Newton (2017) Movie Script

Long Live Mangal Netam!
I am not here to seek votes
Don't vote for me
I want development for you all
My dream is to see every child
with a laptop in their right hand
And a cell-phone in their left
But they stand like thorns
in my path
I won't allow it as long as I live
The Commies quote parables,
and I perform miracles
If they shoot arrows,
I fire cannons
Long Live Mangal Netam!
We'll have dinner together
Don't worry. We're nearly there
Turn the car around!
Get down!
The third incident in two weeks
The Maoists have struck again
The government has promised
stern action
Additional reinforcements
will be deployed
Oh no!
The power has gone again
- I'm checking
- Son, go and see
The others have power
- I'll check the fuse
- Is it just us?
Must have tripped
Chanchal has left. His workshop
is so successful
He has opened a showroom too
His wife works with him
- The fuse gone again?
- Yes
Everyone is getting married
but our son
You seem to know everything
I worry about my son
- Is the power back?
- Yes, son
- Attending tomorrow's workshop?
- Yes
The Indian election...
The elections will cost
five billion dollars
814 million voters
9 million polling booths
We break our own records
with every new election
We've proved it
Although some rogues get elected
to parliament...
...we will not allow gangster tactics
in the elections
Because we, the election volunteers,
will not let it happen
Very well
That's if we aren't bumped off
Who said that?
Stand up! You won't be punished
It's natural to be afraid after
what happened yesterday
Only human nature
The Maoists have made it clear
they'll boycott the elections
There is only one weapon
to stop them and that is...
...our voting machine
Remember we have only
one aim... hold free and fair elections
What if the Maoists attack our
polling booth? What do we do?
Don't play the hero.
Do as they ask
They want the voting machine,
hand it over
We'll cancel the votes and
re-election will be organized
Anyone else?
And if they attack on re-election
Then we'll have another
What if they attack on the
"re-re" election day?
What's your name?
"Apple" Newton?
Newton, what comes after two?
- Three
- After three?
- Four
- After four?
Good boy, sit down
You explained things so well, sir
My respects to you, sir
Never mind
Sir, you made light of
my simple doubt
My answer only matched
your question
- Sir, I genuinely wanted...
- Of course, sit down
Tell me who named you?
Was your father a physics teacher?
Your mother's whim?
- Who named you?
- I named myself
But why?
My parents named me Nutan (new)
Kumar. Made the school kids laugh
Just like you
Nutan Kumar!
So what did you do?
On the class 10 form, I changed "Nu"
to "New," and "tan" to "ton"
Changed "Nu" to "New" and "tan"
to "ton"
You gave yourself a big name
to live up to
Like you're blowing your
own trumpet
- Testing me again?
- Who am I to test anyone?
Tell me
Do you know how Newton
changed the world?
Gravity. Optics
For years you've lived as Newton...
...but forgotten the essential
He leveled all differences.
Ask me how
Before Newton, people thought
there were different laws...
...for heaven and earth
For church and temple
Different laws for kings
and commoners like us
But at a single stroke,
Newton proved us wrong
Nature treats everyone equally
Tycoon Ambani and a tea-seller
jump off a cliff simultaneously
They'll land together
at the same time
Newton proved - for Nature
we're all the same
King or beggar
- Which department are you in?
- Not assigned yet. Still on probation
Why are you on election duty?
I'm a Reserve
Good. Reserves are useful
There's always a 12th player
in cricket and football too
This place must seem a small town
next to Bhopal
Wherever our son is happy
is fine by us
You're so right
Retirement is better spent with
one's children
You don't look over 60
60? I'm just 57
My son forced me to take early
retirement when he got a job
If only all sons were like Nutan
It's Newton
Our daughter Ankita made this
She has always loved to embroider
You won't lose your handkerchiefs
Our daughter will embroider
your initials on them
He keeps losing them
Here she is
How are you?
We're fine. I hope you're well too
Eat something with the chai
- Did Ankita cook them?
- Yes
Please sit
Nutan, have a pakora
My English is very poor
Drink up before a fly falls into it
If you want to ask her something,
go ahead
Saving it for after the wedding?
