Night Crossing (1982) Movie Script

- East Germany,
August, 1961.
A divided nation watches
as its people stream across
a boundary from east to west
at the rate of 3,000 a day.
The east German regime
counters the mass exodus
with an act that startles
the world.
Military engineers erect
an enormous barrier
isolating a nation
of 17 million.
It is designed not
to keep enemies out,
but to keep its
own people in.
The barricade of concrete
and barbed wire
cuts through villages
and farmlands
as it completely encircles
the nation of east Germany.
The border fences are equipped
with silent alarms
and automatically-firing
machine guns.
Beyond them is a corridor
three-miles wide
known as the east-west
border zone.
Movement within the zone
is highly restricted.
It is heavily patrolled
and seeded with land mines.
The entire area is designed to
discourage escape to the west
and it now works
to near perfection.
Today, only the very desperate
dare to risk
a crossing through
the border zone,
but east Germans
continue to try.
Some will succeed.
No one knows
how many will fail.
This is the story
of one attempt.
- Sign right here.
Thank you.
- Hello, papa, Mr. Wetzel,
Mr. Strelzyk.
- Lukas, why aren't you
at school?
- Great honor, papa.
They excused Frederick
and me to carry out
this important mission
for the Republic.
Sign here.
- We already condemned
Herr Mller at work.
- Well, sign again.
Be twice as patriotic.
- Wasting a student's time
like this.
- Wouldn't you know
they'd honor me.
Who else in the class
has read
everything that Mller
ever wrote?
- Shh.
- It's all right, papa.
Excuse me, ladies.
The people condemned the traitor
and the defector Horst Mller.
Sign right here, please.
That's right.
Thank you, Mrs. Meier.
Nothing like relaxing at
the end of a hard day's work
with good friends.
Some small talk, a joke or two,
a few laughs.
- Should never have signed.
- What's one more lie?
- Instead of condemning Mller,
we should be joining him.
- I asked for small talk.
- Talk, that's all
we ever do.
We're never gonna move.
- Well, we've plenty
of company.
Mentally, every man in this room
had his bags packed.
- Man alone has a chance,
but when there's a family--
- but, John, Lukas is ready.
- Impatient.
Finishes high school
in a few months and then what?
- Well, the army
of course.
He'll be sent to secure Russia's
border on China.
- A radical suggestion.
Today we worked hard, hmm?
We're tired.
A little depressed.
A little thirsty.
Sunday we'll all be together
for the picnic.
We'll be rested.
We can worry, plot, suffer.
What do you think?
- We've waited years.
What's a few more days?
Hello, Frank.
- Papa.
- How's school?
- Math's okay.
The rest is--
- well, will it ever
be different?
- Government's change.
Frank, we know
how we feel
and you can say it out loud
to me or to your mother.
But to nobody else.
- Has it always been
this way?
- Since I can remember.
- Gonna pick up your mother.
She's shopping.
- Oh, wait.
- No, it's not worth
fighting over.
- I'm ashamed.
You take it, please.
- Thank you.
- Not "hello"
or "how was work?"
Or "did you have a nice day?"
Just "what's for dinner?"
Children only thinking
of themselves.
So what is for dinner?
- And the gentle trade winds
provide all the island's--
- you have schoolwork.
- Grandmama!
I learn more from television.
- We are not supposed to watch
west German television.
- Everybody does.
- Me too, but I don't
have schoolwork.
I baked those cakes
for your supper.
- Wish you lived here with us
all the time, grandmama.
- Don't flirt with me.
- Sorry we're late.
- Oh, cakes!
- It's all right.
Supper's not quite ready.
- You'll spoil your supper.
- Well, well, well.
Honored by a visit
from pretzel, eh?
- Yes, mama.
It's just such a relief every
night to be home.
- Hi.
You have business
in the border zone?
- Just taking Karen home.
- Sign this.
- Here.
- All right.
Thank you, miss Neuhaus.
Visitors must be out
by 10:00 P.M.
And you're not permitted beyond
the Neuhaus farm.
Go ahead.
- Good night, Lukas.
- Good night.
- See you tomorrow.
- Are they working late
on the road?
- No one advised us.
- Unauthorized vehicle
- This way.
Over here.
Watch this wire.
- Stop!
- He's still alive, Sir.
- Pick him up later.
We have more important
work here.
- Hey, wait a minute.
These are my old jeans.
- They're too small for you.
- Yeah, but they're
too big for you.
- They'll fit me too.
I feel taller already.
- Good morning.
- Morning, lieutenant.
Hans is the name.
We are neighbors, Peter.
