New World (2013) Movie Script

a Sanai Pictures production
presented by NEW
international sales Finecut
executive producer KIM Woo-taek.
The events, characters and institution
portrayed in the film are entirely fictitious.
Mr. CHOI...
let's end this here.
No, it wasn't me...
Ja-sung, believe me! I'm not a rat!
Think about it, I served the chairman for ages,
why would I betray him and snitch for the feds?
Gonna be a rat till the end?
Ja-sung, please...
It's done, boss.
Let's go.
Yes, sir.
LEE Jung-jae.
CHOI Min-sik.
HWANG Jung-min
produced by HAN Jae-duk
co-produced by KIM Hyun-woo
written and directed by PARK Hoon-jung
The prosecution has dropped charges of
embezzlement, stock price manipulation,
and tax evasion against Goldmoon's chairman SEOK...
This non-indictment concludes
a year-long investigation.
The prosecution justified
their decision based on information
provided by SEOK and due
to lack of sufficient evidence.
The police, on the other hand,
are outraged by this outcome,
and accused the prosecution of being too lenient
to a high profile felon.
In other news, car ferries will connect
lncheon and Shanghai...
The lncheon Port Authority has issued Goldmoon
a marine passenger transportation permit...
And the Shanghai boss?
He'll arrive on tomorrow's first flight.
The fuck? You boys came to greet?
Mr. LEE himself came out to greet me!
Come on, let's just go.
Yo bro, what's with the sour face?
I've been gone for a long time.
You left a few days ago,
we don't have time for this shit.
At least pretend you're happy to see me!
Suk-mu, come here, shitbag,
take a hit for your boss.
Get me a bouquet of red roses, motherfucker.
You're no fun! Come on, wait for me.
Yo bro!
Fucking asshole!
Let's go.
This is the newest model.
I sold my left ball to buy this bad boy.
How is it? Do I look like a celeb?
Cricket chirping...
How's the old man?
It might be today or tomorrow,
the doctors can't say for sure.
Goddammit, at least he'll die happy.
Why did he have to get his dick wet at that hour?
He got what he deserved
for never sharing his Viagra.
I doubt someone put a hit on him.
Very nice.
Brand name really adds class, I can't see shit!
Wait a minute!
Where's the bag?
Here it is.
Here, a present.
What is it?
I picked it up when I bought mine, for your wife.
In exchange for a healthy baby.
- Knock-offs again?
- What? You ungrateful...
I got certificate of authenticity!
Forget it, give it to your wife.
Please stop buying shit like this!
So obvious?
This one too?
Not as much.
You motherfucker! He says it's obvious!
You said it looked legit! You lying sack of shit!
You should've looked carefully!
He's your junior, right? Punch him, now!
Come on, slap him!
Harder! Harder, motherfucker!
I'm sorry!
Mr. SEOK was pronounced dead...
Who's dead?!
- Say what?!
- Boss!
- Boss!
- Who's dead?!
- Please calm down.
- Let go of me!
If you were paid that much, bring him back to life!
- Please stop, sir!
- Let go of me!
Where's the hospital chief? Get him down here!
Goldmoon Corruption Investigation Report.
I cross-referenced both data.
Yes, they're the same.
Thank you for coming, thank you.
Thank you, this way please.
God fucking damn!
Don't those fucks know when to lay off?
Look how many cars there are.
It's too hot.
What the fuck?!
Look at these guys.
Who gave you permission to take our photos?
You're violating our privacy.
Not here to pay your respect,
so who do you work for?
Speak up, cat got your tongue?
- Boys.
- Yes, boss.
Get their mugshots.
We might bump into them later.
Yes, boss!
Get your cameras out.
Smile for the camera, bitches!
Why exactly are you hounding us?
You're stalking us? You sons of bitches.
I'll stalk your bitch, son.
You think you're so famous and shit?
We're checking up on our favorite hooligans.
This is all busted, what do you say to that?
So lieutenant KANG is behind it all?
Our last go-around wasn't painful enough?
