Neverlake (2013) Movie Script

The garden once fed,
became cold and foul
Like the corpse of her would've been at soul
Which at first was
lovely, as if in sleep.
and slowly changed
to let grew a heap
To make men tremble.
and never sleep.
Shelley, my favorite poet.
He was English, but he wrote
these lines right here.
My father thinks
poetry is for people
who haven't yet reached or lost
the gift of reason.
I know a little about my mother.
Mom grew up in Italy and I was born here.
But this is the first time
i've been back since then.
When mom got sick, father ...
... decided that i should
grow away from Italy.
You and Me ...
Grandma Rose took me away from Tuscany.
I lived with her until she
began forgeting things.
faces, mixing up days
and memories
After that, she
ended up in a hospital.
and i in a boarding school.
The Italians were
fallen in love with my mother.
But she thought it was
a sign of destiny.
to have enchanted
British born father in
the province of Arezzo.
But grandma Rose couldn't stand him.
Don't know why.
How's school?
Everything is fine.
They wanted to know the reason for this
trip in the middle of the school year though.
And what did you tell them?
that i was coming to see you.
They understood.
What about that friend of yours ...
I met last time while coming
to see you.
Ricky ...
Ricky, you're still in love with him?
I hope not.
Still enjoying New York?
Yeah ... It's become "my city".
- Are you eating properly?
- School Canteen Food.
It's not bad.
But you do look thin.
When was the last time
you had a check up?
I do not know, but I'm fine dad.
Don't worry.
You'll see.
After a month of
pure Tuscan air ...
you'll look as ...
pretty as a picture.
Unless not to mention the food.
Watch out Dad!
- Are you alright?
- Yeah.
- You hurt?
- No, I'm okay.
I'm OK.
Where are you going?
What's the matter?
There was a little boy in the middle of the road.
A boy?
Where did he go? he disappeared?
I'm not surprised.
Probably he was scared after death.
I didn't see anything.
I didn't see Anything.
If you hadn't screamed,
i would've run over.
Okay, I'll take those.
Thank you.
Welcome to Tuscany, Jenny.
I am Olga.
Nice to meet you Mrs Brooks.
Don't embarrass me, please call me Olga.
- Isn't she a beauty?
- Yes, she's very beautiful.
Perfect i'd say.
Your father don't do justice to you, my dear.
Olga is my assistant ...
who used to be a surgeon.
Yes, i was a young girl,
not much older than you.
So did you know my mother?
Eh ... Come on, let's go inside.
We can talk there.
Here we are.
How old is this place?
It's not as old as the
White House in Washington D.C.
Not all buildings in Italy.
Date back to the Roman Empire, you know?
Oh, wow!
Is that the Lake of Idols?
Very good ...
So are those the Etruscans?
Lets say ... The artist imagined ...
Etruscans celebrating rituals beside the lake.
Human sacrifice.
They were an
advanced sensitive civilization.
Go to bed now and tomorrow
morning you'll be ...
nice and fresh, we'll go into the
woods together, to Lake.
Good morning Olga.
Good morning to you Jenny.
Did you sleep well?
Okay. Thank you.
Ahh.. Where is my father?
What would you like for breakfast?
I'll just have some tea.
Tea is ready. help yourself.
Where is my dad?
He's gone to Arezzo.
Oh ... He said he was gonna
take me to the woods today.
Oh, i'm sorry Jenny, I don't know what to say.
He had to go to town for a ...
important meeting ...,
for his research.
I guess, I'll just walk by myself.
You're not going to have your tea then?
I'll have some later.
But you have to have some breakfast.
I'm fine.
Thank you.
Your father prescribed these for you.
Please take them.
What are they?
They are vitamins and supplements.
He wants you to be strong and healthy.
Every time dad came to visit me,
he would take to me about the Lake of Idols.
Since quiting his job, he has thrown himself ...
passionately into the
study of this archaeological site.
and its secrets.
He is so obsessed by the stories.
And sometimes I would
find them in my dreams.
They aren't always pleasant.
The Lake of Idols.
and the leaves would transform from
living death filitch from the floss.
to the earth beneath.
They decay and sudden flight from frost to floss
whisper like the vanishing of a ghost.
under the roots of
sensitive plants,
the moles and the dorma is died of want.
A bird struck stiff from the frozen air
and were caught in the branches naked and bare.
