Night Claws (2012) Movie Script

Did you hear that?
Hear what?
That animal.
There's something out there, Donny.
Baby, come on...
Hey... it's nothing.
It's probably just like a wolf,
or a bear or something.
Alright, don't worry, don't worry.
Look, we're in the car.
No one's gonna bother us.
Are you sure?
Yeah baby, I'm sure.
Look at me baby,
come on... come on.
It's okay, really.
Let's finish what we started.
I know you heard that!
I know you did!
Yeah I did.
Then go out there, and check things out.
Or we're not finishing anything!
Okay, okay, Jesus!
Damn it!
And talk about losing
your head over a girl.
That was a kind of sick
thing you're saying, man.
Why, man?
Just kidding around.
So... what the hell
happened here, Roberta?
Oh, good morning to you too, Joe.
I'm sorry, I haven't
had my coffee yet.
What's going on?
So far, best we can tell,
we got two bodies here.
The best we can tell?
We got a lot of pieces here, Sheriff.
- That looks like the old ridge kid's car.
- Yeah.
We confirmed that with the
ID's with that other wallet.
Donny Ulrich and Sandy Sanders.
Just a couple of teenagers
out for a little hanky panky.
Well, let's keep that
out of the report, ok.
It's bad enough I got to tell
the parents their kids are dead.
- Yeah.
- Alright.
- Come on. Let's check that out.
- Okay.
Open it.
That's enough...
Close it.
What the hell could have done that?
I don't know.
The coroner said it
must be some kind of animal.
What I've seen...
I have to agree.
Yeah, but what kind of animal does that
to their prey and then doesn't eat it?
Only one kind I can think of...
The human kind...
Bingo .
So what? Think that we got some kind
of serial killer wacko on our hands?
I don't know what I think right
now Roberta. I really don't.
Just kinda thinking out loud...
let the coroner report tell us.
But in the mean time...
We should shut down the parks
and the campgrounds just to be safe.
You got it, Sheriff.
So... we still on for dinner tonight?
Was that tonight?
Hey, I was just kidding.
Yeah, we're on for dinner tonight.
I don't know what I'm
going to do with you Joe.
I really don't.
Yeah, I got two ex-wives
saying the same thing.
Mm... On that note,
I think I'll get back to work.
- Good idea.
- Yeah.
Come over here !
What I can do for you, Sheriff?
I want a pictures of that.
Good ones. From every angle.
Then I want you to email them to
zoos, museums and universities...
and anywhere else you can think of...
until we can find somebody who can
hopefully identify what did that.
You got it, Sheriff.
And send some to my office too.
Will do.
Anything else?
Tell me what happened here.
Well ah...
Never mind.
- Just get the pictures taken care of.
- Yes sir.
We just wait for them to finish up.
Then go down there and pick up the trail.
That could take hours, boss.
I'm sure it will.
And I don't care.
Why don't we just cap the whole
misdemeanor and go about our business?
Because that would make a mess.
And I don't like messes.
Besides, to do something
stupid like that will have
a thousand state troopers
out here looking for us.
Is that what you want?
I guess not, no.
That's why I don't pay you to think.
So don't!
That Sheriff gets in
my way, he'll get hit.
Not, right, now...
Let him do his job. He might
just take us right to our prey.
- You got it?
- Yes, sir.
- You got it?
- Yes, sir. I got it.
Okay, everybody gather around!
Originally we had three
couples in the group.
But the last ones backed out.
Does anyone have a problem with that?
These are the Chadworths,
Edward and Linda.
and these are the Parkers,
Charles and Cindy.
As you know, we are going out into
the wild for a period of three days.
With very limited supplies.
The idea being to create a
survival situation that
forces us to survive off the land
using our own skills and nothing else.
But don't worry because
I always bring this...
It's an emergency GPS beacon.
I push this button and help will
get to us in 12 hours or less.
So that thing pretty much
works from anywhere?
Pretty much, yes.
Pretty much... What do you
mean exactly pretty much?
Don't worry Mr. Chadworth,
it will work from
anywhere we're going.
I see... I'm just...
I'm fine with it.
I just wanted to make
sure it work, that's all.
Okay folks, let's get moving.
What do you think he's afraid of?
It's only gonna be a few days.
Maybe he's afraid of the woods.
He's not afraid.
He has been camping before.
Ever been camping before?
Hey Ed... where the hell
did you grow up?
I grew up in New York.
Do you have a problem with that?
No, I got no problem with that at all.
But I will kick your ass if
you don't get out of my face.
Don't do it, Charlie.
Shut up, Cindy.
You wanna dance?
