Night of the Felines (1972) Movie Script

- God, it reminds me ofwork!
- I know; I'm trying not to think about it.
That's what happens when you order weird food!
I shouldve had a hamburger.
Anyhow, Saeko was really pretty today.
Oh, anyone looks good in a wedding gown.
You gotta hand it to her:
the gold digger struck gold.
- Yeah, it's about time we got a seat
on the gravy train too! - You said it, sister!
But Omitsu, you're doing all right foryourself.
You've almost saved 10 million.
- That's enough to open a beauty salon.
- I'm not quite there yet.
Hogwash! You've had enough money
for a while. Isn't that right, Masako'?
- Isn't he that boy toy, Ivlakoto'?
- It looks like he's got a date.
He's the songwriter Shibayama.
I guess the rumors that he's
gay are true.
- He's got an attitude. - You better believe it.
- I hate the type. - IVIe, too.
I'm stuffed, I couldn't eat another bite.
Oh, that really burns me!
I paid top dollar for these shoes.
Lend me a hand.
Gee, you're heavy.
Hold on tight.
Hurry up, everyone's staring at you.
- I\/ly treat at the net place.
- Of course you will.
Sorry I'm messing up your kimono.
- You're heavy, hurry.
- No, I'm not...
Turkish Paradise
Screenplay: Kensho Nakano
Hidemi Hara, Keiko Maki,
Tomoko Katsura & Ken Yoshizawa
Directed by
Noboru Tanaka
Are you done'?
You'll never change.
Leave it off!
I've got a new neighbor.
They're at it every day.
And you watch everyday'?
Why don't you use your hands'?
Why should l'?
Yeah, whatever.
Get out of my way.
You want one'?
They do the same thing everyday.
They're like dogs.
There's no progress.
Maybe you could coach them.
You're ready anytime, anyplace.
Do it right or not at all.
- So you do use your hands after all!
- Only at times like these.
You're more trouble than
you're worth.
- You do it right.
- Straight up, every time.
It's just plain dirty in a chair.
Oh, it's you.
I left my false eyelashes in.
I broke a promise by coming here.
I'm fed up with my life.
I'm in love again.
Her name is Ohiko.
She's really cute and she's loaded too.
The only problem is I've never had
se with a girl before.
I'm not sure ifl know how.
I'm sure you'll manage.
It's not rocket science.
Honda, will you come with me'?
Come with you'?
With you by my side,
I'm sure I could do it.
I'm begging you, you're the only
one I can turn to.
She's coming to my apartment
tomorrow night.
She said she's open to premarital se.
Does she understand where
you're coming from'?
Maybe I should give this up.
Let's go home by taxi.
Hey, are you taking a stroll by yourself'?
You work a regular job, don't you'?
When I have to.
After last night, I figured you weren't
diligent about anything.
- No, there are those who depend on me.
- You mean Makoto.
- No, the monkey on the roof.
- What'?
The monkey.
L'll clean your clock.
What the hell are you doing'?
One damn thing after another.
Hold tight...
Hey, little guy.
Have to go to work.
OK, honey, let's go. Attack!
What a fool!
Women are fools;
got their brains between their legs.
See you around.
Oh, I feel great, how aboutyou'?
Laugh it up!
This is a gas!
Turkish Paradise
- Mefarn, can I take your dishes?
- Thanks, hon. - No problem.
That girl does a good job for a newbie.
Your husband is waiting in the back.
- "I\/ly husband," what a joke!
- Oh, you love it!
I told you not to come around here.
I know - it's an emergency.
- An emergency. You need money.
- You're learnlng.
Cut the crap! After three years together,
I can read you like a cheap paperback.
I need your help - 20,000.
No way, it'll just end up in the
barkeepefis pocket.
First and third. Missed it by a nose.
Miss it by a nose or a nose hair,
it's all the same.
Still, I have to make good on this debt by
tomorrow afternoon. I need your help.
Asshole! Drop dead, you creep!
- Good evening, sir.
- ls Masako here'?
Yes, she'; available now...
Akerm, call Masako.
Masako, customer waiting!
Hey, handsome, glad you could make it.
You're doing well, l trust. Well, enough of
the small talk, time's a wastin'.
Please enjoy yourself.
- Akerni, you have to start getting some regular
customers too. - Yes, sir. - You can do it!
Hurry up, already. I have to catch the
last Bullet Train back home.
- Rushing back already?
- Yep.
Hurry on over, I need some lovin'.
