Night and the City (1992) Movie Script

Good afternoon , Mr. Fabian !
How are you ?
- Take 400. It's the daily limit , right?
- No. 500.
Then take 500, you idiot!
- Get them yourself if you can .
- Do you have your say !
Owe $ 343.37 .
- You know what I mean?
- Fuck !
New York bastard !
What to choose this city ?
No longer can you deposit a few penny .
Thank you for choosing " Bank
of Manhattan , " Mr. Fabian .
Harry , do you?
Hi, honey.
Honey, you have a telephone call .
Thank you.
I lost my wife because of you,
Jew bastard !
- Bastard!
- Let go of me !
- Bastard! I'll kill you !
- Let go of me !
Son of a bitch !
How did you manage to lose the case?
Get him off me!
Scum !
You said that you can not lose
scum !
- Poto fish around.
- I'll kill you!
- What kind of lawyer are you?
- The unique and can afford it .
You come with us .
Let go of me !
I want my wife back
dickhead !
I rip your heart out !
Let go of me .
Get in the car!
Would you hit me and you , scum ?
And not a Jew !
What was that?
I 've done this right ?
He jumped at me out of nowhere.
Without saying a word , no, Harry ?
Do you think it's my fault ?
It's my fault we lost the case?
Do you think it's my fault ?
E u are to blame for everything.
Did you read this ?
Are you okay ?
Should you drink like this ,
Harry .
What, are you my mother?
No. not your mother .
You want me to bed ?
Sing me a lullaby ?
- What did you tell my wife ?
- Who ?
Why so talk to him?
Talk to whoever I want .
Excuse me ?
What did you say ?
Phil , have you seen this?
Sanchez struck a drunken Irishman .
- What Irish ?
- Says.
Grogan . O'Grogan .
The Whitestone .
How do you know ?
Ozone Park. Emmet Gorgon .
- Give me the phone.
- Why?
I want to talk on the phone.
Come on, Phil .
- What city you want ?
- Ozone Park. The Emmet Gorgon .
Gorgon , no Grogan . As Medusa and Gorgon
Greek mythology .
- 55591 ...
- 9130 .
With EMNet Gorgon , please.
Gorgon , yes.
The Emmet Gorgon , please.
Are Harry Fabian , a lawyer.
EMNet ? Are Harry Fabian . I read
in the newspaper. How's the headache?
What do you mean ? Blurred vision ,
depression , insomnia, sores ?
What is this?
Do you know what hit you last night?
A deadly weapon .
Neck hurts , kid .
He feels your voice.
After law fists a
professional boxer ...
You know what they are?
They are lethal weapons .
And that you hit .
Okay, okay .
I pushed .
Sue him .
Do you have a boyfriend?
How you win a year?
I'm your lawyer . Trust .
It's as if you confess to the priest .
18500 ? How to ntreii family
with 18500 ?
Where are you staying in a camp
the emigrants ?
What ?
Low 2-300000 .
For 100,000 damages .
Do you understand?
Only damages .
Tomorrow you go to a doctor. what you
can operate heart empty.
Write that down. Pedro Soldano .
No family doctor .
That's the forensic specialist .
In Manhattan.
You do not need a doctor in Queens .
Listen to have your lawyer Harry Fabian .
The company is called
" Fabian , Fabian & Fabian " .
With great pleasure .
Do not mention it . All right.
Fuck you .
- What bully you?
- Bullies ? This boy is a victim .
I cleaned money, you'll see .
Drink this and over with.
- What is it?
- Disinfectant .
Die quickly.
Sanchez 's boxer of the band Boom
Boom Grossman . Sue him .
So get out faster.
Go ahead !
Fuck Boom Boom .
He's a tyrant.
- I 'll say it in front.
- Really?
Yes ? Go ahead .
- Break his face , tough guy.
- Where?
Come meatball .
Guy killed five people
in Oklahoma .
I said . Here mind.
Why rdei ? I said .
I went to him and I said :
" I'll break your face ."
- I thought it was ... What are you doing ?
- What?
- Come to me.
- I can not.
- After that you?
- Are you crazy?
Then what?
We are here .
- Harry , I want to talk to you .
- About what?
- I'm going to go to California.
- Why?
My brother 's restaurant almost
bankruptcy .
I might buy it for nothing .
- With Phil ?
- No. I have to break up with him .
I want my own local .
- Bad idea.
- Why?
You're from New York like me .
You go through the Holland Tunnel .
I do not know .
- Bad idea.
- Yes ?
You're from New York ,
in New York.
in New York ...
in New York ...
Eh , I have to win money ...
Say that again .
What happened ?
He said :
What did you say ?
Then I hit him in the head.
- " What do you hear now? "
- Good .
- I'm sorry , Mr. Fabian , I'm ashamed .
- Talk about it tomorrow.
We think of an alternative
than hearing stuff .
How about 9 o'clock .
I have a meeting now.
- Lose one more working day.
- Here is 2017 ?
- Emmett Grogan ?
- Gorgon .
So , Gorgon . Come in.
Have you been to Dr. Pedro ?
Yes , I see that you were.
- How are you ?
- Okay .
I feel awful.
You feel like crap.
- How much is two and two ?
- Four ...
Five. You can not even gather .
Not even two by two.
- Would you you win some money ?
- Okay .
I feel terrible.
I sought Marty Fat
of about 10 times.
Where is it?
Harry , you know what? Helen and me
gone for two weeks.
- Where?
- On Jamaica.
- Have you ever been ?
- In Queens ?
Not in the Caribbean .
We rented a shed on the beach.
Somebody's coming and have your day prepared
broiled fish .
For two weeks , month, her and me.
As in paradise.
- I can not wait.
- Let sit empty all day .
Harry dancer .
- Marty Fat .
- Got something for me ?
- What about you?
- We just 1500 .
It's okay .
I say 2000, and you come 1500 .
That's three quarters .
- No?
- Yes . Okay, okay .
- Hoth bastard !
