New Battles Without Honor and Humanity 2: Boss's Head (1975) Movie Script

kanmon Channel
The kanmon Channel is
the gateway to Japan...
that has been open to the
continent since ancient times.
It has also served as a mouth that
sucked in many kinds of crime.
Drugs and other illegal commodities
would be secretly unloaded...
and stored at smugglers'
warehouses in the area...
then sold off to dealers
from all over the country.
Fighting over the territorial rights
that lead to huge profits were...
the two major criminal organizations,
the Owada Family and the kyoei Group.
Northern kyushu
June 1968
Tetsuya kusunoki
an Executive of the Owada Family
kunimitsu Sugawa
member of the Family
Shuji kuroda, a traveler
Are you sure about it?
I'm sure.
It must be bothersome for you.
You want me to handle that too?
I'm gonna have to turn myself
in in your place anyway.
Then, it wouldn't make any
difference if I did it myself.
You're Boss Owada's favorite
man and his son-in-law.
You don't need to put yourself at risk.
I want you to keep making lots of
money for you and me, you see.
What's the matter?
Gotta pee!
Tetsu, here it comes!
Hurry up, Tetsu, what are you doing?
Come on now.
Iwao Masaki
Chairman of the kyoei Group
It was fun.
Welcome back.
Come out, Masaki.
Who are you?
Shuji kuroda, charged with
murder, sentenced to 7 years in jail
Bunta Sugawara
Meiko kaji
Tsunehiko Watase
Yuriko Hishimi
Boss says hello to you.
The Family's doing incredibly
well, all thanks to you.
Take care of your body and get out soon.
We'll be waiting for you, with
your money in the saving.
Yeah, I look forward to it.
I'm counting on you.
What's this?
Shut up. We're going to make you feel good.
Let me go.
Katsuo Shimura
Stop it.
What's your problem? You wanna fight?
Brother... Brother
Sorry for your trouble the other day.
Thank you.
Brother, which family do you belong to?
I've got no relations whatsoever.
But I'm a bonded brother with the
boss-to-be of the Owada Family in kyushu.
They ask me to join them when I get out.
If you want, you can come with me.
I'll be happy to. I'll serve you well.
Years passed.
Over time kusunoki had
stopped contacting kuroda.
Kuroda wrote letters to him but
never heard back from him.
Akira Nishimura Mikio Narita
Tsutomu Yamazaki
7 years later
There he is.
Brother! I waited for you!
Welcome back!
Here. Brother, please take a puff.
Who's this?
Yes, he's my little brother, so to speak.
His name is kobayashi.
I'm an apprentice, Akira
kobayashi. Honored to meet you.
He wanted to come with
you, and tagged along here.
Please, Brother, take him on.
You're a big executive of the Owada
Family once you return to kyushu.
A couple more men to support wouldn't
be a big deal for you, would it?
But you see...
What I told you before may not happen.
Brother, please put this on.
I bought it for you.
Looks good.
Who is it?
Sorry I put you through hardships.
I expected you to be doing
slightly better than this.
I'm an abandoned dog. They
don't need me any more.
Why abandoned?
You're the one who made the
Owada Family the ruler of this town.
That's why I'm no longer needed.
Then, we should go have
a talk with Boss Owada.
A talk?
I served time in your place...
with the promise I'd be taken
care of when I come out.
Mr. Owada can't ignore me.
Please go have a talk.
You have a point.
Misako, it's kuroda.
Thank you for all your help back then.
We're grateful.
It's a humble home but please come in.
Well, there's some place
we've gotta be. Right?
Yeah. We're gonna go see Dad.
Owada Family
Oh, hello!
Is there a meeting?
Yes. Dad's called everyone to meet here.
I see. Let me wait for him here.
Come on in.
Oh, you're?
That's right. You met Sugawa back then.
I'm leaving him with Izeki for now.
That's right. Long time no see.
So, don't you have any
young men under you now?
There's no point in going over this any more.
Bring out some whisky now.
I thought we had agreed to
focus on business today.
Tokuji Owada
Head of Owada Family
With or without alcohol
my position won't change.
If we keep operating in the small
confines of Owada's territory...
Takeo Akamatsu
Bonded Brother of the Family
all of us will end up getting fat.
That's why I want to venture
out to a larger area myself.
If I leave...
the rest of you will have more space
to share among yourselves, right?
