute!
He was cute, wasn't he?
Oh, yes. Irrelevant,
but yeah, he was cute.
Oh, no, no, no. More.
More, more, more, more, more!
Okay. He is a substitute teacher
who works at my mom's school,
and he was reading to the kids
and singing to them, and
well, he offered me
Spanish lessons.
Ooh! Muy bien!
Was he wearing a wedding ring?
I don't know. I wasn't looking!
See, this is why you need me!
No, what I need is sleep.
My mental capacity
cannot handle dating.
Or Spanish lessons.
Okay, I'm just saying
he seems nice,
and Spanish lessons
could be fun.
And you need more fun!
Okay, you're right.
I do need more of that.
And a new coffee maker.
- Javi, right?
- Yeah, yeah.
And, uh,
good to see you, um, uh...
This is like my worst nightmare.
- Camila.
- Camila!
I don't think we actually
introduced ourselves,
so you are off the hook.
Okay, good, 'cause I was
freaking out a little bit
'cause I thought
that you told me
and then I just... I was
distracted and didn't notice.
Yeah, probably
distracted by my waterworks.
- No!
- Sorry.
No, no, no. No, you...
Actually, I think
you have a cute cry.
Well, uh, because some people
have, you know, ugly cries,
and yours, yours is kind of...
Like, it's cute.
Do you... do you work here?
Oh, no, my mom does, Mrs. Lopez.
She teaches second grade.
Wait, Sherry is your mom?
- Yeah, Sherry is my mom!
- She's awesome.
Yeah, she's great.
So anyway,
I actually came by because
I would like to take
your Spanish lessons.
Well, you do know that
my number was on that card
that I gave you.
So, I may have thrown that away.
Oh, mi corazn, it just hurts!
That means "heart."
Yes, I know how to say
"heart" in Spanish.
I'm not that bad.
Yo no soy...
I don't know the word for "bad."
Well, look, this is great news.
Let me give you another card.
And, uh,
try not to throw this one away.
- I will not.
- The address is on the back.
I'll see you tonight at eight.
For your first Spanish class.
8 pm, on the or a.
I see what you did there.
Buena, clase.
Conversational Spanish,
that is what we are gonna
focus on tonight.
Lucky for all of you,
Spanish vowels have
a lot less variety than English.
Okay, why don't we start
with a little enunciation
for our, uh, new student.
"Ah, prohibido
el uso de telfonas celulares."
The use of cellphones
is not allowed.
Can you guys repeat
after me, please?
- Prohibido...
- Prohibido...
- El uso...
- El uso...
- De telfonas celulares.
- De telfonas celulares.
Can you guys open
your books to Chapter 2?
And I'm gonna need
everybody to focus tonight.
It's gonna get a little crazy,
but I promise...
Rise and shine.
I'm so sorry!
No! No, no need to apologize.
I should be apologizing.
My bad teaching
rendered you comatose.
No, I have been running
on empty lately, so...
Well, some good news?
You have an adorable snore.
I was snoring?
I'm just kidding!
- I'm kidding!
- Thanks.
No, the thing is my boss
is in the process of retiring
and he is basically
transferring all his patients
over to me in droves, and it's
tough keeping my eyes open.
- Hey! Your book.
- Oh, thank you.
I'll tell you what.
Let me treat you to some coffee.
There's this place
around the corner.
They make the best
horchata lattes.
What's that?
- What's horchata?
- Yeah.
Ah, only the most
delicious cinnamon rice milk
you've ever tasted.
Come on.
I told you.
- It's good, right?
- Oh, this is good!
- Very good call.
- Of course.
Okay, so tell me about you.
You are an elementary
school teacher by day,
but by night you teach
adult Spanish classes?
That's me!
So do you live in the area?
Uh, originally, yes.
And then I moved
when I was younger.
I spent my twenties
in California.
And, uh, yeah, my brother
and his family
all still live here.
So what brought you back?
Thank you.
Well, my life was flipped
upside-down about a year ago,
and I am not gonna
bore you with those details.
Thank you. For the horchata.
- Of course.
- So tell me, what about you?
You have a busy schedule
and you're taking
my Spanish classes...
Are you a glutton
for punishment?
It's in my DNA.
I mean, what do you expect?
My dad's an immigrant
from Mexico, so, you know,
he worked himself
to the bone and...
I'm sorry.
I think about my dad
a lot around my birthday.
I'm sorry, it's your birthday?
No, my birthday's
not for another month,
but, um, I'm turning 30.
It's a milestone birthday.
It's definitely weird
that he's not
gonna be here for it.
Yeah, I hear that dads
and daughters, it's a thing.
Well, my niece's quince
is this weekend,
and my brother, ugh!
He is just going on and on
about how his little girl
is becoming a woman.
That's very sweet.
