Night Blooms (2021) Movie Script

- Smash!
- Smash! Smash!
- Hey.
- Hey.
Ok. So, I was thinking, if
I'm like, a little bit left
of center and then
you're on my right.
I'm on the left.
No, that's my
right, if you're looking
at it this way. And
you're just a little bit back.
Ok. I get it.
Tyler, get those
off! Get out! Out! Mom!
Tyler, out of your sisters room.
Oh! I am so going to cut that
little tongue of yours.
Laura, I just got
called into work,
I really need
you to watch Tyler.
Yeah, whatever I'll watch him.
Ok. Thank you. I'm going out
with Ken after so I might
be kinda' late. So you'll have
to put him to bed. Sorry Carly,
I don't have anything
to feed you for dinner.
Oh that's okay Lisa, I'm not
hungry anyway but is it okay
if I stay over though?
I can help watch Tyler.
Yeah fine.
Thank you baby.
Who's Ken?
Ugh! He's the
worst, he's always drunk
and they fight all the time.
I'm sure it won't last.
Ew. That sucks.
Yeah, she's pretty annoying.
She's always around Jason.
It's obvious she has a
crush on him but I don't care.
Yeah I don't care
about Jason, we just fuck
sometimes. I don't know,
I guess he's my boyfriend.
I don't really have a
crush on anyone else.
Well, I think
Jason is pretty cute.
Yeah, he's ok I guess. All
the guys in our school are
immature. Girls actually
mature faster then guys,
technically we should be going
out with guys older than us.
Mother Fucker!
Actually, wasn't that bad.
What happened?
I scraped my knee.
Well, get a band-aid and close
the door. You are so annoying.
Your turn!
Hey, wanna hit the
maintenance shed?
What? I thought
you had a joint.
You're such an idiot.
No, I'm not.
Want some?
I don't wanna inhale that shit.
It doesn't even get you high.
Do you have weed or not?
Try it, if you do enough it can
get you super fucked up.
Put your mouth on
this for a second?
I can't, my mouth is dry.
Babe, you're so
good at it though.
Oh, this works too.
I swear to god there
was a woman there.
I swear to god.
I seriously can't
get over that women.
- What women?
- In the corner.
- You're fucking high.
- She was there.
No you're fucking high.
Laura. How are
you? I missed you.
Dog face but
I'd still do her from behind.
Fuck you Matt,
you're no fucking prize.
Hey Matty! Speaking
of dog faces your sister
let me cum in
her ass last night.
Ok, I gotta bounce.
See ya. Okay, let's get back
before the start of history.
What? Schools
done, you missed history.
What? How
long was I in there?
I don't know.
Seriously I
think I had a test today.
You need to take
more responsibility.
You kind of smell
like lavender. It's nice.
So, does that stuff
gives you a hangover?
No, it wore off pretty quick.
What about Pineapple girls?
Ok, you never like
the names I come up with!
Because... We
actually have to practice.
What about Burnt
Girls? Burnt Devils?
That sounds like a hockey team.
Burnt Angels?
- I was going to say that.
- Yeah?
Yeah. Burnt Angel.
Like just Angel.
- Burnt Angel.
- Burnt Angel.
- I like that.
- I like that too.
Sweet. Now we have to figure
out like stage props and stuff.
So obviously some angel wings.
Some fake
flowers. Like a banner,
a big banner
behind us, Burnt Angel.
Any luck finding a bass?
Nothing my mom can
afford. I hope she gets
me one for my birthday.
I forgot to tell you, that my
Dad might be getting me an amp.
- What?
- Yeah.
Like a guitar amp.
Yeah. His friend is selling one
and we're going to go check
it out tomorrow.
Did you want to come?
Yeah, I would love to.
I don't know how you
didn't tell me this sooner.
We're going to be
so good. Burnt Angel.
It even looks cool.
Right? Like on a banner.
Too bad we don't have any songs.
