Night of the Big Heat (1967) Movie Script

(bird song)
(brakes squeal)
- Can I help you?
- I don't know.
The radiator's boiling.
It's never done that before.
I had the water checked
on the mainland.
- You've got anti-freeze in?
- Yes, you're supposed to in winter.
That's what's causing
the overheating.
I've taken my anti-freeze out
during this hot spell.
This is the best I can do,
unless you want me to drain it off.
No, not now.
Tell me, is the Swan
far from here?
Take the next right.
You can't miss it.
In fact, I'm going there myself.
I'd offer to show you,
but I think you should let this
cool down.
Do I owe you anything?
No. That's all right.
(high pitched whirring)
(high pitched whirring)
(volume increases)
This is the BBC Home Service.
Here's the weather forecast.
Most districts will continue
to be extremely cold.
Temperatures will remain
below freezing point,
ranging from 24
in Northern areas
to 29 in the South.
However, there are exceptional
conditions on the Island of Fara.
Temperatures are said to be in
the region of 90 , and still rising.
90 degrees and still rising!
- Surely it can't get any hotter.
- Apparently, it can.
Yet on the mainland it's winter.
This weather doesn't make sense.
Some rain wouldn't hurt.
At least it would cool the air.
Thank you, Frankie.
- Can I help you?
- Is Mr. Callum in?
I'm afraid not. He's on his
way back from the mainland.
- I'm Mrs. Callum.
- Angela Roberts, his new secretary.
Oh, yes. My husband said the agency
was sending someone this week.
I've a room ready for you.
I'll show you.
I'd rather like a drink first.
I'm gasping, this heat is stifling.
Yes, of course.
May I have the pleasure?
My name is Stone, Dr Stone.
Thank you, Doctor.
I'll have a lager and lime, please.
And so you shall.
Is this your first visit
to the island, Miss Roberts?
Yes. It's very pretty. I had a drive
round after I got off the boat.
It is hot, isn't it?
We usually have the same weather
as the mainland.
I'm sorry, the ice melts
as soon as it's out of the fridge.
- Same again, Bob?
- No, just one for Tinker.
I must be on my way.
Just the one.
Oh, that's better.
If you don't mind, I'll finish this
upstairs. I'd like to freshen up.
- Of course.
- I'll show you the way.
- Is this all right for you?
- Yes, it's fine. Thanks.
Let's have some air.
Oh, I see you're reading one
of my husband's books.
Yes. I thought I should.
Is his new novel interesting?
He never talks about his books until
they're finished, then he never stops.
- Have you worked with writers before?
- No. Mainly for publishers.
God, it's hot.
It's like being in the Tropics.
When my husband gets back,
I'll tell him you're here.
- Has Callum brought my parcel?
- He'll be back soon, Mr. Hanson.
Tell him to bring it
straight to my room.
- Well, he's not very polite, is he?
- No.
He's a strange character altogether.
- How long is he staying?
- Hasn't said.
We've been trying to puzzle out
what he does.
Every day he goes out with his camera
and masses of equipment.
He spends the rest of his time
locked in his room.
He won't even let us in to clean.
Good material
for one of Jeff's books.
(brakes squeal)
Bob, what the hell are you doing?
Sorry, Jeff.
I just wasn't thinking.
You're lucky to be breathing.
- Are you all right?
- Yeah.
I thought I heard something.
I'm sure I heard something.
- Heard what?
- I don't know.
It was a sort of funny
whirring noise.
Must be going off my rocker.
- I assume you've come from the Swan?
- Maybe I did have one too many.
It's this blasted heat.
Sorry again, Jeff.
Forget it. No harm done.
But take it easy.
(high pitched whirring)
Hi, Ken.
Buying up the whole place?
We've got to keep cool.
The Met Station's like an oven.
They envy us on the mainland.
My publisher's threatening to pay me
a visit.
Tell him to bring some snow.
We could use it.
Haven't you experts figured out
what's causing this heat?
Or are we stuck with the villagers'
theory that it's the bomb?
