Night of the Living Dead 3D: Re-Animation (2012) Movie Script

I can't believe you have
done this to my husband.
- I'm truly sorry, Mrs Block.
- Sorry?
- You made him look like a clown!
- I was stunned as you are, Mrs Block.
This will have consequence, Mr Tovar.
You will see.
- Jesus, Mary and Joseph called.
- Good morning, Mr Tovar.
You made Mr Block look like a punk.
What were you thinking?
I was trying to make him look nice.
- I'm sorry?
- Younger, maybe.
Mr. Block wasn't young,
wasn't nice, he wasn't skinny.
And painting his face up
ain't gonna change that.
I'm sorry.
Our job is to make the
deceased look good for the families.
Now I got a lot on my mind right now,
and you're not making things easier.
The first eye witness
accounts of this grisly development
came from people who were understandably
striking and almost incoherent ...
- Aunt Lou?
- Good morning, Junior.
- You got a minute?
- Always for you, Junior.
Aunt Lou, I'll tell you.
I've just about had it with that girl.
- Service didn't go well?
- No, it did not.
DyeAnne cosmetized
the body for viewing.
I thought she was ready.
Needless to say, Mrs Block
was none too pleased.
- Three strikes?
- Well ... Yeah.
Alright, I'll give DyeAnne
her 2 weeks notice.
You just pretend like
you don't know anything.
- Just got too much on my mind right now.
- Of course you do.
Thank you.
Oh, got the Del Amos
waiting in your office.
And I set up an interview with a really
nice young woman looking for a job.
- Two appointments this morning?
- Junior, she's a mortuary school graduate.
You really should meet her.
Real nice, smart.
I know she can't replace
Bobby Kimball, but ...
if you get along with her,
she could do Bobby's work.
- An institute?
- That's right. Graduated from P.I.M.S.
You didn't say anything
about salary, did you?
No more appointments this week, right?
The computer says ...
No ...
I gotta go check on
something. I'll be right back.
Just give the Del Amos ... some
more copy of a magazine or something.
- Well, you know I will.
- Thank you.
- ... over there and then we'll be
able to give a more definite view.
Thank you very much, Chief McHullond.
This is Bill Cardill,
WIIC, Teville Avenue.
- Good morning, Gerald.
- Morning, Russ.
I'm just getting started here.
I can see that.
Russ, who's car is that?
Oh, yeah. I was going to
tell you. This guy came by ...
What guy?
Werner Gottshok, State Inspector
Division of Funeral Cemetery.
Russ, did this Gottshok
guy say anything?
He just handed me his card
since there was no one around.
And you just let him?
He seems real official.
I don't know, I thought you were
expecting him or something.
- I mean, he's from the state.
- Where did he go?
- The cemetery, the old hill, I think.
- Oh hell!
Russ, keep that cage locked!
I will keep it locked, Gerald.
Thing is, now I sometimes
gonna walk out of here.
Help me.
Help me.
I'm sorry, Mr Gottshok.
I truly am.
- What?
- I didn't mean it to be this way.
Russ, well I told you!
No deliveries right now.
Okay, stop, stop, stop!
Find the guy?
Yeah, I found the guy.
That's all taken care of.
No deliveries from them,
until further notice.
But they're with that company.
I know what company they're with.
You just go tell 'em.
Okay, I'll tell 'em.
I don't know. He doesn't
want you here right now.
- What's with the bloody shovel?
- What?
Bloody shovel.
Why are you ...?
Gophers. Forget about the
damn shovel will you, Russ.
- Have you left that door open today?
- What?
- No.
- Big boy.
Yes, for a couple of minutes.
I went inside to get some water.
- Shit!
- What?
That door locked now?
- Yes
- Give me the keys.
What is the big deal?
It couldn't have been opened
for more than a couple of minutes.
Morning, folks. I'm Gerald Tovar,
your new Funeral Director.
Francis Del Amo.
- My wife, Honey.
- Well, that's a sweet name.
- It's nice to meet you, Mr Tovar.
- How are you folks this morning?
Can't complain.
I'm sorry. There's
no smoking in here.
So, what can Tovar & Son
Mortuary do for you?
Dad's in a nursing home, and
they said it could be any time now.
- So we thought we should make a plan.
- Ahh, funeral package.
We have a few to choose from.
If you like, later we can
look at the casket selection.