- I the thief ?
You want fake license , that you stole
three cars .
You should not take your double
ingrate . The nerve of you ?
- Okay . I know .
- I , thief .
- Thank you.
- For less.
What an idiot ! Imagine to go
driving a taxi that.
- Harry .
- Hey , Tommy.
Did you read the paper?
Tommy 's article ?
" Wager on these teams if you want
Withdraw from Acapulco to :
Lakers , Celts , Knicks , Nets. "
Together they lost 32 points .
That's the sports journalist ?
Who do you think is the favorite tonight?
Tommy thinks Titanic
is stronger
- Than glaciers . Here he comes .
- Damn it !
In it, Harry !
Hi, guys.
Wallace Fuwad , "Pain "
Alphonse Brown " Cartier" .
Tessler , come in half
an hour.
I have a story for you.
- "I have a history."
- The war hero .
Is it Veterans Day .
- Let him spit on his grave .
- What are you saying ?
You have to kiss my ass over 29 minutes.
- 28 .
- If you have another tip.
- A tip for release tomorrow.
- Like what?
The kid that I hit Sanchez
sues nightclub .
Your word , Harry?
You go in front of the tribunal ?
Boom Boom eat you alive .
And you should lose , stupid.
- The kid has nothing .
- It seems that not even so a
It's your life , Harry ...
Day it's an anonymous source .
Leave me outta me.
- I do not know .
- Say , someone close .
" Near " .
All right. Very well.
Boxer CUDA Sanchez
Charged with assault
- Yes ...
- I woke up ?
- Who is it? Park recognize his voice.
- Grossman .
- Boom Boom ?
- What the hell have you with Sanchez ?
- What do you mean ?
- You know what I mean , asshole .
If the kid .
Boom Boom want to talk
legal issues ?
My rate is $ 85 per hour
for you only 75 .
You know what I do to get your asshole
If you do not cancel the event ?
Wait a minute . You have to let go
recording. Hold on a
What will I do if
Do not give up on this?
What do you want from me?
If someone asks you
can you call it a race .
But when a cop give pleasure
then you got burned .
But I do not.
Let's try otherwise. reversed
roles . You're a loser.
- You're it?
- Shut up and looking around.
Do you know of a party
- What 's that , sweetie ?
- I'm tired of all you out of jail.
Yes ...
You, Mother Teresa , erase it!
- Do what I told you !
- Get your hands off me.
Get out !
See you in court Tuesday morning .
Do not get out on the street before.
- What's this ?
- You're ...
John Bonney , Sanchez 's attorney .
What are you up to ?
My client was hit by a boxer .
For a professional.
Shit !
Shit ? we here
forensic report .
Who did you send ?
Dr. Pedro ?
Practitioner as well
that your firm .
Or like you.
I have six years of law firms
I week more customers
than you do in a year.
I'm sure you are honorable citizens .
However , not Sanchez.
- He's a professional. A sport.
- That's what I and .
What the hell do you want?
- We understand or come to court.
- Yeah, yeah .
- Yes , what?
- We understand ?
- We go to court.
It's ok for you?
You Nith Bar.
Want to court
go to court .
Left and then right .
I need a semigreu for
four innings .
I need a semigreu for
four innings .
You know the one Sanchez ?
I want to talk to him .
Sanchez ?
His lawyer and wants to lose
Six months by the court.
Sanchez ...
boys knew would break anyone
as Sanchez.
So are my boys knew . Sanchez
would climb into the ring with one of them.
I 'll Sanchez can beat anyone.
A lawyer to work for you.
Sanchez is not good ?
I hear you say ?
Screw ' Sanchez !
Look at boys knew .
And I beat him and Sanchez.
You up and beat you .
Probably him and beat
Because I was and I boxer .
Oxford . I left
after you 've killed one .
I was at Box - ford .
- Seriously, Sanchez is here ?
- And start with Sanchez ?
Look , I knew see here ?
In addition to ALA blue.
Everybody's in peak form , beat .
Sanchez is nothing compared to them.
It beats the weather
when boxing was boxing.
10-20 games per year.
- Really !
- Yes . You see the one with ear ?
Tommy knocked him Mauriello .
And Tami came here.
Arenas was 10 at the time.
10-20 games per year.
One match at every corner
the street.
Coliseum , St . Nick 's,
Oykeman , Fort Hamilton,
Star Casino Hippodrome ,
Queensborough . Up in White Plains .
Nothing more . if you
to see a match, look at the TV .
On cable subscription .
Why are not arenas ?
You have enough boxers ?
Why do you ask me ?
They changed people .
And the boxers and the managers
it hurts in the ass .
I see p -Ala ? Little cares .
Coaches do not know anything .
And promoters are some good trash.
- Like Boom Boom .
- He 's the king of garbage .
You know who was coming in here ?
Al Grossman .
- Who is Al Grossman ?
- Brother better.
- Boom Boom 's brother came here?
- Until about six months ago .
He moved in do not know what asylum Yid
in Coney Island.
He came in here all the time .
Al Grossman .
They struck with Tami Mauriello .
Ba not Tami Mauriello ,
with Maxie Berger .
- He lives in Miami Beach.
- Who?
Who the fuck would talk?
It's sensational , you know?
I've never been in a gym.
Fill it, give $ 450
And I firm ?
- Verify that you 're clean.
- I check ?
I was involved in OSS , the CIA ,
I think it will let you check .
Burma , Macau national security .
Heavy stuff .
- What name should I give ?
- Shit Productions .
Shit Productions ?
Wanna see my scars ?
Did not want to show them.
I stayed with tigers in the cage .
Shit Productions , hear .
I'll think about it.
Are you married ?
I'll write a check.
Shit Productions ...
I love it.
Remember what I told you . Stay put
until trial . Do you understand ?
If you exit the ride in Central Park,
Let baseball bat house.
- I told you I was innocent .
- I know , but remember you have your say. Please.
- There is Elaine 's?
- Yes .
There are going just big guys .
