Night Drive (2022) Movie Script

Bharathappuzha River was the venue
for the rowing festival once again.
The two-day long festival was conducted
at Velliyamkallu in Thrithala at Palakkad.
The cultural society declared
that the festival was conducted
to promote several causes
including river conservation.
Ma'am, will the minister
be arrested today?
Well, yes, probably.
You will get credit if it happens.
The breaking news about gold smuggling
was the beginning of it all.
-Yes, sir?
Please be seated.
So, there is good news and bad news.
What's the bad news?
There won't be any arrest.
Minister Rajan Kurup will
get off scot-free this time as well.
Damn it!
Hey, I have good news as well.
Our channel has retained
the top spot in TRP rating once again!
Why are you glaring at me?
Our TRP ratings increase because we report
the news that the public is eager to know.
So, be happy!
Hello? Yes?
-I don't need that.
Riya, get ready.
Minister will be leaving the NIA office
soon after the interrogation.
Fast. Hello?
Ask Nithya to call me immediately.
As part of the gold smuggling case
that has been hounding the PDF Ministry
for several months now,
the accused, Tourism Minister
Rajan Kurup,
has been summoned to
the NIA office for an interrogation.
Minister Rajan Kurup
arrived at the NIA office
at dawn in his private vehicle
without informing the media.
You are a corrupt minister!
You are a scammer!
Resign and step down!
Come on.
Don't crowd around.
-Sir, do you have anything to do
-Please move.
with the controversial
gold smuggling case?
Can your hesitancy to talk to the media
be considered as your confession?
When have I ever hesitated
to talk to the media?
I've been right here along with you,
answering all your questions,
for the past 36 years as a social worker,
a legislator and a minister.
This is not my decision.
NIA has given strict instructions not
to share any details with anyone yet.
But, sir, shouldn't the public be informed
about this highly controversial case?
It's not me who's hiding anything.
Firstly, unlike what the media suspected,
I wasn't summoned for questioning.
I was summoned just to give my
witness statement regarding this case.
Contrary to what you all have heard,
I'm not the accused in this case,
and no decision
has been made to arrest me.
-Sir, one more question please.
-I'm exhausted.
We can talk later.
I won't be going anywhere.
Sir, we want more information.
-Sir, this case--
-Get in quickly, Jaleel.
Resign, Mr. Rajan Kurup!
-Resign and step down!
-Resign and step down!
-it's the CM.
It's me, Rajan.
My job is not to give
explanations for your misdeeds.
If you think that I will go out of my way
and do you a favor this time
you are mistaken, Rajan.
CM, I didn't--
If you are going to say
that you don't know anything
and that you didn't do anything,
remember that I'm not just
the Chief Minister of this state.
I'm also the minister
of the police department.
Now listen closely.
I'm giving you 24 hours.
You can either resolve
the issue that you have created
or just hand in your resignation.
-I don't have anything else to say to you.
-Please let me explain--
I got you appointed as
the NIA's local supporting officer
thinking that you'd snitch on them
and get me some inside information.
Seems like it was all worthless!
I've come here to
give you some information, sir.
You will be arrested
tomorrow at 11:00 a.m.
That's why they asked you not to
leave Kochi for the next two days.
-Shall we call the Chief Minister?
You heard it, right?
We can't expect any help from the CM.
It's a lost cause.
What do we do then?
So, we don't have much time left, right?
shouldn't we move all the gold elsewhere
before the NIA storms in tomorrow?
Do we have anyone in our team
who is trustworthy enough to move it?
Don't worry, sir.
We have the right guy for the job.
-Do you want more dosas, boy?
-No, thank you.
Hello, Mr. Georgy.
-Where are you?
-Why do you want to know?
Don't be upset, my boy.
It is now an official trip.
Would I go to Goa
without you otherwise?
Yeah, right!
You flunked the tenth grade thrice,
and you're going on an official trip?!
Tell this to Ayyappan.
She might believe you.
You are alone there, right?
-Where are you now?
-I'm having dinner.
-You're having street food?
-Shut up!
-Aren't you leaving at nine o'clock?
I'll be there before that.
-Here you go.
-Bro, Merry Christmas!
-Happy Christmas!
Oh, sorry!
-Hello, this is the Uber driver.
-Where are you?
I'm at Nucleus Mall.
-Where do I have to drop you?
-I'll be there in five minutes.
-Hey, kiddo!
-Oh, wow!
-Merry Christmas!
Thank you.
Come on.
Good evening, madam.
-Amina, right?
-To Vazhakkala, right?
Minister Rajan Kurup spoke to the media
after the interrogation
by the NIA regarding
the gold smuggling case.
It has been 43 days since the
Excuse me.
Could you watch the news
after you drop us off?
Madam, I'm not watching the news.
I just want to see the newsreader.
How do you like her?
She's smart, right?
Wow! This is interesting.
This is the first time I've come across
someone who's gawking at a newsreader.
Mom, what does "gawking" mean?
What's your name, dear?
My name is Priya, and
my mom's name is Ami.
Please stop at a nice bakery on the way.
-It's my birthday tomorrow, Uncle!
-Is that so?
-Well, happy birthday to you in advance!
-Thank you!
-Could you do me a favor?
Can you buy me a cake?
-If I take her to the bakery,
I'll have to buy everything in there!
-Will one kilo be enough?
Madam, you should not reveal
your PIN number to strangers.
Although you look like a thief,
there's not enough money
on that card for you to rob!
Hey, bro! What do you want?
You can tell me.
I need a cake for a child's birthday.
All these cakes are for
kids and adults as well.
What all do you have?
Black Forest Gateau,
Smoka Frosty, Mango Meringue,
Cherry Cheese Sato, Vancho Creamy.
These are the cakes we have.
Don't you have anything
for ordinary people?
-So, you are an ordinary fellow?
We have something
for ordinary people like you.
It's a combination of
vanilla and chocolate.
It's our specialty.
Shall I get it? It's awesome!
-What is the cake called?
-Vancho Creamy.
-Yeah, I'll take that. One kilo.
Do you want me to
write anything on it?
Yes. Happy Birthday
I'll bring it pronto!
Ayyappan, where are you?
I'm done for the day.
Business was also dull.
Moreover, I'm sad
that Boss is leaving.
Why are you upset if he's going?
Well, he's going to Goa
to have a good time all by himself!
That hurts, you know?
So, I left early.
Which liquor shop are you at?
How did you know?
Your Boss is the biggest fraud
on the face of the earth.
And you are his slave.
So, I needn't be too intelligent to
realize how much of a fraud you are!
Tomorrow is Christmas!
Liquor shops will be closed, remember?
If you don't stock up today, you will
just keep staring at the sky tomorrow.
-Oh, that's right!
Alright then.
Buy a bottle for me as well.
It's the money you swindle
from our trips anyway.
Damn it!
I shouldn't have called him.
Move faster, you sage!
-Merry Christmas, bro.
-Okay, bro.
-Sir, 900 rupees.
Sorry, sir.
The swiping machine is not working.
Oh, no!
