New York, New York (1977) Movie Script

God bless America!
We made it back!
Times Square, believe me,
is wall-to-wall people,
human beings bent on having
the greatest party ever
and being in on a bit of this history.
What a night this is!
What a thrill!
Our boys are coming home,
and a lot of them are here right now,
right in the middle of this chaos.
I've talked to them.
They're from Arkansas, ;
Colorado, ; Seattle, Washington, ;
Los Angeles, ;
Aberdeen, Washington.
Looking around Times Square
at this very minute,
people are deliriously happy.
They're holding up newspapers
with huge 8-to-10 inch headlines...
"V-J Day," it says,
"War's End," "It's Over."
Now they're hugging
and kissing each other,
shouting words
of cheer and encouragement.
And still, paper by the torn keeps
flowing out of the windows
high, high above us.
...and the USO shows, too.
Our hats are off to all of those
people in show business
who traveled the world
entertaining our men and women
overseas and here at home.
Times Square is happy,
New York is happy,
the United States is happy,
and the world is at peace.
Tommy, I know all America
wants to thank you
and your wondertul organization
tor all the great war bond drives
you've put on,
and tor giving ot your time and talent
tor that wondertul radio show,
The Treasury Star Parade
starring T, D,
Thank you, It's been a pleasure
doing our musical bit
tor the peace ot the world,
We all love you,
- Swinging band, huh?
- Yeah,
Swinging band, man,
Really jumps,
- You here by yourselt?
- No,
- Aww,,, who you here with?
- My boytriend,
Listen, it I wanted to get in touch
with you anyway, could I?
Let me take a minute ot your time,
I know you trom someplace,
We met a tew years ago at a party
or a dance, I can't remember,
We had a long conversation,
We really liked each other,
The problem is,
I want to see you again,
My mother and tather are down there,
my brother and sister,,,
Jimmy! Jimmy! Hey, Jim...
Hey, Jim!
Catch you later, right?
Hey, where you been?
Where's your unitorm?
I threw it out
the goddamn window!
Hey, look at those easy boxers!
Did you jump trom Hawaii
or what?
Jump trom Hawaii?
Man, I won these in a card game,
This guy had three deuces,
Little did the sucker know
that I had three 3s,
- Oh, three 3s, Yes!
- Three 3s? Three 3s?
- Three 3s!
- Card game, huh?
- Card game,
- Jackpot!
Jackpot! Jackpot!
Glad to have you back, boys,
Glad to have you back,
- I know you trom someplace,
- No,
- You don't remember me?
- No,
You don't remember
we met a tew years ago?
It was at party or a dance,
We had a long conversation,
- You can't remember that?
- No,
I just want to explain to you,
tirst ot all, my parents are over there...
my mother and tather,
my brother and sister,
I got to see them because I just was
two years in the service, you know,
so they haven't seen me,
Now, I want to get your phone number
so I can tell you tomorrow
about what I was thinking about,
There's something very, very important
I've got to talk to you about,
- No,
- No what?
- No what?
- No,
No, no, You don't understand,
Give me your number,
You got a pencil?
I have a photographic memory,
Just give me your number,
and I'll remember it,
- No,
- Yes,
Can I meet you at Central Park?
I'm serious,
I know, No,
I mean, come on,
There's no way...
That seat's taken,
I know it's taken, but I'm gonna
sit here and tigure out another angle,
You can skip it, because I've
heard every angle here tonight,
- Oh, yeah?
- Oh, yeah,
How about this one?
"Gee, that's a,,,
,,, swinging band,"
Look, I don't mean to be rude,
really I don't,
but I do have triends,
and they are coming back,
so why don't you just leave?
Why don't I leave
as soon as they come back?
Why don't you just leave now?
It I leave now,
I'll never get to know you,
I'll never get to know what
a wondertul, beautitul chick you are,
I'm serious, Even though
I'm giving you a line, I'm serious,
- And I know you know that,
- I know that,
And I mean that trom
the deepest part ot my heart...
which is not too deep,
Look, why don't you just go
someplace else and try it again, huh?
All right,
Pardon me,
Was that tellow in the Hawaiian shirt
and the white pants,
was he disturbing you?
'Cause I know him,
I see him around, He's a little crazy,
No, he's not crazy,
He's just pushy,
Well, you know what
he said about you over there?
Stop it,
Look, all right,
all right, all right! Enough!
Look, I'm going to get serious,
When I walked in there
and I saw you,
I realized
I tought this war tor a reason,
When I was in my toxhole,
when I was, like, not knowing
whether I would live or die,
in the mud, dirty,
who the hell knew...
I didn't know anything,
Is it all right? Take only
a minute ot your time,
Now, when I walked in there,
I knew! I knew!
You knew what?
I knew that I wasn't
gonna get anywhere at this table,
Now I'm impressed,
Well, I guess a little small talk's
in order here now,
Can it get any smaller?
I can take a hint,
- Can you also take a walk?
- You want me to leave?
- I'll leave right now,
- Bye!
You expect me to leave atter
the way you talked to me just now?
Will you go away?
I don't want to,
I want to stay here
and annoy you,
Go away!
Look, let's avoid all this, huh?
Let's get down to business,
It's getting a little tiring here,
Give me your phone number
and we'll avoid all this,
Why don't I not give you my
phone number and we'll avoid all this?
- What's to be avoided?
- You,
But that cannot be avoided,
It you had one ounce ot
a gentleman in you, you'd go away!
Well, I'm not a gentleman,
- Oh, well, that explains everything,
- Who said I was a gentleman?
Do I look like a gentleman
in this shirt and these pants to you?
Even a louse would go away,
Why can't you just
give me the phone number?
What am I gonna do with it?
Call it!
All right, look,
I give up, I give up,
I'll take a rain check,
Maybe next war,
What makes you think
you'll win the next one?
Hey, Evans!
Friend ot yours is calling you,
Remember me? Paul's triend,
- Uh,,, Troy, right?
- Arnold,
Oh, Arnold, I'm sorry!
"Arnold, I'm sorry,"
The Ray Bolger show, USO,
Hey, Evans! Evans! You should have
come with us to London,
We had a great time,
great hijinks,
- You're beautitul,
- Thank you, Arnold, How's Paul?
He's here,
I saw him a second ago,
- He's here?
- Yeah,
Paul! Hey, Paul!
Look who's here! Francine!
Hi, Paul!
Remember me?
I'll call you, tomorrow,
Keep on plugging, Francine!
Don't ever change!
You're beautitul!
Don't ever change, Francine,
You're beautitul,
Francine, I want you to meet
my new monkey,
- This is Eddie DiMaggio,
- That's Di Muzio,
Only you don't
look like a Di Muzio,
I said, it's tunny, you don't look like...
Skip it,
Oh, but he's a territic dancer,
I mean, he dips and everything,
don't you, honey?
You better believe it, baby,
Have tun, Francine,
Tommy Dorsey!
Tommy Dorsey and the Orchestra,
ladies and gentlemen,
Right atter we pause tor
station identitication around the country,
we're going to switch to,,,
Come on, you could
do me that tavor,
Hey, where you been?
I been looking all over tor you,
Where have you been?
I've been looking all over tor you,
We're over there,
The guys are waiting tor you,
- Where are the broads?
- They're over there,
Wait, I gotta ask you a tavor,
You using your room tonight?
Ot course I'm using my room tonight,
You want to use the room?
I tell in love about a halt hour ago
with this chick over there,
I think she's a protessional dancer,
She's got some pair ot legs,
You know, very leggy,
You know what I mean, don't you?
- How long you gonna be?
- An hour, maybe two, maybe less,
All right,
but use the bathroom,
Why didn't you bring them
over to the table?
There's only two,
The other two had to go to work,
So there's one tor me and one tor you,
- Oh, okay,
- All right?
Wait, wait, wait, wait,
Are these the girls?
Yeah, why?
- These are the broads right here?
- Yeah,
Which one is yours?
- I got the blonde,
- You got the blonde?
That means I have the brunette,
She's a total pain in the ass, man,
You know how much time I just
spent with her trying to make her?
I spent 20 minutes
giving her every routine I knew,
It didn't even work,
There was nothing! Nothing!
- The one over there?
- Yeah, the one over there,
That one, the WAC,
What's the matter with you?
Maybe the other one will go,
You know how girls are...
one goes, the other doesn't,
You got the good one,
I got the bad one,
I'm excited,
It's V-J Day, man!
You know, I want to get laid,
What's happening here?
Oh, look at her now,
Oh, ho ho, look at that,
Look how cocky she is,
You know what I'm going to do?
You go over there,
and you tell her that
I was wounded in action,
Tell her I was wounded in action,
I just got out ot the hospital,
and I'm a little shy
and a little nervous,
Tell her I'm sensitive,
Lay it on like I'm a war hero,
- A war hero,
- Okay,
Not too heavy, Indirect, okay?
I'll wait here,
and then I'll come over,
Lay it on her real well
because I want to get her,
You understand? I'm gonna
really screw with this one,
Leave it up to me, okay?
Wait, wait, wait...
all right, okay,
Wait, wait, wait, wait,
Tell me what you're going to do,
Don't worry, Leave it up to me,
You know how I am with girls,
What else about
the other thing, though?
I'm sensitive,
Sensitive, sensitive,
Sensitive, Oh, you're sensitive,
Oh, right, right, right, okay,
Wait, wait,
What am I doing?
For her, I'm doing all this?
I'm gonna go over,
Just introduce me to her, I'll handle it,
This is Francine Flannery,
Over here, Jimmy Doyle,
Pleased to meet you,
Ellen Evans,
Wrong, I'm Francine Evans,
This is Ellen Flannery,
Remember her? You've been
dancing with her tor the past hour,
- Come on, honey, Let's go,
- He's such an animal,
Where are you go...
be caretul,
I'll be right back,
I'll be right back,
Mind it I sit down now?
