Nice Shorts (2010) Movie Script

Oh, my! Looks amazing!
What is this? You really made this?
Of course!
This is where l take a walk,
so you have to see with your fingers, okay?
Sounds fun!
So, let's begin!
Where are we at?
Come on, you can do better than that!
You haven't been hospitalized for that long.
Do you see this tree?
We planted it with dad, remember?
Yeah, you're right!
Now, we are going to follow the sound coming
from the playground. Listen for the sound, okay?
Wait, there is something here
and it feels rough. What is this?
You know, that's the bumpy spot
on the street near the stationery shop.
lt means we are very close to the electric pole,
so be careful you don't bump into it, okay?
All right!
ls it a puppy?
How adorable it is!
Guess what? Young-kwang used to be
as cute as this back then.
Bye, puppy!
Come, Come!
Corn is only a buck!
Two mackerels for two bucks!
Hey there, old miss,
take a look at this fresh fish!
Excuse me! What did you
just call me? Who's old?
Just give me one of those squid.
Good choice! Eat this squid
and get better, okay?
Yes, sir!
After this gust of wind,
we are at the main street.
Be careful!
Gosh, you have to stop
before the speed bump!
Sorry, it was too big to recognize.
Now, remember! This is really important.
You should always keep that in mind.
You press the button
for the audio signal?
The red light is on.
Please wait.
lf you concentrate on the sound,
you will see the crosswalk.
l see.
Did you see that?
That's the same car as dad's!
How did you know that?
See? My ears are a little special.
Herm Herm!
Ding Dong! The green light is on.
Please walk.
Be careful.
Stairs are ahead.
Got it.
Two tickets for the blind,
Here you go.
The screen door is open.
Please watch your step.
Hmm, how come the subway
is all black?
Oh, no-!
Don't open your eyes yet!
All right, all right!
But still,
why did you color it all black?
Well, you know, l fell down to the
railroad at the subway station once.
lt was really scary and whenever
l think of that moment, l feel black like hell.
Oh, you poor thing.
Let's get out of here!
Yeah, let's get out!
Finally, we are here!
So, after all this,
where are we now?
Fine, just give me a moment.
Um, l got it. lt's the Hill of Rose
of Sharon we went to last time, isn't it?
Nope! But it looks similar.
Wow... it's really refreshing here.
Look at the statue beside us.
Let me see.
lt looks like a fish or a man.
The color is probably
the same as the sea.
Yep! You're right!
A beautiful color like the sea in the evening.
Wait! This is the hospital,
isn't it?
Good job!
Let me see.
This must be my little piggy,
And this one is...
lt's been a while since
we took a walk together.
You're right.
Shall we walk a little more?
Hmm... okay!
The door is closing.
Doesn't it look the same as
the real one?
Let me touch it.
How do you feel when you touch
the real screen door?
Obviously it's soft,
but covered with a hell of a lot of dust.
You stupid horse...
You must be mad!
Behead that stupid horse!
Mr. Jo, someone's here to see you.
Are you Bumsoo's father?
You're Bumsoo's father,
aren't you?
l need some money.
l said, l need some money.
Mr. Jo!
Come with me, please.
Don't worry.
l won't bother you again once
l get rid of this baby.
My parents think
l'm at a makeup class.
l have to go home
before it gets too late.
How far along are you?
l'm not sure.
Anyway, wouldn't it be better than finding
a newborn baby at your doorstep one day?
And you won't have to worry
that some kid's going to show up
some day looking for his daddy.
By the way, how long has it been
since Bumsoo joined the army?
All men are the same,
he ask me to shack up with him.
And then when l get pregnant,
he run away and join the army.
Funny, isn't it?
Did Bumsoo tell you where l was?
He'd have to have a lot of
nerve to try to get a hold of me.
Bumsoo and l went to see you
at the factory some time ago.
l was afraid l wouldn't recognize you,
l'm glad l found you.
Did you stay with Bumsoo in Seoul?
That's none of your business.
You ask too many questions,
l don't like it.
Look, how do l know if the baby
is Bumsoo's or some other guy's?
And say it is Bumsoo's then
what do l care whether you have the baby
and live with him or not?
You've made your bed, now go lie in it.
lt's none of my affair.
You don't really know Bumsoo.
He doesn't know how to take
responsibility for his own life.
Well, you go tell him this.
This kind of trick won't work on me.
