Next Sohee (2022) Movie Script

- A skirt?
- I'm live-streaming today.
First snow's coming!
Whatever. Run!
Yes! 40 viewers already.
40 already? Dope.
I know, grilled tripe
Is always the best.
Guys, this is
the best place in Jeonju
and I'm here with my dear Sohee!
Say hello.
What? Is it streaming now?
It is.
- They're talking about you.
Turn it away from me.
I told you. She's my friend.
Best dancer ever, Sohee.
I'm pigging out today.
It will be my last feast
before a super strict diet
for my next game.
See that? I'm drooling.
The sizzling sound is...
Any idiot can be
a streamer nowadays.
All you need is a few GoPros,
or a half decent phone,
and the apps do the rest.
Think they know about
colour temperature?
They just need to pig out
then their views go up,
dumb asses send them
cash balloons,
and then they're loaded.
Nothing wrong with that.
They get a nest egg.
And losers like us get drunk.
Have you ever sent her a balloon?
Who, me?
It not, why the hell
do you even care?
Little prick...
I'm bigger than your prick.
Want to fight?
- What the...
- I'll kick your arse!
- Do you want a slap?
- Hit me, go on!
Crazy bitch.
Hit me now!
Call the cops!
You said I'm a prick!
So hit me, you prick!
Kim Sohee!
Pet care major Kim Sohee!
I tried so hard to get you this.
It's a huge deal.
We're finally sending a student
to a major company.
Sohee, your effort
has finally paid off!
Human & Net?
Never heard of them.
It's the service centre
for S-Plus Korea Telecom.
Not a sub-contractor?
This is a whole new level.
Almost like a subsidiary.
The operation is almost directly
managed by the client company.
Sign here.
And have your dad sign it too.
The school is not responsible
for at-fault accidents.
What's with your outfit?
Are you an estate agent now?
Look at you.
I'm still good.
My body remembers it all.
What a surprise.
I could do it too
if I ditched this skirt.
Ah, much better now.
Employment training turned out
to be a make-up session.
Your lips shouldn't be too bold.
A subtle blush will do.
Coral pink is trending now.
Where's that coral pink?
I only see ketchup here.
Then they started
body-shaming the other girls.
I was so pissed off.
How was the interview?
I dressed up for it,
but they just said to start tomorrow.
I can't go to the dance studio now.
If you quit too, she'll only
have old people at that studio.
I Know.
I'll visit sometimes.
Don't bother.
You'll never be good.
Who cares?
I'm an office girl now.
Manager Lee...
Follow me.
Ji-won, Gyong-won, Hye-young.
Come here for a second.
Our externs! Welcome.
I'm Lee Jun-ho,
the team manager.
So Eun-hwa, Myung-gyeong,
Sohee, right?
All from the same school?
No, I'm from
Waniju Life Science High.
We're from
Jeonbuk Commercial High.
Yeah, so our team started
to work with externs last year.
They're all diligent,
good workers.
No pressure though.
Just do your best.
Oh, Ji-won.
It's best to learn hands-on.
Follow her lead.
Take care of them, Ji-won.
I'll come soon.
It's the second desk there.
Just watch.
That's all you have to do.
I practised taking calls
before coming,
so I'll be a fast learner.
Thank you for calling. Agent Lee Ji-won
speaking. How may I help?
This is my fifth call!
When will you help me?
Sorry for the inconvenience.
- May I ask your reason for calling?
- To terminate my account.
I'm so sorry to hear that.
Ill help you
with your request now.
Tell me your name and six-digit
birth date for verification.
Oh Ju-yeon, 820722,
Hurry up.
Thank you, madam.
While I help you, can I ask you
why you wish to terminate?
I already told them.
Please just hurry.
It's personal.
I don't want to talk about it.
I understand, but I checked
and you have a 6-month term left.
I understand, but I checked
and you have a 6-month term left.
We have a special event
for VIPs renewing their contract.
We pay the most valuable vouchers
of any telecoms company.
$100 for 1 year,
$250 for 2 years, $450 for 3 years.
Isn't she great?
Our job is all about mind control.
Listen first, and then answer.
Then stall as much as you can
to change their minds.
There's no secret method.
You can learn minor skills later.
For a few days, just sit next to her,
see how things work
and memorise these lines.
Put those back on.
Let's do this!
Let's do this!
Yes, sir, may I ask
the reason for your call?
Fuck, I already told
the other lady!
I understand, but I need to enter
information on our end.
Our process requires...
Jeonnam Yeosu-Si
Dolsan-eup Odo-ri 97-11.
Jeonnam Yeosu-Si
Dolsan-eup Odo-ri...
Is that correct, sir?
Lets begin.
This week, our centre
dropped to 4th place.
The Busan Centre jumped
from 4th to 1st place.
How come?
We plummeted.
Especially Team 3.
The client company might take action.
I can't stop them.
This is lousy performance.
You're dragging down
our averages.
Sit here.
Thank you.
Here's a gift for you.
It's like a weapon for us.
Let me show you...
Here's a direct messenger.
If you have to leave your seat
In a hurry, shoot me a message.
Let's give this a try.
Yes, I'll do my best.
