Nh10 (2015) Movie Script

I don't want to go... Arjun.
Come on, Meera...
Okay, chill.
We'll just have a couple of drinks. - No.
Okay, give me one reason... - Mrs. Duggal.
I didn't even complete my sentence.
Mrs. Duggal.
All she can ever talk about is Delhi versus Bangalore.
It's like I've had the same conversation with her a million times.
Come on, she's sweet.
You're just saying that...
...because you know she has a crush on you.
That is... - True.
That's just nonsense.
Please, Arjun. Please.
You know, Meera, just because you don't want to go...
...stop making stupid excuses.
She likes you.
Nothing wrong in that.
You're a good looking guy. Even I like you.
Yeah. Okay.
Let's go back? - Please, Meera.
Come on.
Okay, what will we do back at home?
Well, we'll watch a movie. - Movie?
That one.
That 'type' of movie!
That 'type' of movie!
Remember the last movie we watched...
That Tamil movie.
What was that line? That party line.
I know you mugged that up.
Shut up, Arjun. - Say it.
No. - Say, otherwise I'll say it badly.
Focus on the road.
How much further? - We've arrived.
Last chance.
S the party.
Let's go home and make mad love.
Now say it like that...
S the party. Let's go home and make mad love.
We'll make a quick exit. Promise.
That one, right?
Oh s. I left my phone in the car.
What would I do without you?
You've been smoking again?
Bangalore is nice and pleasant, so...
Bangalore is so IT-IT, Meera.
And the bars shut at 11:30. I mean, look at Delhi!
Thank you.
Is Arjun that much fun when he's sober?
Sorry, I'll just take that. - Sure.
Yeah, Vinay?
I'm sorry, guys. Can I just steal him for a minute?
Baby, listen. Don't be upset, but...
Oh, Meera, come on! This is the third time!
I'll have to go.
Some s up with the test batch.
I'll tell you on the way.
Ask Vinay to handle it.
He's the one who called.
Call Shruti. I mean, there must be something she can do...
Baby, can we just go please? I'll be late.
All well, you guys?
Yes of course. Office emergency. Have to go.
You don't work for the fire brigade, do you?
Product launch. Can't help it.
Right, then. I'll drop you home.
Yeah, great. Rajeev will drop you home.
Are you coming now, or with Rajeev?
Call me when you get there.
"Going down"
Go, man!
Jabber jabber jabber jabber!
Sir. We're investigating. in the area.
If you had noted their registration number, the matter would've been simple.
Actually, it all happened so fast that...
So none of these, madam?
This city's like a growing child, sir. It's bound to act funny at times.
Why do you let her travel alone at night?
You're friends with the DIG of Police.
Why not get her a gun license then?
What do you think? Should we get a gun?
Sure. The city's a growing child, after all.
I'll have to get a gun.
Okay. I'll talk to him.
Let's apply for a license, then we'll see.
Are you okay, ma'am?
So even if we assume...
...a conservative 5 year time frame to come to 50%...
...of China's per capita consumption of female hygiene products...
...we are talking about an annualized growth rate of...
...28% in this segment.
Moving on to the brand name...
The key insight from our qualitative research...
...was that in a majority of cases...
...the purchase of the product is conducted by the kids of the household.
Chemist shops in Tier-2 and rural markets are manned mostly by men.
Women find it embarrassing to buy the product across the counter.
While the men of the household think that it's beneath their honour.
Only in India!
So in most cases, it is the child who is sent to buy the product.
Which means...
The name of our product has to be something easily remembered by a child.
And from the shortlisted names, the one with the maximum recall...
...in a sample set of 800 kids was...
'Saathi' (Buddy).
Well done, Meera. Great job!
All right, everyone. Let's sleep over it.
I think Meera has to leave now.
Well, I've got a key insight too...
Women employees tend to have it easy with their bosses.
Technically speaking, that's an observation, Vinay.
Not an insight. Don't they teach you that at IIM?
Happy birthday in advance, Meera ma'am! Have a nice trip!
Thank you! Have a nice weekend!
Give me two minutes, for God's sake. - You've been saying that for 10 minutes now.
There's nobody here. - But I'll get in trouble with the boss.
There. I'm leaving.
Madam, you know the rules.
Poor guy. He's just doing his job.
Sorry! Not bad...
Just trying to impress you.
Nice try, then.
This time, I remembered everything.
Your bag, my bag...
Gave our keys to the maid...
Did you make a checklist?
Yeah. I always make a checklist.
Just so that I don't forget anything.
How about the water bottle?
Oh damn! The water bottle!
You have made checklist, huh?
Why are those lanes blocked?