Gosh! You scared me to death!
Where did you come from?
Sorry ...
It's okay.
You almost gave me a heart attack.
Didn't mean to scare you.
Does your mom know you're here?
I live with other children.
In a house at the hospital of
sick people.
Is it an orphanage?
Have you runaway?
I'm Jenny, by the way.
I am Malila.
I do know what an
Orphan.. what you said is.
But sometimes, i do run away.
Would you take me home?
It's not far.
- Are you Italian?
- I don't know.
Do you have a Native American name?
and do you know what it means?
samans that runs against the current.
Maybe that's why I like the Lake.
and you?
It gives me the creeps.
but i like it.
Then you better come
here at night.
That's the house where I live with others.
Be carefull, they musn't see you.
Grown ups over there will be angry if they see you.
They won't let you in.
Well do not worry, I don't come in,
I'll just leave you at the entrance.
What are they doing?
They are smoking and they're talking.
Let go the other way around
There is another entrance.
Okay, I'm going now.
Bye Malila.
I'll see you soon.
Don't be afraid.
We're only children.
He's Anthony.
Aurora in her chair.
and this is Jenny
She was at the Lake.
Come up, we'll go to the bedroom
where the adults evercome.
Come on, you got to meet Peter.
Peter is all he talks about.
- He's older.
- What do you know.
You are the youngest of us all.
Peter's older,
I know, and you're stupid!
Peter ...
We've brought Jenny.
Don't you want to meet her?
Do not be so Nasty.
Show yourself.
Peter, Come out.
Jenny wants to meet you.
are you coming out? Yes or No?
It's nice to meet you Peter!
Jenny, wait a minute.
Peter is just like that.
Don't be angry with him.
I'm not angry.
I have to go home.
If Peter doesn't want to meet me thats fine.
I'll come back to
see you guys, okay?
Will you comeback? Promise?
Do you promise Jenny?
I promise.
Do you Promise? Didn't you promise?
- Promise!
- I promise!
Try not to let adults see you.
They're bad.
Where are you?
Oh my God Jenny , where have you been?
I was worried sick.
I was reading at the lake.
I was ...
I thought you got lost!
I was just about to call
forest ward, to come find you.
I'm not a child.
I don't get lost.
Where is my father?
He had to remain in
Arezzo, he'll be back tomorrow.
He asked me to remind you
to take your vitamins.
Yes Dr.Brooks.
But none have ever trembled and planted with bless.
In the garden, felt all the wilderness.
Like a dove in the noon tide with love sweet warmth.
As a companioness
sensitivel plant.
I don't understand anything.
Neither do i understand.
You'll never understand anything.
What a lovely voice you have Jenny.
I can really smell those flowers.
- Please read more?
- No, enough!
Tell us a story,
a parrot story.
With swords, fights, dead ...
I'll bring some more books next time
and you Peter?
What kind of stories do you like?
He likes love stories.
No,only ghost and
you like those.
Oh shut sisy.
You are the sisy.
Hey! no story
is for sissies.
I think they are okay.
Okay, we'll finish
this another time.
Got to go home
or they'll think i'm missing.
You're already going?
Will we see you tomorrow?
I don't know when i can come back.
Good Peter.
thought you only know to say NO.
So ... Do you like
love stories?
But only the ones with the tragic ending.
You mean, when love is part?
I like when they die.
Okay ...
Okay, I'll see if I can
find something like that.
I'm happy to have met you Peter.
Do you know stories about knights?
Those where horses and spears.
Yes, I think.
What's that cry?
We are all sick here.
Tonight we're gonna have
a really really special dinner.
Because I want you to forgive me.
For breaking my promise.
I told you we were going to Lake together.
But I'm glad you
find your own way.
Good evening doctor.
Is all well?
Everything as planned.
That's the fish for supper and
I'm taking Jenny to Arezzo tomorrow .
Oh finally!
What time should we leave?
Bright and early?
That's not necessary.
The only thing is tomorrow
don't have breakfast here.
and I'll take you to
a fantastic cafe in Arezzo.
Where they make the best
cappuccino in Tuscany.
It's a Good thing you're taking me out
tomorrow dad.
I was beginning to
feel like a statue.
Be careful ...
This statue is very, very old.
and very, very fragile.
Sorry ...
How old is it?
Between 2600 and 3000 years.
