Newness (2017) Movie Script

- Hey.
- Hi.
There is a customer who
wants a consultation
at the register.
Okay, I'll be two seconds.
Also, you know how
today's my last day
before I go to med school.
Shit, I didn't realize.
I'm having this thing tonight
at chacha if you wanna come.
Ah, damn, I'd love to
but I can't tonight, I
got plans, I'm sorry.
But thank you for everything,
you've been awesome.
Yeah no, it's fine.
It's been great working for you.
You're gonna kill it.
Thank you.
Very good.
Little better.
It hurts some more?
You're doing so good.
Okay, you don't need me anymore.
Just go and have fun.
What's up?
Well she doesn't
have her insurance
so I don't know what to do.
Is it for you?
No, it's for my mom.
She's really sick and
it's very expensive,
I really need it.
Hey, I'll cover it
and then she can pay
next time or something.
Are you sure?
Have a good day.
- Thank you.
- No, thank you.
I just get on my phone
and I just start swiping.
I like black girls,
I like persian girls,
I like white girls,
I like Asian,
well I've never been to
the Asian world as you have
and sometimes--
A big ole racist over here.
I'm not racist.
Yeah, you are.
You have your
own thing too, man.
You love Asian girls, you know.
Bethany was clearly Japanese.
You wouldn't shut up about her.
I knew she was clearly Japanese,
but I married her
because I loved her
not because I was like,
oh I need a Japanese.
How many times did he say,
Bethany takowa.
Bethany takowa.
The whole time.
You like their name, you say it.
But she was Japanese,
that's what we're talking about.
She was half Japanese.
Yeah so.
That's his wife man, come on.
- My ex, ex wife.
- Ex wife,
so it shouldn't matter because--
Well yes, but we don't
have to talk about her
like that, I don't know.
Let's not talk about her.
And you're a lucky man
for having an Asian girl,
that's all it is.
Thank you, thank you.
I'm gonna go to the bathroom,
do you need anything?
I'm good.
- Alright.
- You?
Why'd you bring up Bethany?
Because we talking about fucking
persians and blacks and latinas
and fucking asians fit in that.
So does he have a job?
Does he work, does
he make money?
He says he's an instagram model.
An instagram model?
Let's just let that
hang there for a second.
- What is that?
- Instagram model,
that's not a job.
Show me his photos.
Oh my god, crazy abs.
You have an
appetite, you know that?
You have an appetite to.
I'm not dating
as many people as you are.
I'm not dating as many people,
I'm just trying to find
someone who can make me cum.
This is a girl's night.
- Crazy abs' texting.
- Girls?
Girl night?
- How're you guys doing?
- Hi, how are you?
Is everything okay?
Try to make sure it's
always good for you guys.
Are you sure you don't
need anything else?
Bye, love you, be safe.
My best friend
had met her boyfriend
at the time on the app
and suggested I try it.
Just kind of for fun basically,
and I didn't even realize this,
but when I moved
into the building
my best friend at the time
was sleeping with the
guy on the fifth floor,
so she would literally go out
and then come to my apartment
and I would fluff her hair
and then she would
go sleep with him
and come back.
And then sleep
in the same, yeah,
they'd tell me all about it.
And so you're not a doctor?
- No.
- You're a pharma dude.
So what's the difference?
Well the doctor,
you know is a doctor.
Oh right.
I work in the pharmacy.
What's up?
Oh shit.
Oh shit.
Oh god.
Do you want to go
down on me now?
We kinda just met.
Hey I'm gonna go shower.
You okay?
Yeah, yeah.
I took too many.
Took too many what?
How many did you take?
I don't remember.
I'm gonna get you
a glass of water.
No, I'm good.
Okay I'll be right back.
Let it out, let it out.
- Hi.
- Hey.
How's it going?
- Good.
- Yeah?
I got a shot of Jameson.
- Okay?
- Perfect, yeah.
Would it be better if
you go to my place or?
Oh yeah.
But do you want to
have a beer before?
Yeah, yeah yeah, of course.
- Yeah.
- That good?
Can we get two modelos?
- Yeah.
- Thank you.
How long you been on wings?
A while, I don't
know yeah, yeah.
How long have you been?
Like six months.
I go through phases though,
like sometimes I use it
and then other times I just.
I don't know if I'm a big fan.
Really, why?
I mean to be honest I feel like,
80% of the time I
feel like a dildo
attached to a warm body.
I do, that's the honest truth.
People look at me and
I'm like, that's it.
You're from Spain originally?
Where about?
From Barcelona.
I came here for school.
Oh yeah?
And then I like it
and then I stayed.
Yeah, nine years I've been here.
What were you studying?
I did history
and then I did two
bachelor degrees.
But not just partial
like, psychology.
And then evolutionary biology.
- They're very different.
- That's a lot of school.
Yeah, it's a lot.
Tell me something
evolutionarily biological.
Most fascinating
biological fact.
Yeah one, maybe you know,
is that, you know that
the tip of the human penis,
it's shaped like a mushroom.
Well like, some penises
are shaped like.
Most, I think, yeah.
So that's just
literally because then
the penis can scoop out
another man's sperm
from inside the vagina.
Yeah, they go there
and they do like,
this is my thing,
this is my place,
just fuck off.
It's like a weird
pooper scooper for jizz.
And then what else?
You studied all three of those,
you still in school, no?
No no, I'm working now.
Where you working?
I'm a physical
therapy assistant.
Okay cool.
Maybe this is the
problem, I don't know,
but I really like new things.
You know, constant newness.
When there's something new,
I'm really into it, I go for it
and then after a
while I ditch it.
Like I don't like it
anymore, I get bored,
whatever, so, I just
go like, okay whatever.