Let me give you a piece of advice,
stay away from Bumsoo.
He's nothing but trouble.
You're not going to just leave
while l'm gone, are you?
Just go.
Could you do me a favor?
See that guy over there?
Give him this key in ten minutes.
Give him the key in
ten minutes, okay?
Where are you going?
l asked you where you're going.
Come here.
You can'tjust leave
without saying anything.
Get in.
How can l help you?
Read this and
then fill out the form.
This is the face and
this is the body.
lt's big?
You came a little late.
But the baby's position
is all right.
There won't be any problem with the
procedure. So, have you decided yet?
l'm sorry.
- What are you doing?
- l'm sorry.
What do you think you're doing?
Get up!
Let's go.
Leave me alone.
We need to go.
We need to go.
l'm not going with you.
What do you want from me?
You're not my boyfriend.
lt's not like you really care
about me.
lt's my baby and if l want to get
rid of it, that's my business.
Get out!
Get the fuck out of here.
While matching his steps
l want to hold your hands
And lean on your shoulder
Thank you, l love you
l'll give you happiness
Kissing you, oh my love
l put on a 'hanbok' dress.
l want to bow.
l want to bow.
lt's not even the New Lunar Year.
Don't bow.
Nine times one is nine.
Nine times two is eighteen.
Nine times two is eighteen.
Nine times three is twenty-seven.
Nine times four is thirty-six.
Nine times forty-five is,
ah, nine times...
l have to finish the ''Red Pen''
study book before the teacher comes.
Go away.
Pretty silver marbles
on the window glass
Roll and roll
Rolling, rolling somewhere
Pretty marbles...
l hear something outside.
What did you hear?
- You have a guest. Sons of bitches.
- Like this...
Sons of bitches.
You have a guest.
Sons of bitches. Sons of bitches.
Don't say that.
Maeng-ku said it first.
Come here. Let's wash up.
Can l go play outside?
Don't go outside and pIay.
Don't even send Soon-yee
to the nursery.
I'm on my way home now.
Don't go outside untiI
I arrive, okay?
Lock the door and
cIose the curtains.
It may be safe since we Iive
on the basement floor of an apartment,
but don't open the door
for anyone, okay?
AIso, the Red Pen study book.
You have to finish it
before the teacher comes.
- Okay, ChuI-soo?
- Dad, what's wrong?
Give me the phone.
l want to talk to Daddy, too.
The spirit of this number's owner
has been connected with the universe
and scattered to
uncountabIe pieces
to the meaningIess point
of no boundaries.
Daddy's not coming today again?
The owner has no more
metaphysicaI weight and voIume.
Chul-soo, when daddy comes
l'm going to eat pork cutlet.
You will?
How many will you eat?
l'm going to eat
ten-thousand, one-hundred.
l'm going to eat one-thousand
million billion trillion.
Okay, let's roll up the sleeves.
As you know, the great Iight descended
from the skies three weeks ago,
and the worId was dominated
by BeeIzebub.
They have horns on their heads
and some have taiIs and some don't.
Like the sun, his existence itself
can bend time and space.
Our God can onIy...
Who is this?
l don't know.
They followed him around
and called him boss.
You went outside?
l can see them
from the bathroom window.
How did she see them?
You have a guest.
Dad! Somebody's here!
Where's daddy?
Be quiet.
Soon-yee, never touch stuff
like this, okay?
You'll get hurt.
Dad! Somebody's here!
Who is it?
Your fried chicken is here.
You ordered chicken?
l didn't order it.
Ah, this isn't chicken.
lt's sweet and sour pork.
l didn't order it. Please go.
So nobody ordered it, huh?
l'm sorry but could you give me
a glass of water?
l'm so thirsty.
l'm so thirsty.
Please open the door.
No, please go.
My dad said not to open the door.
Your dad's not even home.
Can't we just give him water?
No, dad told me not to
open the door.
Please open the door.
l'm so thirsty. Please.
Then just drink the water and go.
Of course.
l'll leave in five minutes.
Aren't you going to drink the water?
l will later.
Take off your shoes.
- Who's that outside?
- Huh?
- l don't know.
- Aren't they with you?
No, l don't know them.
Take off your shoes.
lf you're not going to drink
the water, then go!
Sorry, l'm used to western etiquette.
Telling me to take off my shoes...
Aren't you being too violent?
Never mind.
