Next Gen (2018) Movie Script

Come on. You're being selfish.
That's what happens
when a man loses everything.
- You have your daughter!
- Selfish? What about...
Don't. Matthew!
Oh, I haven't seen this.
Oh, I love this cat!
Oh my god, Mai.
Do something about your hair.
I like it this way.
Seriously, does everything
have to be a robot with you?
Oh, come on. It's cute.
I'll do it myself.
You know, it's not going to kill you
to accept a little help.
You're not in this alone.
Somebody needs a makeover!
Get this... Get off me.
Oh, stop being so dramatic.
I can do it myself!
- I'm ready!
- No, don't!
- Ow!
- Let me brush you!
- Happy?
- You look nice, Mai.
Yeah, cool.
I'll be waiting here in the car.
- Off you go.
- Goodbye.
See ya.
You can see monkey fighters.
Welcome to IQ Robotic.
All children
must be accompanied by an adult.
Aren't you so excited?
You didn't tell me
there was gonna be a line.
Come on, Mai. Thenew Gen 6
is going to make this old thing obsolete.
Oh, um...
- Sorry.
- Not a problem.
The Gen 6's slightly bigger screen
will complete you emotionally
in ways I never could.
It's cool, you love robots
more than you love me.
Totally get it.
What's that honey?
Just super excited
about the awesome robots, mom.
- Mom. Mom. Molly. Mom!
- Mm-hmm?
Is it cool if I go check out the stadium?
Oh, it's got a headphone jack.
My bad.
Hey! Look out.
My shoes.
- Just move.
- Watch...
Sorry, but not sorry.
Excuse me, miss. You appear
to be going down the up escalator.
May I suggest instead you go up
the up escalator
or down the down es...
No, no. No, thank you.
Oh, please don't do that. No.
Now, this is not beingregular.
- Can we just talk about this?
- Shut it.
Why don't we talk
to my supervisor?
IQ Robotic presents Tectonic Activity
facing up against the Wild Chickens
for 20 rounds. Play-off madness!
- No, wait.
- Okay.
Move, move. Come on.
Ma'am, if you would refer
to our sales brochure
you will find that a number of models
incorporate amazing
personal transportation options.
I, however, am not one!
Falling down!
- Wow!
- Watch out!
Friendly reminder, all children
must be accompanied by an adult.
- You're coming with me, young lady.
- What?
You're just making it harder for yourself.
And me.
Hey, get back here you little...
I said... What?
You're not allowed in there. Uh...
Oh, fudge.
The first true learning AI...
- Not the first.
- Yes, not the first.
But we've done it right this time.
- Great, let's get him out of here.
- No!
He has too much to learn
before he is ready for the job
we so desperately need him to perform.
Okay, gotta go.
You are my last and best hope.
My project 77.
- You said, "remind me at two o'clock."
- You're not perfect.
But then perfect is the enemy of good.
Isn't it?
- Because it's two o'clock.
- Oh, my...
Would you just give me a minute?
Okay? One minute!
Do you have any idea
how dangerous what we built is?
It's kind of a big deal. Let me check.
Yeah. It's one of the biggest deals ever.
How about
a "thanks for the reminder, Alfredo"?
Thank you for the reminder. I know.
- Wha... Hey! Oh my God.
- What's your name?
Stupid robot.
Hello, Stupid Robot.
What's this for?
No, you're the stupid robot.
I'm the stupid robot?
Is Dr. Rice coming back?
- Come on. Let go of my bag.
- Okay.
- Woah, what are you doing?
- I'm following you.
That is super creepy.
I mean, really. What are you thinking?
We hang out, become best buds,
take on the world,
share a deepand moving journey
of discovery together?
- Okay.
- Yeah, you are delusional.
You're definitely not allowed
in there sweetheart.
- I'm not your...
- Quit squirming.
- My backpack! I need it!
- Come on, now.
Ladies and gentlemen,
members of the press,
please welcome to the stage
co-founder and CEO of IQ Robotic,
Justin Pin!
Let's give them a show.
Hello, Grainland!
How are you folks doing tonight?
- Mom, can we go now?
- Ah!
Shh! Honey, Mommy needs to see this.
Can you hear me all right?
How are you doing?
Great! Great!
I love you!
Hey, check out those tech specs, huh?
Pretty impressive.