Seen her embroidery,
had pakoras and tea
Nothing left to ask
Let him ask. He has a Masters
in physics
Ask her something, son
- Have you any hobbies?
- I love watching movies
- What's your favorite movie?
- "Sweety goes to her in-laws"
Which college did you attend?
I didn't go to college
I'd never send her to
that den of rascals
Studying is a ruse for wasting time
And after high school?
I left in Class 9
- When was that?
- Three years ago
How old are you?
Sixteen and a half
She's a minor
Nutan, better that she grows up
at her in-laws
- Sit down
- She's underage
Please sit
She's underage
Not for long. Marry her later
Her father is a contractor
You're a government officer.
A life of ease
- Sorry, not interested
- Son, don't say no
The dowry is 1 million rupees
cash and a motorcycle
Don't want any of it
Who's giving it to you? I'll take it
Talking back to your father
Calm down
I will marry a graduate
Chewing your own degree isn't enough?
Must she have one too?
What's wrong with a college graduate?
Will she massage your
mother's feet?
The job has made you deluded
Next you'll want to marry a
high caste girl
Too big for your boots
Calm down
I will never marry. Happy?
Try these Bollywood lines
on your office intern
I am your father.
You good-for-nothing
- Calm down
- Why?
You've spoilt him rotten
The office atmosphere is peculiar
People play cards, trim their nails
They just pass time
No file moves without a bribe
Everyone thinks like you at first.
Soon you'll be like them
I'm not there to make money.
A call centre would pay more
I want to make a difference
Newton, you know your problem?
My honesty?
Your arrogance about your honesty
Newton, your honesty is not doing
the world a favor
It is expected of you
Honesty makes the heart lighter,
less burdened
The office is closing
Keep working with your
honesty intact
The country will progress alongside
Kamal, here's the ink
...the strip seal, stamp...
...chalk, wax and carbon
Here. It's all on this list
- Sir, you've forgotten the green seal
- Sorry. Here
- The rule book
- No need. I know it by heart
He's bright. Don't need to
tell him anything
Kamal Kishore, you look smart
Know how to work it?
We keep the control unit.
The balloting unit is... used by the voters
- Know where you're going?
- Booth no. 148
Very first elections there
Only 76 voters
No problem, sir. We have a booth
for one voter in Gir jungle
This is Dandakaranya,
not Gir jungle
It has a strong Maoist presence
The violence was 6 months ago.
It's under our control now
You'll get full security
Two officers and a local BLO
to help you
You'll fly by helicopter
But I'm deputed to the City Hall?
- Who said so?
- Mr Bansilal
Do I make the list? Or does he?
You make the list, ma'am
I've just got married.
My wife is pregnant
- I am a heart patient
- A heart patient?
Did you hear that?
A heart patient
The doctor has told me
not to fly
Your medical certificate?
I'll bring it in an hour
No, half an hour
Mr Meshram, can someone
from Reserves go?
I'll check, ma'am
In the jungle...
...logic doesn't work
Only instinct
Didn't 19 people die in
the last election?
Not just here, but throughout
the county
Elections are being held here
after years
We'll know the casualties numbers
Sir, there's a river 3-4 km away
- Pakistan is up ahead
- Pakistan?
The Maoists
Their red flag flew here
till last August
Wherever I've been posted,
people have saluted other flags
Flags and floggings make nations
Why do you call the Maoist area
God knows
They called it that before my time.
Enemy means Pakistan
Was this area under
Maoist control?
Now we control it
But it's still dangerous.
Land mines everywhere
Mind where you pee
Might set off a land mine
Why look at me?
You think I'll pee?
No, I'm just telling you
I have diabetes. I might need
to go
This is our camp
Don't worry, we're safe here
What time do we leave for duty?
The Asst. Commandant will
brief you at breakfast
That's our mess
Your tent is on that side
Sir, careful
Don't wander about at night.
There are scorpions and snakes
Mr Newton
Mr Loknath
Shambhu, wake up!
Loknath sir
Get up! It's 4am
Shambhu, let's go
Got any toothpaste?
