Night Howl (2017) Movie Script

(crickets chirping)
They happily returned
to their peach pie.
The three little pigs
lived happily ever after
eating pea soup, sipping tea,
and baking pies in
their brick house.
The end.
All right kiddo, time for bed.
Mom, there's no such thing
as scary wolves, right?
Well, wolves do exist, but
they're like big puppies,
and there's not any around here.
But is there such
thing as werewolves?
Evan told me he saw
one in his backyard.
You know Evan
just tells stories.
Werewolves are just things
that are in stories, hun,
I promise they're not real.
Just don't worry about it.
[Kaci] Okay.
[Mom] Goodnight, love you.
I love you too.
I just wanna keep the light on.
Okay, well I'll just
be in the other room.
Get some rest.
No, it's not
real, it's not real.
It's not real, it's not real.
It's not real, it's not
real, it's not real.
(light dramatic music)
(alarm ringing)
(light music)
(phone ringing)
Hey, Ema.
[Ema On Phone] Kaci,
hey, how are you?
Yeah, great.
We still on for the
afternoon shoot?
[Ema On Phone] Of course.
I was actually gonna ask
if we could do it a
little bit earlier.
How soon?
[Ema On Phone] How about I
come pick you up in an hour
and we'll grab
some coffee before.
Yeah, yeah, I can do that.
Just text me when you get here.
[Ema On Phone] All
right, I'll see you soon.
All right, later.
(light music)
Yeah, so I am so
sorry about changing
the time of the appointment.
I just kinda figured
the earlier the better?
Oh no, you're fine.
I actually have another
appointment around 3:00,
so this kinda works out better.
You're not shooting
other girls now are you?
Oh no, it's a guy.
Just one guy.
Is everything okay?
Yeah, it's just
a normal shadow.
Oh, okay.
[Kaci] So we'll just do two
shots here if you don't mind.
All right, would you
like anything specific?
[Kaci] Just
whatever feels right.
All right.
[Kaci] Good.
[Kaci] Oh, there we go.
- Smolder, smolder.
- Yeah.
What's my motivation here?
[Kaci] Something
a little fierce.
Well, this is where I get off.
Okay, do you have
any spare time?
I'm not really sure, why?
I don't know, I
just kinda thought
we could go upstairs and
maybe get some coffee.
Oh, yeah, that would be great.
I just gotta get these photos
edited before that
appointment, so.
Okay, so I guess
I'll see you later?
Yeah, yeah, I'll message you.
(dramatic music)
Hey, Iris.
[Iris] Kaci, come here a sec.
What's up?
Was that the girl you
was tellin' me about?
Hey are you
spying on me, Iris?
Of course not.
I happened to see you
talking in the car
on the camera and I got curious.
That's still spying.
Spying, eavesdropping,
call it whatever you want.
It's my property I
can do what I want.
Well if you must
know, yes, that was her.
[Iris] And you
didn't invite her in?
I'm just her photographer.
Okay, I used to do a little
modeling when I was young.
- Oh yeah?
- Yeah and my photographer
always worked out this deal
with me where I would...
Iris, that's probably a memory
best kept up in the old noggin.
I mean hung.
That's great.
With all that
said, how much would
you charge me for a photo shoot?
Um, yeah, are we done here?
I'm just messin'
with you, kid.
Are you doin' all right?
Yeah, I just, I
got some work to do.
I have to get these photos
edited by the end of this week.
If you don't mind, maybe I
can come by sometime later
and we can grab some
coffee or something.
Sounds good.
Oh, by the way, a few
peoples went missing.
They don't know what's
going on, so be careful.
Will do, thanks.
Oh, he is such a
handsome little man.
(elevator beeping)
[Elevator] Ground
floor, going up.
Second floor.
(bolt clicking)
(dogs barking)
(heavy breathing)
(dramatic music)
No, please stop, please stop.
Come in.
Yes, thank you.
Dude, did you
really just come here
on your lunch break
to take a piss?
So what you workin' on?
[Kaci] Just some
photos that I took today.
Those look pretty good, man.
So who's the girl?
Oh she's just
a friend of mine.
