Nigerian Prince (2018) Movie Script

What do you think?
Nice, right?
It's... okay.
No, hold it, it will soon
be yours.
Four million Naira.
My friend, that is too low.
Okay, three-nine, because
I like you.
Three-six, that's my final
Come now, work with me!
My friend bought a car just like
this for three-five.
No, the mileage on this car and
that car are not the same.
See the odometer.
No one would sell a car like
this for three-five, no one!
Three-six is what I want to pay.
What is holding you?
I need more time to think
about it.
Think about what? You're not
going to find a better car...
than this, not for three point
seven million, not in Lagos!
I'll give you my answer
You're not the only
one eyeing this car.
Four others are seeing it
By tomorrow it will not be here,
I promise you.
We'll see.
Where are you going, my friend?
Are we good?
Date, sign, print your name,
sign it, date.
You see, I told you
it would be yours!
Oh, where is the spare key?
It's in the glove compartment.
How far?
Just drive!
How much did we make?
What's the purpose
of your visit?
Visiting family.
We need that baggage quick,
Baggage claim?
Okay, coming.
Excuse me... where do I pick up
my luggage?
Uh, can I see your ticket?
Your luggage will arrive at the
one behind me, okay?
Thank you.
Once you pick up your luggage,
go to customs.
They already stamped
my passport.
Customs must also clear
your luggage...
before you can leave the
Appreciate it, thank you.
Also make sure you give them
a little something...
unless they will delay you.
Something like what?
You mean money.
Of course.
Is that legal?
This is not America.
Is $10 okay?
They usually take $20.
We'll they have change?
It's okay, don't worry, I'll
tell them to settle for $10.
I could give it to them, so you
don't have to wait in line.
Go to baggage claim, once you're
done from there, I'll meet you.
Thank you.
You have to unlock your phone
before you can use it.
Is this your first time here?
Yeah, where you from?
What are you doing here?
How about you? You visiting
Nah, my mom just wants me out
the house for the summer.
How long are you here for?
Four weeks.
Well, you're lucky!
Not a lot of people have the
opportunity to travel...
especially at your age...
I didn't.
What's your name?
Eze, but people call me Eazy.
Nice to meet you.
Take care of yourself, mate.
You, too.
Hey, I know a guy that can get
you through customs, quick!
And he's cheap.
Sorry, I'm not following you.
You have to pay customs
on your way out...
so they won't keep you waiting.
Did you give somebody
your money?
Who told you that?
Don't worry about it,
it's just ten bucks.
No, it's okay, just point
him out.
All right, wait here.
Sorry, excuse me.
What did you say to him?
I told him I work for the UN.
You work for the UN?
No, but I'm the only white man
so he has to think I'm of some
I'll wait for you.
Appreciate it.
So what do you do?
I used to work as an accountant,
now I handle trust funds.
There is a lot of cheap money
in Nigeria.
It's a great place to do
if you know how to play
the game.
That's my driver.
Here's my card. If you have
questions, call me.
Appreciate it.
Have a good night, mate.
You, too.
Aw... let's go.
How long was your flight?
12 hours.
You must be tired.
You look so much like your
Everyone says that.
My son looks nothing like me.
It's okay, it comes off and on.
The electricity?
Yes, it's normal.
Where's my room?
Here, take a lantern, follow me.
Where are you sleeping?
We're sharing the bed?
Can you call my mom?
It's ringing.
Is he there?
Hey, Mom.
Oh, thank God!
When did you land?
Ah... two hours ago.
And you're just now calling me?
The phone you gave me
isn't working!
It needs to be unlocked.
Where are you?
Grace's apartment.
Auntie Grace's apartment.
Auntie Grace's apartment only
has one bed?
You didn't tell me that!
She doesn't bite.
And there is no electricity.
That's Nigeria for you!
Why don't they just leave
the power on?
Because some people very high up
won't allow that.
Auntie Grace is a lawyer?!
I told you what she does!
I forgot!
She's a professor.
How old is her son?
That's a good
question... I don't know.
You said his dad is dead, right?
Yeah, a long time ago.
How did he die?
Hey, Mom, so how does Auntie
Grace use the internet...
when the power is off?
She doesn't, in fact, I don't
even think she has internet.
Mom... why am I doing here?
We talked about this.
I don't want to stay here
for four weeks.
You're there to learn who you
are and where you're from.
Give it time, eh?
Can I just stay for two weeks
Mom? Hello?
