Nieve negra (2017) Movie Script

Are you feeling better?
The nap did me good.
Really good.
Does he kick?
He's watching TV.
He's a lazy one.
- How are you?
- Fine.
Are you sure?
It'll be quick.
We'll be OK.
All right.
Hi, Marcos. It's me again.
- Well, I'll call you back.
- Hello. Hi, Sepia.
At last! I was about to leave.
Sorry I couldn't pick you up.
- I was very busy here.
- It's OK, don't worry.
- Do you have the urn already?
- No, we've just arrived.
What is it
with all this mess in the house?
That was your sister.
Have you seen her yet?
- No, we've just gotten off the plane.
- OK. Sure. I see.
I left you the hospital's address
in a message
and I have a letter
from your old man for you.
Do whatever you need.
If you come tomorrow
to visit your brother,
you can come to the sawmill,
I give you the letter,
and then we can talk.
No, I'm not going.
You need to help me solve
the issue with the Canadians.
We need Salvador's signature.
I've tried calling him,
but he won't answer.
I know. I told you...
if you have something to say
to Salvador, speak directly to him.
I'm not talking to him, I can't.
OK. All right.
If you're not coming tomorrow,
I'll send you the letter somehow.
And Marcos...
I'm really sorry
about your old man.
You know that, for me,
he was always...
the brother I didn't have.
This one is at the cabin.
This is me.
My dad.
And Juan.
- He was really handsome. Wasn't him?
- Yes.
- Who took this?
Sepia, I guess.
- What a beautiful smile.
- Would you like to meet my mom?
- Sure!
It's the only picture of her.
It's not a good timing.
We need to stabilize her first.
Why don't you come back tomorrow...
and we see how she evolves.
- Mr Sabat?
- Yes.
I'm so sorry.
- Laura?
- I'm over here, Marcos.
How did it go with Sabrina?
What's wrong?
- Why?
- I've been calling you.
- Why didn't you answer?
- I won't answer your father's phone.
There's a letter for you.
Son of a bitch.
What does it say?
"You already know
where to put my ashes."
Come on, kid.
I've arrived from Spain.
I'm here now.
You know I came with Laura, my wife.
I'd like you to meet her.
I brought you some stuff
from the house.
Some clothes.
Some pencils.
Your notebook.
- Maybe you feel like drawing...
- Salvador.
We left him alone.
You've got to go.
No. I can't.
Have you read the letter?
And you won't do as dad says?
You've got to go.
Or else he'll tell you off.
I saw Sabrina's notebooks.
Which ones?
Some red ones.
With drawings.
She's really good.
She's always drawn really well.
Your dad also wanted to sell.
He asked me to talk to your brother.
Who left me this gift.
All that is yours.
Well, it belongs to both of you.
You have to fight for it!
Especially now, that a new Sabat
is about to arrive.
Salvador needs to understand.
He won't understand.
He lives there.
He's lived there for 30 years.
I don't think he'll be happy
that we go and tell him he has to leave
because we sold it to the Canadians.
The cabin...
The Canadians
don't give a shit about the cabin!
They don't give a damn
about the cabin.
They want to buy the whole land.
Don't you know
it's a mining company?
Why would they offer
nine million for just a cabin?
Nine million pesos?
Don't be rude. Get us some pasties
or something to drink.
No, I'm fine. Thanks.
Let's see.
Can't we only sell
Sabrina's share and mine?
They want all or nothing.
Talk your brother around, Marcos.
You have every right to do so!
That was my father's room.
Ours was up there.
I'm tired.
Wait. It's me, Marcos.
I'm your brother.
She's Laura.
My wife.
Wait, wait!
I thought we could sleep upstairs.
Is it OK with you?
Tomorrow you'll show her
what you inherited, right?
That's not why I'm here.
I brought his ashes.
He asked me
to put them next to Juan's.
What a nice gesture.
Could you remind me where he was?
You don't remember.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- How are you?
- Fine.
- Good morning.