Are you gonna tell
me her name, or?
Oh, her name's Ema.
[Devin] I called dibs.
You can't call
dibs on her dude,
I called dibs on her
the first day I met her.
Well was anyone there
whenever you called dibs?
Then it doesn't count.
Look, all right, no.
She's just a girl, we're
not gonna call dibs...
Okay, okay, okay.
I'll take mine back then.
[Kaci] All right, good.
Ah, shit.
[Devin] What, what's going on?
[Kaci] I got a doctors
appointment to go to.
Well, I'll be here then.
[Kaci] All right.
See you later man.
Later, bro.
Wow, so you can go ahead
and take that home with ya.
Have a nice appointment, man.
(bike wheels clicking)
Kaci, you're here early.
Yeah, traffic wasn't
as bad as I thought.
Kaci, you're here.
That's great, how have you been?
I've been great.
I did a photo shoot today, so.
[Dr. Ezay] That's perfect.
So how do you like
working here so far?
Oh, it's not as
bad as you'd think.
And I've really enjoyed
having her work here too.
I bet.
Do you mind?
[Dr. Ezay] Sure, of course.
Follow me.
Why don't you have a seat?
So, she's cute.
Yeah, she's more
than cute, my friend.
So tell me about that
photo shoot today.
Oh yeah, it was fine.
I mean there's a few more
photos I would've liked
to have gotten, but other
than that, it was okay.
[Dr. Ezay] I assume she drove?
Did you invite her
into your apartment?
You're actually the second
person today to ask me that.
Hm, is there something
you're afraid of happening
if you were to invite
somebody inside, or?
I'm not really sure.
[Dr. Ezay] Kaci,
you know the answer.
Just tell me.
I think that I'm afraid
of like once her and I are
in this like private, enclosed
space that with her in it
it's almost like I become
claustrophobic or something.
Why don't you lay back
on the couch for me.
Are you still having
the nightmares?
Yeah, I had one
last night, actually.
Have they changed any?
This one was a lot different.
This one was kind of a memory
from the night my mom died.
Is the werewolf still
appearing in them?
Has the appearance of
the wolf changed any?
A little bit.
His fur's still jet black and
his eyes are like wide open
but you can't really see 'em,
and his mouth is open wide
and doesn't really
ever change that much.
So sort of like
resting bitch face?
Right, or resting wolf
face or whatever, I guess.
I have a question.
What do you think wolves
are symbolizing in dreams?
That's a really
good question, Kaci.
Some scholars agree
that werewolves
or wolves in particular
symbolize a fear of evil
or controlling or
confronting your fear.
However, this may or may
not make a difference,
but your dreams and nightmares
focus mostly on a
werewolf, am I right?
- Right.
- Okay.
Then I don't know.
I really don't know.
Now, take this worth
a grain of salt,
but, your dreams with werewolves
may symbolize the fear that
you have of losing control,
or transforming into a monster
or changing into a person
that people are afraid of.
Sounds about right.
(light dramatic music)
(keyboard clicking)
In other news, four people
went missing this past weekend;
Rick Taylors and his wife,
Lisa, and their two kids,
were all reported
missing Monday night.
No further statements have
been made by local authorities,
however, if you see
Rick and his family,
please contact the Russell
County Police Department
and we will keep you updated
on this story as
much as possible.
Thank you.
We're done.
(keys jingling)
(door slamming)
(dramatic music)
I'll be damned.
Hey, buddy, can you
move so I can get out?
Matt, where are you?
I think those homeless
guys are hangin'
around the parking lot again.
Thank you, bye.
(dramatic music)
How was school today?
It was all right.
Yeah, are those kids
still picking on you?
Are you tellin' the truth?
What happened?
Brandon punched,
shoved me into a locker
and closed it
today during lunch.
Where were the teachers?
I don't know.
I'm gonna have a talk with
the principals tomorrow,
and we'll figure somethin' out.
Does that sound good?
Now when we get home I
need you to do your homework
'cause I've gotta
go to the store
and we're gonna buy
stuff for dinner.
[Kaci] Okay.
I'm makin' your favorite.
Pizza rolls?