You know?
Yeah, I get that.
It's hard for me to really know
what I want to do.
You just gotta start
doing something, right?
I mean at some point
I had to leave school
and press play and real life.
You have pressed play?
I haven't pressed play,
I kinda, I just,
I unplugged the console and
threw it out the window,
and just stopped playing
because I was like,
this game's rigged.
Wanna have another beer here?
- Yeah.
- Yeah?
- The other way?
- Other way.
- Red.
- Red.
Red, wait wait wait.
That one.
Go ahead,
click an image to select.
Which one?
Oh my god!
Come on, let's get out of here.
Let's go.
How'd you get an uber, you what?
No, I bike.
You bike?
No, I hitchhike.
You hitchhiked here?
No, I came like this.
You walked like that
the whole way here?
- Yes.
- I believe it.
Okay, let's go.
Come on.
I was on another
date earlier tonight.
I thought you should know.
Oh, did you guys?
We were safe, but
you know it's like a.
I mean, I was with, I
was on another date, too.
But we didn't hook up,
no it kinda went
south before that.
Well maybe I should go and then.
You hungry?
- Yeah.
- You like ramen?
There's a place around
the corner, it's open.
Yeah, I bet.
Is this weird?
Because of the other guy?
- Yeah, is it okay?
- No, it's not weird.
Yeah I got my mushroom penis.
So your dad is American.
No my mom.
My mom's America but,
they met in Spain and
then they fell in love
and then my mom
moved there, and then
la la la la boom, I'm born.
La la la la boom,
that's the Spanish
for baby making?
You wanna have kids?
Yeah, I wanna have kids.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
But I don't want to get married.
Who gets married?
I did, I got married.
You were married?
Yeah, briefly, yeah.
How was it?
My sister just got married now.
- Oh she did?
- Yeah.
In Spain, she's so in love.
Did you go?
But it was kinda sad, you know.
Because it remind me
how much I miss them.
What about you?
What about me what?
Have you ever been in love?
Yeah I think so.
I mean, when people,
they say they are in love
it's because they think
they're in love, right?
- You pee in sinks?
- No.
You don't pee in sinks?
You pee in sinks?
Oh yeah, I pee in sinks.
That's because
you pee everywhere
like a dog.
Hey, do you like soft scramble?
I don't like the texture.
Fried eggs?
If I make some
will you try them?
Alright how about
I do some scrambled
and then I'll do you
a fried egg as well
and then if you don't
like the scramble.
You got that too, alright?
- Okay.
- Okay?
Go on toast.
Go on toast.
Go on toast?
- Yeah.
- It's on, it's working.
- What?
- What?
I'm ticklish.
I'm really ticklish.
Alright, okay.
Good smile?
- It's good.
- Yeah?
You like it?
It's all in the details,
little things get 'em right.
What are you doing today?
What are you doing today?
Wanna hangout?
No no no.
They're kinda cool.
I'm gonna get you.
If you could pick any one
of these in this room,
you can take it home.
- Which one?
- Yeah.
In the whole room?
- Any one.
- That one.
One of three art options
you will steal between
these two, okay.
You have to choose one.
Okay you can, now.
- Hi.
- This is my boyfriend Martin.
- Hi, how's it going?
- This is Blake.
Don't stop.
Don't stop.
10 minutes.
Do you wanna move in with me?
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
I still cannot believe
you're doing this.
It's just a soft move.
Bye, I love you.
Got everything?
You are mine.
Fuck being single.
Yeah, fuck it.
Fuck being single.
two, three.
You know these,
like our little universe,
like three stars,
the freckles.
This faint little
stars of the universe,
one day will make me cry
because now it's like I
will always look at them
and I will always remember you.
I love you.
I love you.
Quick and pull.
Who's Paul?
Who's Paul?
Now my ex best friend.
Why do we have to go?
Allegedly I had danced so much
that the shirt I was
wearing actually shrank
from the sweat.
I'd never done
ecstasy in my life.
To you.
To you guys, to you!
No, to you guys.
Remember the year
you thought I forgot?
Remember that time
I went on our date.
Don't do it,
seriously don't do it.
Don't do it, this is.
Oh wow.
Oh wow, oh wow.
Don't kiss my wife on the lips.
I know.
- See ya later.
- Bye.
Oh my god.
Wait wait wait wait wait.
I'm sorry.
I mean I want you to but,
I'm just so tired.
I'm sorry, I'm just
so fucking tired.
Let's have lots of sex
in the morning, okay?
Oh my god.
I'm out.
Have a good day.
Come here.
Should I put more of this?
- Like one more?
- That's good, yeah.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
Yeah genie likes this.
She likes the bread.
Here's this guy.
Like these seed things.
Yeah it's got
the seeds in the crust.
She's sick.
Genie has dementia and
other issues, the
dementia goes in and out.
It ain't all roses.
You're so sweet.
No, here get it.
Hey, arty,
can I use the bathroom?
Uh huh.
It's through the TV room.
Thank you.
- I think so.
- I just need one button.
- I like that.
- One button to turn it off.
It is one button now.
On that main remote.
Well how come
it's still like snow?
Thank you.
- It's still snow.
- That's 'cause the cable's
not going on, so you have to,
you have to switch it to
the cable at the top, okay?
Martin, do you have a sister?
- Um no.
- We'd like to say
a little grace.
I saw a picture.
- If you'd like.
- No.
- Gabi.
- Sure.
We thank you god, for this food
we are about to eat, and
for the company of friends
and for all of the
blessings you bestow upon us
every day, thank you god.
Where's Bethany?
No, this is gabi, mom.
Bethany and Martin
divorced several years ago.