Looks like l'll be staying longer
than five minutes.
Sons of bitches. Sons of bitches.
Maeng-ku, stop.
Son of a bitch.
You're small enough
to go in the car.
Your mother must be differ...
Think l don't have any friends?
Leave! Or else l'll call the police!
Come inside.
There are no cops outside.
You must have not gone outside.
That's okay, nice kids...
Come inside.
No need to take off your shoes.
lt was a girl?
Why? You didn't see her before?
l didn't. Why didn't you tell me?
Why should l?
- Sons of bitches.
- What?
Oh yeah, Maeng-ku has no manners.
This place seems neat and tidy.
So let's stay quietly and then leave.
We'll see about
whether we'll hunt or not.
But do we have room in the car?
lt seemed full.
We can shove them in.
- Sons of bitches. Sons of bitches.
- He's telling us to leave.
- Make the bird quiet.
- Leave!
l was trying to clean this
but the bird keeps making noise.
l told you to leave!
Don't cry.
You're so disrespectful.
You're supposed to be polite
at someone else's house.
That was a mistake.
Maeng-ku kept telling me that...
He kept telling me
that l'm a son of a bitch.
Son of a bitch...
l'm sorry.
l wasn't trying to kill it.
Maeng-ku kept telling me...
Get up.
Get up!
What's wrong?
Why can't you act right for once!
Let's forget about the past.
What's important is what goes on
between us from now on.
How old are you?
Five years old?
l bet you're ripe for a girl
your age, huh?
We'll be quiet.
But you have to promise me
when you'll leave.
We'll leave soon.
ln five minutes?
You know what my nickname is?
Hercules (tiny sausage).
l was so worried about mine
long time ago.
lf there are big eggplants,
then there are
small sausages too, right?
So if l put mine in a little,
it won't hurt that much...
Go away, you son of a bitch.
Hey, you know how to fight?
Come here.
l'm sorry.
Because of a sudden mistake,
l killed your Maeng-ku.
Hey, it's okay.
No, l killed Maeng-ku.
Hey, we were going to leave
here in five minutes.
Shit, but only three minutes
have passed.
lf l keep on like this,
l won't be able to sleep tonight.
We haven't slept in ten days.
This is all thanks to beelzebub
taking our load of sleep.
Can't we use it?
Use what?
You know, that.
You want us to use it?
Know how disappointed our superiors
would be if we used it on that bird?
Cruel bastard.
l think he's right about that.
Five minutes have passed.
But we have to inform
our superiors about using it.
We're obligated to do that at least.
Mister, five minutes have passed.
- This is an important matter!
- Hey, what's wrong with you?
l won't let you talk to her like that.
Hello? Yes, it's me, sir.
You remember me, right?
lt's Raoh.
The name from
the ''Fist of the North Star''.
l loaded all the ones we've hunted
in the car.
Hello? No, sir.
l loaded them all in the car.
Can we put the needle in Maeng-ku?
Thank you.
lndeed, the three-eyed masters
all are truly magnificent.
What about the girl?
l was planning on doing just that.
l will bring them quickly.
l understand. Have a nice day.
What are you going to do?
Will Maeng-ku live again?
Of course, l was also given this shot
and came back...
- This is very expensive.
- No, just go.
- The shot's price...
- l don't have any money.
What we need isn't money.
l have to take that girl.
Take who?
That girl.
Didn't you hear him?
We're taking that girl
for the price of the shot.
No, you sons of bitches.
All of you get out of here!
lf you don't, l'll kill all of you!
You don't need to get that angry.
We're not going to take her
and force her to work.
We're going to dissect her,
patch her up and bring her back.
What's dissect?
Leave or else l'll kill you all.
Don't kill them.
So what?
Do l use the needle or not?
Call daddy and tell him
to hurry home.
l don't know.
l already gave it the shot.
Good job.
ls this the police?
Mister Policeman,
some guys came into our house.
Are you Raoh?
He asked to talk to you.
Yes, but the boy keeps threatening us,
saying that he'll stab us and kill us.
Can't we just leave?
Yes, but if the boy
doesn't want to...
Yes, l understand.
l love you.
That boy over there.
Over there.
He said to kill him.
Now let's pick who does it.
Rock, paper, scissors.
Rock, paper, scissors.
Can you move?
l've been on my feet all day.
Lie down.
This won't do.
l told you to lie down here.