Thank you for calling.
How may I help you?
Agent Kim Sohee speaking.
How may I help you?
- Why is my internet still running?
- Sorry?
I told you to shut it down
two days ago.
May I have your name
and six-digit date of birth?
I'll check your service details.
Cho Sang-wook, 720909.
Thank you for waiting.
Your router is still in service.
Our technicians haven't
been able to uninstall it yet.
Can't you do it remotely?
We must retrieve the router
before cancelling your service.
Damn it...
When, exactly?
I will notify
our technicians department.
They will contact you
before their visit.
For God's sake...
Tomorrow, then?
They will call you
and visit as soon as possible.
Sir, if you choose to renew
your service instead,
we're offering an exclusive
voucher worth $700...
I mean, you can receive
a voucher worth up to $400.
With a three-year renewal...
Damn it!
I said no and cancelled
my service two days ago!
So cut the crap!
You could extend your service
on a different plan...
Look, you bitch...
Sorry, sir.
Manager Lee Jun-ho speaking.
I apologise for the inconvenience.
A technician will visit you
tomorrow to...
Oh, boy. Rough call.
It's only your first day.
Aim for half the daily target.
Leave the messenger on.
Let me know if you need me.
You'll be all right.
Look at you.
Lookin' good!
- Did you bring it?
- Let's have lunch.
I can't.
I'm due back at 2.
Are you?
Hop in for a sec.
I already signed a contract.
That was an employment contract.
This Is different.
Sign the last page.
and give me a copy.
The work sucks.
They swear at me.
It sucks big time.
That's the real world.
Same for me.
The vice principal
gave me an earful today.
Our boys keep quitting
their factory jobs. Slackers...
Our class will have
the lowest employment rate.
You're getting by, right?
No trouble?
Good girl.
That rascal Byung-soo
lasted only three days at a factory.
A new record.
Sohee, stick it out here.
I'm off!
Don't bother buying me
a gift with your pay check, okay?
As If.
KIM Sohee $1029
Here it says $1600.
It's In your contract.
Right here.
Subject to change.
Depending on circumstances.
It's your training period
as an extern.
What about incentives?
I closed sales and dissuasions.
You still fall short
of normal targets.
Not that trainees
can't make them.
But you're not there yet.
You're still a trainee.
How do I look?
Let's buy that too.
This coral pink
looks good on you.
- Drink up.
- Cheers!
Look! Kang Dong-ho.
Come and sit down.
It's my first day off
In a month.
How's your job?
It sucks.
Everyone's an extern.
They used to hire older people,
but they stopped last year.
Because externs are easier
to replace when they quit.
So many people quit.
A girl I know quit after three weeks.
My form teacher
will kill me if I quit.
He says I can't get fired since
I'm the first at a big corporation.
As if I'd get fired.
I'd quit first.
Always the same bullshit.
Besides, it's not a big corporation.
It's a sub-sub-sub-contractor.
You little piece of shit!
I've had enough of your bitching.
Answer me!
Sir, I'm the team manager.
Let me get back to my desk
and we'll talk.
Who the fuck is this now?
You think you know better
than the customer?
I'm sorry, sir.
I'm at my desk now.
My apologies, sir...
Are you okay?
I only called him three times.
It's not my fault.
Come here, arsehole!
Our address is
Seonosong-dong 95.
Come if you dare, bastard!
Son of a bitch!
ON HOLD 00:00:03
We can do it!
Lee Ji-won!
Who's Lee Ji-won?
Who the hell is Lee Ji-won?
Sir, let me...
Who are you
to threaten a customer?
Sir, that's not it.
Let me explain. Please.
The customer refused to hang up.
And he threatened me
with a knife...
Lee Jun-ho! Have you lost it?
What is this bullshit?
The bastard called head office
and told them everything.
You called him 28 times!
It you're incompetent,
leave it to someone capable.
Why let that brainless girl
mess him around?
That bastard is filing a complaint
with the Commission!
You thought he was a pushover
after he let you call 28 times?
He even recorded everything!
Go to Daequ if you have to
and beg him!
We're all screwed
if you don't stop him!
Damn it.
TAE-JUN: Still working.
I'll go now.
Prick, is that your girlfriend?
You're pathetic.
We can also make you
a good offer.
If you choose IPTV plus Giga Internet,
the 3-year contract is $550...
Then aren't I paying more?
What if I cancel after one year?
What is the penalty?
If you cancel the contract
after one year...
MANAGER: Wrap it up.
She's shopping.
You have to pay $532.
What if I get a gift card instead?
Our policy is the same whether you choose
gift cards or the cash voucher.
Let's delay the cancellation for now
and we'll call you in 10 days.
- Okay then.
- Your request Is registered.
Within that period one of our agents
will contact you again.
Thank you and have a good day.
I'm agent Kim Sohee.
No dissuasion?
She's just shopping for a deal.
Still, after 23 minutes
you should have dissuaded her.
Such customers don't intend to cancel
So you should press harder.
It seems to me
you lack determination.
Team B needs to perform
and the dissuasion rate Is key.
You should know better by now.
You won't last long this way.
But that's not the problem.
