Night Has a Thousand Desires (1984) Movie Script

Good evening all
and welcome to our show
Please meet one of the greatest
American mediums...
My partner, The Grand Irina
It's him
Irina will amaze us with her
wonderful mind reading skills
I shall cover Irina's eyes...
with this headscarf
And now...
I put The Grand Irina
into a trance
Come, Irina
Don't think of anything
Empty your mind
Completely empty
You are under the control of
The Great Fabian
Relax... Concentrate...
Obey me
Irina can now see through my eyes
And will obey my thoughts
She's ready
Silence please
You may show me any object...
any documents...
or cards...
for our medium to describe
I beg for your help with this
You there!
Any object, no matter how strange
or curious
- Do you wish to try, sir?
- Ask her what this is
Irina, tell me.
what do I have here?
It's... a ring
- Inside it?
- An inscription
- Good. And what does it say?
It says...
the 12th...
very good, Irina.
Your ring, sir
Someone else, please
You, miss, do you
have something?
Tell me, Irina.
what is in my hand?
- A lipstick. My favorite brand
- very good, Irina
Now describe for us the cap
- Gold, plastic. Looks cheap
- very good, Irina
Thank you, miss
Now, to this corner
I hope these serious gentlemen
will work with us
You, sir
Do you have anything for me?
Irina, tell me what he gave me
- I can't see it
- Irina, concentrate!
What did the gentleman give me?
It's... a card...
from a club in Istanbul
- Irina, tell me its name
- Sarai Club
very good, Irina.
Now tell me the name on the card
Come on, Irina!
Concentrate now...
The card...what name is on it?
Efren... Jamal...
Yes, Jamal...
- That's it
- Now describe him
He's older than he looks
His beard is stained.
Quite a stylish dresser...
So, you see that Irina is not only
an international class medium...
...but she also has a
sharp sense of humor
Now, we go to the other side
of the room
Sir, could you lend me
- Yes, you...
- Here you go
- Irina, tell me what I'm holding
- A key chain
Irina, tell me...
- where's the key chain from?
- A club...
- A sports club
- very good, Irina
Tell me the name of the club...
Come on Irina
Come on Irina, tell me
The name of the club
Club Dardanellos
very good, Irina.
Thank you, sir
And now, to a gentleman
who is in very good company
Isn't that right, Irina?
He's... with two ladies
Please give me any object,
Tell me, Irina.
what do I have?
- A... a piece of paper
- Fantastic, Irina!
But tell me, what kind of paper?
Is it a newspaper?
The paper is white
Tell me,
Is there something on the paper?
Something is written on it
Correct, Irina.
There is some writing
Now tell me what is written there
You have...
only a few hours... live
The gentleman is a real joker!
And now, let's continue
with our questions
Excuse me, do you have
something for me?
- He's gone pale!
- what am I holding?
A lighter
what are you reading?
An old book.
It's called Necronomicon
"And while the prince bathed in
the pool of his fine palace..."
"... she came with a
dagger in her hand"
"And stabbed him in the chest"
And who was she?
She was Lucifer's daughter
You're strange.
what's wrong, darling?
- I just want to read
- Is that all?
Maybe I'm tired of
going from city to city...
and just seeing
a few clubs and a hotel room
- At least now you have a job
- Yes
Must you remind me?
Before I met you,
I was just a hobo...
As low as I could get
without you I'd probably
be in prison
I don't care what you were
as long as I'm with you
I know
I'm the only man
you've ever needed
Or am I exaggerating?
Bring me a light
Forgive me
It's like my past caught up with me
at that club tonight
It might be best if we split up
why, Fabian? why?
Good night,
ladies and gentlemen...
and thank you
I'm off. I don't know
if I'll be here tomorrow
You'll play until you
finish your contract, alright?
Hey, don't get drunk!
Lorna, do you think it'll work?
Don't worry, she'll do what we want
- Don't hurt her
- why, do you still love her?
Come, Irina...
who are you?
I'm not real
This is only a dream
why did you come here?
I was talking to the manager
- Fabian, we have to talk
- what's up?
Can't you see I'm busy?
why bother me now?
I can't talk to anyone else
about it
when I woke up in the room...