- Yeah, hi.
I've made coffee.
Would you like some?
- No. I mean, yes.
- Yes?
Have you already met?
He was telling me
about all the prep
before going out hunting.
I'll get the coffee.
- OK?
- Great.
Can I help you?
Did you wake up early?
An hour ago.
Forty minutes, more or less.
- And you've been talking since then?
- Yes.
He's an oddball, isn't he?
And apart from hunting,
what did you talk about?
Did he tell you anything?
- About the sale?
- About the sale?
No, Marcos.
The sale's none of my business.
And he's your brother, isn't he?
Why? What's wrong?
Let's go.
We walk from here.
You leave that in here.
Our old man always brought us
to the woods to hunt wild boars.
- Really?
- Yes.
But he liked to come at night.
He said that, in the daytime,
it was too easy to catch them.
Do you remember when he saved us
from the attack of a wild boar?
He never saved me from anything.
Isn't this the way to the lake?
That's about a mile to the west.
But that's off-land.
I annexed it. Now it's in.
Did you talk to Sepia?
I know this is your place.
I know it more than anyone.
But I'd like you
to consider the offer.
Take it.
No, I'm not here to hunt.
I'm here to fulfill
our dad's last wish.
- I prefer not to.
- And what will you have for dinner?
Let me see.
Is it so hard?
The first time.
Then it's like everything else.
Come on, let's go.
When are you planning to leave?
After I've buried the ashes.
Hurry up. A storm is coming.
I need you to help me.
With what?
Where's Juan buried?
Almost 30 years went by!
I can't possibly...!
It tastes much better
when you hunt it yourself.
You were right.
She's pregnant.
I mean Laura. She's pregnant.
You'll become an uncle.
Big deal.
I know it's hard
to talk about this, but we have to.
I don't want to bug you
with the issue of the house.
But you should really consider
the offer.
I know this is your place.
And it's unfair to share it equally.
Then, from the total amount,
half can be yours. Half of it!
With that money,
maybe you can find
another place nearby.
Something smaller.
This is really our way out, Salvador!
Or else, the other way...
Now we'll have to spend a lot
in hospital fees and medication.
Expenses I can't afford.
We can't afford.
It's not fair.
- Sabrina's ill. That's a fact.
- Wait.
- What would be fair to you?
- Consider the offer.
I'm not here to bug you.
I want you to get that.
But, from now on,
we'll have to provide for Sabrina.
So do it.
She's your sister.
That would be fair.
She's your sister too.
- What?
- Please.
Am I wrong?
She's not wrong.
It's a siblings' issue.
You can move in here with me.
There's room for the four of us.
For the five of us. Sorry.
What would you do with Juan?
What does Juan
have to do with it?
- What does he have to do?
- Yes.
You want to sell this place,
which is yours.
What would you do with him?
Would you leave him here
or take him with you?
Where to?
I thought we could have
a coherent conversation,
but I see it's impossible.
Juan and I can't leave this place.
I'll take you
to the place
where your brother's buried.
Then we'll see
if you still think the same way.
I'm downstairs.
Where's Salvador?
I don't know.
When I woke up, he was gone.
He must be trying
to solve the power problem.
Do you want some?
Why wouldn't you hunt yesterday?
I'll try to get some signal.
I need to talk to the doctor.
- Marcos.
- What?
Why wouldn't you hunt yesterday?
- What?
- Why wouldn't you hunt yesterday?
Because that was the shotgun
from the accident,
with which he killed Juan.
You asked.
Why didn't you tell me?
Why didn't you tell me?
- Because I wasn't sure at that time.
- Of what?
Sure of what?
Of that being that shotgun
or of telling me?
- Hi.
- Of what?!
We shouldn't have come.
Yes, hello?
Yes, hi.
This is Marcos, Sabrina's brother.
Hello? Yes.
I'd like to know how she's doing,
how she's reacted.
Tomorrow I'll take you
to bury the ashes.