I've always wanted to go .
- Go on .
- No, it's the whales .
So what ? Only you're a lawyer.
Pull up the laces niel them.
- Look who's inside? How big limo !
- So what ? Maybe there's a star, something.
Many celebrities come here ,
it's a classy place .
- You pay your . Put in your account.
- I Pay?
You're the customer , you pay your .
A vodka and tonic .
- And one for you.
- No thanks , do not drink .
- So this is Elaine 's.
- That's how it should be.
- Where are the stars ?
- It's been mealtimes .
It's Regis Philbin ?
U give them time. Whatever they want.
And you can fill my cup and me .
Excuse me , I do not want to bother you .
But I 've gone mad .
- I'm crazy about your show
- Thank you.
It's a gift that we are offering people .
That's on me .
The cheapest wine of the house.
I'm on entertainement .
Are boxing promoter .
- Harry Fabian , the Shit Productions .
- CATA gracefully , Harry !
Actually, it's Knockout Productions .
My joke secretary.
The show is great.
Kathy Lee is funny . We Set the .
Thank you, Harry .
- I hope it's not your wife
- It 's my wife .
- I'm sorry , I did not .
- Nothing .
- It's okay .
- Thanks for coming .
Sure. I mean
Match the professional that you .
Disturbed. With good!
Hope you enjoy wine.
We must ask you something.
It's my only chance , must seize.
This is my business card.
Are boxing promoter .
And I'm a lawyer.
- Want to invite someone to show?
- It's a good idea , but no.
I hope you invite me to an event.
In one of my games.
Call me at the office.
I'll come with pleasure .
Once again I'm glad
I knew that . Thank you.
I took a promoter license .
$ 450 .
Then rent a hall ,
a kind of disco .
Then a ring, seats, security agents ,
move up ads, tickets.
Reaching a 10000 ?
Maybe 15,000 ?
7000 for another prize
jury , judge , ambulance ,
God forbid you need to have !
How much are we talking?
450, 15000 and 7 .
22 , can 25 000 .
I might bring back the good times.
Local talent , local arena .
Bingo , we give a hit!
Welcome to 1938 !
It 'll go like wildfire .
What do you think?
I'm waiting for the man in the toilet.
Be right back.
I got some ideas.
I thought about what you said .
Give my regards.
Where do you get 25000 ?
Where did Edison bulb ?
He took money from central government.
Are you kidding ? I atia people
interested , that I pray with money.
I'll say one name.
Regis Philbin , TV presenter .
We need to talk .
- November 2 and an umbrella .
- I'm serious.
You and I walk.
You got me , Phil !
I'm in love with your wife .
It's too good for you.
Case 466-952 . Grogan ...
Gorgon vs . Sanchez.
Judge Parker presides .
Lawyers to approach .
Look at me, Fabian .
Now go back and tell me
and if you see what I see .
The accused and the complainant to rise .
Ie my room and fuck !
Sure, Your Honor .
- What have I done? I did nothing .
- No, you were great .
- Once you lose, you win once .
- We take some money ?
- The car !
- I bought a car .
- You buy or you just master ?
- I ordered it .
- When?
- Yesterday .
- How much did you advance?
- 1500 .
Call the bank and stops paying .
You car? Call John 's garage .
Tell him you're my client.
You take a Cadillac at half price.
- I wanted a Trans Am.
- And I want to be immortal.
When you leave, take a taxi .
These animals a jump on it.
And a little later Take your necklace
she started to get annoyed.
- Charge me ?
- No , you've already paid .
- No .
- Yes .
I did not.
Gorgon or whatever your name is ,
you ever boxed ?
Weaker 're about 45 pounds
And go to middleweight .
- Come on .
- What have I done.
It'll be perfect for you.
Like I thank you thank me .
I just advertised kid.
Post one to be the " David and Goliath " .
Their image of the court?
" Jack , the giant killer elected ."
Face it, super easy category
was only glbejii and Hispanic .
Now everyone will want
Jack to see him fight.
Even so, it's hero now.
You thought I did not know what to do?
Tell Grossman that is
di the house.
God bless you .
Kids thank you ,
and the Lord loves you .
God bless you .
Thank you.
Fucking bitch !
Out !
I Hold your ass out of here !
Miserable bitch !
Phil Nassar biggest bastard
in New York.
- He drove a micu !
- In April , it was the Easter bunny .
Can you do Did client.
Go .
I saw what happened .
I'm a lawyer , we can sue .
Fuck you !
- I sent to hell .
- Agreed .
If a bird eats a worm
He appeared on the worm that was attacked .
- Yes, for physical damage.
- Harry Fabian , attorney worms .
I lost the case , are a good boy .
Bei Johnny Walker?
Give him a drink from me.
I got my license the promoter .
You inspired me .
I'll try to be a promoter .
Not at your level , of course.
Let 's drink to that .
This is from your side ?
Hai , Boom Boom, do not!
I know a guy. A boxer yucky ,
but do some things.
I saw him once. I took one head
And i put a finger so
I smashed brains .
- Fill the cup , tough guy?
- Go to hell!
Who did he beat Al Grossman ?
Boom Boom 's brother .
That was long.
- Who ? Give me a name.
With Tami Mauriello as all amrii ?
I think I knocked once with
Maxie Rosenblum .
Help the children and some chopped up ?
Where are you going ?
Al Grossman ?
There? Thank you.
We are dust.
And you know Tony was ...
He says : " Al, where the hell are we? "
I swear !
I'd like my dad to be started the day.
Al Grossman 's right !
Dad worshiped.
You said your game with Maxie Rosenblum
was the man of his life.
- What ?
- What?
- First or second ?
- What do you think?
Harry Fabian , a lawyer. It's an honor .
You're a legend.
We can wait a moment to talk about?
They gave me a nice apartment .
Overlooking the ocean.
You know what this place is called ?
Mountain Wiew .
Have an establishment like this
in the Poconos . This is exactly what a
Guess what it is called ?