Yeah, it is.
How was your quince?
Mm, I didn't have one.
- What?
- No!
Well, my mom is American
and my dad was very Americanized
by the time I came along,
so no quince.
You know, that's a common story
for a lot of Latin immigrants.
They want to assimilate
and just not be known
as different, so...
You know,
it's kind of crazy, though,
'cause not only
did I not have a quince,
I've never even been to one!
You're kidding.
Well, that makes sense.
Why, you've never
tried horchata!
Well, I'm glad we fixed that!
What about a double quince?
A what?
You said that you
were turning 30, right?
So, you should have a double
quinceaera to celebrate.
Two times fifteen.
Come on, what better way
to honour your father
than to embrace
your Mexican heritage?
Did you see me
in your Spanish class?
I don't think
a fiesta's in my future!
Look, why don't you come
with me to my niece's quince
and you can see what
all the fuss is about?
like a date?
No. No, no.
Not a... not a date.
Um, think of it like
extra credit.
I know you're thinking
up reasons not to go.
Learning about
surgical dentistry seems like
a much better use of my time,
rather than going
to a fifteen-year-old's
birthday party.
Except you could
disappoint your future husband
for a lifetime!
You need to stop.
Let me see.
- Yes!
- You're gonna look beautiful.
I hope Evan's mom likes me!
Wait, are you serious?
You are awesome
and fun and sweet and smart.
You literally bring out
the best in Evan.
Of course she's gonna love you.
The feeling is mutual.
- Take this. Steam it.
- No, no, I don't want to!
- Yes!
- Go to the quince!
Learn what it's all about!
Have some fun that doesn't
have to do with work
or hanging out with your mom.
Hey! She gets lonely.
Oh, I know, I know.
I love me some Sherry.
I do.
But this isn't about her.
Sometimes I think you
use your mom and work
as excuses not to
put yourself out there...
Romantically or otherwise.
Oh, I...
So just...
It's time to do the things
that you put on the back burner.
Don't miss out
on the good stuff.
What a spectacle.
Yeah, this is... wild!
No, I'm talking about you,
and this dress.
Thank you.
You look...
Are all quinceaeras this...
Ah, my brother's a lot.
Come here.
Don't you worry, I got you.
If you do decide to do a quince,
you can make it your own.
That's the beauty
of these things.
You can basically decide
what you want.
Speaking of... hey, Mano!
Come here.
This, this is my brother,
- Nice to meet you.
- Camila.
- And his wife, Lucia.
- Hi, mucho gusto!
They're Izzy's parents.
That's so great
you were able to find a date.
Yeah, he really took his
time with his "plus one."
Uh, yes, I am his date,
but we're not...
- We're not, like, together.
- Together, yeah.
I mean,
we're here together, but...
Well, fun fact...
Camila here,
she never had a quince.
En serio? No.
- Really?
- No.
Yeah, and she's thinking
about having a double quince
for her 30th birthday.
How cool is that?
- No way, that's wild!
- I love that idea.
Thank you!
I thought it would be perfect
for her to, uh,
- come to this one...
- That's right.
And see what it's all about.
Let's go.
- What's happening?
- No, no, no, shh, just wait.
Here it comes,
here it comes, here it comes.
She's beautiful.
The girls are called damas
and the boys
are called chambelanes.
It's a huge honour
to be chosen as
the birthday girl's chambelan.
Is that Izzy's boyfriend?
No, no.
My brother won't let her
date till she's 50.
They've actually known
each other since kindergarten.
You know, it doesn't
have to be a romantic thing.
They've been rehearsing
this for months.
Izzy really wanted to surprise
everyone with a modern version
of the traditional
baile de vals.
That is a lot of dancing.
You haven't seen
anything yet. Here.
Hold this... and make sure
you find a good seat.
- Okay?
- Mano.
Well, good evening, everyone.
Well, good evening, everyone.
Buenos noches.
For those of you
who don't know me,
my name is Javi.
I am Izzy's favourite uncle.
Which is an honour that
I have bestowed upon myself.
When your dad asked me
if I would sing
during your
father-daughter dance,
I was touched.
And I obviously couldn't say no!
I love you, Mija.
I love you, Papi.
Oh, it's so true! Yes!
So, um, did I miss
some hot family goss?
Because Abuelita's
under the impression
that you're Javi's
new girlfriend.
Wait, is that... is that
what she thought I said?
- Yes!
- No!
No, I'm just...
I'm here for the quince.
Which is beautiful, by the way!
Aww, thank you!
I think you guys are giving
Izzy amazing memories.
Oh, thanks! I-I hope so.
You're so great!
- Thank you!
- And so is Javi.
You know, he's such a catch.
It breaks my heart to see him,
you know, out of the market.
Oh! I mean, is he...
not on the market?
