New Life (2016) Movie Script

MAN: There are mountaintop experiences
in our journey through this world...
those rare and lucid moments
when everything seems right...
and anything is possible.
There are those ordinary days
when we may not be thrillingly aware
of what lies in the future...
but we know it's still out there.
There are also those strange times
when things do not add up or make sense.
We sit and wait for an answer
that will seemingly never come.
But it's all the moments, good and bad...
that make up a life.
And the most important thing
to do with life...
is to live it.
Where do I put this box down?
In the kitchen, please.
- Benjamin, darling, stay in the yard.
- Yes, Mum!
# Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall #
# Humpty Dumpty had a great fall #
# And all the... #
- MAN: Babe, you want this in the bedroom?
- Yes, please. Thank you.
You talk funny.
What's your name?
Uh, Ben.
We just moved here from England.
Does everybody there talk funny?
Not to me.
WOMAN: Ava, dinner!
Yes, ma'am.
BEN: That's where we began...
See ya!
Ava and me.
That's the moment that changed my life.
Ben! You know, you can't
hide from me for long.
- I'm pretty good at finding...
- Ahh!
[GASPS] Ugh, you're such a little dork.
One day, I'm gonna sail this boat for real.
Then I'm coming with you.
Only if you beat me to the house.
- Hey! You bring me that back!
- You're not gonna get me, Ava!
As we grew up, all those years
of play and make-believe
became something more...
something real...
something wow.
Charlie, get out of the way.
Come here. Come here. All right, ready?
Dance with me?
Michael's gonna get you both fired.
Yeah, well, he'll never
be able to be employed
by anyone who's not relationally
obligated to hire him, that's for sure.
I miss you.
I miss you, too.
But I'm gonna see you next week.
Okay. I'm sleepy.
I love you.
I love you, too.
Night, babe.
Ah, there you go.
Hi. What can I get for you?
Um, I'm gonna have a hazelnut latte, please.
Un caf au laut, s'il vous plat.
Yeah, sure.
- Thank you.
- 10 even.
You do that to them on purpose.
I don't know what you're talking about.
- I'll go get us a table.
- Stay out of trouble.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
And one grande hot cocoa, extra whip cream,
marshmallows, two pumps vanilla.
- Yep, that's me. Thank you.
- Hey, you.
Ava, hey.
- Sweet tooth?
- Yeah.
It's like Christmas in a cup. [CHUCKLES]
So how'd you do on the quiz last week?
Pretty good. Like a 96, I think.
- 96. Wow.
- You?
Uh, I did, you know, pretty good.
I'm up six points.
- Nice, onward and upward.
- Yeah.
I guess I'll still see you
in study group next week.
Yes, you will. Uh, look, I gotta run,
but I'll catch you later?
Okay, yeah. See you later.
AVA: Thank you.
That's yours.
- Is that...
- Who?
Who? The Adonis you were just talking to?
What, David? He's just in my study group.
Is there room for one more
in the study group?
No, because you are not in the class.
Well, I see something I can study.
Yeah, I bet you do. Good gracious, girl.
Between my job at the limo service
and interning at my father's
architecture firm...
it was a busy time.
Drive fast. We're in a hurry.
You, too. Okay.
Yeah, it's great. Thank you.
Thank you very much.
Look, Ben. Got me a quarter.
# Movin' in the city #
To Washington.
Uh, that's 400 miles away.
We pay you big money.
# Movin' in the city #
- What is that?
Dude, do you hear that?
- Dude...
- What is she doing?
Is she crying?
Dude, I think she's crying.
Aw, man.
This is you. This is you, man.
- I'm not doing... I can't.
- This is all you.
I can't. I can't.
- He's not a...
Nah, this is not...[CRYING]
She had the nerve to say it's my fault?
That it's... That it's my...
- I know.
- [SOBS]
Hi. I'm so sorry I'm late.
Where's everybody else?
Uh, I guess we're the only ones.
Oh. Okay.
Um, well, what'd you think about
what he covered in class today?
Um, I don't really know what he was saying,
but I did doodle an excellent
monkey with a top hat.
- Okay.
- Heh.
We clearly have a lot to go over.
I am playing around. Look.
I actually took your advice,
and I did take a few notes.
Yeah, you look pretty good.
You think so? You know,
red's not normally my color,
but I think this one actually...
you know, it's just dull enough.
Uh, I'm sorry.
I...I was talking about your notes.
Yeah, I know.
Uh, all right, well...
- Uh, chapter seven.
- Yeah.
Chapter... Chapter seven.
I mean, what page are you even on?
Okay, here. Just look on mine.
Okay, look. So right here in this speech
that Petruchio gives, classic narcissist.
...a little stiff whenever he moves.
- It's not a medical condition.
- Is that...
- You know it's a toupee, right?
- Stop.
Yeah, it's not so bad.
It's not. It's great.
You know, you should really be a teacher.
That's actually what I want to be.
- Really?
- Yeah.
So listen, don't go skipping class tomorrow
just 'cause you stayed up all night
- partying hard in the library.
- I don't know.