This Martin's new girlfriend.
She's from Spain.
Have your special bread.
With the seeds in the crust.
Yeah, I know.
I like those seeds in the crust.
How long were you married?
Eight months.
I don't wanna talk
about it please.
Silent treatment
the whole way home
and now you're gonna
dig up this shit.
Your mom said where is Bethany.
I think I should know
something about that.
She made a mistake, okay.
Her brain's
deteriorating, she can't
figure a lot of stuff out
you just have to get past it.
Yeah, but that's
the other thing, I know that,
I know that, because
your dad has talked to me
about that today.
You have not said that
to me about your mom.
You have not said that
you have a sister.
I don't, so.
Just talk to me.
Do you have a sister?
No, gabi, I don't have
a sister, she's dead.
She's dead?
Yeah, please, stop.
I'm sorry.
It's fine, but you keep digging.
I'm not digging.
Don't say that, I'm asking.
Because I should know
because I'm your
girlfriend, right?
I mean.
Girlfriends know
that kind of stuff.
You wanna talk about it?
You can talk about it with me.
Fine, I'll talk about it.
Okay, look.
My sister died in a car
accident when she was 16.
The money from the settlement
paid for me to go to college,
it completely
destroyed my family,
and it's never been
the same since then.
Is that better?
Yeah, it's better
because I know.
But I don't want you
to say it's better
like an asshole.
Okay so now
I talk to you.
Because I'm finding
it out.
I talk to you
and I'm the asshole still.
I mean, Martin
you're talking to me about--
I try to tell you something
that's personal to me--
Because I find out.
And you call me an asshole?
Yeah great, perfect,
yeah thanks.
I'm just saying that
I'm right now talking
about that with you
because I'm finding out
not because you're
talking about it.
I just want you to tell
me about everything.
I'm not digging!
I want all of this with you
but I don't fucking
need to talk about
everything from my past, okay?
But I'm here for that too,
I'm not here just
for fun and for now.
I know
you're not here for fun!
And for parties.
I wanna know
everything about you.
I wanna know your mom is sick
and I wanna know you have
a sister that is dead
and I wanna know that
you have an ex wife
that is so important
in your fucking family.
I wanna know everything of this.
Because I think I should know!
Gabi, please!
You're not talking to me
about that.
I tried to talk to you
but then--
You're not
talking to me about that!
It's not fucking
good enough for you.
Just talk to me!
Everything I do
is not good enough.
Gabi I don't wanna
fucking talk about it.
- Why not!
- Because there's shit--
- Why not!
- There's shit you
don't wanna talk about.
I wanna talk about
everything with you!
No, let's talk about the shit
you don't wanna talk about.
Let's talk about all
the guys you fucked
the night we met.
Fucking asshole.
You're a fucking asshole.
The very definition of humanity
is changing as we know it.
And that's only happened
like three times ever.
- Right.
- First.
There was a gradual transition
from hunter gatherer
to agriculture.
Then, this part's
gonna blow your mind,
there was the flushable toilet,
which, I already
fucked up, sorry dude.
No, it's okay.
Ignore my penmanship,
and that is my favorite part,
and that's what is robbing us
of our understanding
of what it means to be human.
It is literally destroying
our emotional spectrum.
There's only like or shame,
pleasure or pain,
all extremes no gray,
which is funny, because
it was our grayness
that made us human all along.
What do you think?
It's good, I like
the emotional spectrum
and that being the
grayness, it's cool,
as long as it doesn't
get cheesy at the end.
In the wrong hands it
could get a little.
How's Quinn?
She's good, she's great.
Can't believe it, man.
10 years, that's fucking crazy.
- 10 years.
- I know next Tuesday.
How's gabi?
She's good.
Do you love her?
I think so.
I think I love her, yeah.
Strong enough, because
you're so strong,
maybe we have to do something.
- Oh hey.
- How are you?
I have a consultation
appointment with Tim.
- With Tim?
- You're not Tim.
No no, he's gonna be here,
hi, I'm hiding myself.
I'll go over here.
I know you right?
- What?
- Wait.
- Oh yeah.
- From covelle.
- Yeah.
- Yeah yeah.
You're there every night.
You eat there with
your girlfriends.
Yeah, well I manage the place.
- Oh really?
- So I'm there every night.
Oh my god I love that place.
Tim is coming in a minute,
if you wanna sit down.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
- I'll wait, yeah.
- Sure.
Okay let's move your leg now.
Fuck yes, out like a light.
- Yeah?
- Yup.
You still not on Facebook?
Still not on Facebook.
Bethany might have blocked me.
Maybe she's not on Facebook.
She was.
Maybe she's off.
You can delete an
account, right?
Yeah, but.
Probably deleted it.
I don't think you
can delete it for good,
it's still there somewhere.
That's what creeps me
out about the Internet,
it's like everything
is always still there.
Has Quinn seen her?
Last I heard she moved
to Santa Monica to like
do music licensing or something.
Could sit here all day.
Hi gabi.
Hi, how was that?
- It was good.
- Yeah?
It was really good yeah.
Yeah, he's the best.
He worked me good.
I was thinking about when
when I was getting my therapy,
there's this amazing party
tonight with this chef
Charlie Dominic, have
you heard of him?
Yeah, you know him?
Yeah we're close,
let's just say we're close,
but he's having this
private dinner tonight.
Would you wanna come with me?
No, I have some
stuff to do, sorry.
No, no no no.
No no no, I won't
take no for an answer.
I can't, I've done all this.
I feel like I almost
even came here
to see you, even though I
didn't know you were here but.
I just think about
that, and make my night.
Oh my god.
My baby.
Oh my god I missed you.