I think it'll
really pump up the noise.
And honestly, it
might be to loud for us.
Cause it's pretty loud isn't it?
You don't need to like it. You
gotta do what you gotta do.
Hey, can I have a dart Carly?
Thank you. I'll get
you back, I promise.
Yeah ok, Jay.
Look, do you want to do me a
favor, girl. I got a few things
I need to get rid of.
Can you pawn this for me?
There's a pack
of smokes in it for ya.
Jay, that shit is stolen?
It's not stolen, the guys in
there, they know who I am
and they just don't
trust me that's it.
But I promise you this shit
right here? No. Not stolen.
- I dunno.
- It'll only take a second.
2 packs. If I get in
trouble for this shit
I'm ratting you out.
Thank you Carly.
- Hey.
- Hello.
How are you?
Good. This is Carly, I
was telling you about her.
She's the singer of the band.
Hey. What's
different? Got hair cut?
Ears pierced. You
got a new TV, it's big!
Do you have satellite?
You got your ears
pierced. I like 'em.
Oh, you don't have to take
your shoes off we are going
to leave now go
look at that amp.
Okay, thanks for this, Laura's
Dad, we're pretty excited.
Call me Wayne, and you're
welcome. You ready to go?
We have to catch
him before he leaves.
Yeah. I'm just going to
put my guitar downstairs.
Hurry up.
You want some
water or something?
I'm good.
You know my keys...
Oh he's got this
whole basement too.
Mmmm mmm.
Alright plug her in.
- Oh my God, that sounds amazing.
- That sounds really good.
You girls want BLTs for dinner?
Sure, yeah.
Your Dad seems pretty cool.
Yeah, he's cool.
Why don't you live here then?
Mom would never let
me. Tyler's dad barely pays
child support, so she sort
of needs me there I guess.
Were they married?
Wayne and your mom?
Nah, it was
just a fling I think.
He's actually had issues
with drugs in the past.
- Really?
- Oh it has base and trouble.
Here let me see.
- Overdrive.
- Overdrive.
I'm just going
to crank the amp up.
- Yes.
- That's pretty rad.
That's even better. I
would keep it to a solid ten.
That's pretty cool
that he stuck aroud when
your mom was pregnant.
Yeah, he's a good
guy. He even asked her to
marry him because he thought it
was the "right" thing to do...
but I guess she wasn't thrilled
with his drug use back then.
Like the guys she
dates now are any better!
Thanks again
Dad. This was awesome.
No problem. And
you're coming here
to stay next weekend right?
Yup, I have to watch
Tyler this weekend, but Mom
said I can come here next
weekend righ after school.
Great! It was
nice meeting you Carly.
You too.
It was nice meeting you Carly.
We could do like echo room.
Oh that would be so rad.
Ok well I'll see you tomorrow.
Yeah, see you.
We will be
discussing poetry next week.
So if you have any poems
that you'd like to interpret
please bring them in.
We also have lots of
poetry books in the library.
So no excuses! I
want everyone have a poem
with them ready to interpreted.
Miss Tanya. I'm
wondering if I could bring
song lyrics instead of a poem?
Oh, that's a great idea.
Well lyrics are poetry too.
Are these lyrics
ones that you wrote?
Oh, no I was going to
bring in some Nirvana lyrics.
Oh! I thought I heard you say
you were doing some writting?
Yeah. No, I'm in a band. But
our songs are not quite ready
to show people yet.
Well, that's okay.
Definitely bring them in and
we will discuss it the way we
would any other poem.
And I'd love to see
your band play some time.
Thanks Miss Tanya.
Hey, so I think we should
work on some music tonight.
Yeah, we should. But
I'm going to my Dad's.
Oh right, that's
tonight. I totally forgot.
Do you think he would
mind if we did it there?
Yeah, I guess
that should be fine.
Do we need to go
get your guitar first?
No, he picked it up
from Mom's earlier.
That was nice of him.