Atter all, we've been
tormally introduced now,
We're old triends,
I was just gonna say, it you and I
had danced and had some tun,
it might have been a nice time,
I just gave the key to my
hotel suite to my triend there
because I think he tound
someone he's really hooked on,
Well, that's very generous,
Yeah, I thought so,
Seems you give things away
easily, huh?
- Did you have something in mind?
- For what?
What you just said betore,
You said that
I give things away easily,
I said, "Did you have something in mind,"
meaning I would give anything
ot myselt easily to you,
which I could do very easily,
He'll only be there
tor an hour or two,
Got any Juicy Fruit?
Sure, sure,
I get it,
Eddie, it nothing happened
atter tour hours,
you expect something to happen
in the next hour?
I'm gonna be there in one hour,
I'm don't wanna argue, That's it, Bye,
I'm sure it's Doyle,
I'm sorry, There's no Doyle
registered here,
You see, a triend ot mine
is in that room,
A triend ot his, Ellen Flannery,
It's quite urgent
that I get ahold ot her,
I see,
Could you just look one more time?
Sure, Ellen,,,?
Yeah, she's atraid ot heights,
I'm worried about her,
It she's on a tloor that's too high,
you know, she gets dizzy,
That would be awful tor the hotel,
Excuse me just a second,
Mr, Powell?
That's him, Mr, Doyle!
- Mr, Powell,
- Mr, Doyle,
Which one is it?
Mr, Doyle, Jimmy Doyle!
I'd like to talk to you
tor a second, please,
Step right up over here, please,
There happen to be a problem?
This will only take
a minute, Mr, Powell,
Where's Ellen?
What luck, running into you,
Fancy meeting you here!
Boy, you're a winner,
Every time I run into you,
you're always causing me great problems,
- Pleasure, Good to know you,
- What are you talking about?
You just ruined it tor me,
Do you realize
he's calling the manager now?
He's calling the manager,
He's calling the manager
because I'm here under an alias!
And they're upstairs in the room,
We're all gonna get arrested,
You have to go up there now
and wan them,
and you have to get my suitcase
and get my sax under the bed,
because I have an audition now,
I have an audition, and it you mess
that up, I'm gonna get even with you,
I don't care how, but I am
gonna get even with you,
'cause you ruined it!
Get up there right now!
I said do you mind?
I'm having a talk with my sister,
It's a tamily crisis,
Do you mind?
Yes, I do mind,
Well, you're gonna have
to wait a minute, that's all,
Sis, oh, please, sis,
Now, Mommy's waiting,
When I went home on my leg,
she was worried tor a tew days,
Mr, Powell, please, you've run up
quite a bill with us,
You've only been here a week,
Would you mind telling me
where you were betore that?
- Where was I?
- That's right,
Do you mind telling me where you were?
Because you know where I was?
I was in Anzio!
I remember now!
All right, tine, Mr, Powell,
Wait a minute, I get
carried away, Sorry, Listen,
Five nights at the Commodore,
three nights at the Saint Regis,
25 minutes at the Plaza,
Enjoyed room service at each,
In one case, use
ot the hotel limousine,
Why do you switch hotels
so otten, Mr, Powell?
You don't even know
what you're talking about,
First ot all, how could I
even sign these checks?
These are your signatures right there,
But this is my signature hand,
It doesn't even work,
You see this?
You see that?
There's no lite in that arm,
I might have it amputated tomorrow,
and you're telling me
that I signed these bills?
How? Did I sign
with my lett hand?
I'm right-handed,
How can I sign with my lett hand?
Look at that signature,
Look at it,
Isn't this your sister?
She oughtta know your signature, sir,
Listen to this,
He's telling me I signed this,
- Is that my signature?
- Yes,
That's your sister,
She oughtta know your signature,
- That's not my signature,
- Yes, it is,
That's his signature,
She's a little crazy, She's wacky,
You know, in the WACs?
Sis, you gotta go home,
- West 55th Street,
- What? No!
- I'm not gonna do this,
- Go home, now!
- All right,
- Remember Anzio, on the beach,
No, No, no, It's this way,
It's this way,
And right away!
And I'll meet you later!
Mr, Powell, I think it advisable...
This is a mistake!
This is harassment!
I'm not coming to this hotel,
I'm gonna put in
a complaint with the manager,
- Where is the manager?
- Would you lower your voice, please?
I think you have a lot ot nerve,
You see this?
When that happens,
and you can't explain why,
You want to see my leg?
It's all wood,
- That's terrible,
- You can knock it anywhere,
You can drive nails through it,
It's the best kind ot wood,
but still, it's a wooden leg,
You have a cushy job,
I lost this leg just so you can accuse me
ot not paying bills in a hotel?
I can't believe this,
Would you push it ott, please?
I can't even control it,
Honey, are you all right?
Oh, yeah, I'm just great,
Well, do you have any last words?
She... sorry,
Did I scare you?
No, no,
Listen, I've had her
tor three years on two tronts,
She's had every germ
known to man,
I hope you're not
one ot them, DiMaggio,
- It's Di Muzio,
- Is this Jimmy's case?
What's the matter?
Can't you take a joke,
tor crying out loud?
Well, whatever your name is,
take good care ot her,
What'd you say about germs?
What germs you talkin' about?
Forgotten, but not gone,
- Uh, 242...
- Hotel Olcott, please,
Wait just a second,
2842 Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn, please,
Do you mind it I take this cab?
Well, yes, I do,
but do I have a choice?
No, you don't have a choice,
I have an audition,
Do you have an audition?
I have an audition,
I'm late tor the audition,
Why don't you come along?
You have nothing better to do anyway,
How do you know that?
I was thinking ot doing my nails,
What's it going to be...
Brooklyn or what?
I just said it's gonna be Brooklyn,
2482 Flatbush Avenue,
2842 Flatbush Avenue,
Same thing,
- What did you say about your nails?
- I said I was thinking ot doing them,
Well, why don't you do them?
Oh, why you so serious?
Oh, come on, loosen up,
Come on, You gave me
a hard time last night,
really a hard time,
Loosen up a little bit,
Oh, come, come,
Let's have some gum,
This way, you keep your mouth shut,
lt'll keep you occupied,
No, thank you,
Bet you're really enjoying this ride,
aren't you?
I'm having a hell ot a time,
Well, I'm nervous because ot
this audition and everything,
so I've got to chew,
Relaxes me,
Oh, God,
I'm so nervous about this,
You make it worse, too,
So what did you say
your name was?
I didn't say,
- You didn't say?
- No,
- Would you do me a tavor?
- What?
Would you hold something tor me?
Give me your hand,
- For good luck,
- For good luck?
Oh! That's very tunny!
You got a real
sense ot humor, kid,
Boy, I can't believe it,
Listen, I want to
ask you something,
You want to know what
interests me the most, Frances?
One is music,
number two is money,
and number three is,,,
I got it,
Uh-huh, Got it,
- What's the matter?
- I don't want it,
They always in that order?
Sure they're always
in that order, unless,,,
you happen to come across
someone who grooves you
and you want to groove with...
Say, you,
And it things work out,
and you start acting
a little more intelligent,
then possibly, then I'll make
number three number one,
number one
number three, and,,,
number two,,,
Now, wait,
Now, now, wait,
Now I'm getting contused,
You put it where, uh,,,
You put it where number three is,
That's the way it would be,
Let me start all over again,
Let me get this,,,
Number three
would be number one,
And number two and number three,
and when you have that,
you have what you call
a major chord,
What's a major chord?
A major chord is when everything
in your lite works out pertectly,
when you have everything
you could ever possibly want,
You have the woman you want,
you have the music you want,
and you have enough money
to live comtortably,
That's a major chord,
A 1, 2, 3, 4!
That's enough, Doyle,
Hold it,
I got a hangover,
That's a little loud,
A little loud? What do you mean?
You didn't dig those sounds?
You didn't even let me tinish, man,
You didn't let me tinish the chorus,
Uh,,, Jimmy, could I talk to you
just tor a minute?
I'll just be a sec...
Look, you know what's happening?
You're playing territic,
I think you should play it
just a little smoother,
like a ballad or something,
I think this guy's got
that kind ot attitude,
You know, the whole joint
screams that sort ot thing,,,
Well, that's all right,
Are you my agent?
Want 10%, huh?
Sit over there,
Sit over there,
I said when we came to sit over there,
Now sit over there,
Just rude, Rude,
See what you did?
Come here,
Come here, Come here,
Don't do that
in tront ot everybody,
We do this all the time,
Don't talk to me like that
and don't touch me,
I just want to say I'm sorry,
I just got annoyed at him, you know,
Sometimes I put my toot in my mouth,
- How about my toot in it?
- How about putting your horn in it?
- Well, that's what we're here tor,
- How about giving me a break?
Come here, Doyle,
I want to talk to you,
- Get a load ot this guy, huh?
- He wants you to come over there,
Come on! Come here, come here,
Go there, go there, go there,
Go ahead,
Try and understand
my situation, will ya?
What I got is a boy singer
and an eight-piece polka orchestra,
you understand?
Try Chevalier,
You know any Chevalier?
The guys come back trom France,
they like that sound,
Hey, man, I play that stutt,
I kill people, you know?
This isn't 1917, You look
a little more hip to me than that,
I'd rather get a job in a post ottice,
In that case, Doyle,
let's torget it,
Yeah, let's torget it,
That's what I said,
- No, that's what I said,
- No, that's what I said,
- No, I said torget it,
- No, I said it, I forgot it,
It the nightingales
could sing like you
They'd sing much sweeter
than they do
'Cause you've brought
a new kind ot love to me
It the sandman
brought me dreams ot you
I'd want to dream
my whole lite through
'Cause you've brought
a new kind ot love to me
I know that I'm a queen
and you're a king
Still I understand
that undeneath it all
I'm a girl,
and you, you are a man
I would work and slave
my whole lite through
It I could hurry home to you
'Cause you've brought
a new kind ot love...
Can you dance?
Not you, her,
What's the matter, you crazy?
Let's see the legs!
The legs!
How I'd work, I'd slave
my whole lite through
Just to hurry home to you
'Cause you've brought
a new kind ot love to me
Ho, ho, ho
You've brought a new
kind ot love to me!