Even I'm impressed
and I work here, so...
Folks, this year's lineup is kinda perfect
if I do say so myself.
It really is. But I've got a question.
Are you guys ready
to see the next big thing?
Well in that case, let me just say this,
what is past is prologue, folks.
And this is the beginning of a new world.
I believe, a better world.
Brought to you by
the geniuses here at the IQ Robotic.
And I am super proud
of what we've accomplished here.
The way I see it,
this is the last Q-Bot you will ever need.
- Yeah!
- So, let's hear it for the new Gen 6!
I know, right? Gorgeous!
Well, this is it folks.
This is my end game.
Everything I have ever done
has led up to this moment.
To this wonder of technology.
And boy, is it a winner!
Hey, but you know
who the real winners are?
It's all of you.
Yes, it is us.
I love him!
He really gets me.
Ladies and gentlemen, we've entered an age
of unprecedented convenience
and connectivity.
A real global community,
facilitated by the IQ Robotic Q-Bots.
And listen...
I know, I know.
I'm not embarrassed to say,
I want all of you addicted to these guys.
Why not, right?
They're going to change the world.
Thank you!
Ladies and gentlemen.
Ladies and gentlemen,
Justin Pin thanks your for your support.
To show his appreciation,
he'll be giving everyone here...
a free Q-Bot Gen 6!
It's the best day of my life!
I love you, Justin!
Oh, yes!
Justin, how are you, man?
He signed me!
Could you sign this?
Come on. What...
Oh, no.
Dr. Tanner Rice.
- Justin.
- You weren't at the launch.
No. What...
Was that today? Sorry about that.
Just fixing some last-minute...
Yeah, bugs with the data,
software, production line.
Yeah, I'm just thinking,
we don't want to release
the Gen 6 too early.
Hey, Ares.
How's it hanging?
I mean, uh...
Hey, maybe a little more product testing.
You know? For safety.
No, I understand that.
The Gen 6 is your baby after all.
Well, I mean...
This one you did most of the updates.
- Definitely more your...
- You're a perfectionist and I get that.
I really do and I'm supportive.
But realize,
we've made something revolutionary here.
Trust me. It's ready.
- Yeah, I just...
- Come on, say it.
- Well that's the thing...
- Say it.
It's ready.
See? Was that so hard?
- Okay.
- Is this a bad time?
What? No. Yes. Yes.
- This is a terrible time.
- Okay. Well, got some bad news.
Your secret robot just walked out
of your secret lab...
What? Shh! Is that a joke?
No, a joke would be,
"Why did a secret robot cross the road?"
- It's less of a joke, but...
- Not now.
Wait, there's another one. Knock, knock.
Oh! Oh, my...
Oh, no!
All right then, you're doing okay.
I will leave you to it.
The red zone
is for immediate loading
and off-loading
of passengers and robots only.
No parking.
What is that?
The red zone
is for immediate loading
and off-loading
of passengers and robots only.
No parking.
IQ Robotics...
Didn't you have a backpack, honey?
Hey, buddy.
Listen, champ.
You're definitely not allowed out here.
That girl needs this bag.
We're going to hang out,
become best buds and share
a meaningful journey of discovery.
Why don't we go ahead
and get you back inside?
Protocol's the word.
Come on.
Oh, that's interesting.
I'm delusional.
Uhm... Fellas, I think
we're going to need some backup.
Attention GHP units.
Please be advised,
unidentified robot on CS-101
moving west in high speed.
All units are assumed to apprehend.
Units 14 and 18 responding.
You are in violation
of traffic offense.
Pull over immediately and submit.
- But there's a tiny pointed horse in here!
- Irrelevant.
Pull over immediately and...
Pull over immediately.
You are in violation of major...
You are in violation...
The Department of Freeland Security
has authorized the use of deadly force.
Stop engine and power down immediately.
Cease and desist.
Core memory, fatal error.
Current memory will fill in 72 hours.
Bio HT816.
Contact your local IQ Geek Kit to recycle
this robot
and please be more careful in the future.
Instead, it will conform
to the geometry of it's container.
E.g. put it in a cup, it becomes a cup.
Put it in a teapot, it becomes a teapot.
And this water equivalent...
- I'm going to barf!
- Dude.
It's like limited edition.
Water can drift gently
or it can crash violently.
This variability andflexibility
is something we have to consider.