Ask when he's coming
He's on his way, sir
Hello, Mr Kumar
Atma Singh. Assistant Commandant
I'm Newton Kumar
Upper Division Clerk,
Collector's Office
Loknath and Shambhu.
We're together
When do we leave?
- Where to?
- Kondanar. For the voting
You eat eggs?
Wild fowl eggs. Our hens are
revolutionaries too
I had to interrogate them
for hours to get them out
Want some? A tonic for bravery
Let's go after breakfast
It's enough that you've
made it this far
It's unsafe beyond here.
My men will get the votes
Ma'am said it's been
quiet for 6 months
Didn't she tell you...
...about the Maoist operation
that took place 6 months ago?
If the area was safe, why are
we playing hide-n-seek here?
This is how elections are conducted
in sensitive areas
I have conducted elections in
Srinagar and Manipur
But I'm the presiding officer
Is the school where we'll install
the booth 8km away?
That's correct
After the police operation,
the villagers were...
...sent to camps near the city
- It's your area, your call
- Please
Let me do my duty
There are 76 voters who live
around here
Their votes are important
Mr Newton, they don't care
about the elections
They're illiterate villagers
And the Maoists have ordered them
not to vote
I'll give it to you in writing,
no one will vote
Write it down then. I'll submit
it to the Collector's office
Bulletproof jacket
Let's hurry
Government goods. Tie it tight,
that's if you want to live
Who is this?
Sir, she's the BLO
How did she get inside?
How did she?
She's one of our team
Checked her ID?
Your name?
Malko. Malko Netam
- You can't come with us
- What?
- She must. She's a team member
- I decide that
You're not coming. Go
The rule says a BLO
has to be present.
You're coming
You don't get it. You can't trust
the locals
You don't get it
She's in our team. She's coming
with us
- Do we give her a BP jacket?
- Yes
Yashwant! A bulletproof jacket
for madam
I don't want it
It's safer
I'm a local. I'm safer without one
Take mine off then
No. You're not a local
- You have the voters list?
- Yes
- Is it updated?
- The best I could do
You have copies?
Hemant, give them their crowns
Must we?
You'll walk in the centre.
The boys will spread out
Let's go
What is it?
Get up!
- I have to go
- That's what we're doing
I mean I need to take a dump
Why didn't you go at the camp?
I'm unlucky. I have to work hard
for small rewards
A bunch of clowns
Let him go, it's an emergency
Let me help
Do I look like a kid who needs help?
How many times will you go?
A yogi goes once, a pleasure-seeker twice.
The ailing goes 3 times
What are you, sir?
A pleasure-seeker
Leave me alone. A little privacy,
What can I say?
- He was on the phone all night
- Talking to the girlfriend?
Lakhma, where are they going?
To gather Tendu leaves
Bring them here
Get their votes
No, it doesn't work like that.
Voting has rules
Without voter cards, they can't vote
Lakhma, ask them if they have
voter cards
Do you know it is election day?
You know about the elections?
Yes, we know
We'll set up the booth at the
Kondanar School. Come there
We'll come
You must all come
- Does everyone have a voter card?
- Yes
Bring them with you. Don't forget
We'll wait there. You must come
Rajman, explain it in Gondi
- They might not show up
- Why not?
They were told in Gondi that
voting stops at 11:30am
Voting stops at 3pm, not 11.30
Come anytime before that
You must come
By 3. Not 11:30. Please translate
Your man was lying to them
Where is your old man?
What happened?
Six voters came but Newton
did not take their votes
How could I?
6 out of 76 voters showed up.
That's a 7.5% turnout
How was your turnout?
Thanks to you, it was 100%
Did you play cricket as a kid?
Batsman, or bowler?
Thought as much
What's your opinion of
the Maoists?
No opinion.
That's why they sent me here
You're intelligent. Why didn't you sit for
the civil service exam?
- I did, but I failed
- Thought as much
Do you know the capital of
- Manipur?
- Imphal
- Kashmir?
- Srinagar
Seen any of those cities?
I have
Hold it
Heavy, right?
The nation's burden.
It's on our shoulders
Keep moving
I'm the only one asking questions
in this jungle. OK?
