Night Killer (1990) Movie Script

Dionne, get in line.
Come on, let's go.
Are you ready, Stanley?
Hit it.
Work it.
Good, good, hand!
And one.
Lift it!
Stanley get your leg up.
Open your arms!
Yeah, right.
Punch the air!
Punch, punch, good.
Better, Anne, good.
Smile, Bianca, yup.
Come on, Charlie, get into it.
Come on.
Stop the music.
Can you take a break?
Oh, this is the third time
you've been late, Miss Ross.
I know, there was so much traffic
and I couldn't find a taxi.
Excuses, nothing but excuses.
Everybody else arrived on time.
If you keep this up, I'm going
to have to substitute you.
May I go change now please?
Okay, but hurry up.
Because there isn't
going to be a next time.
I promise there won't be.
Okay, can we start again?
Okay, this time with energy, okay?
Better, good!
Five, six, seven, go and one.
Do a little leg, and...
Oh, god help me, god help me, god damn it.
Get into it.
Oh, god.
Bianca, lift your face.
Anna, what are you doing?
That's very original, thank
you for your improvisation.
What's the matter with you, stop!
What's the matter with you guys tonight?
This show's gonna... Oh my,
this show sucks.
And the rate you're going, Charles,
with the head down, I don't know,
we might as well... it's never going on.
I don't know what to do.
Look, I'm really nervous.
I'm gonna get her and uh,
I'm a little nervous.
You have to forgive me, please.
Go rehearse this without me.
I'm gonna get Elizabeth.
Can you please?
Without me.
I am losing my mind,
but I am fed up with these stupid little
fake blond bitches who think
they can do anything they want to.
Miss Ross?
This is really the last odd time.
Good morning, and this
is for you, Clarissa.
But you can't open it till Christmas.
- Okay.
- Okay.
Oh, thanks.
I'll put it under the
tree for you, honey.
Say hello to Annie for me.
Oh, we will.
Come on, dear.
- Bye!
- Bye!
Bryka Chiraskovich is the fourth victim
of the hooded psychopath.
The woman was also repeatedly
raped before being killed.
Hi, hon.
I'm all in a mess.
You're drunk.
That's what you are.
I tried the other line
but it was always busy.
Then you're drunker than usual.
Both lines have been free all day.
Anyway, Clarissa has gone
to the country with Annie.
I don't have anything to say to you
except don't call me anymore!
Well here you are, Melanie Beck.
This is you.
You have a daughter.
You have a marriage on the rocks, and...
nothing but gray skies ahead.
I told you not to call me anymore!
You're a fine
looking woman, Mrs. Beck.
Just made to be fucked senseless.
Who is this?
No, don't move.
Stay just like that.
Oh, yes.
I wanna watch you.
With you it'll be different.
I won't kill you straightaway.
First I'm going to fuck your brains out!
Virginia Beach Police Department.
Officer Gabriel here.
Uh, yes.
I just got a phone call
from a guy spying on me.
I think he was calling from
the payphone across from my house.
Was it an obscene phone call?
Did he threaten you?
At first he said,
well, you can imagine.
And then he said he
would kill me after that.
Will you let me have your number please?
I have two lines.
Give me both numbers.
Oh yes, um...
The first is, uh, 340-3661.
And the other is the same
digits but ends in 62.
Yes, Miss?
Mrs. Beck, Melanie Beck.
Listen, Mrs. Beck.
Lock yourself in the house
and don't open the door for anyone.
I'll call you back in
five minutes exactly.
Now you know exactly
what you have to do, right?
First I have to lock myself in
and you'll call me back in five minutes.
Good, good, I'll call you back.
Okay, thank you.
Hey, Hello, Mrs. Beck,
this is Sergeant Gabriel.
But you said you would
call me back in five minutes.
I can't wait five minutes, Mrs. Beck.
I'm too horny.
It's the same for you
too, isn't it, Mrs. Beck?
Oh, that's it.
You figured out where I am.
And you've locked yourself in.
On, that's good.
That's very good.
Ah, no!
Oh, my god!
Come get them, lovely lady.
Come on, I'm waiting for you.
