Neymar (2023) Movie Script

Would she have gotten
a clue, at least?
Yes, of course.
If you try hard,
she will be your girl before
you finish VBS.
Sinto, what idea are we going
to execute today?
Don't show haste, kiddo.
While concentrating on
my matters,
I often forget to ask you something.
Don't you want a girl .....
Hey, boy.
Pappa's thought process is different, okay?
You are forgetting it often.
After all, you are Chackola's
son, no?
Kunjava, are you not joining
us to play?
No, I have VBS class.
Is he a Christian?
Don't speak religion, Andappa.
Anyone can go to VBS.
But, I don't see you going, despite
being Christian.
Do they allow oldies inside?
He will be going to eat Puffs
and squash.
That's true.
One minute.
Come on!
My skin is getting oily.
Give me 5 minutes.
Come fast, man.
Please wait for a second.
Collecting five stones...
Collecting five stones, David
ran towards Goliath...
And knocked him down,
in a single shot
Collecting five stones, David
ran towards Goliath...
And knocked him down,
in a single shot
Come on, guys!
Collecting five stones, David
ran towards Goliath...
And knocked him down,
in a single shot
Collecting five stones, David
ran towards Goliath...
And knocked him down,
in a single shot
I'll ask a question to you.
What's the meaning of the
word 'Bethsaida'?
Do you know the answer?
House of fisherman.
- What?
- House of the fisherman.
Yes! Very good.
Very good, Akamsh.
Thank you.
She didn't look at me.
Next question...
- Show off!
- Which priest's daughter...
was resurrected by Jesus?
You are screwed!
Don't tell Dona's father's
name, okay?
- Whose?
- Jairus'...
Very good! Akamsh.
The teenage love...
which searches for a girl's heart
Their trysts are reflected in
their eyes
The naughty smile
The words conveyed through eyes
The rush of love hormones through
the body
Oh girl, you're my beautiful princess
Oh girl, Come to me, singing
a melody
Oh girl, we follow you everywhere
Oh girl, this age is troublesome
Oh girl, I'm always nervous
Oh girl, you are the rhythm
of my heart
The teenage love...
which searches for a girl's heart...
Their trysts are reflected in
their eyes
The naughty smile
The words conveyed through eyes
The rush of love hormones through
the body
- Hey, Mini..
- Yes.
These are the eggs of the hen
from Angamali.
"BV 380"
- Cholesterol will be less in them.
- Really?
They eat vegetable waste, and
grass only.
Fry or boil it, and give it
to your son.
Mini, I heard that Kunjava had
a brawl with some guys,
at the ground.
It's Sinto, Chackola's son,
who is spoiling Kunjava.
Don't you know that Kunjava
is very calm?
Mini, look!
Hey, Selin!
I heard that you put up a good
fight in the morning.
Hey Sinto, why did you guys fight
in the morning,
at the ground?
It wasn't our fault.
Albi and Poocha have done it.
You naughty guys!
They are spoiled brats.
That's true.
Where's he?
After the morning scuffle,
he isn't feeling well.
He didn't get up when I called.
You may go and check him out.
Here comes the fighter!
Hey Kiddo, aren't you ashamed
to be beaten up
by Reji's son?
He is roaming around, after
getting thrashed.
My goodness!
Now, every Tom, Dick and Harry
know about it.
Hey, has your Kalari dad
woken up?
No, still boozed!
If you've done gossiping,
please get me my shirt.
I need to go for work.
Mini, I'm leaving.
Their conversation never ends.
We need to know what's going on.
Hey, will your plan work?
After completing the course,
we'll get a job in some airlines.
We'll mint a lot of money.
After that,
in an auspicious moment,
in a beautiful flight,
I'll marry Dona.
Fine! Celebrate your first night,
there itself.
Usually, he doesn't keep it here.
Sahu, why don't you talk anything?
My mind is very much disturbed.
Why? Is that because of your son?
Don't be worried about the
morning scuffle.
We were also like that, when
we were kids.
Even though we were naughty,
we were self-reliant.
That's why these kids eat
4 times a day now.
I've spent a lot of money for
his new course.
I think it will also become fruitless.
His bloody aviation course!
- Hey, isn't that Chackola?
- Where?
After the usual morning shot,
the artist is drawing a picture
with pee.
Don't stop here. Let's go!
Hey Chackola!
Can't you go home and pee?
What do I do, if I feel like
peeing now?
Don't you have Kalari classes
today, Gurukkal?
No, I decided to take rest today.
To bend your elbow?
Let's go, Thomas.
I need to open the shop.
- Customers are waiting for me.
- Okay, we will go.
Go fast.
People have thronged there
and created a big traffic jam.
Thomas, I'll walk.
No, let's go.
Fighting like street kids!
It's been ages since you started
this cold war.
Sit properly.
Otherwise, we'll fall.
Throwing stone?
Get lost, you idiot!
He is throwing stones at me.
Leave it.
Hi, Sinto.
Who is this?
Amala here.
Yes, tell me.
Day after tomorrow, it's Dona's birthday!
So what?
Could you please buy us
a bottle of wine?
Where have you been?
Just came to buy a Small.
I already had a shot in the
Hey, I've taken the change
of 10 rupees.
If you're into boozing,
at least have a beer.
He is my son!
- Really?
- He is very shy, just like me.
I'm Ayyappankutyy.
Nice to meet you.
Thank you, Sinto.
Not me. It's Akamsh, who bought this.
It's just a piece of cake
for me.
Okay, bye.
Will her drinking habit,
create any problem
in my house, after marriage?
I think I'll have to start
drinking now.
It's a bunch of roses
It's a garden of honey
We fly around like bees
Goosebumps throughout our body
We start from the dawn itself
We flirt and roam around
Hey, beautiful plant, when
I touch you,
Don't hurt me with your
sharp thorns
Hey, my cutie, when I come
to play with you,
Show some mercy, and quench
my thirst
This Sukhiyan is made by
Akamsh's mother.
Sukhiyan, made by Akamsh's mother.
Try it. It's very delicious.
The girl who's gonna marry
Akamsh is very lucky.
Bro, it tastes like, the Sukhiyan
from Santhosh Bakery.
Have it.
Stop enjoying our Sukhiyan, you dimwit.
Brother, I...
No problem, eat it.
Hey Kunjava, It's time you did
something for your love.
If you don't show the courage
to propose her,
she will say that you're an introvert.
She'll definitely say that.
If she says so, I'll end my life.
You don't know how adamant
I am.
If she accepts it...
Then what?
It means that, she's fallen
in love.
- What if she doesn't?
- She will accept it for sure.
Excuse me.
Isn't it your kerchief?
I saw it falling from your hand.
Do you see what's written on it?
It's very simple.
When she comes, drop this
towel near her.
Then, pick it up.
Unfold it slowly.
Where is it?
Show it in such a way that
she can see it,
ask whether it belongs to her.
Fold it, and give it to her.
It's a nice idea.
Sinto, I'm a bit nervous.
Do one thing.
You may execute the plan.
And, tell her that you did it
on behalf of me.
Then, she will understand that
I love her.
If so, I'll marry her on your
behalf too.
No, I didn't mean that.
I will marry her.
Give it to me.
Here she comes!
Remove the tag and give
it to me.
All the best!
Did you bring it?
Yes, of course.
It's so cute.
Geethika, look at the puppy.
It's so beautiful.
So cute.
- Hey, I...
- Come back!
Jinja, see my friends.
Hey, look at us.
- Plan change!
- What?
There's another idea.
What about this one?
It wasn't that good.
Hey, will your plan work?
Actually this was the sixth approach,
in my mode of operation.
Unfortunately, she didn't have a pet,
at that time.
But, now she has a dog.
Dude, this new plan has a
high success rate.
It won't fail.
What's actually your plan?
A girl owning a dog,
will definitely be interested in
another dog.
She'll fondle it.
Will pat it.
Gradually, she will fondle you
instead of that dog.
If so, let's pick one now itself.
- What a tragedy!
- What?
You fool, dogs like these are
not enough.
- Oh, it is?
- We need a good breed.
Foreign breeds will be great.
Haven't you heard that...
"Karmanye Vadhikaraste Ma Phaleshu..."
[Excerpt from Bhagavad Gita]
Didn't get it?
I'll explain it on the way.
Yes, tell me.
I'm in the kitchen now.
What should I do now?
Where's Mom?
She's is watching TV, and
cutting the veggies.
First, invite her attention.
You may cough from there.