The team's performance is dropping!
Thanks, sister.
He's just upset
that Ji-won Is gone.
She joined a call centre
at a loan company.
I bet it's way more intense.
This is tough.
Sir, I was busy
processing other calls.
You put me on hold.
I waited for 20 minutes.
A long wait.
Sorry, sir. But you hung up while
I was checking other service plans.
So let's do it now.
- EUN-AH: Still working?
- Few calls left.
Let's have a go.
I want a taste of that service
you're offering.
You'll have to call again
during business hours. Goodbye.
Come on.
Aren't you alone?
It's getting late.
I'm afraid our normal
business hours are over.
EUN- AR: Still working?
You promised to call back.
And you did.
You're the one who called
after business hours.
I apologise, sir.
I was waiting for you.
I can process your request
tomorrow during...
If you keep me up
I'll sleep all day tomorrow.
Who gives a damn?
What? Damn?
Who gives a rat's arse
when you sleep?
Mouthing off, are you?
You're the one
harassing me, you creep!
You freaking pervert!
Manager Lee speaking.
I apologise, sir.
Is this your idea
of customer service?
- I'm terribly sorry.
- You'd better be.
- Or I'll burn your office down.
- Apologies, sir.
I'm sorry.
I lost control for a moment.
I was behind schedule
so I was trying to end the call.
I'm sorry.
It won't happen again.
He was harassing you, right?
You took an unlucky hit.
I should have put up with it.
You did your best.
You can't do more than that.
It was just bad luck.
Didn't you have plans tonight?
It's too late to ring
customers back anyway.
You can go now.
EUN-AH: We're here for your b-day.
Why aren't you texting back?
It's Sohee.
How's work? Fun?
Is that make-up?
You're still a teen.
Lay off her.
Did you eat?
Are you coming back now?
You disappeared so suddenly
without saying goodbye.
I got busy.
- Will you stop by now and then?
- I will.
We're ahead of you now.
You'd better practise all night
to catch up.
All right.
Enough talk.
Practice isn't over.
Don't be so cold, Yoo-jin.
She was our top dancer.
Join in, Sohee.
No, I'll watch from the back.
I've forgotten the moves.
I can't do it.
Join in later.
Sir, can you hear me?
He wrote
several letters in protest.
What? And you ignored them?
You didn't see
the warning signs?
They were never serious.
Never mind.
What a mess.
See if anyone knows more.
Make them sign statements.
No need to scare them.
Go nice and easy.
- Get it done.
- Yes, Sir.
Well, team...
We have sad news.
Manager Lee has died unexpectedly.
The company
IS investigating the details.
You're still in shock, right?
Of course.
Let's pull ourselves together
and do our work.
We have a job to do, right?
The other teams are getting
flooded with our calls.
We can't be a dead weight here.
I'll be your new manager.
Let's do our best.
Go on.
Back to your seats.
Time for your calls.
Thank you for calling.
How may I help you?
What did you say?
I didn't say anything.
How did you know him?
He was our manager.
I thought you weren't
allowed to come here.
I'm sorry.
He took good care of us.
I'm So sorry.
Bonus to be awarded once signed.
Sign ASAP.
(Consent) 7. Manager Lee's
complaints found to be untrue...
28th KIM Sohee
Our team is placed last
of all five call centres.
We need to move on.
We can't stall any more.
Most people have had
their incentives cut.
Your targets might drop,
along with your pay rates.
I've never seen
such low performance.
Especially you, Kim Sohee.
You're the worst.
Manager Lee was kind enough
to let you join this team,
but I can't cut you any more slack.
I'll have my eye on you
for the next few days.
Prove yourself before then.
Jung-in, you stood strong.
First in our team again.
But she's at the top
because we're the bottom.
She wouldn't make it
on other teams, you know?
We have to get our act together.
Let's do our best.
Stop frowning and sit down. Now.
I saw Tae-jun get beaten up.
His hair was all shaved, too.
He's got that boy band look.
They must have been jealous.
He doesn't look
like that any more.
Still, he's no pushover.
Pathetic, right?
He should quit.
You think that's easy?
He has no one to reach out to.
God knows where his parents are.
I used to tell Dong-ho to quit.
Now I feel guilty.
Do you think I've got
someone to reach out to?
What? I didn't say that.
Is that why I quit school
and quit being an athlete?
- Stop it, I didn't mean that!
- Sure you did.
How did you get this room
and all this stuff?
You mooched off your brother.
Know what?
All you do is eat and puke.
You call that a job?
Like your job is so fancy.
Getting yelled at for a living.
Ms Kim Sohee?
You are the only one
who didn't hand in the consent.
Perhaps you could sign it now.
You have to think of others, too.
Let's move on.
You've had enough of this, right?
Do it for me.
Let's forget about it.
You're doing much better now.
Time to move forward, okay?
Kim Sohee
Thank you.
Ms Kim, this is from the...
Thank you for calling.
Agent Kim Sohee speaking.
How may I help you?
You're lucky
if you get old people.
It's so easy
to make them give In.
If they resist,
threaten them just a bit.
Say they'll get a penalty
since the term isn't over.
You can easily tell
how young people will react.