Dearest one...
with due respect and humanity,
I am compelled to write...
to you under a humanitarian
My husband is the late
Mr. John Papamichael...
founder of J.P. Industries,
Cote D'ivoire, West Africa.
Before passing last year, my
husband left me...
with an inheritance of ten
million U.S. dollars.
Unfortunately, shortly after
receiving my inheritance...
my doctor revealed to me
that I will not last...
the next six months due
to liver cancer.
Having come to terms with my
I have decided to donate the
money to a kind-hearted...
God-fearing individual, who
will utilize the fund...
to help the less privileged and
to propagate the word of God.
Seeing as I do not have any
children or next of kin...
to inherit my fortune, I feel
making the decision to release
my money to you.
Hope to hear from you soon.
God Bless, Mrs. Angeliki
I'm going to the market,
are you coming?
Are you jet-lagged?
Your breakfast is ready
in the living room.
Eat it there. I don't want
crumbs in my bed.
What are you here to do?
Where are you come from?
I don't know what you're saying!
Sorry, my mother does not
usually have guests...
over when she is away.
Can we keep what happened to
your laptop between us?
Do not worry, I will buy you a
newer and better one, I promise.
My name is Pius.
Can you hand me the remote?
Do you know why I brought
you here?
No, sir.
I brought you here to tell you
that this, your scamming...
thing that you're doing, it's
not the right business for you.
You're far too stupid to make
any money from such a business.
Don't look at him!
I am the one talking.
Don't I protect you?
Yes, sir!
Then why is it that you don't
want to include me...
in this, your thing?
Sir, which thing is this?
Do you think that Indian man
will not be able to recognize...
you, if I put you in a line up?
He does not only want me
to lock you up...
he wants me to chop off
your head.
And he has given me money to
make sure that it happens.
And it will happen!
Please, sir, forgive me, it will
never happen again.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry, I made
a mistake.
Take him.
Sir! Sir... I will pay you back
all of it now! With interest!
I want four million.
In five days.
Sir... five days is not enough
time. Five days... wait!
Wait, wait! Okay, four million
in five days!
Why are you in the dark?
The batteries in the lantern
are dead.
Use the kerosene lantern.
I don't know how.
Pick up the matches!
Pull this handle.
This one?
Yes, that one.
Strike the match.
Put it there.
Pull back the handle.
That's it?
That's it.
Have you had a bath?
You don't have a shower.
Follow me.
Don't forget
to bring the lantern!
You want me to bathe you, too?
What happened to your computer?
Why are you going through
my things?
Did my son do this?
He will pay for this.
It wasn't him!
Then how did it happen?
The lights cut off and I
couldn't see where I was going.
Are you telling me you knocked
it over?
Get dressed, we're going out.
I'm good.
Don't test me!
What's your problem?
I'm not your mother, you hear
The next time, it will be
boiling water.
Why don't you like coming
outside? It's a beautiful day.
I like jerking off too much.
What does that mean?
It means watching TV.
Yes, it's true, you jerk off
too much.
Where are we going?
Don't worry, you'll like it.
How much longer? I'm beginning
to feel hungry.
We just got here.
We have been here a whole
two hours!
Well, these computers are slow!
Is this why we are still here?
I didn't ask to come.
Mm... if you don't like it,
we can leave!
Are you always like this?
Always like what?
You may think I'm strict...
but I've seen what happens to a
child when a parent is lenient.
I'm not your son.
I know, but both of you
are the same... very stubborn.
I'm sure you saw that in him
when you met him yesterday.
How do you know we met?
Because he has my spare key.
He sneaks into the house from
time to time for food.
He didn't seem stubborn.
Well, trust me, he is.
So what does he do for work?
He's an email scammer.
But he can scam you in other
ways, though.
That's why I was asking
if he broke your laptop.
Because he can take advantage
of that and scam you, too.
You understand?
So does your son ever
come here to scam?
Here? Nah, their computer
is too slow for him.
What is wrong with you?
This is disgusting!
It is good food.
You think this is good food?!
What do you call good food,
American food, eh?
This is Nigeria, this is
Nigerian food.
I'm not Nigerian, I'm American.
Both your parents are Nigerian,
from Igbo state... Igboland!
Nigerian blood flows through
your veins.
You can't change that,
so stop trying.
I don't want to eat this,
can I order something else?
You must finish it!
I can't wait till this is over.
Better get ready, this is just
the beginning.