-How much is this for?
-It's for 120 rupees.
-Keep the change. Merry Christmas.
-Okay. Thank you, sir.
Don't be too late.
I'll call you when I reach.
-My phone is running low on charge.
Okay, bye.
Thank you.
The total is 900 rupees.
They didn't accept your card.
-Oh! What did you do then?
-I paid in cash.
You can pay me via Google Pay
along with the trip fare.
-Was it too much trouble?
-It's okay, madam.
It's for our darling Priya.
Scoot over, dear.
You know, the names of cakes
these days are bizarre!
The cake we got
is called Vancho Creamy.
Something like that.
It's just a mix of vanilla
and chocolate. That's all.
Vanilla is my favorite!
You see, I know what
your favorite flavor is!
That's why I got it for you.
What's your name?
-I'm Georgy.
-What's your educational qualification?
Well, it's not much.
I got a degree, but at
a later point in my life.
After college, I took up
a job for some years.
But the job wasn't fit for my personality.
So, I decided to apply
for a job outside India.
Georgy, you should either choose
a job that suits your personality,
or you should change your personality
according to the job you get.
Have you studied philosophy, madam?
Let me get that for you.
You have a lovely house.
We've rented it.
Georgy, give me your phone number.
-I'll send you the money via Google Pay.
Okay. I'll transfer the amount.
Madam, please give this to your child.
She slept off.
-I'll give it to her.
By the way, thanks for everything.
It's alright.
Please give me a five-star rating.
-Good night.
-Good night.
-I'll arrive in five minutes, madam.
Didn't you get any other
vehicle to jump in front of?
-I'll slap you!
-Sorry! Sorry!
-I've been waiting for so long!
-I got stuck up.
How many times did I tell you
that my dad is alone at home?
He called me four times already.
I have an idea.
Let's get your dad remarried.
You wouldn't be stressed,
-and he wouldn't get bored--
-Hello, sir.
-What about your Middle East plans?
There are no developments yet.
Can I get a job at your office?
Yeah, right!
My dear Georgy!
Jobs at a channel office aren't
suitable for innocent guys like you.
They're suitable for feisty
and shrewd women like Riya.
I know, sir.
I was just kidding.
We've got a spy news that NIA is planning
something tomorrow. So, come early.
Minister Rajan Kurup
has a skin like a rhinoceros.
Don't expect him to resign anytime soon.
Okay. Good night.
-Good night, sir.
-Good night.
Start the car.
Shall we just keep driving
for two days?
Yeah, right! A drive with you?!
I've been hearing this
for a long time now.
-Tell me something that will happen!
It will happen. Just trust me.
-Trust you?!
Do you even have
any plans to marry me?
Well, that is not just up to me.
Your dad needs to increase
his alcohol consumption.
What do you mean?
I don't think he will let us
get married as long as he lives.
Things will work out in our favor
only if he drinks uninterruptedly!
Shut up, man! I'm trying to
get him to quit somehow.
Oh, no! Please don't do that.
Even though he doesn't like me,
I want to relish two liters of
alcohol from his military quota
every month after we get married.
It's the fraud calling.
He's going to Goa tonight. I have to
see him off after I drop you home.
-What is it, bro?
Oh, Riya!
Now will you hang up
or should I do it?
I'm hanging up.
I don't know why
but he's terrified of you.
That's because he's well aware
that he's a fraud.
That's probably why.
Aravindan had called.
He said that your
visa processing has begun.
Why does your nod have
an unnecessary weight?
He had called me as well.
Are you worried about the money?
We will arrange for it.
If nothing works out, we will
steal from my dad's bank account.
After all, Dad's money
is our money, right?
It's all gonna be okay.
You hear me?
-Won't you come?
-Will your soldier dad come out?
So what if he does?
He must have loaded
his old gun to kill me!
Just come with me!
Do you have anything to say to me?
-You have nothing to say to me?
Is it about the money that I owe you?
I will return the money in dirhams
once I go to Dubai.
-Go and see that fraud Francis off!
-Hey, don't say that--
-Get lost!
Uncle! Hail the soldiers!
-Get lost, you dog!
-Thank you.
It's my fault.
I asked for it.
-Good night.
-Get lost, you dog!
The whole family is uncouth!
Did you get it?
Yes. Two bottles of beer
and one bottle of local stuff.
Beer for you,
and the local stuff for me.
I won't drop you home if you drink
all of it and pass out. Give me that.
I will just crash here tonight.
Hey! Shall I take out the stuff?
Where's Boss?
There he is!
How do I look?
Are you really going
to Goa for a meeting?
Yeah, man!
Don't I look cool?
-What say?
-I think you look quite shady.
I won't be attending
the meeting in this outfit.
I've packed everything required
for the meeting in this suitcase.
Got it?
Boss, tell us the truth. Aren't you
going to Goa just to have a blast?
Yes, I'm going to have a blast.
I thought I should revive
this business that has crashed
due to irresponsible employees like you!
Come again?
-Not you, my dear.
Ayyappan, come here.
Hold this.
-Ayyappan, listen up.
Make sure that this firm subsists
even when I return.
Please don't sell the parts of
the cars parked here to buy liquor.
Sure. I will try.
-Hey, keep an eye on her.
-I'll think about it.
Get going, Boss!
It's time to chill, buddies!
Operation Goa!
-Please park this car for me.
You go and freshen up.
We gotta start drinking.
Let Francis cross a few miles.
Or else, that rascal will
sniff it out and come back!
-Hello, Balu.
-Jaleel, where is Uncle?
Mr. Kurup will be here soon.
He is really stressed.
Was there any issue
during the interrogation?
It was terrible.
He's going to be trapped!
When did you arrive?
Just now, Uncle.
Jaleel had called me.
Everything is over.
This is probably the last night
of my political career.
Don't say that.
We just need to find a way.
This is not that simple, Balu.
The NIA will arrest him tomorrow.
The attack is not from
the Central Ministry alone.
We have enemies here as well.
Our political party will be destroyed.
That worries me the most.
You know that my father
made this political party, right?
And then, I have worked
extremely hard for about 36 years.
-Everything will be over tonight!
-No such thing will happen.
All of us need you, Uncle.
Whatever you did
was not just for yourself.
You gave everyone their share.
That will never be accounted, Balu.
We are just a small party in
the ruling political alliance.
You see, if he gets arrested
another candidate from our party
will become the minister.
Well, that's what
most people are thinking.
Let it be, Jaleel.
Every political ideology has an end.
Jaleel, we have to do something.
I've never seen him so weak.
Our advocate Krishnapillai
will arrive shortly.
Let's see.
But there is another emergency
that needs to be taken care of, Balu.
We have to shift some things from here.
-The gold?
The NIA will turn this place
upside down tomorrow.
It's dangerous to keep the gold here.
-How much is it?
-18 kilos.
Where will you move it?
We have to take it to Thrissur.
Once we take it to Thrissur,
Muneer will take care of it.
It will be safe there.
But I don't know who will take it there.
What if we send it with Reji?