They just poke around,
so wrap it up quickly.
Just raise your call numbers
and give up on sign-up scores.
Don't work so hard though.
Once you reach the target,
you can't back off.
They hold you to it.
Yeah, it gets tricky.
But our manager promised
incentives In return.
She's been using you
to push the others.
- You didn't know?
- What?
- Comparing us...
- Drop it.
Anyway, Sohee is keeping
the manager happy.
- EUN-AH: Done yet?
- Few calls left.
Sir, I will arrange the request
within ten days.
Just cut it off now.
Our company only accepts requests
during business hours.
Sir, I see that you signed
your contract only 48 days ago.
This termination
will cost you too much.
I don't care.
Just terminate it.
Sir, nobody does that.
My kid...
My kid died.
I don't need it any more.
Just do it.
I see.
But sir...
If you keep the line for a year,
you're billed less than the penalty.
- You could terminate it then...
- No.
Also, you're billed in instalments,
but you pay the penalty all at once.
I just want it done.
All right, then.
There will be a $270 penalty
plus surcharges,
so if you deposit $352
we will contact you after confirmation.
Okay. Where do I deposit?
An agent from the other team
will contact you with the details.
You can't tell me now??
We have to follow the procedures...
EUN-AH: Hurry up
Also, we have a new IPTV service.
It lets you view channels
whenever you like.
We're offering a limited number
only to select customers.
I'd like to offer you...
Thank you for calling.
Agent Kim So...
Hey, it's me.
We're in the lobby!
It's payday today,
and also we scored first place,
so let's go for a company dinner.
See you all at the pub
across the street by 8 p.m.
I should get at least
$3500 this month.
But you're an extern.
That's when you are a full-timer.
Also, Incentives
aren't paid in the same month.
So many externs quit.
It'll be paid a month or two later.
Besides, you had
too many violation cases.
Especially earlier in the month.
You probably weren't
used to the manual...
You dont pay since I'm an extern?
Because I might quit?
What if I do quit?
I never get that money?
For the company,
It's like insurance.
Why worry now?
Just don't quit.
You have that as your savings,
So keep working hard.
You finished your calls today.
Wrap up your work
and let's go.
Eat, don't just drink.
What's wrong?
Did you know our incentives
aren't paid right away?
You can never be sure.
It always changes.
Honestly, I don't even know
if they calculate it correctly.
Jung-in is quitting next month.
Big sister Jung-in? Why?
She held out for so long.
Shes getting criticised
for her low performance.
But why do you call her big sister?
Aren't you the same age?
Same age?
Silly. She fooled you.
She goes to Buyeong High.
You made me look
like a fool, huh?
Acting like an older sister.
You're the one annoying everyone.
You're making life hell
for everyone else.
Our daily targets shot up
because of you.
Externs never get paid
more than $2000, you idiot.
Fuck you!
S-Plus Korea Telecom,
agent Kim Sohee speaking.
- How may I help you?
- I want to cancel my internet.
May I ask what your reason Is
for cancelling?
To switch providers.
I'm sorry to hear you've been
dissatisfied with our service.
I'll process your request
There will be
a cancellation charge.
How much?
$40 to cancel the remaining
1 month term,
$37 for this month's fees,
$30 for initial installation,
$7 for router rental,
adding up to $114.
- Gee. To cancel 7 months?
- Yes, madam.
MANAGER: Are you crazy?
Your service will be cancelled
once the payment is made.
Or you could use the service
until your contract expires.
No, just cancel it.
All right, madam.
I'll do that for you.
Should I charge the fee
to your credit card?
Should I charge the fee
to your credit card?
MANAGER: Hang up.
- My billing card?
- Yes, madam.
- Sure.
- One moment, please.
The fee has been charged.
You'll receive a text alert.
We hope to welcome you again
someday as a customer.
S-Plus Korea Telecom
will strive to improve its services.
This has been
agent Kim Sohee.
Okay. Thanks.
What was that?
I processed
a cancellation request.
You're damaging the company.
What's your job?
Why can't we process requests
instead of dissuading them?
We should.
You were a promising trainee.
Now you're Miss Attitude.
What's wrong?
Don't like the work?
Then quit.
First you get into a brawl,
now this.
Customers have a right
to cancel their services.
They're willing to pay to cancel.
Who are we to stop them,
transferring calls 28 times?
Hey, you're free to leave.
No one's keeping you here.
You made those calls,
so blame yourself!
I took the trouble of training you.
Now what?
Cancelling left and right?
You're dragging down
our team performance.
Blowing away our incentives.
Making our scores plunge.
We have a meeting tomorrow.
And you're humiliating
the whole team!
Fuck you!
Only your incentives will be cut.
- What?
- There's nothing for us.
You make us slave away.
Then you use incentives
to cut our pay.
That's why you use externs.
Since we're slaving away,
we should at least be paid!
So that's the issue?
The incentives
that weren't paid yet?
Why can't you wait?
I Kept asking you to check it.
I calculated it.
You promised
I'd get those incentives!
Typical poor kid.
Grubbing for money.
Let go!
Let go of me!
Time to get up.
It's nearly 8 o'clock.