Just, cough deeply.
No punch at all.
A little more deeper.
Have some long pepper.
Otherwise, it will become Whooping cough.
Hey, Sinto.
Tell me.
That oldie ruined it.
No problem.
I've got another plan.
What's that?
Is there any glass nearby?
Yeah, got it..
Drop it on the floor, so that
Mom can hear it.
What the heck!
What's wrong with you?
I was just inviting your attention.
What's this guy doing there?
- Mom is coming. I'll call you back.
- Hey, Kunjava.
What's wrong with you?
It's been a while...
Nowadays, the news around us,
is terrifying me.
- Mom...
- Yes.
Watch this.
Kuruva gang.
Kuruva gang?
My God!
They create a lot of trouble
in the "Chelad" area.
At night, they snatch chain from
the women,
and attack them.
The people over there, can't even
sleep peacefully.
They are dangerous thugs.
At night, if Dad and I are away...
only you and grandma will
be here, right?
What will you do, if they come?
Sinto doesn't have to worry,
as his brother and dad know
What safety do we have?
What do we do now?
There's a way.
What's it?
Let's buy a dog.
- Dog?
- Yes.
Are you mad, Kunjava?
Dad won't allow it.
Mom, please try to convince him.
He won't reject it, if you ask
for a dog.
Your safety is my priority.
I just told it.
They can open this door
with just a push.
Are you asleep?
I'm digging a pond.
Our son...
Our Kunjava...
Mini, are you here to disrupt
my sleep?
- Don't you always say that...
- Say what?
Our son is very careless and
He is the most responsible
person in this family.
My God! What's it?
The new responsibility of our son?
He says that...
a group of thugs called Kuruva gang
has landed "Chelad".
Yes, he showed me the video
of them,
attacking and robbing women
at night.
- Really?
- I got scared watching it.
He told that we should
buy a dog to guard us.
- Dog?
- Yes.
Are you listening to me?
My dear Mini, don't you have
anything else to do?
She always comes with some nonsense.
Bloody Kuruva gang.
He never listens to my words!
What a guy he is!
This is quite unusual.
Mom, did you ask dad about
buying a dog?
It's impossible.
Dad won't allow it.
Have you ever fulfilled any of
my wish?
I had asked for a little baby
to play with.
Did you at least fulfill that
wish of mine?
You scamp, I won't let you off!
The smell of gas. Back off!
You don't know anything,
and you will do nonsense too.
Will we buy a dog, or not?
No, Kunjava.
Hey, that wasn't the smell of gas.
It's "ethyl mercaptan".
Why are you scratching like this?
Going to VBS, you have become
a knowledgeable person.
Do you think that I'm going
for nothing?
Find the person in the address,
and tell that I've sent you.
You'll get a dog.
Don't spoil your studies,
on account of this.
What's this?
Don't ask too many questions!
Go there, if you want.
What about Dad?
I'll convince him.
By the way, one thing.
You should pass all your
Suraksha Kennel, Charupara.
Isn't this the place?
I think so.
Don't you hear the dogs barking?
How many acres is this place?
It's a vast area.
Who are you?
Who are you?
Brother, we came to meet
"Dog Babu".
No brother, Babu.
You can call me "Dog Babu".
I like, being called by that name.
"Dog" is not a bad word, right?
By the way, who are you?
Brother, we are from Randukai.
Mrs. Mini has sent us.
Mini, who studied in St.George?
I think, she studied there.
Mini Mol, 10 B, Randukai.
He is recalling something.
What would it be?
Who are you to Mini?
My dear son...
Not me, it's him.
Yes, I'm her son.
Had your coffee?
What's she doing now?
I don't know. I'm here, right?
Anyway, what brings you here?
Brother, we need a dog.
- That's all?
- Yes.
I'll give you. Come dear.
Is it this way?
Wow! There are plenty of dogs.
What did you think about me?
All are super breeds.
- This is Lukaku.
- Lukaku?
My son named them.
He is a big football fan.
Wow! Great.
He is Ramos.
He is an American Bully.
Isn't he Spanish?
He is not calm like this.
He's very dangerous.
Adorable as well as aggressive.
I've one more like this
named Pepe.
- Shall we take him?
- No need.
He is Drogba.
He is a tough guy, and my
favourite also.
I'm a fan of Ivory Coast.
Brother, it looks like the Champions
We are Brazil fans.
- Really?
- We've a club too, in our place.
Brother, what about the price
of these dogs?
All these are excellent breeds.
Just tell me, which one you need.
We have Champion's kid too.
The price starts from Rs.25000.
Don't you need it?
We don't have that much
money with us.
How can I give a dog for free?
I'm running a business, right?
Brother, he is Mini's son, right?
Yes, that's true.
Mini's son...
Come with me.
Dear Meenu...
I'm coming.
Why did you call me, Dad?
Dear, you may go and...
Dad, are you sure?
Go and bring it.
Silly girl. She seems to be sad.
Haven't you told that you
are Brazil fans?
Yes, we are...
There's a superb item.
Neymar? Good.
Yes, Neymar.
He suits you the best.
He is very faithful and loyal.
But he is a native breed, right?
So what?
He is much better than the ones
you saw earlier.
Take it, Dad.
Give it to me, dear.
See now.
How's he?
Brother, he is really nice.
- Awesome, right?
- Yes!
You don't have to pay anything.
You can take him.
Not for you.
It's a gift to Mini's son.
Thank you, brother.
Just a minute.
I'll be right back.
I think he is awesome, right?
Even though he's a local breed,
he is cute.
- Moreover, his name is Neymar.
- Yes, Neymar.
Some snacks for Mini.
She likes it very much.
Don't forget to tell her,
that I've given it.
Well! Your father doesn't have
any illness, right?
No, he is very healthy.
- Bye, then.
- Bye.
Look at them, Mini.
Finally, we reached home!
Give me 100 bucks!
This is your kingdom from
today onwards.
Nice dog!
Is it a local breed?
Yes, it is a local breed.
Didn't Babu give any foreign breed?
Foreign, it seems!
I smell something fishy between
you both.
Nothing! He recognised the moment
I told your name.
Sinto, no!!
Mini, isn't he very cute?
He's got a calm face.
- Right?
- He is nice.
- Aren't you happy now?
- Yes.
He can jump and catch biscuits.
After all, it was given by
Babu, right?
We can sleep peacefully, if there's
a dog in our house.
Oh my God! He's behind my hen.
Go and catch him.
He would be just scaring
the hen.
No, it is not.
Hey, catch him.
Kunjava, what are you waiting for?
Catch him.
My "BV 380".
Hey Kunjava, catch him!
My God! I've lost my peace
of mind now.
He won't be hurting it, right?
Kunjava, catch him.
Sinto, please catch him.
He made it climb the tree.
Go fast and bring him back!
Please go fast and catch him!
Go... Go...
Hey, doggie, bring it back.
Come here.
Good boy.
- Oh! Forgot about it. Cheers.
- Cheers.
Go and bring back the ball.
Now, everybody is enjoying
with him, right?
I'm already fed up with
the chap here.
Tell me the plan.
Hey Sahu,
What are these guys always
muttering about?
Like newly wedded couple...
They may be thinking about
a ploy against me.
You and Chackola were also like this.
Go to hell.
Chackola, it seems.
You didn't get anyone else
to talk about.
According to Geethika,
She'll go for a morning walk
at 7 o'clock.
When did she start morning-walk?
She didn't have the habit
of walking.
Now, she's got a dog.
Now, she needs to show it off.
What a loose character!!
I don't want to talk about it.
Well, don't be late tomorrow!
You should be well dressed, like this.
I'll try.
Fine! Now go and sleep.
Let me sleep, or else I'll get
dark circles.
Nothing to worry about.
I'll also be with you.
Okay! Happy nights!
Hey, Sinto! Come.
You're my best friend!
- Thank you!
- Okay, fine.
Get inside!
Sahadevan! Where are you?
I'm coming.
Is that your dog?
It's my son!
Haven't you bought a dog
Which dog are you talking about?
Come fast! There's a hullabaloo!
What happened?
I'll explain. Come fast!
There's a big crowd.
Let me wear chappals.
You can wear them later.
Come fast!
People are making noise there.
Hey, don't run!
Come fast!
I'm coming.
Where are you taking me to?
Hey, tell me what happened?
There's a big issue.
Come fast!
At least, tell me what happened!
Hey, come!
- Come fast!
- What happened?
- Didn't you see this?