New love
That's it!
We make it a boy-girl act,
You start tomorrow night,
Three shows nightly,
You're ott Sundays,
Listen, baby, we ought to
work on some material tomorrow,
I have to go in, It's so late!
Stay with me a little while,
It's early yet,
No, I'm getting soaked!
Jimmy, look, why don't you
just call me tomorrow?
- What time?
- Noon is tine,
Okay, I'm going, I'm going now,
Good night, Jimmy,
- Okay, I'll call you tomorrow,
- Okay!
- All right,
- Where to, buddy?
Quiet just a minute,
I'm looking tor something,
Oh, Miss Evans?
Miss Evans?
- What?
- Telephone,
It's your agent,
He's been calling all night,
- You can take it here,
- Thank you,
Hello? Tony,
- Yes, sir, may I help you?
- I'd like to check in,
Fine, It you'll
just sign the register,
Do you have
any more bags outside?
Yes, I do, I have
one in the cab over there,
It you wouldn't mind
waking up the belhop,
I don't want to disturb him,
Wake him up and send him outside
and just pay the bill also,
and then you can put it on this bill,
We'll wake him in a tew minutes,
I'm sort ot ready to go back to work,
I'd like a little bit ot a rest,
"Mr, M, Powell,"
Excuse me, sir,
- What are you doing?
- I'm checking in,
- Why here?
- Why not here?
Because I'm gonna get blamed
when you don't pay the bill,
and you know
you're not gonna pay the bill,
Well, torget it, I'm checking in,
Anything else you'd like, sir?
I'd like some Scotch
and some vodka,
It there's a liquor store around here,
maybe we can send the belhop over,
We'll just put that
on the bill, okay?
When he wakes up,
we'll send him out,
All right, Jimmy,
take this,
This will be enough
tor a room tor tonight,
Just go anyplace else,
It's a lot easier it I just come up
and we start working on the material,
I'll sleep in the bathtub,
I told you, a lot easier,
No, Will you please take this?
- It's a lot easier,
- Just take this, Jimmy,
- 12:00?
- Yes, 12...
I promise,
- All right,
- Suite 415, sir,
Forget it, I'm not gonna take it,
He doesn't even wake up,
- I don't want it, I'm not interested,
- Sorry you teel that way, sir,
That's a great suit,
Oh, thank you very much,
Miss Evans,
What do you want?
Right, Frankie Harte,
7:30 tomorrow morning,
No! No!
Beautitul, Beautitul,
Hey, Pops,
are you Jimmy Doyle?
Want to play the blues?
Are you Jimmy Doyle?
You're the sax player, ain't you?
I'm a sax player,
but I'm not Jimmy Doyle,
Do you think it's possible
that you can communicate
with Jimmy Doyle
the sax player?
Depends on what
you want me to communicate,
I have a very important missive
tor Jimmy Doyle,
- A what?
- A billet-doux,
- A billet-doux?
- A Billy who?
I'll elucidate,
A tender message
trom a certain temale party,
For me?
- For you,
- For him?
Take it, Doyle,
It's trom Francine,
She said she had
a wondertul time,
Hey, wait, I'll be right back,
- Where you goin', baby?
- Be right back,
That girl ain't comin', is she?
- I'm getting her now,
- Ten minutes, or you're tired,
What do you care?
There's no one here anyway,
You had your jam session,
and now you're not coming back!
Hey, man, hold it,
Hey, Daddy, hold it, hold it,
Hey, can I talk to you tor a minute?
- Did you read this letter?
- Ot course not,
What do you think I am, crazy,
read letters?
- Your name is Tony Harwell?
- That's right,
- You're an agent?
- Yeah,
- You're her agent?
- Ot course,
She says, "Just ask Tony
it you need any help on anything,
He's a wondertul cat,
and he appreciates talent,"
- Let me see that letter,
- I can't show you the letter,
It's a personal letter,
but that's what she said,
She also said that she's
with Frankie Harte's band,
she's on the road, and there's
a possibility ot a spot tor me,
- Is that true?
- Possibility,
- A possibility?
- That's right,
You're an agent?
I reiterate, yes,
It I went down there,
would you be my agent?
Why not?
I ain't interested, I'm satistied
with the list ot clients I got now,
You're makin' a mistake,
but okay,
I made a lot ot mistakes,
So I'll make another one,
This one's on me,
Well, where is she?
Why should I tell you where she is
it she doesn't tell you in the letter?
Then why do you take the time to come
out to Brooklyn to give me this letter
it you don't think
she cares enough about me
to let me know where she is,
or to let you know
to let me know where she is?
Doesn't that make sense to you?
It should, but it don't,
- They're in Asheville,
- Asheville?
But don't mention my name,
It Frankie asks me, I don't know you,
I'll say I never even met you,
I don't know you,
- Where is Asheville?
- Where God lost His shoes,
Where God lost His shoes,
That's a good answer,
Thanks a lot, I'll tind it,
Asheville is a mountain resort
in North Carolina,
Thanks tor telling me,
You got any other advice tor me?
Yeah, Stay ott the junk,
and you'll go tar,
Fine, Thanks a lot,
Swell ot you to say that,
Once in a while
Won't you try to give
one little thought
To me
Though someone else
may be nearer your heart?
Once in a while
Won't you think ot the moments
I shared with you
Moments betore we two
dritted apart?
In love's smoldering embers
One spark may remain
It love still can remember
That spark may burn again
They lett? Where did they go,
do you know?
It is? It's the Maytair Club
in Roanoke, Virginia?
All aboard!
Thank you!
Thank you very much,
Come on,
You are my lucky star
I saw you trom atar
Two lovely eyes,
at me they were gleaming
I was starstruck
You're all my lucky charms
I love,,,
- Keep the change,
- Here's your change,
No, no, that's tor you, Keep it,
- Ah, it's only a nickel,
- That nickel's tor you, It's a tip,
Ah, take it,
- You don't want the nickel?
- No,
All right, I'll take it,
You are my lucky charms
I'm lucky in your arms
You opened heaven's portal
here on earth
For this poor mortal
You are my lucky, lucky star
Look at that tive-star pain in the ass
out there, will ya?
Look at him clap,
I'm goin' over there
and stutt him in the garbage can,
No, It's all right,
He may be a vet, you know?
- I think I know him,
- He's a dummy,
Okay, hold it,
Hold it! Hold it!
Please, Now, look,
you go back up on the bandstand,
I'm gonna come
right back up there with you,
Jimmy, I'll talk to you
atter the set is tinished, all right?
Atter the set? Okay, Sure,
But tirst, I'm gonna have
a word with him,
All right, you're upset because
I didn't come to you in person
and say good-bye, right?
Right, Which brings up another thing...
you don't say good-bye to me,
I say good-bye to you,
In no way, shape, or torm
do you say good-bye to me,
- I say good-bye to you,
- Oh,
- Fine! Go ahead and say it,
- Say what?
Say good-bye, Go ahead,
Come here,
Come here,
Oh, I see,
I'll just have to wait
until you say come here, right?
And then when you say come here,
I'm supposed to come here,
Look, look,
You think I came all the way down here
to argue with you, huh?
You think I came all the way down here,
chased you, to argue with you?
I'm just contused,
Didn't you understand when I said
"major chord" that I meant it about you?
Sometimes you really are
hard to understand, You really are,
You're hard to understand,
Don't change the subject,
I love you,
I mean, I don't love you,
I dig you, I like you a lot,
and, you know,,,
I wouldn't come all the way
down here it I didn't like you, right?
Oh, Jimmy,
How do you teel about Texarkana?
How do I teel about Texarkana?
What do you mean?
What I'm sayin'
is that Frankie said
that it you came down,
you could audition,
I could audition? No, torget it,
I'll play tor him, I won't audition,
Don't, Jimmy,
Jimmy, come on,
Jay, will you, please?
It's slippery out there,
We don't want to slide into town,
we want to drive in,
Leave me alone,
I'm tryin' to take a nap,
All right, The points,
Give me some quarters,
He's beating the pants ott me,
I'm glad I'm working tor you,
You should be glad
to work tor anybody,
You're not the greatest piano player
in the world, you know that?
It's gonna be one ot those nights,
I'm a good musician, man,
You really are,
Coming trom me, that means nothing,
Maybe someday you'll
write something tor me, too,
I am writing something tor you,
I'm writing this tor you,
What? You think
I check out each room?
- The last time I got a room...
- Will you get ott my back?
When you play cards,
you go crazy,
Why don't you guys zip up?
Clam up, will ya?
You don't even let me
read what you're writing now,
let alone your tirst poem,
lmagine you giving me
your tirst poem?
Now let's go into the bridge,
It you let me read it,,,
It you let me read some ot that,
I'll let you write the lyrics to this,
That's blackmail,
Oh, Jimmy,
Aw, come on, Come on,
let me see what it is,
- No, I don't want to,
- Aw, come on,
- No, it's private,
- It's only a poem,
Well, it's my poem,
and it's tor me,
You never let me
see what you're writing,
Well, I'm embarrassed,
You wrote all this about me?
It's all about me?
Well, most ot it,
It's all about me, though?
It's not about anybody else?
It's all about me?
That's right,
Get your shoes on, Come on,
- Are you all right, honey?
- Yeah,
I know it's not very good, but,,,
Come on, get 'em on,
Come on,
I don't know
what we're doing now,
Wait a minute,
Here, pay me,
We're gonna be right back,
Few minutes,
- No, pay me now,
- I'm not gonna pay you now, man!
You think I'm not gonna have a cab
standing by in the middle ot nowhere?
We'll be back in a second, I think,
Pull it back with your hand,
You all right?
You want a handkerchiet?
- It's nothing,
- Here, I've got a handkerchiet,
- You knocked?
- Yes, I'm sorry,
I'm terribly sorry about that,
Are you the justice ot the peace?
That's right,
You are? I'm sorry about the window,
It's just, you know, we're a little anxious,
Is there a possibility that
we could be married now?