Reji will do it if we pay him money.
But given the present
situation, that will be risky.
Information regarding Mr. Kurup's arrest
has leaked out in the camp.
And we can't trust anyone.
They will loot the ship
if they know that it is sinking.
Well, then
what do we do?
It should be done by a trustworthy person
who is loyal to Mr. Kurup and our party.
Had Mr. Kurup agreed
I would have asked you to do the job.
I can convince Uncle.
But there won't be any problem, right?
What kind of problem, Balu?
Would I assign you the task
if there was a problem?
Kerala Police is still on our side.
By the way, take the
Paravur route when you go.
Hey, Georgy!
Did you bring cake instead of
munchies for the drinks?
-That's quite unique!
Oh, gosh!
I forgot about that.
So what? I didn't
forget to bring it in!
Hey, stop!
It's a birthday cake! Don't eat it!
Of course, it's a birthday cake!
Why else would anyone buy a cake?
I'll hit you!
Where is the letter "P"?
-You wanted the letter "P"?
-Yes, where is it?
I think I ate the letter "P".
Damn it.
"Happy birthday"
-Oh, no!
-What is it?
It's the 24th today, right?
Yes, but what's wrong
with the 24th?
Tomorrow is her birthday.
-Whose birthday?
-So what? You have already bought a cake.
-Oh, God.
-This is not her birthday cake.
-It's not?
"Happy birthday, Riya."
It looks fine to me.
-It looks fine!
"Happy birthday, Riya."
It looks fine.
Yes, it does.
Ammini, you are a life-saver!
-What's going on?
-Nothing. I'm all set!
What do you want?
You thought that I forgot, right?
Get lost!
Don't play a trick on me.
Hey, I'm serious!
I wanted to give you a surprise.
You are Georgy, son of Jacob, right?
I believe you!
Now stop talking about my dad
and open your balcony door!
-Open it!
I'm coming.
-Hey, please scratch my back!
Do that later. Scratch my back first!
Your mango tree is full of ants!
-What happened?
-A little higher!
-Hold still!
Keep going. Did your dad put
all those ants in the mango tree?
Serves you right.
You could have come through
the front door if you had married me.
This is your fate.
Take off your shirt.
I'll apply some cream.
That's okay. I'm fine now.
-Take off your shirt.
-It's alright.
-Did you just take a bath?
-So what if I did?
Well happy birthday!
Oh! I don't want it.
You don't?
Listen up.
We can have a "happy birthday" only when
you enter through the front door. Got it?
Hey, that's not what I meant.
Shall we go for the drive
that we had planned?
A night drive.
Wherever we arrive at 12:00 a.m.,
we will cut the cake there.
-Are you serious?
-Give me two minutes. I'll get ready.
Let's get ready.
-Don't we have to get ready?
I will get ready myself.
-I'll just wait here.
-No, you get going.
-It's not a problem. I'll wait.
-Just go!
Our plan will flop if you stay here.
-There are ants out there.
-Well, then go this way.
-But your dad--
-He's asleep downstairs.
-Sneak out quietly.
-I can wait here.
Just go!
The journey of life is beautiful
What tomorrow brings
Is unknown
The journey of life
-The journey of life
-Oh, shit!
Is beautiful
What tomorrow brings
I'll shoot you one day!
The journey of life
I'll shoot you one day.
Did you hear me, you dog?
What is it?
Your dad is a bigger fraud than Francis.
I think he's selling all the good stuff
in the black market,
and drinking cheap liquor!
Shut up! Let's go.
Sorry sorry.
-Did you have a drink?
-Just a small drink that your dad made.
-Give me the car key.
-I'll drive.
-I'm okay--
Just give it.
Two halves have now become one
Without even uttering a word
A drop of love
Melted into my life on its own
The beaming smiles
Have embarked on a journey
They have spread around like butterflies
The coolth that spreads within
Is it called love?
Two halves have now become one
Without even uttering a word
A drop of love
Melted into my life on its own
You are the reason I live
You are the breath that I take
You are the love of my life
You are the breath that gives me life
As the sorrows came crashing like waves
And tears came down as showers
The rain of my love
Will soothe your soul
Get drenched in my love
Come with me, my dear
I told Dad that I want to marry you.
Did he make a scene?
My Dad likes you a lot!
He's just worried that you
don't have a stable job as yet.
I don't think that's the problem.
When we were kids, we used
to throw all his liquor bottles
from the balcony, remember?
I think he has been holding
a grudge against me ever since.
Two halves have now become one
Without even uttering a word
A drop of love
Melted into my life on its own
The beaming smiles
Have embarked on a journey
They have spread around like butterflies
The coolth that spreads within
Is it called love?
Stop right there.
Come on, pull over.
Wait over there.
-Hey, pull over.
-Go that side.
Are the papers in order?
They are checking even at midnight now!
-They are just doing their job.
Put down the window.
Where are you two going?
Sir, we're just going for a drive.
Take your documents
and go to that Jeep.
The CI is over there.
Why, sir? Does the CI
have a problem in coming to us?
What did you say?
I asked whether the CI
would mind coming here.
Keep quiet.
I'll take the documents to him, sir.
No! The one who was
driving needs to go.
That would be a problem, sir.
Didn't you see your DGP's order
about how police checking should
not disturb the general public?
What's going on?
Sir, this lady here is referring to
the DGP's orders and teaching us law.
She says that you should come
here to check her documents.
Oh! Madam, it's you!
Pradeep, didn't you recognize her?
She is a hotshot
at the news channel.
Please get down.
We have to search your vehicle.
What for?
We cannot disclose it
to the general public.
This is also the DGP's order.
Get down.
Please get down.
Get down.
-Pradeep, search the car.
Who is this?
Is he your brother?
He's my friend.
Oh, he's your friend!
-Pradeep, check the front side as well.
Where are you two friends
going at midnight?
Sir, we just came out
for a night drive.
There is nothing in here, sir.
Instead of roaming around
with girls late at night,
why can't you just go
out in the morning?
Is there any rule that prohibits girls
from stepping out during the night, sir?
Give it to me.
Madam, blow into this.
-What's your problem, sir?
-I don't have any problem.
This is a device that checks
if the driver is intoxicated.
Haven't you seen it before?
You can leave after blowing into it.
Blow properly, dammit!
Mind your manners, sir.
Please don't take that tone with me.
-Sir, please let it go.
Riya, please don't
make a scene. Just do it.
Is that okay?
There's no problem, right?
Take her away!
-Come on.
-Whose car is this?
-It's my friend's car.
I drive it all the time.
-It's a taxi, right?
Do you have a badge?
Yes, sir.
What about you?
We're taking this vehicle into custody
since you were driving without a badge.
Come to the police station tomorrow
in the morning with the owner of the car.
Sir, you can't take this car with you.
Come again?
You can't take this car with you.
I'll decide that.
-Riya, please don't make a scene here.
-Shut up, Georgy!
You cannot just bend the rules.
Maybe you're not
keeping up with the news.
There is a Supreme Court order.