I'm gonna have a pretty bad old book
and dirty carpet smell hangover.
All right, well, you know, take
two aspirin, and call me in the morning.
Well, hey, thanks for walking me back.
Yeah, of course.
[LAUGHS NERVOUSLY] I'll see you.
- See you later.
- All right.
Hey. Uh, didn't expect you to answer.
I was just going to leave a message.
No, I'm up.
Okay. Well, good news.
I got the weekend off.
For real this time?
You want to get out of here?
Don't you have some project
to do or something?
Yeah, but you been slacking.
Well, some might say slacking.
Others might say delegating.
It's kind of a potato, a potahto.
Why don't you just take off?
I'll worry about locking up.
Okay, what is with you, man?
- What?
- What do you mean, "What?"
You've been in a bad mood
for, like, a month now,
and I gotta tell you
I'm getting a little sick of it.
I'm not in a bad mood.
Okay, yeah. You're right.
You're not in a bad mood at all.
I'm sorry. It's just Ava's mad at me again,
because I haven't made it up there
for weeks, and I...
I don't know. I can't not work,
not go to school.
So, dude, why do you put up with it?
Because I love her, man.
I know, but...
it just seems like
a lot of work for true love.
Yeah, well, you don't understand.
Heh. You are right.
I do not understand.
Was wondering, however,
about the French girl.
Go home, Mikey.
I'm just wondering about the French friend.
- It's two hours away.
- Two hours is nothing.
Two hours is a road trip,
and, you know, you always say
- that Ava wants to come visit.
- Go home.
And I wouldn't worry about two hours.
- You're ridiculous.
- 'Cause this old dog,
he can howl at the moon all night.
I mean... [HOWLS]
- Go home!
- Baby, I can do it all night!
Sorry I'm late.
You look great.
Thank you.
Let's just go. I'm starving.
So how's your internship going?
But one of the lead architects took one
of my designs, so that was awesome.
That's great.
And the, uh, chauffeur job?
Michael gets on my last nerve.
Some things never change.
So Monique went to this art show
last week at some gallery downtown.
This photographer is supposed to be amazing,
and apparently he's gonna
be there tomorrow night,
and she was able to get us tickets, so...
Oh, that sounds so great, babe.
Um, but...
[SIGHS] I can't believe
- I forgot to tell you this.
- What?
I have to cover the late shift
at De Luca's tomorrow night.
Are you kidding me?
Ben, I thought we had the whole weekend.
I know. We did. This just came
at the last minute.
One of the guys couldn't do it,
and somebody had to cover.
That's fine. It's fine.
Since you didn't have any plans
with anyone important,
I guess it was no big deal
for you to cover, right?
- Come on. Don't be like that.
- Don't be like what?
What, you want to tell me
how I should be now?
You know what?
Actually, why don't you tell me
what would work best for you, huh?
Since we're all apparently operating
off of your schedule right now.
Ava, can you calm down? People are looking.
I don't care if they're looking.
Let 'em look. God.
- Can I get you...
- I'll have the duck.
Sure you want to commit to that, Ben?
You may not have time to finish it,
given your busy schedule and all.
I'll have the slow-roasted chicken.
Well, thanks for a really great night.
Yeah, totally worth the two-hour drive.
Well, I don't know why you
came in the first place,
since you knew you didn't have
the whole weekend.
Well, I thought I was coming
to see my loving girlfriend,
but obviously she's not around.
Oh, no, no, no, no. She's around.
Oh, she's just waiting around all the time,
'cause that's all she does now.
- Don't put that on me.
- What?
You never come back to see me.
I'm always the one
that has to drive up here to see you.
Half the time when I call you, you're out
with your friends, and you can't talk anyway,
so don't act like a victim
sitting around all lonely.
- Where are you going?
- This isn't working, Ben!
- What are you saying?
I'm saying that you don't care
about us like you used to!
I don't feel like
I'm important to you at all!
- I don't care about us?
- No!
I'm the one who has to build
his entire schedule
around coming up here for us.
Okay, I'm not a lap dog.
I can't just come at your beck and call.
I have responsibilities, Ava.
We're not kids anymore.
Oh, okay. You're right.
You're right. I'm so sorry.
I always expect you to come to me, don't I?
But maybe that's because you always
tell me that you're coming, so I don't know.
Crazy me, I actually believe you.
You want to talk about responsibilities,
Ben, relationships are a part of that.
They require work.
Yeah, well, maybe if we're
really supposed to be together,
I wouldn't have to work so hard at it.
Oh. Sorry you're so tired.
Then maybe we should
just take a break from all this hard work.
Maybe we should.
Good night.
Augh! I don't know. I guess I just feel
like his priorities have changed, you know?
Well, then you either sit down
and "talk about it." Enh.
Or you change your priorities, too.
- Oh, that's your advice?
- Oui.
Yeah, Monique Marceau, relationship guru.
Oui. Very smart.
I will bill you for my time later.
No, please don't. You're too expensive.
[LAUGHS] Oui. French advice
is very expensive these days.
- I could not afford you.
- No more this.
- Uh-uh.