Sir, are you related to some
government big shot?
You must know someone influential
No, why?
Sure you do
No one has the guts to talk
to a police officer like that
Tell me. Am I right?
I won't tell anyone
Keep walking
Mr Atma Singh
Who burned their homes?
- The villagers are safe in camps
- Who set the village on fire?
Does it matter? There's peace.
Everything is in control
Whose idea was it to do this?
You're here for the elections.
Do your research later
This is the school.
Lakhma, put everything inside
Put it inside
Oh God! What is this place?
What is this?
How can we conduct elections here?
Didn't you survey the place?
I described it accurately
Well, we can't set up here
As per the rule book...
...the presiding officer can conduct
elections anywhere
I told you not to come
Let's have tea and head back
Lakhma! Tea for everyone
Sir, this way? Please
I am 59. You made me run
I have diabetes, asthma.
My cholesterol is high
Will you make me run back?
If we have a good breakfast,
it'll help
No one cares if elections
are held or not
Did the Maoists write this?
If you burn their homes,
anger is natural
Sir, what shall we do?
Decide soon, please
Where shall I put all this?
Take it out
Clear it all away.
Let's make do
Decide the entry and exit
They enter here. Here's your table
Put a table here
Let's follow the rules
Listen to me
- The entry is always to the left
- Why not here?
Keep the booth here!
And my table here
- Mr Loknath, show me
- How many times must I?
- Oh no! These mosquitoes...
- Get to the point
The voters walk this way
They come to me. Then to him
They press the button
Twirl their moustache proudly
and go
Nabi, you're on sentry duty
- You're on OP duty
- Ok, sir
- Clear, everyone?
- Yes, sir
He's coming out
Acting all friendly now
What does your name mean?
- Malko means playful
- Playful?
You're a teacher, right?
What do you teach?
I teach young kids. So everything
Do you like teaching?
It's not easy. The children
speak Gondi
And the textbooks are in Hindi
I try my best to explain in Gondi
They don't understand
the textbooks
Anyway Hindi is outdated
I was educated in Hindi, and now
see what I'm doing?
Teach them English. English
Even puppies know English today
Do you speak English?
I'm learning
Adult education?
Adult? No, sir.
Watching films in English
On my phone
Return of Dracula, Bride of Chucky,
Seed of Chucky
Brainy phone
It's Chinese. It has everything
- Are you married?
- No
And you?
In '83, I was going to have
a love marriage
If her father hadn't made
such a big fuss...
...I would've had three kids by now
Love marriages were not
the fashion then
Kamla was married off to
a rich old man
That's terrible
No, sir
She's a rich widow now
Doesn't care about me
But I'm a writer. If I didn't suffer,
how would I write?
- A writer?
- Yes
- What are you writing?
- Jungle stories
A polling party come to the
jungle for the elections
But they can't go home
Why not?
The forest people who died
years ago are now Jombies
Jombies. Bloodthirsty,
the living dead
Rotting corpses
Like the plot?
Those films have corrupted
your imagination
"When Samina heard about Ramju,
fear gripped her heart
"She had never seen him
"But every scary face
reminded her of him
"One day she finally met Ramju
"She was buying mangoes
at the bus stop...
"...a young man in a white shirt
stopped near the stall
"His face was all scared from
knife cuts
Mr Loknath, put them away.
Not allowed
It's an old custom playing cards
at the booth
So is getting suspended
Another old custom:
fortune-telling. May I?
Cut the deck.
Go on. Don't be scared
Let's see your future
- Not on my table
- Please wait
1, 2, 3
This card is your past
This is your present.
And this is your future
- Choose one
- What are you doing?
Two of Hearts, you're kind-hearted
Pick another
The joker
That's you today
A joker?
A joker could be anyone
Go and sit down
Sure! Prophecies frighten people
Put the cards away
Shambhu! Get up
Go and freshen up
20 rupees
20? Wow!
You must have a good hand
20 from me
No, friends
What have you got?
There's nothing to do here.
Just kill time
- What's the price of land here?
- Why? Building a house?
I want to invest
- Surrender instead
- Surrender?