We have mainly half couches,
steel, fiberglass, wood.
I like a nice oak myself.
Well, we don't exactly
know what Dad wants.
But he has always
been very ... frugal.
Nice. Well.
I don't necessary
recommend it, Mrs Del Amo
but our most economical
model is a cloth cover casket.
We call it the "minimum casket".
Basically, fiberboard
covered with black felt.
Dignified, very affordable.
Mr. Tovar, since dad
never really talked about it,
and now we can't express his wishes
We were thinking ...
I see.
- Did I frighten you?
- No, it wasn't you.
Something happened back on the road
there. We stopped and speak to some men.
Oh, the driver told us they weren't
men at all, but said they were corpses.
- So, Christine.
- Ah, Cristie.
Alright, Cristie. I see you
got references. That's good.
If you don't mind me asking Mr Tovar,
where did you get your mortuary training?
Right here.
On the job, with my daddy.
I didn't really plan on anything.
It just sort of work out that way.
So you took over the family
business here from your father?
Yeah. Daddy worked with bodies with
his daddy back in the Czech home town.
Can't really pronounce the name.
I'm the first Tovar born over here.
And this is the only
mortuary in Hinzmanville?
Yeah. We got the corner of
the market. One-stop shop.
Look at the ... We can start you out
as an apprentice, if you want the job.
- I do, thank you!
- Can you start today?
- Sure, I can start right now.
- Good.
Things ain't fancy
here, but they'll do.
Of course, I'm gonna have to
supervise your work at first.
Of course.
You also offer cremations
here, don't you?
You know ... We don't
do too much of that.
But we got an oven.
I'll take you over to Aunt Lou.
She'll tell you what your salary will
be. Pay is low to start, but it's fair.
Lou will get you a set of keys.
Certain rooms are off limits for
right now, so you won't have those.
Thank you, Mr Tovar.
Call me Gerald.
That's your cold room.
Follow me.
- ... the men who steal these corpses.
- Why do you drive like that you fool ...
worse is that could have been.
We might have been caught.
DyeAnne ...
I want you to meet Christine ...
Cristie Forrest.
Hi, I'm DyeAnne.
Hi. Nice to meet you.
Cristie. Diane?
DyeAnne, with a Y and a E.
DyeAnne here has been with us for
about three months. She's still training.
Not ready for
embalming work just yet.
You two can get to know each
other as you work on Mr Hadley.
I've got to go check on something.
DyeAnne, you show
Cristie where everything is.
So once we wash the body,
we massage the muscles.
Makes it feel like more
easy prep for embalming.
I heard he took meths.
Well, they all get the same
respect once they get to us.
Go ahead and work on
the bicep a little bit more.
I know how to break with her.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Well wait. Gerald didn't tell
me where you went to school.
Junior still wants to
say a goodbye to me.
I don't even
know why I plan this.
I was told it sucks.
You mean late nights, fresh calls?
No! I love working alone.
Late at night.
For the rest of the time,
during the day with people.
Hey, Dye ...
Oh, whoa. I am sorry.
I thought you were DyeAnne.
- No it's okay. I'm Cristie.
- This is Cristie Forrest.
The new assistant Funeral Director.
You make it sound so
formal. I just starting.
That's nice to meet you.
Have you seen Gerald around?
I know where he is.
- Ah so, later DyeAnne.
- I'll text you.
Nice to meet you, Cristie.
- Aunt Lou?
- The prodigal brother returns.
- Guess I'm supposed to be surprised.
- Wow.
You look different.
Did you lose some weight?
Well, I guess I'll leave
you two boys alone.
Especially you got a
lot of catching up to do.
Nice to see you again, Aunt Louise.
So ...
You kept locking the crematorium now?
We got some issues in there.
Guess we need to talk.
Can I just add that, Gerta, it seems God
poured his bucket of rich natural resources
down here on the heartland so that ....
and in the hands of the great down to
earth patriots who value hard work
- What's on the tube, Lou?
- Oh, about Sister Sara.
Sister Sara? Really?
that has been forgotten on our own
doorstep here. As we all know on ...
- Did you talk to DyeAnne yet?
- Not yet, Junior. You know I will.
Can you turn that up?
She is tremendous.
...patriotic Americans. Well Gerta, I of
course, infuriate those who would say
that because the former
Vice President lacks a pulse in there
that makes him as the main stream
media is so very fond of saying
one of the walking dead
or a zombie, also.