BEN: You know, I'm not calling her.
Nah, don't call her. What are you gonna do?
Gonna call her? You're a single guy.
Enjoy it. Being single's awesome.
Exactly. I haven't been single in...
Prime of your life, man!
We are free, wild men. We're animals.
- Yeah.
- We're free men.
- She could call me.
- What are you gonna...
You're not gonna call her.
What are you gonna do, call her?
- You're not gonna call her.
- She can call me.
She can... Yeah.
I mean, with that being said, though...
- What?
- It's nothing. It's just...
I don't know.
Just kind of seems like a waste
to throw it all away.
What... What are you talking about?
It's like you said, if it's supposed
to be, then it shouldn't be so hard.
- Who said that?
- You did.
- I said that?
- Yeah.
[LAUGHS] Okay.
Well, that's your first mistake right there.
Never listen to anything I say,
because I'm very rarely right.
I've never been in love.
I mean, what do I know?
The thing is, it's just...
I don't think it's about whether
it's hard work or not, right?
It's whether it's worth it.
You just gotta ask yourself is it worth it?
- You still owe me one.
- What, I owe you?
- I thought you were buying.
- I thought you were buying.
That's the whole reason I agreed to do it.
- Oh, nice.
- Yeah.
- I saw this band two years ago,
- and they were incredible.
- No way.
I tried to get tickets to that, and they
were sold out, like, immediately.
I camped out for, like, three days.
I didn't shower. It was disgusting,
but it was totally worth it.
First thing he does, Kevin comes onstage,
and he's wearing this, like,
rock god V-neck jumpsuit, right?
- Oh, gosh, yeah.
- And he puts his hands
on his keyboard, and he's like,
[BRITISH ACCENT] "All right, all you lovers
out there, are you ready to rock?"
I know. I can't make it sound
as cool as they do, you know?
Like, you... you have to love the Brits.
Yeah, you do.
I'm sorry. I... I gotta go.
You okay? You...
Yeah. I just...
gotta go.
She's cute.
I don't want to take a break.
You were right.
Okay, I'm sorry.
You are important.
You're the most important thing,
and I want to make this work, no matter what,
no matter how hard.
I love you.
Can we please go see that French girl now?
Guys, I'm dying back here.
I'd almost lost her.
I decided that I wasn't
gonna let that happen again.
MICHAEL: Yeah, no, that's cool.
That spring, Ava graduated
and got a job back home
teaching second grade.
I was brought on full-time
at my dad's architecture firm.
Things were almost perfect.
Thank you.
What is this?
- Shut up!
Is that a yes?
Oh, my gosh.
Oh, thank you. Wow.
It's just us.
[SIGHS] Just us is okay.
I thought people said the first few
years of marriage were hard.
We didn't see it that way.
- Oh. Upstairs.
- Okay.
- Oh, God.
- [LAUGHS] Careful.
- Oh, is that funny?
- Is that funny, is it?
- [YELPS] I'm sorry!
- Come here.
- I'm sorry! [LAUGHS]
Have you gotten to meet
any of the artists yet or anything?
Ben, I'm on the phone.
- You kicked me.
- Sorry, Monique.
Ben's messing with me again.
BEN: Calm down.
So which one's yours?
Wow. It's nice, Ben.
What do you think?
Gosh, I just...
I love this color of... of beige.
And it's very square.
Well, it's a start.
Very impressive, Mr. Morton.
You gonna be much longer, Mr. Morton?
Um, getting very close to wrapping it up.
So what you been working on?
Ben, that's...
that's really fantastic.
Well, it's not finished, but it's a start.
Yeah, it is.
Let's get out of here.
Could you come up here for a second?
What's up?
Um, look at this place.
Yeah, I was gonna get it.
I don't think it's that big a deal.
It's just a few clothes.
There's a wet towel on the bed.
That's disgusting.
- Come on.
- Oh.
- Yeah, I know.
- Oh, that's bad.
- No, I don't want to smell it.
- That is so bad.
- Stop! Stop.
It's not that bad.
- It is bad. No...
- It's really not that bad.
I'm mad at you. Stop.
- It's disgusting.
- Oh, come on.
- Come on. Come on.
- No.
Did you miss me?
- No.
- Oh!
Eventually, we decided it was time.
It's all right. It's only been a few months.
I know. I was just hoping.
Well, we're just gonna have to try harder.
Oh, Mr. Morton, uh, your father said
he wanted to see you when you arrived.
Am I grounded?
The design you submitted for the Victory
project has been chosen by our clients.
You're taking the lead on this one.
What... What does this mean, exactly?
An office with a view
for one thing, a bump in pay,
but, Benjamin, this is also going to mean
more commitment on your part.
The, uh, clients came back with quite
a few additions to the initial design.
They're going to need you
to be available 24/7,
which means longer hours, late nights,
but, son, this is the one.
Yes, sir, absolutely.
- I'm... I'm their guy.
- I know you are.
We'll have a GoToMeeting conference
later this afternoon to introduce you,
and we'll have, uh, our first meeting
in their offices in New York
to discuss the additions next Thursday.
