New Life (2023) Movie Script

A little early, isn't it?
For a citrus forward Albario?
Pairs wonderfully
with oysters, I'm told.
Oh, okay.
Yes, I would love some coffee.
Uh, shoes?
Your leg. What happened?
Oh, I pulled something running.
Two sugars.
Oh, and if you have it,
a splash of oat milk.
If not, regular's fine.
I like what you've done
with the place.
It's, uh, very
We never did much small talk.
Why start now?
Contract came down the pipe.
We're 36 hours in.
It's already spiraling
out of control.
This, uh, contract...
It's gonna float operational
expenses for some time,
so we need our best on it.
Rest of the crew? Location?
All in the brief.
We believe the subject is
en route to the border, and, uh
we can't let her cross.
The whole goddamn
company was convinced
Jessica Murdoch beelined it
to Mexico.
And the fucking
dream team is on the case.
Lands a visual
in less than a day.
Yeah, save it for my funeral,
What are we looking at?
You're looking at Harvey Moyer,
age 67.
The evangelical pastor.
Lives in Andover, South Dakota.
South Dakota?
That's quite the drive.
Imagine he made a few stops.
Yeah, according to his phone,
he made a few.
Looks like he filled up
on gas for seven minutes.
Uh, should have all security
footage from every stop,
including current location.
Church in the Valley,
within the hour.
Church in the Valley. Copy that.
Might want to check
the expiration date on those.
Um, sorry. I was just--
Stealing my soup.
I'm incredibly sorry
for trespassing.
Janie's making some breakfast.
Come inside.
Come on, now.
Honey, you can relax.
Thank you.
Sorry about the close quarters.
We don't get a lot of visitors.
Well, it's fine.
This is great.
You been living on the streets?
No. Um...
I'm traveling.
Is that where your fianc is?
No. Um...
No, he's not.
there are clean towels
in the bathroom
down the hall on the left
if you want to wash up.
I think I'll take you up
on that.
Thank you, now.
Hey! If you wanted more food,
I can get you yogurt.
I wasn't aware we had
bacon-flavored yogurt.
That was quick.
Yeah, actually, I decided
to skip the shower.
I just want to hit the road.
Well, Frank's out
in the driveway waiting for you.
Figured wherever you're going,
we can get you closer.
That's really nice,
but I'm actually, uh...
I'm happy walking.
Please. It'll give him
something to do with his day,
and it'll help me because I get
a little alone time.
So, we headed anywhere
in particular
or we just gonna drive north
till we hit the North Pole?
I'm going to Portview.
I never heard of it.
It's on the border.
I like the bell.
I'm glad somebody does.
I usually take it off of her
if I'm not here
for any period of time,
but she just calved
24 hours ago.
I can't get anywhere near her.
What happened to your horses?
I beg your pardon?
I saw rat droppings
in feed containers,
old halters, blankets.
Sounds like you spent
some time on a farm.
Just my entire childhood.
Well, then as you know,
horses take a lot of work.
I'm getting old.
Something had to give.
We sold them a few years back.
That's sad.
Wasn't happy.
Hey, can I ask you something?
Why are you helping me?
Freedom of reinvention
built this country,
and I don't intend
to get in its way.
Well, the road ends here.
Thank you so much
for the ride, Frank.
Well, I thought I was taking you
to a girlfriend's or something.
Where are you headed now?
-That way.
-Well, hey, wait a minute.
We packed a bag for you
in the bed of the truck.
A winter jacket,
old pair of Janie's boots, and
a blanket, and some
of that canned food
you seem to be so fond of.
That'll all come in handy,
likely tonight.
I don't know what to say.
You know, you could come back
and stay with us for a bit,
and help out on the property
while you figure
some things out.
You two have already
been so generous, but...
I really need to get going now.
Not too many people
are too kind these days.
Take care of yourself out there.
Oh, God.
Oh, fuck.
Elsa Gray.
I wasn't sure this
was actually gonna happen.
Hi, Sal. I'm sorry.
I know you wanted
to do this in person.
It's just been crazy
with work lately.
Work? Well, I'm glad
that's still going.
Is it challenging?
No. It's great.
Well, that is good to hear.
Let me, um ...
Hello, Elsa.
I'm excited to chat with you.
But talking is getting
a little difficult.
There may be long gaps.
Um, no, it's nice to meet you.
So, Elsa, I know that
you're here to interview me,
but I'm sure that you may have
some questions for Laura, too.
No. I mean, I didn't--
When were you diagnosed?
Six months ago.
How is your family
handling things?
Oh, we're not close. They--
They, um--
I haven't told them yet.
It basically
makes you feel like
a prisoner in your own body.
You will experience
all of the stages of grief
and mourn your old life.
So you will learn about
the weakness
of the human spirit.
But also about its strength
in deep and profound ways.
You're going to need
to tell your family eventually.