So your mom said she
has a new boyfriend?
He's kind of shitty.
Shitty how?
Oh nothing he's just
like this kid you know.
Can I help with anything?
Oh no, I'm good.
You guys go downstairs
and play music.
- What you have here is good.
- Thanks.
This one right here, you should
scream it for the chorus.
Yeah, ok.
- Come on.
- Like right now?
- Yeah.
- Your Dad is upstairs.
What? How are we suppose
to be a real band if you can't
even sing in front of one
person who isn't even
in the same room as you?
Ok. But not
right now, I'm winning.
Oh, sorry I didn't
know you were out here.
That's okay, are you alright?
Oh yeah, I just came
out to sneak a cigarette.
You want one?
I'm ok, thanks.
So you plant those?
Yeah, I don't have much of a
green thumb but I've always
liked night gardens so I
thought I'd give it a shot.
Spruce up the place.
Night garden?
Yeah, most flowers they
bloom during the day.
These open up at night,
they're called moon flowers.
What's a girl
gotta do to get one of those.
That girl would have to
be og legal drinking age.
I'm 18, I can vote. That should
be legal drinking age.
You're in Laura's class?
I got held back a couple times.
Oh my God. Oh my
God, that's disgusting.
It's near beer.
Non alcoholic.
Well I didn't even have to
be of legal age to drink that!
No seriously, that was terrible.
Mr. John found me
again. That asshole.
I could have killed him. How
are we suppose to remember
all those details.
Come on. You won't need school
with a body like that, girl.
I mean that
breath, what the fuck?
His wife died last
year, she probably
killed herself.
I would have.
- You want to?
- I don't know.
You want to go at the shed?
Nah, I can't. I got a make up
test this afternoon.
- C'mon it will clear your head.
- Yeah ok.
Come on Carly.
No Jason. Fuck
What? Why not?
Where is she?
Come on. Why not?
Cause I don't want to.
Okay, okay, let's
go. I think you're done.
This guy, Wayne. He's
my friend's Dad.
Mom, Mom. Let me do
that. Go lay down ok.
What do you want?
Grilled cheese?
Would you say Dad
was a "good guy" when
he got you pregnant?
As soon as he
got me pregnant he split.
Landed himself in
prison. You know that.
But he wasn't trying to
leave right? He was trying
to be a good guy?
He said he was getting me money
for the baby but his friend
got caught and ratted him out.
So your father, so dignified,
beat the guy to a
pulp with brass knuckles.
Fucking fool. He
couldn't stand rats though.
He's suppose to
get out soon right?
Like next year or something?
He got out a few
months ago I think.
What? Mom, mom.
You say Dad got out already?
Yeah. Wanda said
she ran into his brother and
he said Bobby got out on
parole a few months ago.
You didn't think he was coming
back for you did you?
No.Just thought he would want
to meet his own daughter.
Hey-can I go over tonight?
Laura, are you talking
through my class?
No she
wasn't Mr. Johns, I was.
Better pay attention
or you'll be spending
your summer in here with me.
Carly, to
the Principal's office please.
What's that?
We have reason to
believe you robbed an apartment
on Main Street last
week and stole some items.
Ok. I didn't.
What apartment?
We know you pawned a game
system and some games
that were reported
stolen just days before.
That fucker. I knew
that would get back to me.
You admit to the robbery, Carly?
No. No, uh
if I told you someone gave me
those games to pawn,
would I have to tell you who?
Yes, you would.
And if I told you
it was my game system?
You're fucking arresting me?
Turn around miss.
You have the right to remain
silent, you have the right
to an attorney,
if you can not afford an
attorney one will
be appointed for you.
As soon as we walk
out of the office the fucking
bell rings, everyone came out
into the hallway. They were
all staring at me. It's like
they planned it like that.
Everybody was talking about it.
It sounded crazy.
And the I had to g
et my fingerprint done at
the station, which
was actually kind of fun.
I got a court date next week.