Shigehiko Aihara
the Family's Manager of Young Men
You're saying the territory's gotten
small, but how did you get so fat?
Wasn't it the name of Owada Family
that got you where you are now?
If you want to go it alone...
you should first return to us your
present territories of prostitution...
and drug dealings.
Then you can leave.
I'm not Owada's kid like
you guys; I'm his brother.
I built my own territories by myself.
You have no right to complain
about them. You green face.
I agree with Aihara.
Seiji Izeki
Family's executive
It doesn't make sense to
get greedy and start a war.
It's better to live and let live, right?
I won't allow you to go independent.
Think of what would happen if
you leave and create an opening.
They say a solid wall can
crumble with an ant hole.
Do you think you can succeed
without the Family's backup?
I'm not saying I want the Family to fall.
You may not be but that's what's meant.
Mr. Akamatsu...
We've helped one another
to get here together.
Let's stop fighting and let's get along.
He's right. There's no need
to fight among ourselves.
That's enough! I'm leaving.
Looks like it's over.
I'm going to see Dad. I'll get you in a minute.
Dad, please!
Kuroda took the blame all on his own...
so, he should receive five
million at least, or I'll lose face.
Face? What face is that? Idiot!
If you want to save your face, go
and make five million your own.
I gave you a hostess bar and you sold it off.
How can you ask me for
five million so casually?
No matter how much I gave you, you
spent it all on drugs like nothing.
Wipe your own dirty ass!
Yeah, I've got a fine son-in-law for sure.
If you want to talk like a man, you
should be able to feed your own wife.
What do you want?
If you don't like it, cancel
your bonding cup and get out.
I'm begging you. Five...
no, three million will do.
Loan me the money. I plead you.
I believe my services have
earned that much at least.
Shut up!
I'll kick you out...
kick you out of the Family. Go home now!
This is a nice bar, isn't it?
It's quite small, so we
make just enough to eat.
It would sell for about five million, I suppose.
What do you mean by that?
What I mean is, I was counting
on receiving five million.
If Mr. Owada isn't gonna give it
to me, I should get it from you.
Do you really mean that?
I haven't had that much to be drunk yet.
You can give me five million or this bar.
Either way I want you to do
the right thing. You see?
Let me ask you again.
Do you really mean that?
Yeah, I do.
Seven and a half years is a long time!
I was thinking five million isn't enough.
You, no good fool, what
kind of a son-in-law are you?
Kill me, then!
You'll be happy if you kill me, won't you?
Alright, I'll kill you!
Brother, please stop.
Hon. I'll pay!
I'll pay you 5 million, I promise!
I've got to pay him even
if I had to sell my body.
Don't you realize you owe him that much?
Let's go.
Kuroda, it's you. It's been a long time.
What happened?
Some problem?
Welcome. What brings you here?
Come on in.
Let's have a drink somewhere else.
I've got bars of my own.
Dad is very concerned about you...
and wants me to talk with you.
Are these your men?
Go get some women.
We'll be drinking somewhere else.
Accept it.
Thank you.
Well, let me borrow him a while.
You see, I thought kusunoki was
going to be the next Owada boss.
That was a major miscalculation.
Well, take this for now.
It's from Dad.
A hundred thousand for
seven and a half years?
Your mistake was betting on kusunoki.
It's like putting money on a wrong horse.
You've gotta let it go.
It's win or lose.
It was a mistake to put my
money on the safest bet.
Hey, where are you staying?
Wake up.
Drinking like a beggar.
Come on.
Who's this man?
A traveler.
Hey, wake up, come on.
What took you so long?
I waited for you since sundown.
We don't have enough time now.
Well, just go back tonight.
Make sure no one sees you and
wait a while before you leave.
Alright? Same as usual. I'm going out first.
Darling, what shall we do about him?
Leave that bastard alone.
Hey, give me water.
Ah, how pretty.
You're really pretty.
The red evening sun falls burning
Floating on the ocean, where are you going?
With a guitar in my arms, aimlessly
I fade away into the night
You remind me of myself,
the red evening sun
What happened?
Were you hanging with that man all night?
You see, I don't really know.
What time is it?
Yes, it's almost suppertime.
Can you come with me for a while?
Oh, what do you want?
We're gonna make you five million now.
Where are we going?
Dad's mistress named
Shinako lives up the road.
Dad should be there right
now, riding her like a boat.
What did you do that for?
