Night of the Blood Beast (1958) Movie Script

This is X100 to Golden Rod.
X100 to Golden Rod.
Do you read me? Over.
Normal descent on instruments...
Normal descent on instruments.
Altitude 90,000 feet.
Approaching critical velocity.
Something's wrong,
I'm falling too fast!
Golden Rod, I'm in trouble!
The jets don't break my speed!
I'm releasing the drag chute!
The ship feels five hundred
pounds heavier!
There's no drag and I'm getting
too close to the Earth!
There's nothing more I can do now.
Estimate impact radius
ten miles northeast your location.
In case recorder's damaged,
get this...
Velocity 6,700 miles.
Weight ratio 187.
Thrust 220 tons.
I'll, uh...
I'll tell the others.
Golden Rod Baker to
Golden Rod Abel.
Golden Rod Baker to
Golden Rod Abel.
Golden Rod Baker to
Golden Rod Abel.
Golden Rod Baker to
Golden Rod Abel.
Did you find it? Came down about
three miles east of Walker's Pass,
area 116 and 117 on your map.
How bad is he?
He bought it all the way.
You're certain?
No respiration, no heartbeat,
no pulse.
Came down pretty hard.
The rocket unit's
still in one piece and
most of the control section.
Everything else is scattered
around for about half a mile.
Tell Donna to cover
the entire area.
Canaveral will want all the
visual data we can give them.
Oh, and,
don't move anything
till we get there.
Golden Rod Baker, out.
I'm terribly sorry, Julie.
I understand how you feel.
But we can't let that interfere
with the work we have to do.
You both knew it was
a calculated risk.
I'll be all right, Doctor.
Well, let's get going.
Look at the composition
of this mud.
Dr. Wyman wants you
to get full coverage
on the entire area.
This is your first project
under Dr. Wyman,
wasn't it?
I helped to design the
Jettison Unit that didn't work.
On a project like this
there's always a
margin for error, you expect it.
Then when it comes,
you find you really
didn't expect it after all.
You think Julie expected it,
with his engagement
ring on her finger?
John Corcoran was the
first man to be sent
up in a satellite and
ejected back to Earth.
Only he was supposed
to come back alive.
Let's check the rest of it.
Look, Dave...
Don't blame yourself.
The answer lies in this wreckage.
Let's recheck the crash pattern.
Well, that's funny. What's that?
This rip was smaller when
we first got here.
Would the stress of
settling into the ground
have widened it?
How could that be,
the entire hull
is made of magneuridium alloy?
I'd like to examine the body
before we bring it out.
All right.
Watch you don't cut yourself, Doctor.
Dr. Benson, come here quickly!
Bring my bag!
I want you see this.
How long would you
say he's been dead?
It's been at least
three hours since the crash.
Over three hours and no sign
of body rigidity.
No skin discoloration.
Temperature feels normal.
No dilation whatsoever.
The cause of death must be
due to an internal rupture.
I've never seen an
internally damaged body
with no sign of rigor mortis
after so long.
Let's get him back to the lab
so we can continue the examination.
Help Dr. Wyman.
He wants to take John
back to the lab.
Dave, get a blanket.
Hello Everglade, hello Everglade,
this is Golden Rod,
this is Golden Rod.
How do you receive? Over.
Aren't they receiving it?
That's not the question.
Are we transmitting?
They don't receive
anything from us they
won't try and reach us
until the frequency check
at nine o'clock.
By all medical standards,
this man is dead.
No heartbeat, no respiration.
Yet his tissues refuse to dissipate.
Well is it possible
he could be in a
kind of catatonic state?
Could he still be alive?
Perhaps a form of hypometabolism?
That's impossible.
His heart has stopped,
there's no circulation.
You know as well as
I do that when this
process stops the brain
starts to
deteriorate almost at once.
Within a matter of
three minutes it dies.
Hello Everglade, hello Everglade,
this is Golden Rod,
this is Golden Rod.
How do you receive? Over.
Maybe after this long
a radio silence
they'll switch over to
an emergency channel.
I've already tried that.
How about the Air Force?
Hello Air Force Emergency,
this is special CQD
Golden Rod station.
How do you receive? Over.
Everything's all fouled up here.
I couldn't receive the spot
weather report on this thing.
Yeah, but are you
sure it's not your set?
No, I've already checked everything.