The bomb? To be perfectly honest,
one theory's as good as another.
We haven't a clue.
See you later.
If the heat or the DTs
don't get you first!
- Hello, darling.
- Hello.
- Everything okay?
- Yes, thanks. Good trip?
Yes, apart from nearly knocking
down Bob Hayward.
He was in the middle of the road.
How I missed him, I don't know.
Strange. He was all right
when he left here, wasn't he?
- Is that Mr. Hanson's parcel?
- Yes. Why?
He's been asking about it.
He ordered it be taken to his room,
Did he? Must be important.
I'll take it up straight away.
- Yes, who is it?
- Your parcel, Mr. Hanson.
Come on, give it to me!
I forgot to tell you.
Your new secretary has arrived.
- She's quite the modern miss.
- Really? Where is she now?
At the cove.
She went for a swim.
I'll give you a lift.
I won't be long, darling.
(gulls squawking)
- I'll be off then, Jeff.
- Yeah.
- Hello, Jeff.
- What the hell are you doing here?
- You know why I'm here.
- Then you made a mistake.
I hope you haven't unpacked.
You're not staying.
Come for a swim.
It's fabulous.
Did you hear?
You're leaving.
Don't shout at me.
You always did go on. Cool down.
Now listen to me,
I'm not going through your special
brand of madness again.
Aren't you?
For 3 months, I wrote nothing.
I nearly wrecked my marriage.
I'm not going through it again.
You can't just have a girl
and then walk away.
Don't pull that on me.
You were no untouched virgin
when we met.
How long was it before we tumbled
into your bed? Two hours?
- You needn't wait so long this time.
- You haven't taken in a word.
- You're clearing out.
- Just like that?
Just like that.
What are you going
to tell your wife?
That's my problem.
That you didn't like the look of me?
As far as she's concerned,
I'm just your new secretary.
You never did tell her about us,
did you?
(high pitched whirring)
- What's that noise?
- I don't know.
Sounds as if it came
from beyond the point.
(volume increases)
It's weird.
Bob said he heard a peculiar noise
when I nearly ran him over.
(whirring fades out)
(gulls squawking)
Get dressed.
What happened?
I found him wandering on the road
by his meadow, in a fair old state.
He keeps on about
his sheep being dead.
What's the matter, Ben?
It's my sheep.
They all be dead.
Someone's killed my sheep.
- Can he lie down somewhere?
- There's a couch in my study.
HANSON: How were they killed?
- Come on, Ben.
- I said how were they killed?
- He's in no state to answer questions.
I asked a straightforward question.
There's no harm in that.
- You found the old man?
- Yes.
- Did you see the sheep?
- No.
Only Ben wandering about,
half out of his mind.
- Who's he?
- He's a guest. His name's Hanson.
Why is he so interested
in the sheep? What is he?
I don't know. He spends his time
locked in his room.
I'd like him to rest
for a while.
- Give time for the sedative to work.
- Of course.
What do you think happened?
Do you think his sheep are all dead?
Who can tell? With this heat it's
difficult to know what's going on.
Give Mrs. Siddle a ring, will you?
Tell her I'll be bringing Ben home.
Mr. Hanson...
Why is he so interested
in how those sheep died?
- Why don't you ask him?
- How's Ben?
- He's calmed down.
- Did he say what happened?
No. Mumbled they were dead.
Nothing coherent.
The Doctor's not sure if it's
just the heat affecting him.
Mrs. Siddle? Jeff Callum.
Ben's with us.
He's not feeling well.
Dr Stone will bring him home.
He thinks there's something
wrong with the sheep.
(phone crackling) What's that?
I'm sorry, I can't hear you.
Don't worry.
He'll be home soon!
(phone crackling)
If the crisis is over,
I'd better start work.
Where's the typewriter
and manuscript?
Mr. Callum?
- Jeff.
- You can't start.
It's in the study
where Ben's resting.
In that case, I'll go and change.
(knock on door)
- Yes?
- It's me. Can I come in?
Yes, come in.
Forget it.
I didn't come for that.