Ocean Wiew .
I start the race from Kell 's cha- cha
But what do I know ?
Luckily I am healthy , thank God.
With one exception.
- You know, when ... How old are you ?
- Did not be raised ?
What the hell are you doing here ? It's a shitty town .
You're from New York !
Not give you more than 47 years.
What are you doing here?
You get out bbtii and look at TV ?
You go to the doctor
have your put a artificial dick ?
Santa playing cards with them with hearing aid?
It's the first step toward death.
- Boom Boom should be here ?
- Do not have a bastard !
- That's not neleg and depressing .
- Do not talk to him or about him.
At least two boxers in 3 categories
can not win the title. Do you know why ?
Because they signed him .
My brother is a dentist ,
but still my brother stay.
I'm not
And I was not an angel .
In childhood we made ??some shots.
There were other times , but ...
I shot. we thought
to raise their hands in this ...
But there were robberies honest .
Not like today , you know ?
- What are these?
- Nothing.
But I do not talk about Boom Boom .
- You know that 's his real name ?
- Ira .
Who cares ?
What do you think? You back in town
to seek new talent ?
And to bring the good times back?
- What?
- I have never been good times .
Boxing is sport poverty.
Finally, what about you?
Come with one condition.
Tell me honestly , have you lied to your father ?
No way . I swear on the eyes
and you're on my sresponsibility gold!
I lied ! I swear !
- Did I sold only donuts i
- I know .
Could make this offer
a million people.
I first came to you in respect
And friendship . And you tell me to get out of ?
I come to you to get your offer 20,000
for a loan of 15 .
I know for years .
I car, hear !
How can you tell me ?
We 're starting to bag
directly from the sale of tickets.
I would not touch them. 2000 seats
$ 15 , plus beer .
You think I do not make it back ?
Come on, let 's be serio and !
Get out of my face !
I do not want to express myself wrong.
I do not mean that you afraid .
Grossman are you afraid of ?
Understand. And I'd be .
But things have changed,
and now I laugh at Grossman 's nose .
If I do not die laughing nose.
He can not touch me .
I can not tell you why , it's a surprise.
If Grossman as Superman
what is not ,
then I 'd be kryptonite .
Believe me !
- You think I'm scared of Grossman ?
- Did I say that ?
If my eyes jump
I could say this about you.
Look, get over it .
But 'll never tell you.
Phil , you're the most successful
of my friends .
Reputation and quality restaurant
are legendary , but ...
And again be
I choose my words carefully .
Have you ever dreamed that you would
to be more than a bartender ?
Hold on ! Who the hell do
that you talk ?
Motherfucker !
You do not know what it means
to make $ 15,000 !
And I laugh at my husband ?
Ambulances hunting that you are!
No you do not trust yourself !
Honestly say what you think,
We're among friends.
Look, Harry , if you're so of waiting ,
Phil put you and I'll give 7500 7500 .
You have three days to gather .
- Three days?
- Run!
- Faruz around?
- It's there.
- Perry Mason !
- Abdul Ben Fazool .
- I dreamed last night.
- Really?
- I dreamed that you get rich.
- I have dreamed of getting rich.
- Harry , I'm not interested in boxing .
- Do not have .
7500 should interest you
And received 9000 're back. Guaranteed !
Harry , I have something better for us.
Could go a thousand guys
but I came to you first .
You have such a thing ? It's fantastic :
four inputs adapted to cable .
The porn cartoons.
Get it , it's a gift.
What is this contest with prizes ?
I gave a friend
and I 'll give you and to you.
- I sell the 400 , keeping 200 .
- Save it to me!
Dai 400 , store 200 .
I say have your empire expand
in sports.
- Kick boxing ?
- No.
- No dice ?
- What?
Ie no dice.
- That's the word?
- Do you like VCRs ?
I have a bunch . Make $ 400 one .
I give 2 to 700.
Catch and Asian channels , whatever you want.
650, 550, 500 is the last price.
Mr. Peck , please.
I 'm talking now , you talked .
Sit down .
About 2000 seats at $ 15 .
It means 30,000 plus beer and pretzels .
- Still 3-5000 .
- Maybe even more. That's the least .
You've heard of Murphy's Law ?
Everything that can go wrong ,
one to go wrong .
- This law is for people like you.
- Come on, you said ...
You remember a few years ago ?
Did you buy two tons of rocks
of the Berlin Wall .
Yes, you have made ??a lot of money.
It'd be holding a page of history .
Oh no! You only rocks in your head!
Nobody buys boulders .
What tell ? If investeai then
were you doing ten times more.
What are you talking about?
You know what it is ?
You'd better get it in and softer .
Let her down? How could ?
I'm a shark. If I do not move that die !
- That's me.
- Sharks have FALC . Stay here .
Not so close. I have a cold.
Listen . I like you , you're a good boy.
If you guys and you loan.
I must say "yes" ,
my business .
But what happens after that ,
I see in the crystal ball .
Something I do not know why. Maybe Grossman .
Or the state commission .
If I can not take money from you
going to be in the worst shape.
- I would like to happen.
- Not me.
I 'll talk to us .
Harry , I like you .
But money is money .
Do not be so desperate.
Where is ..
You should put your discs
alphabetically, Harry .
"You have to choose my words carefully ,
but with all due respect, legendary talk "
're moody ?
It's confusing.
Meditate .
" Let them slap one bitch
that humiliates me ? "
" Or to thank ?
Maybe we should thank them . "
" To thank that earned
to me a reasonable amount "
" That one poor soul that gives me
If you go with the rest. "
What's that?
Money . And here , too.
- How ? For what?
- 7500 . For you.
There are 5000 from a friend of yours.
If you give me something in return , they're yours .
- How 's you ?
- Come on .
I kept every penny . Look .
You go to Phil and you show them your spouse, and
then i ask her his.
5000 Who's the friend ?
- You know Dolphin Blue ?
- The Street 11 ?
Have bought one .
It's closed for six months.