Will you go out and ask Steve
to come in here minute? Sure.
Hello Everglade, hello Everglade,
this is Golden Rod,
this is Golden Rod.
Do you receive? Over.
Nothing, Doctor.
What is it?
It's not a lesion.
It's more like something
had been forced
through the tissue at a high pressure.
The radio still won't work.
Dave wants to see you.
I'll bet they're going
nuts at the Cape.
Get that radio working, Steve.
We're going to need assistance.
What's the trouble?
I can't transmit across
the room with this thing.
It sounds like a magnetic disturbance.
Yeah. Could be the power
line's fouled up outside.
What's happening in there?
I don't know.
Somehow we've got to get
through to the Cape.
Five hours overdue now.
I bet half the brass in the
State of Florida is up in arms.
I hope not, if enough
people find out
about this we'll have
everybody up here.
I'll check the tower.
You stay here and keep
trying to get through,
will you? Yeah.
Look, if you pick up anything,
give a yell.
Blood pressure 120 over 80.
Normal for a living man.
That's impossible, Doctor,
you must have a mistake.
But Doctor, I checked it twice.
This man does have normal pressure.
That's impossible.
Take a blood sample,
I'll make a radiation count.
Golden Rod to Everglade.
Golden Rod to Everglade.
Come in Everglade, over.
Golden Rod to Everglade,
come in Everglade.
This is an emergency!
Are you okay, Dave? Yeah...
What happened?
Something hit me.
It was big, like a bear.
It came from out of
the darkness and was
heading for the lab.
I know I put a couple of shots
in it before I went down.
A wounded animal at
large isn't good.
How well are we armed?
Well, besides these pistols
we've got a couple of rifles.
I think it headed toward the
back of the building.
Are you sure you're all right?
Yeah, yeah, he just clipped me.
It's in the medical room!
Wait a minute.
At the windows!
Donna, get the other lanterns.
Did it get to him?
What do you think it was?
Well this didn't come off any bear.
Bring the light over here,
will you?
No fur, no blood.
Very much like leather.
Is the power out completely?
Yes, it is.
You have any idea what caused it?
It could be a break
in the cable at the dam, or
a short circuit in one of the transformers.
Dave, are you sure the building
was thoroughly checked?
Are the wiring and fuses all right?
I went over everything thoroughly,
I checked everything.
I'll check again.
Nothing's wrong here.
Like I said, it's probably the
disturbance up at the dam.
Well Steve need some
help boarding the window.
All right.
Well, at least we won't freeze.
You'd think a place
like this would be
equipped with heating.
Up until a few months
ago this was
a radar monitoring station.
Most of the ultra sensitive instruments
respond better to the cooler atmosphere.
Systolic was 140.
I'll have a blood sample for
you in a few minutes.
How long do you think it'll
take Canaveral to realize
we're incommunicado and send aid?
Well, with a security
operation as tight as this,
maybe another twelve hours.
That could mean we could
be here another day.
Doctor... Doctor!
I've never seen anything
quite like it.
Notice the way it's
fighting the others.
Seven hours and his
blood is still alive.
One of us will have to drive
to the nearest telephone
and call the Cape.
Every minute counts. What is it?
I've seen amoebic dominance
of a cell
structure before, but
this is completely out of proportion.
Well what are they,
what do they mean?
Well, normal blood
has two basic cells.
The red carry oxygen
and the white fight infection.
But this blood has three,
the third cell.. That big one..
that's completely foreign
to any blood structure.
If that bacterioid is contagious,
then we've all been exposed.
I doubt if it's communicable.
We'd better get to
the nearest town, fast.
I imagine that'd be Desert City.
But that's over thirty miles,
isn't there anything closer?
There's nothing on the map.
call the Cape from Desert City.
Get in touch with Dr. Zimmerman.
Don't go into detail.
Just tell him to get
here as quickly as he can.
Well what about equipment?
Well, we'll need a new power supply,
and a refrigerated truck or an
ambulance to transport the body.
Oh, and
tell him to request priority clearance
directly to Walter Reed
Hospital in Washington.
Right. I'll be back
as soon as I can.
Keep checking the blood
pressure, Doctor.
The last count was 140 over 80.
Well, that's all we can
do at the present.
Any luck with the Jeep?
I can't figure it out.
The cars, and both
the truck and the Jeep,
are burned out.
It stopped.
They're both stopped.
