Nevesta (2017) Movie Script

May 24, 1839. The Russian
Chemist and doctor of Medicine Joseph Gamelj
Made public some
Extraordinary photographs.
Then they announced that
The images not only.
Capture the reflection of light,
But something more ...
They captured an energy that
People call their soul!
Scientists laughed at his announcement,
But soon a ritual appeared.
Where the dead were photographed
With the eyelids of the eyes painted.
It was believed that, in this way
it was possible to deceive death.
15th of June.
Terrible pain has
established in my heart.
My young bride Olga
died a few hours ago.
There is only one hope. I must
try the ritual and if all goes well ...
Very soon I will be
with my beloved in her new form.
I chose a Virgin girl
from the village.
Youth, is the main requirement.
It takes some of the dead's belongings.
That's why I have
the ring I gave Olga.
This will allow the
soul of my beloved one...
a whole new body.
I do not expect God's forgiveness.
-But I trust in your mercy.
-Please, please...
- Everything is ready?
- Yes.
The peasants are not satisfied.
Mr. Sir, have mercy!
Please do not do this!
- Bring it on! Fast!
- No, no, no!
This is blasphemy!
That's a great blasphemy, sir!
Go home, Tihon!
What do you think you're doing?
I will not let you do this!
Drop the girl!
Who else opposes?
God will not forgive you!
He will not!
Help me! God will not forgive!
He will not forgive you!
Help! Please Help me!
God will not forgive any of you!
20 June.
It was several days
Olga has not returned yet.
Your new form is
strange to me.
I know that as long as the film retains,
your soul will not be threatened.
I hid the movie.
Where no one can find it.
I think we will soon
be together again.
What happened to me, Victor?
You're alive again!
What did you do?
"The bride"
Bokononism is a religion.
A Ritual that appears,
for the first time in
a Book titled: "Cama de Gato".
Sam Bokonon, founder of the religion,
admits that what is taught is Evil.
According to Bokononism, the
practice is divided into groups.
Both of Whom do the will
Of God, even without knowing it.
Good morning, Nastya!
What did you do last night?
She's getting married tomorrow.
I was making the arrangements.
You can go,
I will not stop them anymore!
See you on the test.
- What does he do?
-"He's a photographer, Mother!"
Is that what he does?
I do not know, daughter ...
I need to meet your family.
See how they are.
That worries me!
- Mom, stop it, please!
-"I still do not know." It's too early!
-"Okay, Mom, I'll call you later.
- What happened?
-"Do I not have to dress?"
- Nor should I? Does not matter!
I have to
ask something.
Did they agree with
the wedding arrangements?
They wish to be free spouses,
honest and with mutual love?
- Let the groom respond.
- Yes.
-"May the bride respond."
- Yes.
I declare you husband and wife.
You can kiss.
Listen, I'll go there and we'll talk.
Yes, Lisa, it's very important.
I found a diary.
Yes I recall.
Well, we'll talk later. Bye!
Who were you talking with?
With my sister.
-"Nastya, I have to go see her."
-"When shall we go?"
- Ivan!
- Come on! Here I am!
-"What you brought us!"
-"They've grown a lot.
Come on! Carry a suitcase!
Nastya, my sister Lisa. Lisa, Nastya.
You are beautiful. I was with
fear that you would not come.
I've already lost a lot.
- What?
- Mom, he pushed me!
I told you not to push your sister!
Go to the bedroom! Coming soon.
Dinner will be ready.
- The house is old. We did not reform it.
- This place is very beautiful.
This is the dining room.
Our family is
full of photographers.
Our great grandfather invented
The daguerreotype.
It's all right? This is our bedroom.
Dad's underneath
Settle down on the first floor.
Come on, I'll show you.
My great-grandmother lived here.
She was very old.
Do not go there, please.
It's his deathbed.
He should not be disturbed.
It's delicious.
You're an excellent cook!
Thank you.
I inherited the taste of
cooking from my mother.
The secret is in the apples.
They must be acidic.
Yes. So acidic that it dulls the tongue.
Fresh, they lose their flavor.
-"Tell us about yourself, Nastya!"
- I'm the oldest.
- I studied Pedagogy and Philosophy. Is that you?
- I?
I'm a nurse and
I work in a hospital.
Dad worked in a factory,
but retired.
Our village is small.
In the beginning it's going to be weird.
Sounds beautiful to me.
We'll spoil for it!
The tent is ready.
The day after tomorrow, the guests will arrive.
We'll have to bring chairs.
After our family tradition,
we will have the wedding.
Well, we're going tomorrow.
Nastya, you are now part of our
family and I want to give you something.
