Night Hunter (2018) Movie Script

The police asks for information from the population.
The 24-year-old student Alison Woods ...
My daughter, Sarah Collins, disappeared nine days ago.
Emily Phillips was last
when leaving her gym ...
Maybe she met someone online.
I know she's out there somewhere.
We miss and love you. We pray that you will come back.
No body has been found yet.
We will not give up.
-This is my house. That's totally unfair.
You do not have to tell me what to do in this house.
This is my house, these are my rules.
You are really mean.
You can not just search my stuff.
How many times do I have to ask to use the doorbell?
I'll be ready, Dad.
Mom was spying on my social networks.
- You have no right to do that. -I have every right, sweety.
You should have asked her first.
Do you see?
Want to see the photos your daughter posts?
Or you look at the chats she has with strangers?
That's nothing compared to the bare selfies of Kim and Kyle.
Excuse me, Dad, I'll erase that.
Let's go to school now. -Sit down.
Show me the people you chatted with.
You mean, the boys?
You can talk to guys.
And guys will try to talk to you.
I ignored friend requests
but a few have sent messages.
-And you answered? -Because they got so annoyed.
They lured you into a trap.
And you fell for it.
Appreciate the situation
as I have taught you for the reality.
For example, this Malcolm.
All his photos are by himself. Watch the camera angles.
He tries to make it look
as if someone else had taken the picture.
And all his friends are girls.
Do you understand what he's up to?
-Men are pigs.
I know.
Can we go to school now?
Yes. Get your things.
Imagine it like a roller coaster ride.
You'll be nervous at first,
even a bit scared.
But as soon as it starts ...
The intoxication that you feel then ...
By the way, thank you for my mobile.
Remember, this is a very secret mobile.
Let's start by removing everyone's clothes.
-Sexy. -Honestly?
No, you idiot.
The driver found her when he unloaded the cargo.
Female. White. In the 30s.
Has multiple breaks. Left arm, both legs.
-Is she jumping? -I'd say yes.
She did not die from the impact.
But due to the injuries and the temperature probably shortly thereafter.
About four and a half meters high.
Ask the driver if he has fueled.
Then check the bridges on his route.
Maybe there are any surveillance cameras.
She had severe cartilage damage
and calcified sores on the bones.
She was tied up.
Looks like.
She also got supplements and the pill.
He did that and blew out the eardrum,
but her skull was still intact.
The lab means with a kind of pressure device.
Has she been identified?
Whoever it was, he had a lot of patience and dedication.
If we are lucky, that was an obsessed individual perpetrator.
And if not, he wants his guests to stay permanently.
Hey. Gosh, how are you?
So, you're working here in the cyber department right now.
Yes, out of the comfort zone.
I am now a profiler and lead the interaction.
I can not get in the interface.
Just hang on to the code trail and stay tuned.
That's a delicate task, you know?
To get someone to reveal his plans,
without pushing him into something.
I'm sorry about it. Your friend is back.
All right.
Can you get the guys
from my daughter's social network?
That's nice, you have contact. That's really good.
-And Angie, how are you? -Tu, what I asked you for.
Thank you.
He seems nice.
What's the fuck?
Who are you?
Listen. I did not do anything wrong.
94 girls made docile, met with 13 of them.
Did you have sex with four or more?
I never...
I never forced one to do it.
The difference between imposing
and to influence a girl like that,
that she is subordinate, is low.
What shoud that? I do not feel ...
$ 92,000 in the account, another 8,000 in shares ...
I ... I let me help.
I go to the therapy.
Oh, that's not necessary anymore. Does not work anyway.
As your criminal record shows.
Damn shit, what have you done to me?
Sign it.
Your savings are divided among the girls,
that you abused.
Take one twice a day, for the rest of your life.
This is a testosterone inhibitor, the doctor will prescribe it for you.
What did you do to me? I disarmed you.
He is still there
but now you can not get an erection anymore.
I also removed your eggs. They were pretty small anyway.
Should you use the police
inform about your rehabilitation measure, I will take pictures,
that you have so pathetically hidden on your machine,
send to everyone in your address book.
Did I express myself clearly?