Come on, let's do this.
I got to clear my problems
with my brain not my fist.
- Oh, really?
- Yeah.
Well, how about you think this over
right after I break your nose.
Come on!
What the hell do you
two think you're doing?
The first rule of survival is to
count on others in your party,
not to kill each other!
You two are standing here,
ready to fight each other
and we haven't even started yet!
Are you crazy or just stupid?
Which one is it?
Now come on, suck it up both
of you, shake hands and...
... let's get this show on the road!
You heard her, Ed.
- You heard her, too.
- Okay, alright!
I'm sorry, Ed.
I just get a little
pissed off real fast.
Me too.
Can we finally get
started on our trip now?
By all means.
Let's do this thing.
The first thing a person needs to do
when they find themselves in
a survival type of situation...
is to get their bearing.
If you're about where they are, decide
whether they're gonna stay still...
and wait for rescue...
or choose a direction to go
for and facilitate self rescue.
That's where we're headed.
To that point up there.
That's far.
It's only a few miles away and right
now we've got just enough time...
to make it there, and build
ourselves a shelter for the night...
So let's keep going.
That's really far.
A little.
Are you absolutely sure about this?
Thank you very much.
I owe you one.
Professor, you had call...
Forget about the calls, Thomas.
We have a live case. Let's go.
And where are we going?
Road trip.
Cool, where to this time?
It's a small town called Morningside.
It's a couple of hours drive north.
They just had an attack last night.
An attack?
That's odd, isn't it?
Yeah, it's different,
but it's happened before.
But this will be the first time we get
to be there just after it happened.
This gonna be huge for us, Thomas.
Is the van ready?
Yeah, ready. Cast up.
Ready to go. Just like always.
Good, you drive.
- I gotta change clothes.
- Cool.
I'm telling you Sheriff,
it's real bad timing for something
like this to happen in our town?
It's summer time, Joe.
We have the pumpkin festival
coming up and other things...
and the last thing we need
is this kind of publicity.
I know what that's
causing, Mr. Aldrich.
But I can't change the
timing of these things.
These things happen when they happen.
You know that.
I know, I know, Sheriff.
But you could possibly
avoid a disaster for us
by keeping it quiet and getting
it solved as quickly as possible.
I've got a bunch of body
parts down in the morgue
that used to be two teenagers.
This ain't gonna solve itself.
All I'm asking you to do,
is whatever you can...
to expedite things.
We normally get over a hundred
thousand visitors to this township...
during the festival, Sheriff.
We rely on that income.
The township needs it to survive.
I know that.
I've lived here over 25 years.
Look, why don't you just leave
me alone and let me do my job?
I'll do my very best to get
this over as soon as possible.
That's all I'm asking, Sheriff.
And please... try to keep
the press out of this.
I'll do my best.
Thank you, Sheriff.
And good day to you.
You too.
Excuse me... Sheriff Kelly?
Yes, that's me.
Hi, I'm Professor Sarah Evans from
the National Museum of Anthropology.
How do you do?
And how in the world did
you get wind of this so fast?
We have our ways, Sheriff.
I'm sure you do.
But I don't have
time for this right now.
I'm very busy.
Well my office has the full
backing of the President...
scientific board for the
discovery of new species.
And I'm afraid you gonna have
to make time for this Sheriff.
What is it you want?
I want to see everything that
you have on last night's attack.
That makes two of us.
Come again...
I haven't seen
everything we've got yet.
You are welcome to tag
along if you'd like to.
But I'm warning you, if you get in
my way one time, you're out of here.
I don't care who's backing you up.
Do I make myself perfectly clear?
Yes, perfectly.
And may I say, I don't want to
hinder your investigation whatsoever
and I don't want you to
think of me that way, Sheriff.
I'll do my best.
Come on.
Sheriff, man, the phone
has been hopping.
Everyone in these parts has been calling
to find out what happened last night.
And what have you been telling them?
No comments... and don't
tell them anything else.
- Okay? You got it?
- Right.
Alright, just relax
and take care of it.
Sorry, Sheriff.
Hey, Sheriff, got darn here,
Ulrich's father on the phone...
He wants to know that we need
him to come in and identify the body.
Are you kidding?
No way.
Listen. Tell him that I'll come and
talk to him as soon as I can and...
just be kind with him.
- You got it, sir.
- Right, take care of it.
Can I get you a cup of coffee,
or soda pop or something?
No, Sheriff, I'm fine, thanks.
Why don't you sit down and
tell me again why you're here.
I'm here to find out what
happened to those two kids last night.
Well, what you gonna do when
you find out that a person did it?
