NeverEnding Story III, The (1994) Movie Script

Subed By HFN
MAN: The Mountains of Destiny
mark the highest point
in the whole of Fantasia.
It is here,
in the Hidden Crystal Cave,
that the Old Man
of Wandering Mountain
records 'The Neverending Story'.
Now what?
VOICE: Now what?
VOICE: What now?
(Voice echoes) Hold your horses!
I'm finding out!
There will be a day
when the writing stylus
will start to act strangely,
making it increasingly difficult
to record 'The Neverending Story'.
This is a sign
that the Nasty is on the way -
an evil force that first takes hold
in young humans
when they turn away
from books and reading.
To stop the Nasty, even temporarily,
would require a special young human -
a voracious reader
of great imagination
and extraordinary courage.
(Boys whoop and jeer)
MAN: Books listed according
to the Dewey decimal system.
Check the card catalogue...
I'll do the shushing
around here, young man!
Shushing is the job of the librarian
and not some snotty little kid
with hair that looks like
the rear end of a porcupine.
Mr Coreander?
Mr Coreander, don't you remember me?
Bastian - Bastian Balthazar Bucks.
W-w-what in the world
happened to you?
It's sort of hard to explain.
I see.
Why so far from home?
Not playing hooky
from school, are we?
No. We moved.
This is my new school...
I see.
Stay here till the bell rings,
but no longer.
Don't want to be late
on your first day.
'Treasure Island'.
I remember this from your store.
Are the rest from there too?
'The Neverending Story'.
That is strictly
a reference book from now on.
It must not be taken from
the library under any circumstances.
It keeps going.
Well, of course it keeps going.
Every move you make
is part of your story.
Remember that the next time
you pick your nose.
(Clears throat) Have to get
more inventory from the car.
Remember, 'late first day,
pay, pay, pay! '
(Blows raspberry)
"The Nasties"?
"One year after
his second visit to Fantasia,
"Bastian's father finally found
a woman he wanted to marry -
"a divorcee named Jane Baxter.
"Jane's house was more suited
for a family of four
"which, for Bastian, meant
a new room, a new neighbourhood,
"and worst of all, a new school."
...where's Nicole?
Oh, she'll be right down.
"But maybe his dad was right
and it would all be worth it.
"All his life
Bastian wanted a sister or brother
"to share his dreams
and confide in his secrets.
"Now, at last, he'd have one."
Hey, kiddo!
This is a family effort.
Do you want to help?
They're not my family
and this is not their house.
Dr Dumont said this would take time,
but you've got to meet them halfway.
Why bother?
You'll only get divorced again.
Nicole, this is going
to be different.
I promise you.
And just think
what a cool new brother you have.
Yeah. Real cool.
This is my mom's
sewing room, you know?
She loves sewing so much.
I'm really surprised
she's letting you use it.
I know I wouldn't.
You can have one if you want.
I got plenty of them.
What for?
Crystals are so stupid.
Like crystals can really
grant wishes!
...spare me this New Age garbage.
Crystals aren't supposed
to grant wishes.
Only the Oran can do that.
You can't tell this to anybody.
The Oran is the necklace
of the Childlike Empress,
the ruler of all Fantasia.
I'm not making it up.
It's all written.
In what - a book?
'The Neverending Story'.
(Scoffs) And I'm listening to you
like this is real?
You are completely weird!
So, you two getting
into trouble yet?
See? They're bonding already!
(Nicole plays acoustic guitar)
(Nicole hums melody)
(Sings) I wish I still saw you
Then I would be with you
Days spent in the sun having fun
Laughing alone
But then something happened
and you left me here
All alone...
(Continues humming melody)
Bye-bye, wife.
I'll be home around 6:00.
(Giggles) You look... handsome.
Thank you.
OK, kids, let's get
this show on the road!
That was forceful.
I'm being too harsh, aren't I?
He needs more time.
Take your time, Bastian.
I can always write you a late note.
Jane, you had it right
the first time.
I don't want him thinking
I'm a drill sergeant.
Downstairs! Look alive!
Let's go! Yee-hah!
Been doing it
since he was three. 'Bye.
I'll be pulling the car
out of the garage.
You know, when you're ready.
You are not going
to school like that.
Like what?
That is so un.
Uncool, unsophisticated,
Just... un.
Mm-hm! I'll show you 'un'!
You are so weird.
Everyone's waiting to see
my new so-called brother.
(Woman sings)
It has always been the same
That's the call
That's the game
And the pain stays the same.
OK, kids, here we are.
Nicole, wait for Bastian.
Jane, would you happen
to have a comb or a brush?
Honey, I think you should have
thought of that before.
No, I don't, but don't worry.
You look perfectly... impressive.
(Whispers) lmpressive.
Oh, my God, the new brother!
GIRL: Is he for real?
I hope not.
Hey, Nicole.
Let's go!
Where's the bathroom?
I gotta fix up my hair.
I can't show you right now.
Oh, my God!
Let's get out of here.
Nicole, come on!
Why? Who are they?
The Nasties!
The Nasties?
What's up, little homey?
(Clears throat)
Uh... yo, what is it?
Uh, I mean... yo, what it is?
Can you guys show me
where the men's room is?
Ah... or at least tell me?
Dog, should we tell him or show him?
Ah, you know I hate
those two-part questions, Slip.
Yeah. That's 'cause
you've got a no-part brain.
Oh, OK.
This your first day here, squirt?
I think it'd only be right
we personally escort you
to the men's room.
Um, I can find it. I mean I really...
So... you got a name?
Bastian Balthazar... Bucks.
What kind of name's that?
You a Viking or something?
Don't forget to flush, Balthazar.
(The Nasties laugh)
(Man clears throat)
Yo, Mr John. What's up?
How many times are you dweezils
going to repeat 12th grade?
Till we break the record.
Well, you ain't going to make it.
Principal said the next time he
catches you here, you're expelled.
Yo, chill. We're only down here
on a field trip.
We're checking the pipes
for ecological violations...
And... stuff.