Do you smell it?
- Smell what?
- The whiff of cook.
Just got a little stronger in here.
- Aunt Lou, do you understand that woman?
- T bonics.
Okay, fine. You can laugh all you want.
Mark my words, that woman
is the face of the new movement.
Become a teabagger, have you?
You do know what
"teabagging" is, don't you?
That is an inappropriate term.
Now Gerald ...
Well, guess everyone loves
their own kind of misery.
... here to tell 'em
we're no longer listening.
This is what happens when the
Constitution starts shaking her fist.
No one comes around here.
It's off limits.
He never touched this one!
He ain't touched this shit.
He hasn't touched this since he died.
No. I come in here every now
and then just to be by myself.
Is it still in there?
Daddy's broom handle?
- That brings back some memories.
- Daddy let you play with it, biddy?
- Yeah.
- Now, now Harold.
This is not a toy.
This is worse than money.
I remember this too.
Dad's old mini-fridge.
Well, I don't think there's
anything in there you want.
Huh. You want to wet
my whistle. I'm not picky.
I'm just not buying.
- What have we found?
- Go ahead and take it.
It's not diet.
You're right. It's not.
It's kind of ... but it's still good.
You got that dull useless
look about you, Harold.
Look, it's nice to see
you again too, Gerald.
What brings you back? You're tired of
treating the doggies and the kitty cats?
No, I ...
I closed the veterinary clinic.
I had to.
I need money, Gerald.
Okay, Harold.
No. No, no ...
Real money.
Well, little brother.
You got all your money in tin foil
if you think I got any money.
No look, Gerald.
You inherited the mortuary, the house,
the real estate that it's sitting on
not to mention the farmhouse.
I need money.
And I will challenge
the will, if I have to.
You gonna start that
shit again, are you?
I haven't seen you in ten
years and you come in here ...
You didn't even come to daddy's funeral.
I was in a bad place.
What makes you think I'd give a half Tovar
like you any money, even if I had any?
Damn it, Harold.
I'm sorry.
Listen, you caught
me at a real bad time.
We're still brothers and all.
Nothing's changed there.
Why don't you let
me make it up to you.
Come on down to the old place tonight,
I'll fix you supper. We'll talk about it.
You fix me supper?
Unless you'd rather fish something
out of that old mini-fridge.
That's a close one.
That settles it then.
Be back here at 7 tonight.
We'll drive out together.
Alright, brother.
Okay if I come in for a second?
Well, you're kind of already in,
Russ. What's on your mind?
The door. It was only open for
five minutes. I swear to God.
I believe you, Russ.
Listen, I got a lot
on my mind lately.
Oven room's broken,
just hired a new girl.
Work's backing up.
You might have noticed
a little odour creeping out.
Well, let's just keep that between
you and me for now. You with me?
Sure, ... but the
crematorium ...
Doesn't this work at all?
Well, let's just say the fire
doesn't work for me, Russ.
- Okay.
- Say Russell?
You got a brother, works over
at the Henry Cooper place, right?
Oh yeah. That's my
twin brother, Owen.
He's kind of a slacker.
He has like a ponytail.
It's gross.
Alright. Well.
Why don't you go on
and wash the cabbie.
- And say Russ!
- Yeah?
Don't forget your keys.
And stay out of that oven room
until further notice, you got me?
I got it.
You got everything laid out.
Yes, Mr Tovar.
Smell like menthol.
My special cologne just for you.
It is always nice to look at the face of
somebody God took a little extra time on.
Too bad this ain't one of them.
Alright, let's get down to it.
You got all your tools here. You got
your mouth formers in a box over there.
That's your eye caps.
Now if you run out or you can't
get the eyes to close just right
use superglue. All trick to the trade.
- I did not know that.
Closing mouth, I don't have
one of them fancy injector guns,
just good old fashion
needle and string.
I actually have my own injector gun.
Well, that's fine, if
you know how to use it.
And by the looks of it, you do.
Ahh, trocar.
My daddy calls it
the embalmer's spear.
You always want to be careful
when inserting a trocar,
especially if the departed
appears to be gassy.
That's one more reason
we wear our face shields.
Oh yeah.
I have something to attend to.
- DyeAnne you help Cristie.
Cristie, you go and set the features.
I'll be right back.
Come on!
- Dad's T87?