Why here?
It is remote.
It's too far to walk through the cold.
If she was followed ...
... jumping was the only way out.
We will not be able to find much.
Coffee should be hot.
Oh, you got the bread I like.
When will you finally get real furniture?
If you want something nice to sit on, I'll get a sofa.
No, I meant for you.
There are sheets everywhere. that's funny.
In a house you want to sit down.
They are for you.
Oh, they are pretty.
-There is a transmitter in it. Okay, but not so pretty.
They send a signal that is detected by cell phones,
as long as you're near one, I can track you down.
Do you take that? There I look so shit.
Hey, can you help me here for a second? I have...
Where is my file?
Rachel took her.
She wants to see it herself. Is a nice personal gesture.
-And where is she? -You went out to eat.
Food gone? -Yes. She is eating now.
Is this your baby?
You bring your baby to work?
If my wife can not take her ...
And what...
Fuck it all.
You could have said something too.
-But what should I have said? - You could have said something.
You moved here over a year ago.
No wonder you did not want me to come here.
But it's okay for me.
It does not have to be cozy.
For Mom already.
I do what I want. You also.
I want pizza.
I said yes, you do not want to spend time here.
Do not you want a real home again?
I just want to take a shower and get back to work.
He is not coming.
I'm bored, I want to go home. Pick me up.
Okay, now I will really go.
-Thank you. -OK.
You've been here for a while.
Where is your pa?
In jail.
You should stand straight.
You have great big tits. Show her calm.
-Here was a young girl. -The little one with the big mouth?
Yes exactly.
She left already.
Are you hurt?
-Everything OK? Drive your car away!
-I did not see you. -Go out of my way!
-They are in shock. Drive your shit cart away!
It's good! They are under ...
Help! I need help!
Police! Help!
He drove me in the side.
He's definitely drunk or something.
Sir, get out of the car, please.
He goes through hundreds of open profiles.
Everything is switched so that it automatically updates.
But he hardly uses half of his capacity.
It looks like he came up with that for himself.
I know him from somewhere.
He was a judge once. And a very good one.
He has negotiated some of our cases.
When his family was murdered, he resigned.
My colleagues have a few questions about this technical equipment.
There's a young girl out there.
-She was kidnapped. -Yes.
He has equipped her with a transmitter.
He uses her as a decoy.
The signal has disappeared, right here.
Was on the move when we lost it.
Your life is in danger. Just now.
Exactly in this second. And we sit here and talk!
-Mr. Cooper ... -Go go and find her!
-Your tracking device, how does it work? -On the phone.
Reception of cell phone signals confirmed by the drones.
Roger that.
3 Charlie 1-1. Two minutes before the Hudson Bridge.
Release for unmanned aerial vehicle.
Drones are up.
Signal from the transmitter is charging.
Receiving signal.
Target isolated.
Target is two miles northeast of your position.
Down, down, damn down!
A trauma in the structural tissue around her eardrum.
Can you hear me?
I'll come for your MRI exam later.
Do you know how long you have been held prisoner?
Did you know him?
Have you seen one of the other girls?
I am very sorry, but I have to ask you all this.
Are you doing well?
Everything OK. He did not touch me.
I am so sorry.
That's fine.
-Can we talk for a minute? -Glow, asshole!
You should think about what you are doing.
What we do?
I think we were the ones who got him.
Let's go home.
Cops are fucking useless.
You do not appear until it happens.
Simon Stulls?
Is your name Simon Stulls?
Simon Stulls.
Everything you say or do
can and will be used before a court against you.
Would you like the state to provide you with a public defender?
Please say no,
if you refuse the help of a public defender.
Born in 1987.
Owner of the house 42, Maggy Lane.
Compressed air pump.
Custom-made and old.
That's why the skull was not hurt.
The air flow damages the soft tissue,
not the bone.
He feels very comfortable in there.
They hurt many people very much
and the best you can do now is to help us.
He deafened her.
Go away.
- You wanted to be in here. -And you should not be it.
Are you afraid of it?
Can you hear me?
You can not hear me.
Please let me go home.
I love myself so much.
So, so much.
So, so much. So, so much.