Move ahead, what are you looking at!
Stop waiting around!
These office people are not going to leave me alone.
Why are these lanes closed?
There were four of them in a Pajero...
The attendant asked them for the toll...
They shot him.
What was that?
What did he say?
Nothing. Some random fight.
Yes, I'm going!
The weather today is just like your mood.
Sunny one moment, gloomy the next...
And right after that... romantic.
Sometimes romantic!
Need some water.
I'm so sorry, darling.
Pass me the map.
Water! Where did that come from?
You don't know. I've no idea!
Oh, my God!
For your birthday.
Go on. Light one.
What's up with you today?
Why are you grinning so much?
I'm not grinning.
By the way...
I've booked a private villa for us.
Wow! Impressed.
Private... villa.
Oh, I see!
It's my birthday, but you want it to be your lucky day!
How does that work, Arjun?
Return present.
Return gift!
Return gift!
It's this turn, on the right.
The map says it's the next one.
I say it's this one.
Let's ask someone.
Trust me this is the bypass road.
You men! You'll die but ask for directions.
Come on, Arjun. I don't want to be lost here all night.
Let's ask someone here.
Excuse me, where does this road go?
This road doesn't go anywhere buddy, it stays right here.
No, I meant... Is this the Basantpura bypass?
How far from here?
Want me to carry you there in my arms?
Where are you going? Basantpura?
I told you. This is the turn.
You okay?
You women. Can't even read maps.
You feeling hungry?
Let's stop somewhere?
Yeah, sure.
Bloody idiots.
Why pick my car if you want to die?
What are you doing?
You promised you'd always keep it in your handbag.
But you're with me today, aren't you?
Hey, Arjun. I... I didn't mean it that way.
It's just very heavy.
Mom's calling.
Yes, ma.
Yeah, we've left. In fact, halfway there already.
Yes, we'll be there before night falls.
Okay, ma. The battery's low. I'll call you tomorrow.
What else would you like?
Please help us.
Sorry - They'll kill my husband and me...
Please, sister. We really need help - Sorry.
Get out of my way, please.
Ordered some curry and roti. Okay with you?
You okay?
Catch him!
Brother, let me go!
Arjun, what are you doing?
Boss, what's the problem?
Stay away. She's my sister.
Put him in the back of the car.
Open the door!
What the hell is he doing?
Chhotey, open the door!
You want a slap? Open the damn car.
Come here, kiddo. Come to me!
Shut it, quick!
What did I just tell you, you c? That's my sister!
Arjun, please slow down.
You did the right thing.
You stood up for them. - Stop it, Meera.
I mean it. Everyone else was just standing around...
I said, stop it Meera. Please!
Listen, if this is how it's going to be then let's not even go.
Arjun, what are you doing?
What is wrong with you? What are you doing?
Have you gone mad? You're taking this too far.
Baby listen, please don't do this.
Why are you doing this, Arjun?
Don't turn this into an ego issue.
Don't be stupid.
Let's just leave, please. Why are we getting into this?
Okay, listen, stop the car.
I don't want to go. Stop the car, I'm leaving.
Are you f insane or what?
There were 5-6 of them. Are you mad?
Please don't do this!
Don't just...
Please, let's just...
Arjun, don't do this.
You're really scaring me, man.
Arjun, please don't do this. I swear I will never talk to you again.
Meera, just relax, okay.
Arjun, please!!
I'm with you today, am I not?
Listen. I didn't mean it like that. Is that why you're doing this?
Relax. They're just some village idiots. I'm just going to scare them a bit.
No, don't!
Teach them a few manners, you know?
Why are you even doing this?
Arjun, no!
Just stay in the car. Lock the doors.
You're such an idiot, Arjun!
Brother. Let go.
Brother. Let me go.
Let us go, brother.
Have you seen a man in a blue jacket?
Is this your car?
Did you see him go by? He was wearing a blue jacket with a sweater inside?
Can I drive it?
First tell me, did you see a man?
S! S! S! S!
Where did he go?
Where did you see him?
Tell me, which way did he go?
Which way?
Brother, please...I'm sorry.
Thank God you at least remember your brother.
Forgive us...we were wrong.
Thrash him.
Break his leg.
Hit him harder.
Break his leg.
Brother, let me go.
You want to be Juliet, huh?
You want to be Juliet, huh?
Give it to her! Cut her throat!
You've run a lot. Time to rest.
Don't give her poison! Slit her throat with the sickle!
Rest now.
Rest now.
Where the hell are you, man?
Arjun! Oh my God, are you okay?
We have to leave. Quick!
What happened? - These guys are f butchers.
What happened?
I told you not to go!