Turn yourself in with a pistol,
you'll get 200,000 rupees
Surrender with this, you'll
get 500,000
With an AK-47, it's 1.5 million
You find the guns. We'll do the rest
and split 50-50
But I am not a Maoist
The police know that.
That's why they'll pay you
- Freshened up? It was quick
- No choice
- You should've washed your clothes too
- There was no soap
You washed your face without
You could've used the leaves
of the Ritha tree
Didn't see it
Where is Mr Atma Singh?
- Where is Mr Atma Singh?
- On a field exercise
Great catch!
You'll have to run a kilometer
How far are the settlements?
Shubham, help this gentleman
One is behind the hill, 1.5km.
The other is 1km away
They aren't showing up
because of the boycott
Can you bring the voters here safely?
- That's impossible
- Why?
I am the presiding officer. You must
obey my orders
Yes, within 200m. Not beyond that.
We have our procedures too
Hey Rajman
No, thanks
It's nothing personal
Worried about zero voting?
I won't let that happen
My men will vote
Who wants to vote?
See? They are all keen
Is that your idea? I won't allow
any cheating
You talk about cheating
There are almost 70 voters
in these villages
Politicians? Not even a polling agent
has come
No one from any Party.
And you talk about cheating
I don't know about that.
I'm just doing my duty
How old are you? I'm 40.
And you?
What's that got to do with it?
Just changing the subject
What is 2 plus 2, divided by 2?
You talk of rules and forget
the basic one
Division comes before addition
You won't send your men?
Sorry. Rules
Mr Newton, do you have
a motorcycle?
I'm buying one next month.
A Honda
Can I ask you something?
Don't mind
Go on
Say you work the same hours,
but your salary doubles
I don't take bribes
You've got me wrong, sir.
There's a scheme
Pay 500 rupees
Then find ten others who pay
500 each
You'll earn more with every new
member. A chain is created
You'll mint money, sitting at home
The scheme guys will explain
everything over a free lunch
Chicken and all sorts are served
A lady from Sukma bought a Sony
phone in two months
The touchscreen type
We are all doing our duty
Atma Singh must have seen
other elections
But these are different
I understand that
Guys like him don't shake
without being shaken...
...but they don't stop once shaken.
He is a Jombie now
Must I do nothing?
Let's none of us do anything
I've sprayed tons of repellent but
these bloodsuckers won't stop
I'm shivering
They're local bloodsuckers.
Repellent is useless
Try our remedy
You won't get malaria
Will you make me eat herbs?
He had better not get cerebral malaria.
What's your remedy?
No, sir
The bites will soon disappear
What is she doing?
Must he chew the leaves?
An ant's nest. The ants must bite him
- Bite whom?
- You
They'll bite you and you'll sweat.
You won't get malaria
Pull up your shirt
No, no. I'm already sweating.
Sir, stop her!
- A few bites and you'll be ok
- It'll save you from malaria
It won't hurt
Are they edible?
It's sour
We make them into a chutney.
Very tasty
What's interesting is that you live
a few hours away...
...yet know nothing about life here
Is that someone singing?
- What's going on?
- Interrogation
About what?
They were climbing trees,
They were spying to see how
many men we were
"How many men?" You think you're
in an action movie like "Sholay?"
The Maoists even use toddlers
Not true
Who's asking you?
- You're one of them
- One second
You can't talk to her like that
If they're spies, why make them
You prefer I beat them up?
- Ask them if they saw anything
- No
Hear that? The answer came out
like a shot
Pretends he doesn't speak Hindi
Hey Mowgli, come here
What are you doing?
Tell everyone in the village
to come and vote. Go
It's all for your benefit, sir
You sound threatening
Mr Newton...
In uniform, a request sounds like
a threat
They aren't your slaves
Newton, stay a Newton
Don't try to be an Einstein
We're leaving soon
More ambushes at night.
Get back to your duty
Let's go
What time did we first meet
Atma Singh?
- Around 4:30 or 4:45am
- 4:30 or 4:45?
Probably 4:45
When did we leave?
Don't know
I got there at 5:30
Are you filing a complaint?
Why raise your blood pressure?