[Mama] No, not pizza rolls.
- With garlic bread?
- Yup.
Is that Sophie?
Oh honey, turn your head.
Stay right there.
[Kaci] Is it Sophie?
Mom, look behind you!
(dramatic music)
(light dramatic music)
(bike wheels clicking)
(dramatic music)
How's my baby boy doin'?
No, no, no, you're not real.
Of course I'm real.
Why would you do this to me?
I did nothing.
Yes, you did.
Come here you little shit.
(dramatic music)
I've got you, now
let me have my kiss.
(heavy breathing)
Come on, man.
[Kaci On Phone] Hello?
Hey man, where you at?
[Kaci On Phone] Yeah, I'm
out with a model right now.
What's up?
I'm actually standing
out in front of your place.
[Kaci On Phone] Do you have
anything else to do today?
[Kaci On Phone] All right,
well, I'll be there in a few.
All right, well I'll probably
go grab somethin' to eat.
[Kaci On Phone]
All right, man,
I'll just see you
in a little bit.
All right.
Hey, Ema, right?
Yeah, have we met?
No, I'm Kaci's friend.
I just recognize
you from the photos.
Oh, yeah, I'm sorry.
Is Kaci upstairs?
Sadly not, I think he said
he's out with some model.
[Ema] Huh.
It's nothing.
It's just we've been
working together
for over a year now
and as far as I know,
I'm the only girl
he's ever worked with.
He's told me you're his
only female client, too.
[Ema] Hm, well, do you
know which room he's in?
You don't know what
apartment he's in?
No, he's never invited me up.
So you're here for a
surprise visit I'm guessing?
Sort of.
He's been acting
really weird lately,
I just wanted to
check in on him.
[Devin] Yeah I
know what you mean.
Well, I was gonna ask
inside which apartment number
was his but there's
nobody in the office.
For some reason Iris isn't
here today, I don't know why.
Well, would you
like to go upstairs
and do some investigating?
How are we goin' get in?
Any questions?
Come on.
(door slamming)
He really likes to
paint, doesn't he?
Yeah, that's kind
of what he does
when he's not doin' photography.
Does he make any
money off of these?
He's actually made a
few grand off of a few.
No shit?
Yeah, I don't know
how he does it...
That's crazy.
What about you?
What about me?
[Ema] What do you do?
Oh, I'm a service writer.
Had you pegged
for a grease monkey.
It's that obvious, huh?
No offense, but I can
smell the antifreeze
and oil from over here.
Um, what are you
guys doing here?
[Devin] Waitin'
on you to get back.
And you?
Am I supposed to have
a different answer?
How'd you guys get in here?
Lock pick.
Yeah, 'cause that's
like not illegal.
Why is she in here?
What's wrong man?
We're just hangin' out.
I get that, but
why'd you let her in,
you know I have anxiety about...
[Devin] She let herself in.
Keep your voice down.
Look dude, just hang out.
We're just chillin'.
Let's just get this
shit over with, all right?
I have stuff to do
- and this shit's
- All right, all right.
gonna throw me
into a panic attack.
[Devin] Calm down, just
go in there and relax.
Hey, I saw where you
finished editing those photos.
Um, I'm sorry but, why
are you on my computer?
Ah, I got bored.
Listen, do you
guys wanna go grab
like a bite to eat or something?
I'm just like really jittery
and nervous right now.
Yeah, sure.
But, first can I look at
the pictures you took today?
The photos?
You had a shoot today, right?
Uh yeah, yeah,
but I would just
like rather wait until
they were edited.
[Ema] I'm not gonna judge.
Really I would
just like to wait.
- Just a few.
- Of course.
These are really good.
Wait, wait, I thought you were
working with a model today.
Didn't show up.
[Ema] Oh, how sad.
All right, well do you guys
wanna go down to the pizzeria?
I'll buy.
You ain't gotta tell me twice.
[Ema] Actually, I'll buy.
They deliver, right?
I don't think they do.
Yeah they do.
I remember they delivered a
pizza here like last week.
I guess that's right.
Awesome, it's on me guys.
(light music)
[Ema] So, they're
like night terrors?