Well, no, not since
Elena cancelled the wedding.
His fiance, Elena,
she broke off their engagement
a week before their wedding.
Though it looks like
it's time to dip that toe
back into the dating pool.
And it looks like you're next.
- I'm sorry, what?
- Uh, for your photo.
Oh, yeah!
So what do you think?
Um, I need to take
whatever this is home with me!
It's called "tres leches."
Well, I need tres of these!
I thought that you
didn't like sweets.
Listen, I'm just trying to
dive into culture here.
Oh, I see!
Okay, so is there a double
quinceaera in your future?
I don't know yet.
See, it's hard to picture
all of this being a thing
without my dad,
especially watching
watching Izzy and Manolo
dance together.
It still hurts.
Look, you can choose to not
celebrate because he's not here,
or you can create new memories
and find a way
to make him part of it.
No, no, out of all the amazing
traditions you guys have
taught me tonight,
this is the one
that makes me uncomfortable.
- It freaks me out a little bit.
- Shall we?
I don't think you understand,
I cannot dance!
Just follow me.
I got you!
- No, come on, ready?
- And here we go.
It's not that hard.
Look at my brother.
Manny used to have
two left feet,
and then he took some lessons.
he's still getting better.
All I'm saying is that
with a few dance lessons,
maybe, you know, you could
be the next cumbia queen.
What does that mean?
"There's nothing you can't do."
You're home!
Hi! I am!
How'd it go?
It was fine.
Get outta here!
You walked in
practically glowing!
are we birthday snoozing
or birthday schmoozing?
Say it...
I want a double quince
for my 30th birthday!
And, yes, I would love it
if you would help me plan it.
Oh, good!
Because I've already
started researching.
I started creating a mood board,
as you do.
I knew you would
change your mind.
Your mom knew also.
I'm gonna call her
in the morning
and we're gonna get started.
Oh, this is going to be epic!
No, I do not like
the word "epic"!
I don't like that word.
Oh, don't kill my vibe!
Let me love you.
Speaking of love, I got your
Taylor Swift "thumbs up" GIF
and I'm assuming everything
went well with Evan's mom.
Oh, she is the coolest!
She told me to call her "Ro."
Did I mention she loves me?
Did I mention I told you so?
I don't think Evan had as good
a time as me and his mom did.
Turns out making fun of Evan for
all the things he's bad at...
We were told that you are
the go-to dressmaker
for quinces.
S, s.
So, tell me what you
are thinking for this dress.
You've always
looked great in red.
Oh, I mean,
that would be wonderful.
Ooh, look at Miss Spanish Class!
Okay, not to step
on your creativity,
but I saw a dress
that you made for Isabella
and she looked beautiful!
But I am significantly
older than she is.
More... mature.
Yes, exactly.
Never too late for a quince.
Do you guys remember when
I made my own bat mitzvah dress,
beads and all?
I remember you being
a very talented seamstress.
Well, it's very fun being
the head of my own firm,
but I do miss
working with my hands.
- Poor baby.
- Ugh, you!
Okay, todo bien.
I make you something beautiful!
In rojo.
Ooh, rojo!
So my patient, Barbara,
is the manager of this hotel
and she got us a ballroom
at a fantastic rate.
Wait, teeth whitening lady?
Yes, that's the one.
Excuse me,
do you know where Room A is?
- Yes, this way.
- Thank you.
Oh, wowza!
Uh, yeah, it's
it's a lot.
I say go big.
No, no, this is not quince big,
this is royal coronation big.
That is because
you are the queen.
Maren's right, sweetie.
You deserve to treat yourself
and make your quince
reeeally special!
What are you doing?
Why are you being so weird?
Oh, it's...
Javi might come.
I'm sorry,
are you... talking to Javi?
We talk all the time, darling.
I work with him.
I just said that we'd be
downtown this afternoon
and he was welcome to join.
They're texting...
Your mom, she got his
number before you did!
Thanks. Thank you.
- Hi!
- Wow.
Stop, stop, stop!
Hi, Javi!
Um, that's my friend, Maren.
Sorry, she told me you were cute
but she failed to mention
her new profess-sir
is a certified hottie!
I-I didn't say he was cute!
I definitely did not say
you were cute.
Duly noted.
Um, I hate to bring it up
in case you get all worked up,
but all of this space!
- So much room...
- Don't!
To da-a-ance!
I'm sorry, my friend
is very strange.
Oh, what's so scary
about a little dancing, right?
Javi, people dance
at a quinceaera, right?
Yes, absolutely!
You should have seen her
on the dance floor
at my niece's quince.
I was terrible!
Come on, and we did a little...
Remember cumbia?
- It was bad.
- No!
I told her with a few lessons
she could be great.
I know a guy.
He's a pro, alright?
He teaches salsa classes.
If he can't make you move
nobody can!