Varying contexts demand varying behavior.
No problem.
You on the school team?
- Who's asking?
- I'm Ani.
It's nice to meet you.
You know, officially.
We have physics together,
but I sit behind you,
so I don't think you've actually seen me.
So... What?
Do you just hang out here? Are you...
weird or something?
Yeah, maybe. I guess.
I come out to read. All the time, actu...
- Passing lane.
- Out of the way.
That's right.
Yeah, move it.
Why'd you nerds think
you can hang out on my field?
It's not your field, Greenwood!
- Yeah, it is.
- Really?
- She doesn't even have a Q-Bot.
- Hey, who taught you how to play?
Was it your dad?
Oh, yeah. He's gone, isn't he?
Okay, East Lake Energy. Passing drills.
Come on, move it.
We did those yesterday.
Hey, Mai. Why don't we get out...
Oh, okay. There she goes.
Yo, Greenwood.
What was that?
Take her down.
Copy that.
- It's going down now.
- Ma'am, if you'll allow me.
- You just try it.
- Go get her.
Smash her!
I'm told that if you go lift,
you'll sustain less damage as we beat you.
- Good luck.
- Come on, bring it!
- Nope.
- Oh, come on!
You've got mail, you've got mail,
you've got mail, you've got...
Hey, good afternoon, Mai.
I bet you had a great day.
- You like...
- Die in a fire.
Okie dokie, good talk.
Not now, Momo.
Mai? I'm almost done,
then I'll fix dinner.
Gravity is your friend.
Look out, here comes a black-horned rhino!
How was your day?
I killed a man for his boots.
That's great, honey.That's great.
It's noodle time!
I can't wait for...
Yes and kick and kick!
Show your smiles! Make it happen!
Yeah. In, two, three, four.
Kick ball change,
kick ball change.
It's good, right?
Stroke, stroke.
Mai, honey?
I said I was making dinner.
I'm not hungry, Mom.
Oh, so that's how it is?
Are you going to at least look at me
when you're being all teenagery?
Okay, I am sorry.
Can I go now?
Oh, Mai!
What happened?
I had a really bad day, okay?
Those kids are making fun of you again?
I know.
It's hard.
I feel alone sometimes too,
but only sometimes.
You know why, right?
You're never alone
when you've got a Q-Bot!
Don't you understand anything?
Mmm... Sandlewood.
Hey there, Molly.
I've finish the vacuuming.
There's a rather lovely Merlot
and a piping hot lava cake waiting.
Maybe a foot rub later?
Let's see, are we missing anything?
We both are.
You understand me, don't you, buddy?
You understand my unfocused rage.
Yeah, you do.
Yeah, you're the only one
who gets my rage.
Oh my God.
Thanks for going
through the garbage.
Oh, no problem at all, Dr. Rice.
My pleasure.
Wow, thank you for opening me!
Oh, look out. Here I go closing.
- Get the out here.
- I will bite your head off,.
This is Momo's house!
Hello, small rodent.
Small who?
Momo, quit it! Get in here.
What? You again?
My bag! What are you doing here?
- Who even are you?
- I'm the stupid robot.
That may be the only honest thing
I've ever heard a robot say, actually.
But, you've got to go.
I have bigger problems to deal with.
I don't want you here.
Don't you... Don't you get it?
I hate robots!
I really enjoyed
looking through your personal belongings.
You're still super creepy.
Would you please just go?
Mai, don't forget
to brush your teeth before bed.
Four out of five dentists recommend me!
Stupid parental settings!
Floss twice a day.
Tartar kills. Floss.
Holy mother of toast!
Wait, wait, wait! Wait a second.
What was that exactly?
A phased plasma rifle in the 40GW range.
- Are you sure that's legal?
- Legal?
So, why'd you track me down again?
You said you needed your bag.
Well, what do you say we make a deal?
I don't know. What do I say?
Okay, listen.
You're gonna stay here tonight.
Not you, Momo.
I knew that. You judging me, bro?
I can keep this?
Well, if you do me a solid.
You can keep it.
- Come on, Momo.
- He's judging me.
Now, get some rest
or whatever it is that robots do.
We're going to have a big day tomorrow.
You see that? I see you judging me!
Current memory will fill in 48 hours.
Delete overflow memory
to clear space and avoid input lock.
Who's out there? I swear,.