July 2017 onwards,
one need not have a taxi badge to
drive light motor vehicles like these.
All one needs to have is
a driving license, which I do.
You can check with the RTO
if you don't know that rule.
Check with the RTO, sir!
Let's find out!
Let go, sir.
This will become an issue.
What she's saying is right.
Sir people are making
videos on their phones.
The two of you may leave.
Please don't make a scene here.
-Riya, let's go.
-We can't just leave like that!
You unnecessarily
troubled a girl for so long.
You should apologize to me.
I will apologize to you.
Now get in the car.
Just get in. Let's go.
We're sorry, sir.
Please don't take it personally.
Shut up!
After all that has happened here
I think I might as well apologize to you.
Sorry, madam.
What is wrong with you, Riya?
I have told you so many times
not to make a scene unnecessarily!
Georgy, why are you mad at me?
-You saw how discourteous he was!
-If he was discourteous, so be it!
What if someone makes a video
of you making a scene in public
and posts it on YouTube?
Women ought to be a little sensible!
Right! Only women are
obligated to be sensible!
It is this attitude
that needs to be changed.
You all are the same!
Stop the car.
-He wants me to be sensible--
-Pull over, Riya!
-Listen to me--
-Enough, Georgy! Please shut up!
-Stop annoying me--
-Hey, watch out!
Are you okay?
-Are you okay?
-What happened?
What happened?
Riya, listen.
It's okay.
Please don't worry.
Come on, get up.
-Lift him by his legs.
Open the door.
Riya, call Francis.
Hey, bro! What's up?
Francis, where are you?
I'm driving past the Thrissur toll gate.
-Our car met with an accident.
-Oh, really?
Didn't you die in the accident?
Bro, you gotta try
some other trick to foil my trip!
Someone got hit by our car.
I was driving.
Riya, what happened?
Dude, we're in trouble.
-I think the man is in critical condition.
-I hope the two of you are safe!
-We are.
-Where are you now?
We are on the Kodungallur route.
On Kodungallur route--
Hey, do you know Chittethukara?
There's a hospital named Christ near
St. Antony's Church in Chittethukara.
Take him there.
That's the safest thing to do.
Francis, would there be a problem?
Riya, please don't worry.
Dr. Firoz, who works there,
is a friend of mine.
Go there and meet him.
I'll call him up right away.
-Did you hear me?
I'll also inform Ayyappan
and ask her to meet you guys there.
Yes. Okay.
Easy. Be careful.
Okay. Come on.
Take him inside.
-Take him inside.
-Georgy, right?
I'm Dr. Firoz.
Francis had called me.
-I'll examine him.
We have informed the police
as this an accident case.
It's a usual procedure.
Don't worry.
They've signed these.
-There are two forms, right?
Did you report an accident case?
They are in the casualty room, sir.
The patient hasn't been identified yet.
-Who brought the patient here?
-Just a minute.
Sir, it's Mr. Georgy Jacob.
-Did you get the details, Pappetta?
-Yes, sir.
These two?
We've got some extra work tonight!
Come on.
Hello, madam.
So, what really happened?
Sir, it was an accident.
The man jumped in front of our car.
I think we hit him.
I see. You were driving, right?
No, sir. It was me.
How's that possible?
I saw her driving off.
Sir, Riya was in a mood.
So, we switched places.
I drove the car.
-Where did this happen?
-Just before Paravur junction.
How is the patient now?
We don't know yet.
The doctor is examining him.
Did he say anything to you?
No, sir. He was unconscious
when we brought him here.
You two wait there.
I'll have a word with the doctor.
I need you to record
their detailed statements.
Okay, sir.
It is evident from the girl's
body language that the guy is lying.
Ask Pradeep to check
all the CCTV footage of that location.
-Okay, sir.
-We need to make sure that he was driving.
-Also get his medical checkup done.
What was the approximate time?
It was about an hour ago.
-It's the spot before Paravur, right?
Who was driving?
Is it his car?
I'm right outside the hospital.
Park the car and wait right there.
-I'll call you.
-Yeah. Okay.
Where all did you go?
What did the doctor say, sir?
Is the patient alright?
The housing colony
before Paravur junction.
That was the spot, right?
Yes, sir.
Do you know the victim?
No, sir.
Sir, may we leave now?
-Where do you want to go?
-I have to drop Riya home.
Go and sit over there.
I'll tell you when you can leave.
Sir, this an accident case.
And I was driving the car.
Why does Riya need to be here?
Who told you this is an accident case?
307 IPC.
Have you heard of it?
Attempt to murder.
But, sir, we didn't--
You didn't do anything, right?
Well, the police are here to prove that.
Sir, what are you doing?
The man lying in there has been stabbed
in the stomach and in the back.
He has lost a lot of blood as well.
Right now, it's only section 307.
You will get into a fix if that man dies.
The case will turn to Section 302,
a clear case of murder!
You kids
are in for a long night!
-Pappetta, make them sit there.
-Okay, sir.
-I'm heading to the accident spot.
Are you sure that
they took the gold?
We are sure, sir.
We witnessed it.
A guy and a girl took Balu in their car.
And it was the guy
who put the bag inside the car.
We saw it happen, sir.
We couldn't do anything at that
moment because of the confusion.
As if you could have
avoided this mess altogether!
-Send them away, man!
-Go away, you two.
It's not just one or two kilos.
That bag contains 18 kilos of gold!
Do you have any other information?
Sir, Chacko is inquiring.
It is an accident case.
So, they cannot flee the town.
Moreover, our men are
searching all the hospitals.
-Is that so?
Okay. I'll call you back.
-We got them.
They are with CI Benny Moopen
of Paravur Police Station.
What about Balu?
Balu has been admitted in Christ Hospital.
His condition is critical.
I see.
Did they hand over
the gold to the police?
No, sir. No such thing
has been reported yet.
I'll ask Benny to check their vehicle.
Wait. Hold on.
If they haven't reported it to the police,
they either don't know
that the bag contains gold
or they know about it and
they have taken it for themselves!
-Sir, there is a small problem.
-I told you there was girl in that car.
That girl is Riya Roy
from Manorama News.
Are you sure?
Yes, sir.
-Yes, sir.
-Fix me a drink!
Here you go, sir.
That girl wouldn't have
known about the gold.
If she knew,
all the news channels would
have stormed into the hospital by now.
What do you think?
-That's right, sir.
-Do one thing.
-Yes, sir.
Call up that CI and ask him to arrest
that boy and girl for some reason.
And you go there immediately.
I need you to search their vehicle
in the presence of the CI.
-Do you understand?
She was the one who broke the news
of this gold smuggling case, right?
What if she gets arrested for
the same gold smuggling case?
Do you understand?
That news will create a confusion.
The NIA will be shocked.
This is a spark of fire!
Let's use it to burn
the whole house down!
-I will take care of that.
We won't get another
opportunity like this.
-Do you get my point?
-Yes, sir.
-Leave immediately. Go.
Come on.
Sit down.
We need both your signatures.
These contain your statements.
Please sign them.
how's he doing?