I missed you.
I missed you so much.
I'm so bored here.
Hey, how are ya?
Hey, good yeah, how are you?
Yeah good good,
how come you're back?
Just down for the weekend.
No but for
real, tonight we are going
to some salsa at los
globos at eight P.M.
So you buddy, you're
coming with us, okay?
I'll try.
I'll do my best.
Well, I mean you missed
my going away party.
- I did.
- So I just wanna
put it out there that
you do owe me a drink.
How is Claire treating you?
I thought you had an
early appointment.
I just washed those.
I didn't know.
Want a tea or
coffee or anything?
What's wrong?
Why're you upset?
What's going on?
What's up?
You okay?
I think we have a problem.
Why what's up?
I cheated on you
last night, I'm sorry.
Do you wanna tell me something?
Do you want to
tell me something?
I did the same.
I'm sorry.
Do you still love me?
I never felt like
this for anyone before.
We can make this work.
We can figure it out.
We can fix it.
It was something
freeing about, I
thought fuck it,
you only live once.
Because it was new,
and it was exciting.
What would happen if you,
if you shared your feelings?
If you told gabi
what you told me?
I don't think I
could tell her that.
He will think I'm
a monster.
She'd think I was
a different person,
that I wasn't who she loves.
What if you
found out that she related?
To you, what if
you found out that
the two of you had a
lot more in common?
You might be surprised.
Maybe love is not enough.
Maybe we're not in love.
I am in love, I am
in love, I know that,
but maybe it's not enough.
I wanna give you
guys a challenge.
When you go home I want
you to sit down and
try to be 100% honest
with each other
about anything,
just for an hour.
And it can be small.
In fact it should be to start.
It's gonna take some time
and a little bit of courage.
It takes courage to me in love.
- Okay.
- Alright.
You say something honest
and then you take a sip.
You cannot drink if you are not
saying something honest first.
With how many people
did you sleep?
That'll be around,
I mean I don't keep count,
but it's gonna be high 20s-ish.
How old were you
when you lost your virginity?
I was 16 I was
thinking that he was
so so sexy and I was excited
and we had sex a few times
and then he stopped
talking to me
after it, so I went
back to Barcelona
and then next summer
I came back here
and then I saw this guy again
and he wanted to have
sex with me again
but then I,
I fucked his friend instead.
Why, what?
I don't know.
I don't know, I was 16, so.
When I was nine I would,
I can't believe I'm
telling you this,
I would watch my
sister in the shower.
Why do you feel bad about that?
'Cause I can't believe
you were just cool
about that, I was like.
I mean kids do
that, they're curious.
I could just be there
watching with you, for sure.
It's really okay.
What is it?
It's always there
you're grabbing.
I don't know, there's
something I like here.
It's like,
I touch it and I feel like.
I have another one.
Okay tell me.
I want you really
really bad right now.
Come on, let's go to bed.
No, let's stay here.
People will see us.
So what?
So I don't.
So what?
Fuck them.
We can do it like this.
Say hi to him.
Who was that?
The guy I slept with that night.
Do you want other people?
Sometimes I miss
flirting with other people.
Do you?
Part of me does, yeah.
Which part of you doesn't?
The part that's
afraid I'll lose you.
If you're honest with me,
you will never lose me.
Just have to be honest.
Yeah, let's be honest.
No secrets, no family
secrets, no sex secrets,
If you wanna flirt with a girl,
you can do it, just tell me.
- You sure?
- Yeah.
Who's party
did Blake say it was?
Who's party
did Blake say it was?
I don't know.
A friend?
It's gonna be fancy.
Is Blake already here?
Yeah, I guess so,
let's look for her.
Oh boy.
Where's the bar?
I need a drink.
So choose one.
Let me pick,
let me pick, you're
distracting me.
I'm going with.
Okay there's a girl inside,
by like the fire
place in front of,
see her in the red dress?
You like this girl?
She's hot right?
She's hot.
I got you, you can pick one.
I might pick the same girl.
The same girl?
Want me to pick a guy?
Birthday boy will be here
in about 20 minutes.
No ins or outs,
we wanna make sure we
surprise him, okay?
- It's a birthday party?
- It's a birthday party.
Why don't you go and
flirt with the tall girl?
- The girl inside?
- Yeah.
And I'm gonna be watching you.
Yeah, you're gonna watch?
Yeah, I want you to
flirt like for real.
Hey, hi.
- Hi.
- How's is going?
- Good.
- Sorry if I'm interrupting.
Hey I'm Martin.
Hi, shay.
- Shay?
- Yeah.
Very nice to meet you.
And you can be like
very clear, you know?
No bullshit.
Are they also
using it for best friends,
have you heard about that?
You can find best friends?
On bum, what is man?
It seems a weird way
to start a friendship.
- No but why not?
- Between guys.
I mean you can have sex.
I'm here with my girlfriend,
we kinda noticed
someone when we came
and we were kinda
talking about you outside
and then she kinda, she
told me to come over and
have a chat.
You came over here
because your girlfriend.
Yes, yes, that's correct.
Okay, cool.
Hey could you excuse
me for a second?
Yeah of course.
You're very hidden away here.
Yeah I'm hiding.
From everyone at the moment.
I'm not blending in.
You don't like my party?
No it's great,
thank you very much.
No no, that's not what I meant.
No, where's gabi?
I have no idea, I
lost her, she was.
Hiding like usual.
- Yeah.
- Anyway.
I mean it's not a
bad place to hide.
No it's good.
Do you have a lighter?
Thank you.
Good dress.
Thank you.
Wow, okay.
Well thank you, enjoy the party!
Can I have a single cup of ice?
Do you have any coffee?