You're here now,
but let's get one thing straight...
(water running)
Can you hear me?
Every word, darling.
If Frankie finds out about us,
I'll break your neck.
(knock on door)
Miss Roberts.
It's only me, Miss Roberts.
I've brought you some fresh towels.
I'll put them on your bed.
Would you mind handing me one,
(Door closes)
I could kill you.
(television crackling)
- Jeff.
- Yeah?
Something's wrong with the TV.
The phone's been playing up, too.
It must be static
because of this heat.
I'll turn it off.
Bloody set.
What's the matter with you?
That's funny.
It's never done that before.
(high pitched whirring)
That noise again.
Stella, have you been
playing around with the telly?
Of course I haven't.
I never touch the thing.
(high pitched whirring)
Oh! What was that?
Don't come in,
there's glass everywhere.
- What happened?
- Get a dustpan and brush.
- But...
- Get the dustpan.
You don't want the dog
getting cut, do you?
(phone crackling)
Jeff? Look, something's happened
and I...
What's that?
I can't shout,
I don't want Stella to hear.
But you remember that noise...
I said, remember that noise
I heard on the road?
I'll come over.
Stella, I'm just going to go
down to the village.
I'll see if I can get
a replacement set.
What a story!
- What?
- You're off to Jeff Callum's.
You men and your horse racing.
We can't keep any secrets
from you women, can we?
Hurry up.
You'll miss the next race.
Patch, come back here!
Patch. Where...
Here, Patch, here.
Who told you to come, boy?
You'd better stay, now you're here.
(high pitched whirring)
What's the matter, boy?
(volume increases)
(screaming) No!
(lntense high pitched whirring)
That's better.
This was a good idea of yours.
My fingertips were sticking
to the keys.
Some iced coffee will probably help.
Don't you get bored here
with the isolation?
Yes, I suppose so, at times.
But then, who doesn't?
It's the sort of thing you learn
to live with in a place like this.
What happened to Mr. Callum's
last secretary?
Did she get lonely?
Is that why she left?
As a matter of fact,
she didn't leave.
Jeff had to ask her to go.
- He sacked her? Why?
- She took a fancy to him.
That made her a complication
and Jeff doesn't like complications.
I can understand.
He's very attractive.
She was wasting her time.
She didn't mean a thing to Jeff.
- Of course.
- I'd have known if she had.
- Do you really think so?
- Yes, I'm sure I would.
But if he were just having fun,
would you know?
(angrily) Jeff doesn't play around.
It'd be all or nothing!
It's a pity that such an attractive
man should shut himself away.
It makes you wonder
what he's running away from.
What do you mean?
What are you getting at?
A man like that would need
a pretty good reason
for coming to live
in a place like this.
It's obvious he's running away
from something.
And it's obvious you don't know him
or you wouldn't talk such nonsense!
Oh, but I do.
I do.
I'm surprised Jeff hasn't told you
about me.
He asked for me personally,
didn't you know?
- Are you saying you knew him before?
- Knew him? That's an understatement.
You little bitch!
That's not true.
Don't kid yourself he's different.
Men are all the same.
Within half an hour of me arriving,
Jeff was kissing me.
I don't believe you.
You're lying.
Yes, I am lying.
Why should you lie to me?
I don't know.
I was angry.
It's an automatic reflex
when I'm being warned off.
You were warning me off?
Yes, I suppose I was.
I thought I'd get a bit more written
before opening time.
I expected it to cool down
by evening, but it's getting hotter.
- Bob never turned up, did he?
- No.
I thought he said he would,
just before the phone packed in.
What did he want?
He was on about
some noise he'd heard.
Like the one we heard
on the beach?
Jeff... You don't mind
if I call you Jeff?
- No, not at all.
- You said the noise
came from beyond the point.
Is that where the sheep were?
His farm is in that direction.
- Do you think there's a connection?
- Do you, Jeff?
No, I don't.
I'm the one who's paid
to use my imagination.
The next chapter. I'd like it
finished tonight, if possible.
I'll take my coffee
and get the bar ready.