What do you mean, it's just
the beginning?
What did you mean by that?
Let me use your phone,
I want to call my mom.
Can't you see I'm eating?
Can I please use your phone?!
Hi, honey.
I have a question.
I'm only staying here
for four weeks, right?
Why are you asking?
Mom, just tell me the truth.
Get out of my way!
Where are you going?
You think you want to go home,
Can you move?
I'll move if you tell me how.
I'm going to the airport!
To do what?
To upgrade my return flight.
Your mother canceled it
the day you arrived.
I want to call my mom.
You can call her tomorrow.
I'm tired.
Is Henry here?
Henry, why did you give me
a duplicate...
when I asked you for an
Originals are traceable,
duplicates are not.
But duplicates are twice
the cost.
Give me back my money!
I will deduct it
from your next job.
Whose job is this?
None of your business.
You never told me you could
make black money.
This is very good work,
who is the Mugu?
Why are you here?
I need you to call Baba.
I need you to locate him for me.
Locate him yourself.
He's not answering my calls.
Because of Smart?
Word travels fast.
Well, the faster you make this
call, the faster I leave.
Hello, Mercy, your son says
he wants to speak to you.
Tell him I'll call him later.
He says it's an emergency.
Hold on.
Honey, are you okay?
I want to come home.
I was told this was an
You lied to me!
Would you
have gone otherwise?
That's not the point!
It's just for a year. When you
graduate, you can come back.
Is this because of that fight?
Like I said before...
Oh my god, I know who I am and
where I'm from!
Then why are you afraid to call
yourself Nigerian, eh?
Alright, you win, I'm Nigerian!
Now can I please come home?
I have to be
at work in four hours.
Let's talk about this later.
If you're dialing America,
add one to the numbers.
You have reached...
the voice mailbox of...
Kingsley Okocha.
Please record your voice
Dad, give me a call when you get
this message.
It's an emergency.
Are you done?
Instead of looking for ways
to leave, why not stop...
and think of why your mother
sent you here.
You think she came up with this
idea overnight? No.
She's been planning this
day since... since!
You're here because she wants
you here.
The earlier you get that into
your head, the better for you.
Take your food, eat, get
We have a very busy day ahead.
Where are we going?
To your new school.
We are partners.
I have a new partner.
Oh, this clown?
Why are you calling me a clown?
Just get into the car.
Get inside now!
I cannot help you!
You know the type of trouble
I'm in now. I need money fast!
Don't follow me.
At least tell me what
you're doing?
Come now, who's the Mugu?
The Ikotun Irepodun Market.
You're selling all this at the
How much are you selling it for?
How much did you buy the rice
Full price.
You bought this rice full price,
but you're selling it half-off?
Have you gone mad?
How will you profit?
After all of this rice
is sold...
there will be people,
lots of people...
who wanted rice but didn't get.
It's not everyday that one finds
a deal like this in Lagos.
Those who missed out will
at the next opportunity to buy
that rice.
This is that opportunity.
I will take pre-orders from
those who missed out.
Give them this ticket to claim
their rice from four...
additional trucks that will
arrive shortly after I leave.
So, what's the scam?
Do you see any additional
trucks here?
You know I can help you sell
this rice fast, add me!
My friend, my friend...
How much did he put
in for the rice?
I'll cover the entire cost
of the rice...
and we can share the profits
Okay, 60/40!
Get in.
It's nothing personal, this is
just business. Now get out!
I said get out!
Stay here, don't say a word
to anybody.
Once they hear your accent...
the money for your admission
will increase.
I thought this school was free?
Nothing is free in this country,
so ssh, stay, mm?
It is not his money!
You should run, this is
not a joke.
He doesn't want me dead,
he just wants money.
I am too valuable for him
to kill.
Oh, so that's your young friend
who's chained in his office...
is he valuable too?
Just tell me what we are
doing next?
You're doing a 'Wash-Wash'.
I know that scam very well,
you know that!
I can handle this myself.
How much more of that black
money do you need?
Because I can give you 10,000
more black bills...
to help make your scam look
more convincing.
You have that much?
Yes, from an old scam.
Ten thousand!
Not eight, not nine, 10,000!
Okay! Now tell me your scam.
Dear friend, I am
an Accounting Manager...
at the Nigerian Development
I want my bank to release...
three million dollars worth
of black money to you.
What is black money,
you may be asking?
Black money is genuine money
that has been coated...
with a special black substance
to give it the appearance...
and texture of black
construction paper.