No, sorry, sir.
Happy birthday.
Oh thank you.
I'm gabi.
- Nice to meet you.
- Good to meet you.
And you came with?
With Blake.
Oh, Blake!
My paralegal, she's great.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Were you surprised?
I wan surprised, yes.
I don't wanna seem ungrateful,
but I just came off
a 16 hour flight,
I'd love to be in bed.
You're like, grumpy.
Would you like some coffee?
Let's go and take a coffee.
If I was in mild peril,
and you turned up,
I'd be thrilled.
I'd be so happy with that.
Like, perfect, save the day.
I would be getting into
trouble purposefully.
'Cause you're like.
Do I look like a superhero?
You have the
presence of a superhero.
The presence of a--
I just meant the composure.
The composure and,
not like the presence.
The physique?
The physique as
well, yeah you're tall,
you could be a superhero.
I invent games.
I go into art
gallery or museums.
And then that's a play
I do with my boyfriend,
we have to choose
one piece of art and we
have to take it home.
I thought you came with Blake.
Yeah, I came with her.
I mean, she invited us.
Okay so, what would you take?
What would you take
from the kitchen?
- From this kitchen?
- Yeah.
The toaster.
Good choice.
- You go.
- Excuse us.
Sorry, sorry, sorry.
Hey, what're you leaving?
Yeah we're leaving.
Well thanks for
helping me wake up.
No, thanks for the
party it was so good.
Yeah, thanks man.
- See you around.
- Bye.
- Bye.
- See ya later.
Did you like watching me?
Yeah, did you want him?
I want you.
What do you want?
I want to watch you
get a lap dance from a stripper.
What do you want?
I wanna spy on you.
I wanna watch you on a date.
Okay, this one.
He's handsome.
What do you wanna do?
What're we going to do now?
Take him to ours.
And then he put on a condom,
and he took me from behind.
Against the wall.
Did you cum?
What else do you want?
I want a threesome.
With who?
You can choose.
How about Blake?
No friends.
It's complicated, friends.
Yeah okay, no friends.
- Open relationship.
- Open relationship.
And yes, this one?
Fuck yes.
What time is it?
Like 10:30.
Is she breathing?
I'm being serious.
She hasn't moved for
like five minutes.
Oh, she's awake!
Repeat after me,
I promise to always push you.
I promise to always push you.
I promise to keep sending you
in new directions.
I'll keep sending
you in directions.
And never stop.
And never stop.
And to do it together.
And to do it together.
So the sacred cow
of the romantic ideal
is monogamy,
and the idea itself that
it could be negotiated
means already that
there's something missing.
The conversation
about infidelity
and the conversation
about open relationships
is not the same one.
Because the essence of
infidelity is secrets.
It's organized around a secret.
The concept of an
open relationship
is that your
explorations with others
are not secret
and that notion that when I go
to look for someone else,
it's not always because I
wanna get away from you,
it's because I wanna
get away from the person
that I have myself become.
And it's not that I want
to find somebody else,
but I want to find another self.
I think it's at the core
of a lot of affairs.
There are people
who are trying to
basically reconcile
two sets of values,
two fundamental
sets of human needs.
Is to have one relationship
in which with you I
can have the anchor
and the waves.
I can have the stability
and the security,
but I can also have the
freedom and the autonomy.
And this improbable marriage,
between the feeling of belonging
and the feeling of
freedom with one person
is probably the great challenge
of modern love today.
You wanna ask it.
- I don't know.
- What's you're name?
She can't answer
all of our questions.
Thank you.
Hi, thank you so much, gabi.
Hi gabi.
- Martin.
- I'm Martin.
Very nice to meet you.
Hey Martin.
- How's it going?
- Good, good.
Thank you so much,
it was amazing.
We are trying to do this
kind of open relationship
and just to listen to
someone recommending it
it makes you feel
like, okay, it's okay.
So we are clear, I'm
not recommending it,
but that doesn't
mean it's not valued.
So if you think of it as,
the thing that doesn't kill
us but makes us stronger,
then yes, but I really
want you to imagine it
less as a destination
and more as a layover.
Say hey for me.
He says hi.
He's always so
excited when he says,
oh say Martin, hi hi, kiss.
How is he?
Do you think they'll
come out and visit?
No I was talking about,
maybe coming on Christmas
but they're like,
they don't know yet.
That'd be fun.
- Yeah.
- I'd like that.
Excuse me, miss, can I help you?
Actually you can,
because I'm like quite lost.
Did you see that one?
- That was magic.
- Must've been three yards.
It's magical.
If half of what
you told me is true,
you gotta marry her asap.
I'm serious, lock
that chick down, man.
It's good, we don't
own each other, but,
it's made us a lot
closer, you know.
And you're genuinely okay if she
sleeps with other people,
it doesn't freak you out?
So far like no,
no one's made her cum,
so it's kinda like,
makes me feel great.
When she comes home I'm the one
that gets her off, so.
- It's amazing.
- It's weird, I don't know.
I'm very jealous.
Ah shit.
You know what I did last night?
I read Peter
petere pumpkin eater,
I changed a shitty diaper
and I fell asleep at
eight P.M. in a chair.
There's something I
gotta tell you man
and there's like no
cool way to do it, so,
I don't know how to say
it so I'm just gonna,
Bethany had a kid.
After you brought
her up the other day,
I asked Quinn and
Quinn went on Facebook.
I guess she had a little boy
earlier this year with some guy.
I think he's an ex boyfriend.
He's not in the picture but,
it's all Facebook info,
so I don't really
know what time,
I just, I knew that,
I knew that I should tell you.
I guess she did block me.
You married?
Do you have kids?