May I have a light?
Your hand's trembling.
I'm the same.
Feel it beating?
You know you want me.
Why try to deny it?
(high pitched whirring)
(noise fades)
FRANKIE: Jeff! Jeff!
Something just landed
over by the hill.
I was looking out of the window
and it landed in the field.
- What did it look like?
- I couldn't tell.
- There was glow coming from it.
- A glow?
- Did it make a noise?
- That's what drew my attention to it.
A whirring, whining...
whining noise.
- It was from that direction?
- Yes, I think so.
- Let's get out of here. I'm scared.
- No. I want to find out who it is.
What was he doing up there?
Maybe he saw something land.
He wasn't coming
from that direction.
Surely if he saw something,
he'd still be there.
Maybe he wouldn't go over the hill.
Maybe it's something
even he's scared of.
He's crazy. Whatever he's doing,
he's obsessed by it.
Yes. She's right.
If we stay out here,
we'll all have nightmares.
- Let's go back.
- Hold it!
You said you saw something.
That's why we came out here.
Did you or didn't you?
Yes... I thought I did.
I thought I saw something
coming down.
It seemed to appear over the top
of the hill and move slowly down.
But in this heat, I don't know.
Stay here.
I'm going to take a look.
Jeff, be careful.
It must've been the other side
of that high ground.
Let's get out of here.
Wait till tomorrow, when it's light.
You can't leave us here
and I'm not going any further.
All right.
But I'll tell you one thing.
I've had enough of Hanson
creeping around.
I'm going to ask him
what he's up to.
(knocking on the door)
JEFF: Hanson, are you in there?
Hanson, do you hear me?
I can't talk now.
Go away.
Open this door! Hanson,
open this door, or I'll kick it down!
No. Give me a moment.
What are you doing?
What's going on?
The door!
Close the door, you idiot!
What do you think you're doing?
Never mind about me.
What are you up to?
This is my hotel
not your bloody laboratory!
I want some explanations, Hanson.
If that's your name.
It is. And I don't owe you
any explanation.
You do if you're using my hotel
as a centre of your activities.
Were you out there to meet
whatever landed tonight?
- Landed?
- You were prowling around out there.
What's this about a landing?
I came to ask questions,
not answer them.
Yes, but this landing,
what was it?
I assure you I can explain,
but this is extremely important.
Well, actually it was my wife
who saw it.
- Go on.
- She heard a whirring noise.
When she looked in its direction
she saw something glowing.
- Yes?
- And she thought she saw it land.
- Where?
- The other side of the hill.
Do you know what it was?
- Well?
- Yes. Yes, I do.
What was it, Hanson?
I don't expect you to believe this,
but for the past week
I've been convinced this island
is the centre of an invasion.
A landing point
for beings from another planet.
Beings from another planet!
Exactly. That's what has caused
this inexplicable heat.
I've heard some yarns from villagers,
but your theory is too much.
I'm not a superstitious villager.
I'm a scientist.
I base my conclusions
on observations of fact.
What do you suppose
I'm doing here?
I've been collecting specimens.
Blood of a sheep.
I've been analysing them.
You asked for an explanation, but
you're too dim-witted to accept it.
You've ruined everything
with your crass stupidity. Here...
Perhaps I shouldn't
have broken in like that.
So you've been trying
to photograph these things?
I haven't been "trying",
I did photograph them.
I used a normal lens at first,
but it was ineffective
against the intense light
that emanates from these beings.
Remember that parcel
you collected for me?
It contained this.
An infra red filter.
I experimented with a special camera
and placed it...
HANSON: Here. I used a mirror
reflector and rigged up the shutter
to be triggered by anything
crossing its line of vision.
- And something did come through?
- Yes, it did!
I was developing the picture
when you burst into the room.
It would've given me the proof
I so desperately need.
Then what you've told me so far
is pure conjecture?
- Cinders?
- Incinerated by whatever was here.
The same happened to the sheep.
They were burned to death.
There's been
some sort of incineration,
but it doesn't have to be
a being from another planet.
I've analysed that, Callum.