Sort of.
They're just either nightmares
I had as a kid or
like bad memories.
Well is there
like a common theme?
- Yeah, a dog.
- A dog?
A wolf, or a
werewolf, I guess.
And you had one last night?
- Nightmare?
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- What was it like?
Um, it's kind of a nightmare
of the night my mom died.
Oh, my God, what happened?
Oh, it was...
Oh, I am so sorry,
that was such a fucking
rude thing to ask.
- I shouldn't have said that.
- No, no, no.
- You don't have to answer.
- You're good, you're good.
When I was a kid my mom liked
to take walks around
this lake that we had.
And one reason
she liked to do it
was because she liked nature,
she liked to take walks,
and also because
she didn't like me
really watching TV that
much or playing video games,
so while we're walking I see
this kind of like fur ball
hiding behind a
tree and I realize
it was the dog we
had at that time.
And my mom goes to check on
it and it's our dead dog.
And whenever she turned around
this like gigantic wolf
crept up behind her
and starting attacking
her and like mauling her.
It was horrible.
I can't get the
image out of my head.
And yeah, it just drug her off
and there was no body found,
no anything, and the whole
town just chalked it off
to being a bear attack and
everybody just moved on.
That's horrible.
I was just the boy
that cried wolf.
Well, I believe you.
- Really?
- Yeah, I mean, people are so
quick to judge kids
and call them liars.
I don't think a child could
make up a story like that.
Yeah, I wish
everybody felt that way.
I see people all the
time I knew as a kid,
and when they see me, I
immediately know what they're
thinking and I just wish
they could forget about it.
[Ema] Where have you been?
Oh I had to go take a call.
[Kaci] Oh, I see.
Shit you guys, it's
gettin' pretty late.
I better head to the house,
I have to get up early
for work tomorrow.
[Ema] Yeah, I should
probably get going, too.
All right, if you guys
are free this weekend
it'd be cool to like
hangout or something.
- Sounds good to me.
- Ditto.
- All right, bro.
- See ya.
Bye, Kaci.
See ya.
(car engine rumbling)
(crickets chirping)
(light dramatic music)
(dog barking)
Oh, shit.
Bo, get your ass home.
Go on.
Scared the shit outta me.
Bad dog.
God damn it, Bo.
(dramatic music)
Oh, shit.
(claws clanking)
(dog sniffing)
(dramatic music)
(phone ringing)
Dr. Ezay's office, Dr. Ezay.
Yeah, is everything okay?
Well how soon can
you make it here?
Yeah, yeah okay, that's fine,
but I need you to hurry.
I have another appointment
in about an hour.
All right, see ya.
(dramatic music)
- Kaci.
- Jesus Christ.
You look like hell.
Yeah, I was up all
night last night vomiting.
Did you go get checked out?
No, I don't really feel sick.
I just feel really anxious
and kind of stressed.
Well, tell me about this
dream you had last night.
The more and
more I think of it,
I don't know if it was a dream
or if it was in real life.
So what happened?
All right, so I was looking
at myself in the mirror
and I seen this like crazy
distorted version of myself.
As crazy, as crazy as it
seems, I started to feel like
these sharp pains all
throughout my body
and I turned into the creature.
And then what happened?
And then I just
started vomiting blood.
Wait, were you vomiting
blood within your dream
or you were vomiting
blood in reality?
[Kaci] After I woke up.
Are you taking your meds?
I didn't take one yesterday.
Well, you really
need to take your meds,
and we're probably gonna
have to up your dosage.
I really don't think that
the medicine is the problem.
What if what I'm dreaming
about happens in real life?
Well, it can't and it won't.
What I suggest is you
go home, take your meds,
grab a big lunch, and just
relax for the rest of the day.
That's really what you
need to do right now.
I don't need to
remind you what happens
if you go off your meds, right?
That little shit.
Um, he left in a hurry.
Is everything okay?
Great, everything's
great, just perfect.
Can you do me a favor?
Of course.
If Kaci Evans ever comes
here for another appointment
or calls here, you recommend
him to somebody else,
'cause I'm not workin'
with him anymore.
