Night of the Hunted (2023) Movie Script

[ Rain falling ]
[ Cellphone vibrates ]
ERIK: Alice?
ERIK: Hey.
There you are. Good morning.
Good morning.
Where are you?
Um, what do you mean?
I'm home.
It's 2:00 in the morning.
Yeah, I know, I couldn't sleep.
I just feel, um...
I don't know, I'm excited.
It's a big day, I guess,
you know.
Uh, John, he's good to drive
you back at this hour?
Yeah, all good.
We can't be late, right?
I know, trust me.
ERIK: Yeah, they say she's the
best fertility doctor around.
And also,
freeway's closed still,
so it's gonna take you
a bit longer.
Okay, I gotta go.
I love you.
[ Sighs ]
[ Shower running ]
[ Hip-hop music
playing on radio ]
So early.
Hey, let's just...
go back inside.
Stop. Come on, drive.
I need coffee.
Yeah. Sure.
[ Dramatic music plays ]
[ Cellphone vibrates ]
Maybe you should answer.
It's okay.
Is it, though?
He's gotta know something is up.
No, he doesn't, trust me.
Trust you.
[ Cellphone chimes ]
Take the 59.
The freeway is still closed.
[ Dashboard chimes ]
Gas light is on.
I told you to fill it
last night.
I did.
What? I did.
If we're late,
I'm gonna kill you.
You know what your problem is?
My problem is men thinking they
know what my fucking problem is.
[ Dramatic music plays ]
[ Cellphone chimes ]
Company card?
Thank you.
Can I get some gum,
some water, and...
[ Car chimes ]
[ Insects chirping ]
[ Beeping ]
[ Pump beeps ]
[ Dramatic music plays ]
[ Radio playing indistinctly ]
[ Cellphone chimes ]
[ Cellphone swooshes ]
[ Cellphone swooshes ]
[ Sighs ]
[ Sighs ]
[ Sighs ]
[ Hip-hop music
playing on radio ]
Now you're struggling
Beast in the wild,
When we get hungry,
better duck, motherfucker
You look a lot like lunch,
[ Dramatic music plays ]
[ Gunshot ]
[ Screams ]
Oh, my God!
[ Groans ]
[ Panting ]
[ Door squeaks ]
[ Gunshot ]
[ Screams ]
Oh, my God!
[ Dramatic music plays ]
[ Panting ]
[ Gunshot ]
[ Screams ]
Oh, my God!
[ Groans ]
[ Hip-hop music
playing on radio ]
[ Cries ]
[ Hip-hop music
playing on radio ]
[ Groans ]
[ Gunshot ]
[ Groans ]
John! Look at me!
[ Dramatic music plays ]
[ Gunshot ]
[ Panting ]
[ Groans ]
MAN: Amelia.
You read me? Over.
You hear me?
Pick up, Amelia.
Pick up, pick up, pick up.
[ Dramatic music plays ]
ALICE: Fuck.
MAN: You hear me?
Pick up, Amelia.
Hey, why you not answering?
[ Gunshot ]
Babe, where are you?
Motherfucker looking for
a good snack
Better run, son,
better never look back
[ Dashboard chiming ]
JOHN: What the fuck?
I ain't no scavenger,
I ain't no gatherer
I'm here to
scatter your bones
Take any challenger,
I am a predator
I'm here to...
[ Car chimes ]
ALICE: Hello?
Can you hear me?
You need to call the police.
I need some help!
Hello. Can you hear me?
Hello? I need help!
Someone's shooting at me.
MAN: There you go.
You have to let go
for me to talk, okay?
Okay. I'm sorry.
I'm just...
I'm so scared.
I need you to call
the police, okay?
MAN: Who is this?
What's going on over there?
Where is Amelia?
[ Car alarm chirps ]
My name is Alice Germain Bach.
I need you...
[ Feedback ]
My name is Alice Germain Bach.
You have to call the police,
JOHN: Hey, Alice!
MAN: What, shooting at you?
- John?
- MAN: What's going on?
[ Gunshot ]
Hello? Hello, hello?
Are you still there?
[ Choking ]
[ John gasping ]
MAN: Hello?
ALICE: Oh, my God.
JOHN: Alice...
[ Gunshot ]
[ Dramatic music plays ]
MAN: Hello?
Can somebody please tell me
what the hell is going on?
If you still there, talk to me.
Where are you?