It was burned
by a high frequency heat,
more intense than anything
we can produce,
even under strict laboratory
There's only one place
where that kind of heat exists.
Out there,
where the cosmic gases ferment
and generate a heat greater
than anything we can imagine.
That's where those beings
must come from.
If you're right, how are
they getting here? Where are they?
If we knew, we could destroy them
before it's too late.
Tell me, has anybody else
heard this whirring noise?
Yes, Bob did. In the lane,
over by the gravel pits.
Somewhere in this area.
(dog barking)
JEFF: Here, boy.
What's the matter?
Come on.
I've found it.
Callum, look.
This doesn't affect you at all!
I appreciate how you feel.
I know he was a friend of yours,
but that won't do any good now.
Every particle of energy
has been sucked out of it.
Hanson... We've got to warn people.
They should be told.
No, not yet.
You forced your way in on me.
You had to know, didn't you?
Now you're going to do
what I say.
The authorities have
dismissed me as a crank,
just like you did.
But I must have evidence,
and I would've got it if you hadn't
destroyed that photograph.
I need time to complete my tests.
- How much time?
- Two or three hours.
As for warning the villagers,
we must avoid injecting fear
into an already dangerous situation.
Callum, have you noticed something?
This heat,
at this time of night
it should be getting cooler,
but it's building up.
- It's getting hotter, Frankie.
- I think you're right, it is.
- There you are.
- Thanks, my dear.
Oh, what an atmosphere.
They've probably heard
about Ben Siddle.
I think I'd better finish
that typing, Mrs. Callum.
No wonder the temperature's up.
Who's been hiding her?
Beer, Hanson?
Frankie, pull me a lager.
- Is something wrong?
- No, nothing.
- Jeff, I know you.
- There's nothing wrong!
I'm sorry, it's this damned heat
that's making me jumpy.
We've been getting on
each other's nerves too.
That's why I came here.
That shows how hot it is.
JEFF: Smash the bottles!
All of them!
- I'll get the first aid kit.
- I'll get it. You'll never find it.
What on earth's going on out there?
The heat exploded the bottles.
It's unbearable, isn't it?
- Here we are.
- Don't touch me.
I only want to put
a plaster on your arm.
- Let Ken do it.
- What's the matter?
Let it go, Callum.
This heat is bound to lead
to irrational behaviour. I'll do it.
(cries out)
I'll get Dr. Stone.
Come on, Tinker.
Back to the pub.
It's all right. Come on.
That's it.
It was Tinker. He jumped me.
Come on.
(high pitched whirring)
Callum, come here.
Look at the gas cylinder. It's split
open, just like the car battery.
Completely drained of every ounce
of energy.
Tinker? It's impossible. I can't
believe he'd do a thing like that.
Not under normal circumstances, but
these are not normal circumstances.
If this heat goes on increasing,
it could drive us all insane.
The body isn't equipped for such
pressure. The glands will fail.
Then, it's only a matter of time
before the brain is affected.
A logical conclusion,
but we should keep it to ourselves.
That's what Hanson keeps saying.
Two men have been killed.
- Two?
- Who's been killed?
- How's the girl?
- She's all right.
Who's been killed?
Will someone tell me
what's going on?
I'm afraid Tinker's met
with an accident.
Jeff, who else is dead?
You mentioned two.
- Bob Hayward.
- Bob! How?
It was an accident.
- Accident? He was...
- Callum, calm down.
These creatures are killing God knows
how many, and that's your answer?
What do you mean, creatures?
- He shouldn't have told you.
- What do you know that I don't?
He claims we're being attacked
by creatures from another planet.
Claims? What do you mean?
You've seen them?
Bob Hayward and Tinker did.
(sobbing) I don't understand.
I don't understand.
- Neither do I, Frankie.
- Here.
His thinks the island is being used
as a test base for an invasion.
- Don't ask me why.
- It's quite obvious.
They have to discover if they
can survive in our atmosphere.
- That's incredible.
- Is it?
We probe space searching
for information about other planets.