Yes, do it, now.
Devin, can you
please answer, man?
Please, I need somebody right,
I need somebody right now.
I went off on my therapist
man, I just, I fuckin' snapped.
I threatened to blackmail him.
I just need you right now.
I need somebody, please.
I tried to call you
like three times, dude.
Call me back.
Stupid, stupid, stupid.
(phone ringing)
[Ema On Phone] Where are you?
I'm at the river
front, what's up?
[Ema On Phone] Oh,
I just got off work.
Do you wanna hang out?
Yeah, I'll be there in a few.
[Ema On Phone]
Awesome, see you then.
(water splashing)
It was like I blacked out.
Like I remember
everything I said,
but I didn't know
how to control it,
if that makes any sense.
Yeah, I get it.
If you don't mind my asking,
what happens if you don't
take your medication?
Nothing too bad.
I mean, the nightmares get worse
but I feel like it's my
job to kinda control that.
Last time I stopped
taking my medicine
I kinda had this breakdown,
it was just a mess.
So, what happens now?
Well, I'm pretty
sure I'm not allowed
to see that doctor anymore.
Probably not and
it's for the best.
You know, if you ever
need to talk, I'm here
and I'll give you the best
advice I can for free.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
Here, want some.
- Yeah, sure.
- Come on.
All right.
I bet I'm a better
thrower than you.
Ready, ready?
I am clearly a better
thrower than you.
- Right, that was horrible.
- Oh, come on.
I'm pretty sure
that's a dead fish.
So it kinda gets to the
point where you're like
well who are we kidding, is
this even a friendship anymore?
Long story short, I just,
I wasn't good enough.
- Yeah.
- No, I understand.
Devin makes me feel
that way all the time.
He seemed pretty
cool last night.
I guess.
Actually, have you
heard from him today?
No, why?
I've just been trying
to get ahold of him
and he hasn't been
answering my phone calls.
Hm, well, you know
where he lives, right?
Well why don't we just
pop by for a little visit?
You driving?
Oh, clearly.
Come on, let's go.
Oh, must be nice to have a
place like this all to yourself.
His car's here so
he has to be home.
[Ema] Cool.
Devin, open up.
[Ema] Hm, let's try this.
[Kaci] You really
have a problem
with locked doors, don't you?
- Guilty.
- I can tell.
(phone ringing)
You're joking.
No, no, I'll be there
in sec, partner.
All right.
- We gotta go.
- Kaci, Kaci, what's going on?
(dramatic music)
Yeah, that's, that's Devin.
Sorry for your loss, bud.
I just need you to sign a few
things before you head out.
Are you a family member of his?
He doesn't have
any close relatives.
He always put me down
on emergency contacts,
that's why I'm here.
(dramatic music)
Hey, buddy.
Fancy seeing you here, huh?
Can you cover him up?
Sure, sorry about that.
Was it him?
What happened?
They said his neighbors
dog mauled and attacked him.
Jesus Christ.
You'd think that I'm crazy,
but I don't think
that dog did that.
I think it was
something big, I...
Like what?
What if the thing that
attacked my mom, attacked him?
Kaci, Kaci, that's
impossible you...
That was a really long
time ago and the police said
that they found the
dog eating on him.
I just don't believe it.
Come on, we'll get you
home, we'll get you some rest.
I don't think I can.
Yes, you can.
Come on.
I'm heading out.
Are you gonna come
back to my place?
Probably not tonight.
I've got a lot of things
going on at the house,
so I'm probably just
gonna head home.
Okay, well, if you
change your mind,
the offer still stands.
All right.
Well if something
changes I'll text you,
call you here in a little bit.
What the?
What now?
(dramatic music)
(heavy breathing)
[Kaci] Yeah, hold on a sec.
And people say
chivalry's dead.
Yeah I just thought
it would be nice.
Well, after a night
like that I'm used
to waking up and
finding the guy MIA.
No, it's fine.
I can't usually pull off a hit
and run in my own place, so.
You're really somethin'
special, you know?
Special, huh?
Don't act like you don't know.
You know, I'm really
glad this happened.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
You don't regret it do you?