Take a look.
We're in a magnetic force field.
A what?
A net of static electricity is
surrounding the entire area.
That's why our power's dead.
Well, we're not going
anywhere tonight.
The truck and the Jeep are
burned out electrically.
What would cause a thing like that?
There's a very powerful
magnetic source
somewhere nearby.
It's reversing all positive
electrical power.
Dr. Wyman, how close is the
satellite compartment?
Two, maybe three miles.
I was just thinking,
is it possible that
the compartment could be bombarded
with electron particles?
Well it could be,
it's happened before
on some of the earlier
Snark firings at the Cape.
When the missiles came back
to Earth
they were pretty heavily magnetized.
But there's a mountain range
between us and the compartment.
Yeah, well there doesn't seem
to be
any logic behind any of this.
Well here's something to
complicate things even more.
This was a shot I took
when Dave and I
first got out there.
Look at it closely.
Dave, remember I mentioned
the strange mud?
Well this was the last shot taken.
Most of the mud has disappeared
and the opening is larger.
Yes, I remember that when we took
John out of the compartment.
But at the time it
didn't seem important.
Well someone or something
must have been there.
There's an explanation,
and a good one, for all of this.
There must be.
Some of the things that
have occurred today
are without precedent.
A man in there alive
that should be dead,
something that's never
happened before.
Well, we've never sent
a man so far
into space before.
Well, we're all tired,
and under a terrible strain.
After this long the Cape
has probably contacted the Pentagon,
it's just a matter of time.
What if they can't get through?
The magnetic force field
works both ways.
Well, in the morning one
of us will have to
hike down and meet them.
As a precautionary measure
I suggest we all
stay in this room tonight.
Steve and Dave and I will
take turns watching Corcoran.
Julie, Julie...
I'm sorry, Doctor.
I just can't hold it back any longer.
I know.
I wish there was something
I could say.
I'll listen, if you like.
It's bad enough losing
someone you love.
But this?
The unknown.
I'm being held here.
Alex, I don't...
he alone stood on the
threshold of our future.
From what happened
to him today we may
learn more than we've ever known.
Maybe I should just listen.
It's so incongruous.
He's dead.
But is he dead?
As scientists, the more we learn,
the more we realize there is
to learn.
Life itself is the greatest miracle.
when we get him to the
hospital tomorrow,
maybe we'll know.
Good night, Doctor.
Good night, Julie.
Dave! What is it?
I think I hear something in there.
The light's out.
Dr. Wyman.
Half his head's gone.
Dr. Wyman!
There's nothing you can do!
It must have taken the body.
Whatever it is, it works fast.
Let's take him down.
Help him to the table.
Johnny, you're all right!
Oh, Julie...
I don't know.
I think so.
Where's Dr. Wyman?
What happened?
Suppose you tell us what happened?
Julie, what happened to Dr. Wyman?
He's dead.
Why are you staring at me?
You don't think that I had
anything to do with it?
We're just as confused as you are.
Did you see anything?
Was there anybody in the room
with you and Dr. Wyman?
I don't know!
Last thing I remember,
I was making my descent.
The jets didn't take hold, when
I finally released the drag chute
it didn't hold.
I was too close to the ground.
You crashed.
We brought you here.
You don't remember?
I seemed to be floating,
in a warm,
black mist.
Oh, my head!
My neck!
Oh no...
Look at that.
The same mark.
What's this?
Tell me what's happening.
You don't understand.
We thought you were dead.
What do you mean, dead?
When we pulled you
out of the compartment,
your body had completely
ceased to function.
A hypometabolistic state.
A type of suspended animation,
brought on by the contraction
of the mesentery blood vessels
in the pressure change of landing.
That kind of terminology,
I'd expect it from Dr. Wyman,
not from you.
Well it seemed like
the natural diagnosis.
From Dr. Wyman, yes.
In some way I think Dr. Wyman
is influencing me.
I think he may be a part of
me now.
I don't understand!
You've got to help me!
Help me!
It's fantastic, it's unbelievable,
things like this just don't happen.
But it has happened.
I'm not afraid.
I'm not afraid.
It didn't come here to destroy!
Try to tell us.
What didn't come here to
destroy us?
Is he all right?
Yes. They're gone.
What are you talking about?
Come see for yourself.
That's what your
blood looks like now,
normal in every respect.