I will bite your head off...
core memory fail error.
Current memory will fill in 51 hours.
You know I created you, right?
Dr. Tanner Rice.
Oh, hey. Justin. Sorry.
Something wrong with the line?
No, no!
Just wanted a little check in, that's all.
There was an incident today.
- On the freeway.
- Oh, well then...
With an unsanctioned robot of your design.
I'm curious.
Are we not giving you enough to do?
- No, no.
- We're not?
Wait, I mean...
Yes. All right, look, okay.I can explain.
Don't bother, I like to thinkI've been
pretty relaxed about your side projects.
Yeah, I think it's just great
that you keep pushing me.
But I need you to be concentrating
on the Gen 6.
- Hey, guys.
- Remember, one in every home.
No, I know, I know.
My mind has been a little...
No more side projects,
no more distractions.
- Think of that.
- It won't be a problem anymore.
There you go.
The only robots I want making news,
doctor, are the Q-Bots.
Yeah, I just...
"One in every home."
- Show them what you've got.
- What are you waiting for?
Almost there, come on.
Come on!
Take the shot!
- What?
- Who shot that?
'Sup, fools.
Have you got a short memory
or something, Su?
On the bright side,
it's a really beautiful day for a beating.
It sure is.
- Say the thing.
- Oh, right.
You best not be stepping to me, bruh.
You think this is a game?
No, this is payback.
I mean, well, this is a game.
But, you know.
Whatever, get her off my field.
What do you say?
Three rounds, nothing in the face?
Wow, nice catch.
- What was that?
- What's going on?!
My robot!
Is this what karma feels like?
That's what I'm talking about. Woohoo!
Thank you.
Did I... do you a solid?
Is our deal done?
- We're not done.
- We're not?
We're just getting started.
Welcome back to the big show!
It's me, Wang Nima.
- Thank you.
- You're awesome, Justin!
We're back with IQ Robotic's CEO,
Justin Pin.
Talking about this little guy,
the new Q-Bot Gen 6.
Well, I know I'm going to run right out
and pick mine up.
Oh, that's good.
Hey, Justin.
Changing subject for a second,
- I have a question.
- I'm all ears.
Have you heard about
this robot rampage on the freeway?
Word is, it looks like one of your robots
was doing all the damage.
Well, I mean,
we've got a lot going on these days.
But yes, of course,
I have heard about this tragic event.
I've been assured by my people
as well as the proper authorities,
this dangerous and counterfeit robot
has been destroyed.
It is 100%, definitely,
you can take it to the bank, dead.
Oh, I see. It's dead. Oh, poor little guy.
- Play the clip!
- What? I don't have... Oh you...
What is happening? Oh!
Wow, this is... I'm seeing this footage
for the first time.
That's very out of character
for our robots. Don't you think?
Oh, I mean look at that. That's not...
That's horrible.
So, you're telling me,
it's not an IQ Robot?
Oh, good Lord, no!
No, our operation is perfect.
- Oh.
- Okay? I would never allow
something like that to come out of IQ.
No, no, no.Besides, we're a little more
into connecting people.
than taking them apart.
Give it up for Justin Pin, everybody.
- Go Justin!
- I love him!
Momo! Shh!
And I was like,
"You want a piece of?"
- And then, bam! Scrap metal!
- You don't with Momo, son!
I love this thing.
You know, there's something wrong
with your small mammal.
He likes you, no big deal.
- Have we met?
- Oh, you don't remember me.
I don't remember you too, bruh.
- What's that?
- Oh, this? This is nothing.
- Why do you ask?
- Warning, memory low.
Anyway, goodnight.
Hey, is something wrong?
You should go to bed.Your mom will worry.
Nice try, dude. Come on, what's up?
Current memory will fill in 18 hours.
Clear space to avoid
catastrophic system reset.
That sounds bad. Is that bad?
Well, I'm broken.
If my storage gets too full,
I won't be able to make new memories
and my brain will shut down.
Well what about that?
Can't you get rid of all that stuff?
That stuff? No, those are my core systems.
I'd gain storage,
but I'd lose functionality.
Oh, man. That's rough. I'm sorry.
It's fine,
I just delete a few memories every night.
- That way, I don't lose them all.
- How do you know which to keep?
Well, I keep the important ones.
But the real problem is,
the more memories I make,
the harder it is to choose what to forget.