You on your way to work?
- Yes.
- Your two assistants,
I believe?
- I have Gnter Wetzel
and Josef Keller, yes.
- Ah, Josef Keller.
An old friend.
We were in school together.
Now he works for you?
- Yes, he's a damn good
- And the families,
they're close?
- Yes.
- The older boy Lukas,
good friend of yours?
- Yeah, we're
in school together.
The FDJ.
- Lukas is very bright,
very popular, a leader.
You're one of his followers?
- I don't know what you mean.
Nothing to concern you.
Good day.
- Over here, Neil.
- Frank.
- Oh! Oh!
Give me that ball.
- Look at her.
Will that girl of mine
ever grow up?
- I hope not.
- Ah, you spoil her.
- We spoil each other.
- Oh, I've got to stop!
- Me too.
- Here.
Look at my boy!
- He's floating away.
- Next time I come over,
I'll bring balloons
for everybody
and some paint
for the adults.
- The border police will think
you're part of a plot.
- They don't care
what I bring in.
Only what I take out.
I wish you could bring us all
back in your purse, mama.
- It's almost big enough.
- If you wanted, Elsie,
you could come.
- Everybody I care about
is here.
- Richard, come on.
We're waiting.
- Let me.
- We shouldn't have come today.
We're spoiling the picnic.
- Look over here, Neil.
- I wish there was something
we could do.
- If only we knew where he is,
what's happened.
- Police didn't
tell you anything?
- They just asked questions
about Lukas.
Who is friends are,
what he reads.
Oh, Doris, I'm afraid.
- He'll be all right.
You'll see.
- "I'm tired of waiting
and hoping.
"Till we're together again
in a better place.
"Remember I love you all.
"We, like the eagles,
were born to be free.
- I found that in a copy
of Horst Mller's poems
on his bed.
I knew he was desperate,
I didn't do anything.
- Josef Keller.
Um, sorry to interrupt your
little outing,
but I have to ask Josef Keller
and his family to come with us.
Are they being arrested?
- If you'll just go to the cars,
we will explain.
- Our things.
- We'll take care of them.
- I keep seeing
those men today...
Taking Josef, Magda,
and the children.
And we just stood there.
- It isn't right.
People weren't meant
to live like this.
- Lukas is dead.
He tried to cross the border
and was shot...
Many times.
they showed me pictures.
- They're so proud
of what they've done.
They have guns which don't need
to be fired by a person.
- Do you know...
Why they're keeping Josef?
- They blame us
for what happened.
We're bad parents.
We killed Lukas.
- Magda, you and the children
come and stay with us.
There's room.
- No.
You're kind,
but this is home.
We'll stay here...
Till Josef comes.
- Those same stars are shining
on people in Munich...
Frankfurt and Cologne.
- It's late.
Come on in.
- Doris, we have got
to get out.
Look at me.
- I understand how you feel.
Don't you feel the same?
Would you want to live
the rest of your life
in a place where they'll
do the same to you
as they're doing to Magda?
- Magda is where she is because
of what Lukas did.
- Lukas simply reached
for what we all want.
- But look at what he's done
to that family.
- You can't blame the boy.
I blame the animals
that killed him.
I blame the pigs, bas--
- shh!
- Set up automated guns
and show pictures
of the boy's shattered body!
Yes, and I blame Josef,
who preached freedom and escape.
The only fault that Lukas ever
had was that he listened
and that he believed!
- Then we're all to blame.
Because we all talk about
freedom and escape
and we do nothing.
Wait another year till Frank's
old enough to try it on his own?
Till they show you
pictures of Frank
with his body riddled
with bullets?
- Don't.
Please don't.
- Hey, listen, listen...
I want it for us.
But more than anything,
I want it for the boys.
I want to give them
what should never
have been taken away
from them.
Like Lukas said in his note.
I want us all to be together
in a better place.
- I don't know yet.
But there's a way.
I'll find a way.
You're crazy!
We don't anything about it.
- We can learn.
I mean, compared
with building an airplane
or a helicopter,
it's simple.
Hot air is lighter
than cold air.
So we heat up the cold air
in a big sack made out of cloth
and logically,
the sack will rise.
- We build a burner.
- No, it's not easy.
Nothing's easy.
But it is worth trying.
- How much material
to hold all that hot air?
- Well, I think
we could manage 1,000
to say 1,500 square yards.
- That's too expensive.
- I know.
And that's why I've withdrawn
all the cash from my savings.
- Building something this big
is going to take days,
weeks, months!
- But I'm an independent
contractor and you work for me.