They'll want to see some new plans by then.
We leave Wednesday night.
Yes, sir. Wednesday night.
[SIGHS] Wednesday.
Baby date, don't forget!
Hi. Brenda, can you see
if Cerulean does takeout for dinner?
Ben, I'm so glad you're home.
I just had the worst parent-teacher
conference of my life.
Seriously, how do you still defend your kid
when the holes from where he was
throwing his scissors are still in the wall?
It's unbelievable.
- Ben!
- In the dining room, love!
Oh. Why are the doors closed?
[FRENCH ACCENT] Welcome to Chateau Morton.
- Wow, look at you.
What's the occasion?
So something happened today.
- Okay.
- Just come sit down first.
Uh, what'd you do?
No, it's nothing bad.
Nothing like that.
But today my father told me
that the Victory clients
have chosen my design
for their new expansion.
- What? Are you serious?
- Yeah. Yeah.
I mean, it... it is gonna be
a little more travel for me...
- Okay.
- ...but it's... that's nothing
- we can't handle.
- Why travel?
I thought the expansion was here.
It is, but their corporate office
is in New York,
so I... Well, actually, I have to go there
next week for a little kickoff meeting.
Oh. When next week?
Uh, that's the thing.
I have to go on Wednesday.
Oh. Okay.
I mean, it's... Yeah. I mean,
it should just be a week here or there,
and we'll... we'll make it work.
Sure. Yeah. Honey, I'm...
- Hey, I'm happy for you.
- Are you sure?
Because I know that we...
You know, we were supposed to...
Don't be silly, okay? It's like you said.
It's just a little here and there.
We have plenty of time, okay?
I just... I'm really proud of you, babe.
- Cheers.
I love you.
I love you.
But I didn't make it work.
I let time get away from me, from us.
...concrete that's coming,
and it needs to have been set.
Go time.
The demands of work became overwhelming.
I lost track of the schedule
Ava had made for us.
I'm sorry. I just...
I really gotta sleep.
I'll make it up to you. I promise.
I have... Let me tell it to you.
...appreciate that, but that...
To be honest, that's not my problem.
The second phase could be ready
to kick off in as early as three months.
That's great news. Thank you.
Uh, if you guys have a minute, though,
I think my colleague and I have
a few questions about the layout.
So do you got the plans
in front of you right now?
Of course we do.
We have all the time in the world.
Sure. Let's take a look.
Even worse...
I lost track of what was important.
What are you still doing up?
You were supposed to be home hours ago.
Yeah, I know. I'm sorry.
Just the Victory guys wanted to...
Oh, my gosh, if I have to hear
that word one more time...
Ben, do you... do you realize
you have not kept
one night we have had together
for the last two months?
- Yeah, I know, but...
- No buts.
Ben, if you're not ready, then just tell me,
but don't leave me sitting here,
waiting for you, like, to make time for me.
Why do you think I'm slaving away like this?
I mean, what do you think I'm working for?
I'm trying to build a better life for us.
You want to make a better life for me?
Be in it.
That's all I need, but you're not here.
And I'm happy that you have
this project going.
Really, I am.
I just also feel like it's tearing you
away from me
and everything that we've talked about
wanting together.
You're right.
Ava, look at me.
You're right.
I mean, I got so caught up
in this opportunity,
and I didn't want to let anybody down...
and I did.
I let you down...
and I'm so, so sorry.
I just miss you.
Yeah. I've missed you, too.
I'm glad you're home.
I realized that while I was working
toward a better life,
I was losing perspective.
Ava was right.
The way to a better life
was to do it together.
- Hey, cutie.
- Hey, you.
- No coffee this morning?
- No.
You seem cheerful.
I've never seen you even crack
a smile before having your coffee.
- Do I?
- Yeah.
Uh, yes, you seem...
hmm, different. What is going on?
Something came for you.
Might want to check that out.
Are you...
Are... Are we...
Are we gonna...
Yeah, we're gonna.
Oh! Careful. There's a baby in there.
Oh, there's a baby in there!
- Mwah!
You are amazing.
I love you. How...
Cheeky thing. How did you...
I just couldn't wait to tell you. I'm sorry.
How am I supposed to go to work now?
- Well, don't
- Oh, I wish. I wish.
I'm already so late. I've gotta go.
- Oh, I love you.
- [LAUGHS] Me, too.
Okay. Ooh, ooh, jacket.
Got it.
- Love you.
- Love you.
We're gonna have a baby!
I know! Ha ha ha!
Hey, Zach.
Morning, grandpa.
- Mr. Morton...
- Brenda.
Oh! Good morning, Mr. Morton.
It's gonna be a beautiful day.
We're gonn... Heh.
I can't even sa...[LAUGHS]
- What?
- No, no, no.
It's probably too early
to say anything. I'm...
Let me talk to Ava and see how she feels.
I have to tell your mother.
Okay, Mum, but that's it.
- Yeah?
We're gonna have a baby.
God. Oh, my God.
Your life is about to get so complicated.
I can't even tell you.
It's gonna be wonderful.
- Are you ready to be a father?
