Night of the Missing (2023) Movie Script

Unit 91,
this is Dispatch. Over.
Unit 91, do you copy? Over.
Unit 91, do you need
assistance, over?
Unit 91, do you copy?
What's your status? Over.
Do you need assistance? Over.
Unit 91, respond.
Respond. Over.
Unit 91, do you copy?
What's your status? Over.
This is Unit 91. 10-24.
is under wraps here.
Do you need assistance? Over.
No backup required.
Heading back shortly. 10-24.
Christ in heaven. Not again.
-Please get...
get... the sheriff.
What's this all about?
I don't know, Sheriff.
I-- she-- she asked for you.
Uh, that's all I know.
-She say anything else?
-Well, not that I can...
Sheriff, I...
I'm telling you...
One minute I'm mopping
the floors in the cells
and then the next...
Well, I don't think
I'm ever gonna get
what I seen tonight
out of my sight, ma'am.
No. No, ma'am.
- All right. You take it easy.
-What do you think
is wrong with her?
-You go on home now.
I'll get to the bottom of this.
It'll be all right.
By morning,
everything will be right--
Well, it'll be right, is all.
Yes, ma'am.
You have yourself
a good night, now.
-Mm. You do the same.
Good night.
You tell that wife of yours
those cookies she made
for the officers and me...
downright perfection.
-You enjoyed it then?
-Didn't survive the night.
Seems like you've had yourself
quite the night,
from the looks of you.
Can I get you anything?
Coffee? Water?
Too late for that, huh?
-Nothing for me. Thanks.
-All right.
-What's this?
is for the guilty.
Those who have something
to panic about.
now that you've scared
my custodian half to death--
I doubt he'll ever sleep again--
why don't you tell me
what you're here to report?
-I'm here to report
a missing person.
- All right.
I'm listening.
Who's that?
-So many.
Tell me.
Have you found any of them?
-Hundred thousand people
go missing every year.
Some of them disappear
without a trace.
-Little Joey Gonzalez.
Poor thing.
-You knew him?
I can still hear the music
coming around the way.
And the echoes of spare change
shaking in his pockets.
They say he got too close.
-Too close to what?
-Can you hear it?
Mom, the-- there's
no more ice cream.
No sweets before dinner.
I want ice cream.
I don't have any money.
Could I go ask my...?
Can you hear it?
Do you
expect me to believe that story?
-Little Joey believed,
didn't he?
-Miss, are you ready to tell me
who you're here to report?
-What's that?
-A classic case of
mistaken identity.
And a voice.
A stranger.
Who called a girl.
Named Tammy.
You never know who's on
the other end of the line.
I feel like
I haven't heard your voice in...
God, I don't even know anymore.
Where are you, baby?
I miss you, that's all.
We all do.
If you can hear this,
please, come home.
I hope you're okay.
Wherever you are.
I love you. Always.
Good night.
-Good night, Mom.
-Take it off.
Take it all off.
Everybody's body.
You can choose anything.
From Coppertone light,
our non-greasy oil
or lotion to our rich,
more protective sunscreens--
- Hey, there's a snack
inside my snackin' cake.
Hey, Grandma.
There's a snack
inside my snackin' cake.
Inside every
delicious snackin' cake
is a special snack:
chocolate chips or banana
or raisins or walnuts.
Snackin' cake--
just mix, bake and serve
in the same pan.
There's a snack
inside my snackin' cake.
With snackin' cake...
No, no, no, no.
Now what?
Yes! Oh, my God!
Cute little dog
you've got there.
But hold on;
in a previous life,
he could have been
George Washington.
Nice cat.
Perhaps Annie Oakley.
And look at him--
why, it's Napoleon.
What human being was your pet
in a previous lifetime?
Mr. Reincarnationist
E. David Scott will tell you--
- Do it. I'm so sorry.
Women's secret confessions--
all real, all true.
Listen to women
baring their souls.
-Please forgive me.
Women's secret confessions--
what their best friends
don't even know.
Call 1-900-909-1133.