So does your boyfriend
know that you're here?
Not yet, but I'll tell him.
What're you guys like,
swingers or something?
We're like open.
We tell each other everything.
How does that work?
It works good.
It's just being honest.
What do you get out of that?
What do you mean?
Like I have to get
something out of it?
Well everything's a transaction.
Worst off.
Well, in my experience,
there's some things that
you just can't see
and maybe that's for the best.
What's the goal then?
The goal?
The goal is accepting
that I'm alone.
I spent so many years
of my life trying to
structure it so I
wouldn't feel alone but,
finally you can't own anything.
Not really.
So now I like to
look out at the ocean
and if somebody kind,
smart and attractive
was to spend some time
looking out with me,
well then that works too.
So you acclimate.
I don't know, I
think it's still sad somehow.
Saddest people are the ones
who don't know what they want.
- Hey.
- Hi.
What're you doing?
Just hanging out.
You have a good day?
Yeah, I'm so tired.
How was it?
It was good.
He's cool.
You know, he has no bullshit.
It was fun.
The sunset was amazing.
Were you guys safe?
Were you safe?
No no no, we didn't do anything.
What did you do?
We talk and we got some drinks,
spent some time on
the boat, that's it.
- Come on.
- What're you doing there?
What are you doing here?
You okay?
Yeah yeah, I'm
good, heading out.
You sure?
- Yeah.
- Where?
To see Paul.
Call if you need
anything, alright?
See you later.
Okay bye.
Oh, hello.
What's up?
- Hi.
- How are you?
I'm good, how are you?
Good to see you, Martin,
Claire, Martin, Claire.
Claire is gabi's roommate.
- Oh cool hi.
- Know what's keeping
you guys all day.
Oh hey.
What's up, what're
you doing tonight?
Just drinking?
Yeah, hanging out.
Your friends
coming, you just bye yourself?
No I'm alone.
You said that so sad.
No no.
I was having a night drink.
You need a friend?
Yeah yeah, if you wanna join.
Do you wanna sit?
No I'm meeting
up with the girls.
Text me later.
- Okay.
- Bye.
- Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
See you later.
What're you drinking?
And how drunk are you already?
I'm not that
drunk, that's juice.
You know, gabi and I
aren't actually that close.
We're only friends
because of Claire.
Well not only friends
because of Claire, but.
And the guys are
really into gabi.
It's kind of infuriating.
It's infuriating, really?
Yeah, extremely.
Because you have such trouble
with the guys, really?
I'm selective.
I'm picky.
Selective, okay.
What're you picky about?
Tall, funny,
We should take shots.
That was very out of the blue,
but yes, we should.
Okay, alright.
Can we please do shots?
Should we wait
just a minute or something?
Do I have to open your
mouth and pour it down?
I sound like a valley girl.
Good idea.
What's up?
You just like do this thing
where you go off and
then you come back.
It's kinda rude.
I'm right here.
Come on tell me, what's wrong?
Nothing is wrong.
I see something above your head
and it kinda looks
like a big black cloud.
No no, nice try though.
Come on.
Tell me what's up,
don't be a pussy.
Don't be a pussy?
Really you think that's--
Man up.
The dark cloud is
getting bigger.
It's taking over the whole bar.
You need another shot?
My ex wife had this,
she had a miscarriage.
A few years ago.
I'm sorry.
No, you don't have to be sorry,
I'm not saying it for sympathy,
I'm just saying that,
this thing, we talked
about having kids
and obviously she was distraught
when it happened, of course,
and then she asked
me how I was doing,
and I realized I was
kind of relieved.
I lost it.
I ran from everything.
I ran from her.
And school and
everything, but that's.
I just drove myself
crazy with all the
bad stuff I could be.
It was so simple, like now in
the back, it was so simple.
I just couldn't tell
her a simple truth.
I wasn't ready.
I wasn't ready for any of that.
Any of it.
I couldn't say that to her so.
The thing is I always
believed that she
when I was ready she
would be waiting for me,
of course, she was the one who's
gonna love me most always.
And then like,
this morning I found
out she had a kid,
and I don't even,
that's great.
It's great.
I did not mean to put you
in this situation, I'm sorry.
It's fine.
Do you wanna get
another shot, or?
I'm okay.
I'm sorry.
It's just that,
I don't think I'm the
right person to tell.
I'm gonna go.
See you soon.
Hey gabi.
Gabi, hey.
Babe, are you awake?
Can we talk real fast?
I'm sleeping.
I know, but I
need to talk to you.
In the morning.
No, baby, please now.
Come, come in here.
I know, but can we talk first?
I want to spoon you.
Hi, how are you?
What's you're name?
My name is
gabi, nice to meet you.
Yes, well we actually
frequent this place quite often.
- Really?
- There's a particular fish
that we like to see.
You have to
show me the best places.
This one guy,
he's like a sort of
dragon of sorts, isn't he?
Well here's my favorite guy.
They look like spots,
like these different
little spots.
Ah shit!
Oh you're in
fucking trouble now.
Oh you're in so much trouble.
Man down!
No no no!
Do you like my part?
This is a baby diary, day one.
There is a baby.
It's that big already.
I'm gonna be
like that pretty soon.
I'm gonna love you.
I'm gonna love you so much.
I felt it, it kicked.
- Really?
- It kicked.
Oh yeah, it's gonna
be a little fighter.
What a little lush.
Drunk on pizza and milkshake.
There's some wine if you want.
I'll get some rioja.
And some cabernet,
you chose one if you like.
And the decanter.
Don't worry, okay.
Is she asleep?
Wow, oh.
- G.
- G, yes.
Gina, yes, every girlfriend
I have begins with a g.