Oh, it'll be different
with you, Mrs. Beck.
I'm crazy about your body.
I love your skin, your breasts.
The way you smell.
Yes, Sergeant.
Well, when my wife told me,
I checked it out right away.
Yes, it's obviously some sort of sick...
Yeah, it's just as
well 1 got home when I did.
I was able to calm her down.
Oh, but thank you for
calling back, officer.
Yes sir, goodbye.
Open up.
Open up, you bitch!
Open this door!
Don't act like this.
It'll be all the worse for you!
Open up, you whore!
This is only
getting worse for you!
Open this door!
Now you've really got me
pissed off, Mrs. Beck!
Open this door!
Die, you bastard!
You were dead!
I was pretending.
It's all part of the game.
Now the fun's about to start.
Now it's all out in the open.
Are you ready to play, Mrs. Beck?
That woman is our key witness here.
She's the only one who's ever seen
this guy's face, you know?
She's the only one who can identify him.
Well, that's where you're wrong.
Yeah, she did see his face
but the trauma has completely
erased it from her memory.
She doesn't remember anything.
She's even forgotten her own name.
Well, let's show her the mask.
She'll remember this thing, won't she?
It won't mean anything to her.
If she can't recognize people,
she certainly won't recognize the mask.
Is it true she's even forgotten
she's got a daughter?
We had the child brought in with the hopes
that perhaps that will
have an effect on her.
Okay, now if that doesn't work,
let's just go ahead
with the emergency plan.
No, no, no, that's sheer madness.
Well, what are we supposed to do then?
Just sit back and watch
while this guy goes out
and notches up another victim?
Maybe the fact that he was
not able to kill this time
will calm him.
Yeah, or make him more
determined to do it the next time.
We're ready.
Come with me, honey.
Doctor, can we please go with her?
That won't be necessary.
But she's just a baby.
I'm sorry.
She'll have to go in alone.
Don't worry, I'll be all right.
There's someone here
who wants to say hello.
How are you?
How are you?
When are you gonna come home, mommy?
Clear the room now.
We don't want to tire her too much.
What a pretty little girl.
Is that all you have to say?
I'm tired.
Of course.
The fifth victim, Melanie Beck,
the only woman to survive the ordeal
has not been seen for the last 24 hours.
Yeah, okay.
I'm the guy who saved her.
Filthy animal left this
little scratch for me
to remember him by.
Now I understand that
you are one of the key
witnesses in this case,
and that you could be instrumental
in finding this mass murderer?
Unfortunately, I didn't
get a look at his face.
He came at me with that knife of his,
son of a bitch cut my face in half
before I laid my hands on him.
Well certainly, Mrs.
Beck saw the man's face.
After all, he had her in his clutches
for more than eight hours.
That poor woman will
never be the same again.
She doesn't remember anybody or anything.
My wife and I have been granted
temporary custody of her daughter.
This is her daughter Clarissa.
We've been the Beck's
friends for the past six years
and we always tried to do favors for them
whenever we could, even after the divorce.
And Mr. Beck has not
been seen around here
since the incident?
The fist happy drunk?
No one's seen him in God knows how long.
Why Sherman and I have
practically been raising Clarissa.
She's been spending a lot
of time over at our house.
The Lord hasn't blessed us
with any children of our own.
Just think about this.
Her father was a cop before he got booted
off the force.
If I were him, I'd kill that psychopath
with my bare hands, you got that?
Come on Annie, Clarissa.
Hey, honey.
Sweetheart, woo!
Hey sweetheart, you
wanna wet your whistle?
Looking for me?
I came in here by mistake.
What's with the gun?
Anybody can make a mistake.
What do you want from me?
I wanna be friends.
You always try to make friends
in the ladies' bathroom?
It can happen.
All right.
Take off your pants.
My pants?
Uh huh.
And your socks and your shoes.
And now!
Or your career's over.
And now?
The shirt.
But what about these?
Throw them in the toilet.
Do it!
And my shirt too, I guess.
You got it.
Now flush it.
Flush it?
Flush it!
Well, so long, friend.
Well, what about my clothes?