So, so much.
There may be something over there, too.
Sarah Collins!
You can not get in here just like that.
It was said that someone was found alive.
We ask the officer if he can help you.
Sarah Collins. She disappeared four years ago.
He stared for three hours,
without moving.
This is called guilt.
No idea what's going on in him.
He is disabled, but more spiritual than physical.
Similar to Heller's dementia.
First the good news or the bad news?
The bad ones.
There was a lot of unidentified DNA in the house.
It's your job now to get in his head.
Find out what he did.
Many families finally want to be able to complete it.
And the good news?
He's scared shitless of me.
I'm going home now and eating something.
And then I'll probably sleep for a whole week.
I am somehow jealous.
I do not want to be here or at home.
Lie down to me, dad.
I do not sleep very quietly.
Just wait until I fell asleep.
How did you feel when you were the same age as me?
Your uncle Charlie and me
were on the beach all day with the bikes.
Asleep in the sand.
And woke up only in the middle of the night again.
Your grandma got so angry.
There was so much trouble.
What are you doing?
What shoud that? What are you doing?
-What the hell is still down there? - Stop immediately!
There are traps everywhere in this shit cellar.
-What? Six of our men are dead.
He killed her.
This damned asshole!
Get out! Get out!
-It was not me. -It's fine, that's okay.
-I did not want that. -Simon!
This is not a game now.
Yes it is. Yes, that's it.
Yes, that's it.
Let's play a game.
Because you all look the same.
-Is okay. It is good. -Perverser! Pervert!
Thats all right. Keep it up.
-I'm not good with the words. - Show me how to play the game.
Either cold-hot or burning cold.
Man, you wrap them up and try to escape.
You try to escape, but you can never escape.
-Man can never escape. -All is well. It's good.
All are locked in a cage like the dog.
They make "wow"! They make "wow", they make "wow"!
And they try to break you
and they try to scratch you
and they kick one, they kick one.
He was either playful or angry.
Never both.
Excited as a child ...
... or mean.
Do not be fooled by him.
This man is evil.
Six policemen were killed in the search of the house.
The owner, a white man, early 30s.
Apparently he had several wives
trapped in his basement.
The survivors are being treated at the hospital nearby.
We report live from Minnesota for KL-News.
I thought you were here.
The press is waiting for an opinion.
Do you have a pen?
No comment.
Today I would like to talk about the money,
that we found in your house.
You have only one account, but there is rarely any deduction.
Where did you get the money from?
Do you know where you got the money from?
Finder reward, loser punishment.
Where did you get the money from?
From the trunk.
In front of the front door cookies.
There's a bug in my ear.
Anyone bring you money?
We drive through the snow ...
-... with horses. -Simon, who brings the money?
Santa Claus.
He comes at night when I sleep and then leaves quickly.
In winter he comes.
Tell me about your mother.
Mommy dead.
Mum is dead.
She did not love me.
No, she loved me.
She loved me.
Did she hurt you? -No.
Okay, come here.
I've looked at it long enough.
-What? -I want him in court today.
But he has signs of paranoid schizophrenia.
I do not care.
-I come slowly to him. You do not have to find any meaning in it.
I want him out of here.
He's the fucking sour milk in the fridge.
Court, sentence, prison.
Roger that?
I need more time.
He has multiple personalities.
Each with its own reality.
I do not know how many he created
or if he is even aware of it.
I think he's kidding us.
Come on, man, we've had the longest week since I can remember.
How could a mentally handicapped person
do all that he did?
And that for so long?
Without ever getting caught.
Tap on the bush.
Arrest everything that comes out.
Yes, sir.
No no.
No no...
No no no.
Nice conversation.
He was not, he has helpers.
I see that differently.
He will certainly be able to plan all eventualities.
He's a fucking idiot. -The one you saw, yes.
But there is more than one of them.
I have his mother's file.
Amy Stulls, born in 1962. Began suicide in 1995.
They hunt ghosts.
When she was working overtime in a textile factory,
she was kidnapped and raped in 1986.
She was thrown into a lake,
but she survived and was pregnant with Simon.
What is the address of this textile factory?