Arjun, no, no, no! It's okay. He's okay.
Move aside.
Move aside.
Arjun, he's like a child.
They're all animals.
They're all animals.
I'll shoot you.
Move out of my way!
Chhotey! Hey, stop!
You'll get hurt. Get out of there, kid.
Let him fool around a bit.
He's a kid. I've to be careful with him.
I'd made a call to Delhi.
The DIG of Police.
He's my friend. Anant Sahai.
You can check.
Everyone saw you at the restaurant. Someone or the other will report it.
The cops must be on their way.
We'll see. Where's your phone?
In the car, is it?
You're making a mistake.
I told you, we're not reporters.
We're not journalists.
Who are you then? Why did you follow us?
To watch the show?
Look, buddy...
You hit me, didn't you? And that got me angry.
We were both wrong. Let's just drop it now.
We're sorry, brother. Please...
Okay, listen...
You want money?
If you say another word, I'll cut your tongue out.
Brother, please let us go. We won't say a word. Promise, brother.
Cut that out.
It's not a great day for sisters.
Oh my God!
He shot her!
It's okay, it's okay. Close your eyes.
Oh my God! He shot her, Arjun!
Empty the rest in that b.
Oh, brother!
If a gun was what you wanted to use, why did you call the rest of us?
That's how you do it.
That's more like a man.
Go on. Finish him.
He's dead. Now grab him and get on with it.
Yeah, man. We aren't digging for oil here.
Hey, Ashok. Where's the kerosene?
That's in the car.
Go and get it!
Let me catch my breath for a bit.
They're going to kill us.
They're going to kill us. We're going to die.
Chhotey! Come here, kiddo.
We'll have to kill them.
There's no other solution.
Alright, we'll kill them. But what about the car?
He has that friend in Bahaduragadh.
Yes. Satpal. We'll sell it to him.
I'll tell you what...
Kill the guy and bury him here. Let me deal with the girl.
Come on, old man. Is that what we're here for?
All you're thinking about is the freaking girl.
They'll sell your car.
They know someone in Bahaduragadh. They'll sell your car there.
What does he mean?
They're going to kill us.
We have to get out of here.
Take the flower. Take it.
Ask for the gun now.
Can I have the gun?
Please, Chhotey. Give me the gun.
It's mine.
Your car...
Give me the car keys.
We can't.
Please do it, baby. Just give it.
Your turn now.
Give me the gun.
Come on, please.
Give me the keys back now.
Don't move. Stop!
Take it easy...
The keys, Chhotey.
Let me handle it. Chhotey, give them the keys.
Come on, give it to me. - I won't.
It's me, brother. Won't you listen to me?
It's mine.
I'll get you another car.
That's what you say every time. All talk, just talk.
I swear to you, my brother.
Give them the key.
It's mine!
Give me the key.
Chhotey, give them the key.
You mad b, give me the key!
He shot him!
Arjun, run. Run, Arjun!
The b shot the kid!
Oh, Chhotey!
My brother!
Wake up, kid! Your brother's going to die without you.
He was just a child.
You can continue to mourn here, and help them escape!
We'll get them, Omi.
Still holding on to that key. Stubborn mule!
Did he die?
We need to find help.
I don't think he's dead.
Come on, baby.
We need to get to a police station.
Yes. Anant Sahai will sort it all out.
S. My phone.
We need to break the glass.
Yeah yeah yeah. I'll look for a stone.
They're here!
They have a gun...
Leave it, Arjun. Let's go!
They're getting away! After them, quick!
Come on. We're nearly there.
Arjun run, Arjun run!
There's the road.
Stop a car.
Watch that gun.
Stop someone!
That's what I'm doing.
Stop someone!
What are you afraid of? Go ahead.
He'll shoot us, uncle. He's got that gun.
Come on, Meera!
I am trying!
Get them.
Go! Go!
Are you done with your stunts?
Can we go catch them now?
Shut up for God's sake! I just lost my freaking brother.
Oh, s! They're coming!
Run, faster!
Run, you jerk. Run all you can. I'm not letting you go today.
Ramotar! There goes the girl.
Get the b!
Get the b!
This way!
Where did she go?
Couldn't have gone far. She must be here somewhere.
This seems like such a bad idea now.
Let's go.
You sed my freaking day, Ashok.
How's that?
Running around in the freaking jungle. Haven't even had my dinner.
Let's check here.
That way.
Over there.
Further ahead.
Arjun, find me. Find me, Arjun.
Got you, you prick.
S! Arjun!
Meera, shoot!
Fauji! Satbir!
I'm going to pull it out.
Come on, baby!
You wanted us to spread out, didn't you?