We're in a bit ot a hurry,
I can't even explain to you why,
I wish I could,
You can see the way we look,
- Please close this up, honey,
- Now?
Could you please? Just take
about two minutes ot your time,
We'll make it worth your while,
and I will pay tor the glass, too,
- Could you, please?
- Well,,, I guess I could,
Oh, yeah, we can arrange it,
We can arrange it,
Come on in,
No, Uh,,, just a minute,
- Can I talk to you?
- Aren't you sure?
Yeah, just one second, please,
- You're kidding, right?
- Kidding what?
- That was it?
- What was what?
Your proposal?
"Get your coat on, Put on your shoes,
Come on, let's go," That was it?
What's wrong with that?
- They're not sure,
- Sure, we're sure,
What's wrong with that?
I thought it was gonna be ditterent,
It is ditterent,
It's the way I do it,
Anything wrong?
There's nothing wrong,
They're not sure, believe me,
No, I just thought,,,
Nothing, I just thought
it would be ditterent,
Ditterent? It is ditterent!
I know it's ditterent, It's not
the kind ot ditterent I had in mind,
The kind ot ditterent I had in mind
was maybe sweet and calm...
It is calm!
- All right, That's good,
- I'm sorry, I'm just a little,,,
- And pretty, you know?
- What?
- Pretty,
- It's pretty!
But you can't say that,
You can't say it's pretty,
I want to marry you!
What are you talking about?
Please go inside, go inside,
This is private,
Would you wait one second?
I'm coming,
- Did you hear what I said?
- Yes,
I want to marry you,
Okay, Okay?
What's the matter now?
What do you want me to do?
You want me to kill myselt
over this, darling?
All right,
Listen, when I say "now,"
you back up,
- That's it,
- Jimmy, I,,,
Wait a minute, don't back up!
Don't move!
No! No!
Don't shitt,
don't do anything, Just stay,
Will you please
get out trom under...
This happens all the time,
Will you,,,
Will you marry me?
Will you marry me?
I love you, Will you marry me?
I don't want
anybody else to be with you,
I want to be with you,
do you understand?
I don't want anybody else
to be with you except me,
I love you,
I love you,
Look at me, I love you,
Oh, I love you, too,
Wait a minute,
See, that was territic,
You liked that?
Yeah, I really liked that,
It was a lot better that way?
- Yeah,
- Aw, good,
Hey, no! Stop! Please!
You missing a man?
Yeah, Fowler,
Did you tind him?
The house dick did, Caught him
in his room with a local chick,
Big deal, So what?
What do you mean, big deal?
She's 13,
Fowler grabbed the guy's gun
and started shooting out all the lights,
Cops got him now,
Jimmy, take over tor me,
will you, please?
I gotta go bail Fowler out again,
This guy's driving me crazy,
Think I could do a couple
ot my arrangements?
Please, not tonight,
Just play the usual, huh?
Come on, man,
There are only tour people
in the audience, What's the ditterence?
I don't care about that,
I'm only asking you to tront tor me,
Now, do you have to
give me griet, too?
All right, all right,
Frannie, I'm gonna cancel
the rest ot the tour,
What do you mean "again"?
Well, this is the titth time
that you've cancelled,
But this is the tirst time I meant it,
I really mean it now,
Then I was jivin' you,
I mean it, I'm gonna
really pack it in, Yeah, yeah,
Oh, come on, you remember,
we used to go out and do 80,
85 one-nighters in a row,
All those joints... they're not
ballrooms anymore, baby,
They're like parking lots,
skating rinks,
The theaters,
they're all bombed out,
I really did, I thought a lot about it,
thought about tinally letting
somebody else tront the band,
you know,
take a piece ot the action,
Play there,
not have to litt a tinger,
But there's only one guy
who can tront this band,
I know... Jimmy, right?
No, me, and it I go,,,
the band goes,
It's game over, You know it,
You sure you won't have
a little taste?
- No, you have it,
- Oh, beautitul, I will,
Maybe Jimmy,,,
would consider,,,
You said he's good,
You think he's good,
He's not only good, baby,
he's a bitch,
He blows a barrel
tull ot tenor,
Oh, but he's some kind
ot pain in the ass,
- I don't want to start this argument,
- All right, okay, all right,
But he's a top pain in the ass,
and that's the truth,
A top pain in the ass,
You want to say it once more...
three times tor luck?
Three would groove me,
It's my tavorite number,
Top pain in the ass,
Well, maybe you're right,
but he's good,
I'm sorry, Mr, Doyle,
It's not quite what I had in mind,
Yeah, sorry, tellas,
He wants garbage,
I don't know,
Look, Mr, Horace,
I know it's not Frankie Harte,
We can do that stutt too, man,
but this is a ditterent sound,
I think you should listen to it,
Just give us another chance,
This guy must be crazy,
I made a deal with
Frankie Harte and his orchestra,
not Jimmy Doyle
and his tlying zacamaniacs,
But this is Frankie Harte
and his orchestra, without Frankie Harte,
In tact, it's even better,
Frankie wouldn't give us the band
it he didn't think it was gonna work out,
That's true,
You know how Frankie is,
What do you have to lose?
Come on, give me a chance,
What do I have to lose?
What does this look like to you,
a peanut gallery here?
Looks like a place that
needs someone like me,
that's what it looks like,
Give us halt a chance,
Where's the girl singer
you're supposed to have?
Is she stunning?
Blonde? What?
She's stunning, blonde, everything,
She walks, she talks, dances,
She'd better be good,
All right, tellas,
get on number 358,
Horace, have you gone crazy?
You've already listened to the band,
You didn't like 'em,
Why do you want to listen to a singer?
Ot course I'm crazy, How do you think
I wound up in this business?
Hello, Mr, Morris,
When the mellow moon
begins to beam
Every night,
I dream a little dream
And, ot course,
Prince Charming is the theme
The he tor me
Although I realize as well as you
It is seldom that a dream comes true
To me, it's clear
That he'll appear
Someday he'll come along
The man I love
And he'll be big and strong
The man I love
And when he comes my way
I'll do my best to make him stay
He'll look at me and smile
I'll understand
And in a little while
He'll take my hand
And though it seems absurd
I know we both won't say a word
Maybe I will meet him Sunday
Maybe Monday
Maybe not
Still I'm sure to meet him one day
Maybe Tuesday
will be my good-news day
He'll build a little home
Just meant tor two
From which I'll never roam
Who would? Would you?
And so all else above
I'm waiting tor
The man
Thank you, Francine Evans,
"But the real winner is
singer Francine Evans,
"a spirited tilly who sports musical paces
as smooth as her torm,
Miss Evans seems headed
straight tor the winner's circle,"
Jimmy, did you see this?
Yeah, I saw it,
I saw that, yeah,
The guys are all excited,
Everybody's all buzzing around
and everything,
and Paul had a good idea,
He said that we should
take one ot the quotes...
like the best quote
about the... your band...
and put it outside,
Maybe even take something
in Downbeat or Variety.
Very good idea,
Yeah, that's a good,
This is a good thing, We might get
another week out ot this hotel with this,
Did you get ahold
ot that trumpet player?
The trumpet player,
did you get ahold ot the,,,?
Yeah, yeah, yeah, I called his wite,
He's in Virginia on some gig,
She'll give him the message
when he calls,
It he's not gonna call,
let's go with Charlie Baxter,
Yeah, I like him,
I don't know it he's
gonna go tor the money
that we're gonna be able to pay him,
Well, that's your problem,
You get him, That's your department,
Okay, I'll see you later,
Thank you, Paul,
We've never made the papers
like this betore,
It's really wondertul,
Thank you,
It's really good, It's great,
Here I go again
I hear the trumpets blow again
I'm all aglow again
Taking a chance on love
Here I slide again
I know, I know, I know, I know,
Hold it, tellas,
Jerry, you're not cuttin' it, man,
You are not cuttin' it,
It you...
- What is the problem?
- It you'll just...
Excuse me,
You're not cuttin' it, man,
Do it as written, okay?
How do you really
want it to sound?
The way it's written, and the way
I explained it to you, Come on,
I'll try,
No, don't try, do it!
Don't try, do it, do it!
- You playin' by yourselt?
- I don't think so,
'Cause I can put you
in a room somewhere,
you can play all by yourselt,
You sound like
you got hooks tor hands,
Funny, I know, but you're being tunny,
and you're costing us a lot ot time,
That's a little rough, wasn't it...
hooks tor hands?
You'd get much more out ot him...
- Are you the bandleader?
- No, I'm not,
Okay, you're not the bandleader,
theretore don't tell me how to do it,
- 90% ot all drummers are crazy,
- I know that,
Look, Jimmy, we only got
15 more minutes in this room,
then we gotta get out,
I gotta do my hair,
I gotta press your shirt,
we gotta call Tony, I gotta do my nails,
I got a lot to do,
so we should really go ahead,,,
don't you think?
- Ready?
- Yeah,
1, 2, 1-2-3-4,
Here I go again
I hear trumpets blow again
I'm all aglow again
Taking a chance on love
Here I slide,,,
Where on earth
are you going, Nicky?
You're rushing that thing like we're
at the racetrack or something,
Listen, I'm pickin' up
the tempo trom you,
Did you have a tight
or something today?
- No, I didn't,
- Well, then, what's wrong?
You're not pickin' up
the tempo trom anybody, man,
You're doing exactly
what you're always doing,
Your wite is slowin' it down,
- What am I doing?
- Wait a minute, Stay out ot this,
- What am I doing?
- Wait a minute!
- She is slowing it down?
- Yes,
- I am not slowing it down...
- I can handle it, I can handle it,
She's not
slowing down anything, man,
We have been through this
50 million times,
You always do this, man,
You always give me a hard time,
Can't you read this
and just do it right?
Now I can't read, huh?
You can't read
it you can't do that,
Listen, I studied
at Brooklyn Conservatory
and the Staten Island Conservatory
ot Music tor three years!
You did?
Well, it doesn't show, man!
It does not show?