I mean, it's still in my jurisdiction.
Well, you see Sheriff,
that's where we differ.
I don't think a person did this.
The um...
The coroner's ready
for you down the hall.
Who is this?
Hi, Professor Sarah Evans from
the National Museum of Anthropology.
Deputy Roberta Glickman,
Morningside Sheriff's Department.
A pleasure to meet you.
- Pleasure is mine. Sheriff?
- Yes.
The coroner is waiting for you.
Thank you, Deputy.
I suppose you want to go with me?
I hope you can handle this.
It's not going to be pretty.
Don't worry about me, Sheriff.
I'll be just fine.
I hope so.
- Hello Sheriff.
- Hi, hi.
I see you got someone coming with you. How
delightful. Absolutely delightful, yeah.
I'm Professor Sarah Evans,
how do you do?
Oh, Professor with the soft hands...
soft hands. I like that very much.
- I... I...
- Knock it off, doc!
Listen, I don't have time to waste.
Show me what you got.
Oh, yes. Okay.
Of course, of course.
Here we have...
... Sandy Sanders.
Oh, my God.
What could have done that doc?
Ooh... I really... have
no idea, sir. No idea.
You don't know what did it?
No, I...
I... I'm just a coroner not a butcher...
you know magician, magician.
Could a man have done it?
Yes, I mean... I suppose so. You
know if... or maybe he was on PCP.
You know... I bet if he had some sort
of a gardening tool as a weapon.
Is that the Ulrich boy over there?
Yes, that's him alright.
Come, come.
Come, come.
At least... well,
what's left of him, I mean.
Not much, I'm saying...
Not much.
No man did this.
Oh, very observant, Professor.
Brains and beauty.
That's a dangerous combination.
But... you are right, Professor.
No man did this because...
no man could do this.
Because no man is
strong enough... to do this.
Wait... here.
His feet were... literally
torn off his... legs
and... his head.
His head was torn off as well.
So no man could have done this?
Oh no... Oh no no no.
No chance. No chance.
What about an animal, doc?
Oh, yeah... I mean...
Perhaps well I think of it
I mean, there are animals that,
right are strong enough to do this.
Well, bears for instance.
You know, almost all documented
reports of bear attacks on humans...
include them eating their prey.
Or at least some portion of it.
And well, it would appear to me that
whatever did this was not
interested in eating at all.
It's interested only in
cornage... carnage.
Well, Deputy Roberta found some long
brown animal hair at the crime scene.
It must be some kind of animal.
Were they long, very thick, coarse
hair with a foul odor to them?
Yes exactly.
How would you know that?
Ooh, it seems our lovely Professor
knows more about this than we do.
If you have something to tell us,
it's no time like the present.
Oh... oh...
"Sasquatch", "Yeti"
"Abominable Snowman"
"Big Foot" whatever you want to call it.
That's what did this.
That's not real!
Come on! That's something
that they used to...
scare kids around the campfire!
- Right, doc?
- I don't know.
It could be real...
I mean, we haven't proven
it yet, but we're very close.
I mean, there's been a lot of cases,
a lot like this very recently.
- With this kind of mutilation?
- Yes.
Oh uh... Excuse me...
You know what?
Come with me.
- I think I have something to show you.
- What is it, doc?
There's something else you
should see... Something else.
In... fact I only thought of it because
our lovely professor mentioned "Big Foot".
That was taken from the crime scene?
Yes... Yes... That's what I was told.
Yes. Yes.
How big is it, Doc?
It's just over
18 inches... just over.
That would make the creature
about 10 to 13 feet tall.
- What?
- Precisely right, Professor.
Precisely right.
Ooh yes.
You means we have a 10 foot tall killer
"Big Foot" on the loose out there?
It would appear that way, yes.
Oh, great.
Just great.
Hold up, folks. Take a good look
around and tell me what you see.
- Let me guess, more trees.
- Charlie...
That's okay... Edward and
Linda. What do you see?
A valley.
That's right.
And what do most valleys
have running through them?
That's right.
And where do most rivers lead to?
Town, people.
You've got man the golden right.
Exactly right, Edward.
Very good. So that's our
path down to the valley floor.
Good job, babe.
Thank you, babe.
Not bad for a .
Daylight's wasting. We
got to get down there and
set up camp for the night.
So let's keep going, guys.
Enough with this guy.
I'm telling you Thomas, I think
we're on to the real thing this time.
- Really?
- Yes, really.
Those two kids were
torn apart last night.
Even have hair samples
and a footprint mold.
- You believe yourself?
- A bigfoot? Yes, I do. I really do.