No, no, no, I'm
just not usually good
with these type of things.
- Coulda fooled me.
- Yeah?
So, what do you have planned
for the rest of the day?
Um, I think I oughta take a
shower, and that's about it.
Okay, well how
bout you do that,
and then we can get
the fuck outta here
and get our minds
off everything.
Sounds like a plan.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
- You first.
- All right.
I'm gonna go grab my bike.
Oh, no, no, don't worry
about it, I'll drive.
Are you sure?
I really don't want you
goin' outta your way again.
Am I not invited to
stay the night again?
Didn't think
that was the plan.
Come on.
So where are we doing?
We are going to investigate.
Investigate what?
This whole wolf thing.
Wait I thought you
weren't buying into that?
I wasn't, but clearly
there's something going on,
people are going missing.
The police say it's
some sort of dog
and they're doing absolutely
nothing about it, so why not?
Why not?
For one it's dangerous and two,
we don't even know
where to start.
Okay, cemeteries, abandoned
buildings, the woods.
Okay, well you're
not gonna find
the thing roaming around the
woods and I think we only have
like one abandoned
building here in town.
Okay, well let's start there.
Seriously, why
are you doing this?
You said everybody in
this town just remembers
you as the boy who
cried wolf, right?
What if we could change that?
And what if we can't?
I'm just known as crazy again.
Okay, well we just
won't say anything
unless we find proof.
You'll be fine, I promise.
Let's go.
(light music)
(door creaking)
Any preference
on a flashlight?
I mean, they're all
basically the same, right?
Yeah, I guess.
Oh, should we invest
in some weapons?
I thought we were lookin' to
find the thing, not kill it.
Right, no weapons.
[Kaci] Okay, I
think we're good.
I assume you're
paying for this?
[Ema] Thank you, sir.
- Thanks.
- Thank you, sir.
(crickets chirping)
(doors banging)
You got the stuff?
- Yes.
- Thank you.
So this is the place, huh?
Hope you're not
afraid of the dark.
I guess we'll find out.
Come on.
You got it?
[Kaci] Almost.
Huh, taught you well.
Yeah, you first.
Fair enough.
- Holy shit.
- Right?
All right, I gotta
confess something.
[Ema] What's that?
[Kaci] I'm a little
afraid of the dark.
Think it might be a little
late for you bringing that up.
I'll be fine, I think.
Okay, so if you
were a big bad wolf,
where would you be hiding?
Oh definitely
here to start with.
Yeah, this place is pretty
fuckin' creepy, isn't it?
What'd it used to be?
Uh, it was a lot of things
over the last few years,
but I think most recently
is a mechanic shop.
Ah, well it smells horrid.
Yeah, something's definitely
fucking died in here.
Okay, so we got a lot
of ground to cover,
why don't we just split up
and see what we can find?
Sounds like a plan.
If anything happens
just yell for me.
I'll come running.
- All right.
- Okay, I'm gonna go this way.
(dramatic music)
What the fuck is this?
Kaci, Kaci, Kaci!
(dramatic music)
Help, help!
Ah, help!
Ma'am where are you?
(gun banging)
Fuck me.
[Ema] Don't go near him.
[Officer] It's
okay, I shot him.
Are you all right?
Do you mind telling me
what the fuck this thing is?
Help me.
Please, don't.
Help me, please!
Ah, please help me!
(gun banging)
[Ema] Wake up, wake up!
Please, help.
Kaci, Kaci, no, no, no, Kaci.
God dammit, no
Kaci, Kaci, please.
Kaci, please, please.
Please Kaci, please.
Please, please, please,
please, please, please, please.
You're Miss Gray, correct?
I'm Dr. Mennik, I'm Kaci's
previous psychiatrist.
You're probably wondering
what's going on.
I don't understand.
Kaci suffers from multiple
mental health issues.
He has paranoid schizophrenia
and multiple
personality disorder.
He also suffered
trauma as a child.
He saw his mother being
mauled to death by a wolf.
And he still has
nightmares about that,
and he blacks out.
Sometimes for hours at a time
and he has no idea
what he's been doing.
Are you even allowed
to be telling me this?