Probably get community service.
I don't have anything
on my record, so...
Well, that kind of sucks.
It was kind of funny.
What did Martha say?
She was drunk when
they dropped me off,
I doubt she will even remember.
You girls ok?
- Yeah were good.
- Sorry. Ouch!
Was it a good plate?
God, I can't wait to
get out of this place.
Where would you
go? Your Dad's?
Well, my Mom and Dad were
talking and they agreed
to let me stay
with him for the summer!
That's amazing!
I know
and he said we could set the
instruments up in the wreck room
and we can use it as
a jam space.
How long have you had these?
I don't know?
Did you do this to her ears?
Did you use rubbing alcohol?
Well they'll get infected.
That'll be nice.
- Sweet! Look at this.
- I think that looks good.
Right. With some
stage light on it.
It's going to be badass.
You know that song we were
working on the other day.
With the screamy chorus.
Yeah. I think that one's in
my other lyric book upstairs.
I'll be right back.
Mornin' ladies.
What's all this about?
First official day of
summer break. I think that is
a reason to
celebrate, don't you?
Not for me! I got
summer classes.
It's just
science, you'll be fine.
Let me know if you need help
with any home work or anything,
I was decent
at science in school.
- Yeah, ok.
- What is that look?
I just don't believe you.
Can you even
remember that long ago?
Don't listen
to her. Science was my subject.
He likes you.
We should play a show
at the end of the summer.
Yeah? You think
we'll be ready?
Yeah, I could maybe just
sing. We don't need bass.
Corey's cousins
say he has a drum kit,
apparently he's willing to jam.
That's cool.
You think Wayne would mind
if we put a drum kit in here?
Probably not. He's
really supportive of the band.
Yeah, he's really cool.
You don't think he minds
that I'm here all the time?
No, he likes you!
How do you know?
Did he say something?
- Yeah, he said you're funny.
- What? When?
Just like the other day. He
likes having us here.
Gives him something to do.
When should we have
that drummer guy over?
Man, this will be fun.
Yeah. I don't
know, I'll talk to him.
Hey. I was hoping I could
take you up on the offer to.
Oh! Right, of
course. Here, sit down.
Show me what you got?
What you're hung up on?
- Right here.
- Let's see.
You see the difference?
Yeah, that makes sense.
Once you get the language
down it's a lot easier.
What are you doing?
Hey kiddo, I was
just helping Carly with
some homework.
I should start dinner, I
didn't realize how late it was.
- You feel like you got it?
- Yeah. Yeah, thanks.
Let me know if you
need anything else.
You wash, I'll dry.
Sure. There's
dish towels in the pantry.
He really does
like me doesn't he?
I knew it. He might think I'm
little young for him though.
a woman. Seduce him.
What ya watching?
Just flipping
through. What are you doing up?
I thought you girls
were long asleep by now.
I don't know, couldn't sleep.
What's this?
Oh, no I haven't seen it.
So, is she a witch then?
That girl?
Yeah, that's End or a, she's her
mother. And she's upset
that Samantha is
married to a mortal.
It would be kind of
cool to be a witch I think.
Yeah, I suppose.
But the immortal part... I don't
know, doesn't sound to fun.
No? You wouldn't
want to live forever?
I don't know, would get
kind of lonely after a while?
Are you lonely Wayne?
What a thing to say.
Hey. I think you
should go to bed.
Yeah, ok.
Good night.
Well then. I was
wondering if I'd hear from you.
You owe me money.
She's not here.
Yeah, I'll tell her.
- You miss me, Bobby?
- Fuck you.
So when you turn 18 you
can apply for what's called a
queens pardon, to get this
taken off your record. That's
assuming you don't have anything
else on your record by then.
You listen to me?
Ok, so what do you got?
You got six months of
community services...
You got... God damn it. Ok, what
else? Two days a week at the
food bank. That's important.
Don't miss any of those days.
Check in regulary with
your probabtion officer.