Get up!
I got a three-day break.
She should have told me.
What a great company.
Giving her three days off.
Sleep in, sweetie!
I only love you,
only remember you.
I only need you,
only you.
I promise to be
the only one for you.
Love holds me to my promise.
You're a terrible puker.
How did you get used to this?
Puking after stuffing yourself
isn't like puking after drinking.
Besides, I don't
eat and puke any more.
Everyone's skipping
the graduation ceremony.
You're not skipping It.
You're not graduating.
Is the teacher mad at you?
I'm ignoring him.
But you'll be dead meat.
I bet. Totally.
That bastard... I'll show him.
Come on, Sohee!
Wake up.
Sohee, wake up!
Sohee, wake up!
Sohee, please.
Let's go.
What happened?
I drank too much.
Where's Dad?
He's waiting in the car.
They only allowed one visitor.
Can I quit my job?
What was that?
You heard me.
I spoke with your manager.
I went there myself,
begging her to take you back.
Everyone makes mistakes.
I promised
it wouldn't happen again.
You'll start over.
But really...
How could you?
I'm so disappointed.
How could you do such a thing?
Attacking a superior
much older than you.
The externship
IS part of your school record,
part of your education.
You're damaging the school
with your behaviour.
What if they refuse
to hire our students?
You'd be blocking their future.
Besides, you don't want to ruin
our class employment rate.
Don't embarrass us, okay?
Do you know
what I'm doing there?
Sure I do.
You're a call service agent.
Call service?
You help customers with their questions,
give them information.
Come on.
Last time, you bragged
you were the best agent.
How come you hate it now?
Just deal with it.
Everything in life
has ups and downs.
You know,
I thought you were different.
Short-tempered, maybe.
But hard-working,
reliable, responsible.
That's who you are.
I still have faith in you.
For now,
get some rest.
Then report back to work.
Hey, Eun-ah.
Fill your stomach before drinking.
Drinking so early?
I did it two days ago, too.
Drunk already.
Kang Dong-ho, lay off.
Let her drink.
She's on disciplinary leave,
working again tomorrow.
My job interview was at 7 p.m.
but they want to see me now.
Jun-ee has
part-time work today too.
If you guys stay here late,
I'll join you after my interview.
| can't. I've got to catch a bus
for the factory at daybreak.
Forget it. Let's go.
No, not yet. I'm hungry.
Should we walk a bit?
Sober up
then let's catch a cab.
I'll take you home.
That's okay.
You can go now.
It's my last day off.
I'm staying out longer.
I'll have company.
Who? Who's coming?
He's working,
but he'll be here soon.
Are you okay?
I'm fine.
Just go.
You're working early tomorrow.
All right. I'll get going.
Don't stay out too late.
- Come if you can.
- TAE-JUN: If I have time.
Two beers, please.
You're alone?
On three.
One, two, three.
Keep looking.
Let's set her down.
She's frozen stiff.
- How long since she died?
- Not too long.
Afternoon, Detective.
We didn't miss much.
They called right away and waited.
We're done here.
We'll report the findings.
Let's wrap up.
We're wrapping up.
No signs of decay.
The body was frozen
and preserved.
Recently, I assume.
Send it to Forensics
for identification.
There is no indication
she was killed.
We believe it was suicide.
Did she leave a note?
I want it done.
Make it thorough.
An autopsy?
Sir, please reconsider.
It's a rough procedure.
Still, I want it done.
She wont be intact any more.
We'll do it.
We'll make the request.
It's the last footage.
There aren't any more cameras.
It's only a short way to the reservoir.
It probably happened around here.
Her last mobile signal
was traced to that spot.
- And the phone?
- We're still searching.
But they found her other slipper.
And the last person
she spoke to?
Park Tae-jun,
an older schoolmate.
The call only lasted seconds.
He only texted her.
Go and see him anyway.
Tomorrow we'll search her room
for a suicide note.
- Then we'll wrap up the case.
- Understood.
- Please be thorough.
- Yes, Sir.
There's no computer.
Madam, did she have
a computer or tablet?
She didn't.
I see. That's okay.
We have the autopsy report.
No suspicion of murder.
No suspicion of sexual assault.
Drug screening revealed
only alcohol, 0.02 ppm.
The wrist cut was prior self harm,
stitched up a few days before.
Cause of death,
asphyxiation by drowning.
- As we expected.
- Yes.
- Is this our last stop?
- It is.
I was expecting you.
Get started.
- This chart...
- It's our performance ranking.
Sohee reached
first place last month.
She was doing well...
First place?
Why was she disciplined?
The three-day unpaid
disciplinary leave.
We got into an argument.
She started shirking work,
raising complaints.
So I gave her a talking-to.
If I had known...
The higher-ups wanted her
to rest up and recharge.
It's for monitoring work.
She called the work unbearable
and said she wanted to die.
Were there warning signs?
Not really.
I see.
We have the autopsy
and we inspected her workplace.
Let's draw up our report.
We haven't found her phone
or a note...
We searched enough
at the reservoir.
- The testimonies...
- Wait!
That's the spot...
where our manager killed himself.
She never got over it.
She struggled.