Just reach in and fish them out.
Shouldn't be anything new
for an asshole like you.
You're full of shit yourself!
Hey bud, what happened to your clothes?
I got molested in the little boy's room!
What in the hell do
you think you're doing?
Committing suicide!
Well, you gotta drink seawater
if you're gonna throw up all
that shit you've been taking!
Are you crazy?
You want me to go with you?
I wasn't born yesterday.
If a stranger asks for something,
there's a rat hidden somewhere.
It's what my mama always used to say.
But seeing as I could
never stand the sight
of the old lady, I'll come out with you
and risk the unknown.
To hell with the old bitch.
Here's to the unknown.
Hey, this is incredible.
What do you do here?
I'm really Santa Claus.
And if you've been a
very good girl all year,
I have a big present for you.
What are you doing?
Now, what are we gonna do?
Do you know the story
of Little Red Riding Hood?
Ah, I get it.
I'm Little Red Riding Hood
and you're the big bad wolf.
You know, I think I'm just a little tipsy.
Go on with the story.
Ooh, grandmother,
what big paws you have.
All the better to hold you with!
What a nutcase.
Don't stop!
Granny, what a big ugly mug you have.
Now you're the one who's stopped.
Ooh, why grandmother,
what a big schlong you have.
I don't like this game anymore.
Please, just take me home.
Ah, no, no!
No, no!
Yes, so beautiful, yes.
Now, we will make love, Red Riding Hood.
Kiss me.
No, please open the door, no!
No, no, no!
The door was open.
Had your sweater and dress cleaned.
Fried chicken and French fries.
But I don't guess you're too hungry.
Ooh, I almost forgot.
A gun.
Everything you always
needed to kill yourself with
but were afraid to ask for.
Just what the hell do you want from me?
I already told you, I
just wanna be friends.
Why didn't you just let me drown?
That would have been a hateful waste.
Don't touch me.
No, not again.
You don't seem to get
it, Mr. Restroom Hustler.
I'm already dead.
Doesn't look that way from here.
That's what you say.
It's a free country.
Anybody who wants to kill themselves
has the right to.
While you shoot yourself... try to...
I'm gonna eat.
Nothing does it to me like fried chicken.
Takes balls to kill yourself.
And the only person with those around here
in the right place is yours truly.
Oh, yeah?
Well, I was doing just fine by the sea!
If I hadn't showed up
you would've gone to ask for help.
That's not true!
You're a lucky lady.
You've got somebody here to help you.
I'll do it for you.
Come on.
This is easy as eating a drumstick.
Please don't do it.
What do you mean don't do it?
Isn't it what you want?
This is what I want!
Well then.
Bye bye, sweetheart.
Just what are you playing at?!
I'm gonna kill you all right.
But when I say so!
When you least expect it.
What do you say?
Answer me!
In the mean time, I'm your master.
You'll do everything I say.
Is that clear?
You know what this means?
It means there's a pact.
If you don't keep up your
end of it, you're death
Is gonna be a hell of a lot slower
than any bullet in the head!
Now, I'm gonna go out and
let out a little steam.
And you're gonna stay right
here like a good little wifey.
This time I'ma lock you in.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no!
Don't lock me in!
I have to go now, Miss Morrison.
Don't worry Frank, I'll lock up.
But first I wanna check
the overflow valve.
All right then.
I'll see you tomorrow then, Miss Morrison.
Bye, Frank.
Who on earth turned this on?
Who's there?
I'm the fish, and the fish too far away.
Well, I need oxygen, oxygen to live.
I want your oxygen.
Oh, yes.
Wake up.
Wake up!
I didn't work off enough steam.
The victim was found
at dawn this morning
by the security guard of the museum.
Okay, here we go!
Were you afraid it would be done, sir?
Wait, did you know?
Come on, stay back, come on.
What was it about...
Get back.
Get back, get back.
How long has she been here?
Did you know her intimately?
Did you know her intimately, sir?
Have you ever seen her outside the office?
The maniac cut her into pieces
and then fed her to the fish.
It's enough to make my stomach turn
just thinking about it.