Nothing to worry.
He was attacked with swords.
The wounds are not so deep.
The problem was that
he lost a lot of blood.
We are giving him blood.
Hopefully, he will regain
consciousness in two hours.
-Hey, you need not worry.
Your car did not hit him.
He has no injuries that
suggest he was hit by a car.
He must have fallen in front of your car
while escaping from some goons.
Hey, don't worry.
I'll be here
till he regains consciousness.
-Thank you, doctor.
-Okay, I'll see you around.
We just had a word with the doctor.
The doctor said that--
-Did they collect his blood samples?
It has been sent to
the General Hospital.
the doctor said that
the patient is fine now.
He should regain consciousness
within two hours.
-So what?
-So, we can go, right?
What did I tell you earlier?
But, sir
my car didn't even hit the man.
-The doctor said that--
-The doctor cannot make decisions.
I'm in charge of this case.
Just do as I say.
Sir, what wrong did we do?
Is it wrong to bring an
injured man to the hospital?
The public refrains from doing such deeds
because of this attitude of the police!
Oh, look! The lady has spoken again.
Good! I was feeling
a lack of adrenaline.
Now I feel okay.
Go and sit there.
I'll let you know what is to be done.
-But, sir--
-Go and sit there!
Tell Pradeep to take their car
to the police station.
I'll go and meet the doctor.
Okay, sir.
take all your belongings from the car.
It will be taken to the police station.
Riya, listen to me.
I will punch you in the face if you
open your mouth again in front of the CI.
Did I say something wrong?
You weren't uttering
a word all this while.
Now when you know that things are okay,
you're back to being audacious!
You're a fine one to talk! Why did you
tell them that you were driving the car?
They will know from your medical reports
that you were intoxicated.
Yeah, right!
I just had one drink.
I've even sobered up
because of all the stress.
-Stop talking nonsense and open the car.
-Yeah, alright!
This bag belongs to the man, right?
There's a phone ringing.
Step aside. It must be
someone from his family.
What is the matter?
It was reported as an accident case.
But we found that it's Section 307
only when we got here.
-How is the man doing?
-He is unconscious.
He has been stabbed in
his stomach and his back.
-Have you identified the patient?
-We are looking into it, sir.
How did that reporter
get involved in this case?
The guy must have fallen
in front of their car
while trying to escape
from the attackers.
They brought him to the hospital.
Have they given convincing statements?
Yes, sir.
Well, that girl is a little arrogant.
I wanted to teach her a lesson.
So, I asked them to wait here.
We'll let them go once we
go to the police station.
Wait. Hear me out.
There's some information from the NIA.
We need to search their car.
Greetings, madam.
Sorry for all the trouble.
It's okay. You can leave as soon as
some legal formalities are over.
That murder attempt just
complicated the issue.
we needn't explain legal matters
to this lady at all!
-I see.
-She's well acquainted with the law.
We need to search your car.
the CI has already searched the car.
That's alright.
Like I said, this is just a formality.
We have to search the car in the
driver's presence before taking it away.
We'll be in a fix if you complain
that something has gone missing
from your car. That's why.
So, shall we check?
-Hey, search the car.
-Okay, sir.
Madam, please step aside.
Whose is this?
It's a birthday cake, sir.
It's Riya's birthday today.
Happy birthday, madam.
She will never forget this birthday.
Am I right, madam?
There is nothing in here, sir.
-Take the car to the police station.
Benny, come with me.
Give me the key.
How is the man?
He is fine.
-Thank God!
-There is another problem.
What is it now?
Sir, you go ahead.
I'll be right there.
This CI is quite troublesome.
Well, don't worry about that.
I'll deal with him.
Sir, they can go, right?
They are my friends.
-Who are you?
-I'm Franci.
Francis from Fort Kochi.
I'm the Managing Director
of Francis Tours and Travels.
I can have someone from the
Fort Kochi Police Station call you.
-What do you say?
-What for?
Sir, you see, this is just
a trivial accident case.
According to the law, the police
cannot file a case against people
who help accident victims.
Am I right?
Don't you have any friends
who don't lecture others on law?
Sir, the car belongs to him.
It's registered under his name.
-So, you are the registered owner!
-Well, then you stay here.
-Oh, no!
I can't do that.
I have to go to Goa.
I'm the one who decides
where you go and when you go.
Hey, come here.
He is troublesome indeed.
Goa-- Oh!
Is that our bag?
You guys are rather irresponsible!
Why is this bag so heavy?
Have you packed your dumbbells in it?
What is it?
Oh, God. I'm not
going anywhere, sir.
I'll park the car and wait right here.
Sir, I searched the car thoroughly,
but I didn't find the gold.
They are here.
Oh, dear St. Francis!
Is this the biscuit business
run by Sagar alias Jacky?
We have also become a part
of the underworld, Ayyappan!
Oh, God!
Georgy, I don't understand
what you are saying.
Wouldn't this all be over if we
hand over this bag to the police?
Why don't you do it?
Go on. Do it.
If that CI had any intention to let us go,
he would have done it long back.
He is looking for ways and means
to put you behind bars.
If you take this bag to him, he will
definitely frame you in this case!
That's right!
Moreover, many political party workers
and police are against you.
And you want to do this?
Give me your phone.
I will inform my news channel.
Please don't worsen the situation
by taking wrong decisions.
There is no need to inform the channel.
I've already devised a better plan.
We'll take this gold with us.
We'll sell all of it and divide
the money equally amongst us.
I get 80 percent of the share
and you get 20.
-Do we have a deal?
-What about me?
I'll give some of it to you
as well. Don't sweat it.
Boss, don't be such a miser.
Answer the phone. It must be
the bad guy calling for the gold.
Tell him that we have all his gold.
Ask him where we should bring it.
Answer the call!
I think that they are
hiding something from us.
What do you think?
No, sir. They are just stressed
because of the accident.
I caught them during my routine checking,
just ten minutes before the incident.
I had checked their car
before letting them go.
Anyway, don't let them leave.
I'll let you know to do.
They are nowhere to be seen.
their friend's car is also
missing from the spot.
I think they escaped.
I told you they were up
to something devious!
What were those guys doing?
Why do we have these
incompetent guys with us?
-I need you to be here. Understand?
Call me as soon as
the patient regains consciousness.
Don't let any outsider enter the building.
Also, call the control room and ask them
to conduct a citywide search for them.
Make sure that their car does
not leave this city. Understood?
-Okay, sir.
-Let's go!
Damn it!
What are you doing here at this hour?
Isn't this Riya Roy
from the news channel?
-Please come in.
I realized that I forgot to take
the cake from the car after I got home.
-Then I called Balu
and asked him to bring another cake.
You've come to give me
the cake, right?
Come, sit down.
It's okay.
Is that Dad?
So, Priya hasn't slept yet!
No! She's adamant that she'll
sleep only after her dad arrives.
Balu usually never gets so late.
How is Balu related to
Minister Rajan Kurup?
Balu is one among
the minister's personal staff.
we have come over
to give you some information.
Where the hell did you go?