- What happened to Dad?
I don't know.
- Where's Neymar?
- Didn't you see him?
Did he start jogging?
Mom never told me about it.
He must be threatening to
commit suicide.
What happened?
Look at him.
Is that any kind of miracle?
My God!
Hey, sexton. What's this?
I came to open the church
in the morning.
It was sitting beneath that tree.
It looked cute and I tried
to fondle it.
That son of a bitch, jumped and
grabbed the keys,
and climbed there.
I think he has climbed there to pray.
Is the dog yours?
Yes, Father!
If so, bring it down quickly.
He's a young canine prince
We are his subjects
The rule is in his hands
So come, bow in front of him
Does this dog read newspaper?
His roars spread all over the place
Causing fears and trembles
Even the mighty Kings are just
kids in front of him
This new hero who guards the street
is also a mischievous villain
Nothing can obstruct his huge jump
Don't try to tie him, he is
lightning fast
Even the "Jallikattu" bull
is his disciple
He guards the house from
dusk to dawn
Nobody can withstand his piercing stare
At times he is calm, at times
he is crazy
He is the new talk of the town
He is the troublemaker of the family
Neymar, Sit! Sit!
- Hi, Akamsh.
- Look, she called me.
- Hi, Dona.
- So cute!
Neymar, give shake hand.
Wow! Is he trained?
Of course!
Isn't this a native breed?
Just that it looks similar to
a native breed.
So, which breed is this?
Jack Daniel's!!
- Yes, haven't you heard about it?
- It's a mixed breed.
His uncle brought it from Dubai.
So, does it have a pedigree certificate?
Of course...
Dona, could you please give
me your number?
So that, I can ask you about
its food and medicine.
Of course! I'll give my number.
It will be helpful for him.
He is the king of obstinacy
He punishes the enemies harshly
What's his name?
Is it his dog?
He is feared by all,
So, there are a lot of complaints
about him
He is the greatest of all animals
He's been winning the heart
of man,
since the stone age itself
Did anyone notice you, Neymar?
He's a young canine prince
We are his subjects
The rule is in his hands
So come, bow in front of him
Get lost, bloody!
He won't leave us ever
He is our companion for ever
When he wags his tail...,
he becomes an ocean of love
It's been two days since you
ate anything.
Don't you have to take medicine?
Come on!
I don't want food.
Eat, if you want.
As you are not eating anything,
he also hasn't eaten food for
the past two days.
Hey, Neymar!
Aren't you eating anything?
Come, let's have food.
Finish it, before Dad arrives.
Otherwise, he'll scold us.
How do you do this?
You need concentration for it.
Only then, it will go up to
good height.
Do you see this?
Sometimes, he is totally fine.
He sits somewhere calm and cool.
And he would go to church
in the morning.
But sometimes,
he is terrible.
Even he doesn't know what
he is doing.
Though he makes trouble,
he loves me very much.
Moreover, things have changed a lot
after his arrival.
There is a hope, in the case
of Dona too.
May everything happen accordingly!
The marriage will be here
in no time.
Around 5 lakhs will be enough to
conduct the marriage, no?
My God! My ring..
You bloody dog!
What happened, dear?
We are screwed!
Come here!
Both of them have reached.
Sahu, Kuttam Shaji is standing
there like a post.
Get down.
Brother, they've reached.
Oh, they reached?
The gold ring weighs 12 grams.
Isn't it a matter of concern?
Of course!
Pets should be tied in your
house itself.
Absolutely right!
You shouldn't let it free and
cause trouble to others.
I'm getting angry.
- I am not coming. You may go.
- Sahu, please.
Give me the keys. I am leaving.
Come with me.
Let's talk to them.
Thomas, don't worry.
Come here.
As Sir is here, I wouldn't harm him.
Don't worry, man.
Come here.
What the hell will he do, otherwise?
Come, let's go and talk to them.
One minute.
- Hello...
- Where the hell are you?
I'm feeling feverish.
Is it fever everyday?
Who will fix these vehicles?
I'll come soon.
Good morning, Reji Sir.
- Good morning, Sir.
- Good morning.
Sahadevan, they are telling that..
Your dog has swallowed the ring of
Chackola's daughter in law.
It weighs around 12 grams.
What can you do?
But sir...
What could I do for it?
It was the dog who swallowed it.
Is it not your dog?
Sir, ask him whether it is gold,
that he feeds his dog.
Sir, I've been working in my shop
since the morning.
I don't know how the dog
reached here.
His son brought it here.
Then, where is he?
He might have reached Pakistan,
by this time.
We've got many other
works to do.
So, take a decision quickly.
Sir, we can find a solution,
now itself.
He may put his hand through
it's mouth
or empty its bowels,
and get the ring back.
I know that he cannot afford
a new ring now.
Am I right?
Okay, let it be so.
Sahadevan, take the dog to
the veterinary hospital,
and do the needful to take
the ring from its stomach.
And, inform me once it is done.
Okay, Sir.
- Is everybody okay with this?
- Okay, Sir.
Someone among you
should go with him.
- What's this?
- What?
Is it a bank locker?
It contains plenty of things.
Who owns this dog?
It's his dog.
It's my son's dog.
We need to clean its bowels,
to take the ring.
Today the LI is on leave.
One of you should come with me.
Give him the gloves.
What? How can I?
Yes, you may do it.
You should also come with me.
It's your son's dog, right?
So you may go.
You too Brutus.
Wait for my revenge, okay?
Chackola, this is a bit much.
What did I do?
Aren't we known to each other
since our childhood?
You shouldn't have called the police.
It's not me who called
the police.
When all of them gathered, it went
out of my control.
Then, I thought about a small ploy.
- Just for a thrill.
- Your bloody thrill.
He has been treating me badly
for years now.
You tell me.
What wrong have I done to him?
It's good to give such a treatment
to him, occasionally.
Got the point?
I need to pee.
Want to give me a company?
Buzz off!
Don't you pee?
No, I also pee..
What are you doing?
Hold it properly.
Son of a Dog!
Where's he?
He had food and slept early today.
That's better for him.
He never forgets to eat and
drink, right?
What happened?
You guys are getting everything
on time.
That's what's spoiling you.
Stay there.
Hereafter, don't dare to make
any troubles!
Got it?
If you show any kind of devilry,
I'll break your legs.
Caros Amigos! (Dear friends)
We've gathered here,
to discuss about a serious matter.
Kunjava alias Akamsh,
who is an active member of the club,
has named his dog after Neymar,
who is the king of the football,
and our soccer idol.
It has come to my notice that,
on account of this,
our Satheesh and Albin were
humiliated and chagrined
by the Argentina fans, last week.
Moreover, Sinto, who is the
Secretary of the club
is also involved in this matter.
Let's lend an ear to the
opinion of secretary,
in this matter.
Why is he using difficult words?
Secretary, please...
Hey kiddo, please move...
Give me my chair.
I've a customer in my shop.
- Chair?
- Yes.
You may take the chair.
Customer is waiting, right?
This is more convenient.
I can see everyone properly.
Let's be all ears!
Secretary, continue...
Caros Amigos! (Dear friends)
What I've to say in this matter is,
that the dog is a divine being,
which shows utmost love and loyalty,
and much better than selfish
human beings.
I don't see any problem in,
naming it after Neymar,
who is our ultimate passion.
My dear president...
Everyone here knows that
if Kunjava drinks a soda,
the burping is done by Sinto.
So, the opinion of the secretary,
cannot be considered in this matter,
as it is unfair.
So, Kunjava should be expelled
from the club,
and the name of the dog
should be changed.
Go to hell and say that!
There shouldn't be any special rules
for these guys.
You should take a decision today itself.
Sinto, we haven't heard Kunjava
in this regard.
So Kunjava,
Let me put forth a proposal.
You should change the dog's name.
My dear Kannan bro,
It's not me who named him.
His name was already Neymar,
when I got him.
If so, there is another way.
You may leave him, where you got him.
Kannan bro, I can't abandon him.
I won't do that.
- Are you sure?
- Yes.
In that case, the president is helpless.
For the time being, you may
step down the club.
Not for the time being,
he should leave this club forever.
Besides, his dog should be
dumped somewhere.
There shouldn't be a dog in our place
with the name, Neymar.
If you don't take a decision
in this matter,
we won't be playing the next
Sevens match.
We will not play...
Please be quiet.
Brazil fans shouldn't be like this.
Let's take a decision democratically.
Raise your hands, if you opine that.