Kaci wanted me to
talk to you about this.
He wanted to make
sure you're okay.
I'm fine, I just
don't understand.
He just blacks out
and puts on a costume?
That appears to be
what's been going on,
but I don't know for how long.
And he probably doesn't
know what he's been doing.
So, he's crazy?
Crazy is a harsh word.
Now let's just say
he's wired wrong.
Something like that,
you're born with it.
Now, I assume you know Kaci
to be a sweet, funny
gentleman, correct?
He's the best person I know.
Well, that's the real Kaci.
The man in the suit, isn't.
You have to remember that.
So is he gonna spend the
rest of his life locked away?
He has a good lawyer.
I assume he'll get
off pleading insanity,
but I don't know
what's going to happen.
I'm sorry, this is just a lot.
I can't really come...
I understand.
But if you have anymore
questions, give me a call.
(light music)
I ruined it.
I ruined everything.
Kaci, can you
bring me a trash bag?
Kaci, what's wrong?
Are you okay, honey?
Oh good, now go
get me a trash bag.
Have a nice appointment, man.
(light music)
- Sister, sister.
- Hey, this is a surprise.
What are you doin' here?
What, I can't come
by and fix you dinner?
- Seriously?
- Yes, seriously.
Get up.
Time to rest and relax.
Say no more.
I'll go inside and get
cleaned up a little bit.
So how's the babes?
I know he was
feelin' kinda green.
He's doing a lot better.
Ah it's just God, he's
growing up so fast.
How are you?
[Ema] I'm all right.
Any new guys?
No, no, no, not at all.
It's just been really hard.
I still miss Kaci.
I know you do.
You're gonna have a son that's
gonna grow up to
look just like him.
I think Kaci woulda
been a really good father.
Yeah, I know it was
really rough for you,
and that you miss him.
And this is gonna sound
harsh, kinda mean,
but it's time for
you to move on.
No, you're right.
I agree, it's just...
With that said, are
you free Saturday?
[Ema] Yes, why?
Okay, just listen to me.
I work for this guy and I
wanna hook you up with him.
No god, Kelly, why?
Just be open minded.
Listen to me, he is cute, he
is nice, he has some money.
- No, no.
- Yes, yes!
Kelly, I can't.
Just do it!
- No!
- Just do it.
- Oh, my God.
- Yes!
- No.
- Yes.
- No.
- Yes!
Well, thank you
for dinner again.
Not a problem.
Give me hugs.
So, Saturday, I'm gonna
come by, come babysit.
You're gonna have to give me
some time to think about it.
No, I'll see you Saturday
and I'm gonna babysit.
- Okay.
- Okay, love you.
- Love you.
- Okay thanks bye.
- Love you more.
- Bye, Kelly.
Aunt Kelly's crazy,
isn't she honey?
(light music)
Hey buddy.
Sorry I can't be here
for you and your mom.
She's gonna be a
good mom, though.
You gotta make me a
promise though, okay?
Don't grow up to be like me.
Please, whatever you do, do
not grow up to be like me.
I'm so sorry I can't
be here for you.
I love you.
(baby cooing)
(blood dripping)
(dramatic music)
- Are you okay?
- Yeah, I'm good.
I'm sayin' let's
do it like that.
[Michael] Are you rolling?
I mean hung.
[Michael] So with saying that,
how much would you charge
me for a photo shoot?
I'm supposed to say that?
[Woman] Rolling, nope.
[Woman] It was wrong.
[Woman] That's hilarious.
[Woman] Last time he
did a Cooper scream.
Okay, what else?
[Cooper] You forget
a lot, don't you?
- What's wrong?
- I do.
Then you say hey
baby, what's....
[Mama] I'm thinking
about making your favorite.
Pizza rolls?
[Mama] Yup.
Oh (laughing).
Way too hard.
Way too hard.
[Woman] You
looked like a bull.
Can't you see those
[Both] Nice young men
and their clean white coats
and they're coming
to take me away.
Fuck off.
You doin' that shit?
Yes, you did.
Now come back here
you little shit.
I peed.
I'll be dammed, hey buddy...