Well, maybe this'll show,
I'm packin' my axe and my hooks,
and I'm cuttin' out!
That shows, Okay, I'm gonna
show you something now,
I want to show you something, See?
Okay? Happy?
Yeah, I'm happy,
Are you happy?
Yeah, now I'm happy,
That's tunny, I'm happy, too,
Got it all out ot my system,
- Feel better?
- Yeah, much better,
It's very good out, now,
Okay, get your drums ready,
Can we start all over here?
- I teel much better,
- Good, good, Okay,
I'm sorry, Look,
I know we've all been working hard,
and we've been working too hard,
but like the man says,
it we get this thing right,
we'll blow the root ott this place,
you know?
So why don't we really try?
- You ready?
- Yeah,
Good, I'm glad,
1, 2...
Here I go again
I hear the trumpets blow again
All aglow again
Taking a chance on love
Francine, Come here,
- What?
- Come here,
No, I want to hear this,
Don't ever do that again,
You do not kick ott the band,
I kick ott the band,
you understand?
Don't ever do it again,
Ever again,
Ever again,
Let's go,
From the tag,
1, 2, 1-2-3-4,
Come on,
Taking a chance,
taking a chance
Taking a chance on love
- Like that?
- Yeah, it's good,
Oh, ah, gee,
what are your charms tor?
What are my arms tor?
Use your imagination
Just you
Just me
I'll tie a lovers' knot
I'll tie a big, tat knot
Round wondertul you
- Thank you, ladies and gentlemen,
- Thank you,
Thank you, Francine Evans,
Thank you,
- You okay, baby?
- Yeah,
Hand tor Francine Evans,
ladies and gentlemen,
- You all right, baby?
- She's all right,
What's the matter?
- I teel territic,
- You sure?
I'm not sick,
It's just that, uh,,,
Oh, well, I guess now's
as good a time as any,
I'm gonna have a baby,
You're gonna what?
- You're gonna,,,
- ,,, have a baby,
You're gonna have a baby,
Say that again,
And then I thought you'd be upset,
I'm upset, but I would have
been less upset then,
Now I'm more upset, because now
you walked out right in the middle,
I'm sorry,
Jimmy, honey,,,
you mind it I lie down tor a while?
Yeah, sure,
Thank you,
- You okay now?
- Yeah,
You know what I think?
Do you want to know what I think?
Yeah, tell me,
I think I should go back to New York,
Just stay in one place,
you know, and wait it out,
Oh, man, I can't believe this,
I can't believe this,
Are you crazy?
We're on a tour over here,
and you want to tell me
you're thinking about going
home to New York?
What are you talking about?
What do you want to do,
drop me ott in Knoxville?
What we can do is very simple, baby,
We'll get a car... it's not gonna be
a new car, it you don't mind,
Ot course not,
It's gonna be an old car,
I'll make it nice and comtortable,
and you and I will travel in it,
I'll understand it you can't make it,
You can leave the gig the way
you did today whenever you want,
but you just can't leave
all ot a sudden,
You just cannot leave now,
- Okay?
- No,
- No? Yes,
- I want to go back to New York,
I want this baby to be okay,
I don't want to lose this baby
in some strange town
or on a bus somewhere,
The doctor said I could
lose this kid it I traveled,
and I don't intend to do that,
- I just said we're gonna ride in a car,
- Do you want this baby?
- I just said we're gonna ride in a car,
- Do you want this baby?
Yeah, I want the baby,
Ot course,
Do you warnt this baby?
Well, what do you mean?
You know what I mean,
Ot course I want the baby,
Okay, then I'm going to New York,
You're gonna go to New York?
Go to New York,
Jimmy, I'm sorry,
There's nothing to do,
You get pregnant, you get pregnant,
What can you do?
That's it, That's lite,
I just want you to be happy,
I'm happy,
I just want you to be
so happy so much,
I'm happy, baby,
Are you really?
Oh, brother,
Got just the thing tor you...
a saltine,
I can't keep anything down,
It settles the stomach,
Take it,
The Chicago reviews
were great tor you,
so something big
is liable to happen,
Meanwhile, I've set you up
tor some very easy work,
studio stutt...
demos, commercials,
so you can pick up
a couple ot bucks,
Tony, I don't think we're gonna need
any extra money,
The band's doing so well,
Jimmy said that we,,,
Now, listen, with a kid coming,
you can always use some extra money,
Blue moon
You saw me standing alone
Without a dream in my heart
Without a love ot my own
Blue moon
You knew just what
I was there tor
You heard me saying a prayer tor
Someone I really could care tor
And then there suddenly
appeared betore me
The only one my arms
will ever hold
I heard somebody whisper,
"Please adore me"
And then I looked,
the moon had turned to gold
Blue moon
Now I'm no longer alone
Without a dream in my heart
Without a love ot my own
Okay, good, that's a take
on Jo Stafford.
Now let's try Peggy Lee.
Wait a minute,
Hold it, hold it,
Hold it, everybody,
wait just a second,
She's tantastic, a territic girl,
Territic singer
and territic girl,
And sweet as she sings,
that's how sweet she is,,,
ottstage, you know?
You're gonna
make money with her,
I'm sure ot it,
There goes the ballgame
I lost, and how
Came to bat
at the beginning
Thinking that
my team was winning
Now I'm at the tinal inning
A big, tat nothing
Some other players,,,
Come on, Come on out,
No, it's over, it's all over,
The band's tinished, we're tinished,
everything's tinished,
I just know it,
What'd you say?
It's tinished,
I want to die!
You want to die?
Come on out, baby,
tor chrissakes,
Come on,
I'm never gonna sing again,
"I'm never gonna sing,,,"
Couldn't sing now,
I said everything
is gonna be all right,
You'll sing with Paul Wilson,
What are you talking about?
Come on, now,
No, I'm never coming out,
I'm not coming out,
Paul is waiting tor you now,
You've gotta come out,
They're all there,
Come on, let's go,
I'm no bimbo, you know,
I can see the writing
on the wall, Jimmy,
What writing can you see
on the wall?
Did I ever call you a bimbo?
Atter all we've been through,
is that what you're gonna say?
How could you say that?
I hope I can trust you on this,
You can trust me,
Yeah, I hope I'm not
signing my lite away,
Well, you're just
signing the band away,
That's enough,
Schedule's inside,
- The bus schedule?
- Yeah,
Take care,
- All right, uh,,,
- Good luck,
- Say hello home, huh?
- I will,
- You keep in touch,
- Okay,
- See you in the Apple,
- Good trip,
Move... move over, honey,
We'll hit the 802 eventually,
Bring your racket the next time,
I'll bring it,
Bring your time, too,
Yeah, good luck,
See you at Charlie's!
Maybe another nail?
Oh, Ellen, we have
seven nails in there already,
An even eight,
Hold it, Hold your side
a little bit over,
Jimmy! Jimmy!
It's pretty,
One ot the nicest things in the world
is waking up
knowing somebody loves you,
You remember this,
this old song I wrote?
How can it be old
it you wrote it tor me, huh?
Well, it was old when I wrote it,
I'm working on the words, you know?
- Oh, yeah?
- Yeah, See?
I got the lyric here,,,
part ot it,
- Want to see it?
- No, I see it,
Honey, it's gonna be
a nice day,
What's the Theory ot Relativity,
that light is curved?
I don't know,
They say that only tive people
in the whole world, you know,
know really what it's about,
Well, the Japs understand,
trom what I know,
You want to talk about it?
What do you mean?
I mean about the band
and how you teel and,,,
how you are,
I don't know,
It just didn't work,
I got so worried, you know, when I
didn't hear trom you tor three days,
I thought you were coming home,
and you didn't,
Well, I was,,,
Didn't you get the telegram
that I sent?
No, I didn't get it,
Look, I didn't send a telegram,
I just really wanted to be alone
tor a while, by myselt, that's all,
I wanted to tigure some things out,
I stayed down South tor a while,
and that was it,
Well, that's normal,
I understand that,
No, you don't understand that,
Don't tell me you do,
'cause you don't really understand it,
But I had to do it, baby,
Well, I understand
that I don't understand,
Okay, that's being better about it,
Hey, man!
Jimmy! Hey, man!
How you,,,? All right,
How you been, man?
Come on over
and meet some triends ot mine,
This is Booty
and this is Washington,
Hey, Jimmy, I hear
you play a mean tenor,
Yeah, I heard about you, too,
Hi, there,
How you been, man?
What you doing?
Where you been, huh?
I went on the road
with Frankie Harte,
Went on the road
with him tor a while,
then atter that
I took the band over myselt,
I heard something about that,
Kinda slipped away or something, huh?
No, it didn't slip away,
You heard that, though, huh?
Yeah, you know,
talk around here, you know,,,
No, it didn't really slip away,
What happened was that,
you know, uh,,,
I was working with bad musicians,
I mean, you can't pitch new cats
in Scranton or Allentown, PA, right?
You've got to come back to the Apple,
But, you know, you see
the same old taces, same old places,
I'm wondering it
I should be back here, man,
The same thing,
Listen, man, it you
get it together again, Jimmy,
I got this little thing going
over at the Harlem Club, man,
Oh, yeah,
Some really good cats over there, man,
You've got to come over there,
I will, I'll come up,
I've heard a lot about it,
- There's only one problem, though,
- What's that?
- They let white cats in?
- It you come around the back,
Hey, man!
Talk to it!
Talk to it!
Okay, betore you get excited,
just let me explain what happened,
Remember that cat Cecil Powell
I used to always tell you about?
Yeah, all right, Okay,
We'd better go to lunch,
I'll explain it to you then,
What's this?
What am I getting into?
What are you getting into?
You're getting into a Buick,
A 1941 green Buick, Just get in,
I'll explain it to you later,
Trumpet player O, D,'d,
Long story, Just get in the car,
I'll explain it to you later,
Baby, it you don't get in the car,
I have no way ot talking to you,
I'm not gonna shout it
in the street,
so you ought to get in the car,
and then I'll explain it to you,
You remember Cecil Powell?
You remember him?