Four hours ago it was
populated with alien,
amorphic cell structures.
I think we should see what I look
like under the fluoroscope.
How will it work with the
power out?
It operates on a radium
cathode tube.
What are they?
The amorphic cell structures
have expanded to...
They're using his body
for a breeding ground.
You're not gonna harm them,
are you?
What do you mean?
We don't even know what they are.
The one thing we do
know is that they're
alien to the human body.
Somehow they must have come down
with you in the compartment.
Only a few hours ago they
were microscopic.
We've got to do something.
If you destroy them,
you destroy me.
You can't destroy them.
But why not?
That's why not...
Steve! Don't shoot,
it won't hurt you!
Steve, don't shoot!
Don't shoot, it won't hurt you!
It's burned, but it got away,
didn't it?
It didn't go very far.
It's gone!
It was burnt pretty bad.
I think we outta track it down
and make sure it's dead.
No, let's wait for help,
we can't possibly
combat that thing by ourselves.
Look, nobody has
gotten to us and no one
probably will until it's destroyed.
Why does it have to be killed?
Why are we always so quick to destroy?
It's an alien, it's the first of
its kind of come to the Earth.
John you know what it's done
to you,
breeding its young in your body,
you saw what it did to Dr. Wyman,
isn't that reason enough?
It has to be killed!
You don't understand,
it didn't come in malice.
It could have killed
all of you earlier,
but it was me it was after.
It had to come back to me to...
To nourish its young.
All the more reason to
destroy it!
Suppose it is still alive?
Bullets don't harm it.
But fire seems to.
What about a very pistol?
It has an engulfing flame,
plus a delayed explosion.
That's better than a lantern.
Very pistol?
A flare gun, at short range
it'll chop down anything.
There's some in the cabinet
in the hall, I'll get 'em.
No! Dave, you can't!
Listen, you can't kill
a living creature
without giving it a
chance to justify itself!
Let's put him in there.
Can give him something
to keep him quiet?
Sodium amytal.
I'll leave you here to watch him.
Donna will come with us,
we're gonna need photographic coverage.
Will that really keep him
out until we get back?
I don't know.
Under normal circumstances,
this should render him
unconscious for at least
twelve hours.
But this isn't a normal person.
What you and he were to each other,
has no bearing on
what he is now, Julie.
I'm not worried.
He's not dangerous.
Not to me, anyway.
Well we can't take any chances.
If that creature eludes us
and comes back here,
or he gives you a bad time,
you'd better know how
to use a very pistol.
Believe me, Julie,
he's not the same man
you were engaged to.
Thanks. Let me have
one for Julie, will you?
Now don't worry.
If we run any trouble,
we're not gonna be heroes.
Just pull the hammer back.
Just be back as soon as you can.
If it got this far,
it's a lot healthier than I am.
You know, I think it's leading
us back to the compartment.
Yeah, it looks that way.
How long do you think we've
been out?
Well look,
my watch is running again!
Mine too.
That means that magnetic
field must be broken.
It must be dead.
We'd better make certain.
Well, it seems like the most
likely place for it to go.
Yeah, I don't see anything.
Maybe it's on the inside.
Donna, you stay here until
we're sure it's safe.
Dave, you circle to the left,
and I'll go to the right. Check.
Nothing could possibly
live through that!
Look, it stopped again!
Hey Steve!
I'd better get some pictures before
there's nothing left to shoot!
Hold it!
It's gonna kill her!
Fire over its head!
Are you hurt? No.
I don't think so.
It could have killed me.
But it didn't.
Probably would have
if we hadn't chased it off.
Might have wound up like Wyman.
We'd better get back.
Julie's all alone
and the monster may
try and contact Corcoran again.
Yeah, let's go.
Don't be afraid, Julie.
I'm not going to hurt you.
That wasn't meant for you.
That was for the creature
or whatever it is.
Don't stare at me, Julie.
I'm sorry, John.
If what you say is true
and I've been dead,
I don't know what
this means for us,
but I haven't changed in my feeling.
Julie, we're all afraid
of the unknown.
You don't understand what's
happened to me and
because there's an unknown being
you want to destroy it.
But isn't it possible
that what's taking place
is for a purpose?
Why not let the creature have
a chance
to tell us why it's here?
But it broke in and attacked us.
It killed Dr. Wyman and
it's done this to you.
We had to do something.