Kunjava should leave the club.
Raise your hands!
Kannan bro, let the decision of
the majority be implemented.
I don't think that, I've done
anything wrong.
The real Neymar will understand me.
Hey, Kunjava.
I won't go easy on you!
Sinto, where are you going?
What about the vote of thanks?
Let me go and burp for the soda
drank by him.
I sweep, and the dried leaves
keep on falling.
Come here!
He is crazy to tie this poor dog.
Go and enjoy the freedom, dog.
What nonsense have you done, mom?
What if he knows about this?
He will do nothing to me.
Buzz off, girl.
Won't it feel weary, if tied
like this?
Don't you understand that?
Let it walk and play freely!
Hey, Neymar..
What do you want?
What's in your hand?
When did you start loving him?
What love?
Show me that.. Show me!!
Take your hands off me!
Stay back!
Get lost, you...
Hit him!
Catch him...
Hold him off!
You bloody!
Move him away.
Kick him!
Hit him!
Doing nonsense?
Hey Albin... Run! Run!
Run! Albin, run!
Neymar, no...
Albin, run!
I won't let you off!
Run away!
Hey, Sahadevan.
Reji Sir, No...
I had warned you already...
to tie your dog somewhere.
If anything happens to my son,
I'll burn you alive, in this shop.
People cannot live here peacefully,
because of your good-for-nothing
son, and a dog.
I won't spare you!
Sahadevan, Tit for Tat, that's me.
You won't be able to stand it!
Remember it!
Sir, what's the problem?
Sahadevan, can't you tie that
dog anywhere?
What happened?
That dog bit his son very badly.
There was a scuffle between the kids.
He is up in arms now!
It will be a serious offense,
if the case is charged.
Does that dog have a certificate?
I don't know.
- Hey, come here!
- Coming, Sir.
I won't spare you!
Please leave it, sir.
Sahadevan, what's the matter?
Nothing big, he just bought a dog!
And did you guys get injured?
No! I am perfectly okay.
Sinto has got a minor bruise.
Alright, then...
Good night!
Good night! Take care!
Who was that?
Damn it!
You're driving me crazy!
Eat the food.
You need to be healthy to fight, right?
Dad has called mom.
They had to beg in front of
that policeman,
to settle the case.
Why are you guys creating
such problems?
Don't we have to defend ourselves,
at that time?
Buzz off, Selin!
I couldn't hit him properly.
By that time, our Neymar arrived.
If anyone attacks us, he wouldn't
keep sparing them.
Hey, get up.
I'll put you to sleep.
Dad, let me explain.
Hey, what are you doing?
Dad, no...
Dad, please don't beat me.
Hey Sahu, leave him!
Don't beat him!
Leave him.
Don't beat him.
I know what to do with my son.
- You need not interfere in it.
- Mom, please tell him...
Hubby, please stop him from
beating him.
What are you looking at?
Get inside!
Please listen to me, hubby.
I'm the one who got insulted.
Get inside!
Sahadevan, don't beat him.
- Don't kill that child.
- I know what to do.
Don't utter a word.
Haven't I told you many times,
not to make any trouble for me?
Couldn't you sit and study instead of
creating problems for me?
Haven't I spent lakhs of money
for your studies?
Have you ever done anything good
for this family?
Tell me!
You are irresponsible because
you don't lack anything in life.
Please stop beating him.
He will die.
Please open the door.
I'll talk to him.
Please don't beat him.
Dad, don't beat me...
Open the door, hubby.
I'll advice him.
Hubby... hubby...
What are you looking at?
Saw your son's responsibility?
His bloody responsibility!
- Dear...
- Mom, leave me alone.
Leave me alone!
Go away!
I'm telling you to get lost!
- Is mackerel enough?
- Yes.
- What about sardine?
- No, mackerel is enough.
Give me two fish.
I'll pay for it.
- Okay, fine.
- I'll pay for it, dear.
Here is yesterday's and today's money.
Where has he gone?
Where's Neymar?
Where's he?
I don't know.
Why are you making so much noise?
Are your parents dead?
Hey Kunjava, mind your business.
Neymar is not here.
Ditched him!
Your father went bonkers yesterday.
Dad, where's Neymar?
Dad, where's Neymar?
I've dumped it!
Neymar, it seems.
Hereafter, fend for yourself!
Got it?
Asking about Neymar?
Go and find him, if you can.
Oh! My beloved friend
Oh! My alter ego
Where are you?
Without your presence
My life is vanishing away
My each day starts with your voice
I hear your footsteps all around me
Oh! My beloved
Don't go away from me
I'll come for you, regardless of
the distance
I'll search you the whole world
Oh! My beloved friend
Oh! My alter ego
Where are you?
Hey Kunjava, you should forget him.
I don't think, we can find him.
Where do we search him?
Sinto, I understand...
I'm leaving.
Your beautiful smiling face is
always there,
in my burning heart
Where's Neymar?
He has gone away.
He was a trouble-maker.
I'm going, bye.
You shouldn't have abandoned it.
Our son hasn't even talked
to anybody after that.
Let him not talk.
That's better!
You got me scared!
Why aren't you attending my calls?
What wrong have I done to you?
Because of your dad,
I'm not able to come here.
I'm feeling lonely.
Hire some people to be with you,
if you are alone.
I'm here not to hear your
cheap comedy.
Then why did you come?
This Sinto Chacko has found
out the place,
where Neymar has been banished.
Where is he now?
A driver in VKC told me that.
Neymar was sent in his vehicle.
He left him at a beach side,
near a Gandhi statue.
Why don't you talk anything?
Okay, I'm leaving.
Your dad will rip me apart,
if he sees me.
See you tomorrow.
Tell me...
Both of us are going to Pondicherry.
We'll find Neymar in two days
and come back.
- Both of us?
- Yes.
Have you gone crazy in the
middle of the night?
I made an investigation on Neymar,
only because I saw you upset.
Didn't you say that,
you only wanted to know
where he is?
If we catch the 11:30 bus,
we can reach Ernakulam.
From there, we'll definitely
get a bus to Pondicherry.
Where the hell will we search him
in Pondicherry?
I'm not coming.
I'm feeling sleepy.
You may go alone!
I will definitely go, no matter
who comes or not.
Okay, you may go.
Do you have any money with you?
I've managed to take some money
from Mother's purse.
Very nice!
You dimwit!
Oh Jesus!
How do I atone my sins?
Here comes the bus!
Ernakulam.. Ernakulam..
Get inside..
Let's go..
Hey, Manoj.
We have called everywhere they
are likely to go.
That's why I called you too.
They haven't come there, right?
My God!
I wonder where my kid is!
He'll be alone there.
He is a person who can't even
recognise his own underwear.
Where? Bombay?
Get lost, man!
Will they go to...?
Oh! Who am I asking to?
Can't even predict, what those
scamps are going to do?
Does he have something called
No Aunty, it's not like that.
Where are you going?
What a question!
To the place I go everyday.
Where else?
I'm totally out of my mind.
I don't want to know, how or
from where.
You must bring back my child
at any cost!
Otherwise, you may not
come back.
It's because of you, he left
the house.
- Because of me?
- Yes.
Didn't you beat him so badly?
Yes, I was the one who called.
Yes, they left from here.
Just a minute!
Hey, Sahu!
Pauly called now.
He told that, he would also
search for them.
Where are you going now?
I'm going to...
Sahadevan, your child has not gone
for a trip to Veegaland.
He is missing!
Why are you acting like a kid?
I won't consider that you're
elder to me.
I'll kick the crap out of you.
Like father, like son!
What are you talking about?
About your crazy father!
Go inside!
Always want to overhear others?
Go inside and console Mini.
I'm going.
Sahu, listen to me.
You may go and mind
your own business.
I'm his father.
I know him very well.
After getting tired roaming around,
he himself will come back.
I'm going to open the shop.
Hey Jinto, any news?
We searched for them everywhere.
They haven't gone to the houses
of friends or relatives.
We got this from our home.
What's this?
Happy Birthday?
Whose birthday is it?
Dear, Dad and Mom.
Due to a particular situation,
my bosom friend Kunjava
had to go to a place.
As he is a tender-hearted and
a stubborn guy,
I couldn't let him go alone.
As Marar backed Induchoodan
in the movie Narasimham,
I'm going for him.
I've taken some leftover dumplings
from the fridge,
and some money from Mom's bag.
By the time, you read this,
we might have left the Kerala
"Don't search for us"...
I won't say that.