-I will not spare you!
That's the patient's family.
We had gone to bring them, sir.
Didn't you say that you didn't know
the guy who met with an accident?
Yes, sir.
Then how do you know
about his family?
Sir, I had dropped them
home earlier this evening
in my Uber taxi.
That's impressive!
Do you happen know the husbands
of all your female customers?
No, sir.
Do they all show their
husbands' photos to you?
-Then how do you know them?
This is the patient's phone.
I saw her photo on the screen
when she was calling him.
Why didn't you tell us
about this phone earlier?
I forgot, sir.
The wife gets into
your car in the evening.
And the husband jumps
in front of your car at night.
And you also bring him to the hospital.
Something is not adding up, Georgy!
You are right, sir.
It's a huge coincidence.
It is, right?
Alright. Sit there, both of you.
Pappetta, see to it
that they don't go out again.
-Okay, sir.
-They won't go anywhere.
I'll watch them.
Keep a close watch on him.
He is the fraudster among them.
Don't worry, sir.
Hey, go and sit there.
How does he know my nickname?
Don't get smart.
Go and sit there.
I've been told to keep an eye on you.
-Here you go.
How long has it been since Balu
started working for the minister?
It's been a few years, madam.
Balu's father and Mr. Kurup
started this political party together.
Balu's father passed away
when he was a little boy.
It was a politically motivated murder.
After that, it was
Mr. Kurup who raised Balu.
He was a father figure to Balu.
He's a man who wouldn't hurt a fly.
My Balu!
Who could do this to him?
-Play the footage from the camera outside.
-Okay, sir.
Fast forward.
Come on, dear.
-How did you--
The three of you come with me!
Right now!
Sir! What is the matter?
-Where is the bag?
-Which bag?
-You don't know?
-No, sir.
-Isn't that your car?
-Open the trunk.
-What for, sir?
Will you open it only if you
know the reason? Open it!
-Whose bag is this?
-This is my bag, sir.
Open it.
Open the bag!
-Whose clothes are these?
-They are mine, sir.
Didn't you say
that it's your bag?
Yes. It's is bag,
but the clothes are mine.
-Stop it!
You've been playing the fool for a while!
Tell me, what else do you know?
What else, sir?
-How dare you lie to me?
-Sir, please!
Sir, what are you doing?
You keep quiet!
There is no point in asking you politely.
I'll deal with you at the police station.
-Take him.
Pradeep, bring that car
to the police station.
Okay, sir.
Come on.
Oh, God.
-What is it?
-Sir, actually--
-Be seated!
Sir, can I take my
phone for a minute?
What for?
Some documents
I have to delete some videos.
We can avoid an embarrassing situation
with all these ladies around.
It's 3:00 a.m.
It's Sandhya calling, right?
So, you want Sandhya at midnight?!
Well, it's twilight
in the US right now. So
what can I do?
I'm a bachelor.
-You get calls from her. Why can't I--
-Shut up.
Oh, God.
Listen closely, you three.
This is your last chance.
If you answer all my questions truthfully,
I might be able to save you.
But if you're planning to tell more lies
I may have to change
my interrogation style.
-Sir, we're telling you the truth.
So, you mean, this bag was
full of his clothes, right?
-Yes, sir.
I had set off for an official trip.
After a while, I realized,
that this bag was missing.
He was on his way to give this bag to me,
and that's when this accident happened.
Well, in that case, take a look at this.
I have been doing this job
for 18 years now!
I can guess the weight of the bag just
by looking at the way it's being carried.
That's right.
Are you saying that
his undies are so heavy?!
You spotted that CCTV camera.
And you were shrewd enough to
take out whatever was inside the bag.
Now tell me
what was in that bag?
Sir, that
Yes, doctor?
Sir, that accident patient
has regained consciousness.
You can take his statement now.
-Okay. I'll be there soon.
Please don't inform anybody right now.
Yeah, I understand.
I'm stepping out for a bit.
When I return
I want you to tell me the entire truth.
If you don't
I'm gonna lock you all up.
I will lock you in a way that
you'll never see the light of the day!
Where is the gold, Chacko?
Did they swallow it?
Sir, I searched
their car thoroughly.
I didn't find the bag of gold in it.
What if they didn't take the
bag from the accident spot?
Sir, we saw them taking the bag.
They have only been to Balu's house.
We searched the place,
but we couldn't find it.
Sir, don't worry.
Benny has taken them into custody.
I will go there.
They will tell the truth
if we ask in the right way.
You go to the police station.
There are only about
three hours left for daybreak.
Call Alby and arrange for some more gold.
Let's play another game now.
-Yes, sir?
How is the patient's condition?
One minute. You carry on.
-Okay, Doctor.
-Come with me.
He is a bit sedated
because of the medication.
But he is okay now.
You can talk to him.
-Come on.
-Were you scared, dear?
Madam, this is Benny Moopen,
the local Circle Inspector.
Madam, please step
outside for ten minutes.
I need to talk to Balu.
-Come on.
-The child
Please come. You relax.
Do you have any difficulty
in talking, Balu?
No, sir.
You are a personal staff
of Minister Rajan Kurup, right?
Your body has two slash wounds.
Do you remember what happened?
I had gone to Thrissur to run
an urgent errand for Mr. Kurup.
For what?
To deliver an urgent file
to a person in Thrissur.
On the way
before reaching Paravur
the attack happened all of a sudden.
I couldn't identify the assailants.
It was very dark.
I didn't see their faces, sir.
Your car was found on a side road,
800 meters away from the highway.
Why did you take a deviation
from the highway?
Okay. Never mind.
Do you remember whose bag this is?
It's my bag.
This bag is in police custody now.
I don't have to tell you
what was in it, right?
that's not my gold.
It belongs to Mr. Kurup.
How many kilos were there?
Do you remember?
18 kilos.
Balu, I know everything.
There's no point in
hiding anything now.
I might be able to help you
if you tell me the truth.
I was shifting the gold for Mr. Kurup.
Before the NIA raided the place,
they had to move
all the gold from there.
That's when
Santhosh, what is it?
Balu, where are you?
I'm about to reach Paravur.
Dump that gold somewhere,
and try to flee the place
with your family at the earliest.
What? What happened?
This is a trap.
Mr. Kurup's plan is to get
you arrested by the police.
-What are you saying?
They are planning to frame you in
the gold smuggling case by claiming that
you did it through the minister's
office, using his influence.
If they arrest you,
they will frame you for all the
gold smuggling cases so far.
And the minister will go scot-free.
You seem to have misperceived things.
Uncle wouldn't do such a thing to me.
I'm telling you the truth.
I heard Mr. Kurup
discussing this with Jaleel.
All this while, I lived my life for him!
I stood by him like a son.
Balu, this is politics.
Relationships don't matter here.
They can stab anyone in the back
for their own survival.
There were so many other people.
Why did he choose me?
Mr. Kurup knows for a fact that
even if the police catches you,
you will never rat him out.
He is exploiting your loyalty.