- Yup.
- Get in.
- What did you do?
What didn't I do?
That's daddy.
Take your time.
I'll be in the house.
- You remember where the dining room is?
- Yeah.
Hey, Mr Tovar.
Yes, we understand.
Is that Gerald?
Got tied up. Wants us to go
ahead and embalm the body.
We'll check your work later.
I'm supposed to be your assistant.
- Hello, ladies.
- Hello.
I think I knew this dude.
Yeah, I bought grass from this
guy once. What happened to him?
I'm sure he died.
Die with ... or what?
- We gonna take care of this guy first.
- Right now?
You mean embalm Mr Hadley.
I think wait around
for a bit and come back.
Oh no, I'm cool. I was on top of
all this when Bobby was here.
- Alright, but don't stay too close.
- He's not going to bite.
Yeah, it actually takes like
a whole lot to make me sick.
WHNZ news time 8 o'clock.
In local news, for you fans of Sister Sara
the new book tour make a stop
tomorrow at the Hinzmanville Mall
where she'll be signing her
new book "Getting In There".
Well, that's enough of that.
Hope you don't mind
drinking a beer with your eggs.
Coffee would have been preferable.
I'm out of coffee. There is not a
whole lot else in the house. I'm sorry.
For water running I get cold water.
- Bottled water?
- Just regular tap water.
I never drink tap water.
Afraid of what's in it?
You think fluoride is the only
thing they put in the water?
Perfect paranoia,
is perfect preparedness.
Well, what suits you,
don't usually suit me.
That's the way it's been, ain't it?
Something like that.
So ...
You really haven't done a
thing with this house, have you?
Look around, little brother.
This is your million dollar show place!
Just can't get pass it.
Dad's death.
Yes, I know.
He's everywhere I look.
I just wasn't ready for it.
It's been 30 years in that place with him.
Maybe it's better
you just sell it, Gerald.
Whatever in the
house, just let it go.
- It's like dad.
- Live in the here and now.
The here and now sitting in front of
me, wants money. Demands money.
But I don't much care.
I got big problems.
The oven in the crematorium?
Just get it fixed.
Ain't that simple. Give me that
beer if you ain't gonna drink it.
Well. I'm here now.
Let your brother help.
- You think you want to know my problems?
- Absolutely.
Like shit, I'll tell you.
It was a good idea to take a break.
I thought you'll chill up with
like beer or something.
This is a good idea.
- This is good stuff.
- Yeah.
I didn't call them that. You did.
I don't know nothing about zombies.
Let's get this straight.
So you're telling me ...
That there are corpses
at the mortuary ...
and they're moving ...?
At the crematorium.
Yeah, they're moving.
Some of them are getting up.
Okay. Alright.
So, let me ask you.
Do they move fast
or do they move slow?
Are they shamblers
or are they sprinters?
Well, they move real slow,
Harold. They are dead.
Romero zombies.
- I believe I will have that beer now.
- No, no, no. I'll get it.
You stay put.
You have reached the law offices
of Boyle, Snyder and Wright.
If you know your party's
extension, press it now.
Hey Dan, it's Harold.
Listen. I think I have what we
need to deal with my brother.
I want you to look into
mental incompetence,
and I will call you at
the office in the morning.
Thank you.
Why didn't you say that
you went to school there?
I didn't.
She's a necro.
- What is that?
- I like dead people.
You mean ... like sex?
Don't be silly.
No, not like that.
That is awesome!
Jesus, Gerald!
How could this have
even gotten started?
Daddy had a side business going for
years. Government deal medical waste.
Federal government?
Daddy would accept stuff they didn't
want to report. So, they rolled on in.
He just burned whatever they
brought along that paid him cash.
Shit storm started about
a couple of weeks ago.
That company delivered
a real thick body bag.
Well, I have heard about incidents
like this, as a matter of fact.
- Government. CRAC.
- Crack?
- This ain't about drugs, Harold.
- No, no, no ...
It is an anachronism, Gerald.
Initials. C.R.A.C stands for ...
Corpse Re-Animation Cover-up. Don't you
read "The Grudge Report"? Cover-ups.
Socialist-run internment camps.
Area 51, that ring a bell to you?
Jesus. And ...
Zombie operation.
Pittsburgh in 1968 and then '78.
And Louisville in 1985 and
again in Pittsburgh in 1990.