I'm all about quality time,
but we are under dressed
and way over our heads.
I think if we sneak out now,
no one will notice.
Welcome, dancers!
I'm Rafael.
If you are getting cold feet
and thinking of leaving,
it's too late. You're mine!
Join the class!
Gather up, class!
The good news is, even if
this is your first class,
you all know what to do.
Dancing is a language
we all speak.
Now, follow me.
Five, six, seven
And if your hips want to get
into the action, let them!
The rhythm is going to get you.
Oh, please! I'm her mother.
Well, Mama's got some moves.
Follow my lead.
You have no excuse, young lady.
dancing is in your genes.
Oh, well...
He was flirting with you!
Oh, no, he was just trying to
give an old lady confidence.
Come on, love is in the air.
You are young and hot and...
Dancing is in your genes!
Well, I'm hot alright.
I'm sweatin' up a storm.
Yeah, I bet you are!
Nice. Well done.
Bueno, clase.
Looks like everybody's done
with their fortune tellers.
Can you guys pair up
and tell each other your future?
En espaol.
Oh! And, uh,
I graded everyone's tests,
and the person
with the highest grade
was Seorita Lopez!
98 percent, oh!
Nice work.
Wow, four years
of dental school
and I pick the pastime
that requires exams.
Uh, it's an odd number
in the class
and I don't have a partner.
So... what, you want, me?
S, por favor!
Alright! Alright, let's go.
Can you pick a color?
- Azul.
- Azul?
It says, "T vas a ir al museo
con amigo maana."
I'm going to the museum
with you tomorrow?
Wait, hold on,
does it really say that?
- I...
- No, no, no!
These things don't lie!
And it is strictly
for educational purposes.
Fine. Then, s.
Con mucho gusto.
By the way, I took
the whole day off tomorrow,
which is a very rare
occurrence for me,
so I expect us to deep-dive
into Mexican culture research.
- I'm in.
- Yes?
But seriously,
did it really say that?
Because I just gotta know.
No se!
I'm impressed.
That was a lot of off-the-cuff
verb conjugation.
I have a very good teacher!
Okay, how are you guys
doing over here?
Okay, that was
actually a lot of fun.
Oh, yeah, it was!
I had no idea that
the Mayan exhibit was in town.
You know, I think your dad
would be very proud
that you're willing to know
so much about your heritage.
- Oh, yeah.
- Yeah, he loved history.
Which is surprising because he
never talked about his history.
- Really?
- Yeah.
I mean, he also was a quiet man.
Or maybe it was that
my mom talked so much
he couldn't get
a word in edgewise!
Well, look,
now you're making up for it.
I think it's really cool
that you're wanting to stay
so connected to him.
Yeah, I agree.
Hey, you want to know
a little fun fact about
Oh, yeah. Tell me.
Well, mmm!
- Is that good?
- It's so good.
- It originated in Mexico.
- Oh... Mexico!
It was said to be
an aphrodisiac.
Oh, wow!
And the Aztec emperor,
he would drink 50 cups a day.
Well, okay, I'm gonna just
jump ahead here and say that
this is when Montezuma's
Revenge occurred.
Bingo! Yup!
Look, I think you would really
like the pure form of cacao.
- Ermm...
- I know you don't like sweets,
but a lot of Latinos make it
in their dishes, and the best,
my favourite, mole poblano.
Oh, it's so good!
Ooh, at Izzy's quince,
your Abuela told me
she makes a mean mole.
Hold up, you were
talking to my Abuelita?
And you understood her Spanish?
I did.
And actually, she told me
I have an open invitation
into her kitchen.
And I'm gonna
take her up on that.
- Oh, yeah?
- Yes!
You know, Javi,
I feel like you are pulling out
a side of me that I have
never seen before!
Looks like those
dance classes are paying off.
Oh my gosh, this is so much fun!
I am so excited for my quince.
I have a great venue.
My dress is being made.
There's one thing
that I realize I am missing.
Okay, tell me.
I need a caterer,
so do you think that your Abuela
will make a mole for 50 people?
I think that might be a big ask
for an 80-year-old woman.
- Yeah, it might!
- But,
but I might have an idea.
Come on.
Alright, bienvenida!
Thank you.
Oh, this place is awesome!
Okay, it's been open
since the '70s,
but has been under new
management for the last year.
The chef?
Eh, he's kind of a dork,
but he makes the best
Latin-infused tapas
you will ever have.
- Surprise.
- Manolo!
- That's me!
- Wait, this is your place?
It is! I mean...
Okay, so our Abuela
and our Abuelo,
they started it when
they first came to the US.
That's right,
and now it's all mine!
He took over once Abuelo retired
and gave this place
a much-needed facelift.
Well, you did a great job.
Thank you. I appreciate that.