Please come, if you don't hear
from us after few days.
Love you all.
With love, Sinto Chackola.
Sibi, working in "Idea" has
called me.
He says that, their last tower location
is in Pondicherry route.
It's the land of classic Tamil
It's a garden of flowers
It makes our heart feel warm
The people here are kind-hearted
This land cares us like our mother
That driver told me that he had left
Neymar, near this statue.
This great land has shown kindness
towards the hopeless
Oh mind, forget all your sorrows now
It's the land of classic Tamil
It's a garden of flowers
It makes our heart feel warm
The people here are kind-hearted
This land cares us like our mother
Aren't you going to Pondicherry
in search of your son?
Kunjava, I'll get you plenty
of dogs.
Please come back!
Fresh juice?
Apple, orange, pineapple...
Two lemon juice.
You need falooda?
Shall we spend this much?
Order whatever you want!
We have money.
Brother, one chicken Shawai!
- Is one enough for you?
- Enough.
- Get lost!
- Show some respect.
Penniless doesn't deserve respect!
Didn't I warn you to spend less?
You say this because you don't get
my thought process!
Come, let's hire a vehicle.
Will your dad pay for that?
I don't want to be smashed
by these guys.
This journey is in search of something
Just try, talking with a smile
When our better days come,
God will show his mercy
and give everything
Hey guys, who came here
seeking happiness
Hey guys, who became the part
of this land with love
You can dream a lot in this place
Here, everybody is your family
This great land has been
keeping its pride
since time immemorial
This great land has shown kindness
towards the hopeless
Oh mind, forget all your sorrows now
It's the land of classic Tamil
It's a garden of flowers
It makes our heart feel warm
The people here are kind-hearted
This land cares us like our mother
Awesome cooking!
Very delicious!
Let's eat!
Come on everybody!
Always welcome!
- Shall I go?
- Go!
- Hey.
- Yes...
It's been two days since
our son left home.
So what?
People have started asking
about him.
Sheesh! It's my son, who has gone.
Why should they bother it?
Let him stay away from this
godforsaken place
for a few days.
Let him enjoy life.
You may also go, if you need.
Saw what he said?
I told you, no?
It's the southern coast
It's the eastern boundary
Can we watch the CCTV Visuals?
Sorry, that's not possible.
Our dog is missing.
Just, explore this Pondi
Just come with me, Sijo.
Hey guys, who came here
to make up losses
Hey guys, who returned
fulfilling your wishes
Oh, Bappu.
Where has he gone?
Isn't that Neymar?
Which one?
I don't think so.
Yes, it is.
Don't you see the collar?
How did you draw this picture?
Why asked?
Are you going to buy it?
Yes! We are thinking to buy it.
But, what's its meaning?
It doesn't have any meaning.
I don't even know the person in it.
Two days ago,
somebody was feeding this dog here.
He spent half and hour with it.
After that he went in that
yellow vehicle.
Are you buying it?
Brother, have you seen this
vehicle anywhere?
No..I haven't..
Are you tired?
I think we won't be able to find him.
What's the matter, Sinto?
He's gone.
That's why we came here
to search for him, right?
Don't look back!
Leave me!
Look! It's our Neymar!
That's what I told you.
Look what's written! Condolences!
It's something else!
Keep quiet!
No, he has gone forever.
Come, let's ask someone.
What's written in that flex?
- That one?
- Yes.
That's the flex of Savalpet competition.
Don't you know about Savalpet?
No, we don't know about it.
Are you from Kerala?
Ask him.
Nobody knows about Savalpet,
better than him.
Hey Grandpa!
These guys are asking about Savalpet.
Please tell them about it.
- Thanks brother.
- It's alright!
If you ask me about Savalpet,
I say that
the hunt begins, once you enter here
If you ask me about Savalpet,
I say that
the hunt begins, once you enter here
One - The playground called life
Two - You can survive here
only if you win
Three - Truth is our nourishment
Four - We all are bonded with love
One - The playground called life
Two - You can survive here
only if you win
Three - Truth is our nourishment
Four - We all are bonded with love
Even the stone is blown by the whistle
Even the tiger is terrified by the hit
Drums are played inside us
This land is used to conducting games
Games are there, all over
the street, everyday
Talent shows us the way
We fight for gold and bronze
Olympics is the talk of our town
If you ask me about Savalpet,
I say that
the hunt begins, once you enter here
Games are there, all over
the street, everyday
Talent shows us the way
If you ask me about Savalpet,
I say that
the hunt begins, once you enter here
We fight for gold and bronze
Olympics is the talk of our town
The chant of Kabaddi beats inside
The drumbeats are filled
in the battlefield
This game marks our valour
Warriors are there, always in this land
The kids always play enthusiastically
The old will crouch and hit
Dream will open the door
We try everyday for it
If you ask me about Savalpet,
I say that
the hunt begins, once you enter here
Games are there, all over
the street, everyday
Talent shows us the way
If you ask me about Savalpet,
I say that
the hunt begins, once you enter here
Brother, where's the dog game
going on?
It's over there.
- There?
- Yes.
Does this newly arrived dog know
anything about this game?
We need to wait and see.
Look, it's Neymar!
Leave him.
Leave the dog.
The game is going on there.
Take your hands off!
Come boy... Come boy...
Come on boy!
Let's go there!
What do you want?
He's Neymar.
He's our dog.
Get lost!
That's our dog.
Okay... Okay...
What do we do now?
Damn it!
What else?
If it's our Neymar, we'll definitely
take him with us.
Let this game finish.
We'll talk to them.
Gabri has withdrawn his dog
from the competition.
We don't understand what's
going on here...
Gabri is leaving the venue
with his dog.
I don't know what to do next.
Well! It's you, who always have
some ideas...
That's right, but...
We don't have a ground
support here, no?
I think that Gabri is a kingpin
in this place.
It's not like having a scuffle
with Albin and others.
It's a kinda underworld game!
If we go there with our childish threats,
he will finish us off.
Attend the call.
Our parents will definitely
know the matters here.
We had better go back and buy a dog,
and call him Neymar or Bahubali.
Your affair with Dona has also
fallen on track.
So you don't have to worry
about that also.
If one can be replaced by another,
I could have replaced you long ago.
My dear, Kunjava...
Don't talk nonsense when I'm
telling the truth.
All you need, is to go to
his house, right?
Boy, eat food.
Come on, eat...
Eat something, dear.
Brother, that dog hasn't eaten
anything since morning.
He doesn't show any food cravings.
If he goes on starving...
He has been like this, since he
saw that Malayali guys.
Those guys are roaming in our area.
It's just a local breed.
We can't even predict how well
it could be trained.
If it is an inbreed, there is no use
training him.
The tournament will start
within a few days.
We need to start the training too.
What will we do, if those guys
come again?
Brother, they will definitely come.
Those guys are crazy.
Who will come this much distance
for a local breed?
Who is that?
Buzz off!
Stop there!
Come on, man!
Stop there!
I've been keeping an eye on you
since the day I saw you.
Let me see where you are going.
Hey, don't worry.
- Come up.
- Come down.
Come here!
Come up, if you want.
Come down.
Come up this way.
Don't worry, man.
You won't fall.
Hey, don't you need me?
- Take me with you.
- Get lost!
This is enough!
Hey, catch me...
Hey, follow me!
Please catch me.
I know that, the dog belongs
to you.
I can understand your sentiments
for him.
You can take him after
killing me.
What are you going to do?
What are you thinking about?
Shoot me.
Kumar, don't do anything to them,
even if they shoot me.
Okay, brother.
Dear Gabri bro...
Please don't scare us, saying
big things.
We are kids.
You fool!
Why do you hold that gun?
What have you decided?
We won't return without Neymar.
We've come such a long distance
only for him.
We know that you are a big-wig
of this place.
But, aren't we fair enough in what
we are demanding?
The dog is ours, right?
So, returning us the dog, is the
right thing to do.
Isn't it?
He opened his eyes.
Do you love the dog that much?
I will give you a last chance.
Stay here for the next twenty days,
and look after the dog.
if your plan is to run away
with the dog...
Don't choose that option.
Think and give a reply.
It's a bullshit option.
Let's stay here for the time being.
What else can we do?
That's right!
If so, we can escape with him,
when we get a chance.
I'll definitely come even
if I'm prevented
I'll rise even if I fall
No matter if shattered, I'll restore it
No matter if quenched, I'll
ignite it again
I'll definitely come even
if they prevent me
I'll rise even if I fall
No matter if shattered, I'll restore it
No matter if quenched, I'll
ignite it again
Ask him...