Wrap her up.
l'm sorry.
You're sorry?
Lie down.
l won't tell you to leave anymore.
Lie down.
l'm sorry.
Lie down.
l'm sorry.
Come on, lie down.
l'm sorry.
Lie down.
l'm sorry.
Not like that.
Put, uh, your head down
and your legs, um, behind you.
l'm sorry.
l'm sorry.
Lie down.
l'm sorry.
l told you, uh, to put your head down
and your legs, um, behind you.
l'm sorry.
Lie down.
Hands on your back.
Nine times.
- Take her...
- What?
Take her...
What? l can't hear you.
What are you saying?
Take her away.
l'll use the rag for a sec.
How could you walk around
with your shoes on?
Wait for me!
There's no use for that.
Not many know the fundamentaI truth
just by watching it on teIevision.
There is a big difference between
understanding the truth and knowing it.
Not being abIe to make a step out
of one's brain is the fate of humans.
To see what's outside,
somebody wiII inflict pain...
F, WiIheIm, N from Germany
didn't go out of his brain.
Isn't it because he couIdn't feeI
that it had any meaning to him?
For exampIe, for an oId Iady running
a supermarket in the countryside
doesn't stuff Iike a superstring theory
have no meaning to her?
Because it has no meaning
is frightening.
The truth is perfectIy aIienated.
A moraI phenomenon doesn't exist.
Existing is onIy a moraI
interpretation of phenomenon.
Humans aIways hide their bodies
in the shade of one's views and custom.
Ration and instinct
have a common goaI.
Through good it is attaining god...
You have a guest.
You have a guest.
They said there's no room in the car.
When can l go back to the nursery?
produced by
HAN Seung-sang
written and directed by
JO Sung-hee
director of photography
YANG Geun-young
Shit, crappy music. Ah!
lt's cold.
Hey, Tea Joo.
Tired, isn't it?
l wanna quit.
Hey, why are you so obsessed
with Jin, Dojin?
l heard you get a special
promotion for his arrest.
You want the special promotion?
No, l don't even want the promotion.
l just want to transfer to another
division besides homicide.
Hey, didn't you say that you used
to live in this neighborhood?
Yeah, till l was in the high school,
and then transferred.
Well, it's been a long time.
Too bad you're in undercover.
l was going nuts to get out of
this joint when l lived here.
Yeah, how could you
live place like this.
So, where did you go to school?
ln Kang-Nam School District 8.
(best educational district)
Shift already?
Still, there is 3 minutes left.
Well, you took the shift
5 minutes earlier.
l have checked. Come on out.
STAKEOU Ah... So cold.
Hey, Tae Ju how much money
do you have?
l don't have any money.
How much do you have now?
About... 50,000?
Give it.
But, that's my pocket money
for this week.
l will give it to you later!
Here's 500.
Thank you.
Ah, lt's warm.
Mister! For 1 ,000.
- Thank you.
- Come again.
This is a shit load.
Do l have to keep doing this?
Hey, this is a nice cover up
and besides, it's warm too.
This business is going to well.
Also, everyone will notice
that l am not the seller.
Hey, Ha, Tae Joo!
You're natural.
How much would you like?
How much would you like?
Aren't you Tae Joo?
No, l am not.
Hey, you're Tae Joo.
lt's me Dong Pil,
- Ko, Dong Pil.
- No, l am not. You're mistaken.
What do you mean l am mistaken?
How much would you like?
Are you sure?
l am sure...
lf you're not going to buy,
then leave.
lt's strange, l was so sure...
Hey, who is it?
He is my middle school classmate.
Freaked me out.
He recognized you in this?
We used to fight all the time.
Who won?
That asshole.
lt's him right? Right?
Hey, Tae Joo.
l see him.
Taek Han, 12 o'clock with the mask.
l see him.
Tae Joo, lt's you.
lt's me Jong Ki. Wang, Jong Ki.
l was right, see, see!
l recognized him at the first sight.
Your mom used to buy me lunch.
Hey, why did you pretend you
didn't know me? You freaked me out, man!
That's a strange sight.
Here get it, get it.
Move it closer together.
Ok. That's it. That's it.
ls this ok?
Hey, it's been a long time and
do l have to do this for a little get together?
- So... let's do it next time.
- No. No. No next time.
l must have a drink with you today.
Here, Here!