Get money , get me the Authorized
selling drinks and to open it .
- Did you buy?
- You were right. Are the face of the city.
What the hell to look for in California?
So go there.
Need to do my job here .
Just ...
Do not stand ,
is always pile on me.
I can not take the Authorized
Because I record. As a stigma , you know?
- If you are from and Phil , leave town .
- Give it hell. AI knew .
Get me the Authorized ,
how you did to Marty .
Fat Marty wanted taxi license .
That's different.
State Authority for drinks
is something else .
- I have no one there?
- Take another name or a take your partner.
You want to be my partner ?
Why you would want associated
someone who knows me ?
For that you have more energy
than a power plant .
- You are the eternal optimist , you have a big heart .
- Really?
- I was not going .
- No?
What do you think?
- I really want to try this.
- Really? It's okay .
Bring Authorized
And the money is yours .
I asked . Best match
was between a Jew and an Italian.
It was the tail of a few kilometers .
I thought and a talent night .
A police officer struggled with a firefighter .
Give them free tickets to Wards .
Enough of this crap ! Not anymore!
I'm better than that!
I mean I'm an asshole ,
but I showed you before.
I ate shit ladle ,
but over.
To hell with Regis Philbin !
I know ?
People I know in the world of boxing ,
but sometimes .
in any hotel or a brothel
just a damn ordinary .
That's why I American Express.
Do not leave home without it .
- Do you think I have a big heart ?
- Yes .
- I really am, but so do you and you ?
- Yes .
- Bitch , !
- Did I do it , right?
- State authority for drinks.
- With John Dugan , please.
- I want to bring a lady here in Miami.
- Why, God ? I'm doing the fish ?
- Doogie , Fabian , fox.
- What are you doing ?
- Okay, I need to see .
- No way.
What's this? A Chinese?
I need to see .
- Why?
- I need a best man.
- Do not joke with me.
- I'm serious. Why are so called.
- Is that all ?
- Yes .
- When and where ?
- On 6 tonight.
- La Mara Ciaro on Mulberry Street ?
- All right.
Who is this woman? You can not.
Do not get into sex scandals .
Harry marry ?
Forget about it .
You have some discount tickets ?
Are you sure ?
Go ahead , ace !
- Are you married?
- Not really.
I thought so. I imagine
have your son groomsman .
You have a very bad opinion about you.
My friend married. I want to do
a special and only you Can you help me .
I can not . I watched.
- I spent 5000 .
- You 7500 ?
- 75 ?
- Yes .
No ...
Then why did you call me ?
You make me lose time.
Sit down !
- Now it costs you 85.
- They jerk you left .
You must be the same
you realize that you .
- Do you have one in white ? 'll Fill it.
- A fake ? You in 1500 ? In newspaper .
And as Authorized .
- Face in 2000 , Harry.
- We do it right .
Must seem real .
- Want to celebrate ?
- I'm broke .
Do that number of American Express.
Please, Harry .
Let me try it.
Know me ? In the world of boxing
weight have a name .
But sometimes , the airport,
the restaurant or at the brothel ...
- Come on, do it yourself .
- No.
- Please , do it .
- Okay .
You recognize me ? In the world of boxing
weight have a name .
But at the airport or restaurant
are treated like everyone else . Shit!
You know what? You're like an arrow
that and looking target .
Lean myself.
Bring you back home.
- I can not.
- Come on, Harry .
November 2 and an umbrella ...
You and I walk ...
- What's this ?
- What ?
- Where'd you get that?
- A friend of Chase Manhattan.
- From Peck ?
- Even so desperate ?
Have you seen ? Where is this?
I think you've underestimated the resources .
- Fuck you !
- Tell me what you want . I do not disagree .
But a deal is a deal .
We are people of the word.
Where the hell did you find 7500 ?
Tell me when and I'll have you got .
Now . Have to find something.
Find my people and to pay him .
- What 's the prize ?
- Seven thousand.
I have. You should also need
up to match . Leave me some time.
- Has 500 Phil .
- I gather by the door ?
- I told you that I have when I'll be .
- That's right and I believe you.
Any blade ? You feel immediately .
Nice suit . It's from Barney's ?
Take look what we have here !
A father .
You're too old to raise your hands ?
Hands up!
You're scaring me , Dad.
- You scared.
- Take your flight !
- Asshole !
- Go ahead.
Maimuoiului breaks his face .
- Leave it . Is it big enough ?
- Leave him ?
Yes. What do you think? The place is great!
- It's a fucking dance .
- But it's a great game.
Dance. Come on, buddy, disco !
Began to have doubts
in your respects .
I won a little madness , Harold .
His name is Harry .
I told you three times already .
Here it
Boom Boom wants to talk
with you. now
Commander of homemade soup . It's very good .
Take me and one for me .
House ?
Whose house ?
- What are you doing here with him ?
- Who ?
What are you looking for ?
E faint of heart.
Stay quiet . your fist
still fall within the scope of the law.
Let's go , Harry.
- I need help .
- Immediately .
Fabian , how are you ?
- He is Al Grossman .
- Come along to my office . Boxer ?
It takes guts , Mr. Resnick ,
You and your fist.
It's a strong local .
What's this?
He wants 5000 per night
VCRs and give warranty .
What the hell is this?
Damn !
You know , I ...
Champion Enterprises.
With what can I do?
Hold on , please.
Tell him we're here.
Nice place ! Loud !
Boom Boom, we have not seen much .
You have a beautiful place here .
Hello, Cuda .
Just kidding, no offense .
That's life .
Stay subsided , spaniolu ,
that step on your head.
As you put it, Al?
You want to play hard , Ira ?
- Are you crazy .
- Nothing . Come on.
- What do you know about this asshole ?
- He's a good boy .
- I want to exchange two words with Harry .
- Go ahead .
Alone. Please.
It's all right , Al. Do not worry.
- Harry ...
- That's my name.
Do you really want to go all the way ?
What would have to give you some money
S and a to and Baltic.