You may ask.
You've run with him, right?
You may ask him.
What's the matter?
Brother, we need to ask something.
Okay, ask. I'll answer it, if it's a
good question.
Mr.Gabri told us to stay here
for twenty more days.
What's about twenty days?
The tournament will commence on 11th.
He told to stay, till it finishes.
What tournament?
Charles Moratt tournament!
Charles Moratt?
It occurs once in a year,
and it's the biggest dog competition
in Savalpet.
All top breeds in this area,
will take part in it.
The master of the winning dog will be,
the Champion of the competition
for the next one year.
Why did they choose Neymar,
if the tournament is that big
and important?
Gabri bro could easily get well trained,
top breeds, no?
Once, he had all good breeds.
10-12 super trained dogs.
Our Sultan was one among them.
He was the Charles Moratt
champion for 4 times.
Not only here,
he was the best trained dog
in the whole South India.
What happened then?
It's a big story.
Venkit was an old disciple of Gabri.
Once, he cheated Gabri
in the Charles Moratt tournament,
and became the Champion.
Thus, Gabri locked horns with Venkit.
Venkit challenged Gabri to take part
again in the competition.
The competition began the very next day.
But as Venkit was the Champion,
he changed the rules in favour of him.
But don't know why,
Sultan began to lose each
round on that day.
Finally, Venkit incited Gabri,
to bet on Sultan.
Seeing the tension on Gabri's face,
Sultan couldn't perform well,
and lost the competition.
So, Gabri lost Sultan too
and was shattered.
It didn't stop there.
Venkit told that Gabri shouldn't
have made bet
on his dog and it was against
the custom of Savalpet.
And using the power of his
Venkit banned Gabri from
taking part
in the Charles Moratt tournament itself.
After that, the chieftains of Savalpet
conducted a meeting and took
a decision.
Gabri can take part in Charles Moratt,
but he can't use any of the top breeds.
He can use only a local breed
for the competition.
Also, they told that,
if Gabri wins the competition
one single time,
the ban would be removed
and he would get Sultan back.
They know that Charles Moratt
cannot be won by a local dog.
He gave training to some
local dogs,
and was able to win some small
But those dogs weren't capable enough
to win the Charles Moratt tournament.
Then he saw your Neymar.
At the first sight itself, something
struck his mind.
We gave him food.
He kept on eating.
It's easy to train the dogs which
have intense food craving.
This year's Charles Moratt tournament,
is the last attempt which Gabri
takes for Sultan.
It's not an ordinary tournament.
It's very tough!
I think that our Neymar,
won't be able to win even
the first round.
There isn't any bird which
hasn't fallen
The wings which are not spread
won't reach anywhere
If you rise when you fall
If you soar into the sky
The future will be vast and
bright like the sky
One life
One sky
Many clouds
Many seasons
The nights won't finish
Without seeing the day-breaks
I'll definitely come even
if I'm prevented
I'll rise even if I fall
No matter if shattered, I'll restore it
No matter if quenched, I'll
ignite it again
I'll definitely come even
if I'm prevented
I'll rise even if I fall
No matter if shattered, I'll restore it
No matter if quenched, I'll
ignite it again
Won't your parents search for you?
No brother.
We are orphans.
Why doesn't he show any sentiments?
Hey, Knock on wood!
No news from him for the
last two days.
I don't know what happened
to my kid.
If nobody is willing to go
in search of him,
I myself will go.
The storm will begin on
a low note
Later, it will shake the Earth and
the Sky
At times, it needs a break
We welcome all the people
of Savalpet
to the prestigious Charles Moratt
This tournament is named after
Charles Moratt,
who is known as the father of
Savalpet competitions.
The winner of this tournament
will get a cash award of Rupees
Five Lakhs.
Besides, he will be the Champion
of the competition for the
next one year.
Here comes, the queen of queens,
Karishma of Lakshmi Ammal.
Bella comes to the stage now!
Here comes the king of Savalpet,
king of kings,
the Champion of three consecutive
the unbeatable champion,
Veeran! The brave!
Please wait for two minutes!
For what?
There's one more registration.
Everybody has reached here.
Who else?
Look at who is coming back
It's the fire, that is going to
be lit up, next
Light the fire, and run for your life
There's no scarcity for players
There's been a lot of battles
Change the future, and rewrite
the history
Come and play with me
Sir, this dog...
It's my dog!
His name is Neymar.
Is there any problem?
Brother, you were banned
from the competition.
Brother, it is true that you can
compete with a local dog.
But, this is Charles Moratt
tournament, right?
How can you win with
a local breed?
It's none of your business!
Tell me, if there's any problem
in taking part.
What a stroke of luck!!!
There's an important announcement.
Our dearest Gabri,
who couldn't participate in
the tournament
for the last 4 years,
is back with a bang!
Can Gabri, who has moulded
many champions,
create a new Champion this year?
Let's wait and see!
Hey, Gabri sir!
It's been long time since we met.
Good boy, Neymar.
I thought that you came here
to watch the game.
Is your health okay?
You are getting older, right?
Who are they?
New guys?
Today is 11th...
First round will be held today
Sir, If you fail in the first
round itself
don't go away.
Please watch all the rounds.
From that, only 3 dogs can go
to the grand finale
which is going to be held on 13 th
of this month.
The first contestant who enters
the ring is...
Yes, there's ball in it!
Give her a big hand!
Karishma has chosen the correct
shell in the first round.
Oh, no!
Karishma lost it this time.
Let's see how the contestant play
in the next round.
Our next contestant is Vetri.
Here comes the next contestant...
who has been trained by Mr.Gabri...
Neymar is the first local breed
in the history of Charles Moratt
This ring may not be new
for Mr. Gabri.
But it will be totally new for
a local breed, like Neymar.
Neymar looks anxious.
Stay... stay...
The allowed time is over!
Wow! That's a great surprise!
Neymar has selected the correct shell.
Superb boy! Superb!
Bad luck!
What's this Neymar?
Even though, Neymar selected
the correct shell,
he lost the point as he barked.
Can anybody believe this?
A local dog has identified
the correct shell.
Still I can't believe this!
How could a local dog do this?
Definitely, it's a matter of luck!
Kumar, he is demeaning Neymar,
by calling him 'local'.
Give him a warning!
Okay, brother.
I'll kill you, fool.
I'll thrash you on your face.
The next round is...
Next, it is the terror of Savalpet,
who is going to come.
Our Tiger!
Veeran with 30 points,
Karishma, Bella, and Tiger...
each with 20 points,
have got qualified to the next round.
Vetri and Neymar need to participate
in the tie-breaker round.
Before the tie-breaker round,
you'll get a break of five minutes.
Masters, get your dogs ready!
Execute our plan.
- Brother...
- Yes.
What's going to change in the
tie-breaker round?
There won't be timer in this round,
but the shells will be more.
To those who are eagerly waiting
for the tie-breaker round...
You have a good news.
They have arrived here to give you
a mesmerizing experience.
Bo & Bo twins!!
This is the magical moment,
the people of Savalpet has
been waiting for.
Hey, twin Goddesses!
You are welcome...
The tie-breaker round is going
to start now.
There won't be timer in this round.
Both the dogs need to play
They can touch the shell
together also.
Points will be given to the dog,
which identifies the correct shell.
It is difficult to identify each of them
when they stand together.
It is much more difficult to identify
the correct shell
shuffled by them.
Vetri has touched one shell.
Neymar also.
Oh, sorry.
Neymar's shell is empty.
Yes! Vetri's shell contains the ball.
There's ball in Neymar's shell.
Now both of them get 10
points each.
So, the next round will decide on
their entrance to the second game.
My God! They are not only
shuffling the shells.
They're shuffling themselves.
It's too difficult!
Seeing it, we ourselves are fainting.
Vetri's shell doesn't contain the ball.
Neymar's shell is being lifted now.
What's this?
That too is empty.
Yes! There is ball.
Neymar has identified the correct one.
Yes, boy!
All of us thought that Neymar
is just a local dog.
But he has done an excellent
in this thrilling tie-breaker round,
and got selected to the next game.
This is history.
Hey, Neymar!
Give him a big round of applause.
Good boy!
Well done, boy.
This is an important moment,
in the history of Charles Moratt
But I still don't understand,
how that ball got stuck
inside the shell.
They don't understand anything.
Will you tell them?