Now, Javi told me
he was gonna bring you by,
so I prepared some dishes
that you might want to serve
at your double quinceaera.
Ooh! Thank you!
Alright, first, we have
a duck con fit taco
with a tropical fruit
pico de gallo, okay?
Then we have
a smoked chicken tostada
with a beautiful
edamame guacamole.
Okay, sure.
And then, my personal
the pulled pork tamale
with crema de serrano.
So good!
- Amazing.
- Oh, that looks great.
Well, that was
very professional.
- Well, thank you.
- It's what I do.
You know, for me,
food isn't just food.
Ay, here we go...
He's been hearing this
his whole life.
- This is the whole speech.
- But it's true.
I mean, food is a way
of expressing who we are.
It tells our story,
and this place has been
a part of our family's story
for generations.
And, you know, food is also
a way of expressing love.
You want to try?
- Oh, yes!
- Go!
Uh, which one do I try first?
I think you should
follow your heart.
Oof. Um...
Are you kidding me?
Oh my goodness,
that is delicious!
- Yes!
- Yes!
Manolo, will you please
cater my quince?
I would be honoured.
- Yes!
- Ha-ha!
- Aw...
- Thank you!
Well, congratulations.
For landing
the best chef in town.
No, thank you.
Thank you for
sneaking away during lunch.
Never mind that.
Tell me all about Javi.
Is that short for "Javier"?
Does he have a last name or does
he go by "Javi" like Oprah?
I don't know!
What I do know is he can
treat a girl to a nice dinner.
I can tell you that.
Cam, that's a date.
It was at his
brother's restaurant.
That's even more of a date!
You've met his brother
twice now!
Okay, hear me out.
Javi is sweet and he's charming
and we have
a lot of fun together, but...
Principal Lee?
- Hello!
- So good to see you!
- Hello!
- Hello!
How are my two favourite former
students doing these days?
Good! Busy.
I have a lot of patients
and not enough time in the day.
But we're good!
So I heard you're keeping
my mom around a little longer.
She told me all about
the hiring freeze
and how she had to
postpone retirement.
Oh, not at all.
Your mother came to me saying
that she didn't feel ready
to retire yet.
If it was up to me,
I'd keep her forever.
Anyway, girls,
I better get going.
It was lovely bumping into you.
- Bye, Principal Lee!
- Bye.
I don't get it.
Why doesn't my mom
want to retire?
Well, besides you and work
she doesn't have
a lot going on right now.
then why not just say that?
I dunno, cut her some slack.
Maybe she's just
embarrassed to admit it.
Or she doesn't want you
worrying about her.
That is a very
astute observation.
Thank you.
Just keep taking her
to those dance classes.
Maybe she'll figure out
retirement can be fun.
Look at all of these
beautiful colours!
These Peruvian lilies
are gorgeous!
- Oh, and the peonies!
- And the peonies!
To die for!
Let's incorporate them both.
Oh, love those.
Thank you so much for coming.
Yeah, of course.
It's so good to see you.
Well, this is Team Flower Power.
Alright, girls, what's next?
Uh, we need vases
on every table.
Oh, and there is
also the tradition
where you lay
the flower wreath on my head.
Someone's been taking notes.
- I have! I told you!
- Okay.
Oh, uh, usually
the birthday girl
picks her favourite flower
for the wreath ceremony.
So, which one is your favourite?
Oh. Um...
You know, I really
like this one.
Good eye.
That is the flower of Mexico.
That was your father's
favourite flower.
Did you know that?
No, I didn't.
He chose dahlias
for my wedding bouquet.
It's kismet!
Okay, why don't you girls
head over to the caf?
I'll place the order
and join you later.
- I'll see you guys there.
- See you later.
Love you. Thank you. Bye.
- I'll help you find someone.
- Great.
So am I gonna be
your maid of honour or what?
Pretty sure that's
not a quince thing.
Oh, no, I mean for
you and Javi's wedding!
- Mar!
- What?!
He is in there alone
with your mother right now.
He could be asking
for your hand in marriage!
He is literally just
helping us plan the quince.
That's it!
Ooh, it's Evan!
He's got a hot tip.
A friend of a friend is thinking
of renting out his condo.
- Go!
- Mind if I jet?
- Love you! Bye!
- Love you!
Javi, I meant to ask you
the other day,
are you looking for a permanent
position at the school?
Because I can
put in a good word.
That's very kind of you.
I, um...
I don't know if I'm
gonna be there long-term.
Thank you.
Sure thing.
I'm just so glad
Cami signed up for your class.
Oh, being bilingual,
it opens up a lot of doors.
Well, yeah, that too.
But honestly, I just want her
to have more fun in her life.
She puts so much
pressure on herself.
Always has.
You know, in the, uh...
pie chart of life,
Camila is like one
very big slice of work pie.