There's a farewell letter.
Zoom in.
Frohlocket, rejoices.
The whore of Judas is dead.
Come, snakes, feed on my feet.
... the fire, the ice ...
the pervert who raped me.
His blood money, from which I let myself be silenced.
Shame on you all.
I hate you.
I love you.
I tried to hide,
but the devil sees everything.
My bad, bad boy.
My dear, dear boy.
Mommy is so sorry.
This winter bug is free.
So, does that hurt?
No, do not be silly.
Where is Cooper?
-Hey man. -What's that shit?
I just wanted to be a friend.
Where is Cooper?
He can hear you.
I'm sorry, okay? I just want to go.
Put these on.
Or I'll let them castrate you.
I'm not surprised who you're dealing with.
Sex offender ...
... may act alone.
But her instincts are exactly the opposite.
They find solace in the fact that there are others like them
who are all alone.
Keep me informed about the nature of criminals.
That's why your people got it.
Simon has friends.
What are you looking for assholes here?
That's not very nice.
Quite officially.
I have no legitimate right or claim
on something on this property.
You are illegal here and everything you find on the computer
is not allowed before a court.
Yes, assholes.
What is he doing there?
I hack into Simon's virtual hard drive,
which he thinks is still a safe source through the exchange.
Why are you helping him?
Because he never tried to fuck me.
He would not if he could.
He is decent. Most men are disgusting.
-Not all men are disgusting. -Oh, your not?
Yes, mine.
I am in.
Who are you?
How many cases have you processed in which the guilt is clear
but the jury has to ignore a piece of evidence?
Like a rapist ...
... who buys himself free.
Suddenly one has the courage, his offer,
to pay for their silence, to refuse.
And accuse him.
The jury will never hear what he has done before.
That does not give you the right
walking around and chopping off their eggs?
If a lion eats anyone ...
... you lock him up and say, "Do not do that again."
Ten years later you let him out, what happens then?
Not all criminals are animals.
Some are like that.
80 percent of all sex offenders become relapsing.
And yet, we knowingly let them out on the street again.
Seven in the last month within a radius of 25 kilometers
around this school here.
That's five out of seven active pedophiles.
When they treat the cause of their instinct.
Hormones. If you treat that ...
then the recidivism rate drops to just five percent.
You can not assume that someone is committing a crime,
regardless of all social factors,
because that is dangerous narrow-minded.
As if you think all Muslims are terrorists.
I'm not talking about the skin color of a human.
I'm talking about the perpetrator's constant inner voice.
She says, "Do it. Do it."
You are too stubborn to ask, "Why?"
I know why.
You think you were punished,
because you released so many of them.
What happened to your family ...
... was a tragedy.
And no matter how many rapists you treat,
Your feelings of guilt ...
... will never disappear.
We hacked his server.
He had contact with someone named Hunter.
The explosive in the car was Nitropenta.
Is used very often.
The trigger is unique.
High intensity, stable,
little effect on environment and density.
Quite expensive. Military Quality.
Simon said
that Santa comes by every year and leaves money behind.
Maybe Santa will pay the bomb maker.
Look for military personnel in this state.
Born in 1971.
Okay, how many are explosives specialists?
No longer on duty?
Under fire!
Smoke bombs!
I cover you!
On the other side!
To cease fire! Turn around!
Back! Back!
We both know why you are here.
They sold explosives to a man,
kidnapped and killed ten women.
Do not read a shit newspaper?
What else did you do for him?
Signal Blocker for mobile phones. That was nothing.
That was the guy who locked up all the women?
Yes. Someone, who...
Tell me about your mum.
Tell me about her.
I bet she hated you.
She loved me. She protected me.
Protected? Before what?
She did not take good care of you. She did not love you.
Nobody loves you.
Nobody. You have nobody.
-No. -Niemanden ...
who keeps you company except your reflection.
You have nobody.
Where is the other Simon? I want to talk to him. Where is he?
I do not want.
Come, what is it? Do you like tits?
-No. Do you like to chaperone women?
Yes, you do. Come on.
Do not do that.
What did she do to you? Say it.
Tell me what she did to you!