The Etruscans had already developed
extremely refined and
spiritual civilization.
They believed that the part
of human existence ...
continued ... after death.
which would endure thousands of
years, is always was much more important ...
than the few fleeting years ...
of mortal existence.
This is why
they devoted far more attention
for the well being and the
dwelling of the dead
than those of the living.
Do you understand?
So ... Was The Lake of Idols
a burrials place?
No, no, The Lake was life giving
the lake cured the diseases.
The Etruscans believed that these waters ...
had special thereaputic
They conducted rituals
in which they threw small
bronze concentrated objects in to the
lake, representing
sick persons or the parts of the body
that needed to be healed.
and did it work?
That's what I've been trying to find out.
For the last 20 years.
Jenny ... Can you wait for me here?
Why? Where are you going?
Just around the corner to a shop
I'll be back in 10 minutes, allright?
It's better we speak English.
So my wife don't understand.
I'm fighting for a divorce.
It is taking my
sales. Poor fool ...
She does not know that everything is
ready to put her away.
She'll finish her days in a clinic ...
What must i
create for you this time.
- The same material?
- Same material, same technique.
How much would you take?
Do you mean money?
Or time?
Time ...
You are not Doctor ...
The .... art is like surgery.
one never knows for sure
how long the operation will last.
Even more, if one uses techniques.
That are lost in time.
takes a steady hand.
I'll call as soon as it is ready.
Okay ...what now?
Home. Darling have to go.
No, Dad!
Let's go do something.
No, I've got
important work to do.
Come on!
I'll let you know whats the matter?
If it were up to you, I would've stayed
at home getting bored all day!
There is no one
here my age.
Luckily I met those children.
Which children?
You didn't tell me
you're meeting any children.
Thye were all sick and strange.
But they're nice.
I like them.
Where did you meet'em?
In the hospital?
Do you want to be a doctor like daddy?
No! I'm sick and tired of this trip.
I should've stayed at school.
The fearful passage,
of their death marked love
and the continuous of
their parents rage.
which with their children end
not could remove.
is now the two hours
traffic of our stage.
So ... Do you see what
Shakespeare's doing?
From the very first line, he is
telling us how this story will end.
Where civil blood makes
forehands so clean.
Romeo and Juliet Boring you already?
You must take her upstairs Peter.
We must be sure ...
Sure of what?
I know.
So then, What are we waiting for?
It's still too early.
Could you be able to stay here?
Untill it's dark?
or do you have to go home?
Okay ...
Why have you brought me here?
are you scared of me?
Should I be?
Maybe I'm evil ...
Peter, please ...
This place gives me the creeps.
I can feel a sense of horror.
Is nothing but the truth.
Who drew this?
Someone ...
Who's that girl? ...
If you really want to know.
Come to the Lake.
- should behave ...
- Still not ready .
- right!
- You can't do it!
is on that side ...
How do we do this time?
- I do not know!
- We can't start off again !
No we can't, It's not possible.
You got to do something James,
Please think of something.
Yes, yes, yes.
We will ...
Can't you hear me?
I'm so thirsty daddy, give me some water.
I can't speak.
I'm so glad you're here with me.
I'm here sweetheart.
Every thing is all right.
- What happened?
- You had a little operation.
Just a simple one.
And everything went perfectly.
Tomorrow ... you will recover
and i'll take you home.
What did they operate?
You had an infection in a
adrenal gland ... Nothing serious.
I don't remember anything.
Not even how i got here.
You fainted.
We brought you
here in an ambulance.
But now, you're absolutely fine.
I want to stay here.
Will you take me home?
You will be discharged tomorrow
after your last medication.
I want to go home.
Can you give me more medication?
If you prefer ...
I can arrange it.
and I tell them to give you a sedative.
So you won't feel the
journey in the ambulance.
Thank you ...
Where is my Mom's ring?
removed it for the surgery.
Here it is ...
If you want, put on.
Thank you Dad.
I was beginning to get hungry ...
That's a good sign.
There you go Darling.
Thank you Olga.
You're looking well Jenny.
If you need anything, let me know.
Thank you.
It's true, you're looking well.
You're got
excellent power's of recovery.
Did you take after me ...
Mom wasn't like that?
Oh yes, she was amazingly healthy.
Until,the disease struck her down.
Why do you never talk about her?
I would like to go visit her
at the cemetery.
Will you take me?