So what brought you here with your minions?
Are you fucking deaf?
I told you we're here to work,
checking up on criminals.
Don't worry about us, go bury the old man.
How can we, when you're being so blatant?
I'm not blind.
Should I make you then?
Your foul mouth hasn't changed one bit.
But you better watch out.
It may lead to your unfortunate demise.
- Wanna bet?
- What?
Whose head will roll first, yours or mine.
What the fuck?!
There's plenty of space
beside the old man's grave.
Stupid pricks.
And this is the latest model.
Ink on the receipt isn't even dry yet.
Buy yourself some smokes with the change.
Oh yeah, I got a promotion!
I'm a section chief now. Don't forget!
Fucking cops...
Since we're all acquainted,
fetch us some food while at it.
I saw steaks heading in there.
Is it certified Korean beef?
You fucking idiots.
I want a written apology for this.
Yes, sir.
This is SEOK Dong-chool.
As the chairman of Goldmoon,
he transformed the Jaebum gang
into a national crime syndicate.
He died in a car crash 2 weeks ago
on his way back from his mistress.
I heard, so?
Because of his sudden death,
his seat remains vacant.
As you know, Goldmoon is
an amalgamation of the Jaebum,
Jeil and Northmoon gangs,
the largest syndicate in Korea.
They pushed into an enterprise model,
and now owns 8 subsidiaries,
growing into a mid-size corporation.
We may never be able to contain them ever again,
if we do not take action now.
To the point.
We'll influence their succession plan.
Who are the candidates?
JUNG Chung, Goldmoon executive director.
He's in charge of construction,
and has close ties with the triads.
He's a Chinese descendant,
and former head of Northmoon,
until he joined forces with Jaebum's SEOK.
Since he handles Goldmoon's main business,
he's the heir apparent even though
officially he's third in line.
- Opposition?
- LEE Joong-gu.
Goldmoon's managing director and 4th in line.
He handles private loans, pyramids
and entertainment businesses,
he was Jaebum's #2 under SEOK,
but JUNG Chung pushed him down.
So they're in constant conflict.
Still, he's backed by Jaebum clan,
which holds the most power.
So it's between these two?
Officially, #2 spot is held by JANG Su-ki,
but it's strictly a formality
and he's not involved in day-to-day.
Can this be done?
What if it fails?
It'll only cost their lives.
Watch what you're saying!
Alright, you have my blessing.
- But keep me in the dark.
- Of course, sir.
What's the operation code name?
New World, sir. Operation New World.
Dammit, there's nowhere to go.
You haven't improved much in 6 years.
You know me, I hate headaches.
At least try to make the most of it.
For what?
All this will be over soon.
There's a succession board meeting in 2 days,
all the regional bosses will attend it.
Their profiles are in the report.
Okay, I'll check.
By the way, this won't...
affect me or change our deal, right?
got a new order for you today.
Have you lost it?
You got a handler for a reason.
Why don't you go around waving your badge?
What is it this time? What the hell's going on?
You said I'm done when SEOK's taken care of!
- The situation's changed...
- 'Changed'?!
Is it my fault he wasn't prosecuted?
Or that he's dead?
Whose idea was this?
Which fat head came up with it?
There's only 3 people in the world
who know about you.
Was it you or director KO?
You insolent fuck,
watch your tone!
After posing to be a gangster for 10 years,
you sound like the real thing.
I can't do this anymore,
keep your word.
That's right.
Fine, then don't.
And just quit.
You're good at being a gangster.
Give up the law and be a gangster for real.
Isn't that a better life for you?
Cop salary is rat shit.
What's your income now? A fortune, right?
- Are your serious?
- Wait a minute.
What'd they do to you
if they found out you're a cop?
Is this fun to you? Are you fucking with me?
Look at you, you're a bonafide gangster.
Let go.
Ungrateful prick.
Look at the positive side of this,
it'll only take a few weeks.
You did this for 8 years, this is nothing.
Until the successor is decided.
Continue supporting your boy JUNG,
it's no big deal.