Have a look now, old man!
And guess what? This one wasn't even a retard!
Shut up, all of you!
Squabbling here like monkeys while those two make merry!
They couldn't have gone too far.
I can't walk any more.
Just a little bit further.
There must be a village nearby. A police station, maybe.
We just need to get there.
Arjun, get up.
Come on, baby. Get up.
See, we're right there.
That's it. We're right there.
Arjun, baby.
I'm going to find help. I'll be back soon, I promise.
Arjun, look at me.
Promise me you'll wait here.
Say "Promise."
Do you have any money?
Baby, your watch.
Take this.
Listen to me. Baby, listen to me.
If they come, you can scare them off with this, right?
Arjun, wake up! No sleeping!
Arjun, look at me.
Look at me.
Don't sleep. Keep looking at me.
S the party. Let's go home and make mad love.
My lucky day, eh?
Nothing's going to happen to you.
I'll be back soon, I promise. Nothing's going to happen to you.
You'll stay right here. Say, "Promise."
Promise, baby, promise.
Nothing's going to happen to you, baby.
Happy birthday!
Can you please guide me to the police station?
Madam, what are you doing here so late at night?
This area isn't very safe.
What's the matter? Poor thing looked scared.
Who's there?
Open the door!
Hang on!
Please hurry up!
I'm coming.
If it's your drunk husband beating you again, I've told you I can't help with that.
Sir, I need help. My husband is injured.
What happened?
A group of people attacked us on the highway.
They stabbed him. He's bleeding very badly. Please come with me.
I'll call my boss.
It's ringing.
Yes, sir. There's a woman here, sir.
City type.
There's been some kind of incident, it seems.
Where have you come from?
No, Sir. She's from Delhi but the incident happened here...
...at the highway
Was it this side of the highway, or the other side?
Sir, please try and understand.
My husband and I were coming from Delhi. Some people attacked us on the highway.
My husband got stabbed...
I don't know. It's probably a case of honour killing.
They picked up a couple at a restaurant, killed them in front of us.
Why did you cut the call?
Go to the Basantpura police station.
But why?
This case concerns them, not us.
Sir, please try and understand. My husband is very badly hurt.
Please leave, madam. Go on...
Here, take this watch.
It's very expensive. At least two hundred thousand.
Madam, get out.
How can you do this? It's your duty to help us.
To hell with the duty. Just get out!
Get the hell out!
Was it you on the phone, madam?
Yes, madam is with me.
We're driving down the back road now.
Stop arguing, Dhulichand. Just get to the railway tracks.
The forest side.
He means well, this Dhulichand. Please don't lodge a complaint.
He's a policeman. He should have helped.
Policemen aren't beyond all this. They're part of the same society.
He would be ostracized if they found out.
He has three sons. Who would give them brides?
There are hardly any girls here in the first place.
Never mind. Tell me, what's your caste?
Err... Singh... Puri after marriage.
Inter-caste marriage...
Singh and Puri are surnames, madam.
I meant caste. Like...
Brahmin... Bania... Jat... Gujjar...
I don't know.
In that case, I doubt you'd know your 'gotra' (sub-caste).
That's the difference, madam.
Ask a 12-year old boy in the village.
He'll not only tell you his gotra, but also his neighbours.
You must have read Manu? He was a very learned man.
Just like Ambedkar, who framed India's Constitution.
Ambedkar's law says that all cars must drive on the left.
So that's what they all do.
If even one amongst them starts to drive on the right, there will be an accident.
Now take this couple's case, this Mukesh and Pinky.
They knew all the laws around here.
Still, they got married within the same gotra. Now isn't that wrong?
It's probably shocking for you, but...
...right where the last mall in the city ends?
That's where your rule of democracy and constitution ends as well.
How can the poor constitution reach where even water and electricity cannot?
Thank the caste system, madam. It keeps people divided.
Otherwise, we'd have a revolution here.
Which way from here?
I think we've come the wrong way.
Everything looks the same in the dark. I must have gotten confused...
No madam, I'm the one who messed up.
You never told me the couple's name, did you?
You should have listened to Dhulichand.
She'll get away!
Come on, come on, come on!
Quick, quick!
Give me a hand. Quick!
What happened?
Get out and start pushing!
It's done, it's done!
Come on, get in!
Come on.
The car flipped over.
Look around!
She must be here somewhere.
She must have gone in that direction. Go, check!
Is she there? - No.
What a bunch of losers. Can't find a freaking girl.
Did you find her? - No.
She can't have gone too far.
She must have gone that way.
Move fast!
Let's look on that side.
Come quick!
Strutting about like freaking studs...
Start the car quick!