Brooks ... Thank you Mr. Sabelli.
I'll come and collect it later today.
When was the last time
you came to visit?
A while ago.
1976 - 1998
I'll just have to stop over for a moment.
Do you mind waiting?
won't be long.
Okay, let's go.
I need to rest.
I'm going to bed.
Why do we have to come here at night?
Because some things are
possible only at night.
How is he doing that?
I do not know.
Only he knows how to.
What ... or who were those?
They are the souls of the Lake.
- Dead?
- Pretty dead.
They're almost three thousand years old.
Okay ...
I'm frightened
Can we please go home?
I'm younger than you are.
and I'm not scared.
They need our help.
Someone stole their statues from the lake.
They want them back.
thats why they're
asking for our help.
Watch out dad!
- Dad!
- What is it?
you alright.
Finish it off.
It's finished, relax.
That's better, relax.
It's just a dream.
I keep about dreaming of the Lake.
Those statues.
Which statues?
One's I saw in the photos
in your car ...
when we nearly
ran over the little boy.
I must see them.
You have them, don't you?
I must see them.
Now just rest.
Just rest.
Good morning Jenny, did you sleep well?
so so.
Eat something, you'll feel much better.
Where is my father?
He's in his study.
- I'll go see him.
-He doesn't want to be distrubed.
I won't disturb him, I'm his daughter.
When the door is closed.
He doesn't wish to be disturbed
Why is he always locking himself in?
You have the key too, right?
All of his archaeological finds are there
plus 20 years of
It's natural he want's to
protect himself against thieves.
I am not a thief.
Eat your breakfast Jenny.
Don't worry, you're not my mother.
Do not close the door, promised
Lake statues show.
It wasn't a promise.
Come on Dad, you said!
I'm right in the middle ...
of analyzing and cataloging
Etruscan findings.
It is a task of extreme
precision and care.
Finish your phone call.
Good Morning.
My client code is ...
80116 ... ...
Yes, that's correct ...
So I want you to see
... the same order as last week ...
Yes. Is that clear?
Very good
Alright. Thank you Goodbye.
So ...
What did you want to talk to me about?
and Captain Hook said ...
Are you ready to die?
And Peter Pan said ...
Even death can
be a marvelous adventure.
That's enough.
I will read more next time.
Jenny, is everything alright?
It's just ...
I can't find those statues.
The door to my father's studio
is always locked.
You must find them, Jenny.
We have to give them back
to the souls of the Lake.
Jenny, you've got to check if
the statues are still there.
You must do it Jenny.
This dummy is right.
- You're the dummy.
- You must find a way to get in.
I know a way to get in.
Olga and I have to go to Arezzo,
Do you want to come?
No dad, I'm tired.
That's alright.
We'll bring you something nice
for supper, what would you like?
You decide.
Okay, I got something in mind.
Hope you like it.
Won't The Souls of Lake be happy.
They have been wanting them
for such a long time.
Such a long time.
It was 20 years for them?
They have been under Lake
for over 3000 years.
When you lose something you care for
Even a single day is an eternity.
Aurora's right.
Aurora is right.
Jenny was ...
successfull and now ...
We'll go to the lake.
Great work Jenny.
Well done.
Good job Jenny.
What do we do?
You'll have to give them back.
- How?
- Like the Etruscans did.
Throw them in the center of the Lake.
Do you want to throw one?
No, you have to do it.
Who are you?
I am Jenny.
How old are you?
Would you let go of my hand please.
How old are you?
I do not know.
How old is Mickey Mouse?
I do not know.
Let me go please.
Nither do i.
What is your name?
Who brought you here?
I do not know.
Can you let go please?
You're so pretty Jenny.
Please can you let go of my hand?
me, Am i pretty too?
Yes, you're very pretty.
Can you please let go of my hand please?
Daddy tells me I'm so pretty.
Your Daddy
Who is he?
My Daddy.
I'm his sweetheart.
Who is your father?
I am your father.
But first Jenny, tell me something ...
Where are the idols?
What idols?
Why didn't you tell me about her?
Her name is Maya.
She was born four years ...
... before you.
You can't explain everything.
She has to understand.
Jenny ...
Olga, has always been
love of my life.
Maya is the only child
we were able to have
Her Birth..
So many things changed for us.
She became center
of our existence.
In a few years she began to
Suffer from strange ailments.