Now the others have gone
to make sure it's dead.
It's not dead.
And they won't be
able to find it.
How do you know?
Julie, I'm the one who's had
the most contact with it.
Something foreign is inside
of me.
If there was any cause for fear,
wouldn't I know it?
But I'm not afraid.
This creature is intelligent.
It wants something.
We've got to give it a chance
to communicate with us.
I see the sedative didn't work.
My bodily reactions aren't
those of a normal person.
What happened to the creature?
Got away. Then it's alive!
He told me it would be.
Somehow he knew.
He seemed so sure that it's
not evil.
This isn't a battle between
men and an unreasoning being.
Can't you see it doesn't want
to kill for the sake of killing?
It could have done away with all
of us earlier if it wanted to.
Until we discovered its fear
of fire. Listen!
When you were out checking
the power lines last night,
all you had with you was a pistol,
which you fired at it
with no effect.
If it had been a wild animal
it would have tried to
kill you before moving on.
Can you account for what
happened to Dr. Wyman?
No, I can't.
But maybe it could if
we gave it the chance.
Why should we give it a chance?
It's already committed murder.
It's done I don't know what
to you and it's attacked Donna.
If you were in a strange place
and you were trying to
communicate with the inhabitants,
but every time you tried
they made a move against you,
the only way to break
through to them
would be to take a hostage.
Can't you see that's
what it's been doing?
It's been acting out of
fear and self preservation.
It wants to communicate with
us but it doesn't know how.
We've got to give it a chance.
Well what do you have in mind?
It's obvious the creature keeps
coming back to me because
part of it is inside of me.
Why not let me lead us to it?
In the daylight,
in the open.
Maybe he's got something.
When we were out searching
for the creature,
our watches started running again.
Then when we encountered it,
they stopped.
On our way back here
they became active again.
And now everything's dead.
Now it's my guess that the
magnetic disturbance
originated from two different locations.
One from the creature,
and then from you.
It might be the only thing
that's keeping you alive.
If my life has been given
back to me, it's for a purpose.
Trust me,
and we'll learn why.
If the creature isn't what
you believe it to be,
and we're forced to kill it,
then we have no indication
of what will happen to you.
I know.
That's why it's important
to let the creature
make itself known before
we take any action.
All right.
But if we follow Johnny's plan,
we still have to be prepared.
We have no way of knowing what
can happen to us out there.
We've agreed to give the creature
every opportunity to prove itself.
In the morning, if we still
agree to follow Johnny's plan,
we'll get an early start.
By that time maybe help will arrive.
Dave and I will stand guard,
the rest of you get as
much sleep as you can.
Will it come back here tonight?
I don't know.
I'm a little worried
about Johnny's plan.
So am I.
I don't know if he is
responsible for his actions.
Think it might be a trap?
If it is,
this time we're gonna be prepared.
Come on.
How about a Molotov cocktail?
We fill it with gasoline and
then use it as a hand grenade.
That's the ticket.
We could saturate the creature.
And detonate it with a very pistol.
There's no way it could
escape then.
How many bombs are we gonna make?
Oh, between us we ought to
be able to carry about six.
What are we gonna
do with the girls?
Take them with us.
Better than them here unprotected.
That's enough.
Are we gonna tell Julie
and Donna about this?
No, I think we better
make sure Johnny doesn't
find out, huh?
You ever see any of
these work before?
On Guadalcanal.
A guerrilla tank was running
wild behind our lines.
He knew we couldn't do him much
damage with our rifles, so
he was playing kind of a
cat and mouse game,
because he knew he
could finish us off.
Not far from where we were there
was a truck overturned, and the
kid in it saw what was happening.
He got the brilliant idea to
bring me some gasoline and
I made up some of these.
When that tank came by,
we smeared it, but good.
Pretty horrible to see.
But it works.
It'll be good for me to get
off of this mountain.
Even with these cocktails,
I'm not anxious to
tangle with that creature again.
Well none of us are, but
I don't think we have any choice.
Since it came down in the
satellite it's our responsibility.
Besides, it's...
Better to stalk it than
have it come after us.
Yeah, you're probably right.
Even so, I wish we could
wait for some help.
I just don't like the idea of
taking Julie and Donna with us.
Well, I don't either.
But then we don't know
when help will arrive,
we can't leave them alone.
What are you doing here?
What are you doing with
Dr. Wyman's body?