(Bastian knocks) Let me out!
Let me out!
(Clicks fingers) Open it.
Let me out!
Balthazar! Pal! Yeah!
Um... No, no!
We didn't lock him in there!
Mr John, we were sent down here
to look for him.
Just ask him.
Ask him.
Can you really have them expelled?
Oh, yeah.
They kidnapped me
and locked me in there to die!
Hey, Mr John, can't we discuss this?
I'm going to get you, Balthazar.
(The Nasties yell)
The story really is still happening.
Help! Take me back to Fantasia!
Come on! Hurry up!
Come on!
It's my story! Return to Fantasia!
Escape the Nasties!
Where is he?
Where'd he go?
Find him!
Wash up first!
There's a terrible
root rot going around.
Come and get it, sweetskins!
It's your favourite -
frog and lizard puree.
Don't bother me now, wench.
Can't you see
I'm observing the night sky?
Same as yesterday
and the day before that.
(Engywook and Urgl scream and shout)
(Creatures hiss and screech)
Two months of root rot - I finally
get to sleep and now this!
Ow! Aaaagh!
(Engywook and Urgl grumble
and mutter angrily)
It serves you right for sticking
your foot in other people's potions!
If I was five feet taller I'd
show you a thing or two, young man!
Welcome back, me boy!
Ha! Engywook!
Sorry I wrecked your house.
I must've taken
a wrong turn... somewhere.
Ah, yes, well, inter-world travel
is a very imprecise science.
I wrote a paper
on that very subject, didn't I?
Yes, yes!
It doesn't look so bad.
I can fix it.
When I get my hands on that slippery
weasel, I'm going to rock his world.
(Pushes over books)
Ah... Yo! Maybe he's hiding
in one of these books!
Yo, Balthazar!
Did anybody check in there?
Yeah, just a pile of junk.
'The Neverending Story'.
I don't believe I've read that.
I must put it
on my preferred reading list.
Why don't you put 'Learning to Read'
on your preferred list first?
Why you always dissing me, man?
Why don't you look
into the mirror and find out?
(The others snigger)
"In order to escape the Nasties..."
The Nasties?
"...Bastian rushed inside the nearest
door of the school library."
(Gasps) The Nasties - that's us!
Now how can something
that's happening right now... in this book?
It ain't possible!
"Slip, the leader of the Nasties,
exclaimed to the others,
"'How can something that's happening
right now be in this book?"'
Yo! I just said that.
"'Yo! I just said that."'
That is so cool! Let me try.
OK! (Clears throat)
Um... the-the print's too small.
You know what it is?
Your brain is too small.
The print is fine.
"Safe at last
among his tiny little friends,
"Bastian settled in front
of the patched-up gnome hovel,
"chewing on the last tiny morsels
of a gnome-cooked meal.
"When he finished his account
"of what brought him
back to Fantasia,
"Engywook popped a fresh toothpick
in his nearly toothless mouth,
"shook his onion-sized bald head
and sighed to his human friend..."
That's quite a story, young man.
These Nasties
sound downright... nasty!
Are you finished
with your snake patties, dearie?
Snake patties?
Snake! Yeah, I'm finished.
(Laughs nervously)
Where exactly
is the book now, Bastian?
It is in a safe place, isn't it?
Well, uh...
"It's safe alright."
I smell wood burning!
Well, if Balthazar could make up
anything he wanted to happen
in Fantasia while he read this book,
maybe we could make
a few things happen to him...
...while he's there.
What are we waiting for?
Let's get NASTY!
(All shriek and whoop)
What's this?
They said it'd be sunny today.
Oooh! I think I'll take
a raincheck here.
Whoa! Careful!
Watch the leaves, will ya?!
Hey, something's burning back here.
Oh, no, it's me!
Quick! Call the fire department!
Call anybody!
Get me some baking soda.
I'm kindling!
(Engywook moans)
Get up, you old fool!
Get inside! Get inside now!
Come on, you daft old bat!
I knew this would happen! I...
Yeeny macaroni!
(Urgl sobs)
Oh, my sainted aunt!
(Gasps and whimpers)
Me frogs!
Me lizards!
Me food processor!
And me scientific experiments.
My life's work ruined!
(Puffs) Oh, my leaves!
My lovely leaves!
Get away! Leave me alone!
Autumn's just beginning
and I'm prematurely bald.
Help me, kid! I need a wig!
What about us?!
Um... ah...
Nest! Get in his nest!
BOTH: No way!
...what can I do?
Ain't nothing you can do!
I'm the king. You're my slave!
The Nasties must have
'The Neverending Story'!
They're the ones
making this stuff happen.
Well, go back and stop them
before they destroy everything!
I can't get back without the book.
There is one other means
of inter-world transportation.
The Oran.
The Empress has the Oran
in the lvory Tower.
Onward to Silver City!
(Faint voice) This is positively and
absolutely the last time I'm flying!
Huh? Bastian, is that you?
Falkor, land!
I can't land down there.
I need a runway.
Come on, you can land anywhere.
You're a luck dragon!
A luck dragon, huh?
If I was a luck dragon
I'd be halfway to Vegas.
It's not a dragon.
It's an overgrown pink poodle.
Oh, no! I'm losing altitude!
Look out below!
(Shouts) Aaaaaaagh!
Look out!
Oh, I hate this part of the story!
(Screams) Aaaaaaaaagh!
(Blubbers and splutters)
(Squeals happily) Wee!
(Squawks shrilly)
Ow! I think I've skinned my snout.
Falkor, you did great!
(Exclaims) Am I still in one piece?
We need a ride to Silver City
to see the Empress.
Not with me. I just came from there.
Everyone's acting crazy there too.
What about the lvory Tower?
Did the Nasty reach there too?
Yes, they did.
And the Empress?
I heard she escaped
to the Wandering Mountains.
That's where we must go!
Wait, that's just what I heard.
It could be just a rumour.
This is no weather
for mountain flying.
We'll have to chance it,
you pink wimp!
Bastian needs the power of the Oran
to get him back to the human world
so he can stop this thing
before it ruins us all!