By doing this, one can
transport a large sum...
of money in plain sight
anywhere around the globe.
In order to return black money
to its original state...
one simply needs to wash the
money in a chemical bath.
After the black money is
released, I would like...
for you to make a brief visit
to Nigeria to be convinced...
that it is indeed genuine
U.S. currency.
If you are satisfied with its
genuineness, together we...
will purchase the rest of the
chemicals needed to wash...
three million dollars worth
of black money.
And also note that you will
have 40 percent...
of the above-mentioned sum if
you agree to handle this...
business with me. I am
expecting your urgent...
response as soon as you receive
my message.
Best Regard, Mr. Edgar Adu.
Who's the Mugu?
Bob Matthews.
An American?
Is he here in Lagos?
Yes, he arrived last night.
What does he do?
HVAC... heating, ventilation,
and air conditioning.
He's a repair man?
No! He's a small business owner!
I'm telling you, this man
is loaded!
His company services homes,
hospitals, you name it.
How much can we get from him?
A least $5,000, easy!
How are we splitting this?
70/30. Non-negotiable!
That's too small!
You're not the only one
who needs money.
When are we doing it?
In two days.
When's Smart's money due?
In three days.
Then you'll be fine!
7:00 a.m. outside at the Palm Hotel...
and don't forget to bring
the ten thousand!
And Pius!
Please look the part.
What was that?
He told me not to tell you.
Okay, but can I use your
phone first?
You want to call your mother?
Hey, who's that?
That's Bimbo, my neighbor's
She's taking you to school.
Tuck in your shirt!
So, you're not taking me
to school?
No, I am going to work, now go,
you'll be late.
Is her name really Bimbo?
Yes... go!
Can I ask you a question?
Yeah, what's up?
Why are you schooling
in Nigeria?
My mom says I'm here because I
don't know who I am...
but I'm really here, cause I got
into a fight at school.
So you were sent to my school
as punishment?
Are you making a joke?!
My school is one of the best
schools in Nigeria.
You're not American, you
wouldn't understand.
Why do people call you Bimbo?
Bimbo is short for Abimbola.
It means, born wealthy, in
Do you know what "bimbo" means
in America?
I don't care!
Why not?
I'm not American, I won't
I-I'm sorry!
So, is walking with me to school
part of your punishment?
Yeah, it's the worst part.
This is the first day, why is
your bag so heavy?
It was nice talking to you.
Where are you going?
Wait, wait, wait, just, just,
just turn around.
Come now, turn around!
Can we go now?
Oh, you look beautiful.
I was surprised you called me
last night.
I take it my mother does not
know you're with me?
So, what do you do for a living?
I think you know what I do.
You're a Nigerian scammer?
You can just say scammer.
What made you want to become
a scammer?
When I was in school,
I needed money.
How long have you been doing it?
12 years.
12 years... are you ever
gonna stop?
You think what I'm doing is bad,
am I right?
You don't think it's bad?
I'll be honest with you, I know
it's bad, but I do not care.
The people I scam, they're just
as bad as me.
They think they can make money
without working for it.
They're fools.
Did you ever scam your mom?
No, not intentionally...
but that's not what she thinks.
So, is that why she doesn't want
you around me?
No, my mother doesn't want us
because I am not at the top
of my chosen profession.
You see that man?
Nobody wants to be him.
No child grows up and says
I want to be the man...
who pushes the wheelbarrow.
But if that man starts making
everyone will be pushing
To the average Nigerian, only
thing that matters is money.
Money, money, money, money!
I do what I do so I can
make money.
So scammers really make money?
Of course! 419 is big business.
419 is the Nigerian criminal
code for scammers.
You understand?
And here scammers don't call
themselves scammers, no...
we call ourselves Niners
Yahoo-boys, G-boys!
Why G-boys?
Like game boy... because
scamming is a game.
So people really fall for these
email scams?
Ask yourself this, do you think
those who scam would waste...
their time sending you those
if they were not making
a profit?
Most people think it's only the
old who fall for scams.
It's not true, anyone can fall
victim! Anyone!
Jack Daniels, neat!
What do you want?
I'll have what you're having.
Two, eh?
You like what you see?
You come here a lot?
No, my life is not that
It's more interesting
than mine.
There's nothing for me
to do here.
What do you normally do for fun?
Watch movies, go skating, just
kick it with friends, you know?
You can do that here.