It's our grandmother's ring.
Lisa, she already has one. What
are you going to do with that junk?
How rude!
-"Nastya, did you like the present?"
- Yes, thanks.
All right?
Oh here! The nights here are cold.
- Thank you.
-"You must be tired." Sleep well.
It was me. It looked so real.
When Lisa and I were
children, we thought that...
there was another person in the room.
We would close our eyes, hold,
and we counted up to three.
When we opened our eyes
there was no one there.
If we do not see, it does not exist.
- Try it!
-"Ivan, this is stupid!"
Try. Its easy.
1, 2, 3.
-"Misha, Tanya, come here.
- Well, good night!
- I'm going out with the family.
- Hang on!
- Tell me a story!
- What kind?
A fairy tale.
For kids?
Once upon a time, a knew this girl,
Blonde very beautiful.
She went to live in an old house,
Where there was a complicated family.
Why was the family
so complicated?
They had customs and
rules very difficult.
The old house was terrifying.
And she thought she saw
something strange.
And then came the
prince and saved her.
He saved her and fell in love.
And he asked if she
would marry him.
And she said yes.
Lisa, do not you ask me?
I love her! I can not!
You know exactly why my
children are always afraid?
You do not live here!
Nothing will happen.
I'll take care of her.
If you do that,
you're going to destroy us!
If this happens, come on!
She will hear us!
It's ok.
She is sleeping!
I will not let anyone hurt you.
We are going tomorrow. Let her sleep.
Ventilation extends through
Whole house.
Through the walls.
It was built like this.
I heard a noise...
Sometimes children play there.
We should close it. Are you hungry?
- How did you sleep?
- Good.
I'm glad.
"Do you know where Ivan is?"
"He went to see some old friends.
-"He will come back at night."
- Weird. Ivan did not tell me anything.
He can not say
everything he does.
The number you requested
is not Available.
Leave a message after the signal.
The number you requested
is not Available.
Leave a message after the signal.
Do not go too far from home,
especially at night.
Because there are snakes.
Come! Come and help!
They are oak trees.
They are 200 years old.
Ivan and I were playing underneath.
When we were children.
We were hanging onto those branches.
And we waited to see who fell first.
Ivan was very small, and
I did not want to give up!
I thought that, being small,
he could not beat me.
Your husband is a fighter.
What happened to your husband?
- Did he tell you?
- Excuse me. Did not want to...
Excuse me.
My husband drank a lot,
like other men.
I hope Ivan is different.
Come with me,
I'll show you something.
- Where will you be?
- What are you looking for?
How many times have I told you
not to enter here?
Misha, you're the eldest,
you must take care of your sister!
Sorry, Mom!
Go to your room and do not
Leave her alone! Take care of your sister!
"No. They are..."dead."
Before the photos were expensive ...
And not all in the
World could pay.
But these memories
still remain.
- "And who are these people?"
- Our great-grandfather's clients.
They had a studio
Of photography.
There are strange things
that people did.
They thought that
they could deceive death.
And so they would remain in the family.
Holding Your soul
in a photo negative.
Here it is!
Use this.
It's our grandmother's dress.
Do you like?
It's beautiful.
It is for you to use in the
marriage tomorrow.
Lisa, I can not.
Why did you say that?
The dress is inherited
from mother to daughter.
And the ring.
Now it's yours, take it as a symbol
Of unity among our families.
Lisa, I can not ... I do not know
You have to respect
the traditions of the family.
This is our tradition!
Do not believe?
Yes it is so.
Go ahead, do it.
The number you requested
is not Available
Leave a message after the signal.
For the ancient Slavs,
marriage was not something common.
It was a mystical ceremony.
Could you tell us what it was?
- Of course. It was a royal burial.
-"Who were they burying?"
A bride.
It was a ceremony
full of mysticism.
When the bride was delivered,
she was considered dead.
Was it something typical?
In a way, yes!
She wore a white dress.
It was a symbol ... that covered the dead.
Washed one last time.
The bride sat down and wept.
She was waiting
to die.
She was ready to die.
They closed their eyes to the bad guys.
Spirits do not take your soul.
Come here! What
What are you doing there?
Need help.
Tanya got stuck.
- At where?
- On the wall!
If your mother finds out,
what are we here for?
She'll be mad at me!
I do not know why they would be mad...
Do you like to be in this place?
What happened?
Wait a moment...
Good. You're already free.
Let's get out of here.
What is it?
- It's her.
- Who?...
The number you requested
is not Available.
Leave a message after the signal.
- How is it going?
- Wrong.
Lord, no! Do not go!
Do not approach her!
It's dangerous, sir!
It's dangerous!