Hurry up, let's go. Come on!
With my root rot, I'm walking!
Come on, Barky!
Alright, alright!
I'm sitting in the middle.
You are not getting me up in the air
in that thing!
Not a chance!
(Urgl shrieks)
Hang on, Barky, hang on.
Hang on to what?
There's no handles, no seat belts,
no in-flight catering.
I'm getting a stiff neck
from the draught.
We should have walked!
I... want to get down!
Oh, be quiet. Enjoy the view.
Well... you wanna know
what's next, Bastian?
First we're gonna take over
the Wandering Mountains
and then the Hidden Crystal Cave.
Then there'll be no place for you and
your little freaky friends to hide!
Someone's coming!
Ooh! Shouldn't we clean up first?
No. Leave it
for that numbskull janitor.
(Nasties shout)
Bastian, were we?
Bastian Balth!
(Hums a tune)
Shush, will you?!
(Flaps wings and twitters)
Oh, I hate birds! (Hums)
(Squawks shrilly)
Mmm! (Stamps loudly)
(Sings) I was born in the Rockies
made out of stone
I'm high like a mountain
and I love rock'n'roll.
Oh... Junior!
I said no more rocks before lunch!
I'm hungry.
Now, stop!
(Snorts) Did someone say,
"Rocks before lunch"?
Mmm. No!
Honeykins, would you mind
going over to Wandering Mountains
and breaking off about a half
a pound of limestone for me, hmm?
For you, honeykins, anything.
(Laughs) You still
turn my lips to lava!
Oh, go on now!
Oh, Dadda, me come too!
And don't forget
the sedimentary sauce!
I won't.
Junior? Oh, Junior!
Junior go buggy! (Laughs)
Dadda, me come too.
Pick up me, pick up me.
OK, Junior. Alright.
Strong like your dadda.
Help me.
Dadda, HELP ME.
You can do it. (Chuckles)
Let's roll!
OK, Junior, let's go shopping!
Yay, yay, yay!
(Sings) Get your motor running
Head out on the highway
Lookin' for adventure
In whatever comes our way
Yeah, darling, gonna make it happen
Take the world in a love embrace
Fire all of your guns at once
and explode into space
I like smoke and lightning
Heavy metal thunder...
Mmm? Mmm.
Racing with the wind...
Look, Dadda!
And the feeling that I'm under...
(Gasps in terror)
Yeah, darling, gonna make it happen
Take the world in a love embrace
Fire all of your guns at once
and explode into space
Like a true nature's child
We were born, born to be wild
We can climb so high
I never... want to die.
Oh, what now? I have a visitor?
A visitor?
Hurry, open the door!
Empress! Oh-oh,
I-I-I... alright. (Shudders)
Come in.
Empress, what an honour!
What an honour!
It's so nice to have company.
This isn't a social call, Old Man.
A terrible plague
has overrun the Silver City.
I was driven from the lvory Tower
by a force so powerful...
...even the Oran couldn't stop it.
Fortunately, I was able to, hmm,
butt us through to the secret tunnel
for our escape.
Well... that's using your head.
It's no time for cheap head jokes.
We must do something.
What does the Great Book say?
This evil force
is known as the Nasty
and comes from the human world.
The human world?
So that's why
Oran has no effect on it!
But how's it controlling Fantasia?
Alas, I'm afraid the Nasty humans
now possess 'The Neverending Story'.
Well, then, get out of here! It's $5!
Yeah, alright!
You must go there.
I'll use the Oran's powers
to wish you there immediately.
No. (Stammers) Hold it, hold it.
My dear Royal Empress of all that is
wonderful and imaginative...
...what you need
is a special young human,
a voracious reader
of great imagination
and extraordinary courage.
That's what it says
in the Great Book.
I shall call on the Oran.
Oh, great Oran,
bring me the human hero who will
save Fantasia from the Nasty.
Oh, show some respect, will ya?!
It's freezing in here.
But it's a lot safer!
Oh, yeah! I hope those stalactites
are screwed in tight!
Uh? Yeah.
Ooh, ooh! My beloved Empress!
I was so worried
I caught the first flight...
Shh! Quiet!
Empress, how are you?
Not well.
But the Oran has brought me a hero
to save Fantasia.
Excuse me, your Royal Highness.
May I make a humble
little interjection here?
Quiet, gnome! There's no time!
The Nasty's on its way here!
Soon, we could be
at each other's throats.
Good! Why not start now?
Stop! We must not
give in to the Nasty!
Let the gnome speak.
This better be good!
Bastian's heart is strong.
But he's not exactly
Arnold Schwarzenegger
in the muscle department, is he?
Shut up!
The Oran can provide the transport.
But when he gets back
to the human world
how's he going to
get the book away from these thugs?
The gnome is right.
Told ya.
You will take the Oran with you.
You shall wish yourself
back to the human world,
then use the Oran's power to return
the book to the Keeper's safe hands.
But... you must only use it
to stop the Nasty.
Then you must return it to me.
Back, back, back. Get back!
Give the boy wishing room.
Here goes.
Oh, kid!
If you want to travel
back to another world, Bastian,
you'll have to wish harder than that!
I can't.
If the kid wishes any harder
he'll break his wishbone!
Hey, don't go too far, Junior.
Come on! What's the big deal?
Time for me to lend him
a helping branch.
Here, grab a twig.
Come on, grab his ear, Bastian.
Ohh, Bastian! Hi, Dadda.
Junior, come back!
Oh! It's Junior.
Me play too. (Laughs)
BARKY: Hold tight! Hold the branch.
(Junior whimpers)
ENG YWOOK: Be careful!
Oh, me toes!
(Voice echoes) Dadda, help me!
But they've all gone!
Ah! There's been
a wish overload, you see.
Don't worry, my tasty
little toadstool, we're safe.
You see, we and the others
weren't making physical contact.
Ah! Oooh!
(Laughs loudly)
Your body's gone!
Well, your body went years ago!
What the?! (Exclaims)
No. This must not happen.