And before recording your statement,
and registering your arrest,
the minister had planned
to get you killed
with the help of DySP Chacko.
I won't surrender to the police.
But they are not going
to get this gold now.
-I've been tricked all these years.
Hey! Listen to me.
Hey, Balu
Balu! Listen to me!
I'll call you later.
Stop there, you!
Take rest now, Balu.
Don't share this information
with anybody else.
You can give your statement
directly to the magistrate.
Or else, your life will be in danger,
and you know that.
It should be ready by tomorrow.
-Sign here, please.
Please don't let anybody know that
Balu has regained consciousness.
This is a high-profile case.
That's why.
Pappetta, I need you
to be here all the time.
Don't let anybody in,
no matter who they are!
-Okay, sir.
-Inform me if any such person comes here.
-Okay, sir.
Thank you, Doctor.
-Please don't hit him, sir.
-Sir, please
Why are you thrashing him?
This is not your channel studio.
Step aside!
Spit the truth.
Or else, I will beat you to a pulp!
I've been telling you for so long,
I don't know anything!
-Tell me!
Come on, tell the truth!
Sir, what are you doing?
Why are you beating him?
It's not like what you think.
They are frauds.
They will answer only
if we ask in the right way.
You don't have to sweat it.
I will make him talk.
Come here you
You might be the
senior officer here,
but I'm in charge of this station.
If something happens to him here,
I'll be the one held responsible.
Is that so?
Alright then, you do your job, Mr. CI.
Question him!
According to their statements,
whose bag is it?
It's Georgy's bag.
Open that bag and have a look.
Sir, what is this?
It's gold!
Pure gold.
Didn't I tell you?
They are not petty thieves.
They are high-profile gold carriers.
Sir, I was the one who
took this bag into custody.
I had searched it.
It only had their clothes.
Moreover, they are not criminals, sir.
The witness who saw that
this bag had gold in it
is none other than me,
the local assistant of the NIA.
And about the criminal background
you just asked me
The criminal history of a guy who
served seven years in prison for murder
is not that good.
He served seven years in prison
for killing his school teacher
without any real motive.
This guy!
Georgy Jacob!
Read this if you don't believe me.
Don't make futile attempts, Benny.
You won't be able to save them.
If you've understood the situation
register the case
and enter it into the system.
I'll inform the NIA office.
Chacko, what's the update?
Sir, it's all set here.
Now we just have to inform the NIA.
Hold it for two more hours.
The media will also come
rushing along with the NIA.
It will be a problem if Balu
utters anything foolish.
So, we have to move him
from there at the earliest.
I've already sent Jaleel.
It will be a problem if
we hold it for too long.
CI Benny is a shrewd guy.
He can't be trusted.
Don't worry about that.
I have already taken
steps to tackle him.
We have Police Commissioner
Sharanya on our side.
Alright then, sir. I'll wait.
-Hello, madam.
did you take three people into custody
in the gold smuggling case?
Madam, we called them here
as part of an accident case.
They don't have anything
to do with gold smuggling.
Report at my residence
with all the case details.
-Within 30 minutes.
-Okay, madam.
You don't have to be involved
in this case anymore.
Isn't Chacko there?
-Yes, madam.
Just do as Chacko says.
Okay, madam.
Pradeep, call Georgy
and the others here.
Okay, sir.
-Where are the culprits?
-They are in CI Benny's room, sir.
What's happening?
Have you registered the case?
I was just about to do it.
I was trying to get more
information from them.
They won't confess,
no matter however much we try!
Just do as I say!
-Enter the case details.
-Wait, sir.
They have confessed!
Yes, sir.
All three of them have
confessed to the crime.
It's true.
It was us who smuggled the gold.
You know how it is. How much
can we earn from driving an Uber?
Also, with her meager salary,
we are not able to live life king-size.
That's why we got
into gold smuggling.
But unfortunately,
we fell into your trap, sir.
What is this?
Are you playing games with me?
No, sir.
I'm telling you the truth.
I can't hold on anymore, sir.
That's how badly you beat me up!
Your punches were really heavy!
But it's fine.
Everything is settled now.
Right, dear?
We are highly
professional smugglers.
But we deal only in gold,
not narcotics.
You see, narcotics is a dirty business.
And we know that because
Mr. Mohanlal has taught us.
Register their arrest after adding
these details to their statements.
Everything is ready, sir.
Also, the commissioner had called.
She asked me to follow your orders.
So, I thought of asking you
before uploading the documents
as the minister is involved in this case.
Yes, sir.
According to their statements,
they smuggled this gold
for Minister Rajan Kurup.
It's true, sir.
This is Minister Rajan Kurup's gold.
We are the ones who smuggle gold
for him regularly.
Yeah. The three of us!
The NIA will definitely arrest
the minister tomorrow
for using diplomatic channel
for gold smuggling.
What they want to know now is what
the minister did with the gold.
-We are the answer to that question now.
Sir, we'll go to jail anyway.
But we will take the minister
along with us for the ride as well.
So, shall we enter the details now?
Just a minute.
-Wait for my instructions.
-Okay, sir.
Hey! Don't do anything foolish.
Give the phone to him.
It's Mr. Kurup.
-Who, sir?
-Mr. Kurup.
Oh, okay!
-Sir, the cops have captured our gold.
-Who are you?
Sir, my name is Georgy.
I was in prison for seven years.
And since I spent my teenage days in jail,
my character didn't turn out so good.
What do you want?
Sir, you already know what I want.
We are not part of this game.
So, we should not be
accused in this case.
That goes for your personal
staff Balachandran too.
You don't have to do it for free.
The 18 kg gold that you
sent along with Balu
It is with me now.
Yes, it's with me.
I will return all of it,
without even a single gram missing.
For that, you have
to agree to my deal.
I will tell you where
to bring the gold.
Okay, sir.
So shall I leave now?
I have lots of work to do.
That gold is in another location.
I have to go take it, move it, give it.
So much work to do.
So you were acting all this long?
Tell me. Where have
you kept the gold?
Do we need this, sir?
The deal is between
the minister and me!
Actually, you don't even have the
role of a referee in this game now.
So, you can take his hands off.
-Sir, shall I leave?
-Yes, you may go.
-I'm taking those two phones.
-Take it.
See you.
Sir, I will also take your leave.
Commissioner has asked me to meet
her with all the case details.
So, will you be around?
You should be!
This bag belongs to Balachandran,
personal staff of Minister Rajan Kurup.
I've recorded his statement.
He was transporting gold
as per the minister's instructions.
The accident happened on the way.
How many years of service do you have?
How many years of service do you have?
18 years.
Where do you stay?
Here, in Paravur itself.
Own house?
No, it's a rented house.
I can understand the righteousness
of an officer with 18 years of service
who still stays in a rented house.
But you don't have to be involved
in this case anymore.
But, madam, all the evidence
is in our favor.
Show me.
See? That's the end
of your evidence's life.
The hospital's CCTV footage
has already been wiped clean.
There is no value
for professional ethics, right?
This is a high profile case.
Anyone who touches it
will get their hands burned.