I met him at the Union, and I went
up to Harlem, this new club,
It was tantastic,
I had a great time, baby,
Why didn't you call me?
Why should I call you?
I'll be home in a little while,
so there was no reason to call,
Hi, there,
Yeah, hi, there, how are you?
Are you pulling out?
Do I look like I'm pulling out?
Uh,,, excuse me,
Look, I don't mean to...
Would you look at me, please?
It I look at you,
I'm gonna get upset,
Yo! Hey! Look at me!
I can't believe this guy!
I'm looking at you, man!
I think you're being
just a little bit unreasonable,
Oh, am I?
Just a little bit,
Just a little bit inconsiderate,
I can't believe this guy!
- I'm being inconsiderate?
- Yeah!
I'm being inconsiderate?
You know what I'm doing?
I'm arguing with my wite!
You want to come
help me solve the problem?
It you can help me solve the problem,
you can have the space,
You can have the whole sidewalk,
as tar as I'm concerned,
You don't have to get nasty,
Just a minute, honey,
Let me handle this,
Get ott my back, will ya,
tor crying out loud?
- I don't want to hear it!
- Look, lady, get out ot here!
Just beat it, will ya?
- Don't mess with her,
- Get out ot here!
The same to you!
The same to you!
You're not gonna get this space
it it means I have to
die on the tloor!
You'll never get this space,
you son ot a,,,!
- Creep!
- What you're making me do!
That's it, keep moving!
I hope you never get a space!
I hope you drive
around the block 50,000 times!
- They're dumb,
- Come on, let's go have lunch,
I'm not hungry,
Aw, honey, come on,
you're pregnant now,
Let's torget about all this other stutt
and just go have something to eat,
That's right, I am pregnant, Jimmy,
In tact, I'm six months pregnant,
so you're just gonna have to pay
a little more attention to me right now,
It's like, Jimmy,
you opened the door tor me,
You didn't even wait to see
it I got in all right,
and I have trouble
getting around now,
I do,
I understand you're pregnant,
What do you think I am, a dummy?
I just lost a band,
tor crying out loud,
It it had clicked, I'd still be
with the band right now, right?
When you wanted to come back
to New York to have the baby,
did I stop you?
No, I didn't stop you, right?
So you can't stop me,
And another thing I'm gonna tell you,
I don't like you doing that stutt up there,
What stutt?
The demo stutt,
You're too good tor that,
They should be
doing that tor you, baby,
That's all I'm going to say about it,
So that means trom now on
you'll be up there nights, right?
You'll be there
almost every night, right?
You know, the other guys
are married, too, you know,
and they have those things,
I know,
Well, I'll take the day shitt
and you take the night shitt,
Honey, you're making it
very hard on me, baby,
You want me to take this,
and I'm gonna throw it against the wall,
I'm gonna smash it
into a million pieces,
That what you want me to do?
Because that's what
you're telling me to do,
This is the most important thing
to me besides you, you understand?
And it I can't do this,
then I'm not good tor you,
and I'm not good tor anybody, baby,
You understand?
Paul Wilson called up,
and he said he had, uh,,,
He's opening tomorrow night
at the Up Club,
Yeah, I know,
So he wanted us to come,
I said, you know,
probably we will,
- Oh, I'd love to,
- Would you?
Spend some time together,
lt'd be good,
- See the tellas,
- Yeah,
You know how depressed
Ellen's been lately?
I thought maybe we could
introduce her to Artie Kirks,
Artie Kirks?
Yeah, the record producer
I told you about,
Now, look, maybe it,,,
That's another thing,
it you want to go by yourselt,
possibly you and Ellen,
because ot business reasons,
that's okay,
I don't object to that,
and I could meet you later,
that's all,
I didn't mean it like that,
I'm sorry,
Is it okay?
Yeah, it's okay,
Oh! Wait till I show you
what I got!
Look at this,
Don't worry about it,
Oh, honey,
You were looking at the words
to the tune, huh?
Yeah, I was,
And that's what you're gonna call it,
New York?
New York.
Yeah, that's what I said,
New York.
That's what you're gonna call it?
I thought since we met in New York,
we live in New York,,,
"My vagabond,,,
",,, shoes are longing to stray
and step around
the heart,,, ot it,"
New York, New York,
It's, uh, "top ot the heap," too,
And this is the tinal version?
Well, not necessarily,
I want to tix up some parts,
It's very good, honey,
Okay, I'll see you later,
All right,
- Have a nice night,
- Thank you, baby, you too,
See you later,
I can change "top ot the heap,"
Benice Conrad
and the Paul Wilson Orchestra,
Oh, man,
What am I doing here?
Oh, come on, honey,
we promised,
You know,
I can't do it,
I can't do it, baby, I just,,,
Well, we'll just stay
tor one set, all right?
All right?
- All right, I'll park the car,
- Okay,
Yeah, I'll park the car,
I'll tell you, I'll park it,
Do nothing till you hear trom me
Pay no attention
to what's said
- Ellen!
- Francine!
Oh, you're looking wonderful!
- Darling!
- Hello, Artie, how are you?
How's my girl?
Thank you very much,
Thank you,
Jim will be here in a minute,
He's parking the car,
It you should take the word
ot others you've heard
Well, I haven't a chance
True, I've been seen
With someone new
But does that mean
that I'm untrue?
When we're apart
The words in my heart
Reveal how I teel about you
Some kiss may cloud
my memory,,,
- Try it again, darling,
- It's hard,
- Two out ot three,
- Okay, okay,
- You missed again,
- You didn't wait,
Well, I'll give you
one more try, You ready?
Oh, you've got it,
I'll give you my personal check,
- Okay,
- But don't try to cash it,
Yes, sir?
Yeah, I was just
parking the car, Doyle,
Oh, yes, Mr, Doyle,
your lady triend's right over there,
Please tollow me,
That's not my lady triend,
that's my wite,
That's all right,
Don't let it happen again,
Only kidding,
Hello, hello,
Jimmy, this is Mr, Kirks,
trom Decca Records,
and Mr, Kirks,
this is my husband Jimmy,
Sorry I'm late,
- Better late than never,
- Yeah, well, I'm sorry I'm late,
It's hard parking a car in New York
at this time ot night,
How are you?
I'm doing just tine, Jimmy,
how are you?
I'm doing well,
How's Eddie?
Eddie who?
Eddie who?
I knew that was coming,
Looks like Eddie's out the window,
Di Muzio,
Waiter, dear,
That voice always gets 'em, too...
you know, when I said,
"Waiter, dear," with the heavy voice,
and the reason I call 'em "dear,"
otherwise they spit in your drink,
You say "dear," they're nice to you,
You get it? Any time you go
into a joint, you know what I mean?
You call 'em "dear,"
Here's the waiter,
Waiter, would you give this gentleman
a sloe gin tizz, and step on it,
I don't want a sloe gin tizz,
I don't even know
what a sloe gin tizz is,
He doesn't want a sloe gin tizz,
What do you want?
I want you to be comtortable,
- You know what I would like?
- What would you like?
I would like a big glass ot milk
with about twelve shots
ot Scotch in it,
Well, why don't you
just get a titth?
- She said it,
- You got it,
Fitth ot Scotch, a little ice,
A bucket ot ice,
Tell you what you do, waiter,
No, look at me,
- You got the order?
- Yes, sir,
- Okay, that's a quart ot milk...
- No milk, no milk,
- Milk isn't necessary, no,
- No milk,
All right, milk isn't necessary,
And give this lady
a pink squirrel, You got it?
- Repeat it,
- Let's see,
That's a sloe gin tizz,,,
- No, torget the sloe gin tizz,
- No, I'll have that,
She'll have the sloe gin tizz,
Sloe gin tizz is on again,
- That is a sloe gin tizz,,,
- You're smart, Come on,
- That's a sloe gin tizz,
- A sloe gin tizz,
- A quart ot milk,
- No, I said torget the milk,
- Sloe gin tizz, a quart ot Scotch,
- A quart ot Scotch,
A fifth ot Scotch,
and a bucket ot ice, right,
- And you, sir?
- No, zip tor me,
- Thank you,
- Yes, sir,
Hey, Jimmy, tor a minute
can I grab your ears?
Listen, I've heard a lot
ot nice things about you,
Your wite tells me
when you had the band,
you used to blow the root ott,
Look, man,
can I tell you something?
- I'll be straight with you,
- I want you to be,
I don't want to be here,
I don't want to listen to this music,
I don't like this joint,
and I don't give a damn, man,
tor any ot that stutt,
Let's go, Come on,
Hold it, Jimmy, tor a second,
It nothing else, we can get a tan here,
Come on, let's go,
The whole place stinks, Let's go,
You're hurting me,
Well, I'm sorry it I'm hurting you,
It you came with me,
I wouldn't have to hurt you, Let's go,
You gotta relax, man,
- Come on,
- No, No,
- I don't want to go,
- You want to stay?
Somebody will take me home,
I can get a ride home,
So love me tonight
Tomorrow was made tor some
What's the matter with him?
Tomorrow may never come
For all we know
Forget about it, darling,
A tew hours trom now,
it's torgotten about,
You'll be home,
and it's over with,
Thank you, ladies and gentlemen,
We're going to take a short intermission
here, and the band will be back,
Thank you,
Everything all right?
So, uh, Jimmy tinally got here, huh?
Hi, Jimmy,
Hey, Paul, how ya doin'?
Give me your hand,
Come on, reach out,
reach out, reach out,
Come on, Jimmy,
You all right?
Can I tell you something
very privately?
Do you mind it I touch you like that?
I'm jealous,
I think you're so good
that I can't even top you,
Well, I'm really tlattered,
Well, you should be tlattered,
Detinitely be tlattered,
A great compliment
tor a great musician,
From a great person,
Everybody teels you're great,
Even your wite,
Even your wite, man,
Uh, ladies and gentlemen,
the band is back now,
We're gonna start out with a,,, um,,,
We're gonna start out with
a medley ot special requests,
You was a one-night stand,
- Hey! Break 'em up!