And I'll get you the promised
overseas reassignment.
This special op will double your pay.
You'll practically be a made man.
Take this with you.
I picked out a mobile and some toys.
I heard it's a son.
How did you know that?
You got a tail on me?
Don't get paranoid,
we're just protecting our asset.
You're our most prized investment.
It's not safe to delay appointing the successor.
We'd prefer to appoint one ASAP.
No organization can maintain stability
when the head's been chopped off.
We got business in the works
and if we don't attend to them,
people will start to get funny ideas.
It'll get ugly real fast.
Then let's call a board meeting
this month and vote.
Any thoughts?
I agree with you all.
What about you?
There's no reason to object.
It's not good to keep that seat empty too long.
Okay, it's settled then,
we'll call a board meeting next week
and appoint a successor.
If there's nothing else, I'll head out.
Got business to attend to.
Since we're all here, let's grab a bite.
Forget it.
I got no time for bullshit pleasantries
over a meal,
especially with you.
I'd rather choke to death.
Shit, those are some choice words.
I'm off then.
Hemorrhaging asshole.
Senile old fucks, rolling their eyes and shit.
Fucking eunuchs.
Oh yeah, bro, I have a big favor to ask you.
I'm not interested.
You cold bastard.
I have to get back to Shanghai in 2 days.
Couldn't finish the deal
because the old man got himself killed.
It'll only take a few days,
look after my office for me.
Fuck, you scared me, lighten up.
Go fuck yourself, little bitch.
If Joong-gu knew I left my nest empty,
he might stir shit up,
so keep it to yourself.
He's not going through puberty,
he won't do anything.
There're too many eyes right now.
That fucker is a walking puberty.
Where's the car? Didn't I tell you to park close?!
What the fuck?
Did I scare you?
Got a jolt?
Look, this isn't funny!
I'm sorry.
You piece of shit, drive properly!
Our colleagues had heart attacks.
My apologies, boss.
How the fuck did you get a license?
I thought you had important business.
Forgot the way out? Need a map?
You need to work on your sense of humor.
Take care, you hear?
Take care.
See that? You see what I mean?
That prick won't change until he's buried.
Shit, I think I pissed a little.
Yo bro!
That was nice.
Damn, my heart's pounding!
Let's go get some pussy,
or get shitfaced with pussies.
I'm fine, you go ahead.
- Shit.
- Go on.
I don't enjoy fucking those virgins,
I just wanna calm my nerves.
- In-out, in-out.
- Go on, drive.
Come on, hop in.
I really can't today.
Get in!
Follow us.
Yo bro, something on your mind?
You look like shit.
I'm just... tired lately.
We got important shit coming up,
you need to shape up.
I'll get you some ginseng meds.
I thought your face couldn't
get any uglier, but I guess not.
I don't need a loan, I'm rich.
I pray to God,
I hope your child takes after your wife.
We have to play the hand we're dealt,
it'll all work out for the best.
You just follow my lead like a sheep.
Funny shit, huh?
My chink brothers! Fill your glasses!
Raise your glasses!
Let's drink to his unborn child!
Let's all pray, please take after his wife!
You speak the truth!
- Cheers!
- Cheers!
- Lemme pour for you.
- Yes, sir!
Sit down, asswipe, with the big cup.
Will you stop messing with the leaf?
They got feelings too.
How are other clans reacting?
Them? They're busy figuring out who to side with.
Indeed, this will determine
if they'll live or not.
How's Ja-sung?
Heard he's got a kid on the way.
How's he coping?
Of course not, would you be?
But what can he do?
He has no say.
Keep a tight leash on him,
we can't lose control of him at this point...
I know, I know.
The plan's good.
Alright, proceed as written here,
do this right.
My boss...
I mean...
I uploaded LEE Joong-gu's file
that JUNG Chung had.
That won't be enough to charge him.
It should be enough. We'll take care of it.
Who's the other snitch?
Is he a cop too?
Or intelligence?
I'm not in the loop on this intel either.