[ Groans ]
What's going on over there?
My friend just got shot.
You have to call 911.
MAN: My God.
Where's my wife?
Amelia... is she hurt?
I don't know, I'm...
I'm all alone.
I... I need you... I need you to
call the cops, okay?
MAN: Don't you have a cellphone?
No, he shot it.
MAN: Where are you exactly?
I'm... I'm hiding behind a shelf.
MAN: Okay, okay,
hold on, hold on.
Please. I need you.
- MAN: Hello, 911?
- Thank you.
MAN: Yeah,
there's been a shooting
at the 24/7 FILL UP station
on Route 59.
A woman's hurt over there.
No, she's talking to me
on the two-way radio.
No, I'm on the road.
Hang on.
Hey, they want to know
if he's an active shooter.
Is he still there?
Yes, yes, he's here.
Please just ask them
to send someone.
MAN: Yeah, she says
he's still there.
Well, how long?
Yeah, okay.
Yes, thank you.
Okay, they're on their way.
Operator said to stay put,
should be there
in like 15 minutes.
Yes, thank you.
MAN: God, I'm really worried.
My wife should have
called me by now.
Can you please
stay here with me?
MAN: Okay.
I'm here for you.
Thank you.
MAN: You know the man
who got shot?
Yeah, he's my friend.
MAN: Oh.
I'm sorry.
Where were you guys
going so late?
We were driving home
from a convention.
He's my colleague.
MAN: Oh, right. Convention.
You guys work together?
I can't imagine what
you're feeling right now.
You think we should call
an ambulance?
I think he's dead.
[ Sighs ]
MAN: Yeah...
Because I blew his head off.
[ Dramatic music plays ]
You still there?
Alice Germain Bach?
Oh, my God.
MAN: Just stand up...
so I can see you.
I'll come down there, then.
What do you want?
MAN: What do I want?
Hm... What do I want?
What is it that you want, Alice?
I want you to leave me alone.
MAN: I think that's what
we all want.
[ Gunshot ]
[ Grunts ]
[ Groans ]
[ Gunshots ]
[ Animal calls ]
ALICE: Hello?
Can anyone hear me?
Please answer.
Hello? Can you hear me?
[ Static ]
Hello? If there's anyone
out there, please answer.
MAN: I'm right here.
Just me and you.
Oh, yeah.
And my wife...
Oh, my God.
Oh! Oh, my God.
MAN: So hard to think of her
with another man.
Did I treat her poorly?
Abuse her physically?
Did I abuse her emotionally?
Or is everything abusive
these days?
Did I not provide?
She was probably just bored.
Tell me.
Are you bored, Alice?
I need a phone.
Her phone?
MAN: That's okay.
You don't have to answer.
We can take our time.
What I know for sure though
is that we're not going anywhere
till we're figure this out.
ALICE: Fuck!
[ Dramatic music plays ]
[ Car chirping ]
[ Gunshots ]
[ Gunshot ]
MAN: We seem to be stuck,
you and me.
Cowering on the floor of
a dark and dirty gas station.
What a waste.
If you're not interested
in saving yourself...
well, then, this is
how it all ends.
I've never done anything to you.
MAN: Are you sure about that?
Who are you?
MAN: Who do you think I am?
And more importantly...
who the fuck do you think
you are?
Come out.
And I promise
you'll hardly feel a thing.
One shot and all our problems
will be over.
Oh, fuck.
[ Groans ]
[ Breathing heavily ]
[ Groans ]
[ Grunts ]
[ Vehicle approaches ]
[ Door opens ]
DOUG: Amelia?
Holy shit!
ALICE: Get down!
- DOUG: What?
- ALICE: Get out of the doorway!
There's someone
shooting in the store!
DOUG: What?
Where is Amelia,
the girl who works here?
You need to call the police!
DOUG: Amelia?
Where the hell is she?
- ALICE: She's dead.
- DOUG: What the fuck?
What the fuck?
Listen to me.
You need to call the police.
Do you have your phone?
DOUG: Yeah.
DOUG: Fuck. Shit.
It's in the car.
DOUG: Where are you?
I'm behind the counter.
If you go towards the
refrigerator, you can see me.
DOUG: What the hell happened?
I just walked in here
and someone shot me.
DOUG: Where is Amelia?
She's right here.
She's right here with me.
DOUG: Are you hurt bad?
I don't know.
I don't know. It's my arm.