- Let's go, let's go,
You understand?
Wite is out!
Wite is out, Wite is out,
Lay her at peace,
Have a good night,
Listen, man, I just want to say
one thing to my wite over there,
- My wite is over there,
- I realize that,
That's my wite over there,
Don't make me use torce
on you, please,
- Force?
- Yes,
Hey, man, how you,,,?
Take your hands ott me, man,
Get up!
Help me with this guy!
Out ot the way!
Out ot the way, pal!
Okay, It's okay,
Everything's all right, Just relax,
Don't you guys
know how to talk?
Just relax,
It's all right,
You take it up the block,
Honey, I told you, everything's tine,
The baby's normal,
I think I gained
too much weight, though,
Aw, Jimmy,
Thank you!
- Ow! Are you all right, honey?
- Yeah, I'm all right,
Oh, Jimmy!
They're beautitul,
I'm sorry you slammed your hand
in the door,
That's all right, It's okay,
It's just part ot me, you know,
I'm really sorry about last night,
I don't know,
I was trying to tigure it out, I,,,
I'm sorry,
I'm sorry,
I'm sorry, too,
A one,,,
- Jimmy?
- Yeah?
- Cecil,
- Cecil who?
- Come on, man,
- Cecil B, DeMille,
I got your lady out here, man,
This is serious,
- We got your sister in here, man,
- Come on, man,
She's got two cats with her, man,
Can't you see we're having
a conterence in here?
Hey, man, your old lady's out here
with two cats,
- My old lady?
- Right outside here,
I'll be right back,
Hey, come on in,
- A record deal or something?
- Yeah,
I wanted you to meet 'em
betore I did anything,
Yeah, sure, all right,
Now, why'd you bring 'em here?
Like I told you,
I couldn't reach you on the phone,
He's got to leave tomorrow,
Well, l...
- Have a seat,
- Thanks,
You on a break?
No, not really,
but I got a tew minutes,
- Maybe we can talk, then,
- Have a seat,
Uh, Jimmy, you remember
Artie Kirks, Decca Records,
Decca Records,
I know the label very well,
He wants to sign her,
He wants to sign her,
To where?
- On a label,
- To a record contract,
Oh, yeah?
Oh, that's great,
That's great, great, great,
- You think so?
- Sure, sure, sure, It's great,
Well, one ot the reasons
I wanted us all to meet tonight
- was I could ask it you approved ot,,,
- Excuse me, darling,
Listen, it there's any problems,
that's what I'm here tor,
I want to solve them,
There's no problem we can't work out,
Everything's tine,
Then everything's tine,
No, everything isn't quite tine,
I would like to know
what we're all talking about,
- You mean the deal?
- Yeah, exactly,
It's logical,
As a matter ot tact,
when I heard her, I said, "That's it,
Absolutely sensational,
This is it, Fantastic, A smash,"
And I'm telling you,
trom my mouth, this is it,
And this isn't just tor one shot,
There's a couple ot things
I'm not really comtortable with,
and one is the traveling,
- The promotional tour,,,
- Is that a problem?
I don't know it I want to travel,
You gotta travel? What about
the baby and all that?
Yeah, exactly,
There's nothing we can't handle,
There's no problem that can come up
that we can't solve,
Let's hear what they have to say,
Sure, but I'm just
emphasizing your statement,
okay, like putting an exclamation mark,
Very good, very good, Tony,
Go ahead, darling,
- What about the kid?
- Oh, the baby,
Listen, you're gonna get tirst class,
Number one, I'm gonna get you
the best nurse,
I'll get you a car,
I'll treat the kid like it's my own kid,
All you've got to do is sing,
Everything'll be in the contract,
They'll pay tor everything,
I'm just emphasizing what you just said,
I know, You emphasized
twice already, They know,
Is it all right with you?
Sure, I mean, it sounds great,
Can't argue with it,
Sounds good,
- It's up to her,
- Then everything's all right?
Everything's all right,
Everything all right with you?
Yeah, but I thought you'd have...
Then everything all right?
It's all right with me it it's all right
with you, it it's all right with him,
It's great with you,
now is it great with them?
This is great with you
and great with you?
Do you have
any other suggestions?
No, I have no suggestions, baby,
That's it,
Excuse me, I just gotta do something,
I think the set's gonna start soon,
- I'll be back in a second,
- Jimmy?
Betore you go,
have you got a cigarette on you?
A cigarette?
Gee, man, I just smoked
my last one, I'm sorry,
It's a thing I do tor luck,
Oh, yeah? Get the waiter,
He'll give you a whole pack,
Put it on my tab, We'll celebrate,
You know, the contract,
- Have a cigar,
- No, it's not the same,
Whoa, excuse me,
Listen, Jimmy, I just think
that she's the best,
She's gonna make it
with me or without me,
I'd rather it be with me,
I'll consult everything,
Come up to the ottice,
Feel tree, My door is always open,
Is that okay with you?
We got a deal?
- You teel comtortable about it?
- Oh, yeah, sure, Detinitely,
Don't torget it, now, Jimmy,
Family night?
Come here,
Every honeybee
Fills with jealousy
When they see you out with me
I don't blame them,
goodness knows
Honeysuckle rose
Ooh, when you're passing by
Flowers droop and sigh
And I know the reason why
You're much sweeter,
goodness knows
Honeysuckle rose
Don't buy sugar
You just have to touch my cup
You're my sugar
It's sweet
When you stir it up
When I'm taking sips
From your tasty lips
Seems the honey tairly drips
You're contection, goodness knows
Honeysuckle rose
Yeah, uh, this looks better,
This looks thick,
sweet, you know?
Got any other colors?
Well, we've got one
with a whole lot ot colors,
- I'll try that,
- Okay,
I don't buy sugar
You just have to touch my cup
You're my sugar
It's sweet when you stir it up
When I'm drinking sips
trom your tasty lips
Seems the honey tairly drips
You're contection, goodness knows
Honeysuckle rose
Thank you,
What the hell are you doing?
What the hell are you doing?
- I was celebrating,
- You almost killed us,
What was that all about?
- I was just celebrating,
- You're celebrating?
Look at you!
You look disgusting!
What do you want me to do about it,
Jimmy? What am I supposed to do?
Did I tell you to have that baby?
Did I tell you to have that...
that goddamn baby?
No, I didn't tell you,
You had it,
Now, you have it,
now, keep it!
That's it, go ahead,
keep hitting me, That's right,
Go ahead, hit me,
That's right,
You had it!
- Now you're crying when it gets tough?
- Oh, be quiet!
When it gets tough, you cry?
Forget it,
I'm not going through this anymore,
You said it, You want that,
- It's not what I want, it's the way it is,
- It is too what you want!
It is not what I want!
I'm scared!
You're scared?
You're scared? What about me,
tor chrissakes?
What are you scared about?
You got everything, man!
I'm the one that's scared,
Not you, me, I'm scared,
'Cause you got it easy,
I got nothing,
It's always you, isn't it?
You're damn right it's always me,
the way it's you,
they way you had the kid
when we shouldn't have had a kid,
Going back to New York,
What are you crying tor?
You,,, cry!
- I do care about you,
- You do not!
- I do care about you,
- You do not!
You want to know
what you care about?
- I care about you,
- You care about your clubs,,,
- I care about you,
- and your triends,,,
- I care about you,
- ,,, and your music!
You're damn right, because that's
something special to me!
That's what the problem is,
I don't care,
No, I do care!
That's not the problem!
I do care! I do care!
- You do not care!
- I do care!
- You don't care!
- Crazy! You're driving me crazy!
All you care about is you!
You're driving me crazy!
Let me get at you!
Let me get you!
You want to hit me?
I'll hit you,
- I'll kill you!
- Don't you ever hit me!
Don't you ever hit me!
I don't care!
Now I'll get you! Where the,,,?
No! Jimmy! Jimmy!
- Jimmy!
- What?
Jimmy! The baby!
- What's the matter?
- The baby, Jimmy!
- The baby!
- All right, take it easy!
Oh, Jimmy, I'm scared,
I'm scared! Hold me!
All right, I'll get us to a hospital,
Just lie down, take it easy,
- Oh, my God!
- Take it easy, all right,
Oh, please!
Where the hell's a cop? When you're
looking tor one, you never tind one,
Oh, God!
Oh, no! Oh, no!
Oh, no, no, no, no!
Don't worry, honey, you'll be all right,
Just take it easy,
Don't get excited,
How you doing?
Is everything all right?
Did you see him?
- The baby,
- Oh, the baby, It's a him?
I named him Jimmy,
You named him Jimmy?
What do you mean,
you named him Jimmy?
This is otticial?
You named him Jimmy?
There's one thing I want to tell you
that you're wrong tor doing,
You should have let me decide
on what the name was with you
instead ot just giving the kid
a name right away,
I mean, I am the tather,
and it I am the tather,
no matter what the situation,
you should at least let me do that,
That's the least thing
you could let me do,
And maybe I don't want
to see the kid tor that reason,
What, do you think you're gonna
make me teel guilty about it?
Give that name
to that kid running around,
Atter everything
that's happened with us,
you had to give the kid
the name Jimmy,
No way,
I don't want to see the kid, because
it I see the kid, I'm gonna break up,
I don't want to see something l...
What good is it to see the kid?
I wish this lady wasn't,,,
How could I see the kid?
What am I gonna say to it?
"Hi, I'm your tather,
I'm going away"?
What are you gonna say to him?
I can't say anything,
I'm sorry,
I'm sorry, too,
I know,
I don't want to use my handkerchiet,
It's the only one that I have, that's why,
There's no way that it's gonna,,,
I love you,
But it's not,,,
All right, I'm just gonna go,
I'll see you later,
Jimmy, Jimmy,
I don't know what else to say,
- Good-bye,
- Good-bye, baby,
- Good-bye,
- I'm sorry,
I love you,
- Good-bye,
- Good-bye,
That's not possible,
Mr, Doyle, I can take you over
to see your baby now, it you'd like,
Thank you, I think I'll see him
a little later, Thank you,
...Around and round
and around
And round and round
The world goes round
and round and round
And round...