What's the grand plan?
There must be one by now.
Can't even tell me that?
Shut up and do what I'm told?
What am I to you all?
Even those scumbags trust me,
why can't my own guys?
I follow all your orders!
- As per protocol...
- Fuck that!
Fuck your protocols!
My neck is on the line here.
I'm a cop too,
we're on the same side, right?
JUNG's flying out tomorrow afternoon,
check the itinerary.
Nice shot.
- Nice shot.
- Great form.
Do you all get to hit the green nowadays?
Usually, but not so much these days.
You know how unhinged things are now...
With the chairman's passing and everything.
Was that for me to hear?
No, no, of course not.
Why'd we pick a fight with you? Of course not.
We're family, no need to get all worked up.
Family? So how do you explain your behavior then?
Abandoning one of your own and sucking up to JUNG.
Didn't you?
Or you?
Who was it?
Joong-gu, listen to me.
You got it all wrong.
We couldn't possibly have done that.
We just accepted him
because the chairman adored him.
- We take care of our own.
- That's right.
That chink bastard is not one of us.
Right, right.
So next week's pissing contest is pointless then.
JANG won't side with anyone,
and JUNG's clan doesn't have enough sway
to overcome this family, isn't that right?
That's right.
Everyone knows we got your back.
That's the truth...
- But...
- Something for you?
Of course there is.
You get to keep your head.
Was the chairman's death really an accident?
I feel terrible about leaving like this.
Will you stop it? Stop kissing my ass.
It's because I feel really bad about it.
Why don't you just stay then?
Gonna be like that? Alright, I'll stop.
In any case, just make sure...
Okay, okay, I'll stop, you bastard.
- Fine, fine!
- Okay, okay!
I'll buy real shit this time,
not cheap knock-offs.
Will you just go?! Not like you're off to war.
Is something really up?
What's with the attitude lately?
I'm off to war, fuckhead!
Good afternoon.
Have a safe trip!
What, you got an appointment with me?
Come with us, you'll find out.
I'm his lawyer.
What's this about? Go through me first.
What's he saying?
Come with us quietly.
Why not.
But will you reimburse the ticket
if I miss the flight?
Don't you worry.
We fly first class.
National Police Agency Chief KANG Hyung-chul
I've been really busy with work,
so what exactly is the purpose of our chat?
It's because of that work of yours.
Goldmoon Corruption Investigation Report.
This is pretty serious stuff, right here.
Make a decision.
There's still time before your flight.
I'm gonna smoke.
So you want to take care of Joong-gu,
in other words, you'll back me up?
Right, as you know, you got
no chance against him.
Thanks for seeing me in a good light,
but we're not playground bullies.
And we're not mall cops.
- You're underestimating us.
- Your words, not mine.
Are you really asking
for something to prosecute him?
We don't always see eye to eye,
but this is pretty low.
Read it on your flight.
This looks like our own stuff.
Fuck, I thought we smoked out all the moles.
Looks like there's more left.
Let's get one thing straight.
You accused SEOK's men as moles
and eliminated them.
And SEOK was a necessary casualty
on your way to the throne.
Make of that what you will.
If you collected this much dirt,
can't you do whatever you want?
It's for everyone's good.
We're asking for consent
before the shit hits the fan.
Consent? More like a notice.
Enough for today, you're late for your flight.
By the way, how did you know
I was flying out today?
And perfect timing too.
Now it all makes sense.
You got plenty of rats inside.
Must be nice.
Look into him.
Any dirt in his official police records
to personal details.
Money is no object,
get the best people on it.
I know just the right group for it.
call the Yanbian hobos.
Will you handle this yourself?
So he wants to play?
Yeah, are you on Joong-gu?
Good boy.
We're moving in first thing tomorrow
so gather some muscle.
How's that old geezer JANG?
What can a feeble chump do?
He just leads a lonely life.
Aside from other geezers
dropping by for tea, nothing, boss.
Tea won't class them up.
Stay on those senile pricks
until the board meeting.