We took her to all
the best specialists.
And, the prognosis left no
room for hope.
Progressive myositis Oscificance.
The so-called "stoned man disease".
Over time, transformed
muscles and tendons ...
And certain organs to bone.
Condemning the patient ...
inevitable to death.
Something had to be done and i
decided to exterminate myself.
The only possibility ...
was to substitute
the organs when the symptoms
of the disease appear.
We have dedicated ourselves
... to keeping her alive.
and we have succeeded.
Locked up in a room?
What kind of life is that?
Maya ...
She has everything she wants here.
The love and care ...
of a mother and a father.
... infection in a
endocrine gland ... Nothing serious.
I do not remember anything.
you fainted. We brought
here in an ambulance.
What have you done to me?
You gave your sister a great gift.
You gave her one of my kidneys.
Try and understand.
You ...
You have donated, the possibility of
survival ...
to Maya ...
- I did not "donate" anything.
- You stole it from me.
- Otherwise ...
my daughter ... ...
would be dead.
You ...
have given her
a life.
You are completely mad!
Jenny ...
Jenny ...
You're just like your mother.
She wasn't capable of understaing.
What did you do to her?
Your mother was ...
A young, strong and healthy woman.
came to the hospital for a checkup.
What did you do to her?
I impergnated her.
And you were born.
After ...
I decided to send to your grandmother,
you had to grow up far from here.
I knew that one day ...
Maya, will need you.
Your life gives life, you are
healthy as your mother was.
You're genetically compatible with Maya.
Why should you not want to save her?
The ancient Etruscans ...
had ... a very advanced knowledge.
I followed their rituals.
I reproduced your kidney
bronze and gave it to the Lake.
I've used the lakes powers ...
... to help save Maya.
Lake, is salvation.
The Lake is life.
You, you are perfectly
designed to save Maya.
Your life to save her life.
Your life to save her life.
Maya just said that this has ...
been the most
wonderful day of her life.
She is so happy
to have a sister.
James perhaps we should
reconsider everything!
I mean ...
Let her lead a normal life
for just a little while.
- Perhaps Jenny can help ...
- Olga ...
It's too late.
-It's out of the question.
Do not worry Jenny.
Every thing is alright.
Maya ...
needs you again.
I'm gonna have to operate.
And after that ...
You won't feel any more pain.
Jenny, wake up.
Jenny, wake up.
You must listen to me Jenny.
Go away.
My father is evil.
Listen to me.
You must go to the lake bottom.
Retrieves all the bronze objects
your father left over the years.
All together.
There are six.
You'll recognize them immediately.
Take them all.
Bring them back to the room.
with a locked door
in the childrens home, you understand?
How many bronzes are there?
But why?
Why remove them of the Lake?
Trust the power of the Lake.
For love, beauty and delight.
There is no death, no change ...
that might exceed your organs.
No change or no light.
Being themselves obscure.
Please, please,
please, please!
C'mon, c'mon, c'mon, c'mon, c'mon!
Try not to let the adults see you.
they are bad.
We are all sick here.
Go back Jenny .
you have bring the other, quickly.
Your father is coming.
You have to ...
Give it to me!
It must be left in the water.
1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ...
Oh my goodness!
A sensitive plant.
Like one forbid.
And the tears within each letter ...
as folded leaves growing together.
light was changed, by an icy blue.
But the leaves soon fell.
and branches sawn by the
heavy axe.
shrank through the root of every wall.
as blood in the heart will be no more.
please help!
No!No please!
... as kids do ...
What a lovely voice you have Jenny.
But only the tragic end.
We are all sick here.
Try that adults do not see.
are bad.
Do you see them too mom?
They are your brothers and sisters.
Wheather, the sensitive plant ...
or that which within bows
as the spirit is out.
outward form of no decay.
Now felt this change ...
I can not say.
Wheather that lady's gentle mind
... no longer with the forms combined.
which scattred love,
as stars do light.
And the sadness left aside.
I dare not guess.
But in this life
ignorance and stride.
Where nothing is, but
all things seem.
As we, the shadows ...
... of the dream
Lake Idols
It is an important site ...
... archaeological close
Arezzo, in Tuscany.
Numbers small human figures ...
... and parts of anatomy
Human bronze ...
... produced by the Etruscans,
were found there.
are preserved in the Museums ...
... more important around the world.