It's logical that same thing
might happen in reverse.
Are you saying that Earth
has become a subject of a probe
carried out by creatures
from another planet?
Yes, I am.
And what I saw land tonight
was one of those creatures?
One of them,
forming a spearhead
to find out if life is possible
for them on Earth.
And if it is possible?
Then, the main force will come.
Have you any idea
what they need to survive?
Heat. The way that car battery
and cylinder were split
suggests they were seeking
heat energy.
- They obviously need it to exist.
- Fine, fine!
We'll just wait for you
to complete your tests!
The temperature has risen three
degrees in the last half hour. 108.
At this rate, we'll all dead
by morning.
I accept that the situation
is serious.
The indications are that
we're approaching a crisis.
- Hanson!
- Getting emotional won't help.
- We must alert the mainland.
- How?
The telephone's out of action.
What about the Met station? They can
send a message. I'll drive up there.
Just a moment, Doctor.
This could be very dangerous.
Someone must go.
We've lost enough time already.
Very well.
But don't go until I come back.
- I'll come with you.
- There's no point both of us going.
You stay and look after the girls.
And Jeff, I should leave that alone.
Too much of it doesn't help
in a crisis.
This will help us
keep in touch.
Aerial, press to speak,
release to receive. Got it?
Yes. Thank you.
Good luck, Doctor.
- And be careful.
- Don't worry, I will.
These creatures,
are they likely to attack us?
Depends what they're looking for.
I think they're looking for an energy
source to keep them alive.
But once they've found it
they'll spread to the mainland.
Hello, Hanson.
Are you there, Hanson?
Yes, Stone. I can hear you.
Where are you?
I'm on the road to the point.
I've just passed White's Meadow.
I can see the outline of the Met
station in the distance.
The radiator's boiling up.
She's losing power.
How far is the station?
I'm not sure. About a mile
and a quarter I should say.
She's slowing down.
She won't last long.
The heat's affecting the engine.
It's very dark out here.
She's pulling badly.
The gravel pit's coming up.
I can make out the entrance.
She's stopping.
It's no good. I'll have to
leave her. I'll walk the rest.
(high pitched whirring)
Hanson, I'm on the road.
There's a gap in the fence.
It looks like something...
- It's that noise again.
- Get away from there!
Get away!
It's your only chance.
(shouting) I can't hear you!
It's this noise!
Stone. Can you hear me?
Can you hear me?
Get away from that sound.
What's wrong?
Isn't it working?
Yes, Mrs. Callum.
The set's working.
It's horrible.
What now?
- It depends.
- On what?
Whether that meeting was an accident
or a deliberate interception.
If it was deliberate, it means we're
not dealing with brute monsters,
but with a superior intelligence.
Which do you think it is?
I don't know, Mrs Callum.
I honestly don't know.
There must be an answer
to these things.
We've got to try again.
I'm going this time.
Wait, Callum.
If you go out, you risk
sacrificing another life.
The Doctor took the risk.
We can't just leave him there.
I'll have to go.
HANSON: I'm not being heroic.
Stone was taken by surprise
I'm better equipped to deal
with this situation.
He's right, Jeff.
I'll take your Land Rover.
Have you got the keys?
Supposing they're still out there,
what will you do?
If they are, I'll have to avoid
making the same mistakes as Stone.
Keep these doors locked
and that set switched on.
Lock the windows, Frankie.
Angela. It's all right.
There's nothing to be afraid of.
I must've had a nightmare.
I kept seeing that man
coming towards me.
His hands...
I thought...
It's all right, Angela.
It's all right. He's gone now.
There's no need to be afraid.
Come on. Lie down.
I shouldn't think we'll hear
from Hanson yet. It's too soon.
You knew her before, didn't you?
- Who?
- You know who I mean. That girl.
- You knew her before she came here.
- No.
Don't lie to me, Jeff.
I've said I didn't know her.
I saw you kissing her
in the study.
That doesn't mean I knew her.
Ever since she came here,
you've been tense.
Just as you were before we moved.
Frankie, let it be.
You did know her.