So what you're saying is...
Hey! Did I hear you
mention "Big Foot"?
What if I did?
Good. There's a guy in the bar,
he knows all about them.
Is that a fact?
PC sees him everyday.
His name is Cooter.
Why don't you go in and ask him?
Well, thank you very
much for that information.
You're welcome.
Do you have to go in there?
We have to.
What can I do for you?
Where might I find
someone named Cooter.
He's a goofy looking
dude at the end of the bar.
Thank you.
Mr. Cooter...
Mr. Cooter!
Are you talking to me?
Yes, I am.
I'm Professor Sarah Evans and this
is my associate Thomas Everman.
Do you mind if we sit down
and talk to you for a moment?
This is free country, ain't it.
Yes... it is.
Somebody told us that you've
seen a "Big Foot" around here.
Is that true?
I could use another beer.
Would you tell us
what you know, please.
I need another beer.
This guy's wasting our time,
Professor. He's a drunk.
Let's get out of here.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, that's right, I'm a
drunk. Everybody in here knows it too...
But I bet you on a drunk who
knows what you want to know boy.
Can you get him another beer, please?
All right.
All right.
Thank you, Johnny.
Now will you tell us
what we want to know?
Like in "Big Foot"?
I've seen them.
You've seen more than one?
Damn right woman, there's a whole
mass of them staying inside there.
What you talking about?
Well, keep going... please.
Bartender, can you give him
another beer? Just, you know...
Just keep 'em coming
while we're sitting here.
- Here you go, Cooter.
- Thank you, Johnny.
The first time I ever saw one,
I was 'coon hunting.
I turned around, and there he was...
big and alive...
It was 10 foot tall .
And he had these
big huge claws on them.
It looks like they could
cut you right in half.
And what did you do?
Well, I shot him?
Damn right.
That only pissed him off. I got out of
there as fast as my legs could carry me.
He got my dog though.
I think he ate him too cause...
I have never seen poor old
Cooter dance since that day.
Your dog's name is "Cooter"?
Well, what else would it be?
Well, was that it with the "Big Foot"?
A couple of weeks after that
I was chopping wood
behind my trailer.
It come another one.
To at him though I tail it
back inside the house.
That critter went
crazy running around...
Pounding on everything.
Shaking the walls...
Broke every window
and window panes...
Hell, I barely made it out of there
fighting him off with a baseball bat.
I had to just keep him getting in.
I was dang when I figured out
what he really wanted there.
And what was that?
Well, he wanted to kill me
now, that's for sure.
But that ain't the only
reason he was there.
See, the first thing he wanted
to do, was he wanted...
Hey, Johnny.
You were saying?
I said...
The first thing he wanted to do
is he wanted to have sex with me.
I don't think that's very funny.
Well, you're damn right,
it ain't funny.
That hurt like hell.
You have any real evidence
of your encounters, do you?
I got me a bunch of photographs
that nobody's ever seen before.
Well, if you're telling the truth,
I'd be interested in buying those.
Provided they're good.
I want to drink beer
here for free for a month.
As without paying, nah!
That could be arranged.
I tell you what, you little darlin'...
Looks like maybe me and
you got us a deal, okay?
Very good guys.
It's really good.
This ought to keep you
protected from the elements...
and even keep you dry if it rains.
Actually it is pretty simple to do.
Only because you two paid attention.
What in the world are you two doing?
Building a shelter
like you told us to.
The problem is, that's not going
to shelter you from anything.
What are you gonna do if it rains?
There's not a cloud in the sky.
- Listen to her, Charlie.
- Shut up.
The point Mr. Parker, is to be
prepared for the unexpected.
Therein lies the key
to survival in the wild.
Tear this thing down. Start over
and this time, make it rain proof.
You mean I have to get
my hands all dirty again?
We do whatever it takes.
Let me tell you something...
If we get into a situation where
we got to start eating each other...
She's going first.
Charlie, stop it.
That's disgusting.
Enjoy the soup while you can.
It's the last regular food you
gonna have for the next few days.
Tomorrow, we gonna
set up snares for game
and dig around for roots
and other edibles.
What kind of game?
Rabbit, chipmunk, squirrel,
pretty much anything we can catch.
That's if, we're lucky
enough to catch anything.
I don't think I can eat any of those.
They're all so cute.
If you're hungry enough,
you'll eat them.
Hey, don't look at me.
You're the one who wanted to do this.
I know...
I know.
Oh, my God!
- Where is she?
- What in the...?
- Where's Sherry?
- What the hell did we just see here?
- Did you hear that?
- Yeah, baby, we all heard that.