Two dollars first minute,
45 cents additional minutes.
-For women only.
Two ways to enjoy
America's most exciting
dating network,
with the first minute free.
-Call me.
-Call me.
-Call me absolutely free.
Two great ways
to meet by phone.
Try them now.
For ladies' own phone numbers,
call 1-900-680-7900
and try it free.
-Call it now.
Make your dreams come true
on America's love line
since we help you
with the first minute free.
Uh, hello?
I-is anybody there?
Ugh, there goes two dollars.
-Well, hi.
Can I help you, sir?
Wait! Wait! Don't go!
I-- I like your voice.
Do you live alone?
-No. With my mom and dad.
They're in the other room. Sshh.
I like that.
-But don't tell.
Oh. Oh, um...
I won't tell.
I-- I can't do that.
-Oh, you're bad.
I'm-- I'm a little nervous.
-Oh, come on. Promise me.
Well, all right.
-Cross your heart
and hope to die?
-Stick a finger...
That wasn't very nice.
-Yeah, well.
What can I say?
I'm a naughty girl.
I don't know
how I feel about that.
Oh, no?
Well, we should
fix that right now.
What did you have in mind?
Are you there?
That sounds... sounds delicious.
-Sorry, I was thirsty.
I love milk. Want a taste?
How can I do that?
-I'm downstairs
all by my lonely little self.
You're alone?
-Mm-hm. I am now.
Can I tell you something?
Oh, baby.
- Don't stop. Don't stop.
- Your voice
makes me wanna
run my fingers
across my breasts,
down my belly,
and slip my hands
into my underwear.
it makes me so wet.
Yeah, I'm wet, baby. I'm wet.
Yeah, baby. Yeah.
-You there, loverboy?
Hello? Don't get shy
on me now, lover.
Well, if you're not
going to talk, then...
You really
shouldn't be doing that.
-Oh, no? What's that?
It's bad for your eyes
to sit so close.
-What did you just say?
-I said, what did you just say?
-I know you're there.
I can hear you breathing,
I know the sins you committed.
You're going to fucking hell!
Don't hang up on me,
you stupid whore!
...the uncertainty of life's
future relationships,
kindly set in limbo.
Hope rides a roller coaster
and yet each day must be lived.
Give unto your people
the blessing of your soul.
You know the pain
of someone missing
and the joy of
when you found them.
Please pray for those
searching now, and help us.
Pray for the joy.
Tammy? Are you there?
Where are you, baby?
- I'm sorry.
I feel like
I haven't heard your voice in...
God, I don't even know anymore.
I just--
I miss you, that's all.
We all do.
Where are you, baby?
If you can hear this,
please, come home.
-Aren't you gonna get that,
-This is Sheriff Hudson.
-Yes, ma'am.
ma'am, it is just the storm.
Yeah, just stay inside.
Lock your doors.
It will pass soon.
All righty.
Ok-- all righty then. Yes.
And to you.
Good night.
Sweet old Mrs. Francis.
Always afraid of
what isn't there...
isn't she?
-How did you know
who I was speaking to?
-Shot in the dark, I guess.
Who the hell are you?
-Sometimes the answers
you're looking for
are right in front of you.
It's like we're all blind to
the reality
that we're truly in.
-What are you going on about?
-She was right there
all along.
If only they had looked
a little bit closer...
Please help me!
I don't wanna die.
Who-- who's over there?
Who's over there?
Get us out of here!
Someone please get us out!
Get us out of here!
Evil hides
in tiny places.
Wouldn't you say?
-How do you know
all these things?
-I don't know.
All I know is it's true.
Thousands of
hours of manpower.
Years chasing leads.
A woman just doesn't walk in
in the dead of night
and tell you what happened.
Doesn't work like that.
-Sometimes the truth
is hard to accept.
-All right, the truth.
Who are you?
-Have you ever made
a promise, Sheriff?
You swear?
- Every damn day.
-That's not what I mean.
A promise...
one that you know
you could never keep.