We know the elections mean
a lot to you
But only one thing changes:
the framed portraits of our leaders
Who cares if people starve or not,
voting is a more important right!
Are you a pessimist like him?
No. I'm an Adivasi,
a "tribal"
What's going on?
Go back to duty
What a pain
How did you end up in this jungle?
Couldn't pull any strings?
I wanted to sit in a helicopter
- Mr Newton, Digcent is on the line
- Who?
The DIG, sir
Newton Kumar
How many votes?
Zero votes
It's not going well.
I tried telling Atma...
Hello. Listen to me.
The voters will come
I spoke to Atma Singh
I'm on my way...
...with some foreign journalists
Remember, my reputation is at stake
Your WhatsApp profile is good
I thought you were blonde
Krishna's unit will go down the hill.
My men will go the other way
Mr Newton, may we go?
Don't force anyone to come.
Let them come voluntarily
Force them? Tell us and we'll
leave our guns here
One unit stays here to protect
the booth
Get up!
Move it
Stop listening to their excuses.
Get them together in 5 minutes
Where are you going?
Fill it up
Hurry up!
- Do you know Hindi?
- A little
How many villagers have
voting cards?
- What's that?
- He says "40"
Tell him to bring his card
and convince the others. OK?
Do you have a voting card?
Card? Go and get it
Cook the fat one. Make it spicy.
Do you have a voting card?
Come on!
We're taking the voters with us
Get going!
Do you know the history
of this place?
Dandakaranya Forest
Know what it means?
"The Forest of Punishment."
Where it's given and served
Sita and Rama were exiled here
Surpanakha's nose was cut off here
Sita crossed the line drawn
by Lakshman
She was kidnapped by Ravan
and taken to Sri Lanka
Lots of history here
You are too young to have seen
the TV serial Ramayana
The mythical aircraft, Pushpak?
It flew from here
- From here?
- Yes. See that clearing?
Doesn't it look like a runway?
India's first pilot was Ravan
Of Sri Lanka?
Sri Lanka and India were the same
country then
He flew her straight to Sri Lanka
What are you staring at?
People with a voting card,
raise your hands
The ones with the card, go over there.
Only they can vote
Where are the young?
Gone to pick Tendu leaves
- When will they be back?
- By lunch
Sit over there
They're all old. Where are
the young ones?
They've gone to work
We found this lot, so we
dragged them here
- Dragged them here?
- No, sir
They came voluntarily
The others have been informed
They'll come after lunch
Get in line
Everyone, in line. Hurry
Malko, Loknath. Shall we start?
Go ahead, start
Sukku Ram
Number MZZ...
Please come
What's her name?
Number 19
Cast your vote
He's just standing there
Maybe it's the first time he's seen
a machine
Nor have his ancestors!
He's dumbstruck
Listen to me carefully
Cast your votes, one by one
See this? A machine like this
is inside that room
The machine will register your vote
There's a button next to
each candidate's name
Press the button for the person
you want to vote for
Please translate
- How much money do we get?
- Shut up!
Voting is your birthright
You won't be paid. Nor will you
be forced to vote
Any questions?
Don't be scared. Ask
How does voting benefit them?
This is the country's biggest election
Don't you want roads, electricity,
water and social justice?
The man you vote for will make all
this happen
He'll bring improvements
"This jungle is more dangerous
than beautiful
"We could be ambushed
"An IED or a land mine could explode
"So it's a big deal that elections are
being held under these circumstances
"With cameraman Israr Ahmed
"I am Vinod for S News,
Parliament is where important laws
of this land are passed
It's in Delhi
The candidate you choose...
We have our own laws.
Thousands of years old
Please cooperate and translate
Tell them that the man they vote for
will go to Delhi
They say he's their leader,
he can go to Delhi
You can't go to Delhi, you aren't
standing in the elections
Show them the list
Choose someone from this list
and cast your vote
Binod Kumar,
Nationalist Party
Meena Kumari,
Indian National Party
Lal Singh Tekam,
Public Service Forum
Gladstone Usendi,
Progressive Party
Comrade Bhim Kumar,
Peasants' Party
Jhitku Ram,
Citizens' Union
Maheshwar Baghel,
Ideal India Party
Beduram Kashyap,
People's Front
Muttaka Masram,
Farmers' Party
Lingaram Netam,
Budhri Patel,
Dr Joga Chaudhary,
Nelawati Devi,
You may vote for anyone on this list
Here are the names
First time they've heard these names
Which candidate will give them
a fair price for Tendu leaves?