Ouch! You're only supposed to put
in one finger at a time.
You gotta out me some slack, baby.
lt ain't gonna kill ya.
God, you're beautiful.
Every time I see you I think so.
- What's so funny'?
- It's nothing.
- You're a strange girl.
- Did you just come here to wash my back'?
That's right: if I don't wash your back at
least once a week, I can't sleep well.
- Why don't you move to Osaka?
- I like Tokyo, or rather, I like Shinjuku.
I can't do anything about that.
What did I do to make you want
to stay away from Osaka?
OK, turn around.
Stand up, please.
Lift your leg.
Kitamura, what a surprise - the department chief at
Goi Trading Company, running a noodle shop.
You can be an offioe jockey forever.
Here's your miso ramen.
It must be good to be working away from a desk.
I don't think I could make the transition.
Anyone can do it. You just have to be
willing to take the plunge.
You're probably right.
Oh, I forgot. I've got my neck on
the chopping block here.
You've got it hard, too,
hooked up with a freeloader like Ken.
You gotta strip too.
You've got a dynamite body.
- You're too good for him.
- I have to check ifthe bath is warm enough.
I didn't come for a bath.
I heard you're a master in bed.
Use your skills to please me.
Turn around - you're too far away.
- Mitsue, a gentleman to see you.
- Coming!
I'm Aono from the deposits division
of the Kanto Bank.
I was sent here by the branch manager.
I don't know much about this service.
In fact, this is the first time for me.
The branch manager noticed that the savings account
of one Mitsue Kihara has remained stuck...
at 9.5 million for some time and sent me here,
to see ifthere is any problem. So...
- You like these?
- Yeah, well... - Close your eyes.
Open your mouth.
Don't bite.
Hold it in your mouth and suck.
You're as good as they say...
but I'm no slacker myself.
We'll make a bet:
the first one to make a sound loses.
Ifl lose, I'll pay you 100,000...
but ifyou lose, I don't pay a dime.
What about this'?
- Can you do this'?
- Piece of cake.
Watch closely, I'm going to line them up...
100, 10, 100, 10.
Ifl couldn't do simple tricks like this,
I'd be out ofa job.
Just look at the time.
Take care.
Don't catch cold.
- I almost forgot the most important thing.
- That's right.
Gotta go!
The chocolate was great and you've got some
impressive parlor tricks.
Practice makes perfect.
Just like the banker's abacus.
I guess you're right. I'll be back.
- Next time l'll specifically request
to be sent to see you. - Come anytime.
Oh, I forgot. You should deposit a bit
more money in your account.
- L'll think about it.
- Please give the matter careful thought.
Ifyou don't, the bank manager will be very displeased:
I'm epensing this visit to the bath.
- Thank you. - Thank you.
- I'll be back. - Come again.
OK, that's a wrap. Let's pack up.
Good work.
That looked painful.
Settle down.
I'm soared.
You'll be fine.
It's not that big ofa deal.
I've got a out.
Hey there, I finally made it.
Make yourself at home.
It's romantic.
It's a little bright in here.
You're right.
Don't stare.
Makoto, I love you.
Be gentle.
- Makotol
- Chikol
- Ohiko! - I love you!
- Chiko!
Stop! No, it's OK.
What's wrong'?
What's the matter?
I can't do it!
It's no good!
Who are you'?
- Ohiko, I can explain...
- You invited him'?! What nerve!
It's finished.
She's not coming back.
Don't give up so easily.
I've had enough.
No, you haven't. You'll get back together
with her one way or another.
She's a good catch.
It'll work out, don't worry.
Don't ever leave me.
I'd die without you.
He seems to like you.
You seem to have a lot of time
on your hands.
Let's go for a walk.
Not here.
Will you sleep with Ivlakoto'?
He's in love with a girl,
but he's never had se with one before.
No way.
What's the difference? Makoto, my little finger,
it's the same thing.
- I don't see it that way.
- Just sleep with the guy.
Why do you hold it upside down'?
It's a waste. Rain is valuable.
That's why I catch it.
Did it hurt'?
It hurt.
In that case, I'll have sex with him.
Hey whatare you doing?
Raise your arms.
It feels good, doesn't it?
- Sweet girl.
- Just relax.
You did it.
What are you crying about?
What are you doing here all by yourself'?
Don't worry about it.
Anyhow, I managed to do it.
- Do what'?
- Have sex!
Let's talk for a minute.
Ifyou have something to say,
just spit it out.
I heard you slept with a member
of the gang.
He was a customer.