Just shut up and wait here.
Oh, Dad?
Tetsu? What are you doing?
Shut up!
Have you lost your mind?
Treating me like this.
Do you think you're gonna get away with it?
I don't care if I don't.
Unless I receive five million,
I won't be able to survive as yakuza.
Tell me, how does it feel
to dig your own grave?
Keep digging!
Shinako, come on out.
Hey, keep an eye on him
so that he won't run.
That's good enough.
Save me.
I beg you, I'll do anything. Please, save me.
Shut up! Just sit there!
Hon, help me now!
Hey! I'll pay five million. I will.
I don't trust you.
Take my word for it. I promise I'll pay!
Dad, you're next. Take a good look.
Trust my word, I'm begging you.
Hey, hold it.
Then, when will you pay me?
Stop crying, you.
I'll have one of my men bring it to you.
Stop crying now.
Hey, thanks for coming.
Have a seat.
What kind of stunt did you pull off last night?
I wonder.
What happened?
Why don't you ask your boss?
He suddenly changed his mind...
and said to pay you five million right away.
He called me on the phone.
Thanks for your trouble.
Money is money no matter
where it comes from.
Give me.
It was a short notice and we don't
have five million lying around.
Use this for now. Here.
What's this?
It's heroin. It's five to six
hundred thousand worth.
Does your boss know about this?
He's leaving it in my hands until
he gets the money together.
But I can't do anything with this.
Do you expect to earn money
without breaking sweat?
Are you telling me to sell it to make money?
That's right. You know the
massage places around here.
All the girls use it.
What's the matter? Don't
you like the arrangement?
What's the situation with the territory?
They belong to Akamatsu of our family.
I'll let him know about it.
Well, alright now? We'll be in touch.
He said it's Akamatsu's territory, didn't he?
Sorry, we aren't open yet.
I'd like to see Mr. Akamatsu.
Please come in.
This way, please.
You said you had something to show me.
So, what do you want me to do with that?
I want you to buy this.
For how much?
Five hundred thousand.
Idiot. Five hundred
thousand is the retail price.
I would buy it for three hundred.
Mr. Akamatsu, I'm broke and in need of help.
Manager of Young Men, Mr. Aihara,
said to sell it for this price.
Aihara did?
I'm not yet familiar with
the situation around here...
and I don't want to get myself
into trouble by being ignorant.
That's why I came to you.
What are you saying?
I don't know what Aihara told you...
but you better get out of
the town if you want to live.
Get out now.
What are you barking at?
I see you have a guest.
Oh, it's you.
I saw you at the hotel.
I thought it was a dream.
But I'll be damned, it's you.
You must be mistaken.
What hotel is that?
Well, I seem to be wrong.
I'm sorry about the mistake.
Excuse me now.
How did it go?
He has a tight fist.
Ah, we need five hundred thousand.
The bills for the inn are accumulating.
Let's sell it. I'm sure we
can sell it off quickly.
Alright. Sell it.
Yes. Come on.
Tell me!
Who were you seeing at the hotel?
You damned whore!
This isn't a show!
Tell me, did you sleep with that bastard?
Say it!
I don't know what you're talking about.
You bitch!
I didn't do anything.
You think you can get away
with it? I'm gonna kill you!
Who's the man? Huh?
How many times did you
let him into your hole?
There. There!
Darling, if you want to punish me...
use my body, punish me
as much as you want.
Then you'll know I'm not cheating on you.
What? Are you really not doing anything?
I'm gonna sell you off to
a whorehouse next time.
Take this with you.
Forgive me. I'll give it back to you.
You hick! Next time you show
your face here, you're dead!
Don't forget that.
Bastards. Kidding yourselves.
Brother. Brother!
Brother, are you alright?
I'm alright.
How did you do?
Bastards, I fooled them.
That's good.
It's okay as long as we've got the goods.
If we ever lose that, we'll
let our brother down.
Akira! Where are you going?
How can I help you?
Is Mr. Akamatsu in?
Give it back to me!
Give me a knife.
Aya... Aya!
Dad! Dad! Dad!
Stand back.
I know him.
You know him?
I'm his family.
Wait. Are you with the Akamatsu Family?
Hm, then come.
That young man is my family.
What are you guys gonna
do, gathering here like this?
Well, we want to avenge our Dad's death.
What era are you living in?
Do you think the general public
will condone this kind of behavior?