I couldn't sleep.
I had to see how he was killed.
Half his head gone, it's horrible.
I don't expect you to trust me.
I don't even know whether
I can trust myself, but
please don't treat me like a monster,
I haven't done anything wrong.
John, it's not a question
of right or wrong.
Maybe you're not responsible
for your actions.
Whether you are or not,
who knows what you might do?
Look John, don't you...
Don't you realize this
unknown creature
is using your body as
a breeding ground?
We don't know what to expect.
I can't deny anything you've said.
I do receive impulses
from the creature, but
I know I have free will, I...
I know I can still make
my own decisions.
Was it your own free will
or the creature's
that insists it's benevolent?
I'm not sure.
But I do know that we have to
give it a chance to explain,
and I know that no
harm will come to you.
Daylight will be here
in about three hours.
You'd better get some rest.
If it's all the same to you, I'll
stay here for a while.
I'll get the bags.
You will give it a chance to explain?
We'll give it a chance.
The creature isn't far away.
There's some hills to the north.
And a cave.
But he's never been
in this area before.
How does he know there's a cave?
It's in there.
Julie, Donna!
Stay there!
There's nothing to fear.
We're not gonna take any
unnecessary chances.
The girls will wait here.
Okay, you lead the way.
You're gonna give it a chance.
You're not gonna kill it?
You're not gonna kill it!
What happened?
Why did you let him go?
I couldn't stop him!
I brought them to you.
They don't understand.
I'm not sure I do.
How can I help you to
communicate with us?
Now I am able to speak
by assimilation,
a form of photosynthesis.
I have been able to
incorporate certain of
Dr. Wyman's functional processes.
Was Dr. Wyman's death necessary?
Through his sacrifice,
I can communicate,
understand your reasoning,
your motivations, your way of life.
I will need your help.
Together we must make them understand
that I have not harmed you,
that we will give them a
better way of life.
Please listen!
Do not be afraid,
I am not here to harm you.
We're too far away!
Let's move in.
Do not be afraid.
That's Dr. Wyman's voice!
It is this voice.
But how?
Yes, I am using Dr. Wyman's voice.
I've been able to master
the use of many
of his faculties.
With his voice I am able
to communicate with you.
You killed him!
He is not dead.
Not dead?
He has gained something more
than life as you know it.
He is the first of your
kind to attain immortality.
We're not interested in
that kind of immortality.
I know you want to destroy me.
But listen, please listen.
I only want to help you.
Millions of years ago,
my people inhabited
a planet such as yours.
We discovered the ultimate power,
just as you on Earth
are about to do.
Be ready to make your move.
We should have put this
power for our own benefit.
Instead, hatred, greed
and prejudice caused us
to misuse that power,
and brought about our own destruction.
Open target! Now's our chance...
But you can't risk killing Johnny.
No, wait! What harm is there
in hearing them out?
For centuries we have
been circling your Earth,
waiting for a means to
penetrate your atmosphere.
Your projectile was the first
to present a means of entry.
Those before were not retractable,
and burned as they fell back
to Earth.
I am the first to come.
To bring death and destruction?
If what you say is true,
what are we to expect?
You need me.
And I have to come.
Through me we will unite our
intellects within one body.
It's insane.
And how do you plan to do that?
Already, it has begun.
Within the hour, the first of
our new generation will be born.
It's true.
I can feel them inside.
You're imposing your will on us!
You're sacrificing our
civilization for the
resurrection of your own.
I've been a fool!
The only way you can be saved
from your downfall is
by our sacrifice.
What you propose is dominance,
not salvation!
Don't be governed by fear!
Go ahead and kill me!
You've already said I'm dead.
A dead man with a brain and
a body kept alive artificially
to feed a generation of monsters.
That's not true!
If you don't kill me,
a new civilization is inside
of me,
that will destroy mankind
as we know it today.
The future of our race is in you.
You've got to kill me.
We have to destroy it.
Run, get away from it!
He will live on to
become a greater being
in future generations to come.
Don't kill me!
In destroying me,
you are destroying your
only hope for mankind.
You've got to kill me!
You are not ready!
But we will still save you!
In your quest for self destruction
you will send up more satellites,
and we will be there,
waiting to come again!
There's nothing left.
Do you think we made the
right decision?
John made the decision.
Let's hope it was the right one.
We'll probably never know.