They say that one is very similar to
the outbreak in '68 only more gory.
Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh.
That is where it all started.
According to the "Grudge Report"
That city is the zombie
capital of the world.
And Hinzmanville
is not that far away.
How do you know
so much about this shit?
- From the internet, so it must be true.
- Jesus, Harold.
Even I know you can't believe
everything you read on the internet.
I mean, let me ask you something.
Will you hear this about everything
on the internet being true.
On the internet?
So, what? You think
I'm a drunk or a crazy?
Oh, no, no, no.
- Yeah.
- No.
Well, I'll show you.
Hey, you okay, Cristie?
- Are you okay?
- I told you we should have told her.
You've done E before, right?
Russell's second income.
Hey. You cool, you cool ....
You should chill out for a little bit.
You don't believe me? We'll go
over to the mortuary right now.
Come on, Gerald, it's late!
You've been drinking, you can't drive.
- You can drive a stick shift, can't you?
- Of course. Yes.
Here you go. When we get over
there we'll both sober up real quick.
Alright fine. But we're
stopping to get coffee.
I want you at least a little sober
so this isn't a total waste of time.
Close that.
Oh, my God!
Oh, God!
This. Put a dab under your nose.
Oh, my God.
Gerald! There must a
hundred bodies in here.
I figured you are a 2nd
Amendment kind of guy.
- I'll stick to my shovel.
- A shotgun?
You gave me a shotgun.
What are we walking into here?
You stay right behind me now.
If you trying shock them on
me, mission accomplished.
- Be careful. That thing is loaded.
- Right. Right.
Oh, my God!
Help me.
What is this?
You remember that Tea Bag
or express bus accident?
Happened a few days ago,
you probably heard about it.
I did. I had no idea
they were brought here.
Oh, no.
These are good Americans.
The guru, Dirk Ermey, was at the wheel.
Drove them all right into a ditch.
Oh no.
They started coming back
to life about two weeks ago.
A few days before that,
the company brought up this
new protective light body bag.
There was something real strange,
real corrosive in that bag.
Daddy accepted everything they
brought in, put it in the fire real quick.
But you didn't do that.
There was something special in them.
Gerald, why didn't you just burn
these bodies and get rid of them?
- The fire.
- What?
You weren't around,
so you wouldn't know.
Daddy always handle
the cremation himself.
I couldn't even help him.
I tried.
But I never could.
Okay, so you ... just
took the bodies and the money.
- This was never about money.
- Okay.
When daddy passed, I just kind
of lost it for a couple of weeks,
and a couple of weeks
became a couple of months.
And then you know,
things just pile up on you.
I guess I'm what some people call ...
- ... procrastinator.
- Right.
Anyway, come on over here.
What the ...
... fuck is this?
Bobby Kimball.
Why is he up there like that?
Bobby's special.
Like the son I never had.
Worked with me here for years.
When the time came, I was
going to give everything to him.
But that all got shot to shit when
he got torn in half by an 18 wheeler.
Like you see him now.
But ...
Why is he tied up like that?
When the others
came back, I figured ...
Maybe if I tied him up,
I can control him.
- If he came back.
- Gerald, he's dead.
Back from the dead.
See when they come back,
they come back real slow.
- Slow?
- Umm.
So slow, you can hardly notice it.
I thought I was going crazy.
And the I borrowed that
video cam of my girl DyeAnne.
Recorded all night.
But the taping didn't see nothing.
No movement.
It wasn't until I accidentally
hit the fast forward button,
that I saw one of them move.
So I had time to deal with
my little corpse problem.
I just had to keep an eye on
things, get them under control.
Late at night, I fired up the
chainsaw and de-animate them.
Gerald, that sounds like a good creepy
story but you have to listen to yourself.
You sound like a crazy person.
And frankly all I see here ...
are a bunch of mutilated bodies,
that should have been burned
or buried a long time ago.
God damn it! I show you all this
and you fucking don't believe me.
Oh Gerald.
Pick up the camera right over
there. Come on, I'll show you.
Battery is dead.
We'll go to my office.
I got more tapes in there.
No, no, no. No!
I'm done.
I've had quite enough!
It's been a long night.
I'm going to my motel.
Your shotgun.
Jesus, Gerald!
Shit! Never a god damned
zombie around when you need one.
Junior! Are you in here?
Junior? Junior?
- Aunt Lou?