Tell me! Do not do that, do not do it!
What did she do to you? Come on!
She never let me play.
She always locked me in a cage as if I were a monkey.
Like a monkey.
What did you do to your mother?
They forced me to.
You told me what to do. Who are you"?
They told me to do it. Who are you"?
Who are they?
Come on. Who are they? The voices in your head?
Tell me who they are. I want to talk to the other Simon.
I want to talk to the boss.
I'm the boss. I do what I want.
Do you remember all the women you killed?
I remember her, I remember her.
Who was the first?
I hate him. He comes after me everywhere.
Who is he"?
That has arrived for you. I signed for you.
You do not have it easy.
Many thanks.
Everything okay?
Yes, it was just a long day.
Do you want something to eat?
Hello Baby. I can take over now.
Are you sleeping?
So what is that?
Everyone out here.
You know, I have to yell at people,
so that they do what I want.
Not you.
What are you doing here?
It is crazy cold and in the middle of the night.
I know you do not like being here.
I do not like Downtown.
My wife was always mad at me,
because I never went out with her here.
Does not feel right to put my feet up there,
where they should be.
Do you understand me?
I'm so used to shit.
You look almost normal now. What is wrong with you?
I'm just...
You already know.
Bomb threat in the Police Department.
All evacuate. I repeat: all evacuate.
Okay, let's go.
We have to get out. Come.
Come on, get out quickly!
Put on the shit thing.
Put it on!
I got you. I got you.
-I got you! I got you! -Shut up!
-I hope everyone is out now. -Rachel, where is he?
In his cell. The package was from you.
He will not blow himself up.
That's nonsense.
-Why shouldn't he? -Because the game is over then.
Hey, where are you?
Where is she? You stay here.
Alicia! Alicia!
Oh, my God, you live.
Alicia ...
Since when can you cook?
I always cooked for your mother.
Just had no reason to do so.
Are you doing a great haircut,
if nobody is there to look at them?
Was a bad example.
This is gluten-free because I have an allergy, right?
Did not you?
So what's going on?
When your mother was pregnant,
she was very nervous about my job.
SWAT is very dangerous.
So I'm in the murder department, because it is a little quieter.
But when you were there, it all came pretty close to me.
And you can not afford that.
I tried everything.
Even a therapy.
Can you imagine that? Me and therapy ...
You hate talking.
So you were afraid
that something bad would happen to me.
No not that.
I could do it ...
I could not see it anymore.
If you lie in bed at night and the light is off ...
... can you see the room, yes?
Then you turn the light on and off again.
Then you do not see anything.
The people I'm after ...
... they live in the dark.
And I could easily see her. Until you come.
... you are the light.
No cell phone or laptop until you pick us up.
Roger that. It's okay, Dad.
Take care of yourself.
Simon's mother was suicidal.
After the rape and pregnancy
she was safe with the psychiatrist.
The files were surely destroyed.
No, this state has strict exemption clauses,
to protect yourself in case a patient commits suicide.
The records in the counseling centers
are secured annually.
Simon can not know that.
Nobody can know that.
Damned waste of time.
Marshall here, I need two teams in the psychiatric archive.
A whole corridor full of documents.
Have you.
OK. Moment.
Do you want to get to know his mother?
Amy Stulls, Volume Three, XOP-3-9-2.
So, you look good.
How do you sleep?
Better than ever before.
-And you eat? Constantly.
Do you still want no ultrasound?
The doctors are just trying to help you.
It's okay.
I already bought nice things.
With the money,
that you got from the comparison?
Believe he holds his word
and keeps away from you and the child,
after what he did to you?
Everyone else thinks he is a very nice man.
She knew him.
When we find his father, we also find Simon.
What if he stands at your door and wants to see his child?
Judas has sinned and he has been forgiven.
We found the mother's file.
Amy Stulls, 1976.
Rape and attempted murder.
Extra-judicial agreement for 1.14 million.
The name of the payer is not listed.
Good work. See us at the station.
I give my best.
Make yourself comfortable.
He has blurred his tracks well.
The name of the father is not in any police file.
And nothing from him in the database.