So we steal the time.
- You seem to have
all the answers.
People have always laughed
at great ideas.
- You want us to climb
into a balloon
and float away
to west Germany?
- Come on, it isn't funny
to make jokes
about going to the west.
- They're not joking.
- It's something we can get
the materials to build
and no one
will be expecting it.
It's so ridiculous.
What, eight of us
hanging up there?
- These are the plans.
We used various books,
including Frank's
physics book
and a manual on the installation
of gas appliances.
- We'll need a bag
that can hold
70,000 cubic feet of hot air.
It'll take 1,250 square yards
of material.
- Will they sell you
that much fabric?
- Obviously we'll shop
where nobody knows us.
Oh, yes.
Yes, we'll take that.
- Uh, 1,250 square yards.
- Gentlemen, if this
is your idea of a joke--
I know it sounds
like a lot,
but we run a camping club
and we need it
to line the tents with.
1,250 square yards?
Must be a very large club.
- It is.
With big tents.
- While I don't have it all,
but I'll give you what I have.
- Gnther, good evening.
- Hello, Mrs. Roper.
- Hi.
You and Mr. Strelzyk
have been shopping.
- Yes, we have.
- It's big.
Can I help you?
- No, no, no.
- It's quite all right.
We can manage.
- Excuse me.
- It's a rug.
- Of course.
It's that top Petra wanted
for the bedroom.
I can't wait to see it.
- No, no, later.
The children will be sleeping.
We wouldn't want to wake them,
would we?
Good night.
- Good night.
- Well, then good night.
- That woman never misses
a thing.
- Oh, she's only trying
to be a good neighbor.
- She also tries
to be a good party member.
She could be phoning
the SSD right now.
What is that papa?
Is it for me?
- No, it's--
And what took you so long?
You didn't buy all that here
in town, did you?
Is it a rug papa?
- Can you two just
wait a minute?
This is heavy.
- Can I have it in my room,
What are they doing, mama?
- Uh--
- it's a surprise.
- Yes, it's a surprise.
Come on.
Off to bed.
Say good night.
- Night-night.
- Night-night.
- Good night, Peter.
Good night, Andreas.
- Good night.
Should we hide
all this?
- Only if Petra gives us
three short ones.
It's taking her too long
to give us the "all clear."
- Wait.
Here she comes.
- Mrs. Roseler,
she brought you this.
- Oh.
Oh, what is it?
- Chicken broth.
She noticed you didn't go to
work yesterday or today,
so she knew you were sick.
- She notices too much.
- She asked about the motor.
I said what you told me
to say,
that you were using a compressor
to do some work at home.
I don't think she believed me.
Someday she'll be
at the door with the SSD.
- Then we'll be gone.
- Or out of
the balloon business.
- When do you think
you'll be finished?
- Tomorrow.
[Muffled sewing machine
It's finished.
Now what?
We test it.
- Uh...
Peter found a spot...
With nobody around.
My feet.
So sore.
I can hardly walk.
What if it doesn't work?
- We'll see.
- I never thought
you'd get this far with it.
- You think we'll really
try and go up in it?
- Uh-huh.
- It could go just high
enough to crash,
kill us all.
- Mm-hmm.
- Or suppose it catches fire...
Or explodes.
- We're just not getting
any air inside!
- And that's all the propane.
- Damn.
Maybe the burner
isn't strong enough.
- Yes, that's part of it,
but there's something else.
Come on, let's get out
of here.
Somehow we've got
to inflate the balloon
before we try
to heat the air.
You alright?
- Yes.
- No trouble between
you and Peter?
- No.
- Lately he's been away
so much at night
and I know you're worried
about something.
- Peter and I are fine.
Mama, do you ever think
of applying to emigrate?
Should I?
- One never knows
what's ahead.
- Well, I'm not
leaving Pneck
unless I have a better reason
than I have now.
- I'm going to win this game.
Josef, we didn't know
you were home.
- Mr. Keller, this is an
extremely powerful painkiller.
- I hope so.
- We've--
we've tried to be close
to Magda and the children.
- I appreciate whatever
you did.
- And, uh, as soon
as you feel up to it,
then I'll certainly be glad
to have you back on the job.
- I won't be working
with you anymore
and I think it's best if the two
families don't see each other.
Just tell yourself
that Josef Keller
has an incurable disease.
Very contagious.
When a man
is in my condition,
the only way he can
be a friend is...
Not to be a friend.
- Yes.
Thank you.
- Good-bye.
- Bye, Josef.
- Peter.
How are you?
- Oh, I'm fine.
Is this the same trailer?