Marcos doesn't want me
to talk to you.
But we have to talk
about Sabrina's needs.
What about yours?
What do you mean?
Your needs.
When will we talk about that?
And the offer's eleven million,
not nine, as that old fart said.
Eleven million?
Who told you that?
How do you know?
Why would Sepia lie to us?
Why don't you ask him?
He said that Juan died in an avalanche.
She's pregnant.
You've already told me that.
Where is it?
Son of a bitch.
Start packing things up.
We're leaving.
I'll warm up the truck.
What about your sister?
Hurry up.
We're leaving.
I know it's been too long.
You got the worst of it,
dad was a piece of shit with you.
But you and I know It was an accident
that it could've happened to anyone.
We were children.
It was an accident.
I couldn't tell it to anyone either.
For a long time,
I've wanted to tell you I'm sorry.
I'm sorry I left you so alone.
Go away.
Marcos, are you OK?
No, it's OK.
Marcos what happened?
Fucking shit!
Marcos, stop, stop!
Are you all right?
What have you done?
Put it into reverse when I say so!
Come on! Now!
I'll turn it off.
When you're too cold,
I'll start it again.
No, don't turn it off!
Turn the lights on.
I'm going out for a piss.
I'll go out anyway.
Hold on. I have a flashlight.
Marcos, I can't take it anymore.
We need to go back.
- We can't stay here.
- No!
I can't go back. Don't you get that?
Have you forgotten I'm pregnant?
- We need to go back now.
- No, Laura, we can't go back!
What do you want?
Do you want him to kill me?
Tell me! Or that I kill him?
Is that what you want?
We can't go back! Don't you get it?
I'll see if I get some signal again.
- I'm leaving.
- Where to?
- I'm leaving, Marcos!
- Laura!
- I won't lose my baby because of you!
- Laura!
- Laura, come here!
- No!
What are you doing here?
Listen to me, please.
- Wait. Let me speak! Please!
- What?
- What are you doing here?!
- Salvador, let me explain.
- What?!
- Please.
- What do you want to say?!
- I want to explain to you.
- Now? Do you want to explain now?!
- Please, wait! Salvador! Wait.
No, no!
What have you done?
What have you done?!
I don't know.
He was going to shoot you, wasn't he?
He would've never shot me.
Have you told anyone?
Have you told anyone, besides me?
No. No one.
What a family! For God's sake.
It was me.
I didn't mean to kill him.
He was shooting at us.
I got scared! He'd killed Juan
and blown off your hand.
My hand? No.
I lost my hand a long time ago.
Salvador only blew off my prosthesis.
I don't know what happened here,
but I don't care.
I'll tell you how things happened.
Is that clear?
Go and get the gun you fired.
It wasn't Marcos who fired.
Didn't you hear what I've said?
Do you want to spend your pregnancy
in a women's prison,
away from your country?
Take him to the spot
where he fell down.
Salvador told me
it was eleven million. Not nine.
Do you think it's the right time
to talk about that?
I started to shoot,
without thinking.
In self-defense.
Who owned the gun?
His father.
What does it matter?
It's a self-defense issue. That's it.
Any way you will need to come
with me to the court.
To give a proper statement.
Do you have a lawyer?
Yes, me.
I'll be going before you...
I'll go to town to prepare
the paperwork at court.
The officers will stay.
Get everything ready and you can take
Get him a bag of clothes.
Come on.
I pulled out the gun...
and I shot him.
And then I realized
he was dead.
What's wrong?
- You won't tell dad what you saw!
- Or what?
You want to know what?
You really want to know?
Let's see!
Come on, shoot!
Come on!
Is he dead?
It was an accident!
It's over.
It's all sorted out.
We'll have to stay here for a while,
but we can settle down
in the village.
It's over.
What's wrong?
It's good news, Laura.
I know why Juan died.
Why Salvador killed Juan.
It wasn't an accident.
Salvador killed him
because Juan caught him with Sabrina.
Now we'll put all this behind us.