And now I'm craving pie.
Me, too.
But maybe you can relate.
I just... I feel like sometimes
it's easy to get so used to
a work routine
that it kind of becomes daunting
to think about
anything else outside of that.
This is just what I needed
after the day I had at work.
Okay, how good is that?
I know!
- What's it called again?
- It's pronounced "horchata."
Your dad would have loved this.
Mom, can I talk to you
about something?
So... I ran into Principal Lee.
Oh, really?
That's nice.
What did she have to say?
Well, she told me that they're
not in a hiring freeze
and that you decided
not to retire.
So why are you putting it off?
Especially after
everything with Dad.
I mean,
we're not promised tomorrow,
so why are you waiting?
For years, your dad and I
dreamed of retirement.
All the exciting things
we were gonna do!
But without him
to share it with, it just
seems pointless.
Mom, I'm sorry.
I'm not sure
who I am without him, Cam.
And at least if I am working,
I know how to fill up my day.
Well, Mom,
I think you're doing great.
I mean, look at you.
You took up a new hobby.
I mean, you're dancing now.
You've been
taking night classes.
You're enjoying that, right?
Very much.
And you're making new friends,
like Rafael.
Oh, Rafael is
such a sweet guy
with a jawline to die for.
Um, but...
I miss your dad.
Oh, Mom.
I do, too.
But... I do feel like
bringing new people
into your life and having fun,
that doesn't diminish
the love that you have for Dad.
I mean,
he would want that for us.
That was some sabor.
What's "sabor"?
You added mucho spice
to those moves.
You were just so easy to follow.
It's all about connection.
You were connected to me,
and together we were
connected to the music.
Great work, Sherry.
Great instruction, Rafael.
Thank you.
This was
the highlight of my week,
and I'll see you next class.
Wait! Before you go...
How would you like
to come and see my
advanced students' recital
this weekend?
A sneak peek of
where you're headed
if you keep up
with your classes.
Uh, me, an advanced student?
Well, sure. Why not?
we can grab some arepas
at my favourite Colombian spot.
Thank you for the invite.
Um... I just, uh...
I have so much
on my plate right now.
I completely understand.
If you want to fill that plate
over dinner with me,
the offer stands.
Oh, uh, s!
Oh, it's... excelente!
Que bueno! Que bueno!
- That was really good!
- I told you!
Listen, do not
tell Manolo this, but
that was the best thing
I've ever tasted.
You should go tell her.
She'll appreciate it.
But do it in Spanish.
- In Spanish?
- In Spanish. Come on.
You know. Go, go, go.
Uh, Abuela, es que molo es...
- Mole.
- Mole!
Es, uh, delicioso.
- Que gusto!
- Yes!
Was that... was that okay?
Eh, you know!
Do you guys really
close this place
once a week for family dinner?
- It's tradition!
- Ever since we were kids.
Camila? Bienvenidas.
Okay, yes.
Can you teach me
the song from my quince?
Yes, I can!
Alright, here we go.
Ow! Oh, I'm okay, I'm okay,
I'm okay, I'm okay.
It's just... it's, um
just little cut. It's tiny.
- Es nada.
- Yeah.
- You're good, you're good.
- She just cured you.
Okay, thank you!
I am pretty sure your Abuela
just put a spell on me.
Oh, she did.
It was a love spell.
No, it's a thing that we say
when kids get hurt.
It actually translates to
"Heal, little frog."
- That's...
- Weird.
Yeah, weird!
Essentially, you're hurt today
but tomorrow you'll be better.
- Oh, that's sweet.
- Yeah.
Bueno! A comer!
"A comer," that means,
like, "Let's go eat!"
I know what that is!
- Okay, well, then let's go!
- Vamos!
What is that?!
Okay, let's hear it.
Okay, let's see!
Oh, can your family
please adopt me?
Yeah, they're pretty amazing.
Javi, I have not had
this much fun in,
well, I don't even
know how long.
Can they please
just come to the quince?
Is it too late to ask them?
Okay, be careful
what you wish for,
because they will show up...
All of 'em!
I have to go, but you...
Javi, thank you.
Did I do something wrong?
Wrong? No.
No, not at all.
That kiss was perfect.
You, you are perfect.
I really like you, Camila.
And I really enjoyed helping you
get ready for your quince.
Javi, I'm still waiting
for the "but."
I'm not ready
for anything serious.
It scares me.
It's kinda hard to explain. I...
No, no, but please,
please try to.
Camila, you
are absolutely wonderful,
in every way.
This is my baggage.
No, no, Javi, please
don't do the whole.
"It's not you, it's me" thing.
No, no, no, no, no,
it's the truth, okay?
Look, whatever happened
in my past relationship,
this girl, Elena, and...
None of it matters, okay?