Those eunuchs can't be trusted.
- Don't worry, boss.
- Yes, boss.
If one of them tries to step out of the line...
I'll chop their balls off
and feed them to their kids.
Shit, you fucking scare me!
You never did learn
the art of subtlety and elegance.
'Chopping balls off', listen to this guy.
By the way, boss, what about JUNG Chung?
When you take the chair, he'll dust up a storm.
Enough business talk,
let's savor this meal.
Veal here is so tender,
and it's real Korean beef.
Yes, boss.
- Who the fuck are you?
- Grab him.
Who let them in?
It's alright, sit, sit.
Who the hell are you?
Why are you ruining
a perfectly fine breakfast for us?
Can't you see we're eating here?
It looks like you're almost done.
Well, I'll be damned, it's lieutenant...
Right, you got promoted.
Chief KANG, our paths cross too much.
You piece of shit.
I'm getting tired of your mouth.
This restaurant is a bit out of your league.
Your salary won't even cover the dessert.
Well, look at this...
how can you eat this in the morning?
Know your place in life.
Chief KANG...
It's long, bear with me.
LEE Joong-gu, you're charged with
murder, fraud, assault, extortion,
and... yadda yadda yadda.
So damn much.
It's too early for half-assed jokes.
I'm not much of a joker.
Are you really up for this?
Think you can take me on?
The charges won't stick.
This is a court-certified warrant,
we won't disappoint you this time.
Take him away.
- Boss!
- Boss!
Who was it, was it that fucker JUNG?
I wonder,
who could it be?
- Boss, no!
- Sir!
Call a meeting.
Okay, and I'll book the flight back.
Is the file on chief KANG not ready yet?
I made sure to have it for you when we arrive.
And the Yanbian hobos?
They should've arrived by now.
lncheon International Ferry Terminal.
Try not to look like hicks too much.
No need to be so obvious.
We don't need extra attention.
- You hear?
- Okay.
Let's get going!
You see?!
The Koreans sense these things!
They already know we're Yanbians!
Let's go!
This is the face, fingers and toes.
Hear his heartbeat? He's healthy.
You'll feel the baby kicking from now on.
You'll gain weight noticeably and...
Should we...
live abroad?
Haven't received a report in weeks.
There was nothing special.
'Nothing special'?
And other times were special?
When does he get home,
what he eats, how much he eats,
does he snore or not, that stuff,
I told you no detail is too small to leave out.
Is your baby making you soft?
Don't talk about my baby!
I want to quit.
You wanted this in exchange
for your dope fiend father.
We pulled you out of that bar
and made you whole,
shouldn't you be grateful?
That dope fiend is dead,
and Ja-sung was the one who saved me.
Don't you worry, I'll live for him.
Is that so?
You think that's so easy?
How would he feel if he knew you're spying for us?
That thug would love that, won't he?
Son of a bitch...
Sure, but what can I do, this is my job.
Do yours right, got it?
The cops really went all out this time.
Perhaps they really got enough dirt to prosecute.
Then who provided the dirt?
You think I did this?
I don't stoop that low.
And I never had that kind of dirt.
Is that so? Then who could it be?
If not you, probably one of yours then.
Your boy Ja-sung perhaps?
Fucking traitor, this is how you do me?
Keep me busy and take over
the entire organization?
- Yo, Joong-gu...
- Motherfucker!
I'll fucking split your mouth!
I'll fucking split your mouth,
if you ever say my name again.
Try me.
Come at me all you want,
see if you get your way.
Our lawyer's doing his best,
so sit tight.
We greased enough of them over the years,
it'll work out.
Did you...
offed the old man?
It wasn't you?
If not, it could've been one of the moles, or...
A thousand others.
Eat this, you fucking chink.
watch your back.
Thank you for thinking of me,
even behind bars.
You're really something...
Bring it.
It's a small token of my appreciation.
What is it, something edible?
It's Chinese mooncake, a real delicacy.
Mooncake, huh?
Come on, open it at home.
How do you eat it? Like this?