You're gonna be depending
on them,
even if you have
a dozen caregivers like me.
Uh, I don't want to...
burden them,
I can't, I mean, I--
Are you thinking about suicide?
That's vanity.
Misery is powerful,
but so is acceptance.
Elsa, what is up
with you and this song?
I can't imagine that's
the reason you're calling.
She could still be walking.
Sure, but it's 109 miles
to the border.
And at a conservative pace
of 25 miles a day,
that means she'd have to stay
out of sight for four days.
Oh, my God.
You'd think they would
clean these cars
before they rent them out.
All right, so you agree then?
You don't think
she's still in town?
I think she's smarter than that.
Well, if she hitched a ride,
then why aren't we folded
into the dragnets
along the highway?
Oh, because I insisted
we stay in town for a few days.
Because if she
hitched a ride, then...
Then there's potentially
other subjects of interest.
You gotta cross the T's
and dot the I's, Vince.
Baby, you have to go eventually.
Come on.
Let's see.
-Thank you very much.
-No. No!
Don't mind if I do.
-That is brutal, I have to say.
-You are vicious.
-That's probably
-I am done. I am done!
I am never playing another
game of this with you again.
That's like the meanest hand
I've ever played.
How many points did you have?
Seven, fourteen...
-Stop counting. Stop being mean.
-Nineteen. Twenty-six.
Stop counting and just celebrate
with the losers.
Come on.
It's just a dog.
Hi, sweetheart.
You're such a good girl,
aren't you?
Oh, she doesn't have any tags.
She must be lost.
Yeah, or feral.
You thirsty?
Do you want some water, baby?
Hey, babe, I--
I think maybe
we should just, you know,
let it be.
Let it be?
Yeah, who knows
what that thing's been doing
or what it's been eating.
Aw, you've been out here
all by yourself in the cold
for who knows how long,
and this mean man doesn't want
to give you any water.
It's okay.
I'm gonna get you some water,
and I'm gonna get you
a nice big meal.
How's that chicken?
Same as yesterday.
You know,
I've been thinking about it.
Over all these years,
I most definitely spent more
time on the phone with you
than I have
with my own wife in person.
Yeah, how you found
the time to date
marry, let alone procreate,
it's just beyond me.
How sad is that?
I feel worse for Maya.
Maya? Are you kidding me?
Do you know what it's actually
like when I am home?
She holds all the cards.
I'm on 100% dad duty.
Did I tell you
that she planned a trip?
A vacation to Paris.
With a few girlfriends.
She said it's her turn
to get out of the house
while I stay home
and watch the kids.
What does she think I'm doing?
Sipping Mai Tais
in fucking Bali?
Sounds tragic.
Hey, speaking of which,
there's some world-class fishing
out there where you are.
Vince, have we even met?
- Nothing, Vince.
I just appreciate the constant
push for a vacation.
Yeah, well, seeing
as you've yet to take any.
I mean, I imagine you've
built up quite a bit of it.
No, it's just amazing
that you keep trying,
given that you know
how I feel about it.
Yeah, what's the point
in taking time off
if you're just coming back
to the same job?
Fucking tell that to Maya.
You're either done
or you're not.
You want a break?
Do something new.
Yeah, well, life outside of this
still does exist.
Not in our line of work, Vince.
That's why you keep fighting
with Maya,
because she gets it
and you don't.
Okay, well,
what's stopping you then?
From what? Quitting?
You haven't liked the work
in years.
It's about being ready
to let go.
And I am not there yet.
We open in an hour.
Do you need any help?
I'm sorry?
Washing dishes, serving beers...
building a patio.
I can do it all.
Uh, no, we're not hiring.
Well, then, how about a drink?
Is this your place?
Say I'm looking after it
for a friend.
So, what are we toasting?
a new life.
That I can drink to.
There's a mop in the back.
Fresh pot of coffee.
Clean the floors in the kitchen
before Trav gets in at 4:00.
Thank you.
I'm Molly.
Hit the sink, too.
Nothing at the morgue.
Local police are checking in
with me every hour.
We've already wasted
too much time here.
Let's get you patched in
on highways.
-I disagree.
-We can monitor this remotely.
We're getting sloppy,
and you know it.
We cannot let her
cross the border.
We need more resources.
We should be cross-checking
all of our work
with local authorities.
We should have a dedicated
national intel team
working full-time,
gaming out every possible--
You've got five hours.
You want to top me off, please?
You're looking
pretty good there, Bruce.
Do I?
Who's the horse's ass now?
Yeah, it's still you.
Looks like your little wolf
buddy gave us some fleas.
It wasn't a wolf.
It was a pretty small dog,
So gross.
I liked the snuggles,
and I would do it again.
Yeah, you would. She's so cute.
What a sweet,
adorable dog, babe.
She's practically
already housebroken.