That's it.
I've got enough of this shit.
There is something over here.
- Well, can you see anything?
- I can't see anything.
There is...
Stop! You might shoot one of them!
Fuck them!
- Charlie!
- Not now!
We have to help them!
Now we're not going anywhere!
And that thing...
whatever it is...
If it wants to come get us...
Let it come.
There it is...
Come on...
Come on!
Don't shoot!
It's me!
- Have you seen my wife?
- No.
We gotta go back in and find her!
Yeah, I don't think
that's going to happen.
Hey, man, don't say that.
Look! We got a real problem here!
And believe me when I tell you,
you get in my way...
I'll put you down.
Charlie... Stop.
Shut up!
That goes for you too.
Stay out of my way.
Man, you are a really big man with
that gun in your hand, aren't you?
That's right.
You got a problem with that?
Oh, God... Come on.
Come on.
Are you okay?
I think so.
We gonna get out of here...
It was here alright...
No doubt about it.
It really did a
number on these guys...
Don't touch it!
Just take pictures of everything.
Want us to make molds
of the footprints?
Hell, no.
I don't want another footprint mold.
I want the beast.
Well, well.
At least two people
actually got away...
Let's go, boys.
This way.
Where to boss?
"Gibson Bay".
We got problem.
Yeah, no kidding?
No. I'm talking about a new problem.
We just found out that Sharon
Farmer, took a party of four...
up to the mountains yesterday in
one of her little "survival' trips.
That's not good.
Any more good news?
just a bunch of guys gathering
down at the county lot
talking about going
out on their own...
and hunting this thing down.
Just what we need.
A bunch of idiots running around
the woods shooting at each other!
I'll go talk to them.
You gather the deputies together...
and we'll go search for
Sharon Farmer's party.
I'll meet you back in
the parking lot in five.
Sheriff, you got it.
Hey guys!
Now is not hunting season, right?
Something killed those two young
kids last night, Sheriff, and we're...
fixing to do something about it.
Ain't that right, boys?
So what do you think about that?
I think your truck's illegally parked.
To what?
This is a county lot...
and you're illegally parked.
Looks like I'm gonna
have to tow you, Steve.
But first...!
I want you to put your
shotguns in the back of this truck.
And I mean now!
Ain't gonna be that easy, Sheriff.
Yes it is.
Watch this.
Now, I'm going to tell
you guys, one more time.
Put your guns in
the back of this truck...
or I'm going over to the courthouse
and I'm going to swear out a warrant
for each and every one of you.
Now, you all know me!
You know I'll do it!
Now, what's it going to be?
That's it!
Put them back there.
Don't worry,
I'll get them back to you!
That goes for you too, Steve.
And give me your keys.
Damn, Sheriff!
Why you gotta go spoil all our fun?
Come by in the morning and I'll
get them back to you. No fine.
Now look, I want you guys to go out,
get yourselves a beers or whatever...
and relax, okay?
We got everything under control here.
You have everything
under control, do you?
Yes it is, well is can be under
the circumstances. Yes.
I see.
- Listen. I had a talk with Mr. Brown.
- Cooter?
Do you talk with Cooter Brown?
That's precious.
I don't understand...
He's the town drunk.
Last year he told everybody that
he was abducted by aliens...
and that they wanted to have sex with him.
And if they keeps the beers coming...
he'll tell anybody any thing.
They wanna hear anything.
Well, it just so happens that
I'm gonna get a lot more
than just stories out of him.
Would you mind walking with me?
Ah... kind a lot going on right now.
- Williams, take care of the truck.
- Got it.
So, you're telling me that Cooter gave
you actual photographs of the "Bigfoot".
No, but he's agreed
to sell them to me.
But you haven't seen them yet?
Not yet. I'm going to meet
him in a couple of hours.
Save yourself some time
and money, and don't go.
- There are no pictures.
- Well, he seemed pretty convincing.
Listen, that's what he does.
That's all he does.
The man lives on disability,
if he had the pictures...
...he'd had sold them already.
Okay, say you're right.
That doesn't prove the
creature doesn't exist.
No, it doesn't.
You're gonna have to excuse me.
I'm going to have to go do
my job for a little while.
What's going on here?
I'm going to go out and search
for a party of five in the woods,
...just to be safe.
Can I go with you?
No, it's out of the question, no.
This is official business.
Well, if you think for one second, that
what I'm doing isn't official business,
you are sadly mistaken.
Do you understand how
important this can be?
What I understand is that
I have two dead teenagers...
...and I don't want to see
any more people get hurt.
- Well, I'm going with you.