It's dangerous!
- Drink it!
-"No. Where is Ivan?"
-"You have to drink."
- Maybe something happened?
Nothing happened. He will be able to
Come back tonight. Where would he go?
-"She's Aglaja, a known doctor."
- Hey, Nastya!
Well, look at me.
Do not worry. You will stay
well for the wedding.
Give us a moment alone.
Worried about something?
It seems that somthing's wrong!
Have you seen anything yet?
Previously believed was
that a man is immortal.
A woman does not know that.
They only know by chance.
Long before they
found, their souls ...
became united through
But when the souls met,
an evil spirit appeared.
Tempting young people.
If the bride was a virgin,
She had nothing to fear.
Are you a virgin?
Good. So you do not have
any reason to fear.
Stay calm, Nastya!
Leave a message after the signal.
"Ivan, why do not you answer me?"
Weird things are happening
here and you disappeared!
I'm sorry, but I will not stay.
I'm leaving.
-"Is she still a virgin?"
- Of course.
Lisa, if something goes wrong,
it will destroy us all.
First go after your children!
Ivan is a fool! Thanks to
Him we are all in danger!
He did not want to harm us.
The city has changed him.
A big city brings big problems.
Listen, Lisa, and if we go to town.
I'm thinking of the kids.
You do not have to live here with us.
Lisa, we all have the same fate,
There is no escape.
-"Misha, Tanya, go to bed now!"
- Mom, we're in bed.
The children are strong.
Do not be afraid,
everything will be fine.
Everything will be fine.
Sleep well!
Tomorrow is the big day..
Go eat something.
Get up.
I said get up!
Come on, drink.
Drink it!
Go eat.
Go. Get out of here!
She will come soon!
Any time. Get out of here!
Get out of here! Go away!
Get out of here, Nastya!
Do not breath and do not move!
Close your eyes and breathe!
"Did you try to escape?"
"I told you not to go out at night!"
What did you do with Ivan?
You are not in
a position to ask!
Drink it! It's tea. Is for
your own good.
No, no, no!
What is going on?
- You survived a serious illness.
-"You need time to get used to it."
I am dead.
Let me take your body!
Look! This is your great-grandfather.
"And this is your first bride."
"She died the day before the wedding."
And this is your wife.
- What year is it?
-"It's an old photograph."
Very old.
These are Lisa and Ivan,
When children.
- It's the same woman.
- It's Mom.
Whose mother?
Our mother.
Let me go!
We have everything ready!
Does it mean anything ...
Why do you not behave?
You spoiled the photo!
Would you like to infuriate Mama?
- No.
-"Mother is very angry.
Get out!
Forgive them, Mother.
It's ok?
Nastya, forgive me!
I wanted you to come with me.
The fault is mine.
I should have told the truth.
Our family is cursed.
The creature you saw
in the bedroom, is called mother.
She killed my mother and left
my father as an invalid.
It's because I?
Her body is dying.
and she needs a new one.
The person should be related
to someone in the family.
We should not have come here.
I wanted to find the photo.
In my great-grandfather's diary.
So I can break the curse.
But nobody knows where it is.
I know where it is.
I know where it is.
Ivan? Ivan?
Ivan? Ivan?
Ivan! Ivan! Ivan!
When will we go?
It is coming soon.
Sleep well!
Can you stay with us today?
She will be coming soon.
But today he will not.
She is bad.
But do not worry. She does not
hurt anyone in the family.
Every time she comes, she
stands at the door.
"If she comes, you know what to do?"
"I close my eyes and I do not breathe".
Now go to sleep. Will you sleep!
Where is Ivan?
It's compromised.
- Mom accepted it.
- Please do not! Please!
- Please do not!
- Do not be afraid. Wait for a new life.
Please do not!
Get away from me! Please!
Let me go ... Help!
Please! No!
Please do not!
Let me out!
Let me out!
It's ok.
That's how it's supposed to be.
The girl is not a virgin!
-Where are they going?
-Where are they going?
Did not work!
It did not work!
The ritual went awry!
Forgive us.
Calm down, calm down, calm down ...
Have mercy!
They are just kids.
It's not their fault.
Forgive me.
Forgive me please!
- You can stand up?
- Yes.
Ivan ... save my children!
- Nastya, get out!
- I know where the kids are!
Kids, come here!
Bring the kids!
This way!
This way!
Shut up!
Come back.
Forgive us, Nastya!
Do not break!
Do not break, please!
Take care of my children!
She is beautiful.
And very cheap!
A little paint, some adjustments
and it will be brand new!
- Yeah. She needs a makeover.
"Yes. But it will be all right."
It will not be in vain.