Bo and Bo has been doing
this job for a long time.
Don't you know that?
They never put the ball
in the same shell.
They change the shell in each round.
The smell will be there in all
the three shells
in which the ball was placed.
You've schemed it well!
But didn't you tell this to Vetri?
This tournament and Savalpet
has a good reputation.
You had better not forget that!
Who's that?
It's me, Sahadevan.
What happened?
Open the door.
Did you sleep?
I was going to sleep.
What's about this late visit?
Let's take a round outside.
Let me take the torch.
No... No... Take some clothes
for 2 or 3 days.
My God! Why?
We are going to Pondicherry.
How about we go in the morning?
No, we must go now.
- But, Sahu...
- Come...
Due to your hastiness, I couldn't
eat anything.
I'm dying of hunger.
It's tapioca chips.
Take it!
We have 12 hours of journey.
He knew that I would go to Pondicherry.
That's why he also came.
What a competitive mind!
Let me know when the tapioca is over.
I've peanut roast too.
What he is saying, is not true.
I already had the plan to go.
There is no need to have
a competition.
Hey, come fast! Let's go.
It's the right time.
Do you have to do it now?
What the hell are you saying?
Don't you want to go home?
Do you have any plan to stay here
as his assistant?
No man..
But, is it right to do this now?
What if he doesn't get the dog named
Sultan after the game?
Hey, do you think that he will
give Neymar back to us?
Haven't you seen it yourself, Sinto?
It's a business that involves
lakhs of money.
Moreover, he likes Neymar very much.
He will never give him to us.
Come, let's see Neymar.
Are you coming?
Sinto, I'm telling you once again.
We won't get another chance to go.
Come.. Come.. I'll show you.
Come here and see my friends.
Oh! Are you here?
I've been searching for you.
Hey, this is Neymar.
Don't look at me.
It has been a lot of days, since
we left home.
Dad will kill me.
Hey, we are also coming.
Hey, Chackola.
My Sahu, move your body,
and come.
Sahu, I think he has got some
clue about our kids.
Told you, he has found our kids.
Oh! Great!
He got the clue! Go with him.
- I don't want to come with you.
- Sahu...
Thank you.
What's the room number?
I'll leave, if you guys are
going to booze.
Did you say anything?
We were saying that, there's nice
breeze upstairs.
Please keep quiet, Sahu.
Who is this? It's Mary...
Hello, Mary...
I can't sleep with you guys.
If you sleep with us, will you
get pregnant?
So, I'm going downstairs.
Sleep wherever you like.
You may stay here.
I'll get another room.
Hey, don't go.
Chackola, what the hell are you doing?
Let him go.
Do you see this?
Jumbo 555.
It's a long time wish of mine.
It available only here.
It's an exclusive item of Pondicherry.
I was worried thinking that,
I may not be able to get
one of these.
Have you come here to party?
- Don't we have to search our kids?
- Yes, of course.
That's why I'm having this.
We need to be active, right?
Don't make me blast at you.
To be frank,
I was very much frustrated this
monotonous life.
And I was thinking about
a way out.
That's when, to my luck, kids felt
like leaving home.
For the first two days, I acted as if
I didn't care.
At that time, the elder one
gave me some money,
and told me to search him.
Now, I can see Pondicherry,
chill here,
and also search him in the gap.
Even otherwise, he wouldn't go
I know him very well.
'Niradeepam pickle'.
This pickle is from our place.
Do the people over here,
buy this?
My brother brought it.
He is doing pickle business.
Which is your native place?
Great! We are from Kothamangalam.
- Have you seen him anywhere?
- No sir, I haven't seen.
Mary, I'll call you back later.
A hearty welcome to all who
have gathered here
to attend the 62nd Charles Moratt
From the nail-biting shell game,
which thrilled the people of Savalpet,
five dogs got qualified to
the next game.
Those five champions have
arrived here to contest
the second game which is known
as street run.
In this game, the dogs have to identify
the correct route from the
starting point
to the finishing point where their
masters will wait for them.
Every dog in this round cannot
go to the next round.
The first three dogs which arrive
at the finishing point
will be selected to take part
in the grand finale.
Now the dogs will be given
a cloth to sniff.
The same smell will lead them
to the finishing point.
They've to reach the finishing point
by following the smell.
Leash release!
Last command!
The game has started...
Oh! Our lion, the number one
Veeran, is galloping fiercely.
Just behind him is our new
star, Neymar.
Don't know who will win here.
Dear friends, keep applauding
and enjoy watching this
marvelous game.
Let hundreds come from many places
Let the earth tremble by their steps
But, I won't be scared at all
Let many flags fly in the battle field
But, my flag will fly high
Let my enemies laugh till then
The paths are being divided
But, I need a single path
to run quickly
Here, I need the speed of a storm
To achieve success
Add a little confidence and honesty
into your mind and leave
everything to God
and live your life to the fullest
Let hundreds come from
many places
Let the earth tremble by
their steps
But, I won't be scared at all
Let many flags fly in the battle field
But, my flag will fly high
Let my enemies laugh till then
Neymar is here.
He completed the first lap.
Hey, wait a little bit
Hey, let it go
This war will continue
Until I win
Thousands are there to contest
But finally, only one among
them will win
The victory always has my face
Failure is not there, at least
in my distant memory
The paths are being divided
But, I need a single path
to run quickly
Here, I need the speed of a storm
To achieve success
Add a little confidence and honesty
into your mind and leave
everything to God
and live your life to the fullest
Let hundreds come from
many places
Let the earth tremble by
their steps
But, I won't be scared at all
Let many flags fly in the
battle field
But, my flag will fly high
Let my enemies laugh till then
The paths are being divided
But, I need a single path
to run quickly
Here, I need the speed of a storm
To achieve success
Add a little confidence and honesty
into your mind and leave
everything to God
and live your life to the fullest
Let hundreds come from
many places
Let the earth tremble by
their steps
But, I won't be scared at all
Let many flags fly in the battle field
But, my flag will fly high
Let my enemies laugh till then
What a miracle!
Here comes Neymar!
Neymar finishes in the third position.
Let hundreds come from
many places
Let the earth tremble by
their steps
But, I won't be scared at all
Let many flags fly in the
battle field
But, my flag will fly high
Let my enemies laugh till then
Through his excellent performance
in the shell game and street run,
Neymar has given an excellent reply
to those who underestimated
him as a local dog.
Veeran, Bella and Neymar are qualified
to contest the grand finale
of the 62nd Charles Moratt tournament.
Hey, Thomas! Do you know
what friendship is?
Do you know who a friend is?
He doesn't know that.
What's wrong with you, man?
Hey, I'm also coming...
I'll be right back.
I see your friends always fighting
with each other.
What's the problem?
Actually, there is no valid reason.
Tell me only if you are comfortable
sharing with me.
No problem in sharing with you..
They had been intimate friends
since their school days.
They used to stand by each other.
A movie ruined everything.
Yes, the movie, Athirathram.
The movie was released in
our place,
when we were studying in
9th or 10th grade.
Sahadevan was standing in the
queue to take tickets.
Chackola was standing outside,
and somebody came and
told him that,
Sahadevan's father was seriously ill
and hospitalized.
In the excitement of seeing,
Mammootty and Mohanlal
together in that movie,
Chackola didn't tell this matter
to Sahadevan at that time.
Unfortunately, Sahadevan's father
passed away.
After the movie, when he
reached home,
the funeral rites were going on.
- Really?
- Yes.
Oh! So, we can't blame Sahadevan.
Yeah! Things turned out the way
it shouldn't have been.
But, still they can't help
seeing each other.
See you, then.
Gabri has done a great job
with Neymar.
Neymar was expelled from our
place due to his mischief.
What a discipline does he
have now!
No other dogs in this country,
is as decent as him.
That's true.
If Neymar lose tomorrow, Gabri
won't get Sultan.
What will you do, if he doesn't
give us Neymar?
No, dude.
He will definitely win.
If he doesn't win...?
We may give him to Gabri,
if he doesn't win.
I think he is comfortable in
this place now.
Sit down.
Are you planning something?
No... Nothing...
No, we haven't started drinking yet.
But, his lover drinks.
She's a heavy drinker.
Oh! You have a lover?
Yeah, that's how we ended up here.
Neymar is playing well, right?
You are his trainer, right?
I know...
I know that you love Neymar,
as much as I love Sultan.
But, I don't have any other option.
This is my last chance.
You'll be angry towards me, right?