Let me help.
I'm pretty sure
there are things not worth remembering.
Okay, then.
What would you delete
if you had to choose?
Oh, wait. Play that one.
No, you're the stupid robot.
There you go, delete that one.
But that memory's special.
We'd just met.
How come no one every told me
I have an ugly mad face?
I can't delete that.
- It's you, Mai.
- That's not me!
If you delete that memory,
I'll still be here.
We can make some other ones,
it'll be cool. Trust me.
I trust you.
Space cleared.
Does it hurt?
I don't know.
Once it's gone, there's nothing.
Like it was never there.
Like it was never there.
I'm being selfish. What about...
- Enough!
- Don't. Matthew!
Mai, are you okay?
Are you hurt?
What? No, it's fine.
Goodnight, I guess.
Hey, keep it real, yo.
You too. Keep it real.
Do you recognize this?
So, I'm just curious.
You made this, right?
All by yourself, in your free time?
Look, I'm not mad about this.
I mean, it's pretty cool, right there.
I could really use a robot like that.
I mean you betrayed me
and I have to kill you now
but I could... No, no.
Can you stop? Please, just listen.
I can't understand what you're saying.
You know what, never mind.
He's alive. He's not dead.
I mean, I could find the robot.
I could tap into the Q-Bot video feed,
so we could see everything they all do.
All the Q-Bots everywhere.
They'll be our eyes.
I'll find it!
One second.
Let's do that then.
Hello, small rodent.
- Good morning, Mai.
- Oh! Hey, dude.
Woah, nice.
All right, so what
do you want to do today?
We have a lot of options.
Hey, what's that?
This? A baseball bat.
What's it for?
You know, for hitting baseballs.
It's a game.
- Do people get hurt in baseball?
- Depends on who's playing.
- Mai, I was thinking...
- Hmm?
Well, maybe you and me,
maybe we could play a game today.
You need to teach me.
Maybe not baseball, probably, but...
Soccer or something? Something like that.
Oh, I just mean. What if...
We do one day where we don't,
you know, blow stuff up.
Aren't you having a good time?
I thought we were having a good time
just hanging out.
No, no, we are.
Are you kidding? It's the best.
I really like hanging out.
It's been great,
I have lots of cool memories now
- of us hanging out.
- Okay, sowhy do you want to bail?
- I don't!
- Because we can't quit now.
There'sway to much injustice
in the world.
Like, together we can fix it.
So, nobody has to get hurt ever again.
I would never let you get hurt.
Well, there you go. See?
He's alive. Find the robot.
He's alive. Find the robot.
He's alive, find the robot.
He's alive, find the robot. He's alive...
He's alive, find the robot. Okay.
Come on. Come on!
Oh, of course! Find the girl,
then I find the robot.
Oh, they put a pizza place there.
- Coming through.
- Ah!
Get lost.
Hey, why are you so mean to everyone?
Please accept my apologies, ma'am.
She's quite the scamp, I dare say.
Well, I guess it's no problem, really.
Oh, yeah.
Again, so sorry.
Don't worry. I got this.
No, Mai. Really it's okay.
- You don't have to do this.
- You want to try that again, Greenwood?
Oh. Hello, Mai.
Where's your little friend?
It's time you jokers learned
we don't take no smack off of nobody.
"Jokers?" "Smack?"
I totally understand
what she's talking about.
- Oh, no.
- Attack!
- Look out!
- Hey, it's the girl.
Do something! Let's go!
Stop it. That's not fair.
That's what I'm talking about.
- Get 'em!
- Me? Woah, take it easy.
What are you doing?
- Blast her!
- What?
- I can't do that.
- No, I didn't mean kill her.
You know, beat her up. Something.
I want her to hurt like how she hurt me.
No, Mai. You don't want that.
I mean, she's just a kid like you.
Listen. I'm sorry, okay?
I wasn't doing anything.
What is wrong with you anyway,
you crazy little freak?
Why are you so angry?
What do you know about it?
You're just a stupid robot.
Maybe you and Greenwood
can be friends?
I thought...
I thought you were my friend.
I am. I am your friend.
Mai, wait!
Current memory will fill in eight hours.
Delete overflow memory
to avoid catastrophic shut down.
Seriously, you're running out
of options here, buddy.
You're just a stupid robot.
Blast her!