Hey, Satbir!
Come quick! There she is, hanging up there!
There she is! Get her!
Get her!
Where do you think you're going?
She's climbed up already!
She's gone!
F you!
You b!
Go die, you b!
S you, b!
Hit her, hit her!
Bloody morons!
Get lost, you b.
Hey! Wait for me, you fools!
Freaking morons! Forgot about their own uncle in all the hurry.
The damn network is also not catching.
Listen...! Someone's at the door...
Who's there?
Who is it?
Please help me. There are some men after me.
My husband is hurt. I've been running all night.
There's a police station nearby. Why don't you go there?
The police are in it too.
There's a village close by. Go to the Chief there.
Will you come with me?
Madam, we too are outsiders here.
Who's there?
Open up!
What's the matter?
Open the door!
What do you want?
Open this door!
Who's there?
Seems you've grown a pair, Bihari. Asking too many questions, huh?
Go, get me some water.
Forgive me, master. I wasn't feeling well.
The medicine made me sleepy, so took a while to get to the door.
You saw any woman around here?
...who was it?
Running about like headless chickens.
What if I hadn't called you?
We went to the highway. Couldn't find her.
Calm down, idiots. Her husband's at the railway track. Let's just go there.
Anybody home?
Please open the door!
Anybody home?
Savitri sets off, and reaches her home.
She tells her father, "I have found myself a husband."
He celebrates with singing and dancing in the court.
And this is how Savitri's tale goes...
Don't be scared. Come here.
Can you take me to the Village Chief's house, please?
It's his house. If he goes, they won't let him come back.
It's your house? You're the Chief's...?
Please take me to your house.
Come on, Kamlesh. The clown's here.
Wait a minute. Listen to me...
Savitri's name has made the old man stand up!
Sit down, grandpa. There aren't enough Savitris to go around.
And so many men competing for them.
Please, kid. Please tell me where your house is.
Please, kid.
You want this watch?
Doesn't this blink?
Even my damned shoes do.
Here, take this.
Pack it all in the suitcase and put it away.
She was obsessed about going to college?
Ammaji...Someone's at the door.
Go and find my hearing aid!
Boy! Didn't I tell you to stay here? Come on, get inside.
You've got a visitor.
She said she has some work with you.
Yes, tell me?
You're the Chief?
Yes, what is it?
My husband... Please...
What happened, child?
I found it, Ammaji. Coming!
Come quick. Something's wrong with this girl.
Stand up, child.
Hold her up.
What happened, child?
My husband...
He's lying there...
Careful. Take it easy.
She's terrified.
Get some water, kid.
Is aunty going somewhere?
Give me that.
Girl, are you all right?
What's the matter?
Aunty, please help.
We were on our way from Delhi. Someone attacked us on the way.
They kidnapped a girl and a boy from a restaurant.
The girl asked me to help. Her name was Pinky...
They killed them both.
Where's my machine?
Get my hearing aid!
I didn't find it.
W! Can't do one thing right!
Aunty, please...
My husband is badly injured.
Someone attacked us on the way.
They kidnapped a girl and a boy from a restaurant.
Aunty, please come with me.
Aunty, please?
What happened here?
I haven't managed to get out in eight years, myself.
Pinky used to say, "I'll take you with me after I get married."
She was the only one here for me.
Why couldn't I get through to your phone?
I'd left it in the car.
And what if she had gotten away?
It's all under control, Ma.
There were six of you who went, and I only see four here.
That's your control?
Somebody shut her up!
You stay with aunt.
What're you looking at? Look down.
Look down!
Look down!
Your wife.
Go, get her out here, too.
You made a spectacle out of our private matter!
Are you okay? Are you hurt?
Leave the boy!
Get back, or I'll throw him in.
Don't you dare move ahead, or I'll throw him in.
Tell him to give the car keys.
The keys! Give them to me.
Tell everyone to go inside.
Go inside, or I'll drop him.
Leave the kid alone!
Go inside!
Come on. Let's go.
Not you. You bolt that door.
And move away from the door.
Don't waste your time. Get out of here. Now!
Open it.
Open it, b.
Open the damned door!
Seems like you've forgotten your place around here!
I'll take care of her. You go get that one!
Aunt's right. We can't let her escape. Come with me, Ramotar.
Shut up, b.
Run and get it. Quickly!
Uncle, get Girdhari's Motorcycle. Quick!
Girdhari's motorcycle!
Be quick!
All right, I'm going!
Come fast!
We'll take the back road, Okay? - Okay.
Get going, quick!
Omi... Where the hell are you?
She was my daughter.
But sometimes, you just got to do it.
Yeah, sometimes you just got to do it.