This game is hard,
not for everyone .
How much?
You know what? Whatever they say about me ,
I am a man of honor.
In six years we have helped law firms
amri 15,000 ex officio .
You know what? Rapid .
I arrived in court.
We brokered the best
understanding and went on .
But in private practice ,
Can you sit and six years in one case.
In speele civil
and put him to pay a clean up .
We collect the door,
Automatic payment and leave.
Only 10 years ago
I had a client Puerto Rican .
Police seeking someone
they broke the door and I was
beat up everyone in the house.
Everybody . Children, the elderly ...
Iser wrong house .
I gave the NYPD to court .
I , Harry Fabian .
They gave us each and 10,000 thousand and
client as to quit .
10,000 each as you go .
And I took .
I do not know how I could get .
Sue police could offer .
And so could win.
Could you win .
No money worth .
I took what they gave me as close to the walls .
Well, I 'm tired of being the and .
I do not want to be so far
And to laugh all by myself.
There are actually so a
I want to be a man of a lifetime .
And I go : I do promoter .
Not doing this to annoy you ,
'd do it all the time .
Why should I accept your offer ?
I ask you though i
What offer?
You wire?
Do not get mad , do not think so.
Want to go to the end,
I can not stop you.
But my brother ... The ...
He's a big loser.
What can I do ?
He's my big brother .
I love him and for him
I worry .
I was not like , say it spoils
this sport , who cares .
How to say ...
- Do not have microphone ?
- Did not I say that right?
All right.
I want to tell you that if it happens
something my brother
any , flu , heart attack ...
Had two ...
If only hurts head
're dead.
I'll kill you with this.
You're dead , Harry.
Take care of my brother
And do not mind it .
Let's get to work !
I have $ 400 with which to
buying tickets , doctors and judges.
Take it easy you 're not a Path
So I burned .
- You have to pay your and Al.
- Yours? Park Do you like boxing ?
You're not going to borrow some money ?
Maybe your girlfriend?
You know who I love ?
This boy ... And that.
And the eating is good.
That the breeze.
And he knew me.
- They are fast . They are brothers .
- I like brothers .
Let 's get to beat each other,
a kind of Cain and Abel .
I do not know what to say about others.
I'm from Harlem , the night in Nairobi .
But Adam Carrington ?
Or glbejitul ALA Chan ?
I would be one that Moishe Dayan .
- Come on.
- I'm serious.
What do you mean you let me ?
- Do you feel better now?
- No. Forgive me.
Come here .
Go to hell!
I want to kiss you , Helen.
I want to talk to you .
Do not go.
Go to hell!
Where'd you get the money for Authorized .
I won.
You did ferry and savings and sites ?
Do not touch me!
Hit him , hit him and then
finish it !
- What are you doing ?
- This is Bo Bo Epstein.
Tommy Carver .
- Freddy ...
- Di Mario ,
And Einstein Jap .
Everyone I face.
- Who is responsible for the two brothers ?
- He .
- How , they fight ?
- Only with knives .
- What are you doing ? Where is ..
- Okay, I've released.
- Jesus ! What 's the matter ?
- You son of Phil , you know how ...
So where is the place
of California?
Well ... Big Sur . Redwoods .
Kind of a thing .
Maybe you should try there.
New York , Phil , Authorized ...
There are many risks here .
You think you could take over?
Think about it. New York is full of
dirt .
- What did he do ...
- Come on up .
I'm serious.
Did anything can happen .
- How can you tell me such a thing ?
- Phil , I did not want to know.
I was thinking I do not pry
in this.
Then I thought 're my friend.
Even so I hesitated .
But what I put lid was
that you borrowed money .
This really is too much. had
to tell you , whatever it was .
Helen and Fabian ...
Did not think he imagined that he
took money from the bank.
How to receive her Authorized
you have a record ?
You must know your somebody.
Or someone who has knowledge.
Service counter service .
I hate you and tell you that
Do not give me peace .
But that's a jerk , and I do not think
that this surprised .
I'm sorry, but it's better
to learn that from me .
I do not know if you know
what I mean .
Put them under the name record .
I agree, but only victories .
- Anything else?
- I thought we could do something .
Put it on the Irish before
Ice and between Al and Cole .
- Ready ? They do today?
- Wait to finish .
What I thought ! I should be
You know the sports store
Bo 's Jack?
When Bo and gave joint trial
I helped him to gain store .
He owes me sold. I 'll take from him
200 gloves i
Here is we write first
200 free gloves customers .
New York , make a fist !
Get it ?
- Ready .
- 300 posters and 2,000 tickets .
- 2001 ... one for me .
- Okay . $ 1500 .
- You pay after the game.
- Shit !
I swear I paid after match ...
Okay, before you are satisfied .
You do not want a check without cover?
Want this?
Not receive money until after the game.
Or if not , subtract from what you owe me .
Always get it.
I paid.
- Can I give my ticket to Levon ?
- I do not care .
- Understand?
- Give it to whoever you want.
Who are you?
Give him two tickets.
We hand-radar.
I find it immediately.
I love this job and I do
I feel good.
Turn to go.
I'm looking for Mr. Resnick.
- And you came , Dad?
- He's with me .
Have not you heard ?
I'm with him .
He's with me . It's okay .
- Ok , between father .
- Piece of shit .
- I'm proud that you're prepared.
- Thank you.
It's here all security.
- I have my people.
- Fall in price.
- I and bartenders, it's fixed .
- Bartenders ?
I give money to drink .
Do not you see that this is a presidents ?
- Prick selling drugs .
- Get him out !
- Out!
- Asshole !
- It's your bar ?
- I have everything for it.
We chairs, ring it and enter
in rent. You just do match .
- It's very simple.
- Fuck you . "
Fuck Me I ' ?
- Are you crazy? That's right deal.
- Do you clean up with her, somewhere.
Can you take your shower a Russian .
Get off me.
Who are you to put your hands on me?
- You know who is his brother ?