You're about to delete
the weapons control system.
This is a core system.
Weapons will be unavailable
until full system reset.
Are you sure you want to do this?
Space cleared. Weapons inactive.
Hey, Mai.
You were right.
I was able to delete my weapons and...
Was I wrong?
I guess he was just trying to help.
I don't know.
Look, you were wrong and he was right.
I mean you were being a brat
and he was trying to be a stand-up guy.
Good Lord, woman...
Sometimes, I think you're going to be
my best and only friend forever.
At least you'll never leave me.
Will you, buddy?
No you won't. Oh, no you won't.
You know what, that guy.
He's dead to me.
Oh! What's up, man?
How much did you just hear?
Cause I was... They were just jokes.
I made you a gift.
The most important parts of me...
are the memories of you.
It hurts when I lose them.
You lost something too.
would it help if I promise you
I'll never let you down again?
How can you promise something like that?
People leave
and there's nothing you can do about it.
I don't know. You're probably right.
I do know I don't want to lose you.
Then, maybe...
don't lose me.
Mai, if I lost you, I'd be lost too.
we cool?
- You got my back?
- I do got your back.
Then, yeah, we cool.
Mom, don't freak out.
Look, I can explain.
I think you'd better
get your robot, young lady.
Okay, okay.
Optical CRT intact.
Brachial prismatic joints are fine.
Motor responses...
This is where you removed
your memory storage unit.
Uh-huh. I'm broken.
Don't worry. I can fix it.
This chip contains
a full system restore point.
A disc image
from when I first created you.
Run this and you'll be like new again.
A fresh start.
Wait, a fresh start?
Does that mean I lose my memories?
- Woah, hands off hippy!
- Mai, don't be cute.
- Want to tell me what this is all about?
- This is Dr. Rice, Mai,
and that's his Q-Bot.
No, no. This isn't a Q-Bot.
This is... He is...
something special. He has a purpose.
Oh, I didn't know
we were expecting company.
Can I offer you a lava ca...
Woah, what are you doing?
- Sorry, listen...
- Sandlewood.
Listen, something terrible
is about to happen.
7723 is our only hope stopping it.
I designed him to stop it.
- I get it. He's a weapon.
- What?
- Why would you put weapons in a robot?
- Because it's awesome.
Awesome indeed.
I'm sorry, is now a bad time?
I mean, should I come back?
I could always come back.
- Who is this? How'd you get in here?
- Justin Pin?
Oh, my gosh. I'm a huge fan,
I'm your biggest fan.
I'm a huge fan of you!
Ah, Dr, Tanner Rice here, really should be
more careful with this secret project.
- Well this has been really great but...
- Justin.
My old friend. If you're in there,
please hear me.
Don't you remember the old days?
Come on. Dude, it was so awesome!
I mean, building robots for the people.
Before Ares. Before all of this.
- Foot rub later?
- Come on. This isn't us.
Seriously, when did making the world
a better place become killing people?
I actually think "killing people"
is making the world a better place.
But I'm glad
that we have this out in the open.
Secrets hurt after all, right?
I think he wants to kill us.
Oh, no, no. Not you per say,
but just people in general.
I want to kill them, all of them.
Most of them.
Whatever. Look, don't worry.
Once it gets rolling,
thinks will be happening really quickly.
Boom, boom, boom.
Trust me, it will be fine.
- Justin Pin's a bad guy?
- That explains a lot actually.
But he's messing
with the wrong cute little robot.
- Blast them!
- I'm sorry, Mai. But I can't.
- What?
- I...
Mai, what is going on here?
You know what?That is a great question.
What is he doing?
Use your guns!
Use your plasma thingy.
Get back, it's not safe.
- Uh-oh.
- Okay, fine.
Who's dog is this?
Hey, guys.
Did he just explode? We gotta go back,
we gotta get mom.
- Mai!
- Mom.
- Mom!
- No.
- Surround the target.
- Why aren't you stopping to help her?
Wow, what a scuffle. It looks...
Put me down! Stop, just stop!
What is wrong with you?
They took my mom!
I'm sorry, I couldn't stop them.
This is how you got my back?
I thought you were some kind of superhero.
But you just stood by
and let them take her.
- You let them.
- I didn't let them.
I had nothing to fight them with.
- What?
- I deleted my weapon control systems.
What? Why would you do that?