- No!
One phone call and I can have
the military rolling in here a matter of hours, and this entire
investigation will be out of your hands.
You know?
That's really too bad.
I was just starting to like you.
Shall I?
Okay, okay.
You can come along, but
don't get in the way.
- Deal.
- No deal. That's the way it is.
- Do we understand each other?
- Perfectly.
Come on.
Alright, deputies!
Follow me on up to Twin Forks Road!
We start our search from there!
Sheriff, you mean
we're going after one of
Cooter Brown's Bigfoot?
No, we're gonna go look
for Sherry Farmer's party.
- You're staying here.
- Huh?
Somebody has to watch
the office, you're the one.
- But Sheriff, I...
- No!
Don't argue with me.
Take care of it.
Yes, sir.
So ah...
Roberta... you're gonna have
to ride with someone else today.
I have to take the
Professor with me.
I'm sorry.
I'm not getting in the
middle of anything, am I?
There's no problem.
We're all professionals here.
I suppose so.
You don't want to do that.
Toss it.
Don't be a hero, pal.
They're way overrated.
Now toss the piece or
lose the top of your head.
- Let me shoot him, boss.
- Shut up, number 2.
But you promised I
got to shoot somebody.
Shut up!
What's going on, Charlie?
Relax, honey...
We're here to help you.
That's great.
Get up, both of you.
What's going on? Why do you
have a gun pointed at him?
Shut up, Cindy.
We're the prince.
Come on, move it.
Both of you, let's go!
Give me another one, Bobby.
Hey, you got it.
Now, that's what I'm talking about.
- Hell, yeah.
- Hell, yeah.
Hide it.
Come on hide it.
Having a nice afternoon, Jimmy?
Yeah, Sheriff, doing just fine.
Good to hear it.
Good to hear it.
Just out for a drive this afternoon?
Yeah, you know uh...
Just a little drive, killing time.
Yeah, I hear you.
Alright you two, listen up...
I know you like to have a beer party
out here in the woods, now and then.
Frankly I don't care.
I really don't.
But you're not having it tonight.
You understand me?
Not tonight!
- Yes, Sheriff, sure thing.
- Don't play me, Jimmy!
There is something going on here
and I can't talk about it right now.
But it's not safe for either
one of you to be out here
alone in the woods tonight.
- Sheriff... I don't think...
- Let me finish!
Now look, I'm going to cut
you a break on that beer
that you got in the back there.
The both of you better promise to me
that you're going to town tonight
and you're gonna stay there.
And don't BS me.
We'll do what you say, Sheriff.
Yes, Sheriff, we'll do what you say.
We promise.
Okay then, you boys have a nice day.
You too.
- Thank you, Sheriff!
- Thanks.
Hand me my beer.
- Jimmy, what you reckon?
- About what?
About what the Sheriff said.
- Bobby...
- Yeah.
I think we're gonna
have ourselves a party.
- Hell, yeah!
- Right on.
Hit it!
That's it. I'm done.
I'm not going any further
till I get some answers.
Keep walking.
Or I'll show you what
your insides look like.
Is that what you want?
You want a piece of me?
You big, ugly deliverance
looking asshole!
You won't last 10 seconds with me.
Just what I thought. You got a
bunch of muscle heads with no balls.
You don't know when to stop, do you?
Do me a favor...
Put the gun down.
Act like you got a pair.
Come on!
This won't take long.
How about something
get your ass kicked.
Come on, buddy...
It's okay.
It's okay.
I crushed his windpipe, he's gonna die.
Now if he dies...
- Not now!
- You're dead!
- Not now.
- Why the hell not?
Did you see what he just did?
You know he'll give in.
But not right now.
Put the gun down.
That was very impressive.
Apparently you have some training.
I should say I learn from the best.
You try that on me.
I'll rip your eyes out.
Before your hand gets
halfway to my throat.
- Turn around.
- No.
Turn around.
What the hell.
Why, tell you what, Jimmy.
This is going to be a great party, man.
Hell, yeah.
I'm gonna get drunk...
and I'm gonna get laid.
Hell, yeah.
You and me, bug brother.
I got here as quick
as I could, Professor.
You really shouldn't be going with us.
He's not coming with us...
He's coming with me
Right, I don't have
time to argue with you.
We're losing daylight.
Alright everybody,
we'll go in right here.
I want you to separate by
20 feet from one another.
Left and right. We're gonna
start with a 1 mile sweep...
and go in a straight
line through the woods!
Alright, you and your
assistant go with me.
Alright, let's move out and let's
try and find them before dark!
Come on you guys!
Let's get this done!