- Yes, I just added
to the frame
so that I can carry
more equipment.
- You work too hard.
Early, late.
I see you coming and going.
You only have one life.
It's too short.
- Take time to enjoy a little.
Come on, Tweedle.
- You're taking
too many chances.
- It'll soon be over.
- Peter--
- I know.
Gnther's waiting.
That's enough.
Cut the fan.
- It's looking good, Peter.
It really is.
- Damn burner!
Nothing goes right.
We still don't have
enough pressure.
How do we fix it?
- Another nozzle.
I don't know.
A different burner maybe.
- You know, maybe with
what we have to work with
there's just no way.
- There's a way.
- Falling!
I'm falling!
- Petra!
Petra, wake up!
- Oh, my God!
Oh, my babies!
- Hold up.
That was only a dream!
- My babies!
I have to see 'em!
Let go!
Oh, thank God
they're all right.
I'm not going to do it.
- Petra.
- We have nothing more
to do with the balloon.
- Petra--
- I want out of it.
I want my children out of it.
- I'm doing it for you
and the children.
- You listened to Peter--
- because he had an idea.
A good idea.
- A crazy idea!
All right, all right.
Let Peter go kill himself
and his family
or get arrested for this
hopeless damn foolishness.
- You've had a bad dream.
- It's been a bad dream ever
since you started.
Sewing hours on end
in the attic.
The hiding and lying
night after night.
And I don't know whether you're
gonna come home
from the damn tests.
I want--I want--
I want out.
- You want to be
with your mother?
- I want to be alive.
I want my babies alive.
Gnther, I want you alive.
- Peter says there
is no way--
- don't tell me
what Peter says!
I don't want to hear it.
I'm not married to Peter.
I love you.
I want you to be
your own man
with your own dreams
and your own risks.
I'll be with you then.
Gnther, please?
- I'll tell him tomorrow.
It's Petra.
She can't sleep at night.
She has these bad dreams.
- Oh, I know.
It's the same with Doris,
but we can't let
bad dreams stop us.
- If my children were older,
maybe it would be easier,
but they're babies.
If things went wrong and then
they were hurt or...
Left orphans--
- but if you don't try,
what chance
have your children got?
- Things are looking better.
They're making Petra
a controller at the factory.
Her own office.
3.50 an hour.
I'm sorry.
- I'll move the equipment
from your work room.
- When you can.
- The less we're seen together,
the better.
Because when we're gone,
they'll question you.
And the only way you'll be safe
is if you can honestly say,
"I don't know."
- Peter...
If it was just me--
- of course.
Of course.
Can you see the guard tower?
- I don't want to see.
- Look beyond then.
Look into west Germany.
- Seems so close,
doesn't it?
I'm sorry about the balloon.
- I don't want
to give it up.
Without Gnther?
- The four of us
could make it.
Frank will help me.
Have you told him?
- No.
It has to be all right
with you first.
- There are boys not much older
than Frank
ready to kill us
if we don't make it.
- Oh, yes,
and if they hesitate,
the automated guns
will do it for them.
Talk it over with him.
You're sure?
Even though you don't believe
in the balloon?
- I believe in you.
- This is better.
- Yes, you've been
saying that for months.
- Well, we've built
five already.
I think we do it better
every time.
- Well, maybe this
is the one.
- Yeah, let's hope so.
- Check outside.
More air, Doris.
We're not getting enough.
Tie it down, son!
Got it, Frank?
- I can't!
- I can't!
- Get out!
Get out!
- Come on.
We still don't have
enough flame.
- There must be some way
of increasing the gas pressure.
Frank, come here.
Help your mother.
- It's almost full, papa.
It's holding this time.
- Watch your lines.
- It's lifting!
- Come on!
Let's get Fitscher!
- No, Frank.
There's not enough gas.
But it works!
And tomorrow,
we'll go.
Oh, my God!
I can't believe it!
- That did it!
She's up!
- If I'd known
you were coming,
I would have at least made
something special for the boys.
- It was on the spur
of the moment, mama.
- And in any case,
we can't stay.
- No, there's school tomorrow.
- Should be vacation.
- Well, I hope we can
get the whole family together
for a meal.
Bernard, Liesel, Oskar,
and maybe even
the Meisen cousins.
What do you think?
- Oh, we'll talk about that.
- Speaking of family,
you promised me that picture
of you and papa.
You really do want that?
- I'm trying to make up
a family album.
- Well, when I have the time,
I'll try to find it.
- I know where it is.
- I could have a copy made
if you'd like it back.
- No, you keep it.