It's very nice,
I mean you don't have
to give me anything.
I'm sorry, I didn't mean to.
No no, I'm not upset.
I like it a lot,
thank you so much.
I like you.
And I like you.
What're you doing home?
I called in here today.
Oh, are you sick?
No, just needed it.
We can spend
the morning together.
You gonna tell me what happened?
Nothing, we went to the aquarium
with his daughter,
she's super sweet.
She's so cute, she's amazing.
And then we went to his place
and then we opened some wine
and we got a little bit drunk.
And that was it?
No, we had sex.
Did you cum?
You okay?
When are you gonna
see him again?
I'm having a
a dinner at my house
a weekend after the next,
I was wondering if
you were around,
you might wanna come.
- Yeah.
- Yeah?
Maybe yeah.
I have to check with Martin.
I don't know if we are
gonna do something.
Okay, maybe I come.
does he wear protection?
I'd like it if he did, you know.
Martin is my boyfriend.
And what am I?
You're my boat man.
Your boat man.
Oh shit.
Oh no, not another cramp.
That's it, that's it.
Cold feet.
Yeah, cold feet.
Warm heart.
She, she told me
about all of his ex wife drama,
I didn't even know
he had an ex wife so.
What drama?
He has an ex wife, so what?
She implied that there were
maybe regrets and issues.
It just seemed like there
was a lot of baggage.
That he had issues
with his ex wife?
What do you think?
Is there any issues
between you guys?
No of course not,
but why is he talking
about to Blake?
I don't know.
Why is Blake talking
about that to you?
I think you need to ask him.
You okay?
Wanna watch a
movie or something?
Wanna watch a movie?
No, you go, you go,
you watch it.
You are constantly on my mind,
anything I think or do
is just a reflection
of our time together
and that makes me
miss you constantly.
What the fuck are you doing?
I think of--
You can't go
through my fucking shit.
Why did you message her?
What is going on?
Why are you missing her?
Because you care, all the time.
My fucking personal shit.
You shouldn't go through it.
- It's your shit?
- Yes.
It's your fucking shit?
You have to talk to me about
your fucking shit, okay?
I don't need to
talk to you about it?
It's my fucking business!
Why are you not open
about her?
I tried.
I tried to fucking talk to you.
When you try?
When you try?
Gabi please.
Don't fucking start this,
you fucking can't go
through that shit.
No tell me, when you try?
No no.
You are not talk
to me about that.
You know what we
need to fucking talk about?
Let's talk about this.
Okay, I didn't know
how to react to that.
You didn't
know how to react to this,
but you didn't have a problem
fucking accepting it, did you?
You didn't have a problem
fucking keeping it, did you?
Is this from him, huh?
You can tell me about it, gabi,
you can tell me all about this,
because that's how we work.
That's how this works,
that's how we work, please.
Tell me about this
fucking necklace
you got given, please.
Because I don't fucking
know about that.
It's just a fucking necklace.
Do you love him?
No, do you love her?
No, I don't fucking love her,
she's in the past.
She's a fucking ghost!
She's a fucking
ghost inside of you.
She's not a fucking ghost.
- She's fucking here.
- She's not a ghost
- she's fucking here.
- She's in the past, gabi!
She's not, she's here!
Get the fuck off me.
Do you think I
wanted any of this?
Do you think I want any of this?
Knowing you're with
another guy half the time?
You're with another fucking guy
because you're so
fucking self entitled,
you knew I loved you,
so you fucking drag me along
for your fucking games.
I didn't want any of this!
You didn't?
You fucking most--
- Entitled.
- Self deceptive person
I've ever met.
Yeah and you're the most
self destructive, so I
guess we're even right?
I don't know.
I guess she went home.
she might've moved in with him.
I'm sorry, man.
You know my grandparents
were together for 57 years.
The night that I
proposed to Quinn,
I called them up, my grandpa,
and I asked him what
the, what the secret was
and he kinda thought about it
for a real long time actually
and then he said,
love is two people
who don't give up on each other.
Simple as that.
You're saying it's a choice?
I feel like if you
think too hard about it,
you're just kinda complicating
it and fucking it up.
You gotta stop thinking.
And you gotta get your
broke ass phone fixed.
Or get a fax machine
or something.
Get a beeper.
I would love a beeper.
I think that's more
my vibe, you know.
You'd look good with one,
it'd complete your look, man.
I don't know, whatever
will be will be.
No man.
No, see, for love to work
and for happiness to work
and for you to wanna
have a family some day,
you have to actually pursue it.
You know, don't
leave it up to fate.
Oh my god, you're
a early bird, right?
Is your daddy up?
- No, not yet.
- Not yet?
Do you wanna start
breakfast for him?
- Yeah!
- Yeah?
You help me?
Oh my god.
He's coming.
You can't look yet.
Oh my god, what's going on?
You cannot come yet.
Stop him.
Stop him.
- No no!
- I won't look, I won't look.
Stop him.
Did you,
did you have any
dreams last night?
I was in another dimension
and it was 2040.
And then I was like.
And then I saw my future self.
Yeah, and I was
like who are you?
And then my future self
was like, who are you?
Can I play on my iPad?
Yeah, sure you can.
Don't get the iPad sticky
with all the maple syrup.
Can you wash your hands first?
- Okay.
- Okay.
See you later.
- Bye.
- Bye.
I've been meaning
to tell you that
I have this offer
that would take me to
Europe for a while.
For work?
Munich, Milan, and Barcelona.
That's good.
Barcelona's good.
How long?
A year, two years.
Depending on how things go.
A year or two?
That's a long time.
What're you gonna do with Angie?
Angie's gonna come.