Are you thinking if it is fair
to speak like this,
inspite of doing all these cruelty?
No, brother..
We were angry before.
But now, we aren't angry.
Have your food and go to bed.
You can go back with Neymar,
no matter he wins or loses.
The final game of the 62nd
Charles Moratt Tournament,
which you are eagerly waiting for,
will begin in a short while.
- Kumar...
- Brother...
- Have you got the gun with you?
- Yes, I do.
- Be careful while going.
- Okay, brother.
Have you seen these kids before?
I'm closing the shop.
What are you blabbering?
Have you seen the kids in this photo?
Hey, get lost!
- What happened, brother?
- I don't know.
Stay inside. Let me look.
Stop there!
- Brother...
- Kumar bro...
Kum... Kum...
Is everything okay?
Brother, Neymar and those guys
haven't reached here yet.
Have you called Kumar?
Yes, I tried calling him.
His phone is switched off.
Please lead the contestants to the
cages placed near the tracks.
- The dog jumped outside.
- Neymar...
Thomas, please come here.
Oh, one second.
The warrior is born
The earth trembles
How dare you touch the people of
You bloody!
Grab the sword
Let the dust storm rise
Attack them like raging sea
And dance ferociously
This tiger from the land of "Kalari"
will charge to you with his tactics,
rip you apart and drink your blood
Sahu, grab him.
The warrior is born
The earth trembles
The whole place is terrified
This is a native martial art
You, bloody!
Grab the sword
Let the dust storm rise
Attack them like raging sea
And dance ferociously
This tiger from the land of "Kalari"
will charge to you with his tactics,
rip you apart and drink your blood
Stretching his strong arms
he will hit your stomach
as if he is playing a drum
He doesn't lack any valour
He becomes crazy when he is angry
This brave warrior is always loyal
to his bosom friend
I'm a barber.
If I shear gently with this knife,
your beard will come off.
If I shear forcefully with this knife,
your head will come off too.
The brave takes birth
The Earth shivers
Brother, where is Neymar?
He will come soon.
Here comes Sulthan, the former
champion of
Charles Moratt tournament.
Dad, look! Our Sulthan...
He is back to the venue
after four years.
Current champion and former champion
have reached here.
Within a few moments, we will
come to know,
about today's winner.
- Shut up.
- Please let us go.
I will be a good boy hereafter.
- Please, dad.
- What a nuisance!
I'm not going to beat you.
Mom has asked me to take you
home at the earliest.
Shut your mouth and sit.
Thomas bro, please ask my dad
to leave me.
Shut your mouth, kiddo.
If we go now, we would
get the last bus.
Let's get back home at the earliest.
Because of you people, I'm
almost fired from job.
Today is the final, dad.
What final?
Shut your mouth.
Let's go home, get mom's permission,
and go.
- Stop!
- Do something, dad.
There's nothing that I can do.
- Just one time.
- Please sit quiet.
Hey, Chackola...
Are they our kids on the flex?
Have you started a drama troop here?
No, dad...
- That's what I said...
- Neymar is also there.
Is it Neymar?
Yes, yes, brother.
- Neymar?
- Yes.
Do you guys belong to Gabri team?
- Thanks, bro.
- Thanks.
Gabri team?
What are all these?
Gabri, we haven't got any information
about Neymar yet.
It will be better if you could
report fast.
This is the second call for Neymar.
Brother, on the way we had
a flat Tyre.
Neymar and the kids have
been kidnapped.
Who is behind it?
I don't know, brother.
Bella and Veeran have arrived.
But, Neymar hasn't reached yet.
If we don't get any information
about Neymar within two minutes,
a third call will be given.
After that you won't be able to
take part in the competition.
Here comes..
The game gambler of Savalpet...
the local dog trained by Master Gabri,
The brave boy is set out to
fight the battle.
Put your hands together and
give him a warm welcome.
A big round of applause for him.
Hey, where the hell have you been?
We had a family meet up on the way.
- Who are these guys?
- They are natives here.
- Who's this?
- He's the master of the dog.
- Master?
- Yes, Gabri.
Come on boy. Let's go.
Come on... Let's go...
What are they saying?
As they say
"I will be the latest, even if
I come late".
Neymar walks in a style.
Good boy!
Come on, get inside.
The game will start now.
Was he hurrying to put it in the cage?
Here, they cage the dogs
at sharp 8 o'clock itself.
Sultan should come back home.
Good boy!
Here begins, the most awaited
Grand Finale!!!
Like the previous year,
we are going to give you
a new experience.
For that we have made
a new game track.
Each master needs to select a person
from their team.
Opposite to the cage, at a distance,
a basket has been placed.
The key of the cage will be
inside that basket.
When the whistle is blown,
that selected member should
run and take the key
and open the cage.
The one who runs fast can
open his cage quickly,
and his dog can start first
and get the advantage.
Shall we start the game?
Hey, clap your hands!
Make some noise!
The one who is running for our
Veeran is runner Siva,
the Pondicherry express.
Brother, I cannot outrun Siva.
Try your level best.
Neymar will manage the rest.
Don't worry if we fail.
Brother, shall we send Sinto
as our runner?
Sinto runs much better than me.
Keep rocking, son!
The game is about to start.
The race will start by this whistle.
Ready for race!
Dear son, don't let me down...
Run fast...
Last command.
My goodness! The Pondicherry express,
runner Siva
has been outrun by the
Kerala star, Sinto.
Wow! He is lightning fast.
My goodness! He is hitting the basket.
They key is flying.
Gabri bro, what a great idea
you have got!
Run fast!
Open it!
Neymar has become the first to come
out of the cage.
Neymar, he is behind you.
To those who've made fun of Neymar,
by calling him local dog,
must watch this.
He's not a dog, but a cheetah.
Look at the pace he runs.
Come on.
"Don't show me your attitude
as you can't handle mine"
says Veeran to Neymar, and overtakes him.
Bella is also racing up to him.
My God! This is an outstanding game.
Who is going to win here?
Let's wait and see.
Neymar, who had been performing well,
has got stuck there now.
The see-saw is not swinging down
with his weight.
What's he going to do next?
The time is running fast.
Neymar, jump.
Wow! What a brilliance!
With his intelligence, Neymar has
overcome the obstacle.
Give him a big round of applause!
Hey, the results of your
aviation exams are out.
You failed!
Don't worry, let's see.
Now, think about this.
What about Sinto?
He also failed.
Our Neymar has come.
Neymar is the first one to
come out of the maze.
Seeing the fire, Neymar got scared,
and stopped there.
But, Veeran has crossed that
ring of fire, like a storm.
Seeing the fire, Neymar got scared.
He's floundering and stopped there.
He is thinking about something.
The time is going.
Gabri looks tense.
What is he going to do?
Jump, dear.
He is not a person who gives up.
But a person who catches up everything
that is likely to fall.
Good job, Neymar!
Oh, sorry.
Veeran has fallen into the swampy pit.
Look at that, brother.
Look, Neymar may be scared of fire,
but the swampy pit is,
a piece of cake for him.
Request for a 'Help call'.
Please, brother...
Master Venkat is not utilising
the "Help call",
and he is leaving behind Veeran.
We won! We won the cup.
Boy run...Finish...
Neymar...Finish it!
Can you believe this?
Something like this has never happened.
It won't happen ever again.
Those who are watching this
are extremely lucky.
This is a miracle!
Even human beings won't do this.
Here, a dog is helping another dog.
That too, his competitor dog..
Neymar, you are already the champion.
This is incredible!
Veeran has come out with the
help of Neymar.
Oops! What's happening?
Neymar is standing there itself.
But, Veeran who is more smart,
is running towards the finishing point.
Veeran is going to win the tournament
for the fifth time.
Why has he stopped there?
What's he thinking there?
Veeran is searching for his master.
But, Venkat has already left this ground.
What's Veeran going to do now?
Brother, we won.
We have won the cup.
Yes, it happened!
It's for the first time in history of
Charles Moratt tournament,
that a local dog has become the
champion of the game.
From the beginning itself.
Neymar has surprised us.
His name will be written in
golden words
in the history of Charles Moratt
All of you, please give him a big hand.
The happiness of Gabri bro is
two-fold today.
After four years, he has become
the champion
and he got his Sultan as well.
Keep it properly.
See you.
You should definitely come here
with family.
I will definitely come, even if
the family is not there.
Here is your pal.
Take care of him.
Brother, you should visit
our place too.
You can see him also.
I'll definitely come.
Nice guys...