All right, I knew her.
Leave it at that.
It wasn't difficulty with
your writing. It was her.
- That why we moved here.
- Drop it, Frankie.
You're overwrought. The heat
is affecting us all. Let it go.
Are you in love with her?
Answer me.
Are you in love with her?
Not now, Frankie.
We're fighting for our lives!
It's important to me.
I must know.
Tell me,
are you in love with her?
- Then, what is it?
- I wanted her. I wanted her body!
Now you know.
She was a slut and I wanted her.
But not any more.
I didn't ask her here.
She's no more than a common slut.
There's no comparison
with what I feel for you.
That's why we moved here. It was
completely physical, I promise.
She never meant a thing to me.
She never will.
(latch opening)
Where is everybody?
Where's the doctor?
He's not here.
Go back to the study.
Get him! I need him!
He can't come.
Go back and lie down.
He should be here.
I'm ill.
I need him.
Where the hell is he?
He can't come, you selfish bitch!
He's dead.
Dead? Dead...
(dog barking)
Callum. Callum.
This is Hanson.
This is Hanson.
He's found the other one.
Can you hear me? Callum?
Can you hear me?
- Why don't you answer?
- I can hear you. Where are you?
I'm at the gravel pit.
I've found Stone's body.
He's dead.
He's burnt to death.
Just like all the others.
The ground here is all scorched.
This is obviously the way they came.
I can see something.
Something glowing down in the pit.
It's getting hotter.
I'm going in.
Hanson, remember two people
have already died there.
It's horrible.
What's he doing there?
It's very dark in here.
I can't see very far.
I can see it again.
It certainly is a light source.
The light seems to be...
I'm not receiving you.
(high pitched whirring)
- Hanson, do you hear me?
- Why doesn't he answer?
He's not coming through.
(high pitched whirring)
It's a woman!
I'll have to stop her.
(Volume increases,
screaming continues)
Of course.
The light!
What are we going to do?
What the hell are we going to do?
The area beyond the gravel pit
must be their assembly point.
I saw one down there.
What happened? The set went off.
Are you all right?
Yes. The aerial must've been
screened by the pit.
I've discovered something
very important.
They're attracted to light.
To them, it's a source of energy.
Turn out all your lights.
Do you hear?
Yes, I hear you.
Is there anything else?
No, I'm going on now.
I'll drive without lights.
I'll contact you when I get
to the station.
Thank God he's all right.
He must've seen the creatures
I wonder how many there are.
I'll get the orange juice.
How long do you think
he'll take to get there?
Not long...
If he gets through.
(high pitched whirring)
(volume increases)
He ought to be there by now.
- Why doesn't he contact us?
- Jeff, don't panic, please.
If it's possible to get through,
he'll manage.
How do you know? How do you know
he's not dead as well?
It's only five miles to the point.
He ought to be arriving
any moment.
Intermediate frequency.
Range four...
Four miles? No wonder
we haven't heard from him.
If he's at the Met station,
he's out of range.
What do we do if he's out of range?
Do we just wait?
- I can't stand it another minute!
- I want to get away too.
- We must go to the Met station.
- Anything's better than this.
We'll take your car.
I know a short cut. Come on, darling.
I'll drive.
I know the way.
We were in the office
when the lights blew.
We heard the explosion
and found the operator.
We got him to the wardroom
but he was dead. Burnt to death.
That explains it.
That finally explains it.
Would you mind letting us in
on the secret?
Simple. Your station is the means
by which these beings got here.
This station?
You must be aware that we've been
sending out high frequency impulses
to explore space.
Bouncing signals off stars?
Exactly. To us, these impulses
are useful, but quite harmless.
But to these beings,
they represent a life force.
- I see.
- Do you?
We attracted them, but that doesn't
explain how they got here.
It's quite obvious, isn't it?
They must've homed in
on your scanner.
These beings are composed of high
frequency impulses in heat form.
They transfer like any form
of high frequency.
They transferred here
like a TV picture,
from a transmitter to a receiver.
- Using our scanner as a receiver.