- Oh, Lord! What a stink!
What are you doing here so late,
dear? You shouldn't be in here.
I forgot my purse. I was on
the way back from the casino.
I drove all the way out there for
nothing. Can you imagine that?
So anyway, I came back, and I
thought I heard voices in here so I ...
Junior ...
What's going on in here?
All these bodies like ...
Aunt Lou!
Aunt Lou!
Oh, sweetheart.
I'm so sorry.
Now, come on here.
Come on.
Come on, dear.
We gonna take care
of you over here, well.
We'll set you down
on the old couch.
Ah, you gonna be good as new.
Lay on down here.
There you go
- Now, feeling better?
- Oh, Junior.
I don't understand Junior.
I have bit real bad.
What was that thing?
Was this something like
some sort of crazy person?
Shouldn't we be going to a hospital?
Why aren't we going to a hospital?
I can't take you to a hospital Lou.
I'm pretty sure they couldn't
do anything for you anyway.
And I sure as hell know
they wouldn't understand.
What understand?
Are you saying that
the thing killed me?
Just lay your head back now.
Close your eyes.
I'll be back in a while.
Then everything'll be ...
just he way it's supposed to be.
You get some rest now, Lou.
Why is this all happening now, Dad?
I tried to do everything
just like you wanted.
Aunt Lou?
- Up here.
- Gotcha.
Oh, my. This is where you
bring the deceased, Dee Dee?
I told you it's DyeAnne.
Well, I have to tell you, I'm not a
big fan of being around the dead.
Now about the living,
making a difference.
But I do want to thank you both
for getting me a giving me a ride
while the limo man
waits for the um ...
Ah, tow truck is the word
that you're looking for.
Do you have a
Purell and a Diet Coke?
- Excuse me, a Diet Coke?
- Let me go check.
Thanks honey, you're a sweetie.
And a bendy straw.
Oh, my God! There's
something wrong with Aunt Lou!
What's happening?
Oh, fuck!
Oh, no, no.
Fuck. Fuck that!
- Somebody help her!
- Come with me. Here.
Fuck that!
God. What is she doing?
What the hell's wrong with her?
She looks like she's fucking dead.
- I don't know!
- Hey, hey, hey, get the fuck back!
We've got to stop her!
Russell! Here, use this!
- Be careful!
- You be careful.
I'm a little busy right now!
- Oh, Jesus Christ!
- What the fuck?
Oh, why the heck would that
crazy lady in there attack me?
Everybody likes me.
Aunt Lou?
No idea.
It almost like seeing
a movie of zombie.
I mean that's what they look like.
Well, I don't get it, DyeAnne,
watch those kind of movies.
Too morbid.
Well, I'm kind of like, dizzy there.
In the movies,
they are like animals, yes?
And they could eat brains.
I'm sorry, what did you say there?
About what the ghouls crave?
- Oh, god.
- Oh, Christ, DyeAnne!
- What the hell is happening?
- I don't see her anywhere.
Crazy bitch killed her.
Look, I don't know
what's going on but
we need to find her and
we need to lock her up.
The crematorium. I have the keys.
It's got the strongest door.
Whatever it is we can put it in there.
That'll be the safest places. I've got
to put a bunch of stiffs in there.
Let's get the fuck out of here.
Come on!
It was meant to be.
When he came back, I knew.
You ...
You ... dug Dad up?
Daddy came back fast
after I gave him the taste.
Faster than the others.
Some of them took days.
You see, I knew there was a reason
I wasn't supposed to burn them.
He had it in his will to be
cremated, but I didn't do it.
I brought him up here to be with me.
And now he's back.
You dug dad up
and you gave him some of
that fluid from the bank?
Life's blood.
- Dad, it's Harold.
- I wouldn't get too close.
Gerald ...
I didn't before,
but I believe you now.
- Seeing is believing, Harold.
- But it doesn't solve your problem!
What are you going to do with
all the others at the mortuary?
This is serious, Gerald.
People are in danger. What
about Aunt Lou? She's family!
No. She got bitten.
- Pretty sure she's zombiefied by now.
- What?
My, God!
What have you done?
What are we going to do?
I brought daddy back, Harold.
Right now, everything
else is kind of foggy.
Okay, okay, okay.
Okay, okay, okay.
Clear heads prevail.
I think that we can keep
the authorities out of this
and we won't burn them, Gerald.