The police want your group to dissolve.
To hell with the police.
Shut up.
How did you manage to lead
your men in your boss's place?
Our dad is concerned about your
members who are left behind.
He offers to look after you.
But if you get into trouble with the police...
the family will be dissolved,
and he won't take you in.
Take responsibility and get
the men to go home. All right?
But what about kuroda?
Leave it to us. We'll come
up with the best solution.
Y... yes.
We're done. Please go ahead.
Kuroda, what made you kill Akamatsu?
Tell me what happened.
We'll need to take appropriate
measures depending on circumstances.
Please ask Aihara about it.
Aihara? What do you mean?
I will explain. But first...
kuroda, here's the five million I promised.
Hey, hadn't you given it to him yet?
Dad, the fact is, I made the plan
to get kuroda to kill Akamatsu.
What did you say?
What did you do that for?
A guy like Akamatsu who kept
all the profits in his pocket...
and now wanted to leave the
family and go independent.
It wouldn't make a good example if
we just let him do whatever he wants.
But if someone in the family killed him
it wouldn't look good to the society.
But Aihara, Mr. Akamatsu
was Boss's brother after all.
And you took it in your own hands.
There's such a thing as an indirect way
of loyalty in the world of the yakuza.
In your mind I bet you all had
the same thought, didn't you?
Kuroda, I'll give you 24
hours to leave this town.
You'll be okay on the road with that money.
This is the money you
promised me seven years ago.
How are you going to pay me
for taking care of Akamatsu?
We did what you told us to
do, and lost a young man.
This money won't even pay for a funeral.
Please do the right thing.
Do you think...
a wanderer like yourself is in any position to
try and get your way with the Owada Family?
A wanderer has his own pride too.
Throw him out!
Stop it!
I'll take in kuroda.
Treat him as a guest and
show him hospitality.
Aihara, kuroda served
seven years in jail for us.
Not only that...
He's the one who did the work
for you to carry out your plan.
You shouldn't treat him so heartlessly.
But Akamatsu's young men won't be
happy about the way you treat him.
You as the Manager of Young
Men keep them under control.
I was going to excommunicate
Akamatsu. Tell them that.
Case closed.
Kuroda, I'll take care of the one who died.
Can you settle for that?
His mother is here to claim his body.
Do you confirm it is Shigeru Sasaki?
You want him to be cremated here
and take his ashes home, correct?
Excuse me, I'm his friend.
He told me his name was Akira kobayashi.
Is that so?
I don't know why...
but he paid for becoming
crazy about a movie star...
and disrespecting the
name his parents gave him.
Missing: Shigeru Sasaki
He was always a foolish young boy.
He said he didn't want to be a farmer,
and wanted to be a wanderer,
and ran away from home.
What the psychic told me came true.
She said he wouldn't return
alive, but as red bones.
If his body turns into red bones,
it's a sign of his wrongdoing.
What will our ancestors say then?
The atmosphere is the sales point of a bar...
so I plan to decorate it like a Ginza bar.
I see, you're quite an
entrepreneur, aren't you?
It's all because the Owada
Family is behind it.
Hey, come over here.
Dad, let me introduce to you the
manager of the bar. This is Boss Owada.
I know him well.
It's been a long time. Welcome.
Oh, so, it's you.
I thought you might still be in mourning.
I persuaded her into it.
It doesn't make sense to stay
loyal to a dead man forever.
Dad, this way, please.
Well, please relax and enjoy.
Ginza, my ass.
What bad taste. All he knows
about are cheap cabarets.
Kuroda, I see you got the support role.
You introduced them to each other.
You'd better stay away from that woman.
She's what they call a down luck maid.
Every man who gets involved
with her ends up dead.
The man before Akamatsu
and the man before him...
died in car accidents or something, I hear.
Is that right? How frightening.
Then, you should stay away from her too.
Well, I'd be interested in
sleeping with her maybe once.
Asajiro Nozaki
Head of the Nozaki Family of Osaka
A nice bar, isn't it?
Please come this way.
Dad, it's Uncle from Osaka.
My goodness, it is my big brother.
Why didn't you tell me you were coming?
I'm here as Aihara's guest today.
Uncle, it's been a long time.
I hear you're doing well.
Doing my best.
Uncle, please come this way. Please.
Aihara, how come you didn't
tell me Brother was coming?
Now, now, it's alright. I'm here with you now.