- It's getting late.
Peter's so impatient.
- But he's
a good husband
and a good father.
- Mama...
- Put those somewhere where your
mother won't see them.
What for?
- Well, just in case
we have an accident
and we have to give
a signal when we land.
Where is she?
- Um, she was scrubbing
the bath tub
when I last saw her.
She's what?
Oh, Doris,
what are you doing?
We're through
with this place!
We're finished.
- When the police
find out we're gone,
they'll be in here
and I won't have them
saying I'm a bad housekeeper.
- Come on.
Come on.
Boys are in the car.
- Just pictures.
I don't mind leaving the rest.
I'm coming.
- Quickly, love.
All right, Frank,
take this
and replace
the burner.
Doris, Fitscher.
- Come on.
Wake up.
Wake up.
- Come, come.
We're going for a ride.
- We're going to ride
in that?
- Doris, hurry!
We're ready!
Come on!
Okay, we're cutting.
Don't worry, mama.
Cast all them off.
- Hey, look at us!
We did it!
We did it!
- It's about 300!
350 feet!
Nearly 800 feet!
Going up fast!
6,400 feet!
- A flashing light
in the northeast,
approximately two miles
from here.
- Must be the dampness.
It's getting too wet.
Are we alright?
- Yes, we're trying
to change the tank.
That's it.
Hand me that wrench,
and check the line
on your side.
- No, it's no longer visible.
Yes, Sir.
- Gas is flowing, papa,
but the pressure's
way down.
- Brace yourselves!
We're coming down fast!
Everybody all right?
- Yes.
- Uh-huh.
- Yes.
- Here, Fitscher,
let me help you.
Doris, easy.
- Papa, the balloon!
I can't--
- Frank, no!
- Papa, it's getting away.
- There's nothing we can
do about that right now.
Are you all right, Doris?
Have you found everything?
- Yes, I think so.
- Frank, how long
were we up there?
- Uh, 34 minutes.
We made it,
didn't we?
- Well, maybe.
Look, stay here and look after
your mother Fitscher.
I'll take a look around.
Oh, my God.
- Papa!
- Stand still.
Don't move.
Did we make it papa?
- We're in the zone.
There's wires everywhere.
Step on one and the alarms
will be set off.
Probably mines as well.
What do we do?
- Wait here till daylight,
then try and find
our way back.
All right,
we'll go in single file.
And watch out
for wires everywhere.
You go last, Frank.
Stay by me.
- Looks like...
It's a balloon.
- That must be Lobenstein.
We'll have to risk it.
Come on, Frank.
Frank, keep up.
Don't look back.
- Whoever manned this
is still in the zone.
I want the entire
area covered.
Nothing is to be touched.
Notify major Krner
A tow truck.
Papa, they found our car!
- Oh, Peter!
Oh, my God!
- Come on.
Take it easy.
It just may be nothing.
It may be nothing at all.
Come on.
Come on.
- This is DDR 22-Z-8
DDR 22-Z-8.
Request permission to land.
- Landing granted in area 12.
Be advised that everything
on perimeter has been armed.
- Wait a minute.
This is it.
I think.
Yeah, it's not far now.
Come on, Frank.
- I'm tired, mama.
- You'll be all right.
- There it is.
- They haven't found it!
- Hurry.
Frank, get the cables
off the battery quick.
- Go lie down in the car,
Go ahead.
- Yes, it's been converted
so it can be used
as an altimeter.
The burner's quite ingenious.
- All of it goes
to the lab in Berlin.
- Yes, major.
They've located the place where
the balloon first landed.
- Come on, Fitscher.
We're home.
Nothing's changed.
- We came so close!
- Take it easy, Frank.
- But it's not fair!
- There's a lot of things
we have to do yet.
- My pills.
I've lost my
blood pressure pills.
- Must have been when you
dropped your purse.
Be very difficult to trace.
I wouldn't worry about it.
What we do have to do
is get a note
to Frank's teacher saying
that he's sick.
Then we'll take Fitscher
to the clinic.
We'll say he's sick too.
And while you're
at the clinic,
I'll take the note
to school
and drop by the bank
and explain
why you won't be in.
- Oh, Peter!
I tried to call you earlier.
When I called the bank...
- It's your mother.
- They said that Doris hadn't
been to work today.
- Well, the boys aren't well.
In fact, we're just about
to take Fitscher to the clinic.
- And I wondered if everything
was all right with you
and the children
or what has happened.
- It's nothing else,
and they'll be fine.
Doris will
call you back later.
- Sorry I'm keeping you awake.
- It doesn't matter.