That's yours. Don't
loose that. You got it?
Six months of community
service at a food bank.
So not that bad. Pretty good
actually, could be a lot worst.
I am still pretty
annoyed at Jason though.
I can't be that mad, you know
how greasy that guy is.
I should've known better.
But no matter how greasy he is
I wasn't going to rat him out.
I wouldn't rat anyone
out, I'm not a fucking rat.
So Dad's out of prison.
Whoa. Really?
Are you gonna see him?
Dunno. So, I was thinking about
making posters for the show!
Put some up around
town, the diner, here...
Yeah, that would be cool.
- Hello.
- Hey, Wayne?
It's Carly.
Oh hey, yeah Laura's
at her mom's tonight.
- Oh, gotcha. Hey...
- What's up?
I wanted to apologize.
For the other night,
on the couch. I got
a carried away and...
That's ok. Don't worry
about that. It's forgotten.
Oh! Forgotten
already? I guess girls do that
sort of thing to you a lot, huh?
No, not exactly. I meant, don't
feel embarrassed or anything.
Have you thought about it since?
I have. That's why
I was wondering if you've
also been thinking about it.
I'm not really sure
what you're getting at.
You're just so handsome,
I get nervous being around you.
I guess I got caught up...
Looking at your lips.
Wondering what they taste like.
Do you wnat me to tell you what
else I've been thinking about?
No, no I don't. Listen...
I'm touching myself.
Carly, you're in high school
and I think you had a crush-
Girls have crushes.
I'm a woman. I'm into you.
Why are you making
this such a big deal?
How do you think
Laura would feel?
If she knew that you
were doing this?
Do you think she
would do the same
to you if the roles
were reversed?
Maybe she would
just want me to be happy.
Yeah, ok. You're welcome
to come over here any time
with Laura
but this flirting is too much.
Too much because you can't
handle how bad you want me?
I'm kidding!
Ok, Wayne it's fine, I'm joking!
Ok. I'm going to
hang up now. Goodbye.
Something like this?
Yeah, I like that.
Sweet. We're
gonna' be so awesome.
- Yeah, I hope so.
- We will.
So I need to
talk to you about something.
- Ok.
- I've been seeing Jason.
No, I've been seing
Jason for a while now.
I didn't tell you because
I thought you would be mad.
Are you mad?
No. I think that's
great actually.
Oh. I felt bad
hiding that from you.
No. You guys fuck
all you want. You should!
As long as you're
happy. I'm happy.
We shouldn't done that.
Sorry. We can't
like you know keep...
No talking.
- Hi Carly, it's Lisa.
- Hi Lisa. What's up?
Sweet pea, Laura was
supposed to watch Tyler
and she ran off with Jason
somewhere and I don't know
when she'll be back.
Could you come over and
watch Tyler for a few hours?
Yeah, yeah I
could do that. Sure.
You should be together.
Hey? What
are you doing here?
Your Mom asked me to watch
Tyler. She said you were out
with Jason, she didn't
know how long you would be.
- I wasn't with Jason.
- Are you okay?
Well, I guess we will see.
How long do you
think it has been?
Dunno. Four
minutes maybe?
Shit. Shit. Fuck.
It's going to be
ok. We'll be fine.
Hold on!
Are you going to tell Jason?
I dunno. What if
he wants me to keep it?
Do you know what you want to do?
Well, I can't keep
it. I can't take care of a baby.
And Mom wouldn't be any help
she can barely take care of us.
Ugh, I don't even want to
think about what Dad will say.
He doesn't have
to know. No one does.
We can go to the clinic tomorrow
and see what your options are.
I think Mary's sister had an
abortion a few years ago.
We could ask her.
I don't know if
I want an abortion.
It's going to be ok.
This happens all the time.
We'll figure it out.
- What the fuck?
- Sounds like Ken's home.
Hey who broke
this? Come here you little shit.
And he's drunk.