This doesn't look edible.
It's laundered clean, there's no need to worry.
I'll take good care of you.
We'll send you a regular care package,
consider it your retirement fund.
You just have to back off and let us do our thing.
Don't dig into our affairs too much.
- Give me a smoke.
- Yes, boss.
What, don't like it? Need some more?
Do you want a share of our earnings then?
Hey JUNG Chung,
what do you take me for?
Take it back.
I don't take money from gangsters.
Then what do you want?
You're not trying to wipe us out,
so you must want something.
Wipe you out?
Someone else will take your place in no time.
And start a new investigation? Too much hassle.
We're not asking much from you.
Just know your place, and do as you're told.
No need to overreact to everything.
So you want us to run errands for you dicks?
Like fucking ball-less lapdogs?
There's no need for that.
Think of it as,
a cooperative relationship.
- Grab the cash.
- Yes, sir.
Alright, enough, go away!
Okay, I hear you.
I got your message loud and clear,
you'll hear from me soon.
It's chief KANG's personnel file,
both professional and personal...
Shut up!
Is this accurate?
I got it from one of
the best Chinese hacker groups,
these guys can infiltrate
the FBI database in 2 days tops.
And the Yanbian hobos?
They're standing by.
Incoming call - Bro.
My fucking bro! Where you at?
When did you get in? Today?
Why didn't you call?
Of course it's not a problem.
What surprise?
Why there?
Wasn't he due back in 2 days?
It's not like him.
To the lncheon warehouse.
Yes, boss.
Pull over.
What would you like to do?
Call in the hobos.
I think my cover is blown.
Wipe my file and clean this place.
And please quit smoking.
Take care.
She killed the lights?
Holy shit! You never said she had a gun!
I wasn't told either, fuckwad!
We still gotta keep her alive?
- Yeah, that's the order.
- Let's hang back.
It's a six-shooter, she's got 3 bullets left.
Hey retard! This isn't Yanbian!
Didn't you hear the gunshots?!
The cops will be all over this shit!
Then what do we do?
Let's just blitz her!
Isn't that dangerous?
Are we on a vacation?
Let's move!
He's waiting inside, sir.
Why all the way here?
You're here, a bit late though.
Yeah, because of the rain and traffic.
Suk-mu, you fuck.
I told you to buy the newest GPS.
You get realtime traffic info, motherfucker.
That's how we got here.
Bring it.
Yo bro.
Wanna see what's inside that barrel?
Give me a smoke.
It's your chess teacher.
Pretty cute and a fuckable body too.
Those juicy tits...
Yo bro.
Did you know?
That cunt is a spy.
A cop.
She's a cop.
Did you know that?
No, I...
I didn't.
She's a strong one, that bitch.
She won't talk no matter what.
She's better than my boys, I'll give you that.
But I already knew what I wanted to know,
I figured I'd confirm it with her.
This right here.
I paid a fortune in China for this file.
Check it out.
Even I was shocked.
Not just a mole, but a cop was part of our family.
Go on, look.
That cum stain beside her is chief KANG,
he's the one barking up our asses.
He was an instructor when she was at the Academy.
So he was her mentor and shit.
Probably popped her cherry.
Read the next one.
There's one more.
That fucker there,
really got me.
Son of a bitch!
Yo bro!
These fuck-holes were playing you all this time.
Shit, it's not cutting through!
Chief KANG'II get the message, don't you think?
- Yo Yanbians!
- Yeah?
Have some fun and toss her with the body.
Let's go.
When I'm through with you,
you'll beg me for death.
What? A booty call at this hour?
You're violating my right to sleep.
Got some news that'll wake you up.
This better be good.
A new board meeting is called.
In 2 days, 5 pm.
JUNG'II take the helm since you're in here.
So, you're here to rub it in?
Yeah, you useless piece of shit.
What the fuck?!
So useless that you lost everything to the chinks.
Since when did the chinks take over Goldmoon?
Didn't it belong to your clan?
You were the rightful heir.