- Exactly.
- Then they materialised on Earth.
- Materialised?
In the same way
as a satellite TV picture.
It starts in space as a signal
and then materialises.
Do you realise what you're saying?
The Earth's surface is dotted
with TV and radar scanners.
If these beings succeed,
they'll heat up the whole surface.
Earth will be just another
hot planet.
Like so many others
in the constellation.
We've got to stop them. We must
destroy them before they destroy us.
- Have you got any explosives?
- No.
Just a couple of revolvers
and some ammo.
- We've got some flare guns.
- Get them.
Wait, the quarry.
There'll be gelignite there.
- Anybody there you can contact?
- Like hell. I'll get it myself.
I'll be glad to apologise
if we succeed. I'll take the van.
Whatever you do,
don't forget: Drive without lights.
I'm getting to be quite a criminal.
She's slowing down.
She'll blow any moment.
Come on, damn you.
Keep going.
It's that noise again.
I can hear it.
- Angela.
- Is she all right?
I missed her. But only just.
She heard you coming and panicked.
Have you seen Hanson?
- He's at the station.
- Good.
They got to us.
- Anyone hurt?
- Yes, the operator. Burnt to death.
Are you all right?
She's put the car in the ditch.
KEN: I'll give you a hand.
Here, sit down.
Under the wheel.
Right, start her up.
All right, push.
Put her in reverse.
I'll take Angela with me.
It'll lighten your load.
- Have you contacted the mainland?
- No.
Here, Frankie.
Here we are.
Fine. Tie them in bundles
of three like I told you.
This is the plan.
We split up into two groups.
- Is that a good idea?
- It's essential.
You know the hayricks
out on the point?
Foster and I will go up there
and I'll set fire them.
Wait. You said these creatures
were attracted by light.
It'll bring them out into the open.
Foster will intercept them with
the dynamite. I'll double back.
- What'll we do?
- Go to the top of the cliff.
As soon as the fires are alight,
use the flares to alert the mainland.
- There's nothing else we can do?
- Has anybody got any better ideas?
It'll take us 15 minutes
to get to the hayricks.
When you spot my first flare,
it's your signal to move.
Remember, 15 minutes.
Can you see them?
Why do you think Hanson
split us into two groups?
If he and Foster fail,
it'll be up to us.
That's what I thought.
He's a peculiar chap,
but he's got guts.
Angela seems to be taking it badly.
If things get tough,
will you look after her?
- Then I can take care of Frankie.
- Sure.
That's it. Let's go.
(high pitched whirring)
It's coming from the meadow.
Come on. We must keep going.
(continuous whirring)
- Jeff!
- I'll get her. Take this.
(volume increases)
Foster, get out of there!
You fool.
You could've run into them!
Let me go. Let me go!
- Leave me alone. Let me go.
- You'll do as I say.
In there. It'll be safe.
Come on.
You little idiot.
Who are you to tell me
what to do? It's my life.
You wouldn't stand a chance
on your own.
At least we have a chance
by sticking together.
I didn't ask you to come after me.
Go back.
And leave you here? Oh, no.
Like it or not, I'm staying.
I hate you. Leave me alone.
Look, I'm just as scared
as you are.
But... Well, we mustn't give up.
We'll find a way.
I know we will.
(thunder clap)
- How many more flares?
- They're the last.
Whatever happens, Frankie,
stay close.
The storm, the storm.
(whirring volume increases)
Hanson, run for it!
It's no good.
Hanson tried to warn us.
They're all around us.
It's the lightning.
- I can't stand it. I can't...
- Stop it! Stop it!
I don't want to kill you, but I will
if I have to. Don't stop me.
- You little fool.
- No, you're the fool.
I'd rather die like this
than be burnt alive.
All right. Go on.
Do it, but kill me first.
Yes. You're right.
It's hopeless, completely hopeless.
So for once,
do something for someone else.
Go on, shoot.
Damn you.
What is it with you?
Don't you think I'm old enough
to take care of myself?
(high pitched whirring)
Look. The rain.
It's killing them.