What the hell's going on here?
Relax, tough guy...
We're not going to kill you.
We're just going
to use you for bait...
It's that thing out there...
...that's gonna kill you.
You know what I'm talking about.
You met up with it last night.
No! You can't do this!
You can't!
Yes, I can and I will!
Tie her to the tree, too!
No! Get off!
Get your hands off her, punk!
You want to do this
with one eye or two?
No man, not yet.
But I'm far away, brother.
I'm about to take her out in
the woods and make some pies.
Lay that pie, baby.
Hey, you man!
Yah, yah, yah!
Hi, Sherry!
What do you say me and you take
a little stroll through the woods?
Are you giving me the silent
treatment all of a sudden?
What is it, Jimmy?
Did you hear that?
It's probably Bobby,
finally getting him some.
Yeah, probably.
Speaking of getting him some.
- Yeah.
- Mm hm.
It's coming!
It's coming!
Rachel, Rachel, calm down.
Calm down!
Everything is okay now!
What happened?
I don't know. It killed them all!
It killed Bobby, Tommy...
Jimmy, Sherry and Joni and...
- I don't know!
- Calm down!
I'm sorry! But there
was blood everywhere!
And it was... I think
it's still coming for me!
Take her and get her out of here.
- Are you sure?
- Positive.
Got it, Sheriff.
You go with Deputy Roberta.
She'll take care of you.
- Take care, be safe.
- Okay.
It's gonna be okay, now sweety.
Don't worry. It's gonna be okay.
Williams, you come with me.
That was a slick little
move you made there.
What do you mean?
The little throw-down you did on her.
Oh, that was nothing. I just
learned that in a self-defense class.
Yeah, right.
We should split up, we
could cover more ground.
May not be safe.
I'll be okay.
Thomas, you come with me.
Alright, we'll go out at
a 100 yards at an angle...
and in at a 100 yards at an angle!
- Diamond shape.
- Exactly.
And then we'll meet
up at the top spot.
Sounds good.
Let's go.
Let's go, guys.
Jesus, boss...
You almost gave me a heart attack.
I sometimes wish that were possible.
- Now point the gun away from me, please.
- Sorry.
I'm gonna scout out the perimeter.
Keep an eye on that clearing.
You see that creature, kill it!
What about them?
Fuck them!
Got it, boss.
What is it, Charlie?
I got my left hand loose...
I think I can get us out of here.
So what do we do?
Distract that guy.
Do whatever it takes.
Damn it!
I told those boys to stay
out of these woods last night.
Alright men, we take a better
look around, but be careful.
Whoever did this,
may still be out here.
Pay attention!
Alright, let's do it.
Hey, you!
Whatever your name is!
Can you come out here, please!
I just want to talk to you!
Shut up, Cindy!
No! I will no shut up!
And don't tell me to shut up again!
I hate when you do that!
I really do.
Won't you please think
about letting me go?
Just me.
You can keep him!
I'll do anything you ask!
And I mean anything at all!
I will. Really!
Anything you want!
Just... let me go before
the thing comes back.
Okay .
Get on your knees.
Don't even think about it, asshole!
Don't listen to him.
I'm not.
I'm not.
He's dead, Charlie.
He's dead!
Gotta make sure he's dead!
Charlie, quick untie me before
the crazy man comes back.
Yeah, I don't think
I'll be doing that.
Why not?
Because you're enjoying yourself
a little too much here, don't you think?
Are you insane!
I did exactly what you told me to do!
Goodbye, Cindy.
No! You're not leaving me here!
Let me go. You're not!
It's a lot cheaper than a divorce.
You bastard.
I am.
You managed to kill my other man too?
You should have been working for me.
Get it over with.
Oh no, not yet.
I still don't have my beast!
Nothing but all that bleeding
will do to bring it around.
He's a blood thirsty son of a bitch.
It takes hours to die
from a stomach wound.
Very painful too.
So I've heard.
What about me?
Will you not let me go?
Don't even start with me, honey...
I'm not as dumb
as my late friend here.
Let's go!
Come on.
It's okay. It's alright.
It's alright.
Oh, they got ya! It was awful.
It was awful!
That thing out there...!
What happened?
That thing out there...!
It killed Thomas!
It killed Thomas!
- Did you hear the gunshot?
- I don't know!
I was just... blindly running
through the woods.
I don't know... I wasn't paying
any attention to anything!
I killed Thomas!
Listen. I understand,
I understand.
Okay, now listen...
Do you want to go back to the cars?
Or do you feel like you can go on?
I could go on.
Are you sure?
Yes... I'll be okay.