Managed to convince her
mother that it
would be a mistake
not to allow her this
kind of opportunity.
Her brain is like a
little sponge right now.
No, it's so good
for kids to travel.
They learn other
languages and cultures.
She's lucky to have you.
I'd like you to come.
You could spend time with
your family, your friends.
We can make new ones together.
It's like, I don't know,
because I have my job here,
my friends, I have like
this whole life down here.
We could have a life there.
When is this happening?
Two weeks.
These are the best
soft scrambled
eggs I've ever had.
What did you do to them?
It's like the details.
All the details.
I gotta make a call.
That's why I
don't think they're right.
Excuse me, I'll be one second.
Hey, sorry,
I didn't know you were at work.
Yeah, no no, it's good.
How are you?
I got your email,
I thought about
emailing back but,
I thought it'd be
better if we spoke.
I asked Quinn for this number.
Always flip your car over.
Oh hi, honey.
The TV isn't playing.
Gabi, can you?
Yeah, sure.
Thank you so much.
It was the other time
when he was in New York
and he followed all the steps.
What's going on with the TV?
I tried but, all
it did was go red.
- Okay, let's see.
- That's all it did.
What about?
That's what I was talking about!
That's what I was talking about.
- This is Blake.
- Blake, nice to meet you.
Does a lot of
great legal work for us.
Blake, nice to meet you.
Yeah, it's
great to have Blake here.
Would you like a glass of wine?
- Yeah.
- Cocktail?
Wine's great.
Hey hey hey hey.
Hey, where're you going?
Why is she here?
She works with me,
I thought you guys were friends.
I want her out.
Come on, don't be
silly, she is here.
No I want her out right now.
I just want her
to leave right now,
I'm right here with this.
I'm not kicking her out.
Now stop being like
a fucking teenager,
okay, you're embarrassing
yourself and me.
Me and Martin we only talked,
we just talked okay?
You should know that,
you should know that.
I don't care what
you're doing with Larry.
Talk to me for a second.
Thank you.
It's good to see you, Martin.
Yeah, you too.
Congratulations again,
on the baby.
Oh yeah.
Yeah, it was a
surprise, definitely.
But it was the best thing
that's ever happened to me.
I know that sounds cliche but,
but it's true.
No, it's not, it's not cliche,
I mean if it wasn't.
What's his name?
Yeah, I know.
It's a good name.
Like Bob.
I wanted to see you in person
to tell you I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, Martin.
You don't have to say that,
you have nothing
to be sorry about.
I'm the one,
I should apologize.
For blaming you.
That was unfair of me.
It wasn't your fault or mine.
We were just kids playing house.
Are you happy?
I am.
But you know what
the funny thing is,
it's not very exciting.
It's kinda boring,
I don't know, maybe
that's just adulthood.
Are you happy?
Are you happy?
You're seeing someone.
You have a girlfriend?
Can I see Dylan?
Do you have any photos?
Yeah, sure.
Oh my god.
He is--
He's very alert.
Always amazed looking
and he was fat, like obese.
Oh no.
Oh my god.
Look at his arms.
He was chunky, right.
He's my heart.
He's so cute.
I'm really, really
happy for you, that's.
You should go back to work.
Thank you for making
time to stop by.
It's good to see you.
Thank you for the water.
It's la's finest.
You consider my offer?
You know I'm leaving soon,
it's be nice to know.
You don't think
we have to talk first?
About what?
About yesterday, last night?
Well, the way that I see it,
I invited some friends,
you felt out of place,
then Blake arrived
and for some reason you
went a little crazy and,
I'm fine with that but,
beyond that I'm really
not all that interested,
no I'm not in all honesty.
You don't wanna know what
I was doing last night?
We can run around
in circles here.
Help me help you,
what is it you need?
Why you don't take me seriously?
This entire relationship
was based upon me
not taking you seriously.
It's how you
introduced yourself.
It's what you are.
By your actions, it's
what your proving to be.
I'm fine with that, okay?
Do you wanna know how an
adult relationship works?
Do you want me to
be transparent?
This is a transaction.
I give you a necklace,
you look at the ocean with me.
I give you a place to stay,
you play Patty cakes
with my daughter
and you sleep in my bed.
We go to Europe
and you spend time
with your friends, your family
and we live like
fucking royalty.
And you spare me whatever
perverted bullshit
you have to do in order to feel
somehow whole.
You want transparency?
You got transparency, okay?
I'm sorry, that was harsh.
That's okay.
I get what you want,
but I think you
are wrong about me.
I think you don't
care to know me
and you don't know me at all.
Okay let's talk.
No, I mean.
We say sometimes things
we don't mean actually,
but I think you don't
care to know me at all,
to know if you mean it or not.
It's easy or nothing
with you, right?
It's okay.
You have your whole
life all set, right?
It's done.
I have not even started
mine and I don't know,
I don't know how
I'm gonna do it,
but I'm gonna start mine.
And I don't wanna
do it with you.
I think I want
something of my own now.
I want something serious.
I thought I didn't want it,
but I do want it.
I don't know if I deserve it,
but I want to try it,
and I think that
if I try it hard,
maybe I find a way with you.
Because when we're
together, it was magic.
You say something.
It just can't be how it was.
I know, I know.
You do?
If I say it, I know, I do know.
I don't want it like before,
I don't want it like before.
You know when I
said I was in before,
I wasn't,
not all of me.
I was afraid but.
I really want you, only you.
I want you.
I think we're,
we're going to get
bored of each other.
That's okay.
You know, bored is okay.
We're going to
resent each other, too.
We'll remind each
other why we're worth it.
I will disappoint you.
I will disappoint you.
You promise?
You promise me.
I promise you.