- I'll go down
to the living room.
Maybe read.
- It's all right.
- It isn't.
It isn't.
I failed you
and I failed the boys.
- No, you didn't.
So close.
We were so close.
- I know.
- What if we--
if we'd come down
a few miles away...
Or even a half a mile,
A few hundred feet?
Why couldn't I keep us
in the air
just a few seconds longer?
- You did everything
you could.
- All my life...
Things have come easily
for me.
Too easily, perhaps,
Anything that I wanted
to do...
Or anything that
I really wanted to do,
then I was able
to bring it off.
Until, uh, this.
I mean, it's the one--
it's the only important thing
in my life.
Couldn't do it.
- Darling, you mustn't blame
- Didn't make it.
It feel helpless.
God, I do.
I feel hopeless.
- Oh, no, no.
Oh, God.
- Uh...
Is it all right?
- Yes.
Yes, of course it is.
- Uh, Fitscher
and I were talking.
Papa, we really didn't
do that badly.
Did we?
I mean, for our
first try.
We went up.
And we came down.
Nobody got hurt.
We're here.
And we learned a lot.
- We didn't make it.
- All right.
But we did fly.
papa, you put us up there.
You--you got us away
from all of this.
- Yes, for a very short while.
- Papa.
You know if it hadn't been
for that cloud
getting the balloon wet
and putting out the burner,
we'd have made it.
- Yeah.
- And next time...
We will.
Next time...
I've made us some
back patches.
- Navigator.
All over again.
- The SSD is looking for us.
You know they are.
And they're not gonna stop
until they find us.
- But you won't let 'em
find us, will you?
- No.
No, I won't.
I will not let them
find us.
I will not.
- Ah, Mr. Strelzyk.
- Hello, Mrs. Roseler.
- Peter.
Is th... this a bad time?
- No, no.
There is no good time.
Come on in.
Doris and your boys
all right?
- Yes, they're fine.
- I've missed Doris.
- Peter!
- Gnther.
- Mama, mama.
- It's good to see you here.
- Come on, little Peter.
Is Peter coming over?
- Come on.
- What's the matter
with Petra?
- Her mother
in west Berlin,
she's very sick and,
they wouldn't let Petra
into the west to see her.
I tried to get an authorization
through her boss,
through the party.
- Eh, it sounds familiar.
- Um...
There was a rumor.
A balloon was found
at the border near Lobenstein.
We were so close.
Literally a few hundred feet.
I'm building another one because
the SSD is looking for us
and we have to get out.
Wish you'd come with us.
- The balloon...
It really worked?
- Gnther, you should
have seen it.
It was beautiful.
And with you along,
I know--
I know we could make it.
I have bought a new car.
I was afraid that
the old Moskvitch
would be recognized.
I'll need a trailer hitch.
- Bring it around
this Saturday.
- The knife, the watch,
and the pliers
are mass produced
and the lab found
no individualizing markings.
The converted barometer
is more special.
We're running a check
on all the stores
in the Gera district
that sell them.
- And still we haven't located
the pick-up point yet.
- It's a very large area
so heavily wooded.
There are hundreds of spots
that would be suitable.
- Yes, but someone
must have seen them.
- But chooses not
to come forward.
- We know the amount
of fuel they used.
We know the approximate
weight they lifted.
We know the wind velocity
and direction.
I wonder how long they could
have stayed up there.
30 minutes?
40 at the most.
But that restricts the search
area considerably.
Contact lieutenant Fehler.
Tell him to use more men
if necessary.
- Yes, Sir.
What about the material?
- Now that's our best lead.
We're checking a list
of the stores that carry it.
- The stores should
all be alerted to report
anyone trying to buy
this fabric in any quantity.
- And do you think they'll make
another attempt?
- They will.
How's Petra's mother?
- We don't hear.
It's driving me crazy.
You got a good deal
on this car.
It's in pretty nice shape
for it's age.
- Like me.
Want another beer?
- Not yet.
Have you started
building it yet?
- No.
Waiting to see how big
I should make it.
- Better make it for eight.
I told Peter we'd go with him
when they try again.
- I knew you would.
- You want to be
with your mother, don't you?
I'm not gonna be a delivery boy
for the rest of my life.
I'm a mechanic.
A damn good one and I got
a right to prove it.
- There are other ways.
Helicopters fly people out
of Czechoslovakia.
- How are we gonna get
into Czechoslovakia?
Sneak across that border
with two little children?
And even if we did,
we don't have the money.
They're charging
10-12,000 a run.
- You really think
we can do it?
- I know we can.
We have to.