I didn't know you cared so deeply for me.
And who got me into this?
If it weren't for you,
this wouldn't have happened.
Boy, we're cops.
We get a report, we investigate,
we find dirt, we arrest.
That's our job.
So who made that report?
JUNG Chung, you've hit rock bottom.
So what?!
What do you want from me? Grind my knife?
This is your best?!
I'm LEE Joong-gu! The almighty LEE Joong-gu!
JUNG Chung, that cocksucker.
This is rat poison, no doubt about it.
But I can't just let it pass.
I can't sink alone.
And this rat poison could be
a blessing in disguise.
Alright, I'll play along.
I'll play.
How did JUNG find out?
Did you make a deal with him?
I know I'm a lowlife,
but not that low.
I figured it was you.
I thought you flipped.
We had a case like that.
A long time ago.
Is that why you had Suk-mu on me?
As an insurance?
We put him there, but he didn't know about you.
Son of a bitch.
Don't be like that, it's almost over.
There's nothing more to lose.
Nothing's changed,
we continue according to the plan.
So what's the plan?
The plan?!
Who will you back between them?
JANG Su-ki, current vice chair of Goldmoon.
You said he holds no power.
He was the Jeil boss, but lost all power
when the clans united as Goldmoon.
At the time, Jeil was about to disband,
and he's semi-retired.
So he's perfect for us.
We took care of him
since the beginning so he's ripe,
but he's so powerless that
our help alone won't do.
That's why he needs a capable running mate.
A running mate?
This is Goldmoon's COO LEE Ja-sung.
He's from the same town as JUNG,
and also a Chinese descendant.
Will he just comply?
He may have to betray JUNG later.
I always wondered who my running mate was.
With you, this may be a doable proposition.
Ja-sung, let's go all the way.
Son of a bitch!
You two haven't worked it all out yet?
Ja-sung, let's talk details later.
What the fuck is this?!
Use him to take over Goldmoon.
You said this is the end,
you said this was my last mission.
Sir, I can't do this.
You promised, you gave me your word!
Don't you care what happens to me?
Do I matter at all?
There's no other choice.
This is the safest path for you.
You son of a bitch! Cut the bullshit!
How do you think JUNG Chung found out?
Our database was hacked last week.
By the Chinese hackers.
They targeted me, and stole top secret intel.
They found Suk-mu, here too!
They got everything.
And your file was definitely included.
How come you won't kill Ja-sung?
Go over the Shanghai contract.
I wiped all your files.
Officer LEE Ja-sung does not exist.
Only me and the director know about you.
No one knows why JUNG decided to keep you,
but it's a lucky break.
It gave us the upper hand.
JUNG Chung's finished, as of today.
LEE's clan is on the move.
Got a smoke?
What the?
Get him!
Boss, you have to go!
Let go of me, assholes!
Kill 'em all!
Send them to hell!
Hold them back!
Stop them!
You spineless fucks...
Did Joong-gu order the hit?
Falling for the cops' tricks?
You underestimated our clan,
you backstabbing chink!
Come at me, motherfuckers! Come at me!
Do it!
Move, move, move!
Over here, asshole!
Joong-gu, that fucker finally
stirred up a shitstorm.
He dragged everyone into this mess.
Him and Jaebum clan's finished.
There's no other way around this now.
Someone must step up and clean up this mess.
Isn't that right, vice chair JANG?
We tried our best but he won't make it.
I'm sorry.
What do we do, boss?
- Where's HAN Joo-kyung?
- She's...
She's in recovery.
I'm sorry about the baby.
High levels of stress
and sudden shock triggered this.
It'd have been dangerous for her too.
Now, Ja-sung just has to take over.
He's a made man now.
Shouldn't he thank us for this?
When this is done, process my resignation.
Are you drunk? Not that shit again.
Who'll manage this operation if you leave?
You made this case, this is your baby.
I can't, I'm too dumb for this shit.
Stupidity is your excuse? Fucking moron.
Can't take it all back.
No one can back out of this.