The young victim was an employee
of the Oceanographic
Museum, Pamela Sue Morrison,
dead at the age of 25.
Pamela Sue Morrison was the sixth victim
of the masked maniac
who has held our state
in a siege of terror
for the past six months.
All of the victims were raped
before they were tortured,
mutilated and killed by the masked maniac.
Untie me.
Pretty please?
Untie me, you asshole!
Is that any way to talk?
Will you untie me, please?
Pretty please!
Would you untie me, pretty please.
Fuck you!
No cussing!
Son of a bitch!
I told you not to use words like that!
Pretty please?
Will you?
Please now, cut this towel, untie me?
I beg you.
I beg you.
Pretty please.
I beg you.
Kiss me.
Pretty please.
I beg you.
Kiss me.
Clark, Detective Clark!
Detective Clark, can you make a statement?
Is it true that you're in charge
of protecting Melanie Beck?
Did you let her slip
between your fingers?
Do you think the slasher got her?
Listen very closely here, people.
Melanie Beck is a free citizen.
She's got the right to
come and go as she pleases.
But didn't you assign
her a personal bodyguard?
No, we did not assign
her a personal bodyguard,
we are keeping her under
protective surveillance, that's all.
But isn't Melanie Beck the only person
who can identify this maniac?
Melanie Beck has undergone a
tremendous amount of tragedy.
She doesn't remember
anything about that night.
She doesn't remember her
own name for Chrissakes.
Look, if you wanna learn
more about Melanie Beck,
why don't you talk to Dr. Willow,
he's been treating her.
How do we get in touch with Dr. Willow?
Dr. Willow!
Dr. Willow!
Dr. Willow, can you make
some kind of statement
for us, sir?
Melanie Beck is living in a state
of dissociative schizophrenia
triggered by the trauma of the experience
she was forced to undergo.
The poor woman went through
the most traumatic ordeal
a human being can experience.
A clinical examination of the patient
revealed an inordinate
amount of seminal fluid.
The pure evil of the violence
that was put upon her
has unhinged her mind.
The patient now has a very
fragile grip on reality.
Hasn't Mrs. Beck made
various suicide attempts?
Yes, yes.
She swallowed a whole
bottle of barbiturates
and we saved her only by pure chance.
Why would she want to kill herself?
To punish herself.
To expiate the sense of guilt
that was tormenting her.
You see, in those eight hours,
the assailant vented all
his sadistic rage on her.
At first, she resisted him.
But by the end she was completely passive.
In the end, she accepted it.
Accepted it?
The survival instinct.
And paradoxically that's why she wants
to commit suicide.
To punish that part of
her that passively gave in
to the onslaught of the maniac.
There are those who believe
that the maniac has kidnapped Mrs. Beck
and that she is in grave danger.
I sincerely hope not.
When I saw Melanie the
day before yesterday
she was still in a confused state.
She might not recognize him immediately.
And what would the consequences be?
The man is an extremely
dangerous psychopath.
He most likely would put
her through the same ordeal.
The shock, paradoxically,
will bring her back
to her senses.
But the moment she recognized him,
he would kill her.
How is your girlfriend?
Bet she's got one hell of a hangover.
Oh yeah, you can say that again.
What was that noise?!
A gunshot?
We broke the mirror.
I hope you're not superstitious.
Listen, 1 don't want any funny business
or I call the police, is that clear?
Don't worry, there won't
be any more disturbances.
Hope not, for your sake, bud.
And your girlfriend's.
Why did you take so long?
I made myself up.
I wanted to be beautiful for you.
Just for you.
Do you remember?
I remember.
You're the one who's gonna kill me.
Anything else?
Yeah, we found the car,
checked the registration.
Melanie Beck's all right.
A woman fitting Melanie Beck's description
was seen in a hotel a few miles from here.
Now wait for this,
according to the witness
she was being followed by a
half-naked guy in a jeep.
Yeah, no, I realize that.
Yeah, yeah, this is good.
Okay look, let me call you back.
I'll call you back.
He's done it.
He's really done it.
I hoped it wouldn't actually come to this.
What do we do now?
I don't know.
What do you mean you don't know?