Had the boss given me more fucking time,
instead of yelling at me all the time,
We might have a clue where he is now.
Do you want your professional view in your report
express with these words?
We know that he knew and paid for Amy Stulls.
The textile factory did not hear him.
Find out who owns the building.
I'll send that over.
MCG Industries, the largest textile distributor in the state.
Founded by David McGovern.
He was recently involved in a car crash with Michael Cooper.
I have not seen her.
Are you hurt? You are in shock.
All is well.
McGovern is Chairman of the Foundation Board of Flextone Prep.
He currently lives there on campus.
Everybody listen!
Hey, hey.
People come with me. Come on, come with me.
We're going in now. Come on.
-Oh my God. -What's going on there?
-Is there completed? -No, the doors are open.
You will die.
You will die.
I hate you.
The knife, Simon! Drop the fucking knife!
I want my bear. Please my bear ...
I want my bear.
Are you his father.
I want my bear.
Please, my bear.
I want my bear.
Simon, why did you do that?
I hate him.
He does not want to leave me alone.
I want my bear.
I want my bear.
I want my bear.
I want my bear, Mommy's bear.
Now give him the fucking bear,
you Nuttenfotze!
Do you see what he forced me to do?
No more crying, like a fucking babe.
Do you want to know what I did to these hookers?
There is a whole busload of them,
you know nothing about.
Give him what he wants.
His bear.
If you could only hear him, he screams like a fucking babe.
I can not stand this anymore.
Stuff his mouth!
No bear, no stupid bodies.
Nothing but rumfingern in the tight little ...
I give you this one. Then I'll get everything from you.
Samantha Crawley.
Catherine Titus?
Alison Woods?
Rebecca Chastain?
Emily Richardson?
Rachel Prodhome?
Victoria Maringoth?
Emily Philips?
He was in my fucking house.
What the hell are you doing here?
Impossible, he's been here since yesterday afternoon.
-Chill out. I will not.
The only reason you were not arrested ...
Because you were too busy to be fooled.
You know, I have nothing to lose.
Find her.
Find my little one, unhurt.
Or I guarantee for nothing what happens then.
Where is Lara?
If I apologized to all.
Then I'll tell you.
Apology accepted.
Not with you, silly.
With those out there.
Let me say that I'm sorry for things,
I did.
And then I'll tell you where the last one is.
Is she alive?
But tick-tack. Tick Tock.
Tick Tock. Tick Tock.
Tick-tack, who is the clever Buhbuh?
We can not risk losing another girl.
This is by no means good.
Of course it will not be easy.
On the electric chair with him!
Please please.
You're welcome.
This pig has to die.
Please be quiet.
Say you are sorry.
Something else and you will beg for the death penalty.
-I just wanted to say ... -Hey, did you kidnap my wife?
Look at the picture, man! Did you kidnap her?
No, I do not have that.
She is too ugly.
Do you know why I was not caught?
Because the police and you are all stupider
as the sluts I fucked.
Lock him up forever!
You disgusting pig!
They'll try to lynch him here and outside the courthouse.
So distraction maneuvers and then nothing like here.
-I'm going with him. -Absolutely no way.
Lara is still out there, and he's not talking to you.
Well, nice. But be careful.
20-10, leave "Crossland".
10-15 in Andover Street.
Where did he take Lara?
Where is she?
Where is Lara?
Stop, at 2-7.
Both videos side by side.
Why are you staying with your husband,
Although you know that he has been fucking other women for a long time?
How do you know this?
Damn shit.
Out with you, you asshole.
Come on.
Where is she?
Where is she?
Tell me, you asshole.
Say it. Where is my Lara?
Where is my Lara?
Where the hell is she?
Where is my Lara?
Where the hell is she?
Tell me!
Good boy.
Good boy.
Take that damned shit off.
Is that Rachel?
Rachel is in there,
you get the boys, I get Rachel.
Rachel likes me.
Hi, Rachel.
Yes, good.
Rachel, get out with you.
Come on, come on, get out with you.
Oh shit.
-What was going on? -There are two.
Yes. I know. What else?
He said he has the younger one.
Take your winter bug. Let's see who comes out there.