Dad. The mayor is on the phone.
He wants to say congratulations to you.
My, my. Excuse me for a few minutes.
How about that? Aihara's grown big.
You have a good successor.
You can relax and retire any time you want.
Brother. Did Aihara mention
something about my retirement?
No, he didn't.
I've never said anything to anyone
about who the successor will be.
But you know, there's no other
candidate who's good enough.
Listen, you're getting up there.
It's a good idea to start thinking
about who your successor will be.
I asked you to gather here today...
about the successor after my retirement.
Dad, are you retiring?
That's not what I mean.
I just want to prepare
for the times to comes...
and decide who it will be
within the inner circle.
Izeki, you take over the family after me.
That's right. You.
Dad, I disagree.
Me too.
I don't want to sound harsh but
he doesn't have the charisma.
What a thing to say. He's
the first in the ranks.
I hope you weren't thinking
of pushing him aside...
and getting to the top yourself.
So, there it is.
Also, I want to take this opportunity
to give kuroda my bonding cup.
Please be my witnesses.
Hey, get kuroda here.
Dad, hold on a minute.
I'd submit to any decision you make.
But I do oppose you giving kuroda your cup.
Getting a total stranger like
him into the Owada Family...
is like soiling the valuable name of Owada.
He's right.
He's a wanderer.
He's someone I've come to trust in.
Or are you saying your judgment
of characters is better than mine?
Did you want to see me?
Kuroda, I want to give you
my cup as a bonded parent.
Have you ever bonded with anyone before?
No, no one.
Izeki, after I give him my cup...
you give him a cup to bond as his brother.
I want you to cooperate with everyone else...
and keep the family going
strong after I retire.
How many years has it been?
How's your blood pressure?
It was 150/70 yesterday.
That's good.
You still remember what I like.
Misako. I'm thinking of retiring.
I thought I'd be able to keep going...
but people around me are pressuring me.
I guess it's a good time to withdraw.
If I persist, I might end up losing everything.
Is that so.
I support your decision.
Don't you want to come home?
What can you do with a bar like this?
I'm going to be alone too.
How about living together, the
two of us just like the old times?
I can't.
Are you still being loyal to that mad man?
Leave him. Separate from him now.
He's no longer human; he's an animal.
If you hold on to him he's
gonna end up killing you.
You know, Aihara, it still
feels like I'm dreaming.
I never thought it'd happen.
I'm sure you have things to say...
but I ask you to please support me.
You're the undisputable
man of power in the family.
I'll help you with anything you want.
Thanks. Everyone, I count on you.
I'm blessed with a good
boss and family members.
I'm real fortunate.
Mama-san, will you dance with me?
You thought Aihara was
going to be the successor...
but you miscalculated.
Or are you in love with him?
Do you think I am?
A sexy woman like you in my arms
makes me want to steal you from him.
You've got a nice thing here.
Take care of me.
Come with me.
Take care of me.
You shouldn't.
Dad. If it's money, I'll get it for you.
Stay out of this.
Misako, there's no drugs.
Hon, hold on. Hon!
No drugs, no drugs, no drugs.
Hon, please go to the hospital...
or I'm going to have to leave you.
What did you do with the drugs?
There's no more drugs. I threw it out.
Hon! Hon!
Get in the car.
Get in.
Misako, what happened?
Did you come back?
I'm exhausted, really exhausted.
Come on, get out.
Stop it. That's his last shot.
Let him have as much as he wants.
What's this? Are you gonna kill me?
It's Dad's order.
He wants to get Ms. Misako back
from you and marry her to kuroda.
Kuroda is quite a good ass kisser.
Aren't you angry to be treated like this?
Stop it, stop it.
That's enough.
I really sympathize with you.
I don't feel like killing you.
If you want to live...
you must kill Dad and kuroda
with your own hands.
Dad, Mr. Kusunoki's here.
What shall I tell him?
Kuroda, buy Misako.
What are you saying?
I'll sell her to you for
money, so buy her from me.
You low life bastard.
It's dangerous.
So, what happened to the son-in-law?
He's in an insane asylum.
What a bad way to go for Mr. Owada.
His daughter's the one
who's taking the real blow.
She's lost her husband and
father at the same time.
Misako, I feel for you.
But keep your head up.
Thanks for taking your time to come.
I wonder what that's about.
This is the real test.
Prepare yourself.