- Quiet and you yourself do not want a massacre .
- Do not mention me by his brother .
- I do get angry .
Costs you have your 9000 if agreed ,
I'll find another place
I need you!
- Can you take your money out of tickets.
- No ... money before .
- 3000 engagement.
- All right , all right .
- Come on. Are you okay ?
- Yes .
Good motion that 200 gloves !
What could I do ?
There are only six days.
Kill them both, and on it
And that nigga .
You just have to match.
Herman me with the printing presses
And jerk and now this one.
What about you Al? There 's your right?
I should get a agii so
After kissing everybody 's ass
you do not agitate me ?
I ? Who? I'll save your life .
They say it's good.
You and your hands , that's why his pup
ass, like to have your fine.
Me? Well I claim you and you
to them and to trample you .
- Who I stepped on me?
- Everyone .
Not so a
You can not promote any beating
the neighborhood with pillows .
- Are you okay ? Take some .
- I'm fine .
You turn on too much.
9000 ! Jeez , I do not believe it!
Son of a bitch !
Do not forget to tell customers that we serve
the glass and we have a very good wine .
Harry , come in, please !
Come , come .
He's Harry Fabian .
Remember this face.
He never pays .
He's family .
- Bring them coffee.
- Simple , please.
Looks great .
Helen , I'm not easy to get your ask.
I need $ 5000.
I swear that tonight match
I give back to 6500 .
Everyone nenorociii me close with a door
If you came today I'll Dade .
I do not.
See that? It's a Cruvinet .
Him all the money went .
As you can you Do you serve wine by the glass
need this to keep wine fresh .
It's a matter of balance nitrogen .
A wine cooler
it costs 16000 .
- A pile of money.
- I'm just all over the city .
I think I understand why .
Do not have any money , Harry.
Ask Phil .
You have a great business , but I
I have no money.
- Want something special?
- I have to go. Cheers .
- Thanks anyway.
- Come back if you do not you give Phil .
Maybe give some calls .
Not right loan that, Phil .
I appreciate that, but keep get your money .
Not good.
- What are you talking about?
- I need 12000 .
One with room like 9000 .
It's all over.
I have no where to save money .
It is difficult .
I do not even know what the hell to do.
Even ... I do not know .
- I'll give you 12,000 .
- No kidding ?
Why not . You know you want
14500 back.
You know you're a good man ?
Let me until the match is money .
I swear you're unique . There
find another like you. I thank you .
- Did you hear that Helen left me ?
- God!
I'm really sorry , Phil.
And opened a local street 11 .
S a fuck .
Maybe it's better so a
I do not believe it!
I'm sorry.
And I'm sorry for her.
People like her should stand
those that are similar .
- It should.
- You have never been alone .
- How are you so Terni, so sleep.
- Exactly .
I do not understand how he obtained
Authorized .
Luck .
So when it is to have them good luck.
Kind of stupid accident .
You know, I think
have your having a party .
- How many boxers have? 10 ?
- 12.
We make a meal here the night before .
I'll do and advertising.
You, Al and the boys .
- Are you serious ?
- Do I need to protect The investment ?
Maybe I'll make an announcement in the newspaper
And I do me and advertising.
No drinks . Boys are not allowed .
How about Monday night.
- It's Tuesday weigh ?
- Perfect .
Come around 6 . Dinner for them
And money for you.
- That are friends .
- I thank you , Phil.
I will not forget that.
State Authority for drinks ?
Come here .
Take a dollar. Call and ask Bo Feldman .
Then give me my phone .
Bo Mr. Feldman .
Ask who seek him.
Department of Sports
Tilden High School .
Sports department . Tilden High School .
I am Rollo .
Yes , of course you are a teacher, damn it!
Take it easy !
Bo , I'm Harry . issued
Jack 's office ?
How are you owe me ?
I do not know . Sure the wait ,
but we can not do otherwise .
How many of boxing gloves ?
Right ? It's okay .
Wine with coaches and girlfriends
And i could not refuse .
Take the back.
- Tables near the bar .
What are you doing ?
" Come back in half an hour
to have your a tip .
" What tip ? "
A toast ! for everyone !
Damn ! And to me!
Now , seriously ...
To have luck and fame!
Here is our kindly
host Phil Hasser .
The great bartender.
Mr. Grossman .
Boom Boom sent me to ask you
as you sit in New York.
Q and worry because you do not know
If you need money.
Do not want to bother
So I sent myself.
He wants to be sure that you are well .
Good night and do not be late.
Last night was another.
Good night, see you soon .
Cheers! To sleep early.
- Take care of him, to sleep .
- You bet.
To sleep early.
It's a pleasure.
A sure to win .
Does a champion .
- Beautiful, is not it?
- Great !
- Now I 've got something for me?
- I have a problem. Did i give tomorrow.
- Tomorrow is too late , Phil.
- There's a problem with the bank.
Go to the scales , pay your prize
And we'll see after that.
- If payments are not dead.
- Do not worry .
I told you and I'll have.
- Hello ! Do not we have ever seen .
- What happened ?
- What is it?
- Nothing. I woke up now.
- Is everything all right .
- Normal. Why be sorry.
I stopped to get your do
Oddyssey ? An order for home.
Two coffees, two orange juices .
Eggs do ?
Eggs not . Two rolls with butter.
Cornelia 15 , apt. 2 C.
- Tonight open .
- All matches are tonight .
Go back ...
- It's hard for us tonight .
- Yeah, like that's right
Harry , without you I would not have succeeded .
Neither am without you , you see ...
I feel great.
- You ? How are you ?
- I'm fine .
- Did I buy something ...
- Why did you take that?
Why ...
God, what is this? Hold on !
These are great !
- Why did you do such a thing ?
- Because I'm happy as ever .
I've never been so happy .
You're my friend.
I do not have friends.
You're one of them.
So I got you something.
Harry Fabian .
To shine someday .
Santiago , 142 .
You see , it's Sugar Ray Robinson ,
hand painted .