- I don't know. I'm not ready.
- Of course you're not ready.
- Are you ready?
- I'm gonna be a grandfather.
- Yeah.
I'm gonn... I'm gonna spoil them blind.
I'm going to spoil them blind.
Between my parents and Ava's,
that secret didn't keep long.
Pretty soon, even our mailman knew.
But there was still one very important
person to share the good news with.
- AVA: Oh, my gosh! Look at you!
I can't believe you're here.
You look amazing.
Me? You look magnifique.
I made tea. Do you want some?
Uh, oui, s'il vous plat.
So how long you in town?
Until Sunday.
What? No, that's not long enough.
- Stay longer.
- Ah, no.
My boss is already not very understanding
that I took an impromptu trip to the States.
I'll just be a sec.
Hey, love. I left my wallet.
- Hey.
- Hey, look who's here.
Ah! Monique, you made it.
- You made it.
- Benjamin.
What? What is this?
Um, Mo's staying till Sunday, 'kay?
- Sure. Sounds great.
- It's the girl of my dreams.
- Michel.
- If I knew you were coming,
I would have worn, you know, my good shorts.
You should see me in my work uniform.
Did she tell you that I'm running
the limo business now?
It's no big deal. It's like
a boss man kind of thing.
That's nice.
Mo, Mo, Mo, let me ask you a question.
I don't think American girls get me.
That's not a question.
You, being a sophisticated, dare I say it,
extremely beautiful French mademoiselle...
- AVA: Wow.
- must be true
that you are truly educated in the fine
art of love, if you know what I'm saying.
- Come on, Mike. Let's go.
- And furthermore...
- This is a two-part question.
- Let's leave Monique
to teach my wife about the fine art of love.
I think we're having
a bit of a rapport, actually.
- Oh, really? Uh-huh.
- Bye, love.
Bye. Get him out of here, please.
- I was getting eyes from her.
- You were not.
- Serious eye action. She's...
- Unbelievable.
- Some things never change.
- I know.
[SIGHS] He's not grown up at all.
So... catch me up.
Where were we?
Well, um, I know that I sort of
sprung this trip on you,
but I needed my best friend.
What's up?
I'm pregnant. [LAUGHS]
He was an artist.
He had a showing at my gallery,
and we just sort of hit it off.
I don't know.
I really thought it was going somewhere.
I thought we were in love,
and now he's gone,
and I, um...
I don't know.
I don't know what to do.
I haven't told anyone.
I just... I had to tell you,
because you are my best friend,
and I can't imagine doing this without you.
Okay, look at me.
You are gonna be fine.
Okay? You know that, right?
Yeah, and this baby is gonna be so loved.
And Ben and I, we are here for you,
whatever you need.
I actually have something
I wanted to ask you.
the baby is going to need godparents.
Well, of course.
Gosh, I insist, actually.
[LAUGHS] Merci.
I mean, plus it'll be nice
that whenever you come visit,
they'll have a playmate
that's about the same age.
- You're pregnant?
- Yeah.
- Ava.
- I know.
I'm so happy for you.
MONIQUE: I'm happy for you.
Are you gonna turn the light off?
Mm, no. I'm already in bed.
Yeah, I know, love,
but you left the light on... again.
Oh, you're closer.
Will you please just go turn it off?
Oh, I'm not closer.
Every night.
Yeah, yeah, the ones from the... Yeah.
The Christmas party. Mm-hmm.
Where'd you get those?
Well, righ... No, I went to the store,
and I couldn't find them anywhere.
All they had was, like, the multicolored
ones, and I was looking for some
for the party that I'm doing at school.
No, Wednesday. Uh-huh.
You have my wife?
- Morton. Ava Morton?
- Okay. Calm down.
- Ava!
- Ben.
Ah, honey.
- Mr. Morton, I'm Dr. Robbins.
I'm very sorry to say this,
but your wife has suffered a miscarriage.
I'm so sorry.
- No, no.
- She seems healthy otherwise.
Um, I would advise...
BEN: Just get those reports
to the team today.
Make sure of it. Everybody needs to be on
the same page before the groundbreaking.
Just... Brian, hold on.
I'm getting another call.
Is there a problem?
DOCTOR: We've received
the results of your bloodwork.
I have a serious concern
regarding your HCG level.
There are several reasons we could
be seeing numbers this high,
but one of the more common ones, especially
in levels as high as yours are reading,
is linked to the presence of malignant cells.
Now, we're not gonna jump to any conclusions
until we've run more tests.
Well, you just get right
to the point there, don't you?
- I'm sorry?
- BEN: Uh, no, I'm sorry.
What does all this mean?
Mr. Morton, your wife's tests are showing
some very irregular levels.
I'm recommending a CT scan
for further diagnosis
as well as some other routine bloodwork.
Once we've done more thorough testing,
I'll be able to better explain to you
the realities of your wife's situation.
Mrs. Morton, I've scheduled a CT scan
for you at the hospital today at 5:00.
Okay, but this is probably nothing, right?
This is all just a precaution?
Let's go home.
The test results proved our worst fears.