You don't have a phone?
ALICE: No, and I can't find hers either.
- What about the landline...
- No.
on the counter?
It's not working, nothing is.
Nothing is working.
It's impossible to move around.
He... He can see everything.
DOUG: Where's he shooting from?
ALICE: I think he's shooting
from the billboard
across the road,
but there's an another door.
I saw it
in the security monitor.
The door to the garage.
But that's locked at night.
Well, is there a key?
What the f...
What the fuck?
What the fuck, man?
What the fuck?
Hey, hey, listen to me.
We need to stay calm, okay?
We need to flag someone down.
No one uses this road at night.
Yeah, but you did.
You think he's still out there?
I don't know. He...
He hasn't fire a shot
since you...
[ Gasps ]
No, no, no, no.
Oh, my God.
She was such a good person.
[ Crying ]
This is so fucked up.
[ Dramatic music plays ]
The only reason
she was working here
was to help out her parents.
They came from Mexico city
and bought this place,
and then her mom got sick.
- He said she was his wife.
- What?
He said that he shot her
because she left him.
You talked to the guy
who did this?
On that walkie.
He said that she was his wife!
No, he's... he's lying.
That's not true.
How do I know
that you're not lying?
What do you mean?
I'm being shot at all night,
and the moment that you
get here, it all stops.
Whoa, whoa, whoa,
wait a minute. Wait a minute.
You think that I did this?
Hold on.
Don't move!
Stay were you are!
Stay away from me!
Just calm down.
This is crazy, okay?
Then why are you
showing up at 3:00 AM?
Because we both work
graveyard shifts.
Sometimes I would come
in between deliveries
and we would just...
We would just talk.
This country is so fucked up.
Fucking racists.
Guns everywhere.
I can't take it anymore.
[ Crying ]
And it's always innocent people
who get caught up in this shit.
You don't... You don't...
You don't believe me?
Okay, fine, talk to him, then.
You'll see.
Go ahead.
Tell him that I called the cops.
He doesn't know I left my phone
in the car, right?
[ Dramatic music plays ]
We called the police.
They're on their way.
Try again.
Did you hear what I said?
We called the cops.
You better
get the hell out of here.
Try again.
Maybe he's gone. Yeah?
- Go get your phone, then.
- What?
Yeah, if he's gone,
go get your phone.
No. I mean, I'm not gonna
go get myself shot
just to prove
I'm not some fucking terrorist.
I'm telling you, this is not me!
I could never do anything
like this.
I see it.
My phone.
Well, do you think
you can get it?
Maybe if I...
Maybe if I go around the shelves
to the other side.
You can use the car as a shield.
Yeah, sure.
Let's do it.
Maybe we should just wait
a few... maybe a little bit.
The truckers start arriving
in a few hours.
No, no, this is important.
This is the only way.
You need to call for help, okay?
Are you insane?
I'm not going across there
and get my fucking head
blown off.
If you're telling the truth,
he's gonna be down here
any second.
You need to call for help.
I can distract him.
ALICE: There's a flashlight
under the counter.
[ Dramatic music plays ]
[ Gunshots ]
MAN: You know the difference
between you and that guy?
He was willing
to sacrifice himself...
while you survive.
You put him up to it,
didn't you?
What kind of a person does that?
Then again...
what kind of person
does what I'm doing?
[ Dramatic music plays ]
I guess we both have a lot
to think about, huh?
The way we've lived...
The repercussions
of our actions...
Who we've become.
[ Screams ]
Why are you doing this?
MAN: For the truth.
Because I need the truth.
You sure tell a lot of lies for
someone looking for the truth.
MAN: Do I?
And what about you?
You were at the convention,
I work for a pharmaceutical
company, so...
MAN: So...
you're a drug dealer.
That's very original.
MAN: You know how many people
lost sons, daughters
because of you?
Your drugs,
your bullshit vaccines.
ALICE: Fucking idiot.
MAN: All so that
you can get rich...
with zero accountability, ever.
Do you know how many fucking
people's lives we've saved?
MAN: You think someone might
want you dead for that?
But no, no, no.
Instead, let's focus on
the microchips
and Bill Gates
and all the anti-vaxxers
so we all sound crazy
so you can censor us.
So we can never talk about
what's actually going on.
ALICE: What the fuck are you
talking about?
MAN: I'm talking about
the truth!
ALICE: Yeah?