I just...
I lay there a long time...
too scared to get up
I had a dream...
terrible things
Come on, Irina
what's to worry about?
We all have nightmares
But this dream was all so real
I think I've killed a man
Come on, Irina, for God's sake.
This is crazy
Get real
I... I don't know
what's happening to me
My dreams have never
been so lifelike
what did you dream?
Tell me about it
It was horrible. The man...
was bleeding everywhere
what man?
Did you recognise him?
I feel like I've seen him before
But I can't remember where...
or when...
what's wrong?
I don't know
Can't you tell me?
what's wrong?
I had a nightmare
It's alright, you're fine now
Another one
Listen to me...
It's over now
You're with me
I think you just need some time off
when we finish here,
we'll take some days off
Perhaps you're right
But I'd feel better
if I could make love to you
The last few days...
I feel you've been rejecting me
You know what you're like?
A little girl who gets angry
with her parents and won't eat...
...but there's no way of knowing
what's wrong with her
If you want me... don't have to wait
until I hold you in my arms
You can also hold me in yours
Give me a moment
What do you want, it's late?
No, it's impossible
I can't right now
I'm sorry...
I have to go
Please don't go
It's business.
I have no choice
Please don't go,
I beg you
"Martin opened the door
with another kick"
"The air inside was hot and... "
"the smell of decay was repulsive"
"Maggie lay on the floor, naked"
"Her body wasn't as attractive
as in the show"
"She looked like a puppet
whose strings had been cut... "
"... in the middle of her act"
"The body was already blue,
covered in dried blood... "
"... with her throat almost slit"
"Martin approached the dead body"
Obey, Irina...
come, Irina...
- Everything went fine?
- Yes...
the disciple has complied
- Is he dead?
- A real blood bath
Doubtless the work of a madman...
or mad woman
Yes, my princess, Irina is mad
And mad people
must see a psychiatrist...
before they become dangerous
And our mad woman
is already dangerous
You're wonderful.
I love you
we can leave here together
without fear that they
might finish us first
- No, doctor, I don't give a damn
- I ask and you answer quickly
- what do I say?
- The first thing you think of
- You love Fabian?
- He doesn't believe I do
- what would you do for him?
- Anything
Even if he doesn't love you?
That doesn't matter
I want to give... my heart
Even if I'm not loved
It doesn't matter
- Are you an altruist?
- No...
Just a woman who needs
someone beside her
To be able to love somebody...
and give everything
I know he's selfish...
...but I'm not.
I need to give love
Lately I've found myself
in a very strange situation
I'm living two lives
One normal, and the other
full of horrible things
I'm desperate, doctor
I don't know what to do.
I have the feeling I'm a murderer
why give such importance
to your dreams?
I don't feel they are dreams
- They seem real
- How long do they last?
Just a short time, but...
But what? Please tell me everything
Yes, doctor
It's very important to me...
to tell you...
but I think
you won't believe me
I'm certain I've murdered
four people
I'm sure it's real
I feel I'm being controlled...
by someone else
Irina, come...
I can't
Irina, obey... Obey...
come with us
into the kingdom of night
come... come...
You have no will.
You can only obey
Hello... Please, Mr. Ortega...
The man who lives with me...
He's left
with all my things
Connect me...
with 2-3-5-20
Dr. Karmen, please
He's not there?
Do you know
when he be back?
Tell him...
tell him Irina called
That it's very urgent
The Master is back from the Beyond
Isn't that amusing, Irina?
It's you
It was always you
You don't understand
I, the great magician...
perform the most difficult acts
I make a poor woman
fall in love...
and unknowingly
commit five crimes...
-...saving the Princess and myself
- But why?
I shouldn't tell you,
but I will...
Because those five people
annoyed me
we did some business together...
and then the fools...
demanded their share
You could really do that?
Just as I ordered you
to read a watch...
or describe any object... the same way,
you committed those crimes
You could do that?
You're both murderers
You're the murderer.
You killed them
And now...
I get rid of a mad woman
who wanted to murder us
In the house...!
You're surrounded!
Don't try anything stupid
what do you want, doctor?
It's him. Get him
You were my patient
Did you really think
you could fool me too?