You dumb bitch! So, where's the money'?
I bet you went off and spent it at
a club or something.
Who the hell do you think you're
talking to'?
You've never worked a day in your life,
and all you do is go out and spend money.
L'll tell you something, l'll sleep with whoever
l want and go out whenever l want.
I'm proud ofwhat I do for a living.
I've had enough of dating you.
Go home.
Fine, l'll go.
But you'll regret this decision.
What do I have to regret?
Crumbs like you are a dime a dozen.
Piss off, then!
Get out of my way!
You creep! Go off somewhere
and die! Bastard!
Are you OK'?
Everybody's crying today.
Let's have a round. I'm buying.
You all seem to be having quite
a time tonight.
It's a gas.
- When did you start working here'?
- The day before yesterday.
- She's new at our place, too.
- Pleased to meet you.
Why don't you come around to our joint sometime?
We'll take good care ofyou.
I'd be honored!
Just what are you up to'?
Nothing, lwas just teasing him.
I thought we were finished.
Then she called me and said she'd be willing
to meet again. l hope you'll come too.
Bad idea. lf she sees me there again,
you'll probably lose her.
I know that, but I'm no good alone.
Pull yourselftogether for once.
You did it yesterday.
You don't have to be so cold.
Fine, then.
I'll wait in the oaf downstairs.
After you do it, give me a call.
Oh, thank you. That's why I love you.
I'll give it 110%!
Makoto, stop dawdling!
Be careful: last time you bit my lip.
- Makoto! - Ohiko!
- Makoto! - Ohiko!
What's wrong'?
- The music.
- Don't go! Keep going.
What's wrong'?
Honda, I failed again!
A Treatment
for Epilepsy/l
- Chiko... - Goodbye.
I'm never coming here again.
Please don't go, I can't live without you!
I don't care!
Ohiko, wait!
I told you I can't stand to be alone.
I'm tired...
- Welcome back.
- Hey, is Masako in'?
- Masako!
- Masako!
Hurry up, baby cakes!
You need practice taking your clothes off.
- I forgot, just one finger.
- That's right.
Oh, you're a dreamboat,
but I gotta hurry.
'Time is money', as they say.
Maybe I will go to Osaka after all.
- Are you joking'?
- No, I'm serious.
You're pulling my leg.
Well, then, I'll rentyou an apartment.
When are you coming'?
- Anytime. Even tonight.
- That's a bit sudden!
You're going to quit once you save
10 million'? I don't recommend it.
Working a Turkish bath is an important job.
You've honed talents unique to your industry.
You're a technician of sorts.
I have an account with another bank too.
No, that's no good! How much do you have
squirreled away at this second bank'?
- You won't tell anyone'?
- Of course not.
Almost4 million.
4 million'? That's a total of13.5 million.
- You could buy a plot of land with
that money. - Land'?
Sure. I want to help you.
There's a place that just came onto the market
in Setagaya. They're asking 15 million for it,
but I think I can talk them down to 13.
Quite a bargain, in my opinion.
- Come on, short red.
I got it! - Pure luck.
What's wrong, Omitsu'?
You're all antsy.
- Actually, I was thinking about quitting.
- Huh'? Then, what...
Quiet! I bought a place in Setagaya.
Well, it's about time.
He's coming tonight-
to make my dreams come true.
So, you're quitting the bank'?
You've got more ohutzpah than I thought.
I saw you and I figured I could
make a go of it, too.
You told me, "You just have to be willing to
take the plunge." You were right.
L feel like lady luck is smiling on me.
I'm saying goodbye to this neighborhood tonight.
In that case,
let's drink to your new life.
- Here's to leaving the offioe behind.
- Here's to leaving Shinjuku behind.
I can't believe it:
Omitsu's getting married.
What are you talking about? That's not
what I'm doing, but he is really sweet!
Masako, there's a customer for you.
Who is it'?
Your customer.
What's with the long face'?
I'm a customer.
Please come with me.
This place has great service.
Everyone's polite, kind, and full of smiles.
Please come this way.
Makotds dead.
He died.
He tumbled to the ground,
like an umbrella.
Hold me...
Please... take me.
Feel better now'?
What are you going to do, Omitsu'?
It's almost dawn.
Dammit, that banker screwed me!
He's got every last penny.
Nothing ever changes.
No, things are a little different.
God, I'm tired.
Come on, stand up.
Don't fall asleep.
Look: it's morning.
L'll see you later!
& kozue Timing by lorclretsuclo