We caught it early enough,
so treatment was a viable option.
Are you ready?
We are.
All right. I'll be right back
to check on you.
You got this.
We got this.
This was our life.
Over the next month, I watched
the strongest girl I know endure the worst.
There was nothing I could do to stop it.
She plastered a smile on her face and...
- Ohh!
- Ohh!
...fought through it.
A sonogram.
I can't believe her.
But I could tell.
Ava, I'm home, love.
Honey? What's wrong?
Ava, honey, what's happened?
- What...
Come on. Sit down.
Why is this happening to us?
I hate it! I hate it.
I know.
I can't... It killed our baby.
I just... I want it out of me.
I know, honey, but...
we are gonna beat this.
If anybody can do it, you can.
And you know what?
I love you.
Not your hair, you.
I love you, too.
I really like my hair.
I know.
Was that a bad idea?
It looks really good, actually.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
You're not doing this alone.
Even though we were still in the storm,
somehow we would find joy.
Thank you.
We changed our perspectives,
and the world changed around us.
What does a fella have to do
to get a blanket around this place?
Well, how is everyone feeling today?
Food's terrible here.
Well, I will be sure to include that
in my report.
Please do.
Why do I feel like when he comes in here,
we're being summoned
to the principal's office?
- AVA: I know.
- Do you think he ever smiles?
No, I don't think he's programmed for it.
# This life for me is hard #
# 'Cause I'm #
# Living in the dark #
# But even then #
# Ooh #
# I find the switch #
# Things might never change #
# And all of my life #
# Has come down to this one day #
- # Where I go #
- 'Cause I'm not so much...
- # To stare in the face #
- Hey, I'm here.
- Hey.
- How was your night?
- Okay.
- # All of my regrets #
Look at that.
Oh, she's so sweet.
# But I wouldn't change a thing #
- Say hi to Auntie Ava.
- # No #
# 'Cause I know that I've seen #
# Seen your hand #
- Look at you.
- # Working in me #
Hey, baby.
# To restore the pain... #
Oh, what's up, hot stuff?
Oh, I'm digging the new hair, babe.
You know, I do hear that blues have more fun.
- Oh, really?
- Mm-hmm.
Oh! Not so fast.
Oh! Oh, come on.
Oh, you are crazy.
Oh, you... you are crazy.
Mm-hmm, about you.
Oh, babe.
Oh, yeah?
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
Yeah, I am gonna rock your world.
- Oh, really?
- Come here.
Do you all know why they call us patients?
Because they expect us to be patient.
Well, I'm not gonna be patient. Well...
Hard work. Hard work.
Finally said something I agree with.
All right, there we go.
- Ohh.
- Oh, hold on, honey.
- Let me get the...
- Thank you.
I can't believe you guys.
Look at this feast.
Thank you.
It should be really good. Ben.
- Okay.
- Well, I was there.
- I was...
- Yeah, right.
- Yes, I've been in the kitchen.
- Yeah, right.
- I mean, I'm a technical...
- Yeah.
Dad, will you bless it?
Oh, absolutely.
What's up, my chemo-sabes?
- Hey, girl, how are you?
- Oh, hey.
[GROANS] Feeling okay.
I am.
Okay, you ready?
- [SIGHS] Yeah.
- Okay.
- Thanks, Melanie.
- Mm-hmm.
- [BEEP]
- See you guys later.
Thank you.
Where's Ben today?
Oh, he had a big meeting at work.
Yeah. Gary has the kids today.
They went to a birthday party.
Ava, I'm sorry. Did I say something wrong?
No. I'm sorry.
[SIGHS] Just we were...
we were pregnant right before.
Ava, I'm so sorry.
It's okay. You... You couldn't have known.
It's fine.
I just really wanted to be a mom.
Oh, honey, of course.
Maybe you still can be.
Not after all this.
You never know. Nothing is impossible.
There's more than one way to be a mom.
No, it'll be okay.
Thank you.
Mrs. Morton. Mrs. Morton.
Merry Christmas.
Got your latest results back.
I'm... I'm sorry.
I don't know how to read these.
Well, basically it says
I better never see you here again.
Merry Christmas.
Does that mean we're clear?
Didn't I say "Merry..."
I thought I said "Merry Christmas."
Dr. Sumrall.
Thank you.
The chains that had been
binding us were gone.
We had a second chance...
a fresh start.
You were the best one here!
We were back.
Okay, those are this week's
arithmetic problems.
You guys be sure you copy them
all down correctly, please.
- CLASS: Yes, ma'am.
- AVA: Thank you.
Ava was happier than I had ever seen her.
She was stronger, brighter.
Have a good summer, Mrs. Morton.
You're my favorite teacher.
Oh, thank you very much.
You have a good summer, too.
Year after year, we celebrated
as her tests came back clear.
How much do you love me?
How much do you love me?
You know the answer to that.
Well, tell me anyway.
Well, I could have yelled at you this morning
for leaving your wet towel
on the bed, but I didn't,
so I think that's a pretty good indication.
You know what I mean.
Benjamin Morton...
I love you very much.
- Well, that's a good thing.