MAN: But you'd rather label us
so you can control us?
You think someone might
want you dead for that?
Do you?
Are you finished?
Can I talk?
I'm a VP of Marketing.
Social media, okay?
I don't make the stuff.
MAN: Oh, that's even worse.
You promote it.
You create the image.
Filling young minds
with lies and deceit.
Marching them to their deaths.
[ Dramatic music plays ]
How many people did you
have to step on
to get such an important job?
How many years
did you have to put in
before you became
Vice President of Marketing...
at Phinzer Pharmaceuticals?
I'll tell you how long.
Two years,
and you became VP
of one of the biggest
drug companies in the country.
God, that's amazing.
I bet you didn't even have to
sleep with anyone
to get ahead.
I'm sorry.
You don't need to sleep with
anyone to get ahead anymore.
Fuck you.
MAN: You can just accuse someone
for something they did
when they were 12
or a picture in blackface.
Or maybe a boss came in one day
and told you
how pretty you looked.
Next thing you know, he's gone,
just like that!
Piece of shit.
Just because he said something
nice to a woman with ambition.
Now he's out of a job.
Can't make his house payments.
And he can't take care of...
Of his little girl.
You don't know what it's like
to hear a child
screaming in the middle
of the night.
To wait for hours
in the emergency room...
because her daddy,
who's supposed to protect her,
has no health insurance
and is so...
fucking helpless.
You think that guy
might want you to kill you?
You think that guy
might want you dead?
All these deaths...
could have been avoided.
Because someone has to pay.
Someone always has to pay.
I'm tired of playing games.
But all you wanna do
is play hide and seek.
One Mississippi,
two Mississippi,
three Mississippi,
four Mississippi,
five Mississippi.
Who is Alice?
Six Mississippi,
seven Mississippi.
What did she do?
Eight Mississippi.
Admit it, Alice.
Nine Mississippi.
Ten Mississippi.
Ready or not, here I...
[ Gunfire ]
You don't get to
hijack this country
and hide behind your lies
and your fake news
and your forced mandates!
Please don't do this.
I'm not doing anything you
haven't been doing for years.
[ Crying ]
I never killed anybody.
MAN: Yes, you have.
That's the whole point.
We're the same.
We kill to protect
our interests.
I'm just not blind to it
like you are.
We're nothing alike.
MAN: Oh, of course.
You're woke,
and I'm a psychopath.
How convenient for you.
I never said that.
MAN: No.
But you wanted to.
And yet, when I was sent
to Afghanistan
and I was killing for you,
it was okay.
When my friends died thousands
of miles away from home
while the were killing for you,
it was okay.
But now that you are forced
to face the consequences
of your life,
it's so much easier
for you to label me
than it is for you
to face reality.
[ Screams ]
MAN: But until you recognize
your part in all this,
you'll never understand
why people like me exist.
And we do.
And there's a lot of us.
You could be at school,
in the supermarket,
at work, or even, uh...
filling up your car
at a gas station.
You wouldn't even see it coming,
and then suddenly...
you're dead.
Why am I even talking to you?
MAN: Oh, because you want to
know who I am.
And because you know
that every second
I'm engaged in this conversation
is another second
I'm not coming down there
to spill your brains
on that filthy linoleum floor.
[ Metal music playing on radio ]
ALICE: Fuck.
Get out. Get out.
[ Beeping ]
Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck.
[ Beeping ]
What the fuck, man?
What's the hell?
Get out of here.
[ Engine starts ]
MAN: See?
Would a psychopath
have let him go?
Although, if that guy had
better credit, he'd be dead.
See what we've been reduced to?
[ Dramatic music plays ]
You're not a bad guy. You...
Otherwise, you wouldn't
have let him go.
MAN: Oh, yeah?
How many likes do you think
that will get me?
ALICE: There's something
you should know about me.
Something you wouldn't find out
on social media.
MAN: I'm listening.
ALICE: We're trying
to have a baby.
MAN: And yet here you are
traveling with your lover
in the middle of the night.
How could you ever have time
for children?
No, you don't strike me
as the maternal type.
You couldn't handle
the commitment.
The pain.
You know nothing about me.
MAN: I know you
more than you think.
I know you put yourself ahead
of everybody else.
I bet there's even been
a couple of abortions
along the way, huh?
Fuck you.
Fuck you.
You know nothing.
MAN: Why is that, Alice?