(Fantasians cry faintly)
Fantasians, come back.
(All wail and cry)
They're lost, Old Man.
Help me. What do I do?
Oh, Empress, I'm a mere chronicler.
What can I do?
Bastian, can you hear me?
(Cries out)
I have something
of great importance to tell you!
The book! (Pants)
I wish 'The Neverending Story' would
leave the Nasties and return here...
No, Bastian, stop!
The Fantasians who helped you
got caught in a wish overload
and are there with you
in the human world.
You mustn't use the Oran's powers
to stop the Nasty.
Why not?
Because the new Fantasia
that follows will be different.
It won't include them.
It's my imagination. I'll just... make
sure they're in the new Fantasia.
No, Bastian. You must find them.
Bring them all together
and bring them back to Fantasia
before you return the book
to the Keeper.
Or they will be lost forever.
(Sniffs) I'm really gonna miss
the old school!
What's new? You've been
missing school for five years!
Yo, check this out.
"Bastian always wanted
a sister or brother
"to share his dreams and secrets.
"Now, at last, he would have one."
Only problem is,
he's stuck in Fantasia.
Maybe we'll let him
send her a postcard!
He's back!
Let's split.
What if he tells the cops?!
Let him.
We didn't do nothin'.
He stole the book. It says so
right in 'The Neverending Story'.
(Shouts) Aaaaaagh...
Wow! Something tells me
I'm not in Fantasia anymore!
Doesn't seem to be
anybody else around up here.
I hope I'm not the only
flying creature in these parts.
Oh, pardon me, ma'am!
May I talk to you for a second?
I'm a little lost.
BARKY: Ay, where am I?
Last time I'm making any wishes.
Where is that kid?
Uh, pardon me, ladies.
Any of you seen a human
about 1.5 roots tall,
goes by the name
of Bastian Bucks, hmm?
Ahh! Don't worry, lady,
I'm not gonna steal your pine cones.
Huh, what is this place?
Hey, uh, balsam, hemlock, fir,
oak, aspen, maple even!
Ooh! Look at the bark formation
on that one!
I've never seen anything like it!
Is this a Greenpeace convention?
Oh, no, chainsaw massacre!
(Grunts and groans faintly)
(Exclaims) Oh!
Ugh! Yuck!
Uncle Rocky?
Help, help!
There's a murderer back there!
Oh, no!
Oh, God, I've gotta get out
of this awful place!
Oh, wait a minute!
MAN: They're going over
to second grade.
OK, let's move it out.
That gives me... an idea.
(Exclaims and groans)
Ooh! Yum-meeeeeee!
(Whimpers) I no like it!
Hang on, kid, I'll save ya!
Er... with a little luck.
Hang in there, kid!
(Whimpers) Oh, oh, oh...
(Screams) Ow!
(Yells faintly) Dadda!
Here I come!
(Exclaims) Oh, Dadda!
Ow! This won't help my back problem.
I hungry.
Huh? OK, OK.
We'll stop at the next rock pile.
Ooh, goody!
(Rappers sing) Hear the formality
Get on the front seat...
Show your personality
Be who you wanna be...
Honey, I'm home!
It is so cool to have
a nice family to come home to!
Sis watching TV.
How was your day?
And Bastian...
I'll bet he's upstairs
studying already.
Barney, the school called today.
It seems Bastian
cut his first three classes.
And he... well, he stole a book -
something called 'The Neverending
Story' - from the school library.
What are you looking for?
You wanna talk?
I can't. I'm busy right now.
Any, um... problems
with the new school?
Making any friends?
I'm fine, OK?!
(Chuckles) OK.
It's just that, um...
...sometimes it... helps
to get things off your chest.
This is all new to you.
It'll be tough for a while.
So, there's nothing you wanna?
Everything sucks.
Guys, you've gotta find me.
I'll never find you.
The world's too big
for a kid without a driver's licence.
Who were you talking to?
Uh, no-one.
I was... singing a song.
It's country and western.
My mom and your dad
think you have gone bonkers.
They're talking about having you
committed to a mental institution.
Oh, well. At least Mom
will get her sewing room back.
Oh, very funny!
Oh, where did you get this -
the Empress?
Can't believe you actually expect
people to believe all this stuff.
I don't care what they believe.
I don't get it.
Why don't you...
just show us something
from this Fantasia place of yours?
(Sighs) I-I... I can't.
I wish I could, bu...
But... (Gasps)... I can't!
Fine. Have it your way.
"Bastian sadly clutched the Oran...
"...unable to make the one wish that
would set things right in Fantasia
"and allow him
to get on with his own life...
" the human world."
"Bastian returned to his telescope
"hoping against hope for some sign
of his Fantasian friends.
"As the night wore on,
his eyes grew heavier and heavier
"until he fell gently off to sleep."
(All sigh)
(Snorts and snores loudly)
Because now I'm gonna rock his life
in the human world.
I'll make sure
he never gets a sister.
I like that.
Um, chief?
You think maybe we should get
our hands on that Koran thing first?
It's Oran...
But maybe you have a point.
If those Fantasians
can show up any minute now...
...before we even get a chance
to read about it,
this book could go flying
from our hands.
Wait, Slip...
Let's steal the necklace.
And then we get the book... forever.
Permanent control
over Balthazar's story.
Falky, look.
Oh, I don't think so.
But let's go check it out.
Oh, pretty! Fantasia?
It may not be Fantasia but there's
some cute dragons here.
Excuse me. Sorry.
Heeeeey! You're nice!
Look over there.
Where? Oh, yeah!
Oh, boy! It's Bastion.
Oh, great. You two OK?
Dog! Sic the necklace!
I mean it! Just go! Go!
(Whimpers) OK.
Get it, Dog!
Don't be a wimp!
(Screams in terror)
(Nasties shout)
Hungry, Bastion!
Let's get out of here.
Ha, ha, ha! Bye-bye!
So long,
my little fortune cookies!
I'll be back!
No Fantasia, Bastian.
(Nasties mutter and shout
with frustration)
Well, genius, got any ideas
where we are?