You didn't see anything,
and you don't know anything.
And those three in custody?
Don't intervene in that again.
Benny, you should be
loyal to your job
But for that,
you should have a job. Right?
Hope you got it.
You may go.
There is an old case
in our data bank.
Six years ago,
on a Christmas night in Panangad
two friends returning after carol
celebrations on a bicycle were attacked.
The guy tried to defend
his girl friend's honor.
Police found his dead body on the
next day from the Fort Kochi lake.
Unable to realize her loss or
the atrocities inflicted on her,
that girl has been in a coma
for the last six years.
In my house!
She is my sister.
Nobody was there to
save them that night.
And today, those kids
are in their position.
Not just my job. Even if I lose my life,
I will save them, madam.
Inform this to the people
calling you as well.
Benny, wait here.
what's happening with that CI?
He is here.
He is a bit stubborn.
But I will manage it.
Okay. I need you to go to
Christ Hospital immediately.
Jaleel is already there.
There is some problem
in moving Balu from there.
Solve that problem.
What's the problem here?
Madam, I'm the minister's
Personal Assistant.
Balachandran, who is admitted here,
is our colleague.
We wish to move him to
a hospital with better facilities.
But the doctor has some objections.
Madam, Mr. Balachandran
is perfectly okay.
We can discharge him tomorrow.
His condition doesn't demand
any further treatment.
Madam, the CI had given strict orders
to not let anyone inside. That's why I
Is the CI's order over and above
the Commissioner's direct order?
-Is it so?
-Sorry, madam.
Doctor, Balachandran is an important
member of the minister's staff.
-The attack on him is
politically motivated.
His safety and further treatment is
the responsibility of the government.
-Where is the patient now?
-He is in the ICU.
Come on. Let's go.
You can write the discharge summary.
Keep the vehicle ready.
-Where is he?
-He was here right now, madam.
Then where is he now?
Get in. Come, madam.
Let's go.
-Yes, sir.
Your life is at risk
because of us, isn't it?
Life is always full of risks, sir.
Benny Sir has devised a plan.
Benny Sir's ancestral home in
Malayattoor is lying vacant.
So you guys can stay there
until the matter gets resolved.
It's a pity that I couldn't see through
the minister's evil mind all these years.
He will go to any extreme
in order to stay in power.
It's not so easy to
escape from him.
Riya, I've been calling you for so long.
Why didn't you pick up?
-Riya, can you hear me?
You can have smartness.
That is not an issue at all.
But show your smartness to
people of your kind, okay?
I'll return your gold.
But you said that
you will let Balu go.
That was our deal.
That's right. I said
that I will let Balu go.
But I didn't say that I
will let him go with you.
I can't take risks anymore.
Where are you now?
I'm near Koonammavu.
You've crossed Koonammavu?
Then you do this
My guys will be waiting for
you near Cheranalloor junction,
after the Varappuzha bridge.
You hand over Balu and the gold
to them, and go home.
Riya will reach her home
once I get what I want.
Georgy, don't try to act
over-smart with me again.
If you do, you won't be able to
bear the consequences.
Okay, sir.
Georgy, what happened?
Mr. Kurup has held Riya hostage.
Please listen to me.
Leave us.
This is our fate.
You guys try to escape
from this somehow.
If our intention was
only to save our lives
we wouldn't have
gone through all the trouble.
Sir, do you trust me?
I know what to do then.
Benny Sir, where are you?
Where is he?
Come here.
Where is the gold?
Hey, it's the police!
Let's go.
Georgy, get in.
Sir, it's risky to chase them now.
Riya is with them.
What are you planning to do?
It's a dangerous game now.
We can't say who all will be alive
by tomorrow morning.
-That's when you are
-No one will get hurt.
What are you saying?
We will be able to track
wherever they go now.
Madam, please send me your
live location from your mobile.
Come on.
Like I said earlier,
be very careful. Okay?
Georgy, get in.
-What's going on?
-He is not answering, sir.
Then try the other number.
Sir, aren't you
going to tie me up?
That's the general norm, right?
You kidnap someone, tie them up,
start negotiating, etc. isn't it?
Which world are you living in, sir?
This has been going on
since the time of Ravana!
The guy who does it always
ends up losing in the end!
But this method has
not changed at all.
Say whatever you want.
Your arrogance will last only
until I get back my gold.
It's not arrogance, sir.
It's a journalist's confidence.
Mark my words!
You will be in prison tomorrow,
by this time.
Get out!
-Stand there.
Balu, don't be upset.
Sometimes, life is like this, son.
We lose control over it,
without our knowledge.
We lost control in
this game like that.
Leave it.
-Where is the gold?
-Take it out.
Where is the rest of the gold?
This is just eight kilos.
-Sir, when we saw the police
We couldn't check it thoroughly.
Georgy, I warned you not
to play any more games.
Where are the remaining
ten kilos of gold?
Don't be angry, Mr. Kurup.
I'll answer that question, in person.
I'll be there in two minutes.
Chacko, he said that he is coming here.
He will come.
He will come, for sure.
You only know that he went to prison.
Do you know why he went to prison?
It was for killing a teacher who tried
to abuse me when I was 13 years old.
Police tortured him
severely for three days.
They made him starve!
They didn't give him even
a drop of water to drink.
In spite of all that, he didn't tell them
the reason why he killed that person.
Do you know why?
So that my name won't
come out in the public.
If he could do all that
for me in his teenage,
can you imagine how far he would go
if I am in trouble now?
Sir, times have changed.
Even goons use Google Pay nowadays.
You had been playing this game
staying awake, all night
in a playground designed by us.
Did you think that I came along
with Mr. Chacko to watch this game?
I wanted to see you fail at
this game with my own eyes.
You want to know about your
10 kilos of gold, right?
You forgot to check one place
while you were busy searching for it,
the whole night.
Your own house!
The gold is safe in your house, sir.
You might be wondering how
I managed to keep it there.
You won't understand the ways
of youngsters like us.
Hey, I had ordered it.
Don't worry, sir.
We didn't waste any of your gold.
The two kilos of gold that you handed over
to Mr. Chacko to keep in the station,
I've given it to the commissioner.
So, the two kilos of gold that
Mr. Benny gave to the commissioner
the eight kilos that
we returned with the bag
and the ten kilos which
we've placed in your house
I hope the calculation is correct.
Didn't I promise you that
I would return all your gold?
Shall we take your leave, sir?
I have to get back home
before my dad wakes up.
Don't worry, sir.
I've asked Francis to bring you a gift.
Come on, everyone.
Come on! There he is.
Rajan Kurup, the minister of gold!
Come on!
-Come on!
-Take his statement.
There are startling new developments
in the gold smuggling case.
The NIA has arrested Minister Rajan Kurup
in the gold smuggling case.
City Police Commissioner Sharanya Varma,
and DySP Chacko Cherian
have also been arrested for being
involved in the smuggling racket.
Hey, Riya!
Riya! Be honest. How do you
manage to get the inside scoop?
Don't tell anyone.
My partner is a criminal.