We should bring her home.
I mean, she's so--
I wish we did bring her home.
She was really, really cute.
Holy shit.
What, babe?
Husband? Boyfriend? Wife?
Which one are you running from?
I saw your ring.
Boyfriend, I guess.
I got one of those.
A husband.
He's a few towns over.
He gave me a few of those, too.
He's a...
mean, mean drunk.
He had me so fucked in the head,
I thought I was the one
with the problem.
Even though I was the only
one with the medical bills, so.
I didn't think I could ever
leave him, and then
one day I woke up, and...
I didn't know how I could have
stayed with him for so long.
Liquor, like time,
heals all wounds.
Trust me.
To healing.
Do you have a place to stay?
I'll get a hotel or something.
On those tips?
Maybe a bunk bed.
Come on, I got a couch.
But I'm not gonna drive,
so it's a bit of a hike.
-I think I'll be okay.
I don't suppose
this is your final stop?
I guess. I've just kind of
been playing it by ear.
It's a small, boring town.
It doesn't offer much.
But it has good people.
And you may
have convinced me
of the need to hire
a very mediocre barback.
You know...
before this trip, I...
I only ever moved once
from a farm to a small city,
and I was pretty close
to spending
the rest of my life there.
But I don't think that's what
I ever really wanted.
I want to see the world.
Well, then, Janie,
it seems pretty simple to me.
You need to see the world.
I like that.
This is Nurse Wagner
calling from
St. Patrick's Hospital.
Oh! St. Patrick's Hospital.
Uh, symptoms?
Uh, okay. Did--
Um, did she come in?
Uh, how long ago was the call?
She called about a day ago.
Do you happen to have
an address?
-Great! Go ahead.
Janie Lerner?
Janie Lerner?
I'm here because I believe
you've been in contact
with a woman that I'm looking
for, Jessica Murdock.
She's, um...
She's carrying a distinct strain
of the Ebola virus.
And the symptoms
that you called
the hospital about, the...
flu-like symptoms, the...
body hemorrhaging...
You okay?
Help me!
Does anyone else know? Vince?
Any of the other operatives?
Any of them have a clue?
Information is given
to those who need to know it--
You want me to do my job,
How about you give me
some real fucking intel?
It should be on your screen.
Let me out of here!
Let me out!
Let me out!
That's higher than measles.
Incubation period,
two days give or take.
Could be shorter,
depending upon exposure.
You had me talking
to people without a mask.
Without gloves.
From everything we know,
this disease is not
Direct contact,
blood, saliva, vomit.
"Everything we know."
Are you fucking kidding me?
We need to catch her, Elsa.
For whatever reason,
she's asymptomatic.
A healthy carrier.
She's important.
Come back here!
Come back!
We can't contain this.
But we already have.
Every single person
Jessica's come into contact with
is in forced isolation.
What we need now
is for you to bring her in.
Put an end to this.
Does Jessica know
that she's spreading this?
She believes
she's on the run for murder.
It appears our subject
has dismantled
the light in her room.
Condition of detainee?
I can't get a visual.
It's pitch-black in there.
One moment.
Orders are to enter
and check vitals.
Copy that.
- Jess?
- Oh my God!
- Jess.
- Oh my God!
-Oh my God!
-Come help me.
-What did they do to you?
-Please help me get out.
-Don't leave me here.
Jess, don't leave me here.
Ian! Baby!
Baby! Baby!
Ian? Ian!
No! No!
Get up, Ian! Get up!
I'm so sorry, baby.
I have to go.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry!
Raymond, the scope
of this operation
is like we are serving
Jessica Murdock
a fucking subpoena,
not containing
an international outbreak.
AdienGen Technologies
worked in conjunction
with the US government
to facilitate
the gain-of-function research
behind this virus.
But it was AdienGen alone
who contracted us.
I'm working
for a pharmaceutical company?
A technology conglomerate,
This specific operation
is spearheaded
under a medical R&D wing.
And this is why we've been dark
this whole time.
I'm a fucking idiot.
Until Jessica Murdock
is captured
and the link between her,
the dog, and AdienGen is erased,
yes, we remain dark.
I'm out.
I'm out.
I'm sick.
ALS. Yeah.
I'm terribly sorry, Elsa.
You know?
Why'd you think
I sent you to find her?
I have a disease,
not a death wish, you asshole.
Yet, you still work.
Because what else
are we gonna do?
Retire early?
Are you gonna sit at home
and watch television
while your body
shuts down limb by limb?
So, yes, a talented fixer
without a family
who's on her way out
can and should carry
the weight of such a mission.
But your job is still to bring
in Jessica Murdock alive
or, if necessary, dead.
Hey, Molly?
I'm gonna go to the store
and get something
for this massive hangover.
Do you want anything?
I got a ping.
Turns out you can legally
be kicked out of a bar
for being too drunk.
