Night of the Living Carrots (2011) Movie Script

Greetings, fellow Halloweeners.
I just said "weeners."
I just said "weeners."
Tonight's story is a tale so scary,
so horrifying, so shocking,
so, so...
so full of vegetables...
- B.O.B., stick to the script!
- Oh, right.
It all started with a spooky spaceship,
mutant pumpkins
and monsters saving the day!
But that was only the beginning.
So sit back and get ready for a story
that is guaranteed
to give you nightmares.
OK, wrap it up.
Come on, kids!
Time for the costume contest.
The winner gets their weight in candy!
Avast ye, scallywags.
That booty shall be mine!
Now it's booty time!
Me timbers being shivered.
Come on, B.O.B.,
that candy was for the contest.
But it all tastes so good.
But it all tastes so...
Who's there?
I've got a Nutter Buddy Butter Bar,
and I'm not afraid to use it!
Whoa, kid, that is one scary costume.
For a minute there,
I thought you were a real carrot.
And carrots really creep me out.
Like that! That was creepy.
You are a shoo-in
to win that costume contest.
Kids today and their papier-mch.
- Mr. Murphy?
- That carrot made Carl a zombie!
Creepy carrot! Danger! Danger!
- It's alive! It's a living carrot.
- I know, right?
- I totally freaked out the same way.
- Giddyap!
Kid, you are killing with that costume.
- I'm getting out of here!
- Doc, how could you do this?
Worst party ever!
- He was... He was just a...
- Mutant zombie carrot.
It must've been contaminated
by one of the alien pumpkins.
And apparently the curse can be broken
by eliminating the infected carrot.
And that one carrot could've infected
our brains and transformed us all
into slack-jawed walking vegetables.
- Doc?
- Whoa!
- Kind of like that.
- Everyone, run!
Oh, man. I don't wanna be a zombie.
What are we gonna do?
Well, we definitely know that we
shouldn't blast them with this scanner.
I definitelyjust blasted you
with this scanner! I love this thing!
Back! Stay back.
- B.O.B.!
- Thank me later!
- No!
- Bang, bang, bang!
Doc! We're completely surrounded!
No, we're not.
Now we're completely surrounded.
It's Monger!
Lock and load, cowboys.
The cavalery has arrived.
Nobody told me they can leap.
Quickly, now.
Create a barricade.
There's a jet-packing zombie general
with an army of carrots out there...
The more that I shoot them, there's more
of them, and I don't like carrots...
B.O.B., calm down! Talk slowly.
Zombie general, army of carrots...
B.O.B., just get the back door!
I'm on it.
- Where do you want it?
- Oh, dear.
Give me that.
Well, well.
If it ain't the gruesome twosome.
Now go on. Get out and stay out!
Hey, Link.
B.O.B., time to go!
I forgot the pickle.
Cotton candy, bubblegum!
Go, team, go, and beat those bums!
All right!
B.O.B., focus. Zombie problem.
Oh, no! B.O.B.
I can already see it.
The vacant, lifeless expression.
They've already infected your brain.
But hear this, zombies,
you may take my brain,
but you will never take my dignity!
Come on, pull yourself together.
I know this is scary,
but we're gonna get through this.
And when we do, here is my number.
Call me.
Of course! B.O.B.,
how can a zombie infect your brain
when you don't even have one to infect?
- What?
- B.O.B., you're immune!
Zombie carrot!
Hold still, Doc! I'll get it.
And if you're immune,
you can save us all.
There's only one way to stop
the zombies and save your friends.
You must eat all... carrots!
- What was that last part?
- You must eat all the carrots!
Don't cry, little monster.
Uncle Monger's got enough carrot puree
to feed you your entire life.
Jerry, bring over the feed hose, ASAP.
The boy's hungry!
Eat the carrots, save your friends.
Eat the carrots, save your friends.
You know what?
It's easier if I just make new friends.
Here are four new friends already.
Quick, to the rooftop, where we'll get
a great view of our new future together.
Eat the carrots, save your friends.
Excuse me, son. That's my girl.
Not this time, amigo.
I can't do it!
Oh, yes I can.
You guys are going down.
Right down into my belly.
'Cause I'm gonna eat you.
I did it. I eat all my vegetables!
And now it's time for dessert.
What?! But I eat all the carrots.
The curse should be broken.
I don't understand.
Why are you guys still zombies?
I eat every single carrot.
- You!
- You...
Come on, guys.
I only missed one carrot.
Hey, that's my Nutter Buddy Butter Bar.
You wouldn't dare.
You just crossed the line.
Wow, chocolate-covered carrot.
Still disgusting.
Well done, B.O.B., you broke the curse!
- You guys! It worked!
- I knew you could do it!
Not so hard, really full.
And so, there you have it.
I saved the day
because those silly little carrots
had absolutely no effect on me.
Unlike you. Right, Bubbles?
So, remember, kids:
Eat your veggies
or they just might eat you.