So, if you needed money badly...
would your mom send it?
How much do you need?
My mom would never send me
that much money.
It's okay.
If you need money,
I can help you scam.
I'm going to bring you water,
if you continue talking rubbish.
I know things about
America that could help you...
and all I want in return
is a plane ticket home.
You keep the rest.
Your mother brought you
here with her own money.
If you return, she will
not welcome you!
I'm not staying with my
mom, I'm staying at my dad's.
They're divorced?
You should confirm with your
father first.
I did! He knows, I talked to
him. I did!
He's okay with it!
So, what do you think?
I'll think about it.
What time is it?
It's 6:00 o'clock.
Why are you all dressed up?
I'm going out. I'll be back
in a few hours, okay?
There is food... somewhere.
I said look the part!
You're supposed to be a
chemist, not a village chief!
I want to impress him now.
How much is here?
I thought I had more.
You see why I don't like
to work with you?
You promised me 10,000!
Don't worry, it's enough!
What do you have for me?
Everything is in there.
He pays the money, and you can
fit all these chemicals...
inside this canvas bag.
What will I use for the test?
You don't know me, I've done
this before.
I thought it was just
going to be me and you.
It's okay, he's a friend,
his name is Victor.
You don't have any lady friends?
Come on, come on.
So, can I put this here?
Yeah, sure, wherever you want.
How much is in here?
Three million.
U.S. dollars?
Of course.
So you're telling me, there are
30,000 $100 dollar bills here?
It doesn't look like 30,000.
Well, looks can be deceiving.
So how do I get this shit off?
That's why Victor is here.
Let's go.
Can I please have a spoon
and bowl?
Ah, here's a spoon.
Is this okay?
The spoon, you need anything
Are the chemicals toxic?
No, but it can
stain your fingers.
That's Tebi-Manetic,
it's a solvent.
It is used to
dissolve the black coating.
What's that?
Humine Powder.
It serves as a catalyst.
What's a catalyst?
A catalyst helps to increase
the rate of reaction.
Jesus! How many chemicals
do I need?
SSD Super Solution is
the third and final one.
Next to Tebi-Manetic, it will
remove the black dye completely.
And do I need one of those
Ben Franklin, hello.
Are you fucking kidding me?
Let me see that.
There he is.
I'm speechless.
So how much of this
stuff do I need?
20 kilograms of humine powder...
and about 12 liters
of each of the solution.
And how much is that gonna
cost me?
Which is it, 7,000 or 5,000?
Which is it?
All right, oh, no, no, no!
Uh, don't touch that,
I've got a cold.
And, uh, just not help...
Just put it down, there's toilet
paper in the...
Bathroom or toilet paper,
just use that, okay?
Yeah, sorry.
In Nigeria, napkins are called
serviettes, serviette.
So, how long is it gonna take
me to do all the cleaning?
One week, tops.
And you'll show me how to do
all the chemicals again?
Of course, my friend, by the
time we leave you today...
you will be an expert
at cleaning black money.
Where are the chemicals?
Victor! Victor! Victor!
It's okay, we're okay, I got
Heads up, everyone, suspect is
heading downstairs.
Uche, follow him!
Uche! Take off your jacket!
You have reached...
the voice mailbox of...
Kingsley Okocha.
Please record your voice
Dad, give me a call back when
you get this message.
Look, I'm serious, it's an
You can reach me at this number.
Eze, Bimbo told me that you ran
off with Pius...
so I know you are in there,
open up!
I have not told your mother,
so there is still time...
for you to stop this
as God is my witness,
this thing you are doing...
you will not succeed, do you
hear me? I promise you!
State your name for the camera.
Babatunde Oguntade.
State your name!
Pius what?
I am Nifemi Olufayo...
agent for the Economic
Financial Crimes Commissions...
and that is U.S. Secret Service
Agent Dennis Blake.
Now the Secret Service is here
because they investigate...
U.S. financial crimes.
Now before we start, I am
required to inform you that...
you are under no obligations
to answer my questions.
Anything you say or do will be
used as evidence against you.
What is this?
Black money, correct?
According to you two, underneath
this black coating...
is a $100 dollar bill and it was
your intention to convince...
Agent Dennis to purchase a set
of expensive chemicals.
Except this thing you
call "black money"...
is actually only
construction paper...
and those "expensive
are just cheap household
Now do you know the penalty
for obtaining funds...
under false pretense?
Up to seven years in prison.