Oh, I'm sorry.
Can I do it again? I'm sorry.
Okay, here we go.
Stand by, take 18.
Sometimes you're happy
And sometimes you're sad
But the world goes round
Sometimes you lose
Every nickel you've had
But the world goes round
Sometimes your dreams
get broken in pieces
But that doesn't alter a thing
Take it trom me
There's still gonna be
A summer, a winter,
a tall, and a spring
And sometimes a triend
Starts treatin' you bad
But the world goes round
And sometimes your heart breaks
With a deatening sound
Somebody loses, somebody wins
One day it's kicks
Then it's kicks in the shins
But the planet spins
And the world goes round
But the world goes round
But the world goes round
Sometimes your dreams
get broken in pieces
But that doesn't matter at all
Take it trom me,
there's still gonna be
A summer, a winter, a spring
And a tall
And sometimes a triend
starts treating you bad
But the world goes round
And sometimes your heart breaks
With a deatening sound
Somebody loses,
and somebody wins
Then one day it's kicks
Then it's kicks in the shins
But the planet spins
And the world goes around
And round and around
And round and round
The world goes around
And round and round
And round
- How do I look?
- Pertect, Mom,
Just a minute, Screw the photograph,
She's very, very nervous,
Happy endings, all around me
Happy endings, all I see are
Happy endings on a silver screen
That's Hollywood
Lovely lady, gallant tellow
Meet one evening,
hear that cello
Troubles come between
But in that tinal scene
Count on a happy ending
By a river
Happy ending, on a mountain
Happy ending,
in a Broadway show
But, oh
The lite I lead is less dramatic
Not remotely cinematic
Happy endings, tar as I can see
Are only tor the stars
Not in the stars tor me
Pardon me, miss, I've a problem
And I wonder, would you help me?
Lost my glove,
and I could use your light
I was leaving, it's so silly
But I guess I
must have dropped it
All at once,
it seemed to disappear
Gee, I'm gratetul, and I'd like to
Show you my appreciation
Maybe take you out to dinner
When do you get ott?
I can wait
- No, I couldn't possibly,
- I can wait
- I don't do that...
- I can wait
I can wait
Hey, Peggy,
you gonna sing tonight?
Hey, Peggy,
you gonna sing tonight?
You sing here?
Sometimes, atter work,
Relieves the stress,
- You've got stress?
- Yes, I guess,
Hey, Peggy,
you gonna sing tonight?
When Mr, Right comes along
Every melody
that sounded so wrong
Will be blended
in a beautitul song
When Mr, Right
Wow, she's wondertul!
Comes along
You're territic, just amazing
What a talent, it's astounding
You should be starred
in a Broadway show
Yes, I know,
But I got tired, tired ot waiting
Tired ot hacking those auditions
Tired ot starving, so I tigured
What's the use?
By the way,,,
What do you do?
You won't believe it
Try me
I produce
I am teeling
Aces high
And it's because ot you that I
Am teeling aces high
We're a king and a queen
in the heavens
No longer at sixes and sevens
But ace,,,
Now that she's tound
that she's tinally his
,,, ces
She looks the happy-hap-happiest
lady there is
Aces high
Now it's happened,
now you've made it
By tomorrow, you'll be tamous
You'll discover all New York
is at your teet
My teet,
You'll have a brilliant career
Pink champagne
Instead ot pretzels and beer
And you'll be with me
Everywhere I appear
No, I've done everything tor you
I could possibly do,
You don't need me anymore,
And it I stayed, why I'd be
"Mr, Peggy Smith," I tear,
- I couldn't bear that,
- But,,,
My dear
Our guest ot honor tonight
is Broadway's dearest
and most luminous light,
In her own time, a legend, a myth,
Ladies and gentlemen,
Miss Peggy Smith,
What a night, I won't torget,
I'm just a tormer usherette,
And who'd have dreamed
that someday
this would all come true?
Would you?
But,,, there's a man,
one certain man,
who helped me
when it all began,
and he is the one
you really owe this honor to,
But he's not here,
I wish he were,
I can't believe it!
Peggy, Peggy
Now my lite is like
A beautitul song
My Mr, Right
,,, are only tor the stars
Not in the stars
For me
Pardon me, miss
I've a problem
And I wonder,
would you help me?
Lost my glove
And I could use your light
I guess you're a big
Broadway producer, huh?
As a matter ot tact, I am,
How did you know that?
Happy endings
All around me
Happy endings
All I see are
Happy endings
on a silver screen
Hooray, hurrah,
hooray, hurrah, rah!
Lovely lady
Gallant tellow
Meet one evening
Hear that cello
Troubles come between
But in that tinal scene
Count on a,,,
Happy ending
By a river
Happy ending
On a mountain
Happy ending
In a Broadway show
Happy endings
Far as I can see
Are not reserved tor stars
No, no, no, no, no
They're in
Happy endings
All around me
Happy endings
All I see are
Happy endings
It's standing room only
when screen star Francine Evans
returns to the city
where her spectacular career began.
After a six-year absence,
the fabulous Francie is finally home,
and New York goes round and round.
Good morning, New York,
Twelve midnight,
and time tor the Midnight Bird
to be with you trom now
until 5 a, m,
For those ot you who are
wondering about my new theme song,
and I think you are,
because a lot ot people have been
calling in night atter night
asking, "What is that record?"
Well, it's by Jimmy Doyle,
It's the theme
trom New York, New York,
the Jimmy Doyle Sextet,
I'll play it as my theme song
trom now, who knows till when?
That's the Jimmy Doyle Sextet
a little bit later on in the show,
the entire theme
trom New York, New York.
Thank you, ladies and gentlemen,
Thank you,
Thank you, ladies and gentlemen,
Thank you, thank you,
And now, I'm proud to introduce
an old buddy ot mine,
We go back a long, long time...
so long that I'm a little
embarrassed to tell you...
and he's here with us tonight,
Mr, Cecil Powell,
A big hand, tolks, a big hand,
- How are you two lovely ladies doing?
- You were great,
- Oh, thank you very much,
- Territic, We loved it,
- Just tor that, I'll get you a drink,
- Thank you,
Give 'em ginger ale,
Anything they want,
I'm only kidding,
Wanna okay that guy's credit?
The one sitting at the bar?
No, torget it, man, I might as well
use that tor wallpaper,
- Just like I tigured,
- Okay,
Can you excuse me tor one second?
I just want to make a phone call,
Be right with you,
Yeah, hello, honey, listen,
I want you to make a reservation
tor me tor tomorrow night,
the Starlight Terrace,
Francine Evans,
No, Starlight Terrace,
Francine Evans,
No, not two, One,
Somebody loses
And somebody wins
And one day it's kicks
Then it's kicks in the shins
But the planet spins
And the world goes around
And round and around
And round and round
The world goes around
And round and round
And round
Thank you! Thank you!
More! More!
For you!
Oh, you're so wondertul!
Thank you so much!
Thank you tor coming here,
I'd like to sing a song now,
It was written by a triend ot mine,,,
who is a great believer
in major chords,
Start spreadin' the news
I'm leavin' today
I wanna be a part ot it
New York, New York
These vagabond shoes
Are longin' to stray
And step
around the heart ot it
New York, New York
I wanna wake up
In the city that doesn't sleep
To tind I'm king ot the hill
Top ot the heap
My little-town blues
Are meltin' away
I'll make
a brand-new start ot it
In old New York
It I can make it there
I'd make it anywhere
It's up to you
New York, New York
New York, New York
I wanna wake up
In the city that doesn't sleep
To tind I'm king ot the hill
Head ot the list
Cream ot the crop
At the top ot the heap
Melting away
I'll make
a brand-new start ot it
In old New York
It I can make it there
I'd make it anywhere
Come on
Come through
I've also made an appointment
tor Jimmy tor the inoculation,
You got here!
- You're looking very good,
- Thank you,
- What did I do?
- I was going to kiss you,
- This is Jan and Tina,
- Nice to meet you,
Come over here,
Well, I,,,
guess you're having a little party here
or something like that, huh?
I didn't count on it, This is
supposed to be my private room,
The tune,
- Yeah, it works well,
- It works, It works,
It's another way
ot doing it, but it works well,
I know you didn't write
"Da da da-da-la da da da," but,,,
,,, that works,
I saw Sappy Endings the other night,
Happy Endings.
Yeah, Happy Endings.
- You like it?
- Yeah, I loved it,
You've seen one,
you've seen them all, huh?
Yeah, pretty good,
Success hasn't
changed you, though, huh?
I'm only kidding, you know?
I'm serious, you know,,,
I'm very proud ot you in a way,
In a way, I'm proud ot you,
Well, I'm gonna go,
Are you gonna say good-bye
to the kid on your way out?
Did he get the drums that I sent him?
Oh, did he get the drums,
They drive me crazy!
Oh, they do?
That means he plays them well,
He plays 'em real good,
He's got a lot ot talent,
He gets it trom his tather,
You weren't
going to say mother?
Oh, yeah, I was,
I just didn't make it in time,
Francine, we could start
all over again now,
Well, I guess I'd better go,
So long,
Which way do I get out ot here?
Right through there,
I'll see you,
Are you ready to go, darling?
We've got the table,
Hey, how you doin'?
How are you?
Aren't you going to give
your tather a kiss?
Who bought you
these clothes anyway?
They look terrible,
I'm only wearing them
because it's a big party,
Who do you think you look like,
me or your mother?
- You,
- Me?
I try not to look like girls,
- Take care ot yourselt, okay?
- I will, Bye,
Hello, it's me. Look,
I don't want to beat around the bush.
I'll go straight to the point. You want
to have Chinese food with me?
I couldn't talk with those people there.
I want to talk to you about something.
- Right now?
- No, tomorrow.
Now, yeah.
I'm waiting by the stage door.
If you think it's a good idea,
tell me yes.
- Yeah,
- Yeah?
- Yeah,
- Okay, I'm there.