Izeki, Uncle wants to see you.
Kuroda, you aren't invited.
It's an exclusive meeting
among the executives only.
It's okay, sit down.
Oh, Izeki, it's about the
announcement of the successor.
This was a sudden development, and
Uncle Nozaki is concerned for us too.
The sooner the announcement the better.
A delay will affect the family's integrity...
and the police will try to break us up.
I hear the former boss nominated
Izeki as the successor.
Well, it wasn't official.
Listen, Izeki...
Do you still wish to take
over Owada's position?
Well, yes.
But it's going to be tough.
There's a pile of problems we have
to deal with, socially and internally.
The new boss must have
incredible determination.
Anyone with a weak mind
won't last for three days.
It costs money, you see.
Aihara has some stash, so we should be okay.
But how about you?
Izeki, I'd like to know
what you honestly think.
Are you truly ready to take on
the big name of Owada? Tell me.
What's the matter? Why
don't you answer me?
I need to discuss it with Brother kuroda.
Do you call yourself a grown man?
I don't have enough funds...
so I resign from my designation.
I recommend Aihara for the position.
I see, okay.
So, it's decided.
Aihara, listen to me.
The first thing to do is a spring
cleaning within the family.
Cut off anyone who might become
trouble for you later, show no mercy.
Kuroda will be the first one to go.
Who's that?
He's a personal guest of Mr. Owada.
No one knows his background.
He's bonded with Izeki as brothers.
Kuroda isn't the kind of person
who'd do harm to the new boss.
I know there's been misunderstandings.
But I'll talk to him.
New Boss...
Please forget the past and take on
kuroda just like you take me on.
Izeki, kuroda is a bad influence for you.
How's that?
Think about it.
I need you as my right arm now.
If you're bonded with a stray dog,
my reputation will be affected too.
It's best to cut him off, I say.
Say, Izeki, why don't you
put it to an end yourself?
What do you mean an end?
You pushed the big job of taking
over the family on Aihara.
That's the least you can do for him.
If it's too much for you to
handle, I can do it for you.
If it has to be done, I will do it myself.
But can you please save my face
and simply send him away instead?
Send him away?
I'll tell him it's an executive
decision and get him to agree to it.
We'll cancel our brotherhood too. Please.
Would he really agree to it?
What's wrong with sending him away?
Izeki, be sure to strip him of all he's
got and kick him out of this town.
If he ever returns even for a
moment, your life will be at risk.
Send me away?
I beg you.
Please do as I tell you.
I'll do whatever I can to help you.
I'm sorry but will you return the pin to us?
The pin, I see.
But Brother, I will definitely resent this.
You got easily sucked into Aihara's scheme.
This damn brat will show
them his damn tough spirit.
I'll show them what a stray dog is made of.
Brother, listen...
I'm gonna put you back in the
position of the family's boss.
Kuroda, wait, what on earth
are you planning to do?
What else? I'm gonna take Aihara's life.
You're crazy. It's impossible.
He's got so many soldiers.
Leave it to me.
You stay right here.
Let me tell you, a yakuza is just
scum if he's not the leader.
You guys, go get the guns.
I came to steal another man's woman.
Let me in.
A life of luxury, isn't it?
What do you want?
I told you I came to steal you.
You came to kill him.
You killed Akamatsu, now it's Aihara.
Why do you have to kill all my men?
Bad luck, I suppose.
You want some?
I'll have some.
I don't like seeing people
killed in front of my eyes.
But you won't be able to kill Aihara.
How come?
He's not like other men.
You know, he calls me a bitch
and only does me from behind.
The truth is he's scared of being
involved with a down luck maid.
He thinks he's safe as long
as he does me from behind.
He's that kind of a man.
And you?
I'm a stray dog.
You said you came to steal me.
Do you want to do me from the front...
or from behind?
I see.
It's Aihara. He says he can't come tonight.
Ask him what happened.
What happened?
We're still drinking and it's
getting late. I can't take time off.
I'm going to visit Osaka soon...
so let's hang out over there.
I'll buy you anything you want.
I look forward to it.
Good night.
He has no idea whatsoever.
But his life's saved.
He still has his luck.
Hey, are you going home just like that?
I don't want to die yet.
They all want to live long. Men.
Sugawa, what are you doing here?
There's no second chance.
You'll need a driver.