He had it all.
Anything anyone
could ever want.
True love.
-Yeah, you think so?
-No, I'm lying to you.
You're terrible.
-I knew it.
-You know how talented you are.
-Yeah, well,
talent doesn't pay the bills.
-Doesn't pay the bills yet.
What's this?
-That I've been working on
in secret for a while.
Um, it's our dream house.
What do you think?
It's, uh...
-It's perfect.
Look at me. Hey.
Whatever I have to do
to make this happen,
I'm gonna do it.
What the hell
were you thinking?
I don't even know
who you're turning into!
Carol, come on.
I just need you to trust me!
I just need you to trust me,
please! Okay?
We-- we-- we need this. Yes.
- Trust you?
No, no, no.
Not like this.
You could go to jail
or you're gonna get us--
- I know what I'm doing!
-Fuck! Sorry. I'm sorry.
Last time, I swear to God,
and we never have to see
these guys again.
We'll get the fuck out of here.
Anywhere you want to go.
I can give you
everything you deserve.
-Last time?
-Last time. Last time.
Hey. Hey, hey, hey.
You promise?
-All right, baby, I promise.
You motherfuckers.
I'll get you
your fucking money, man.
I'll get you
your fucking money.
Baby, look at me.
Hey, hey, hey, look at me.
We're fine. Okay?
We're fine.
No, no, no, no!
Keep that on me,
You keep it on me.
Look at me. Hey!
Open your mouth.
- What?
- I said
open your fucking mouth!
- Oh, God.
You don't have to do this. No.
-I said
open your mouth.
Good boy.
Sorry, what were you saying?
-Hey, boss.
He's not gonna be able to talk
with the gun in his mouth
like that.
-You know what, Ray?
You might be right.
I'm just saying.
-Sorry about that.
What were you saying?
-You give me one week
and I'll get you
your fucking money.
Hey, I'll get it to you.
Every bit of it.
-Mm-hm, mm-hm.
Yeah, see,
that doesn't work for me
because you and I
had an agreement, okay?
I needed that shit today.
This is you and me, man.
This is between
you and me, okay?
-Hm. But I don't see
anything wrong
with having one less distraction
for you around here.
You need to get your head
in the game, man.
I need you to focus
really fucking hard
on getting me
my fucking money!
Will. My man.
-What do you need, man?
-Yeah, I'm just
checking on you.
-Okay. But do you
have to call every day?
-Honestly, no.
It probably is a waste
of our time.
-Is-- is there--
is there a reason
for this call right now?
-Hang on just a second.
But you know what they say.
Rules are rules.
-What the fuck is this?
-I need this by tomorrow.
This is at least two weeks.
-Not my problem.
It's about goddamn time
you do some work around here.
Yeah, fuck you too.
- Jesus.
Just stay out of trouble.
-It's Sarah's birthday!
-And your point?
-There's gonna be a party.
-I don't care.
-Big. There's gonna be cake.
-Okay, man.
Uh, thank you for the--
What a fucking prick.
-I am warning you,
I've got a gun.
Come on, you can't
do this to me, motherfucker.
-Hey, Jim.
Where you going?
-I'll be right back.
-I'm busy.
What do you want?
I need permission
to leave my house.
Like right now.
-What? No.
No, man. That's not
how this shit works.
-I feel like a-- a-- like a
ghost in here or something man.
Um, I am unwell.
- Ghost?
Are you serious?
What are you smoking, man?
-Jim, listen to me.
I have not been smoking.
Something is not right
in my house.
-You know I got no choice
but to give you a piss test now.
You know that, right?
I'm not smoking!
Something is not right here.
You're really gonna
make me drive
all the way out
to your fucking house
just to give you
this piss test?
-Jim, shut up.
Shut up. Shut up.
I have not been smoking.
Something is not right
in my house.
-You're lucky this party sucks,
-You fucking dick.
-Are you shitting me?
Open the door, sweetheart.
I know you're in there.
Will, open up.
Open the fucking door
before Ray kicks this shit down.