- What about you?
- I can not pee .
- Drink some water .
- I drink and all I can .
- Morales failed to scale.
- How so ?
- Let's do a test.
- Do not let him fight.
- We have another boxer ?
- See the room.
. What can I do ?
- I now call another boy .
Well , come to him.
- Move away your fingers with water.
- I gave ! What to do?
- These pictures are done manually ?
- What is this art gallery ?
Come on, go ahead !
- Stop it !
- Come on, take off your way !
- I can not!
- Shit ! Give it to me !
The house.
How the hell you know who painted it ?
I was curious .
Other 've got some great . Brothers have failed .
Damn !
Give them some you pee .
Ask the coach to find
Althea boxers.
Immediately .
- Stay here .
- I'm going .
See these names?
Write here " King Kong King "
Did you?
All right.
I have two heavyweight .
For six rounds.
And one in the middle,
for eight .
Two hard for six rounds.
Someone put them ?
- Where's Phil ?
- It's the job somewhere.
Where is it?
I delayed a little .
- I came here.
- What 's coming?
- I think so .
- Do you ?
Are you sure it's in the back?
- I never saw coming.
- We need to meet .
- Something to drink?
- Nothing , no.
Where the hell is it?
Phil , where the hell have you been?
- Why?
- I mean, how, why ? Are you kidding me ?
- What do you mean ?
- Talking about money .
What money? Are you serious ?
I thought joking .
I really thought get your loan
12000 dollars?
Laugh at me .
Sleep with my wife ?
Motherfucker !
Damn , man!
- Take care !
- Come on!
I dried ...
Phil , over ...
Stop it !
Get your the 12000 , asshole !
You're done!
You're dead!
Get your the 12000 , asshole !
You're done!
You're dead!
Son of a bitch !
Remember playing out .
Maybe boxing was highly priced
the time Matale , Daddy.
Get out of my face ,
maimuoiule !
Where do you order?
- Fill her up with.
- There.
In good times.
Long .
If you say once , Did show
I good times .
Come on, I liked you , Dad.
You have to ... Mr. Peck ?
We need to talk ...
Did give me five minutes to explain
they want.
I pay within 24 hours .
It's a matter of life and death.
- Mr. Peck is not very safe .
- A loan of 24 hours .
Only 24 hours, so .
- You're the one who has a problem.
- I have no problem .
- Sending some people , control .
- Insurance agents , perfect .
Thank you very much , Mr. Peck .
Well done .
View does not cover the lights.
Gone are those days when
Dad was tough.
- Go and suck a banana.
- Pops suck . Digests .
Pops must handle
with old age .
I fuck!
Top guard !
Courage , asshole !
Did I show you , Dad.
Let's see how they were good times.
To see how my day was .
What are you doing ?
End ! No more , please !
Somebody help me !
What are you doing ?
Take a pill , Al.
Take a pill , Al.
What is ?
- What is ?
- Take a pill , Al.
Please, Al.
I did nothing .
Stand up .
Someone help me ?
Called upon an ambulance !
Anybody know to give first aid?
Anybody know what to do ?
Someone help me ? Dying man !
What to do?
Do not do that!
Do not die!
Al, get up , please!
It's terrible what happened !
What great man , a leader.
A true tragedy. A victim.
I was not even there.
I breathed for him.
I was not there , understand ?
If I could ...
Boom Boom if I could have done something ...
He was like a father .
Moreover, even ...
It's not my fault.
This city is to blame.
The city is at fault.
- I destroyed . Authorized false.
- Really?
I found out and I on at three.
They came up some guys , you know ...
I swear I did . I'm a jerk,
I think in these conditions ,
You did everything you could.
- What 's the matter ?
- Phil knows .
Look, I'm here 12000 .
That's all I have.
Maybe pay someone .
Not only is there Dugan .
Al Grossman died .
Matches were canceled. It's over .
And I'm a dead man.
Give him back to Peck .
You do not need it and tracks.
I made ??a deal
with my brother .
I give this place
instead of in California.
Good for you .
Would you come with me
do not go crazy ?
I know you and I know you did not
wanted to hurt me .
- Helen , kill me .
- It's week " omori Harry . "
Come with me.
We down.
Giving them a pass and his Boom Boom .
By the time you need, Harry .
- I can not run. Helen .
- Turns on, then .
Kiss me .
They came .
- Where are they?
- Nenorociii , forget them!
Stop it ! Here !
Bath women?
To give a woman
You want to kill me ?
I do not care !
I loved Al
And what I got ?
With that, the man who killed him
to death.
On it he should look .
I come to do your job ?
With his bare hands , between giants .
Instead of that animal who hated Al
And killed in the fighting.
I defended my body lives .
I kept head in his hands .
I asked him not to die .
" Dad , please do not die! "
Lying on the ground . I carried on the lap
And bastards beat me knew me .
I carried on the lap , I got hit
And nobody does anything .
" Do not die , Al !
Do not let him kill you. "
Where Erath when I need you !
When Al you need ?
View knew ?
Why do you think I came to Al
the story? For the money ?
Look how much I care about money?
I got everything I could .
A man died in my arms .
Fuck you ' !
- How did I do?
- Do not know .
We're even ?
Where is that restaurant ?
In Big Sur ?
Over there somewhere.
Everybody's mad
Healthy eating there.
Beans , yeast, all grunele .
Should we laugh in the face.
Give him the cholesterol.
And yes life would drop the
nutrition lessons .
Natural food is not natural .
Let 's say Greenstreet ?
After actor Sidney Greenstreet ?
We put in fertilizer and at ?
At Helen .
Okay, put pictures of famous women
that name is Helen .
Keller, Reddy ...
Helen of Troy .
In six years running for office ,
How did Clint Eastwood .
- Presidential Or as Reagan.
- Enough.
You know what I'm doing now ?
You know what I mean ?
Guess what this is.
Harry Fabian imitate .
I was doing well , right?
Box , listen to me!
I think I lost your mind .