Now I know you both don't want
that, do you?
We are recording!
it's an emergency.
What are you doing?
I've been asked to release them.
What's going on?
You are free to go.
What happened this afternoon?
It was a mistake, sir.
No, it was more than a mistake!
Do you know how much I had
to pay...
for them to set the two
of you free?
I take 20 percent from your
scams, correct?
Correct, sir.
Starting today, I want
40 percent. Are you hearing me?
Yes, sir.
See, this is why people like you
have to pay people like me.
I am your insurance policy.
So, where is my money?
I have two million so far.
Two million? Only half?!
I gave you a second chance,
don't make me take it away.
Four million by noon tomorrow.
No excuses! Go.
Wait! One more thing.
Who is Eze?
He is my cousin.
Are you trying to scam him?
No, sir!
A woman came by the station
and filed a report that you...
were trying to scam him.
That is not true, sir!
The boy is American, correct?
Yes, sir.
Please, sir! I didn't... agh!
Return that boy to that
woman, you hear me?
Take him!
Can you drive?
Come with me.
What are we doing here?
Stop fooling!
You still haven't told
me why we're here?
You see that silver car? See the
black car in front of it?
This is the key to that car.
I need you to drive it
and follow me.
Whose car is that?
My friend's... you said you
wanted to help me.
This is your chance.
Yeah, I wanted to help you scam,
not steal cars.
We are not stealing cars,
that's my friend's car.
We're bringing it to him.
Then why are you hiding?
If you don't want to help, I can
take you back to my mother.
Someone is
approaching your area.
The young man?
Yes, where is he heading?
The black Toyota.
That's where
you arrested Pius correct?
Hey! Hey!
Where are the chemicals?
The what?
Where are the chemicals?
Sir, I'm sorry, I don't know
what you're talking about.
Oh... sorry.
It's not the car, he's American.
What is this, man?
Just get the rest!
Wait here... keys!
Don't worry, they won't find
I hope you were not followed.
No. Here.
You dumped everything?
He is family.
You haven't answered my
What are we doing next?
Nothing is next, I'm done.
Until when?
I am done!
You're being paranoid! This is
just a one-time thing.
They will leave you alone...
as soon as the investigation
is over.
What of Smart? Will Smart leave
me alone?
Do not worry about Smart. I can
help you pay your 40 percent.
Everyday is for the thief,
one day is for the owner.
Do you know what that means?
It means, you should stop
while you still have your head!
I can hide from the EFCC
and the Secret Service...
but I cannot hide from Smart.
There is no where in Lagos
that man cannot find me.
Then leave Lagos!
Leave Lagos and go where?
Lagos is my home, no, I have to
find this man that money.
There is no way around it.
Give yourself a brain.
Smart does not
give second chances!
He will kill you, whether
you find the money or not!
Why would he do that?
To send a message to others who
may be as foolish as you are!
If he wanted to kill me,
I would be dead already.
I have warned you.
My hands are clean.
Look, we do not have to agree!
Just help me, please!
Baba, I am begging you.
I am done.
Should I be worried?
I told you, I owe someone.
It does not concern you.
Who was that guy at the house?
His name is Baba.
He was the one who
taught me scamming.
So, why'd we leave his car?
There was evidence in the trunk,
you saw it.
So, that's why you
needed me to drive...
so I'd get caught with
the evidence and not you.
Do you still want
to help me scam?
What do you need me to do?
Who do you know with money?
You do, just think.
I don't know any rich people.
They don't need to be rich,
they just cannot be poor.
What about you? Who do you
know with money?
I've scammed all the people
I know.
Some of them, even twice.
Why don't we just do
another email scam?
That one is a long con.
We need something short
and sweet.
You don't have to be involved in
the scam, if that's your worry.
I will handle it.
All I need from you is a person,
that's it!
What are you gonna do to him?
I don't know yet. It depends
on the circumstance.
Are you going to hurt him?
No! God forbid!
Your father, he's expecting
your return.
How long will that offer last?
He is expecting you, right?
Then what is holding you?
Does this man mean more
to you than going home?
Eze, look at me!
Does this man mean more to
you than going back home?
Just be honest with yourself.
Then who is this person?
You said all you needed
was a name.
He doesn't know me,
he knows you.
What am I gonna say?
Tell him to meet you at 68
Rumokoro tomorrow at 10:00 a.m.!
Why is he meeting me?
Make something up!
Like what?
I don't know him, you know him!