Acting strange.
I'll be right there.
Detective Oh.
One moment.
Getting by?
New to the Criminal Division,
aren't you?
I've been off for too long.
I shouldn't complain.
Too bad I can't help.
Stick it out a few months.
Headquarters will call you back.
Your mother...
I should get going, Chief.
The car was covered in Show.
He was slumped against the window.
Charcoal briquettes
In the back seat,
note on the dashboard.
Clearly a suicide.
No suspicion of murder.
He felt guilty
about exploiting externs.
His suicide note
was like a whistle-blower report.
I hereby expose
our exploitation of externs.
What a company.
And yet they closed the case?
A labour attorney tried to investigate.
But what could he do?
His wife settled the case,
signed papers,
and got them certified.
It was hectic at the year's end.
Chief Moon was getting
promoted and transferred.
So this got ignored.
NO sound.
It makes no sound?
Which car?
Show me.
I don't know how it works.
A girl from your husband's team
at work has died.
She jumped in the reservoir
and we think it was suicide.
I heard your husband
committed suicide as well.
Do you know anything
about his suicide note?
His note?
Yes, saying the externs
are exploited by the company.
Excuse me.
You're the first person
to mention his note.
Everyone else just asks
If the rumours are true.
The labour attorney
wanted to sue the company.
But in the end,
he said there was no point
If the rumours were true.
But how should I know?
I had never heard of any debt
or other women.
I had to say I didn't know.
As a whistle-blower, his reputation
should have been kept intact.
The reason you settled...
The company sent their lawyers.
They said it wasn't
a workplace accident.
And even if the contents
of his note were true,
since he was the manager,
that made him guilty too.
At some point
It started to make sense.
The best I could do
was take the money
and keep my mouth shut.
Anyway, that attorney...
he never stood a chance.
Every time he spoke against
those lawyers from Seoul,
things just got worse.
The rumours all became facts.
His reason for dying
was turned upside down.
They made him into the world's
biggest cheater and gambler.
I was so sick of it all.
So I just dropped it there.
But if the things he accused them of
were fixed, Sohee might be alive.
I shouldn't have said that...
I couldn't sleep
when I heard the news.
That girl...
had refused to sign
the consent till the last moment.
I'm Detective Oh,
Jeonju Criminal Division.
- I need your help.
- Sure.
The police already came once.
She sat over there.
Give me what she had.
When kids come alone,
I usually talk to them.
Asking if something's wrong.
Maybe it was just
meant to happen...
But I was so busy that day.
I couldn't say one word to her.
So she drank alone
then left.
Was she unsteady
on her way out?
She just went quietly.
Oh, gosh!
How could you quit
without a word?
So coldly?
Actually, I work for the police.
That's why I'm here today.
I'm a criminal detective!
So you catch gangsters
and solve murders?
Only paperwork so far.
You remember Kim Sohee?
The high school girl?
She's our ace!
Used to be.
But she...
So you came because of her.
Can you tell me about her?
We're still investigating.
She had been here longer
than any of us.
She was so good.
She mastered
all the girl group routines.
And even
most boy group routines.
She practised alone
even on her last day here.
She was so passionate.
Yoo-jin, can you tell us
what happened?
Why did she fall in the reservoir?
Was it really on purpose?
But since we're still investigating,
I can't say any more.
About Sohee...
Why did she dance?
Who knows?
What could her aim have been?
Be a K-pop idol
like the girls next door?
She was too old for that.
And not at that level...
Last time,
you said Sohee acted strangely
after manager Lee died.
After he passed away,
she refused to sign the consent.
But after signing in the end,
she worked like crazy.
She raised her own
dissuasion rates
by making others
take tough calls.
But her performance plunged
before her death, right?
She was disciplined...
She didn't get her incentives
on payday.
It was all for nothing.
They delay payment,
since so many externs quit.
Sohee lost it over that.
That's why she got disciplined.
My performance dropped too
after finding out.
Is that why you quit,
to work here?
We got a text
from the higher-ups.
Kim's self-harm has nothing to do
with our company. Keep silent.
I couldn't work there
after reading that.
I've graduated anyway.
No red tag for me.
So I quit.
Red tag?
Externs who return to school
have to wear a red tag.
They make us clean toilets
and empty garbage bins
until we get hired again.
Sohee's school has a red vest.
Why on earth...
Why do that?
Because we're losers
who lower their employment rate.
- I'm working.
- This late?
Got calls left.
It was always like this.
I never saw her
get off work by 6.
She was always late.
I picked her up late at night
SO many times.
And look at these.
That's all she got.
After all that overtime!
I heard someone else died
working for that company.
Someone who worked with Sohee.
Put them all in jail.
How was it
when Sohee slit her wrist?
Didn't she say anything?
You were there with her.
She said nothing?
I didn't know.
How could she be so silent?
She must have known
we'd be heartbroken.
If I only knew,
I would have made her quit.
The company and the school.
But I never knew.
I didn't know anything.
I Knew nothing.
I just told her to work hard.
I had no idea.
You're from the client company?
We're not directly involved here,
but the callers are our customers.
- We couldn't turn a blind eye.