We had a specific plan ready here
if the guy made a move.
But thanks to your TV
appearance a while ago
you practically gave him the idea.
Don't be absurd.
I was only hypothesizing.
I didn't think he would really do it.
You're the famous shrink,
the famous expert who
shot off his mouth on TV
with all those highfalutin theories.
I'm just a cop, man,
who wants to do his job.
And I do my job with these!
Listen, you can't blame
me for what happened.
I can blame you and I do blame you!
Now if you don't do something about this,
I'm gonna fix it with the press
to make you look like
the quack of the century!
All right, I'll speak to the press.
And you'll do it now!
All right, but I warn you,
we are dealing with a
homicidal maniac here.
This could push him
over the edge even more
and cause more victims!
If we don't stop this guy right now,
he's gonna kill again
regardless of what we do.
You do realize that, don't you?
The police are now
convinced that Melanie Beck
has been abducted by the homicidal maniac
who only yesterday reaped his sixth victim
with atrocious brutality.
...could end up,
on the next plane back to Panama.
John Zirella, CNN Miami.
We're expecting another briefing
from the Pentagon any minute now,
and we'll of course keep you posted.
Other agencies had a brief interest
in the Panama affair as well.
The organization of American States
Is planning an emergency session
with the Noriega delegate in attendance.
We're expecting
Dr. Wilford Willow,
who will make a public appeal.
Dr. Willow is the psychiatrist
who was treating Melanie Beck.
Good morning, Dr. Willow.
Good morning, good morning.
This is an ultimatum for the murderer
who's been terrorizing this county.
Your time is nearly up.
We are on your tracks.
You made a fatal error
in abducting Mrs. Beck,
an error we were expecting.
If you will call 555-7784 within 24 hours,
if you will release Mrs. Beck
and if you will turn yourself in,
the police guarantee you no harm.
274, dispatcher, suspect
at 34th and Atlantic.
Detective Mel headed my way, responding.
Why don't you go on
back to the station, okay?
Where are they?
They only sent one cop to
take care of that maniac?
Hey, I can handle him, just
give me that duplicate key.
It's room 70.
Wasn't there a reward?
You want a reward?
I'll give you 10 seconds
to get the fuck out of here
or I'll rearrange that wack face of yours,
you understand?
Sure, right.
Anything you say!
Get out of here!
Sherman, what are you doing?
Going out.
With a gun?
That crazy bastard who cut my face up,
he's out there roaming around somewhere.
Now he's got our friend Melanie
and he's holding her hostage.
But why do you have to go?
Isn't what he did to you already enough?
Annie, I told you.
I'm the only one who's seen his face.
I'm the only one who can
possibly identify him.
Now I did just like you said,
I haven't told the police anything.
Okay, okay.
We'll tell the police.
But leave the gun at home, Sherman!
No, someone's got to
stop that crazy bastard.
Annie, take it from me,
the police are groping in the dark!
Now I'm gonna go out there.
I'm gonna find that murdering bastard
and I'm gonna plug him one
right between the eyes!
Annie, I'm going.
I'm not letting you go out this door!
What about me?
What about our daughter?
Our daughter?
She's not our daughter.
She's Melanie Beck's daughter, remember?
You know what I think?
You wanna know what I think?
Oh, don't start this again.
I think the maniac
should slit her throat
from ear to ear.
She's not worthy of our daughter, Clarissa!
She's a tramp!
She's been laid by everything
in a 50 mile radius!
Including you, Sherman.
- Annie!
- Isn't that right?
That's enough, you're out of your mind!
You didn't think that I
didn't used to watch you.
Your eyes bugged out of your head
as she lied there drunk and nude...
and practically nude... semi.
Dream on.
She attracted
that man to her house
like a bitch in heat!
I want my mommy!
I want my mommy!
It's all right, honey.
Mommy's here, it's all right.
You're not my mommy!
Just wait here a minute,
I'll be with you in just a second.
Virginia Beach Police Department.
It's him.
No way.
That's completely out of the question.
Look, you're the ones
who started all this!
This time the ball's in my court.
Hey listen here, motherfucker!