[ Somber music plays ]
Because I can't have children.
MAN: Am I meant to feel bad?
We both know you'd do
or say anything
to save your life right now.
My life?
My whole life has been
about pleasing men.
My father,
my husband,
my boss.
I'm sure you know what it's like
to never feel good enough.
Do you know what it does
to a marriage?
not having an affair
'cause I'm in love.
I'm having an affair
'cause I'm in pain.
And I love my husband.
I love... I love him.
MAN: That's so sad.
So sad that it takes being at
the end of a gun for two people
to finally have
a real conversation.
[ Sighs ]
[ Siren wailing in distance ]
Yes, yes, yes.
No! No, I'm here!
[ Pounding on window ]
Help! I'm right here!
[ Dramatic music plays ]
MAN: Alice?
Are you hiding again?
Where are you?
Oh, my God.
[ Dramatic music plays ]
MAN: Where are you, Alice?
[ Gunshot ]
[ Screams ]
[ Gunshots ]
[ Screams ]
[ Groans ]
[ Screams ]
[ Crying ]
Oh, my God.
MAN: You can't run
from this, Alice.
Not anymore.
Because there's nowhere to hide.
Nowhere to go.
That's the reason you ran
back in here, isn't it?
[ Dramatic music plays ]
[ Coughs ]
MAN: Alice?
Are you still with me, Alice?
Are you still there?
It's becoming unbearable,
isn't it?
The pain.
It leads to anger.
It leads to violence.
[ Groans ]
MAN: Don't you feel a paradigm
shift in this country,
toward selfishness
and brute force?
Why is it easier for a kid to
buy an AR-15 than a six pack?
That's because the DNA
to not give a shit
is more desirable from
an evolutionary standpoint.
Plain and simple.
Do you think that the shooters
in Vegas or Florida or Buffalo
or Uvalde or Sandy Hook
had any feelings of guilt?
Do you think
I should feel any guilt?
Do you feel guilt?
If you don't believe it's wrong
to do the things
that serve your needs,
why should I?
What do you think drives
the company you work for?
[ Groans ]
MAN: Look at the thousands
of people you've harmed.
Who's worse?
Who's done more damage?
Just because you don't have
your finger on the trigger
doesn't make you
any less of a killer.
You don't care about people.
All you really care about
is the money.
And you'll do or say
anything to get it.
Because money is freedom,
isn't that right?
[ Groans ]
MAN: Freedom to do
what you want.
To buy whatever you desire.
Freedom to go
anywhere you please.
But I think someone
said it best.
"Freedom is just another word
for nothing left to lose."
[ Dramatic music plays ]
You fucking piece of shit loser.
It's gonna take a lot more
than killing me
to solve your fucking problems.
MAN: Maybe.
Or maybe it will make the next
person willing to spread filth
and lies think about
the consequences.
It's been a really
shitty couple of years.
I'm angry too.
I get it.
And the media...
does not help.
Spreading conspiracies
all over the place.
MAN: That's the one.
A conspiracy.
I was waiting for you
to drop that one.
Best buzzword
to devalue anything
I have to say
and label me as crazy.
Did you really lose your job?
Is that what this is...
Did you really lose a child?
Because if that's the case,
I'm really, really sorry.
MAN: Who's Henry?
[ Vehicle approaches ]
[ Beeping ]
You got to leave.
You got to leave.
[ Dramatic music plays ]
Hey, get back in your car!
[ Pounding window ]
Get out!
Get out of here!
Call... Call the police!
ALICE: Shit.
Hey, get back in your car!
Get out of the way!
- Bob.
- Hide.
No, move out!
What are you doing?
No, what are you doing?
[ Gunshot ]
[ Gasps ]
[ Sobbing ]
[ Somber music plays ]
[ Gunshot ]
MAN: Well, that was touching.
That's the kind of
sentimental crap
that will die off
with that generation.
What scares you most is
knowing that, deep down,
we like it that way, because
you and I, we are survivors.
We're nothing alike!
MAN: You're in denial, Alice.
The only reason
we're both still alive
is because we share that gene.
And it's that gene you'll pass
down to your unborn child.
If you ever actually
get pregnant.
That's exactly why
I can't have children.
Because I don't wanna fear
for their lives
every time they leave the house.
Because I don't want them
bullied on their phones,
feeling unloved and alone.
Depressed and bitter
to potentially end up a coward!