It just... it took a toll on me
and I have not
been able to shake it.
Javi, just talk to me.
Let me help you.
Well, thank you for reminding me
why I don't date.
You know,
I was actually gonna ask you
to be my chambelan.
Hi, Mom!
- Hey!
- Thank you for coming over.
Of course, darling.
Come here.
- Come get cozy on the couch.
- Muah!
What's up?
Talk to me, sweetie.
What's wrong?
Javi doesn't want to date me.
You told him how you feel?
Oh, yeah!
And he practically sprinted
in the other direction!
But Mom,
before he blindsided me,
we had this kiss
and it was so magical, and
there were these seconds
between him kissing me
and before the bad news
that it really felt like,
I don't know,
like we could be something.
he doesn't feel the same way?
His past just has
such a strong hold over him
and he can't shake it.
I know that feeling.
What do you mean?
I dipped the tiniest of toes
in the world of romance,
and it was like bungee jumping.
My heart was beating so fast!
Mom! Oh, come here!
Past relationships,
they leave their marks.
Your father certainly did
on the both of us.
He did great!
There you go. Go to Mommy!
Good job.
Keep brushing your teeth.
- Dr. Lopez?
- Yes?
Cam, I'd like to talk
to you about something.
I wanted to thank you for
taking on so many of my patients
as I start to scale back.
- Of course!
- Right there.
In fact, I've delayed
looking for another dentist
to join the practice
because I think
it should be your choice
who we hire.
Uh, thank you. That means a lot.
Well, you mean
a lot to this practice.
That's why, when I retire,
I want to leave it to you.
Well... Wow, I...
I don't even know what to say.
Well, don't say
anything just yet.
Think it over.
It's a lot of responsibility.
Well, I can handle
Oh, I have no doubt of that,
but you've gotta want to.
That's the difference.
Here you go.
Oh, no.
It's not
that bad.
Mar, I look like
Little Red Riding Hood
skipped Grandma's house
and went to prom.
At least it's rojo!
How did this happen?
Uh, essentially, um,
because you told her
to do her thing.
So she
she did her thing.
Well, I mean,
I can't wear this, right?
You strut into that party
with confidence,
and I truly believe
you could make anything work.
Okay, okay. Maybe you ask Lupe
to remake the dress?
By tomorrow?!
No, there's no chance!
You know what?
It's okay.
I am going to pay for this
and I will go buy something
at the mall.
Oh, no!
No, no, no,
you can't buy off the rack
for something this important.
Well, uh, okay,
then I'll rent something.
No! No, no!
Well, what do you want me
to do with all of this?
Okay, I...
Ooh! I...
I will make you a dress.
Okay, no, no, it's okay.
Oh, wow... Okay!
Thank you for staying up
late to do this.
You are amazing.
And tomorrow,
my mom and I are gonna handle
everything pre-party
so you can sleep in.
Oh, no, no, I'm happy to do it!
Plus, a little stress
will help me sew faster.
I love this.
Can we use this?
- Yes, of course.
- Thank you!
What happened with the condo?
Is it a go?
Oh, no. No, no.
Evan's friend of a friend
forgot to mention
one very important detail...
He planned to live
in the other bedroom.
It's fine. We just have to,
uh, adjust our expectations.
Well, what if...
What if you guys didn't have to?
What do you mean?
I don't know,
just with everything that's
gone on this past month,
I'm just kind of thinking
why I got into dentistry
in the first place.
To help people.
Like Barb.
Do you remember in college
when I almost went to
work with a non-profit
and they would do dentistry
in all sorts of
underprivileged areas?
I do remember.
You asked Dr. Be no it
to sponsor the program
when you first started
working with him.
Well, I looked it up and they
have some positions
open in Mexico.
And I was thinking
what if I move to Mexico?
I mean, I can continue
to learn Spanish,
and I could really get into
my roots and find out
more about
where my dad came from.
I just feel like that's
where I'm supposed to be.
I think it's a great idea.
If you go,
I'm gonna miss you so much.
But I am totally turning your
room into my sewing room.
Oh, wow.
- Muah!
- Wow.
Here's a few more.
Oh, wow.
Thank you.
Buenos das, birthday girl!
Hi, Mom.
Brought your favourite...
Bagels from Just My Lox.
Thank you.
How are you feeling?
I have to tell Dr. Be no it
by the end of the day
whether or not I want
to take over the practice.
you were the one who told me
to take a leap, didn't you?
Have you heard from Javi?
If you want him there
as a friend,
you really should call him.
It just got really
complicated, Mom.
Whatever you decide,
you have worked really hard
and I want you to enjoy every
minute because you deserve it.
Uh, I think I started
hallucinating just a little bit,
but I finished!
What do you think?
You hate it.
- You hate it!
- No!
I love it!
I just... I don't even have
enough words to tell you
how much I love it!