Oh, yes.
It's definitely the human world.
The weather's so unpredictable.
You see,
there's this gigantic hole...
Yes. And it's right in the middle
of your face.
Now, why don't you shut it?
Oh, it's slippery.
Come on.
(Dog growls softly)
You're breathing rather heavily.
Federal Express.
There is one problem,
my little squashed cumquat.
We appear to be several thousand
miles from Bastian's house.
Oh, you nit-sized nitwit!
No, no, I can invent
a small flying machine,
but it may take me some time.
Good evening.
Evening, Mr McKenzie.
When will it arrive?
Ah, tomorrow afternoon.
Come on. Get inside.
I'll change the label
to Bastian's address
when the coast is clear.
I hope we get
some advantage miles for this.
The Nasty could be at
Wandering Mountain already.
If it gets to the Empress
it's all over for Fantasia.
Fly faster, Falkor!
Oh, yeah, easy for you to say!
My back is killing me.
Alright, let's head to my house.
I'll stay there with Junior
and you keep searching.
Oh, alright.
(Sighs heavily)
Oh! Mm-mm.
Oh! You are home!
I was beginning to worry
about you and Junior
with all this nasty weather.
Ah... where is Junior?
Well, he's... Ohhhh.
Where's Junior?
Well, he, er...
Where's the rest of him?
He's in the human world.
(Gasps) Ohhhhh!
Oh, no.
Oh, that's better.
With luck he'll find them
by morning.
Come on.
Sleepy sleep.
Oh, why is it always me?
You'll sleep in here.
Nobody will notice you.
I'm tired now.
Ah. Mmm.
OK. Right here.
Don't come out
for any reason whatsoever.
Kissy kiss?
(Kisses Junior)
(Sighs) Mmmm.
My baby.
(Shouts) I hungry, Bastian.
Stop it! Come on, Junior. No!
Stop it! No!
I think it's coming
from the kitchen.
Shh. We've got the element
of surprise on our side.
No. It's for humans only!
Me hungry!
Ooh, I like these!
No! Junior, no!
No! No!
(Babbles happily)
(Gasps in fright)
(Bellows) Haiiiii-ya!
Uh, hiya... Bastion.
You mind telling me why you're
running all those machines?
I just... came down
for a late-night snack
and then I decided to sorta...
...test to make sure everything
in the kitchen was in working order.
At one o'clock in the morning?
Good work, Bastian.
Yes. Always good to do that sort
of thing during low-usage hours.
Very cost conscious of you.
Gee. Neat necklace.
Where did you get that?
Ahhh... a pawn shop.
A pawn shop?
Come on. Let him be.
Don't stay up too late, Bastian, OK?
(Sighs with relief)
Sleepy sleep with Bastian?
No, you can't sleepy sleep
with Bastian.
OK, but keep it quiet.
If that's possible.
I happy!
Come on, Junior. Tippy-toes.
I'm not tired.
(Yawns) But I'm not tired.
(Coughs and wheezes)
Another great idea bites the dust!
Where am I now?
Everything hurts.
Just what I need!
Get away from me!
I'm warning you!
I've seen that look before.
Shoo! You're barking up
the wrong tree.
Hmm. Me like red one.
Me like blue one.
Oh! Oh!
Can I come in?
JUNIOR: Come in!
BASTIAN: No, you can't.
Can I come in?
No! I'm getting dressed.
JUNIOR: Come in!
OK. Come in.
SONG I'm on a mission
I'm on mission
I'm on a mission of love...
I know - I look... un.
I didn't say anything.
Don't be so paranoid.
What are you looking for?
JANE: Kids! Come on.
Let's go.
NICOLE: Coming.
Get off!
Good game.
Shhh. Shhh.
I have to go to school now, OK?
Ohh! Me come too, Bastian.
Like I don't have
enough problems already.
Look out that window.
When the car leaves,
go to where I took you 'sleep sleep'
and wait there until I get back.
Kiss kiss?
Do again.
God, it's like kissing a sidewalk.
Ah, nice Bastian.
(Laughs) Ooh!
Wish wish.
Mmm. Tell Bastian.
SONG: Na-na-na, na-na, na na-na
Talk about you and me, yeah
And the games people play...
Hi, Mom.
Hi, Bastian.
Na-na-na, na-na, na na-na
Talking about you and me,
JUNIOR: Wish wish gone.
Me want go home!
(Wails) See Mama, Dadda!
Go away! Can't a man
chew his rocks in peace?
Well, you shouldn't be so nasty.
Nasty? Who's being nasty?
Junior always gets into trouble
when he is with you.
Would you rather
he lay around the cave all day
helping you with those mud cakes?
And what's wrong
with my mud cakes?
Well, now that you mention it,
after 2,000 years of marriage
they still taste like hockey pucks!
Hockey pucks?!
(Kids laugh)
I say this is my story.
I'm gonna get you for this.
But, chief, the necklace!
We're supposed to be expelled,
Let's wait till the 3:00 bell so we can take
him outside without no-one noticing.
Nicole. Rachel!
Hi. Want to go
to the mall after school?
My mom's driving.
Cool. We're in.
No way. I am like so broke.
So am I.
But that's why I carry plastique.
You'll find this at
the Principal's office, young lady.
But that's my mom's gold...
And if we don't get
to our home room,
we'll find ourselves
at the Principal's office.
Nicole. What have we there?
Hand it over.
I can't.
It doesn't belong to me.
That's all the more reason.
Let's see it.
I wish you would just...
We were saying?
We wish...
I wish...
We... wish... what?
I wish... you would just
leave me alone,
leave all of us alone and stop
breathing your camel breath on us
and go back to your cage
where you belong.
I must leave you all now.
My cage needs tidying.
No way.
Nicole, wait!
Excuse me. Sorry. Sorry.
Gotcha! (Sniggers)
Ow! Ow! Come on!
Hello, Mother.
Hello, dear.
Can I come to the mall with you guys?
I thought you were broke.
Well... I don't need any money.