- Yeah.
Because this is nonrefundable.
- I know you miss her.
Go and see her.
- Are you serious?
- Mm-hmm.
Oh, my gosh!
Mm! Mm! Thank you! Thank you!
Thank you! Thank you!
I have to go call her! Whoo!
Huh. I love you, too, by the way.
I love you!
What's all that?
Stuff for the trip.
I thought the whole idea of going to Paris
was to shop there.
Ooh, I will. Don't you worry about me.
What's this? It's very cute.
Thank you. It's for Noey.
She's gonna love it, right?
Noey's learning English.
She is so crazy smart.
I mean, she's not even three yet,
and she already knows
a bunch of words and just...
She's amazing. They're so happy.
- I'm glad you had a good time.
- I did. Thank you.
[GROANS] Wow, I'm full.
Oof. We should have
just shared that crme brle.
Well, I think we ordered it to share,
but somehow I just never got a bite.
Hmm. I don't feel
like I remember it like that.
Oh, my gosh, but speaking of food,
babe, did I tell you about what we ate?
Okay, I know you know I can eat,
but I'm telling you, in France, I can eat.
There are, like, crepes
on every corner on the street,
and the cheese. My gosh,
I could have survived
the whole trip on just cheese...
- Hey.
- ...and bread. Hmm?
That boat, what does that say?
Heh. You need glasses already, old man?
Come on.
Oh, "Je T'aime."
It's French. It means, "I love you."
Yeah, I thought so.
You did, huh?
That's the boat.
What boat?
Ava, come on. The boat.
Don't you remember that old boat that used
to be stuck on the docks near our houses?
It had that same name.
I think that's the same one.
[GASPS] Wow.
That's... That's unbelievable.
That's... That, if I remember correctly, sir,
is the boat that you were going
to sail around the world.
Only if you were going with me.
- I'd go anywhere with you.
- Huh.
- Come on.
Birthday boy, wakey-wakey.
[BEN GROANS] Ava, what are you doing?
Come on. Get up. Get up. Get up. Get up.
It's your birthday.
Nuh-uh. Let me sleep some more.
Ben, I got a live fire going here.
Can you please just get up
and blow out your candle?
Can I make a wish to sleep a bit longer?
Attaboy. Ohh!
- What is...
What are you up to?
Come on.
I hope there's not just a hundred people
out here looking at me in my boxers.
Whole neighborhood. That's the gift.
- Oh, gravel.
- I know.
I know. Well, I told you to put
shoes on, and you didn't believe me.
Okay, give my your hands.
- Okay.
- Right there.
Ava, what is this?
Just a little something
that says, "I love you."
- How did you get this here?
- I have my ways.
Ah, you...
are the most amazing woman.
I love it.
Oh, okay, I have a question.
When are you taking me sailing on your boat?
- Our boat.
- Okay.
- Our boat.
- I like it.
Ah, thank you.
You're welcome. Happy birthday, babe.
All aboard. Let's go.
Oh, no. Oh, look.
We have some work to do.
- Yeah.
- Look at this.
Not in great shape,
but it's gonna be so worth it.
Ah, I... I can't believe you did this.
I feel like an electric sander
would have been a worthwhile investment.
I'm gonna go make us some lunch.
- You want something?
- Oh, sounds perfect.
Be right back.
There is no easy way to say this.
It's metastasized.
It's very aggressive,
spread much further than we thought.
Uh, tests are showing that the lungs,
the lymph nodes, and the liver
have all been affected.
In cases like these,
treatment options are very limited.
Depending upon the status
of the affected organs,
some patients choose to forego treatment
in favor of medication
simply to keep them more comfortable.
Yeah, but we beat this once before,
so we'll... we'll beat it again.
Ben, you have to try to understand.
This is stage four.
Okay. Stage four,
so just tell us how we keep it
from going to stage five.
There is no stage five.
Excuse me.
You and your husband have some
very difficult decisions to make.
You can call me anytime,
day or night, with any questions.
Thank you.
I'm sorry.
We're gonna be okay.
He's wrong.
Okay? It's a lie.
We'll get a second opinion.
We'll order more tests.
We beat this once. We can beat it again.
I am not gonna stand here
and let him tell me that there
is nothing we can do.
Okay, I'm not gonna accept that!
We are not gonna accept that!
- Ben...
- No!
It's too soon.
I could have a thousand years with you,
and it would still be too soon.
I don't want to leave you.
But I'm not scared.
I'm really not.
I just...
I'm gonna miss you so much.
I love our life together.
No, it...
it hasn't been long enough.
But I have no regrets.
And most important to me...
at the end of all this...
is that you don't either.
One day, you're gonna sail
this boat for real...
and when you do, I'll be with you.
Get some rest. I love you, sweetheart.
I love you.
Hey, little girl.
I love you.
Okay, I'll see you tomorrow.
I want to... go home.
"In his great mercy,
he has given us new birth
"into a living hope
"through the resurrection
of Jesus Christ from the dead
"and into an inheritance
"that can never perish, spoil, or fade.