Well, guess what?
I still haven't left yet
because I need to cash out.
According to the guy
who shot this,
she got hired there that night.
Jesus Christ.
How far away is the bar?
Uh, you're about
five minutes out.
Yeah, I trained a model
to detect Jess's face
from that rest area photo
that we had,
then I had to crawl
the entire fucking town.
Where are we at with this?
Oh. Yeah
Totally not impressive at all,
Vince. Right.
Okay. Uh...
everyone who was at that bar
is currently detained.
Am I the only one who is
remotely concerned about this?
Well, according to Raymond,
apparently it's best
if it's just the three of us
on that side of the loop.
Last sighting of Jess?
She was closing
with the manager,
Molly Presser.
Let me guess,
we have no idea where Molly is.
she's pretty tight-lipped
about where she stays.
A violent ex, I believe.
Still working
on her current location.
It all seems
pretty fucking suspect, right?
I mean...
potentially igniting
an international incident
with our closest ally over
Am I missing a piece
of the puzzle here, Elsa?
Point me to the bar, Vince.
We'll take it backwards
from there.
Copy that.
Holy fuck.
Guess who I have eyes on.
I have a visual
on one Jessica Murdock.
Oh, shit.
We have a visual
on Jessica Murdock!
Everyone, keep tracking.
Backup should be there
in five minutes .
Do not let her
out of your sight!
Copy that.
Excuse me!
Excuse me!
Jessica Murdock, freeze!
Hey, I gotta go now, okay?
So Molly left her car
at the bar.
What does this mean?
It means that she either
ordered a ride
or she got picked up by someone,
or she's on foot.
Vince, I need a crawl
of every rideshare pickup
within a five-mile radius of
the bar over the last 48 hours.
Seeing as they don't have any
out here, that should be easy.
Nearby cameras,
they pick up anything?
Nearest I found
is out of sight of the bar,
and people out here
don't have smart cameras.
Stoplight cameras,
CCTV's downtown
are all air-gapped,
so, you know,
a bit tricky, Elsa.
Any leads on where
Jessica might have landed
outside of staying with Molly?
No. Every motel, hotel,
and a hostel
in a two-hour fucking drive,
Okay, so since Molly
doesn't own any property
and we're not pulling anything
on new rentals,
we've got to assume
Molly is staying with a friend
or maybe a relative.
So Vince, I need a list
of every known contact
Molly Presser has in this town.
Elsa, she's a small-town
who never left her small town.
She's gonna have a fucking
dictionary of contacts.
Well, I don't know.
When in doubt, estimate.
And in an emergency, guess!
It's a tiny fucking town, Vince!
Figure it the fuck out!
Stand by.
2093 Fairway Drive,
home to Diane Ming.
Worked at the Moosehead
in 2018.
Primary residence now Texas.
Distance from the border?
1.3 kilometers.
Copy that.
Elsa, wait for backup
before proceeding.
Going in.
We cannot let the subject
escape again!
Raymond, I am looking
at a mountain range right now.
That's the Canadian border.
We don't have time for backup.
You've tracked the subject,
but you've established
yourself as a liability,
so I am asking you
to stand the fuck down!
That's an order.
Isn't this why you picked me,
The woman who's already dead
to be on the front line
of the apocalypse?
What did Elsa mean by that?
Jessica Murdock.
I have my gun pointed at you,
and I do not miss.
My name is Elsa Gray,
and believe it or not,
I am here to help you.
You are a healthy carrier
for this thing,
which means you're spreading it,
even though you're not sick.
I think I might
be a little bit sick, Elsa.
I don't know.
I don't know. No one knows
anything about this disease,
but you're here talking to me,
and that's gotta mean something,
so I need you to come with me.
I'm not going anywhere.
I am not asking.
Don't take another step!
I don't want to shoot you,
but I will!
I will shoot
for the head this time.
I don't know what you've become,
but that sure as hell
will stop you.
We need your blood, Jessica,
and I can do that with you
alive or dead.
I never wanted to hurt anyone.
I know.
But I can't go back.
Stay where you are.
You are highly contagious.
I won't go back to that place.
You can't run from this.
Don't you get it?
Don't you think I get it?
Do you?
The Lerners are dead,
both of them.
Molly is dead.
Ian is dead.
I just...
I just...
I just wanted to see the world.
Me too.
Me too.
I'm sorry.
Jessica Murdock is dead.
- Oh.
- Elsa.
Uh, can I get you anything?
Do you want tea or a coffee or?
Elsa, I know...
I know that these changes
are scary.
And they're big.
And they're coming on very fast.
I assure you...
there is still a lot
of good living left to do.
So, stairs.
Let's start with stairs.
You have a lot of stairs.
And they cannot all stay.
But I know a good contractor.
He's, um, not cheap,
but he's good and he's--
He's not cheap
but he's good.