Oh, how nice. Your mother
finally got you a charge card?
Which one?
All of them.
(Nasties snigger)
OK. Balthazar.
Lay it on me.
Lay what on you?
No games, Balthazar.
Let's see the gold.
I don't have it.
Frisk him.
Oh! Ugh!
(Keeps groaning)
Where did you hide it?
I didn't hide it.
You wanna make things
harder on us? OK.
We're gonna make things
A lot harder for you.
We'll check the book,
find out where the necklace is
and when we get it you can
kiss your new family goodbye.
(Bastian groans)
(Nasties snigger)
(Makes foghorn sound)
I hungry!
You got it?
Yeah, I got it.
Stay here. Bark Troll.
Oh. Me come too.
This your order?
Ah, yeah.
Sign here.
Where do you want it?
I'll take care of him.
Ah, yeah. Um...
Haven't you read... you know,
'The Secret Life of Plants'?
Trees are people too.
Oh, yeah?
This one looks like he'd be
better off in a woodchipper.
Hey, Tom!
Have a nice trip? (Laughs)
What are you looking at?
Let's go.
Oooh. Have they gone?
You made it.
Some place you got here,
this human world.
How did you find me?
I let my branches do the walking.
Luckily there's only one Bucks
in the phone book
else I'd be walking all day.
Not that pile of rocks again.
Just what I need.
Now we go home?
Oh! Oh! Ah! Oh! Ow!
Get off the roots!
Stay here with Junior.
Me go home!
Junior, take it easy.
Shut up!
(Barky keeps grumbling)
(Junior whinges)
(Faintly) Me go home!
Bastion Bucks lives here?
Thank you.
Can you sign here?
Thank you.
Have a nice day.
You too.
"Living Things - Handle With Care."
ENG YWOOK: Let us out!
Oh, no!
There's no floor!
There's no bathroom here!
I've got to go!
Bastion... there's a package
here for you.
And there seems to be something -
I don't know how to say this -
speaking inside.
Help us!
Oh, um...
(Gnomes wail)
...this must be... er...
the parrot... I sent for.
Um... by the way,
have you... seen Nicole?
Er... she called to say
she went to the mall.
(Gnomes keep yelling)
The mall. OK. 'Bye.
(Gnomes wail)
Let us out!
Ohhhhhh! Candy?
Let us out!
There's no time.
We gotta go.
BOTH: No! We've got to go!
Do you see what I see?
Hey, that's it!
If anybody says anything to you,
just say, "Trick or treat?"
Twick or tweat?
Don't put words in my knothole.
I'm 300 years older than you.
You wanna end up
in a botanical garden?
Twick or tweat!
OK, trick or treat.
This is so embarrassing.
Oooooh! That's so gross!
My costume's real.
Where'd you get yours - K-Mart?
Ooh, pretty!
Yeah, yeah.
She looks like leaf mould.
If this is the way
you humans amuse yourselves,
take me back to Fantasia!
(Chuckles) What a dweeb!
OK, come on, guys.
Balthazar's sister's right upstairs.
ALL: Whooo!
SONG: I'm so happy I'm a girl
'Cause I'm a girly girl...
Oh, it fits so perfectly.
I really wish I had this dress.
You look just stunning in that.
Darling, it's yours.
Could you wrap it up
in big, fluffy bows?
Fluffy bows?
Oh, gosh, I don't know.
We're awfully busy.
I really wish you would.
Red... or blue?
Oh, look! They're havin' a sale
in the garden department!
There's no time for shopping.
Let's split up.
If you guys find Nicole,
bring her back here.
Watch him.
Oh, great!
Leaves me with the mini-landslide!
We go see toys!
Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!
Just don't expect me
to change your diapers.
There was a girl
looking so delicious
Standing at the bar in front of me
The guy who touched her hand
is looking pretty
Now he's turned around
watching me...
Right, you've convinced me.
I'll take it.
I am so happy I'm a girl
'Cause I'm a girly girl
Come over here, little boy
We gotta twist and turn
'Cause I'm a girly girl
I'm a girly girl...
Hmm. A little more purple.
You know something?
In all the time I've been Empress,
it never occurred to me
to go shopping with the Oran.
Well, that's because you serve
a higher purpose, my Empress.
Here's where we spread out
and get the gold.
SONG: We're livin'
in a nasty world...
Oooh! Funny!
Let's see a smile here.
Come on.
CHILD: You bully!
It was my turn!
Twick or tweat!
Twick or twea!
(Junior cries)
This is the time
to change your mind
Maybe together
We can be strong
so give a sign...
Ugh! Bastion!
When are you going
to return that book?
Mr Coreander,
have you seen my sister?
I wasn't aware you had a sister.
I don't.
I mean... not a real one.
Look, I gotta find her before...
...the Nasties do!
Don't believe an illusion
You're never
gonna change the world...
Got it!
Livin' in a nasty world...
Hey! Come back here!
Nicole, where's the Oran?
He just took it!
(Laughs maniacally)
Ohhh! I've got the Oran!
I've got the Oran!
Had the Oran!
(Screams) Ooh! Aaagh!
Nicole, hurry! She's got the Oran!
She's got it! She's got it!
She has got it!
Come and get it, Balthazar!
She's getting away!
Hey! Wait for me!
(Both scream)
Ahhh, I'm going back
to the garden department.
Where'd they go?
I don't know.
They must've used
the Oran to disappear.
What'll happen if you
don't get the Oran back?
Don't you realise what you've caused?
The entire civilisation of Fantasia
will go down the toilet!
And maybe ours will go down with it.
I really hope you enjoyed
your little shopping spree.
(Laughs malevolently)
Oh, Nicole!
Now I'll be telling
the story forever, Balthazar.
Yo, Empress!
Check it out, Wilma -
I'm the new keeper of the book.
My name is not Wilma.
Yo, Large Head! What's up?
(Laughs maniacally)
And, um... Old Man,
you've got more company coming.
(Both laugh)
Then Bastian has failed
and the Fantasia that we know
will be a thing of the past.