"This inheritance is kept in Heaven for you,
"who through faith
are shielded by God's power
"until the coming of the salvation
is ready to be revealed in the last time."
No matter how much you prepare yourself
for the loss of a loved one...
no matter how many weeks or months you had
to settle it in your mind
and in your heart...
there still comes that inevitable shock
and that grim final blow when you realize
that the one most precious is no longer here.
I find I say to myself
over and over again under my breath...
"She's gone."
Gone with her are
a thousand other precious things
that made life so delightful.
Gone is the anticipation
of returning home to her
at the end of the day.
Gone, the thrill of hearing her voice
at the other end of the phone.
Gone, the feeling of her hand in mine.
Gone is the sound of her laughter
and the warmth of her smile.
And this chilling, numbing awareness
that it will never be again.
Ava is gone.
Go away!
Can I help you?
Yes, sir.
I, uh, live next door.
I thought you might need this.
I thought, uh, better return it to you.
Well, uh, hey, listen.
Um, if you don't mind, I, uh...
I think I'm gonna rest just a bit
on your bench out here, all right?
After I lost my wife,
I had all these photo albums.
I wouldn't look at 'em.
All I could think about was, uh,
all the pictures that would never be made.
Best years of our lives...
were in those photo albums.
Ah, you know, nobody can
tell you how to get over that.
They will try, but nobody knows how you...
how you feel better than you do.
But one thing I... I will tell you
if you don't mind.
There's still a lot of time
for a lot more pictures.
- Mr. Charles...
- All right.
...will you hand me that new one? Thanks.
Charlie. How are you?
I...I don't know baseball.
You know, cricket, yes. Cricket, I love.
That one, you like.
My ticket, yeah.
Oh, you look good, buddy.
It's, uh... Brought you take,
'cause I love you, bro.
Who wants some snacks?
- I am famished.
- I do.
I'll get us some drinks.
- Good, yeah?
- I have some chips in here.
I got some crackers in here.
Looks like those horrible
nacho-flavored things.
MICHAEL: Take your time, Ben.
Nobody's thirsty over here.
Yeah, all right.
May I speak with Ava Morton, please?
Um, this is her husband.
Can I help you with something?
Are you Mr. Benjamin Morton?
Mr. Morton, I'm calling on behalf
of Social Services of Marseilles.
Do you and your wife know
a Ms. Monique Marceau?
Yes. She's, um...
I mean, she was my wife's best friend.
I'm sorry to have to give you
this news over the phone, sir,
but Ms. Marceau unfortunately died
in a car accident a couple weeks ago.
I know this must be very hard,
but you and your wife are listed
in our records as the legal guardians
in the case of Ms. Marceau's passing.
What... Is Noey okay?
She's currently in the care
of the Sisters of Saint-Bernard.
I was calling to see when we might be able
to arrange for you and Mrs. Morton
to come to Marseilles.
If you wish to take responsibility
for the child,
we will need you to fill out
the necessary paperwork,
and there will be several court proceedings
if you wish to return her...
- Um...
- the States.
[SIGHS] my wife is no longer with us.
Um, she passed away a few months ago.
I'm so... I'm sorry.
I...I just don't really know
what to do with all this.
Sir, first, I'm so sorry
to hear about your wife.
Of course I understand how overwhelming
this all must be for you.
There are other options
if you feel you're unable at this time
to care for the child.
Since there are no next of kin,
the next best option would be to relocate her
to a temporary foster situation.
I assure you she'll be
very well taken care of there.
If then you decide that, long term,
you are unable to fulfill
the role of guardian,
adoption processes can also...
# 10 years down the road #
# I'll be cleaning out my closet #
# Getting rid of old clothes #
# I reach behind my winter coat #
# And I stumble upon shoe boxes #
# Filled with old ghosts #
# Why do I hang on to your pictures? #
# Why do I hang on to your dress? #
# It kills me to see you #
# But it kills me not to #
# Kills me to remember #
# Oh, and it kills me to forget #
# So I suppose you'll be
in every song I sing #
This is a very nice doll.
Tante Ava gave it to me when I was a baby.
I know.
She lives in Heaven with Maman.
Yes, she does.
I miss Maman.
Me, too.
Maybe we could miss them together.
Je suis Nouvelle Vie Marceau,
but people mostly just call me Noey.
So you can call me that, too, if you want.
I'd like that.
You could call me...
Uncle Ben.
I'm going to live with you, right, Uncle Ben?
If that's okay.
Do you like pancakes?
I love pancakes.
Then it's okay.
WOMAN: Noey.
Ah, Monsieur Morton.
So glad you made it.
How was your trip?
Fine. Let me help you.
Thank you.
Bonne nuit.
Au revoir.
There are mountaintop experiences
in our journey through this world...
those rare and lucid moments
when everything seems right...
and anything is possible.
There are those ordinary days
when we may not be thrillingly aware
of what lies in the future...
but we know it's still out there.
There are also those strange times
when things do not add up or make sense...
when we seem to be forgotten...
when the heavens are brass.
But it's all the moments, good and bad...
that make up life.
And the most important thing
to do with life...
is to live it.