They exchanged at school.
They were both there. And we only caught one.
Okay, let's look forward, not back.
Where will he take her?
Add "Winterbug" to the search words.
We'll be playing Winterbug, Winterbug, Winterbug.
Where are you going in the snow, winterbug, winterbug?
Hey, hey.
If one comes out, then you may second.
And then we exchange.
We trade. We trade.
I thought you were mad at me.
Stop scratching your ear.
I'm mad at you.
But I love you too.
-Winterbug-Noro virus. -That's not it.
-Winterbug handbag. -No, next.
Winterbug, pagan animal sacrifice by burning or drowning.
Her mother was thrown into a lake.
Yes, but the place is not in any police file.
Show the survey of Amy Stulls two minutes after the beginning.
It felt good to kill daddy, right?
Yes, it was very nice, very nice.
And if it feels good, it's okay.
Do you remember?
Mommy would be glad he does not pursue me anymore
like a tensioner.
Daddy just wanted to be your friend.
As he was mine.
The police thought he was trying
to free you.
-But in reality, I was that. -It was me, I was.
- Because I love you. - I love myself.
Nobody else loves you.
Only I love you, silly.
I want Rachel.
I want Rachel. Because she really likes me.
She likes me.
Now that I have a life in me ...
... is the purpose of my life to protect it.
To keep alive.
Far from the devil's eyes.
Now we play Winterbug, now we play Winterbug!
Winterbug, Winterbug.
Yes, okay.
OK. Hey, hey. Come here.
If you find her, kill her.
Both. Stop the nonsense.
Okay, let's start.
The evil ice has bitten me in my toes.
Almost, almost.
Another one.
Almost, almost.
Another one.
Another one. Another one.
Burn, Rachel!
Brenn, Rachel, burn, Rachel.
Burn, burn!
No no.
No no!
Freeze! Stop, stop!
Oh my God!
-Carefully. -Oh my God!
Come fast!
-Everything okay? -Yes.
-Stay here. -Under no circumstance.
It is not secured.
Wait, we have to tell Cooper that I'm fine.
-Oh my God. -Is okay.
Look at me, look at me.
I know that does not feel that way now
but everything will be fine again.
I promise you.
He told me what you did to him.
You want the boss?
You want to see the boss?
You stupid cunt.
Why me?
Why me?
Why me?
Why me?
-Why me? -Let him go.
Let him go!
Let me to you. I want to me.
Let him go or I'll kill her right away!
I can not understand anything.
Go on, you damn hooker!
Come on, you hooker!
Do not hurt him! Or I'll kill her!
I do not understand anything.
And even closer.
-Come on. -Don't hurt him!
I said you should not hurt him!
I want to me!
Otherwise I'll kill her!
I want to get to me now!
I'll kill her if you hurt him!
Let him go now!
Let him go!
Do not let him hurt me.
-Do you see what I mean? -It is enough.
-Do you see what happens then? -Okay, it's enough.
It is enough.
I put this gun in her fucking cunt
and shoot her!
When we break through the ice, we're dead in 60 seconds.
No no.
Immediately she breaks through the shit ice.
Oh my God.
Oh my God!
Do you think I care if I die?
You do not care if he dies, right?
You damn asshole!
I will kill you!
You've already done so much to get him out.
You can have it now.
Just let her go.
-No! -Rachel, go.
Nice to continue to aim here. Continue to aim here!
I do not want to be here. I do not want to be here.
Do you love your brother?
-Yes. Do you really love him?
Yes, I want to be with him.
-Yes? -Yes.
Yes / Yes.
Okay, come here. Come here.
Go and hug him.
Come here.
Come here.
You stupid asshole!
Lara ...
I write that to you,
in case I die.
Enclosed are some instructions.
You have allowed me to be your protector.
And you should know that you were mine, too.
Your light...
... saved me.
Now continue to shine.
Your light saved me. Now keep on lighting.
Hey, oh, we will not do that.
You said everything I want.
Who are you?
I am Rachel, I work with your father.
You are sure Faye.
Are you married?
Still yes.
Faye, Rachel has saved my life.
Wait, I'll help you.
All right.