A few days later, Aihara headed toward
Osaka with Izeki and the others...
in order to make official visits as
the new leader of the Owada Family.
Aihara will first visit the
Okochi Family in Ube.
They're doing constructions
at Onoda exit off Route195.
It's one way and they'll have to slow down.
There's a side road right by it,
so, we'll meet them head on.
Go now.
This is Yamaguchi Traffic Information.
At the moment, all roads in
Ube City are moving smoothly.
On Route 2, due to the ongoing
constructions, traffic is restricted.
There's a jam that stretches for
4 km between Onoda and Ube.
Go at 60 km per hour. That'll
get us there just in time.
Look at this.
Doesn't look good.
Sugawa, cut across there.
Hurry up, will you? Hurry up.
I'm counting on you.
Shall we?
Alright, let's go.
Damn it. Make a right!
Go! Damn it. Follow them. Follow them!
Here they come. Hurry up.
Kakita. The police!
Run to the police.
There they come.
The next day, Aihara sought help from
the Morimoto Family of Hiroshima...
in order to protect against kuroda's attack.
The entourage of five cars
headed toward Fukuyama.
Brother, there are four cars.
I thought there were five.
Don't worry. Follow them.
Strange. There's no such road on the map.
I wonder if it's a trap.
We've got no choice.
It is a trap. Go back.
They're coming from behind.
Damn them. Ram into them. Damn it.
The police are useless!
They can't even find three
small time gangsters.
we should return straight to
kyushu after we visit Mr. Nozaki.
We shouldn't stay here too long.
Izeki, it's all because you
failed. Do you realize that?
Is it the police?
It's kuroda.
What does he want?
He wants to speak to Mr. Izeki.
I don't want to speak to him.
Takigawa, you can hang up on him.
Get on the phone.
He might want a truce.
Ask what he wants too.
Hey, get on the phone. Hurry up.
You... How dare you do
a stupid thing like that!
Are you having fun making me suffer?
I beg you please to stop it already.
Mr. Aihara would be willing to hold a truce.
I'll mediate for you, so apologize to him.
Where the hell are you right now?
Brother, I can see you guys clearly from here.
You see, I hold no grudge against
the fact you tried to kill me.
All I want is Aihara's life.
To be frank, my young man got
injured and it's difficult for me.
But I'm persistent and I won't give up.
You don't need to do
anything. Just stay there.
Wear a bulletproof vest and don't move.
That man is crazy.
I hope you weren't contacting
kuroda, informing him of my moves.
No way, boss. I never saw him
again after that. Believe me.
Who is it?
It's me, Aya.
Let her in.
Ms Aya.
That's not nice.
Aya, good to see you.
What's with that face?
You look like you're dead.
Please come in.
Please, come in. Welcome.
I know you must be tired, but
please wait her for a while.
Dad is happily preparing for
a welcome party tonight.
We thank your kindness...
but we're thinking of returning
to kyushu as soon as we see him.
Please don't be shy.
Dad will be so disappointed to hear that.
Please make yourselves at home. Please.
Dad! Dad, please look at this.
Kuroda got arrested.
A kyushu yakuza arrested
for illegal gun possession
It sure is kuroda.
Yeah, I'm sure.
But his men are still around.
We shouldn't let our guards down.
Well, over the phone he said
his men were seriously injured.
Is that so?
Then, we can relax for now.
Fess up already.
We know you're not kuroda.
This is the real kuroda. This is him.
Look. Look closely!
Why did you want to pretend
to be him and get arrested?
You must have a reason, don't you?
Tell us, bastard!
Hey, we can't let you go to sleep yet.
Why's it? Why did you
get arrested in his place?
Fess up, damn it!
Don't take us for fools.
Come on, speak up! Spill it!
Shuji kuroda.
What the hell!
Cheers to the new boss of Owada.
Thank you.
Break a leg, okay? Now enjoy.
Excuse me.
Sorry for the inconvenience.
Sir, what would you like?
Whisky on the rocks.
Wanna dance?
Take him to a doctor!
Yes... yes. One moment please.
Is Mr. Izeki here?
Mr. Kuroda is on the phone.
It's me.
Brother, you'll be at the top at last.
Go back to kyushu right away...
and prepare for the announcement
of your position as the new boss.
If you don't hurry, someone might
take your life next time around.
Directed by
kinji Fukasaku
Ann Jiitsu
Subtitled and Mastered by
Cannibal king