Because I was out of memory.
There was nothing I could delete
that wasn't you.
Okay, so your precious robot memories
are more important
than my mother's life? Is that it?
Is that what you're saying?
I hope that's not what you're saying.
I know I messed up,
but I had no choice. I had to save you.
I can't lose you, Mai.
My parents are gone.
The second I believe
this thing between us is real
you burn it down to the ground
like everyone else does!
Look, remember this.
I'm bailing first.
You okay, kiddo?
- I have you now, princess.
- No!
- Get your hands off me.
- Okay, come on...
Mai, don't do this by yourself.
- I don't need you.
- Come on. Just listen to me.
Hi, you are in violation...
- Please stop fighting me.
- Huh.
Mai, I'm trying to help.
Oh, good!
Weapons would help.
Did you bring any weapons this time?
- It doesn't work like that.
- I don't know about you,
but a rocket launcher
would make me feel a whole lot better.
If I brought my weapons
back online,
the process would purge my entire memory.
I'd forget everything I've ever learned.
Oh, real tragedy.
- I wouldn't know who to fight anymore.
- Whatever, I can fight alone.
- I've been doing it my whole life.
- You are not alone!
I'm always alone. This time...
This time's no different.
You are now surrounded...
You're right. I let you down.
A lot of people let you down,
but you are not alone.
If I'm not alone
that means I've brought you down
into my garbage life.
Is that really where you want to be?
Nowhere else.
I miss him.
And everyday, I'm mad at him for leaving.
Look at us.
Quite a team we make...
A broken robot and a broken little girl.
It's more
than I could have ever asked for.
What do you say we go
and get your mother? Together?
We're going to get our butts kicked
without your weapons.
- You know that, don't you?
- Oh, yeah for sure.
Violation. Alert. Alert.
Let's go. Come on.
- Momo!
- What?
Alert. Alert.
Hold up! You guys hear that?
- Momo, shh!
- Wait.
- She's that way!
- Momo said she's this way, come on.
Wait, Momo says?
"Momo says?"
I don't need that. I have a copy of that.
All right, maybe I can try that.
Where did I see...
Where did I put it, I know I...
I have money.
Oh, you're here. We're saved!
Hey, hey! Guys, wait. Oh, goodness.
Where's my mom, nerd shirt?
Ignore that, that's a trap.
- There's no way I'll ignore that.
- No, listen.
We can save your mother.
We can save everybody,
but we have to stop Ares to do it.
What? Who cares about Ares
if that Justin Pin guy is the problem?
No, you don't understand. It's not Pin.
He isn't...
I mean he...
He lost all patience
for tedious backstory?
These guys again?
I think that's just about enough,
Dr. Tanner Rice.
Tell me where you're keeping my mother!
Oh, right. The human woman.Oh my gosh.
I had created
the perfect trap for you guys.
- Hold up.
- What?
What do you mean human woman?
What? What do you mean,what do I mean?
I mean, who talks like that?
Normal humans do.
I mean, I do.
Because I do normal human things
all the time. All the time.
Literally, you could ask
any other human if I...
You won't get away with this.
He can't hide forever.
You know, people will find out...
- You know what, never mind.
- No!
Now it's time to finish this.
All right, Dr. Rice.
Time to go.
You said two minutes,
it's been two minutes.
Oh, hey Ares.
Give me a D!
It's Justin!
Oh, come on...
Oh, no!
- So, then I go back and get him...
- Go get the cops!
But Dr. Rice is dead. I have
to take some time to process this.
Okay, get the cops. Get the cops.
Momo, come on!
Mom, are you okay?
Oh, Mai. My baby!
- Mom...
- I'm so sorry.
I should've paid more attention.
You felt so all alone.
I should've given you a hug,
but I was alone too
and thought robots were my answer.
But you're my answer!
I hope that I'm your answer.
You were so right and I was wrong.
I love you so, so much!
Wow, yeah. I love you too.
But listen,
Pin wants to kill all these people
you need to help me get them out of here.
They're never going to believe you.
I am a beloved public figure.
And they do whatever I want them to.
These morons
are lining up to pay for the bombs
I'm going to use to kill...
Hold on, wait a second.
Am I...
Am I hearing an echo?
Hello. Do you guys hear that?
Can anyone else hear an echo?
Give me that!
Come here!
All of you, listen, now!