Hey come on. What's the hold up?
Stop asking me this kind of favor.
You think l am your secretary?
Geez... Did you get the dried squid?
Hurry up. Hurry.
Hey, Tae Joo come on.
You too partner.
You can serve the customer
when they come.
Tae Joo! Take a shot.
You too.
l am fine. l can't drink.
- Drink one shot. One shot.
- Next time.
Hey, hurry up and come here.
Hey, What's wrong with him?
The pupa seller,
he looks like a dried up pupa
or something.
Sit here. Here, have a shot.
Say hello to my middle school classmate.
His name is Tae Joo.
Hi, my name is Mimi.
Ah, right.
Tae Joo is a college grad.
The college grad that
you always looked for.
God... Did he major in pupas?
Don't talk like that!
Stop it and give Tae Joo a shot.
Hey... Give me the bottle!
Have one more shot.
What's happening?
What's going on?
Ah. On hoId for now.
What's happening?
Don't know.
- Cheers!
- Cheers!
Anyway, Tae Joo was
different from us.
l felt that way
when l was with him.
He was the only bookworm
and went college.
l thought that Tae Joo was genius
when we were in school.
But, what happened to him...
Who cares. Work hard and
make lots of money is better.
Yeah... Right. Hey, cheers.
Hey! Sell lots of pupas and be a king.
Ha, Tae Joo the King of pupas, how is it?
King of pupas!
So, Dong Pil, what do you do?
Uh. me? l run a small business.
Business? What kind?
Karaoke room.
Ah... Karaoke room.
So do you hire those helper ladies?
Huh- Helpers-
Our ladies are the best!
Hey, come visit sometime later.
Forget about that.
You might get arrested for doing that.
Geez. There are no inspections
in this neighborhood.
No... lt's the inspection period
for those helpers.
Hey... Don't worry.
There is a guy who takes care of those.
Other day,
l heard that the Karaoke owners from
other area got arrested for that.
Hey, didn't the police chief have fun
with the ladies at your karaoke yesterday?
Hey Chinaman! Come here quick.
(Chinaman=Chinese food delivery)
You're here! Hurry up.
What are you guys doing outside?
Why don't you guys go into some place?
No kidding.
Tae Joo wants to work here that's why.
Chinaman man you remember
Tae Joo right?
How do you know him...?
You don't remember?
He is our middle school classmate,
Ha, Tae Joo.
Ah, Tae Joo! Your Tae Joo?
Yeah... that's right.
How come you're still the Chinaman?
Now, l do some cooking as well.
So, what do you do nowadays?
l mean... l sell pupas...
Hey... Cheers! King of pupas...
Hurry up. What you waiting for?
There is no drink!
Ah... So cold.
Hey Jong Ki,
Tae Joo is running away.
Come on Tae Joo...
Jong Ki, there is something
that l didn't tell you...
Tae Joo!
Jong Ki, The truth is...
Hey, aren't you Do Jin?
You're Do Jin right?
What's going on?
Tae Joo... What did you say?
Tell me...
Tae Joo. Say hello.
This is... Ah Do Jin.
His name is Do Jin,
he is a hardworking
and a good friend.
And this is my friend.
Don'tjudge him by his look.
He graduated police academy!
Hey, what you doing?
Say hello.
What's wrong with...
Hey, you ok?
What the fuck.
Get him. Get him.
Hey, Jong Ki, stop, stop.
There, there.
Come on step on it girl!
Step on it!
You want soup? Now? You idiot!
Hey hey. That way.
Hey, turn back.
Hey, help me!
What the... get me out!
Gotcha. Huh?
What the...
Ah! What the fuck!
That son of a bitch!
Stop, stop, stop.
Hey! Go that way,
hurry, hurry, hurry.
You asshole.
So Tae Joo,
when can we see you again?
Well, when it settles down.
Hey, we finally met.
Let's get together often.
Ahhh... So sorry Tae Joo.
l ran like hell and
l am not feeling so good... sorry...
Hey chinaman! l think we been here.
You said you know the area.
Uhmm, l think l am outside
of my delivery area.
Told you to go with them.
- This is the place- Look at me in the eyes.
- You crazy son of a bitch.
You're disappointing me.
l am counting on you.
What's with the finger?
Huh? You're a painter now?
Let's quit and go home.
Aahhh... Quit it, you asshole!
No, l can't quit,
l will not quit!