The police are gonna
find this Strelzyks
and when they do...
We're locked into it.
Well, I know you're scared.
- It's not just for me.
It's for all of us.
- We have no choice.
- As soon as we
can get ready.
- Okay.
- No, I'm sorry.
- They're all too bright.
We need more.
- 40 yards
is not a bad start.
- Thank God you're back.
- We've been so worried.
What is...what?
- Here.
Read this.
- "The pictured items
were left
at the scene
of a serious crime."
- They're closing in.
We don't have enough time.
- It took Gnther
two weeks before
and this one's
almost twice as big.
- We can sew day and night.
- I can work longer hours
and after that,
I'll get sick
for a few days.
- There were two of them.
About a year ago it was.
They bought hundreds
of square yards of material.
Can you describe them?
- The one who did all
the talking was dark.
About your height.
How old was he?
- Maybe, uh, 35.
The other one was younger.
Fair and taller.
- Could you possibly identify
them from a photo?
- Oh, yes.
I'm sure I could.
- Could you tell me
why you need so much
of this particular material?
- Our group of young pioneers
are making sleeping bags
and there's nearly
100 of them.
- I see.
Just a minute.
We are bringing
the material down
right away from the warehouse.
Would you have a chair?
- No, I'll just have a look
around, if you don't mind.
I know the SSD was
on its way.
And we still haven't
got the material.
Yesterday, five yards.
Today, nothing.
- Could you make
the balloon smaller?
- Yes, we could.
It wouldn't carry
eight people.
- He's building
another balloon.
- Well, they got
no material in Jena.
- But he is getting it.
A little here.
A little there.
Damn this man!
And who is that younger man?
He didn't make
the first flight.
But why?
- When he makes his attempt--
- I'm stopping him
before that.
Call Fehler.
I want that area where they
landed first searched again.
- Sir, it's been two months.
A very rainy season.
- I want it searched
and I want
special emergency precautions
taken at every border station.
- I don't have taffeta.
- Thank you.
muffled by fan]
- Petra, your turn.
- Oh, give me him.
Give me the boy.
You have to sit on the ground.
- Peter, you're right
here with me.
- Andreas goes here.
Fitscher, you're around here
between mama and Frank.
Frank, you're here.
- Put your hands inside.
- Well, that's it.
- Tomorrow.
We're not testing it first?
- We don't have the time.
If the weather's good and
the wind's right, then we go.
- Here they are, major.
They were found
just a few feet
from the point of impact.
- What have you
done about it?
- When I wasn't able
to contact you, major,
I didn't take any action.
- These pills should
have been analyzed.
The buyer identified.
- Without the number.
This may be a problem.
Is this pharmacy open now?
- I'm not sure.
It's Saturday.
- See that it is.
Come on, driver.
- The forecast
is cold and clear.
- It looks fine.
- Petra says,
"come for dinner."
For dinner?
We're really going then?
- We'll know for sure
after we check the wind.
Where are we going, mama?
- We're going far,
far away.
A long ride...
- No.
A short one!
- Propranolol.
Prescribed for hypertension.
High blood pressure.
If had the number--
- I want the name.
- We have to go through our
entire prescription file.
That'd still be ten--
- please try it.
- On Monday
when my staff is here--
- I would very much
like you to do it now.
- Becca Hudruf.
Felderstrae 63.
Ertman, Max.
apartment number 23.
- It's perfect.
Gentle wind to the west.
- Should we make one test
before we risk it?
- I'd like to.
Haven't got time.
Now let's get back.
- Here's another one.
Freiling Rezick.
Town center,
complex 28.
- I don't think any of us knew
what the best...
- We leave in 30 minutes.
We'll get our things
and we'll be right back.
Come on, Fitscher.
- See you soon.
- Bye.
- Better give the baby
the valerian so he'll sleep.
- It's really happening.
- Norder Wilhelm.
Schillerstrae 16.
- Reports on the first
two names, major...Negative.
- You're not mopping.
- No, I did it this morning.
All right.
No, leave the lights on.
Fitscher, no toys.
- These don't weigh much,
- Your favorite one,
that's it.
- We'll buy some more
when we get there.
- You've gained weight.
- I've got my good slacks
on underneath.
I'm not arriving in west Germany
looking like a bum.
- Uh-uh.
- Johannes bierschnapps.
- Well, can't leave that
for the SSD.
- Mama brought it to us.
"To be used for
a very special occasion."
- Major Krner,
we haven't contacted
two of the possibles yet.
The rest are clear.
- Two s's for you.
Streiger, Stefan.
Apartment five.