(Both laugh)
(Creature screeches)
(Creatures squawk and chatter)
Let's get outta here!
Barky! Let's go!
Come on, Barky!
Wait! I'm not validated.
Oh! Ow!
Stop shaking us around,
you great lump of lumber!
Ah! It's gridlock out here!
Hundreds of humans are testing out
their air bags at the same time!
These creatures are crazy!
Why are they all being so nasty?
Mr Coreander?!
Yo! Chief!
What about the luck dragon?
(Groans) This is not
my favourite part of the story.
Looks like he's out of luck.
BARNEY: Stay with me, Jane!
Where is... Oh, God!
There they are! There they are!
Why didn't you say
you were coming here?
It's like Armageddon out there.
I keep telling you,
let me know where you're going.
Nicole, look at you.
GIRL: Nicole, would you
take your stuff now, please?
Where'd you get the money
for all this?
They gave it to me.
They gave this to you?!
Nicole, sweetie,
I don't quite understand.
The stores just decide to give
Nicole half their inventory?!
I want the truth, young lady,
and I want it now!
I wished for it.
Barney, give her
a chance to explain.
Don't tell me what to do, Jane!
See? I knew this would happen!
You come back here this second!
The Nasty is controlling you!
Don't give in to the darkness.
Come on!
This is so cool!
No, no!
Vile creatures, stay out!
Let them in, you globe-domed geek!
Empress, you said
no cheap head jokes.
So sue me! Huh!
Honeykins, can you come in here?
What is it now?
Is that the best you can do?
(Roars) Eeeeeow!
(Rabbit groans weakly)
BASTIAN: Nicole!
Nicole! Wait!
Let me go!
Your mom and my dad
are at each other's throats.
I don't care!
You must!
They're our parents! We're a family!
No, we're not! It's better this way.
Better to do it now.
Do what now?
Let them fight and get divorced.
My parents used to fight
all the time.
First my dad would yell at me,
then they'd yell at each other!
It's all happening again!
It's not! It's the Nasty!
We have to stop it!
You can't stop it. I tried.
No matter what I did
it didn't stop.
They still got divorced.
This is my story
and I'm not gonna let it happen.
Are you OK?
What happened?
I thought you were electrocuted.
It scared me.
Bastian, I'm gonna help you
get the Oran back.
Why should you help?
At least this way your mom will get
her stupid sewing room back.
(Voice echoes) Bastian. Bastian.
What? I look too 'un' for you?
Stop it!
Unsophisticated? Uncool?
I'm sick of it!
You're a spoilt little brat!
Stop it!
It's the Nasty
that's doing this, not you.
You would never act this way.
Don't you understand?
You're too nice.
Oh, yeah!
I want it to be your room.
I'm sorry for all the mean things
I ever said to you.
I want you to be my brother.
You really do want me for a brother?
I just didn't want
to get hurt again.
What are we waiting for?
Let's go!
Let's jam!
Want to go home!
Yeah, yeah. I miss Fantasia too.
BOTH: So do we!
Alright! Alright already!
We'll go back to the toy department.
Hold your boulders, will ya...
(Slip reads) "Bark Troll's branch
pushes the dumpster aside
"and then they step inside
the Nasties' hide-out.
"And Bark Troll exclaimed..."
BOTH: "Oh, no! It's an ambush!"
Hands off.
Hey, don't touch the bark.
I'm 300 years old.
Show some respect.
Kissy kiss?
(Roars ferociously)
(Whimpers) Barky!
EMPRESS: Come on!
Vile crustacean!
My Empress,
don't give in to the Nasty!
Empress! Help me!
This is where we lost them.
They're not here now.
(Engywook shouts) If I were
six feet taller I'd pulverise you!
You hear that?
I did.
(Keeps yelling) Come down to my size
and I'll have you, my lad!
(Barky roars)
Balthazar! (Laughs)
What took you so long?
You know, I've been reading
all about your mommy and your daddy.
Things are getting a little nasty
over at the Bucks residence.
You made it that way!
No. You did!
And you too.
Don't go blaming it on me.
I didn't put those words
into your parents' mouths.
They said it themselves.
Don't you care about anything?!
You have to live in the human world
after all this too.
If you destroy everything
it'll be bad for you!
And you and everybody!!
He's right, chief!
Give him the necklace back.
I don't want anything bad
happening to my mother.
Wanna know something? Something bad
already happened to your mother.
I've got the Oran!
I've got the Oran!
You've lost the Oran!
(Whoops) Ooh, yeah!
(Nasties laugh)
SLIP: What are you doing?
I wish...
Nicole, the book!
Big man, Balthazar...
(Nasties sigh)
...when you got the necklace.
Put it down.
Put it down!
Then we'll see
what a big man you are.
In front of your sister!
Don't do it!
You've got the Oran!
You can turn him into a duck.
I frightened, Bastian.
(lmitates Junior)
(Reads) "Bastian placed
the necklace down...
"...then put into practice all
those years of... karate lessons."
ALL: Karate lessons?!
"'Ha-ha! Karate lessons! ' yelled
Slip, bursting with laughter."
What are you doing?
I only took two lessons!
"Bastian starts circling,
waiting for his moment to attack."
(Junior whimpers) Go home, Bastian!
(Nasties laugh and jeer)
(Grunts) Ooh-hoo-hoo!
I'm sorry! That's what it says.
To heck with what the book says.
BARKY: Careful, Bastian.
Take it easy.
"All at once,
"it was if Bastian was transformed
into a deadly combination
"of Bruce Lee, Steven Seagal
and Jean-Claude Van Damme."
Don't worry, chief.
It's just a bluff.
"Bastian blocks Slip's attack
and counters with a karate chop
"and then... kicks him away."
I'll kill him! Come on!
Go on! Go on!
Give him a left!
"Bastian turns from Slip
"and performs a miraculous
flying kick to Dog."
ENG YWOOK: Yes! Come on, lad!
Careful, Bastian.
(Junior babbles happily)
(Nasties scream)
I'm back!