You know what will make
him come.
Hey... it's Eze.
Is this the right address?
Yeah, this is the address.
Okay, thank you.
Hi, I'm looking for Eazy.
Do you know where he is?
You mean Eze?
He's coming, take a seat.
Where is he?
He's on his way, please,
take a seat.
He called me yesterday
and said he needed my help.
Apparently, someone took his
money... again!
Is he okay?
Yes, he's okay.
Yeah, but was he robbed? Did he
get physically hurt?
Do not worry, when he comes,
he will tell you himself.
How do you know Eze?
We are friends.
What's your name?
I'm Wallace.
Eze, good morning.
What took so long to call
me back?
I've been busy.
I said it was an emergency.
How was school?
Mom told you?
Yes, last night.
Did she tell you,
she lied to me?
She told me everything.
Did you agree with her?
Your mother wants what's
best for you.
What about what I want?
Eze, do this for her, please!
Dad, I'm buying a plane ticket
home tonight.
Where are
you getting the money?
Grace's son.
Does your mother know?
She's going to kill you.
Dad, can I stay with you?
Where else am I going to stay?
You can stay right
where you are!
Dad, I never asked you
for anything.
Can you please just do
this one thing for me?
No! You're not bringing me
into this!
You're already in it!
I said, no!
Eze, I'm serious!
I know you want to come
home and I don't blame you...
but you can't always
get what you want.
That's just life.
Yeah, I'm sorry, Eze,
I have a customer.
I'll talk to you later.
Dad! Fuck!
Oh, you're outside, okay,
I'll tell him.
Eze is outside.
Is he?!
Yes, he's outside the gate
and please, bring him this?
What's this?
Supplies... it's from his
Okay, thank you.
Get down! Down! Don't move!
Lie down!
Down! Don't move! Where's your
I don't know what you're
talking about!
Keep moving, keep moving!
You, get up!
Why am I here?
Get up now!
Let's go.
Remove his handcuffs now!
He's a civilized man.
You can sit down.
Does this look familiar?
I wonder what is inside.
Do you know what this is?
They are chemicals for
a black money scam.
Remember that man you saw
this morning?
He is under investigation
by the EFCC...
and the U.S. Secret Service
for selling chemicals.
Just like these ones.
Given your affiliation with
Pius and this evidence...
a lawyer will inform you that
after a preliminary hearing...
your case will go to court.
And since you are a flight
we will have to detain you
until then.
Also, the lawyer will inform
you how long...
it takes to process the
Though, I hear that you practice
accounting in Lagos...
so you may be fairly familiar
with that already.
How much do you want?
This time, I've helped you.
Next time, I will not be
so generous!
I understand.
Have you returned the
American boy?
I will return him tonight, sir!
Do not scam him! I mean it!
Where is Ikenna?
I don't know anyone
called Ikenna.
The young boy in your office.
I don't know who you
are talking about.
There was no one in my
Do you understand?
How are you?
Everything is fine,
I have a plan.
Get your things! We are
going to the airport now!
Is Wallace okay?
Yes, he is fine! Grab your bag!
Did you scam him?
What happened?
Are you ready to go?
Tell me what happened!
It's complicated!
What do you mean, it's
It's okay! I have an arrangement
with a friend at the airport.
I called him just now.
What's going on?
It's fine, my friend is a flight
If there are any remaining
seats going to America...
he will give them to us,
under the table.
I can't just get
on a random flight!
Eze, you cannot stay with me
any longer! It is not safe!
If you want to go back home,
it's now or never.
Yes, he's with me.
That's fine, okay. Okay, we are
walking there now.
See you soon.
That's my friend.
He says he has a flight to
Atlanta leaving in two hours.
Is that okay?
Is there anyone you regret
You did what you had to do!
I don't have anywhere to stay
when I get back.
What do you mean?!
My dad... he said I can't stay
with him.
So, you lied to me?
I just wanted to go home.
Do you still want to go?
I don't know.
What is it? I told you,
he's here!
Yes, he's sitting next to me!
Yes, he has everything,
just wait!
Don't worry, everything
will be fine.
Let's go.
Trust me.
Where are you? Okay!
Passport! Eze!
Stay here!
I want to go!
No, no!
He can't see you, you can't see
him, just stay, stay!
You're by the entrance?
I don't see you.
Okay, I see you.
Where is he?
Safe trip! Bye!
Next, please!
Safe trip!
Next, please!