If you don't let her go right now
I'm gonna make you wish
you were never born, man.
You neck her?
Didn't get it.
The conversation was too short.
It's me, Sherman.
Melanie, Melanie, I'll take you home!
Come on.
Go, come on.
Get in the car.
Get in the car.
Sit here, Melanie.
Sit down.
Don't worry about anything, Melanie.
I'll take care of everything.
I'll call the police and I'll
be right back with Clarissa.
Melanie, Melanie, can you hear me?
Lock yourself in.
Don't let anyone in the house
till I return, all right?
Do you recognize me, Mrs. Beck?
I'm back.
He's here!
She's right when she says
you're a bitch in heat, Mrs. Beck.
Now I remember who you are.
Oh, my god, now I remember.
I was pretending, it's
all part of the game!
Now it's all out in the open.
Are you ready to play, Mrs. Beck?
The fun's about to start!
My wife's right.
She's right when she says you attract men
like a bitch in heat.
Thanks to you, I'm going to be scarred
for the rest of my life.
You remember how it happened?
You can't take it anymore, Mrs. Beck?
You can't take it, can you?
You want to die.
You wanna die, Mrs. Beck.
So, why don't you?
Why don't you beg me?
I'll show you how.
Sherman, please, Sherman.
Please kill me Sherman, I want to die.
Now I'll show you how, yes.
I have an idea, yes.
I'll let you do it.
Yes, you'll do it!
Just like this, oh, both hands.
I'll show you how, yes.
Yes, that's it, that's it.
Do it.
Come on.
Do it.
You can do it.
That was stupid of me.
But for you,
to think that you could get back at me,
to think that you could kill me?
That was crazy.
No sooner did I get the knife back,
then there were people all over the place!
You and Axel.
You two tried to set me up!
But you didn't succeed.
Goodbye, Melanie Beck.
Why did it take you so long?
I've been waiting for
you to come back to me,
for you to come back to me.
I miss the way you touch me.
The way you feel me.
Oh, Melanie.
My body... needs.
I miss the way you touch me.
To be with you.
One more...
real time!
Now you die, bitch.
No, no!
Oh, my god, Melanie.
Hey, can you give me
some kind of statement
or some kind of story about
what happened this morning?
Were you first on the scene?
Were you first here on the scene?
Do you know anything at all?
Who's inside, who's inside?
Dr. Willow?
Dr. Willow!
Detective Clark, can you answer
a couple questions for us?
Can you tell us what happened?
Dr. Willow, weren't you treating
the patient for a while?
Weren't you treating Melanie Beck?
Does this have anything to do
with any of the slasher murders at all?
Is this the maniac that
we've been looking for?
Detective Clark, Detective Clark!
How did you know that it
was Sherman Floyd's body?
We devised a plan
together with Dr. Willow
to capture the murderer.
Mr. And Mrs. Beck acted as,
well, I guess you could
say guinea pigs of a sort.
What do you mean by guinea pigs?
One was voluntary,
the other involuntary.
You see, Mrs. Beck had
sublimated her trauma
to the point where she
couldn't deal with it.
She had to relive the experience
in order to overcome it.
Well, wasn't that a
rather dangerous approach?
1 must say that there were
some differences of opinion
between us and Detective Clark.
However, you see it was
just a theory of mine.
The important thing is that it worked.
But wasn't it Sergeant Beck
that was expelled from the
force, Detective Clark?
Yeah, he was.
But I can guarantee you that after this,
he'll not only get his job back,
he'll probably get a
promotion out of this.
Come on.
A promotion?
Here's the church.
And here's the steeple.
Open the doors and there are the people.
Mommy, daddy, can I go to my room?
Sure, honey.
Will you ever forgive me?
Forgive you?
Of course.
You did everything you did out of love.
I missed you so much.
It was hell not being able
to talk to you rationally.
Not being able to touch you.
Don't ever leave me again, Axel.
Melanie, I'm worried
about Clarissa, scared.
What effect is all this gonna have on her?
Wait, maybe she'll forget, in time.
Time heals.
Do you recognize me, Mrs. Beck?
I'm back, just for you.
Just for you.