They say if they vote, the Maoists
will trouble them...
...or the police will.
No one asks what they want
What do they want?
Freedom from both
Did they say that?
Sir, should I handle it?
Loknath, two minutes. Let me explain
Two minutes
After the elections...
Mr Newton, this is beyond you
Now let me take over
Shame on you people!
These gentlemen have come
to this jungle...
...risking their lives for you
Just wait
Must you treat them like this?
Please wait
- The voting machine is like a toy
- What nonsense! It is not a toy
- What are you saying?
- Be quiet
- These are your first elections
- So what?
You can't get their vote,
and obstruct others who can
You're the obstructive one.
I will report you
Go on. Write up your report
Krishna, take him away
This toy is easy to play with
It has everything
A carrot, a ship, a motorcycle,
an animal, a flower
A mug
Press the button of the picture you like
We're not children
He's right. You can't talk to
them like that
- Go away!
- Why?
I am the presiding officer.
I'm in control
I've heard that all day
Control, what control?
He says, "I'm the Headman and
village judge. I'll settle your dispute"
You'll settle it?
Please wait
Start the procedure
They're coming. We're running
out of time
A faraway destination
A slow pace
Flying dust
Reddened eyes
A long straight road
Decided to turn its course
Having seen you
The bird has flown away
Ask your questions,
one by one
Some people say the atmosphere of fear
benefits the mining companies
People will be displaced.
The companies will take over
That's what Maoist sympathizers say
They are the root problem
Did the administration burn
these villages?
Were you scared coming here?
Sir, the Maoists... talk about are forced
to surrender...
...and forced to fight other Maoists.
What's the logic?
Durjan. Tukaram. Come here!
Tell them - were these weapons
forced on you?
No, sir
Did you put any pressure
on the villagers?
What do you hope for?
How will the elections change your life?
There'll be no change
- You don't think so?
- No, no change
Why not?
Somewhat united
Mostly divided
Bursting with air
The balloon burst
A new page stitched itself
into the story
Having seen you
The bird has flown away
Who heard what?
Who said what?
It was a half-done night
The final count?
39 out of 76
We need to visit other booths.
How long will you stay?
Till 3pm
Why? Who's coming?
Some voters said they'd come
after lunch
It wouldn't be right
if we left early
What if a voter shows up?
There's still time
You've no idea what's going on
What do you mean? Violence?
- Booth capturing? Phony votes?
- No
Elections have their charm
I'm glad this is my last
This was no election
Voting for anyone.
Is that an election?
So? You should've stopped it
You saw. The procedure was
You've been preaching all day.
Trying to teach people civics
Malko, let's eat
Mr Loknath
I'm going
Never seen a specimen like you
in 30 years of duty. Come
Mr Newton, you're educated
and knowledgeable
Don't mind if I say something
What you saw today has been
our life
Great change does not come in a day.
Even the jungle took years to grow
You want to add something?
I have a solution to stop
the injustice here
- What's that?
- TV
- TV?
- TV for everyone
Greed means nothing to them
Greed is an alien concept
They need TVs
When they see Coca Cola
and washing machine ads...
...they'll forget about the revolution
and fall in line
Wow! You're quite the intellectual
Can anyone stop the sun
from rising?
Red salad!
Food for everyone
- What is it?
- A local recipe
Won't madam eat with us?
She's sulking
Ask these boys to vote
They're not even 16
The first time I voted
I was 14
Back home, teenagers pass off
as candidates
- Where's home?
- Never mind
How is the chicken?
It's from a kilometer away
As per the rules, I can't come in
Feel bad seeing you like this
The situation was beyond our control.
We both had a job to do
I'd feel guilty if you didn't eat
What was that?
Don't move. Stay put!