Don't leave shit
by the door! I told you!
Hey. You're
going to be ok.
- Hey.
- Yeah.
You staying out?
Dunno yet. Can I
grab a couple?
See ya.
What did you tell your Mother?
Nothing. Just said
I was going out.
She never ask with
who or where or anything.
So, do you want to do?
We could go
get dinner or something?
We can't go out
in public anywhere,
what if we see someone we know?
Why did you pick me up
then if we can't go anywhere?
I wanted to talk to you.
Look Carly, I shouldn't have
let that happen the other night.
I wasn't good?
No, God it's not that.
It shouldn've happened
because it's not appropriate.
Hey, no, no.
I'm driving here.
Wanna go park
somewhere and make out?
No, cause I'm
not in high school.
You're not 18. I
know you lied to me.
Why are you saying that?
It came up with
Lisa. I know you're 17.
Awe Lisa... Are you
guys back together?
You and Lisa seem
pretty close, that's all.
We're family. Of
course we're close.
Family? You
weren't even married.
We have a child
together Carly, we will always
be family. That's how this stuff
works. And that's not the point.
I shouldn't let it
happen either way.
- The age of consent is 16.
- What's that?
Everyone think it's
18 but it's actually 16.
What if Laura finds out?
She won't. I won't tell anyone
I just like being with you.
Let's just take
some time alright.
Some time to sit with this.
Ok? I guarentee you'll see it
my way eventually, I know
you will. You're so young...
Oh my God, I'm not a fucking
kid, I know what I'm doing.
You know what?
Ugh, whatever. Take me home.
- I know you're not a kid.
- Just take me home please.
- Thank you young sir. Thank you.
- Ew. That's so gross.
It's just drool.
Just drool? That's excalty
what is so gross about it.
You don't know
where that kid's been.
- I know what I want to do.
- What?
I just, I know
what people will think
but I just feel like I
should keep the baby.
Like, I think
I'll be a good mom.
Is that because of the
drool kid? You think you'll
be a good mom? Handle
a bit of drool?
I know it's not
great timing but...
You're serious?
I'm serious, yeah. I
think I'll be a good mom.
And actually, I've
always wanted to be a mom so...
maybe now is the time.
Yeah. Sure. It's
whatever you want.
I want to keep it.
- Ok.
- Ok.
- Will you help me tell Mom?
- Fuck no.
Watch your mouth.
If you think I'm not going to
swear around your kid
you have got another
thing coming girl.
Yes of course,
I'll help you tell her.
Thank you.
I should probably do this alone.
You sure? I'll
totally go in with you.
Thank you, but I'll be fine.
Okay, good luck.
Slow down I can't undertand you.
Ok. No,
I'll be right there.
No, I'm not done
talking to you yet.
Do you have any idea how
much this will cost your Mother?
- Leave her alone!
- You ungrateful bitch.
Stop! This is
none of your business!
Yea, that's right! None of this
is my fucking business,
do you think I want to be here
taking care of all these kids?
What, you think I'm the
bad guy here, me?
And now a fucking retarded
baby too! Jesus Christ!
I'm not the one who is fucking every single
guy in school, getting myself knocked up!
You're always fucking taking food right out of
your brothers mouth you fucking little slut!
Stop it!
Hey Wayne, we're just
having a little chat here...
Get out.
Right now.
Get the hell out. Don't
ever come back. You got it?
You fucking people.
You girls okay? Lisa, don't
ever let him in here again.
I know, I'm sorry.
Hey, don't be sorry, it's okay.
We just can't have
him around our family anymore?
I'm a bad mom!
Oh come
on stop! It's ok.
Our familly?
Why are you even here?
I called him.
Is this your family now?
What's wrong with you Carly?
Dad helped us.
Is the the baby's okay?
What baby?
Oh, sorry I
thought you told him.
Are you pregnant?
Oh my God.
Wow! Laura...
Does that tickle?
- Knock, knock.