Either we see it through, or die in the process,
so there's no turning back.
It's a goddamn shame we lost a few of our own,
some sacrifices are needed to win a war.
Can you keep him on our leash?
It won't be so easy anymore.
What can he do? He's a shrimp caught in our net.
No, thanks.
I quit.
Who knew the passing of SEOK
would be such a blessing!
Now that it's all behind us,
SEOK, and his boys LEE and JUNG
were way too uptight.
It's a brand new era.
Will JUNG's boys stay in line?
They still got Ja-sung.
Your worries are unfounded.
I assure you, they won't act recklessly.
I promised him the vice chair
once I become the chair.
That's a brilliant idea!
Succeeding in accordance
to the rank is the right thing.
- This is great!
- Very good!
As a precaution, I brought my own men.
Just enough muscle for a smooth transition.
Don't you worry, I know where I stand.
What can I do with a few men?
Think of them as my entourage.
Let's finish this drink and start swinging!
I feel so terrible!
Asking Goldmoon's vice chair
to this shabby joint.
What do you want?
What do I want?
Remember you're at my beck and call.
Until another handler is assigned,
report directly to me.
I'm warning you, nothing's changed.
You're a cop, don't forget.
And submit a revised organization chart
by next week.
Emphasize new intel that
you didn't have access to before.
Got it?
Especially the top brass, feds,
and other suits on Goldmoon's payroll.
One more thing,
LEE will be released soon.
Insufficient evidence.
Let me be clear, don't touch him.
I'm sorry about your baby.
I mean it.
It doesn't look good.
You should make necessary arrangements.
Leave us.
Let's go.
Loosen up, you fuck.
I'm not dead yet.
Didn't think I'd see you again,
so good to see you.
Yo bro.
You look like shit.
It's time...
to choose a side.
Listen to me, asshole.
You'll stay alive that way.
What are you doing?
You fucking idiot...
What if...
like a fucking miracle,
I pull through?
Think you can take on me?
I left you a present in my office safe.
Check it out later.
Be strong,
my brother.
That's the only way for you to survive.
Go away, I'm tired.
I'll be damned...
How low the almighty has fallen.
Yes boss, he just got out.
Ride with me, I want a word with you.
Beautiful day, isn't it?
He's a terrible driver.
If you were me, wouldn't you do the same?
KANG won't let this slide.
What can he do?
With you gone, he can only depend on me.
Shall we? Let's get some air.
Take care, send my regards to JUNG Chung.
Give me a smoke if you got one.
One last smoke isn't much to ask for, right?
Today's the board meeting?
Congratulate Ja-sung for me,
who knew he'd sit on the throne.
Rags to riches...
What a beautiful day to die.
How dare you?!
What a twist.
Hey, mister, you really have cab fare?
Fine, fine, don't touch!
Which car? That one?
Attention please.
Our current vice chair and
unanimous successor JANG Su-ki
has decided to forfeit his candidacy
for personal reasons.
And LEE Ja-sung has been nominated for the chair.
Any objections?
This is an expensive car, it's not for your...
Mister, pull up right beside it.
What, what?
Are you deaf? Beside that car.
Oh, okay...
Chairman LEE Ja-sung.
What was your name?
LEE Ja-sung, sir.
LEE Ja-sung...
Born in Yeosu...
Chinese descendant, right?
Yes, sir.
I got a job for you, one that's tailored for you.
6 years ago, Yeosu.
Come on, hurry up!
Fuck, I gotta piss when I get nervous.
You drank like a whore.
- I'll be right back.
- Godammit!
Shit, I got it on my pants.
- Any plans later?
- What do you think?
What the fuck?!
There's too many of 'em.
Who the fuck?!
I'll fucking kill you!
Give me a smoke.
Let's clean up and go watch a movie.
Which one?
Porn, of course.
Let's go.
LEE Jung-jae.
CHOI Min-sik.
HWANG Jung-min.
SONG Ji-hyo
PARK Sung-woong.
Written and directed by PARK Hoon-jung