Strelzyk, Doris.
Altenbrckweg, 46.
My neighbors.
He has a trailer.
Always coming and going
at night.
- Come on, Frank.
Let's start it.
- We'll catch up with you.
- No one here.
- There's--
there's another family.
A younger man?
- Cover the back.
Are you sure?
- Of course I'm sure.
They've been acting very
suspiciously, four weeks ago
- just a moment.
Major Krner, the woman
says both families left
only a few minutes ago
in a blue and white Wartburg.
- Emergency alert.
All roads between here
and the border,
red, white Wartburg 311,
license NK9743.
The vehicle is pulling
a trailer.
Emergency alert.
What's wrong?
- I don't know.
- I still don't see them.
They should have
caught up by now.
What's happened to them?
- I don't know.
We'll wait for them here.
- So far, no trace.
- Eight people,
a car, a trailer.
Call lieutenant Fehler.
I'm going
to the border station.
- Yes, Sir.
- All right!
Come on.
Come on!
- Something's happened.
I'm going back to the house.
- No, Peter.
- Sorry.
It stalled.
Are you sure?
Thank you.
They may have been seen
near Lebengrn.
- Send all available units.
And I want every lookout tower
on full alert.
- This is lieutenant Fehler.
Send all units to
the Lebengrn area.
[Alarm blaring,
siren wailing]
What is papa doing?
- We bought a new tent and
he wants to see if it works.
If the stakes fit
into the loops.
- A big truck ahead.
Get ready to pass.
- Hey.
How we doing?
Almost vroom, right?
Why is papa making a fire?
- It's cold out there.
- Climb on!
- We're ready to go.
- Ready, Doris.
- Let's go.
Everybody out.
- we're overheating!
Doris, tell them
to be quick!
Quickly run here now!
Come on!
Quickly! Quickly!
- Hurry!
- All right.
Take it easy.
That's all right.
- Here you go.
- You better sit down.
- Sit down.
Sit down.
- Yes, all right.
- Easy, easy.
Watch it.
- Watch out!
Watch out!
- Sit down.
All right!
- No, wait!
- Yes!
- Ready!
- No, take that one!
- Ready!
- Pa, we're on fire!
- Oh, my God, Peter!
- Frank, get the extinguisher,
for God's sake!
- Oh, my God!
It's burning!
- Quickly!
Is everyone alright?
- Frank has a nasty cut.
How about you, Fitscher?
- It's all right, mom.
- It's already at 1,000 feet.
We're going up too fast.
Will it hold?
- It has to.
- Oh, my God.
- Higher.
- Tower 416 reporting.
- Major Krner,
they've been spotted.
- Let's go.
Quick, we're moving out.
What's wrong?
- I don't know.
It seems to be blocked.
How high are we?
- Almost 6,000 feet.
- It's cold.
I want to get off.
- There he is.
I've lost them.
- They must be out of fuel.
- Then they're descending.
We've got them.
All ground units.
Major Krner
to all ground units.
Converge on sectors
15 and 16.
- Try the weld starter
- Turn it up higher.
- I'm falling!
I'm falling, mama.
I'm falling.
- It's all right, little Peter.
Mama's here.
- It's lit!
More gas.
It's just barely burning.
- 5,000 feet.
- Shh.
It's all right.
there was a little
Teddy bear
- Frank, recheck
those other tanks.
- his hair was soft
as anything
- they're empty, papa.
Both of them.
- [Continues singing
and he made
the children sing
hold me
- oh, my God.
The gas is gone.
- hold me
hold me, hold me
bum bum bum
hold me
hold me
hold me, hold me,
bum bum bum
[alarm blaring,
siren wailing]
- We've been up 27 minutes.
- It's not enough.
Gnther, see if the light
will reach the ground.
- I'm glad we tried.
- Hang on.
We may hit the trees.
- No, no, no!
There's a clearing!
- Hold on!
Everyone all right?
- Yes.
- Yeah.
I think so.
- Easy. Give me your hand.
- I'll take the baby.
Single file.
Gnther and I will
scout ahead.
The rest of you stay here.
If we find anything,
then we'll light the flare.
- But if we're in the zone--
- please just wait.
Stay here.
- We didn't make it,
did we?
- Hey, don't worry.
Pa won't let us down.
- Stop.
You there,
come out!
- Are we in the west?
- Of course you are.
- Hey!
- Thank God!
- Yes!
- Go!
Come on!
- Oh, here.
Let me.
- Papa!
- We made it!
We did it!
Yeah, we did it!
- We did it!
We all did it!
- Champagne!