You said she never
worked overtime,
but if you look here,
she left work mostly after 8.
She chose to work late.
We couldn't say no to that.
She finished her work
after normal hours to get incentives.
The more capable ones
all finish work before 6.
But you didn't pay her incentives.
It was going to be paid
two months later.
Also, there were other reasons
why she didn't qualify for payment.
It's all according to our regulations
with the students' consent.
See, the contract here...
In manager Lee's suicide note,
he said withholding incentives
was your internal policy.
Is It your policy to set unrealistic
targets and deceive workers?
Who in the world said...
You draw up double contracts,
use easily replaceable externs,
and delay their incentives
thinking they'll quit.
You're violating
the Labour Standards Act.
If you wish to investigate formally
we will take actions...
But here's what I think.
A girl committed suicide
after a few months of work.
If the work was too hard for her,
she should have just quit.
It seems her situation at home
wasn't good, right?
Also, she was obsessed
with money;,
mentally quite unstable,
and had caused trouble
even before the externship.
We're overwhelmed
by this situation too.
But Detective, you're
making us out to be villains.
we're the victims here.
This incident really damaged
our company's image.
We should make a strong
complaint to the school.
Sending us such a problematic extern
without any warning.
Manager Lee's case
was closed quietly.
But this is quite different.
Last time you could say that
as a manager he was guilty too.
But this girl
IS a high-school student.
She's just a victim.
What is this?
All this fuss about a girl's suicide,
and now an internal investigation?
It's not a simple suicide.
It's a workplace incident.
I let you ease into things
with a simple death case.
If we do this for all suicides,
we'll be in a mess.
What are you up to?
Something's going on between
schools and companies.
Like what?
Even if there is,
that's not your job.
Did anyone press charges?
Is that really necessary?
Why should the police
wait for charges?
- Will you take the blame...
- Yoo-jin!
Why are you...
This, here!
Here! This is Tae-jun!
They looked so cute
dancing together.
But he quit way before.
- He got a job, right?
- Yes. He was a good dancer.
With good looks and a nice build.
You haven't met him?
No, I went to the warehouse
but he was always out on delivery.
But he got the text
so he should call soon.
He's good.
Ms Ko Jun-hee?
Are you there?
Ms Ko?
Ms Ko.
Ms Ko! Ms Ko!
I need an ambulance.
A girl Is unconscious
with alcoholic poisoning.
She has a pulse.
I'm sorry.
Why did you quit school?
I wanted to quit my extern job.
Why quit school, then?
They wouldn't et me
quit my job.
The doctor says
you can't process alcohol.
So dont drink.
I'm sure...
Sohee's death had nothing to do
with you not being there.
How do I look?
This is that trendy coral pink.
You can try out
all the products here.
No one says anything,
and the shop girl is so nice.
Today, I'm here
with my friend, Sohee.
What, Is it streaming now?
- They're talking about you.
- Oh no! No, no!
[ Fold you.
Have you?
Little prick...
I'm bigger than your prick.
Want to fight?
I'll kick your arse!
- You want a slap?
- Hit me, go on!
- I'll watch if you dance naked.
- Just go Kill yourself.
Just don't watch, then.
You're the one watching,
Shut the fuck up!
Just go away!
If you hate me so much,
fuck off!
Her nickname Is Jjoonny.
She had an externship
at Samwon Exports.
She quit after three weeks.
They had dinners every night
and forced her to drink
SO she couldn't bear it.
- Soon-oh...
- Yes?
That externship thing...
At first, I thought of it like
a residency at hospitals.
Some things are only
learned through experience.
So they go and learn it hands-on.
that's not it, Is it?
They should be respected
for working tough jobs,
but people look down on them
even more.
Nobody gives a damn.
She came here
the day before she died.
How was she?
She didn't say much.
I thought she'd go back to work.
I told her, what's done is done.
You'll be fine if you reflect on it
and work hard.
That's what I said,
and she understood...
It looks like she made her decision
after coming to school. Timewise.
She really didn't say much.
She's not that kind of person.
She's strong and assertive,
and she's the kind to fight back.
She even bragged about
her good performance...
Do you know what she did there?
It's your duty to inspect
the work environment, contracts,
and check on your externs.
But you wrote all these reports
without doing that.
We have to stay on good terms
with the companies.
That is, if we want to send
more kids next time.
So you sent her to a job
you know nothing about?
It was really hard
to get an externship there.
By October, I need to find jobs
for kids who don't have one.
Other schools
have sent kids there already.
It's an office job managed
by S-Plus Korea Telecom.
Why would I suspect anything?
They have 670 workers there.
But 629 people quit last year.
Another 617 got hired this year.
Sohee was one of them.
Did you know?
This wasn't her problem alone.
Let me see your current
externship figures.
23rd PLACE
I'm the vice-principal.
Aren't they all lower tier
sub-contractors or factories?
There was a fire
at this feed factory.
This place got fined
after framing a foreign worker.
Shouldn't you match jobs
to the kids' majors?
We can't hit employment targets
that way.
Good companies don't want us.
I have to send them
where they're needed.
I know they don't like it.
But do you think majoring
in pet care was her dream job?