But we've got to keep that crematorium
locked. Do you understand me?
Locked and locked tight.
And then ...
We go green.
- What are you talking about, Harold?
Maggots! Maggots, Gerald.
I know where I can get a lot of maggots!
I will help you.
I will help you.
But not for free.
I have to get something in return.
Daddy old briefcase.
And there's $30,000 in there.
That's all I got.
That's a start but it's not enough.
What do you want?
Gerald, what do you know
about tissue harvesting?
Human body is worth $200,000
when it's divided up and sold to
companies who buy human tissue.
Here's the beauty.
You get rid of your problem,
and you go into the tissue
harvesting business with me.
Tissue harvesting?
Yes, the maggots get rid of the
bodies that are too far gone ...
... and we take what
we want from the rest,
and the new clients who come up.
Bones, Gerald are very valuable.
Before the funeral, we are going to
have to replace the bones with ...
Now ... just thinking
of the top ... PVC pipe.
Whose gotta know?
And you want to do
that out of my mortuary?
Sure, chump.
That's a question! I want no
part in disrespecting the dead.
Gerald! That's what
you have been doing!
Protecting daddy's legacy
is what I'm doing!
I'm no grave robbing tissue grabber!
Well little brother, you
won't be coming back again.
I'd like to help you, but I'm afraid
there's no cure for that bite.
This is a good spot for you.
With family.
At home.
Gerald, pick up!
Now is not a good time.
Oh Jesus.
Calm down. Calm down.
Alright. Listen, stay put.
I'll be there as quick as I can.
Look here, Cristie, I know this
probably ain't the right time.
But there ain't no right time.
- We got to deal with DyeAnne.
- What do you mean?
- She's coming back.
- She's coming back?
Like Aunt Lou?
Yeah, like that.
When you called, you said you
and Russ were attacked by some
frothing at the mouth
crazy bitch, right?
Well, same thing is
going to happen to her.
What you gonna do?
This ain't DyeAnne any more.
I want you to get out of here and go
on in the other room. Don't come back.
Go on.
Holy hell.
- She didn't deserve that.
- We have to go get Russell.
Get Russel. I though you said he got
pulled into the oven room. He's dead.
We don't know that he's dead.
Don't you even care?
Of course I care.
Russel didn't deserved it either.
Don't you want to even try?
If I thought there was half a chance,
you know, I'd go in there and get him.
You think there's a chance?
- Ever used a gun?
- No.
Well, you pull the trigger.
Alright. We are gonna
go into the back here.
I'm thinking most of them will be up
near the front where they grabbed Russ.
- Why did you have this cage installed?
- For security.
Why would have a metal cage in front
of the back door of a crematorium?
- Keep your voice down.
- What happened here?
That's gonna have to be
a story for another time.
Let's just go get Russ.
Stay right beside me.
- Oh Jesus!
- Stay focused on what's ahead.
Breathe through
your mouth if you can.
Use that and make sure
you aim for the forehead.
Oh, God!
- I don't see Russell.
- Me neither.
- Gerald.
- Oh, God. That's him?
- He's still alive.
- Cristie, that ain't him.
- He's just a corpse in Russell's.
- What?
He'd been dead for too long.
You can tell by the corpse.
Seems like his mind is trying to,
hang on but that ain't Russ.
Another word here,
I can't watch him like that.
What you gonna do?
Open each one. Then we
gonna get the hell out of here.
Gerald, look!
Cristie shoot that thing!
Shoot her! Cristie!
Cristie, where are you?
Get off, get off me ... Now. Shit.
God damn it, Bobby!
Get off of her!
Get out of here, Cristie!
Go on.
I'll be right behind you!
Come on inside.
I'll fix you up.
Come on.
Here you are.
Gonna sit you down.
You're in shock, Cristie.
You need to get some fluids in you.
Thank you, Gerald.
Here you go.
Drink this. It's warm and
it may not taste so good.
But it'll do the trick.
- What is it?
- It's one of them energy drinks.
- Red Bull or Monster?
- Something like that.
Go on, drink it. It will make you
feel like a new woman, I promise.
What did you give me?
You poisoned me!
Not poison, Cristie.
Life's blood.
- You'll see.
- No!
You're special.
Wasn't no accident you came here to me.
I can see that now.
When you come back,
I'll take care of you.
Don't you worry now.
I'll be right back.