-Guess who's back?
How you doing?
Jesus Christ.
The fuck happened here?
So what?
Didn't expect to see us today?
It's been two weeks already.
I know. I know.
Time really flies
when you're, uh...
having fun.
Hey, uh, where's the money?
-Are you serious?
There's-- there's no money.
Why would there be money?
There were no drugs.
The cops picked those up
when you--
-Hey, Rob.
He ain't got the money, man.
It's not my fault he went
and got himself arrested.
-Mine either.
-You should have hid the drugs
before they came
to clean up her body.
-Are we being insensitive?
-Just a little bit.
I'm sorry for your loss.
She was a very, very sweet girl.
Fine woman, truly.
She deserved a lot better
than you, man.
-Hey, fuck you.
tie this asshole up again.
- No prob, Rob.
Bring your ass over here!
- No!
-What the fuck?
- Whoo.
I have a gun.
Oh, my God.
Hey, man.
It's me. Open up.
-Yeah, just a--
just a minute.
Oh, shit.
Dude, what the hell
are you doing in there?
- Fuck.
- Open up.
Okay, come on.
Come on, man. It's me.
Stop trying to hide the drugs.
Come on. It smells like
horseshit out here.
Damn, dude.
About fucking time.
What are you doing in here,
hiding dead bodies or something?
I'm just fucking with you.
Yeah. Hey.
You better not
be using again.
-Oh, no, man.
No, I'm-- I'm-- I'm--
I'm clean, you know, ever since,
um, Carol passed.
Um, you know, I just called
because I got scared.
There's a lot of weird shit
happening in here.
-Yeah, I'd think so.
What happened to your face?
-Uh, it's a... cold sore.
Cold sore?
like a really bad one.
-Yeah. Seeing stuff,
weird shit...
it's called cabin fever,
my friend.
Listen, you've been cooped up
in here for so long
your mind is starting
to play tricks on you.
You're thinking
you're seeing stuff.
Hey, the same thing would
happen to me too, brother.
Let me tell you.
It's just like that movie.
You know, The Shining ?
Only you're not
in a fancy hotel.
You're in this...
you're in this shithole.
-Thank you.
-Yeah, you're welcome.
Hey, but guess what?
I got you a present.
I'm gonna need you to take
a piss in this here cup.
-Come on, man.
Are you serious?
-Dude, you think I drove
all the way over here
for nothing?
Chop, chop. Piss, piss.
I got a party to go to,
my friend.
Let's go, man.
-You're a dickhead, Jim.
-Yeah, I love you too.
Get that shit away from me.
I don't want to touch that.
Here. Put it in this.
-Oh, sorry.
-I really appreciate you
coming by.
You know, it means
the world to me.
-Yeah, I bet.
Damn, dude, you got to start
drinking more water.
-All right.
You keep out of trouble.
I'll come see you again
tomorrow, okay?
-What the f--?
-Hey, look at me.
Whatever I have to do
to make this happen,
I'm gonna do it.
I promise.
those are some tall tales.
Now, miss,
you are trying my patience.
I have listened to you
jabber on
into the dead of night.
Enough of this.
Are you going to
file a report
or is this
just some sick game
that you're playing?
-What are your secrets,
-I tell you what.
I'll go get the paperwork.
You can tell your stories
to the blank pages
that are in your future.
Don't go anywhere.
-You're a murderer.
I can hear her screams.
Like lightning in my skull.
Don't you hear it?
-You're a goddamn psycho!
-I can see what you've done!
-That's enough!
-She fought for her life.
-You enjoyed it,
didn't you?
-I said that's enough!
You think you know me?
You think you know who I am?
You think you know my secrets?
Oh, you know nothing.
You are as crazy
as a shithouse mouse.
You and all the stories
you've been telling.
-It's all true.
-I don't give a rat's ass
what's true and what's not.
All I know is
you're under arrest
for assaulting
a police officer--
oh, and filing a fake report.
-I can't breathe.
-Oh, you can't breathe?
-They all know.