- What happened?
- Hurry!
Stay down
Sir, it's an ambush
Take your stuff and go
Hurry up!
Take them to the highway
Mr Newton, take the machine.
They're attacking us
Come out, hurry
Krishna's men will take you
to the highway
Thank you
Krishna, go!
This path will lead you home
- Will you manage?
- Yes
How will she go?
We'll take her home
No, sir, I can manage
We can take you back
She'll be fine. I can send someone
with her
There's no need
There's no need. I'll go
- Sure
- Yes
Here's the register
Malko ma'am, keep this pen
How will you turn your pupils
into tigers?
See? Sir's third card of fortune.
A five
It's useless
A king, queen or ace is good
No, Mr Loknath. This is a five
And this is six
She means the sixth sense
She's explaining it to you
That's if he can understand
Ok, sir
Mr Loknath, you're a writer, right?
What do you think of the story
we were told?
Story? What story?
At first they said it was unsafe.
We shouldn't come
When we got here,
it seemed safe to me
No one came to vote at first
As soon as the media showed up,
so did the voters
They said leave after tea
Then it was - leave after lunch
An ambush takes place as soon
as lunch is over
Intriguing story, no?
I should write it up
- A good story?
- Meaning, sir? I don't get it
Let's keep walking
There was a dangerous ambush
But no message to say
all is well
Sir, I'll just check
Where did all the curry go?
Come along, sir
Sir, please come
Stop, sir
Where are you going, sir?
Sir, why are you screwing up your job?
Sir, let's talk
Don't make me run.
If I have to run, I'll thrash you
Don't make me run!
What is this nonsense?
Where to?
The booth
At it again?
You're a fraud
They're back
I've caught the ghost.
Let's go
What are you doing?
I'm here to vote
No. There is no voting here
- No
- There are only four of them
Get rid of them
Please wait
Put that gun down!
Have you gone mad?
Put it down!
It might go off by accident
Put your guns down!
Down, I said
Wait. Nothing will happen to you.
Cast your vote
Mr Loknath, set up the booth
Everyone, get back
Set up the machine. Get their votes
Go on. Get it done
You want them to vote. So go
Put the machine here
- Know how to sign?
- Your name?
- Trilok
Check their voting cards
Put the gun down.
You'll lose your job
Let's talk it over.
We're on the same side
- Put it down
- Shut up!
Election officers don't look good
with guns
Get back
- Start the process
- Yes
Sign here
- What's your name?
- Chandani
- Know who you're voting for?
- Yes
Don't need to tell me
Why did you fake an ambush?
- Why?
- Did I have a choice?
I've been telling you all day -
this area is unsafe
We've asked for night vision goggles
for 2 years
Brave men are dying
Can't take a risk for your
election picnic
It's not a picnic
It's my duty
Mr Loknath
- Done?
- Yes
You can leave now
Let's take the stuff
Step back!
Sign here
Two minutes to go
Two minutes to 3. Wait
Take your time. Let's wait
Have they left?
Did they cast their vote?
A pen
Take your time. We won't budge
- Stay still
- There's no hurry
Take your time
Ok. Shall I take the gun?
Your total is 3450 rupees
Wait. Let's do something
We'll buy the olive oil next month
No, no. Take it now
Where is Newton Kumar?
That way
Newton sir!
- What happened to your neck?
- Malko! Please come
What brings you here?
I had some work. I heard you
worked here too
What happened to your neck?
A reaction to my action
It's much better now. I wear this
for safety
- And how are you?
- Fine
How is your school?
The school is fine too
What about you?
You can see
I got an award for punctuality
The department awarded you?
You see I'm always on time
The office starts at nine,
and I'm here on the dot
People think it's a big deal
Hence the award
Sir, an honest officer should
be awarded
Don't know about honesty.
I'm just doing my duty
An award for honesty involves
the greatest dishonesty
- The election has changed you a lot
- No
I haven't changed one bit.
I'm just the same
Was everything ok after I left?
A long story. I'll tell you over tea
some day
Let's have tea now
Five minutes before the next break.
Can you wait?
Let me finish this
I am glad you came