Everything's fine now.
Everything's okay, alright?
Alright men, let's move out.
Put the knife down!
No! No! You don't understand!
It's not what you think!
I don't think anything right now!
Just put the knife down!
Do you understand?
Now, who are you? And what
the hell is going on around here?
Cindy Parker.
We were suppose to be on a...
3 day survival tour.
- Sharon Farmer party?
- Yes.
Where is the rest of them?
They're dead!
There is a monster creature
thing that killed a lot of them...
and my husband killed due to the
hunters that were holding us captives!
What hunters?
I don't know... There were three
of them! That's one of them there!
And um... And another
was killed a ways back!
And who's this?
My husband, Charlie.
He's been shot?
By the third hunter.
He is the really crazy one.
Where did he go?
He's still alive.
I don't care...
Not anymore.
I'm confused...
Did a creature do this or is there some
raving maniac running round the woods...
killing people?
I want you to find the closest place
for the life-flight chopper to land.
I want you to get him to the
hospital, and take her with you.
I'm going to put an end to
this one way or the other.
You got it, Sheriff.
- And you be safe.
- Got it Sheriff.
- Alright.
- Yeah.
- You still going with me?
- Absolutely.
Let's go.
This look good enough to me.
Yeah, it does.
I'll call it in.
Matthews to dispatch.
Come in dispatch.
Don't worry, everything
is gonna be okay, now.
Yeah, that's right. About a mile or
so due west of the county highway.
Should be there in 50 minutes or less.
Use your flashlight when we arrive there.
10-4 dispatch over and out.
Hey, they'll be here soon,
let's go get that moody guy.
No, you stay here watch
for the chopper, I'll get him.
You're in good hands.
I hope you choke.
It's seeming more and more like this
creature thing is a cover up for some
nutcase maniac running
around the woods to kill people.
Why, I could see why
you would think that,
but whatever took out
Thomas was not a man.
What exactly did take out Thomas?
I don't really know...
It happened so fast I could
hardly see what happened.
I mean, one second he
was standing in front of me
and the next second
he was... he was gone.
Just like that.
You didn't see anything?
Like I just said, it was a blur...
dark colored hair...
a foul odor...
and not much more.
It happened very fast.
I'll tell you one damn thing...
This is not a day I'll soon forget.
No, I'm certain you will not.
What is that?
It's a hunter's cabin.
It's there for anybody
that wants to use it.
Let's take a closer look.
Try and be as quiet as you can.
Be careful.
Just stay quiet.
I found him.
Lock in on these coordinates.
Don't be stupid...!
Don't kill a cop!
I've killed them before!
Sarah Evans.
Get the gun!
- Let him go!
- Not a chance, bitch!
Oh, you just called
me the wrong thing!
- Nice shot.
- Thanks.
Any other weapon?
Thank you.
Hi, buddy...
What's your story?
I kinda liked him.
Who the hell are you?
You are Hunter Crawford.
Ex-army Colonel
Special Forces Black Ops.
Yeah, who the hell are you?
The one who made more money than
you'll ever gonna make killing a "Big Foot"
You're not a "Big Foot" hunter.
I'm a manhunter.
What now?
We wait.
Alright buddy, we got a chopper
coming. So just hang in there.
Oh, my God.
Please, no, no!
Oh, no...
It's gonna come for us now!
- What is?
- The monster!
Now just calm down... We're
gonna be fine. There's no...
The chopper is on its way.
We are not going to be fine!
Yes, yes we are.
There is no monster...
No! Please, don't!
No! Please!
Please! No!
Please, no!
Is that him?
It's him alright.
Very good.
I'll have the money
transferred to you immediately.
I want to see it.
Easiest money I ever made.
Very well deserved.
I have a helicopter
on the top of the hill
that will take you
anywhere you want to go.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
I guess you're wondering
who I am and what I want, yes?
You know I am.
You ran a special Black Ops
operation in Nicaragua years ago.
Code name "Red Viper"
You recall that?
What? You giving
me a history lesson?
I said, did you recall that, asshole?
I wouldn't try my patience
if I were you, Colonel.
Remember a young captain on
your team named Michael Danton?
No, I don't recall.
Well, you should.
Because you killed him
for disobeying an order...
to murder a mother and child.
So what?
Who gives a damn about
some stupid Captain?
That Captain was my son.
And I've been looking
for you a long time.
And now that I've found you...
I'm going to straighten you out.
Colonel Hunter Crawford...
We're going to see how long
and horrible and agonizing...
we can make your death.
You fuck!
We'll be okay, right?
Let me get you home now
I don't fucking believe it!