- Hey! How was class?
Ugh. But after class, I
made you a little something.
What is this?
Oh my god, this is so cute!
And tiny, are they
really this tiny?
- Apparently!
- Jeez Louise.
So what did the doctor say?
Oh, he said everything was
good. Looks normal so...
Good. I was
getting a little worried.
A little..
Have you talked to Jason yet?
Not yet.
Where's Wayne?
- I don't know.
- He's been out all day?
- That is so cute. Look at that.
- Yeah, those are cute.
Carly, sweetie.
Hey, sweetie.
Where were you?
I was at a meeting.
Why are you on the couch?
I wanted to see you.
- Where's Laura?
- She's asleep.
Come on, let me drive you home.
I wanna stay here.
I'm sorry.
Sorry for what?
The way I acted when you
picked me up the other night.
I was afraid of losing you.
It's ok, come on
let me drive you home.
Why can't I just stay here?
You can't sleep
here every night Carly.
Why are you so
hot and cold all the time?
I just don't think you should
be here every night, that's all.
- Were you with Lisa?
- What? No.
Are you seeing someone?
Lower your voice.
Hey. Hey...
Hey, where's Laura?
At the venue.
I was suppose to be
driving both of you guys.
Oh no, I told her to
wait there after sound check
and I would
meet up with her after.
I'm so stoked to play this show.
I hope there are a
lot of people there.
I'm wondering if if
opening band is any good?
Corey has seen them and
said they were pretty good.
I haven't seen them but
I mean, we will probably
be the best band there.
- You did this one purpose.
- What do you mean?
Oh come on. Just
for me to drive you.
I said I would drive
both of you, together.
Oh yeah, yeah. I just said she
should stay at the venue
because somebody
had to work the door.
And I had to go home and change.
Look Carly, I'm going to say
this to you one more time
and you got to hear me.
This can't go anywhere.
Do you understand?
Yeah, this about Lisa.
No. God damn it,
it's not about Lisa!
Then someone else?
No that's not
what this is about.
- Stop yelling.
- We can't see each other.
I don't feel good.
I don't want to hurt you. But
you don't seem to be hearing me.
I can't lose you.
Lose me. Carly
we're not a thing.
I don't feel good.
Carly, wait!
Carly wait!
I don't wantt to
see you right now.
Carly, please.
Just relax, it'll be okay.
Carly, get back in the car.
I know you're upset.
I don't do this.
I can't believe this.
I love you so much...
I would never do this to you.
God damn it!
Carly, get back in the car,
I'll still give you a ride.
I'm going to play my
show, don't come!
Where's Carly?
I am gonna go find her.
Have you seen Carly?
You guys seen Carly?
No we haven't seen her.
Carly! Carly!
Are you okay?
I'm so sorry Laura.
It's ok, we still have
time to go play our show.
Wow, pathetic.
I don't
know why he doesn't love me.
- Who? Jason?
- - I'm so mad.
Are you upset about Jason?
Guys! Guys,
something's wrong with Carly.
She's just high
Laura, it'll wear off soon.
No, It's something else,
she can't breath look at her.
Oh shit! She's fucked
up! What did she take?
I don't know. Maybe this?
She smokes this sometimes.
Jesus Christ! You're
lucky she's not fucking dead.
Should we take
her to the hospital?
Yeah, probably.
Ok no, she doesn't need a hospital,
she's just high. It will wear off soon.
Alright, well I can't risk this
shit, I'm on probation.
I'm gonna bounce.
- Matt!
- I am gonna bounce!
I can't Laura, I am sorry.
Jason what the... Matt!
Somebody help please!
What happened?
I don't know. I think she
needs to go to the hospital,
she can't breath.
Okay, bring her to my car.
Yeah, a can of air
freshener. I think she was
inhaling it. I don't know, some
kids at school do it.
I can't get a
hold of her mom. How is she?
Okay Carly, how many fingers?
This is his fault...