This isn't a school.
It's an employment agency.
- What do you get in return?
- What? Get what from whom?
From these companies.
Any brokerage? Commission?
I get nothing!
Cop or not,
you're going too far!
You call this a curriculum?
I call this reality.
Freshmen recruitment rate,
graduate employment rate.
That's how we're evaluated.
That determines
our budget and incentives.
That's how we pay teachers
and maintain the school.
This counts as curriculum
for these kids.
With fewer students,
we're scraping by as it is,
relying on incentives to survive.
Now that this mess happened,
we'll get seriously downgraded.
This mess?
She slit her wrist days before.
She's so hot-tempered she almost
got kicked out of middle school.
But because this happened
at an externship, the school's liable.
Her temper is the problem,
not the school.
I'm hot-tempered too,
This mess? A girl died!
Let go of me!
Is Kang Dong-ho here?
It was my day off,
SO I went to see her.
I couldn't stay long. I had to catch
a bus for the factory at daybreak.
And Sohee wanted to stay out?
Eun-ah left us early.
And the place was out of the way.
I wanted her to walk and sober up,
so I could take her home.
But she was waiting
for someone.
- Park Tae-jun?
- Yes.
I was surprised to hear that.
He was a year above us.
I never knew they were close.
She never told me.
And so...
I just went home.
But then I heard she had died.
Her feet...
Her feet looked so cold.
I wanted to catch a cab
and take her home.
Oh Yoo-jin!
What the hell are you doing?
Sir, we need back-up
from Regional Intelligence.
You've got some nerve.
Why drag the reservoir
In this weather?
It's costing us!
This happened because
you didn't investigate properly.
Manager Lee's case.
You covered it up.
Watch your mouth.
Who says I covered it up?
His wife settled.
She had to.
The police wouldn't investigate.
The police determined
it wasn't murder.
It was suicide.
Case closed!
He was a whistle-blower.
You should've dug into it!
It's not our job.
It's the Labour and Education ministries'.
No! It's our job!
We should investigate!
Kids are dying, but they go on
about employment rates.
The ministries let them
get away with it.
They're violating labour laws
and shirking oversight duties.
What is this? Tell me.
How is it not our job?
Who's in charge
of school externships?
I'm Detective Oh,
Jeonju Criminal Division.
I'm investigating why Kim Sohee
of WANJU Life Science High
died during an externship.
Here's our data.
We supervise Meister high schools.
But lesser schools
have a free hand.
I'm asking about general oversight
of externships,
workplaces and working conditions.
Schools are free to make
their own assessments.
- We use incentives to...
- Free?
They make externs sign
two separate contracts,
using a sham contract
to pay less than minimum wage.
It's illegal.
Shouldn't you alert
the Labour Ministry?
I mean, Detective.
I'm an inspector
for vocational schools.
Schools are shirking on oversight duties.
Aren't you doing the same
by allowing it?
You should make them
Inspect workplaces,
not obsess about
employment rates.
Detective, please take a look at this.
We compete with
other school districts.
Qualitative evaluations
are too subjective.
Hence the quantitative
employment rates.
We have a tight budget
for vocational schools.
We rely on state incentives
based on employment rates.
Once the rates drop
and budgets fall,
schools get shut down.
The ministry goes by those rates.
The ministry?
That's who you're blaming?
A student died while working,
and everyone's dodging blame.
Even her manager
and her teacher.
We regret the incident.
The school should have
considered her temperament.
They should have known
she couldn't handle the work.
It seems she had personal issues.
She wasn't fit for that workplace.
That workplace
wasn't fit for anyone.
You should have kept schools
from sending students there.
You could have done it.
Why didn't you?
Why didn't you stop them?
Let's not argue.
A local school inspector
has no power.
Where will this end?
Will you storm into
the Education Ministry?
And after that?
Did you know that Sohee danced?
It's the first I've heard of it.
I had no idea.
I never knew.
I heard she liked to dance.
That she was really good.
I wish I had known.
If I could have seen it...
how good it would have been.
My baby...
Is this Detective Oh?
I'm Park Tae-jun.
You're the last person
on her call record.
She told a friend
she was waiting for you.
I had too much work.
| told her to wait,
thinking I could make it.
But suddenly I had to take
another delivery.
It was after the holidays,
but we were still swamped.
Afterwards, she didn't text back
and her phone was off.
I thought she was sulking.
Since I had done it before.
Is your work okay?
I got in trouble at a factory,
so I came here.
I'll be going back there soon.
The factory work
is instead of military service.
I should have put up with it.
But I lost my temper.
Next time,
talk to someone.
Talk to me.
You can talk
to a police detective.
Thank you.
We'll observe
a moment of silence.
Please bow your heads.
We found her phone.
They're bringing it to the station.
I'll go now.
Can we recover the data?
It was switched off
before going underwater.
So it switched back on
once we dried it.
Let me see.
But it seems
she deleted everything.
Call records, texts,
photos, notes.
There's nothing.
All the apps, too.
It seems she did it
on purpose before dying.
This video is all that's left.
But the digital forensics team
can recover the data.
The phone wasn't locked,
you See.
Okay, I'll check with them.