"They see Falkor and...
run for their lives!"
Get off! Get off!
(Nasties scream)
We go home now.
Hooray! Ha-hah!
Get the...
Ah... perhaps not.
Oh, my God!
Oh, no! What now, huh?
(Reads) "Meanwhile,
back at Jane's house,
"Barney and Jane's short honeymoon
had turned into a living nightmare.
"After only one week of marriage,
Barney decided to call it quits."
Let me see that.
(Reads) "And over in the Rockchewers'
dwelling, things were just as bad."
(Gasps) Dadda?
From now on, woman...
...l'm going to be a rolling stone!
Fine with me! Hmmph! Fool.
Oh, no! They've taken my story
to the future!
All this stuff's already happened.
Don't come back!
Don't worry, I won't!
(Voice echoes) No, Dadda!
No leave Mama!
Hmm... no. Must be dreaming.
(Voice echoes) No, Daddy! Don't go!
Nicole, Falkor's here now.
We have to wish the Fantasians back
before we get rid of the Nasties.
Ah... l'm gonna miss you, kid.
Bye-bye, Barky. I'll miss you.
You too, Falkor.
'Bye, Bastian.
Yes, you too, Junior.
(Kisses him loudly)
'Bye, Bastian.
I go home now.
Alright, everybody,
get in wish position.
ENG YWOOK: Good luck, lad.
We wish that Fantasia
would go back to how it was
before this Nasty business started.
It worked!
(Jane sobs) Barney!
No! Please, don't go, Dad!
Don't go!
I'm home!
Are you OK?
Hi, Mom!
Bastian! (Laughs)
I was worried sick about you,
you crazy kid!
Are you sure you're OK?
You'll never believe
what happened, Dad!
Oh, I think I might believe
what happened.
Welcome home, Nicole!
(All laugh and talk excitedly)
Dr Dumont said it would work out!
I hope you learned something, kid.
Be careful what you wish - you might
wind up trapped in a shopping mall!
Me - I wish small.
I got new leaves.
I got a new lease of life!
Bye-bye, Barky!
(Kisses him loudly)
Oh, ah... look! There's your daddy!
Go kiss him.
(Shouts joyfully) Mama! Dadda!
I'm home!
My baby!
He's home!
If I can just get the root rot
to clear up, everything will be fine.
(Both sigh with relief)
(All talk excitedly)
Bastian and Nicole! Hi!
Nicole, you know
my girlfriend Marcia.
I do?
Sure you do.
You kids better run along.
We mustn't be late for our classes.
Heavens, no.
Gosh, no.
Oh, no.
Oh, no.
See you later.
Well, sis, how'd you like the ending?
You did that?
(Laughs) Yeah!
The story's not over yet, young man.
Run along.
BOTH: Yeah!
(Falkor sighs)
Now this is my favourite
part of the story!
SONG: I like smoke and lightning
Heavy metal thunder
Racing with the wind
And the feeling that I'm under
Yeah, darling, gonna make it happen
Take the world in a love embrace
Fire all of your guns at once
And explode into space
Like a true nature's child
We were born, born to be wild
We can climb so high
I never want to die
Born to be wild
Born to be wild!
(Woman sings)
I'm on a mission of love
I'm on a mission of love
Saving the dreams
of the new generation
I'm on a mission of love
I've got a vision of love
in my mind
Left the world of confusion behind
I heard the Empress
appeal to my heart
Save Fantasia from falling apart
I'm on a mission
I'm on a mission
I'm on a mission of love
I'm on a mission
I'm on a mission
On a mission of love
I'm on a mission of love
I'm on a mission of love
Saving the dreams
of the new generation
I'm on a mission of love
I'm on a mission of love!
I'm on a mission of love
I'm on a mission of love
On a mission of love
I'm on a mission of love
Nasty reflections
are gaining control
Show me a concept
to heal our soul
Wisdom and hope
must defeat rebel yell
I found the key
how to break the spell
I'm on a mission
I'm on a mission
I'm on a mission of love
I'm on a mission
I'm on a mission
On a mission of love
I'm on a mission of love
I'm on a mission of love
Saving the dreams
of the new generation
I'm on a mission of love
I'm on a mission of love!
I'm on a mission of love
Mission of love!
I'm on a mission of love
Saving the dreams
of the new generation
I'm on a mission of love
I'm on a mission of love
I'm on a mission of love
I'm on a mission of love
Saving the dreams
of the new generation
I'm on a mission of love
I'm on a mission of love!
I'm on a mission of love
I'm on a mission of love
Saving the dreams
of the new generation
I'm on a mission of love
I'm on a mission
I'm on a mission of love.
(Woman hums)
SONG: Out in the middle
of a lonely street
Got to beware of the kind you meet
Oh, it makes me want to break away
I'm crying out for love every day
But nobody can hear my call
Caught in the middle
of a danger zone
(Men sing) We're gonna get you!
It's dark in the shade
of the Nasty's throne
We are the Nasties! Ooh, ooh!
I hear a voice still chasing me
But this time I'm gonna make it
to the other side
We are the Nasties!
We're gonna get you, that's right!
'Cause we are the Nasties!
Dream on, dream on
The Neverending Story
Dream on
Come with me
to the Neverending Story
The Neverending Story
Come with me
to the Neverending Story
We are the Nasties! Ooh, ooh!
Even the creatures
in the land of dreams
Feel that they're losing
their precious queen
Save the world of our fantasy
The key lies in reality
What's going on?
Crash down, it's gonna land on me
We're gonna get you, that's right!
With the help of a chain
I'll find the key
We are the Nasties! Ooh!
How can I break the magic spell
And save the world
of the Neverending Story?
We are the Nasties, that's right!
We are the Nasties, that's right!
Yes, we are the Nasties!
SONG: Shortcut to forever
Love me and our hearts will write
The Neverending Story
Rivers roam and mountains rise
I believe that in your eyes
The shortcut to forever lies
By the candle's fading light
Love me and our hearts will write
A Neverending Story from now on
A Neverending Story from now on
Shortcut to forever.