The Q-Bots are bombs!
Head for the exits.Why is no one running?
Run, right now! Get away while you can!
Ah! You. Are. A. Mean. Pervert!
Oh! What?
- Oh, why did you do that?
- I'm just trying to help!
No, no!
Okay, fine! I killed Justin Pin
and stole his body.
"Boo-hoo!" Shut up!
The guy's dead. Get over it!
You know what he said to me?
"You're perfect," he said.
"Now go make the world perfect."
You want the world to be a better place?
You humans are what's wrong with it.
- You're flawed and you're broken.
- Keep talking, crazy pants.
The only way
this world gets perfect...
is with all of you dead!
Maybe I'll start with killing this one?
Get your hands off of her!
Put your finger on my daughter...
I guess I don't have
to wear the man's suit anymore.
Let's just scrub ahead
to the everyone dies part, shall we?
Have at it!
Don't leave yet.
Oh, snap!
Momo, come on.
- You just lost a very loyal customer!
- Okay, Mom.
Every home. Gorgeous.
Oh, my god! Mai,
I've never felt so close to you.
- Ah! Mai!
- Mom!
- Ah! Stay away, you freaks!
- Heads up!
That was amazing!
- Yeah, cool.
- Mai, I'm sorry about what happened.
Okay? I didn't mean
to hurt you or anybody.
- And I know you weren't...
- Can we do this later?
All right, okay.
Follow me, it's our last chance!
Look out! Hurry up!
Come on!
- Mai, what are you doing? Come on!
- I'm going back for them.
Hello, pr-pr-princess.
All right.
You don't have to fight.
It never stops...
and it never fixes anything.
You have been ruined
by that human child.
Humans are the imperfection
I mean to correct.
No one is perfect!
I am!
Don't you get it?
You're as broken as they are.
But my world... My world will be perfect.
No more pain, no more conflict.
No more injustice.
No humanity.
You are very evil.
Ah, agree to disagree.
Oh, hey.
Look what the meat puppet dragged in.
You are not ruining this for me.
Let her go,
you weird old dude.
- Don't make me kick your butt.
- Greenwood, what are you doing?
Get out of here, go!
Ah! Mai!
I am a stupid robot!
Warning, you are about
to begin a full system reset.
All memories will be lost.
- Are you sure you want to do this?
- Yes.
Beginning now.
Memory deleted.
Weapons available.
I've got your back.
Holy crab stacks.
- Thank you.
- Mai, listen to me.
Our memories make us who we are.
Don't let the bad ones
stop you from making good ones.
What are you talking about?
Memories deleting.
Weapons restoring.
Are you okay?
Look out!
Your weapons...
You are amazing.
Go make new memories.
Stop wasting your time.
What... What are you...
Memories deleting.
Full system reset successful,
main memory initialized.
Are you there?
Please come back.
I'm-I'm sorry, I-I was wrong.
Please, please. Don't be gone.
Aw, stop it.
You're going to make me cry.
Not really. I'm kidding.
Move aside little human.
No, don't! Stay away from him.
No! You do not get to touch him.
What is it with you people?
It's like you thrive on futility.
There we go.
Huh? What...
Oh, well.
What are you...
- Who's dog is this?
- He's mine!
You stupid robot!
- What?
- Don't!
Oh, no!
You were trying to tell me and I...
Those memories were all you had and...
You gave them up, for me.
And I'm sorry.
Just please...
Don't be gone.
Hello. What's your name?
Oh, honey...
- I can keep this?
- You can keep it.
Hey, Momo. This is Momo.
- He's a good guy, okay?
- Okay.
- Hello, Momo.
- S'up, buddy?
Hey, sweetie.
How's he doing?
I think.
No! No, no, no!
It's okay, you're okay.
I've got your back.
"I got your back."
Oh, man.
What? I'm allergic to pollen.
Are you judging me?
- Hey, Mai. You ready?
- Oh hey, dude!
You girls have fun now.
Come on, let's go.
Mai, what are you waiting for? You ready?
It's from generations of inbreeds.
My ancestors were wolves, bruh.
Come on!
You can play too,
but hurry it up.
- Bring it.
- I'll be the goalie.
Over here.
You're good,
but not as good as me.
- Nice try.
- I'm open!
I'm going forward!
He's so cool!
- What do you call him?
- My friend.