Hiding in the dark,
killing innocent people.
I can't have children
because people like you
exist in the world.
But most of all,
I can't have children because
it's my fucking choice!
And it's the same choice
your mother would have made
if she knew what you'd become!
[ Breathing heavily ]
[ Dramatic music plays ]
Hey, get down.
Hey, get down.
Lay down.
Listen, I know that you think
that by doing this,
it's gonna give meaning
to your life, but it won't.
They'll kill you
or they'll cornered you
and you'll kill yourself.
Just like all the others.
And they're just gonna
write it off
like another shooting,
and people will send
their thoughts and prayers
but no one will give a fuck
and nothing is gonna change.
MAN: Oh, you're right.
Nothing will change, because
I only exist in you mind.
I'm your creation.
I am your perception
that you have projected onto me
so you never have to hear
the real reasons why.
No matter how justified,
I'm just a crazy shooter.
The right-wing nut,
the conspiracy theorist,
stop the lie, storm the Capitol,
election fraud,
domestic terrorist,
anti-this, anti-that.
You label me and vilify me
when all I ever wanted
was to be left the fuck alone!
[ Dramatic music plays ]
Did you really think
you could keep something
like that from me?
No, no, no, no!
Don't you dare shoot her, motherfucker.
Wake up, Grandma.
Wake up.
[ Car door closes ]
Please, I'm begging you.
MAN: Begging is so beneath you, Alice.
It's hard for me to believe
you really care.
Of course I care.
MAN: Enough that you would
trade your life for hers?
[ Music ends ]
Yes, I would.
MAN: Tell you what, then.
Come out where I can see you clearly
and I'll let her go.
ALICE: How can I trust you?
MAN: How can I trust you?
ALICE: Because I get it.
I get it.
I learned my lesson.
MAN: But what do you gain
by letting her live?
ALICE: I get to save
an innocent life.
MAN: But if you sacrifice
yourself for her,
then you'll be
teaching me a lesson.
[ Dramatic music plays ]
Let's see.
Tell her to run,
and when she's out of range,
you come out front.
ALICE: Put your gun down.
MAN: It's down.
No, no, no, no, no, no,
what are you doing?
Come on, run! Go!
Okay, come here. Okay.
[ Dramatic music plays ]
You're okay.
Don't worry, we're gonna
find a way out of here, okay?
Come on.
Fuck. Fuck.
Okay, watch your head.
Watch your head.
Listen to me.
If you hear something
that's not me,
don't say anything at all, okay?
Do you know a song?
If you get scared,
you're gonna sing that song.
But really quietly, okay?
[ Dramatic music plays ]
Five little monkeys
jumping on the bed
One fell off
and broke his head
MAN: Alice Germain Bach.
Still hiding, huh?
So what are we thinking?
Was I sent here by your husband
who you betrayed
with a younger,
more exciting man?
Four little monkeys
jumping on the bed
One fell off
and broke his head
Or am I a co-worker
who you got fired
without due process
so you could steal my job?
Or maybe,
maybe I'm a racist,
disgruntled employee
out for revenge.
Mama called the doctor
and the doctor said
No more monkeys
jumping on the bed
Or I could be someone
whose life you destroyed
with your lies and greed.
An anguished father
who's lost his child.
Or I could have
been someone who's just tired
of sitting idly by
as this country goes to shit.
Or I could have followed you
back from the convention
just to teach you a lesson.
Or maybe...
this is just some...
random act of violence.
And you're simply
at the wrong place...
at the wrong time.
- [ Screaming ]
- [ Screaming ]
Two little monkeys
jumping on the bed
One fell off
and broke his head
[ Groans ]
[ Crying ]
Ah, so this is
how it all ends, huh?
Crawling on the floor,
like an animal.
[ Dramatic music plays ]
Please don't hurt her!
One little monkey...
ALICE: Please!
You should've left me
the fuck alone!
- [ Screams ]
- [ Screams ]
Mama called the doctor
and the doctor said
[ Gunshot ]
No more...
...monkeys jumping
on the bed
[ Dramatic music plays ]
[ Groans ]
You don't have to be
scared no more.
- ALICE: [ Screams ]
- [ Grunts ]
Run! Run!
[ Dramatic music plays ]
Show me... Show me your face!
[ Both grunting, screaming ]
[ Crying ]
[ Hyperventilating ]
[ Somber music plays ]
[ Dramatic music plays ]