Okay, well, don't
get too excited.
You have to try it on first.
- Thank you.
- But also, um...
I-I told him you were,
uh, running errands
and he said he could wait.
So I'm just gonna let you two
have your, uh, "conversacon."
Feliz Cumpleaos!
Thank you.
Big 3-0!
And, uh,
it's a big night tonight.
Yeah, it's a big night.
Well, you've worked really hard.
You should be proud.
Oh, I mean, it took a team.
Well, I just wanted you to know
that tonight's gonna be amazing,
just like you.
Thank you.
Is that, uh,
what you came here to tell me?
No, no. No, actually, um...
I-I have some really good news.
Uh, I spoke to the HR department
at the school
and I told them
that I was interested
in a full-time position,
and they said that there's
actually an opportunity
as a fourth-grade teacher
next year.
I mean, that's
really incredible.
Yes, and I'm gonna take it,
and I'm gonna stay here.
I'm gonna stick around.
I'm gonna plant
some roots and I...
You... you inspire me, Camila.
You commit to
everything you do, 100%.
That's the person
that I want to be, too.
Javi, I'm so happy for you.
Hey, I'm sorry
about the other night.
After Elena, I...
Look, I tend to run away
from everything.
I go from one place
to the next and I just...
I'm scared.
I'm scared of
committing to a job.
I'm scared of committing
to a relationship.
I'm afraid if I open up,
I'll get hurt again.
That's understandable.
But you
you are worth the risk.
I'm moving to Mexico.
The truth is, you were
the one that inspired me.
Your Spanish classes got me
excited about my culture
and my roots.
You reminded me of a dream
that I had back in college.
I love helping people,
so I'm gonna do that.
I'm gonna go work
with a non-profit in Mexico,
and I'm really excited.
I see.
I'm happy for you.
Thank you.
I wish I would have
told you how I felt sooner.
Oh, no.
We both had a lot of life stuff
that we had to figure out.
And we did.
- And it's good.
- Yeah.
We are so much better
having met.
Yeah. I think I should go,
so you can get ready
for your party.
Will you be my chambelan?
I don't want
to toot my own horn, but...
Toot, toot! Our girl looks good.
She sure does.
Are you ready?
I am.
We've got this.
- Just breathe!
- Can't talk, I'm counting!
I just want to say thank you
all for coming here tonight.
This double quinceaera
would not be possible without
a few very important people.
So, as a thank you,
I would love to light a candle
for each of them.
This first candle
is for my mom,
Mom, you...
You are my confidante.
My biggest cheerleader.
I don't know
what I would be without you.
Thank you.
- I love you.
- I love you.
This next candle
is for my crazy friend, Maren.
You have been my best friend
since the second grade.
You always push me
out of my comfort zone,
but it is exactly what I needed.
Love you, friend.
I love you.
Now, this, um,
this next candle is,
for my friend,
and my Spanish teacher, Javi.
Javi, you helped me discover
a side of myself that...
I didn't even know existed.
And thanks to you,
I can feel my dad all around us.
And that is the greatest gift
I could have ever asked for.
Thank you.
Oh, that's lovely...
This next candle is,
for my father, Armando.
You know, there wasn't
a single phone call where
he didn't say,
"I love you, Mija."
And as a kid growing up,
I would be
so embarrassed by that.
If you don't know, "mija"
in Spanish means "daughter"
and I just wanted him to call me.
Sweetheart or Pumpkin.
And what I wouldn't give to
hear him say that one more time.
You know...
I almost didn't
celebrate my 30th
because I just kept thinking
how difficult it would be
without my dad here.
In English, we say,
"I am thirty."
Like we are no longer
the person that we once were.
And in Spanish, we say,
"Ten go treinta aos,"
which means,
"I have thirty years."
And I love that because
it's like you get to
take all those years
and store them up with you.
All of the
the joys, all of the memories,
those just get to
come with you everywhere.
I realized that
my dad is here with me,
no matter how old I am.
So with these 30 years
that I have,
I want to thank you
because you all
helped make me who I am today.
So this last candle...
This is not just for me,
this is for all of you.
I love you so much
and thank you for being here.
That was a beautiful speech.
Thank you.
Shall we?
We shall, chambelan.
Okay, what...
What if...
What if I came
with you to Mexico?
Huh... what?
Uh, what about
your job as a teacher?
Well, I was offered
the job at the school.
I'm sure I can get
a job teaching in Mexico.
Look, I'd have more time
to get to know you better.
I'm sorry, I-I just thought
maybe it was a good idea,
but I...
Is that a yes?
That is most definitely a yes.
I almost forgot.
Happy Birthday.
I love this.
this isn't the end of our story.
I feel like it's
just the beginning.
Like I said, Camila Lopez,
there's nothing you can't do.