I need you to put this mask on.
Wayne, I told him.
I don't why she keeps saying
his name. That's my Dad.
Carly, he's on his
way. He'll be here soon.
What? No, no, no...
He told me he loved me.
He loved me.
What happened with Wayne Carly?
He fucked me.
What happened?
Dad, what the fuck did you do?
- Hey.
- Can I help you, Carly?
I just haven't seen Laura
around since school started.
Wanted to see how she was doing?
She's tired and
morning sickness so...
Just going to keep
her home a while longer.
I got her a present.
If she's up for a visitor?
She's really tired, sweetie.
But when she wakes up
I can give it to
her if you want.
Wait Lisa. I'm sorry I messed
eveything up for you guys.
You didn't do it alone.
He's a grown up.
He knows better.
It wasn't like that.
Sweetheart, you made
a little girl's decision
and you are paying big girl
consequences but it's not...
People are quick to judge but
you did not do this alone.
It sure feels like it.
You're alone.
He is being made accountable
too. But he's Laura's dad.
We're a family and we got to
do what it takes to stay close.
Yeah no, I understand.
Hey. I was wondering
when I'd see you again.
I lost him and I lost Laura, I
don't know what to do.
If you gave him a baby,
you would be part of the family.
Why did you stop?
Finish inside of me.
You can't be here.
You hear me?
You can't be here.
Let me come in.
What? No, absolutely not.
Yeah, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I..
I love you!
I can't see you Carly,
do you understand?
I can't see you!
And I'll be 18 soon. I
fucked up. I know I fucked up.
I lost everything!
You understand?
I don't know
what I was thinking..
Look, I fucked up and
I've lost everything.
Laura won't answer my
calls. I'm drinking again.
I can't even walk my own fucking block
without the neighbors looking at me funny.
- I'm pregnant.
- What?
No, I'm sorry. I'm not
pregnant. I'm not.
Jesus Christ!
I'll give you a
baby if you want one.
I have a child and she won't
speak to me because of you.
I don't want a
fucking baby with you.
I don't want anything
with you. Nothing!
I know I'm the adult
in this situation and...
I messed up and this
isn't your fault.
No, you didn't do
anything wrong, I love you.
I have to be responsibility.
You understand? Look at me.
If you don't leave right now
I'm going to call the police.
No. No, please. Wait...
I have nothing
left to lose, kid.
What's wrong now?
No. I do not want
to see you right now.
I ran into Shelley at
the liquor store today.
How's Shelley doing?
She blamed me for what happened
between you and that man.
She said everyone in town is
talking about how I let
you do whatever you want.
How I don't set boundaries.
Hey, hey Mom. It's okay.
No! It's not. Everyone I know
thinks I'm a bad Mother
and I just don't know, Carly.
You've always been
so independent and I've
never really had to raise you.
You raised yourself. And I was
doing it alone, and...
Mom, look at me.
You're doing a fine job.
I'm going to be ok.
She never even asks about you.
What? So she's
not perfect.
She's not perfect.
But she's the
only... she needs me.
She needs me.
And at least she stuck around.
And at least she stuck around.
Dad never took..
You don't make me feel good. I
think you should go away.
Bobby called. He wants you to
call him. If you want to.
But don't feel obligated you
don't owe him anything.
It's Carly.
I would really like to
see you in person and talk.
If you're feeling up to it.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- Can you forgive me?
- Forgive you?
Carly, it was Dad's fault.
No, I need to
take some responsibility.
I was being so
selfish and I didn't think
about how it
would affect this...
It's just weird for me. I
don't want to think about it.
And I'll accept that
you made some bad choices
but you have to accept that
I just think we should see
each other for awhile.
And I don't blame you.
I'm not mad at.
But it's just so weird.
You understand that, right?
Do you want to yell at me? You
can yell at me if you want to.
I don't want to
yell at you, Carly.
Will you at least call him?
That's not your business.
Take care of yourself Carly.